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Family / Re: Why Is He Still In My Thoughts After 9years by ledafaze(m): 5:58pm On Aug 29
Madam; how u use dey Do ; the thing? Within a period of barely 10yrs; u don capture 2 complete husbands; when girls dey run around, dey visit different churches, dey fast 70 days n 70 9ts , de go 4 counselling up n sown; still no show.... Abeg mek u share. D mericine ;u dey rub 4 face, or d location of d okombo man u dey use; mek our young ladies; also benefit; similar blessings like u.... grin

undecided undecided undecided undecided undecided

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Family / Re: Why Is He Still In My Thoughts After 9years by ledafaze(m): 5:50pm On Aug 29
I have just one advice for u... Move on

How u will ask me?

First, take away all his personal belongings.... I know it is not easy just to let them go like that... But you really need to move on. You know where ur mistake is? U still refer to him as "my husband"...

Madam, he is late and u are not married to someone else... U should have kill his emotions before going into the new marriage. It will be better for u to do this now than leave it for later. What is past is past, don't let it disturb ur future... It is stale... It will create cobwebs for ur future path...

Many will say I am not feeling it?

I lost my dear brother once and I was in ur shoes... I miss him too... Sometimes shedding tears, but in tearing that wall down, I started with his pictures.... And I conquered there alone even though I still have his personal items with me... I know he is past now and can't disturb my emotions with respect to moving ahead.

Move on lady.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Don't You Think Seun Osewa Deserves A National Award? by ledafaze(m): 5:48pm On Aug 29
Award ko, ife eye ni
TV/Movies / Re: Naruto Information by ledafaze(m): 5:43pm On Aug 29
tayoccu: why do I have this feeling that sealing zetsu with kaguya is a bad idea?

I was expecting the tall no jutsu to be launched fully and then work on him.... Grhhh
Phones / Re: Whats Your Favourite ANDROID Games? by ledafaze(m): 8:40am On Aug 29
harden: plz guys help me wit asphalt 8 d modded 1 wit unlimited money

Google for the cracked one to download
TV/Movies / Re: Naruto Information by ledafaze(m): 6:29am On Aug 29
gangwolf: Am hearing it only 10 chapters left.Hope it not true,it been a long journey with naruto and Am not ready to end it yet sad

A beg make d thing go rest jare... E too dey drag. Except if he's got another story line for orochimaru

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TV/Movies / Re: Naruto Information by ledafaze(m): 6:27am On Aug 29
nani667: I know that it won't end just like that sha..... Na to focus on Madara from next week....., he doesn't have the Juubi anymore but he still has his Rinnegan, but if he tries anything he'll be Killed quickly..... Plenty edo Kages plus Hagoromo plus Naruto and Sasuke plus Kakashi 3.0... Madara won't last one minute.... I'm guessing he'll have a change of heart and become a good guy... Now that he's alive, his main Job will be to repopulate the Uchiha Clan, seeing as Sasuke Kun is Gay

Phones / Re: Whats Your Favourite ANDROID Games? by ledafaze(m): 9:11pm On Aug 28
Okaka27: bros...I came across plenty "black market" apps ..whc one in particular?

What is ur email let me send it to u
Phones / Re: Whats Your Favourite ANDROID Games? by ledafaze(m): 4:22pm On Aug 28
Okaka27: Pls guys... Were can I dload games like this, just bought an android

Download blackmarket from google play store and get ur paid games there free
Family / Re: 10 Songs You Do Not Want To Ever Hear Your Parents Sing! by ledafaze(m): 3:14pm On Aug 28
Take banana till u go yo.. lol
TV/Movies / Re: Naruto Information by ledafaze(m): 3:06pm On Aug 28
kulkatty: Manga has been released

Manga + anime= awesome

In Naruto's Voice.... "Suke" = Awesome

Three Way Lock in each....

Chibaku Tensei at last

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Foreign Affairs / Re: FBI Investigates Mass Hacking Of US Banks by ledafaze(m): 2:36pm On Aug 28
Omooba77: Crime everywhere; when this problem go stop. Greed the root cause of all.......................

