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Food / Re: How My Childs Birthday Was Ruined By D'xplorer Cakes Gbagada by ledafaze(m): 3:07pm On Jul 17
cr8v: Moderators don't be too fast to bring somebody's business to ruin. By bringing uninvestigated stuffs like this to the front page. I'm sure u don't know the pains involved in building a business.

Understand that some customers are difficult to deal with and even when u try to apologize they are still ranting. Moreso a staff may just have a bad day, do u expect his/her doing to ruin someones business? Nairaland was down and some data were even lost and nobody crucified Seun, we all showed understanding. Why. Wdnt u reciprocate

Yes I support exposing frauds and those who intimidate. But make your findings. Don't judge. A matter after. Hearing one. Side


Bringing it to