Make those hackers just do mistake transfer money into my account numbers ni koko
Family / Re: Change Of Name by ledafaze(m): 11:28am On Aug 28
With N5,250 you can put it in Punch Newspapers

Lagos Office
Politics / Boko Haram May Link Up With ISIS by ledafaze(m): 11:17am On Aug 28
Boko Haram may link up with ISIS

An Australian hostage negotiator, Dr. Stephen Davis, has warned that Boko Haram may establish links with two vicious terror groups- Al Shabaab and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria- if not effectively checked now by the Nigerian government.

Al Shabaab, the militant wing of the Somali Council of Islamic Court, aligned with Al-Qaeda and took over most of Southern Somalia in the second half of 2006. The ISIS, on its part, is an Iraqi group that stands with Al-Qaeda as the most vicious Jihad group in the world.

Davis had visited Nigeria to negotiate the release of the over 200 schoolgirls abducted since April by Boko Haram insurgents.

He previously worked as a negotiator for Nigerian government under ex-Presidents Olusegun Obasanjo and Shehu Yar’Adua administrations during the Niger-Delta militants uprising in the South-South.

Davis, in an interview posted on Wednesday by Radio Australia, said that the best ways to stop Boko Haram insurgency were to block its sources of funding and tracking down its sponsors.

He identified banks and some Nigerian politicians as the major providers of funds to the insurgents.

The Australian claimed that many of the politicians sponsoring the insurgency were in the opposition, adding that it would be difficult for President Goodluck Jonathan to arrest and prosecute them.

He argued that should Jonathan try to order their arrest, it would be misconstrued as a political attempt to rig the 2015 elections.

Davis said, “That makes it easier in some ways as they can be arrested, but of course the onus of proof is high and many are in opposition, so if the President moves against them, he would be accused of trying to rig the elections due early next year.

“So, I think this (insurgency) will run through to the election unabated. These politicians think that if they win power they can turn these terrorists off, but this has mutated.

“It’s no longer a case of Muslims purifying by killing off Christians. They are just killing indiscriminately, beheading, disembowelling people – men, women and children and whole villages.”

According to the negotiator, Boko Haram is growing out of the control of the politicians sponsoring it.

He warned that, as it is the trend with terrorist groups in Somalia, South Sudan and Egypt, the Boko Haram insurgents might soon link up with the ISIS and Al Shabaab.

Davis added, “I would say it’s almost beyond the control of the political sponsors now.

“Terror groups are linking up in Somalia, southern Sudan, Egypt and we have fairly strong evidence they are talking with ISIS members.

“They will link up with ISIS and Al Shabaab and I think that what we are seeing in that region is the new homeland of radical Islam in the world.”

The Perth-based international negotiator claimed he survived months of extreme danger in trying to rescue the 200 abducted schoolgirls.

Davis, who returned from a four-month sojourn with rare footage of the intense fighting in the North-East, said his life was threatened more than once, but his Australian passport saved him.

“When confronted by groups with an AK-47 in my face they’d say, ‘you are American, we have to kill you,” Davis said.

“When you say, no I’m not American, they think you are British, and say you will still die, but when I said I’m Australian, they said that’s all right.

“I have no idea why but it’s certainly been helpful.”

He however blamed the aborted rescue of the schoolgirls on sabotage.

“I made a few telephone calls to the Boko Haram commanders and they confirmed they were in possession of the girls,” Davis said.

“They told me they would be prepared to release some as a goodwill gesture towards a peace deal with the government, so I went to Nigeria on the basis of being able to secure their release,” he added.

According to him, the insurgents lived up to their promise, but the rescue was sabotaged.

He said, “The girls were there, 60 girls. There were 20 vehicles with girls. We travelled for four-and-a-half hours to reach them, but 15 minutes before we arrived, they were kidnapped again by another group who wanted to cash in on a reward.

“The police had offered a reward of several million naira just 24 hours before we went to pick them up. I understand, from the Boko Haram commanders I spoke to, the girls eventually ended up back with them.

“I don’t know what happened to the group that took them but I suspect it wasn’t good.”

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Family / Re: Why Become A Single Mother? by ledafaze(m): 10:12am On Aug 28

In that case why bring a child into the world of 'irresponsible' men?

Is it not better they stay single rather than raise a child alone... N raise angry kids who hate men..

God bless you.

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Business / Re: Non-oil Exports Increase By 16% by ledafaze(m): 6:59am On Aug 28
Fresher air...
Business / Re: Ford Gives Conditions For Establishing Factory In Nigeria by ledafaze(m): 6:56am On Aug 28

One of the conditions, according to the firm, is for the country to have a free-trade agreement with its neighbouring nations to ensure free movement and unhindered market for all locally produced vehicles and other goods within the West African region.

But Nemeth said Ford would not be rushed into setting up an assembly plant in Nigeria without a fully developed and functional support service system such as road, railway and electricity.

He said, “You don’t want to import parts for ever. All the support structures have to be in place such as the IT, road, rail and power; that, I have not seen.

“What are the sales opportunities in Nigeria right now? You are just selling about 100,000 new vehicles annually. That is rather too small for all the industry players to share and break even if they must assemble the vehicles in your country.”

You guys are not ready for business in Nigeria.


Health / Re: Nigeria Records A New Case Of Ebola In Port Harcourt by ledafaze(m): 6:45am On Aug 28
miim1991: A new case of Ebola has been reported in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. A doctor who has been treating a diplomat secretly is dead because of his virus, the diplomat who had the virus, read more

Op may God forgive you.
Business / Re: Thread For Entrepreneurs How Did It All Start? by ledafaze(m): 6:42am On Aug 28
Programming / Re: Nairaland Should Plz Work On Its Anti-Spam Bot (Algorithm/Program) by ledafaze(m): 6:06pm On Aug 27
Cos of that stuff, I no dey create topic as I would have cos d fake anti spam too dey block block

Instead of that one or to do dislike counter na sharing him dey do... Seun ... Diaris god ooo

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Politics / Re: Nigerian Politicians Are Funding Boko Haram, Negotiator Opens Up by ledafaze(m): 6:01pm On Aug 27

We want names


Family / Re: Chia!!! Ebola Why Nah!!! by ledafaze(m): 4:27pm On Aug 27

This morning I decided to just go sightseeing since the black girl no get cash, na so I enter one danfo bus heading to obalende. I was sitting in one corner minding my own business before I know wetin dey happen, one fresh woman beside me started shouting to the conductor on top of her voice say, "see if you no give me my 30 Naira change eh, I go change am for you", as ena know me nah, na this kind thing i dey like to watch.

Like so the conductor no even mind her while she kept mumbling to herself. The driver on the other hand was blasting dorobuchi by the melvins and everyone was minding their business just like me, some where even scratching the 'scratchable'.

Immediately it was 8am the news came up from the drivers radio and the first headline read by the caster was "The Federal Government of Nigeria has postponed the resumption of primary and secondary schools in the Federation till October 13, 2014 to curtail the spread of the deadly Ebola Virus Disease, EVD, in the country.

Minister of Education, Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau, said the decision became necessary in view of the risk posed by the Ebola virus which could easily spread through schools. They will however resume on the 13th of October, he said”

Before we could hear the next headline, na so this same fat woman beside me started shouting and cursing again, ask me who she was referring to this time, na the news of ebola o.

Abeg make una pardon me to quote her, “ebola e no go better for you, where do you want my 7 children to see food to eat, and the 5 children of my wicked sister - in -law way come spend holiday? chai! Chai!! Chai!!! Darris God oooo…..Ebola this problem you are sharing Daris God

Business / Re: Business For Stay Home Wife by ledafaze(m): 4:26pm On Aug 27
3cycle: Toast bread or make snacks and inform shop owners of your product. You supply them or they can come and buy from you.

2.Poultry or fish pond

3 grow ugwu in your yard and sell on a small scale.

4.Learn designing and tailoring so you can open a shop at home.

More about the bolded part? Would like to venture into it.
Politics / Re: Woman Asks Househelp To Sit On Burning Electric Cooker Coz She Urinated In Bed by ledafaze(m): 10:18am On Aug 27
Tears almost fell down from my eyes...

The lady is doomed but the next concern now is the child...

Is anything in place to make sure that the action has little or no effect on the brain(thought -- behaviour) of the child in the nearest future?
Hope the govt is aware so as to take the girl for surgery to remove the lumps and all...

God have mercy.
Education / Re: Before All Our Children Become Entertainers by ledafaze(m): 7:00am On Aug 27
GeneralShepherd: I'm an engineer also going for an Msc in subsea engineering at Cranfield University this October but guess worth? I am also a DJ and i absolutely enjoy being both!!

Guess worth?


Education / Re: Before All Our Children Become Entertainers by ledafaze(m): 6:35am On Aug 27

Nice writeup but US is not the headquarters in academics.

We have Isreal, Iran, China.... Those ones are heating education up like Trojans...

In China, 70/100 is their pasd mark....
Most professors in USA are Iranians...
Most research students are from Iran and China.
Isreal, we all know they made most of the discoveries and nowadays, they are more or less than silent with their new discoveries....


Family / Re: How Many Of You Ever Drank Water From This? by ledafaze(m): 6:02pm On Aug 26
I rep fully... During my visit to the village back in d days...


Politics / Re: President Jonathan Returns From Germany (Pictures) by ledafaze(m): 4:43pm On Aug 26

guy mind urself. stop quoting that moniker ''ayusco85''. i dont want to use insultive words, its not my style

Apology goes to u and the guy I quoted.

Sincere one indeed.
Politics / Re: President Jonathan Returns From Germany (Pictures) by ledafaze(m): 4:17pm On Aug 26
peppyluv02: You want your father to be respected but you insult the president who should be as old as your father.
Keep fooling yourself and begging for likes from senseless people like you. Ezi

And why indirectly telling me ayusco85 is your second moniker? I wan use am cook soup? undecided

I dont look for likes.... neither do I use monikers on Nairaland to taut others... I respect myself and the opinion of others...

Concerning insulting the president, relax and take a look at my posts from the beginning and I hope you reason...

He is providing a service... He himself should expect bullies.. Even the best president in the world still dey get threats let alone someone that is not working... whose cabinet is corrupt... and who minds no one.

It is not the matter of age... it is the matter of saying something and standing by what you've said. Even a 10-year old Nigerian will successfully count 5 ways where he is far lagging behind...

Nairaland na open market but also in market, people come to learn from others...
Politics / Re: President Jonathan Returns From Germany (Pictures) by ledafaze(m): 4:02pm On Aug 26
peppyluv02: I can see you are pained tongue
Next time before you insult the president,think of your miserable father.
Go and rest in pieces.

Sorry I had to break my rule to post this again... and I forgive myself...

Have you noticed/learnt anything from my posts at all? I have been trying to prove to you that you dont need to send abusive statements to someone's father or mother that offers you no service before you can pass a simple message. That shows the kind of person that you are.

So derailed... really... sincerely I shake my head for you ooo....

I pity those that would want to learn from you at this stage.

EDIT: If its my signature that is causing this anger, let me know so I can change it so as to boost your moral.
Politics / Re: President Jonathan Returns From Germany (Pictures) by ledafaze(m): 3:42pm On Aug 26
peppyluv02: **yawns***
For your mind,you don finish me lol anyway I cant read your gibberish.
Frustrated goat, your father is clueless and not the president.
Mumu keep fooling around my profile.
APC tout.

If you need to know, I i dont just flush into conclusions like you do and i try as much as possible to get the basics straight... and for to comprehend for a minute that I finished you, then you are finished cos all that was needed was to pass the message.

I dont have your time anymore...

SuckItUp BIA!
ayusco85 make sure u finalize that deal biko...

Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Mature Lady by ledafaze(m): 3:24pm On Aug 26
for what?

Marriage, friendship, etc

if na for dating or fipa, abeg go to dating and meetup zone

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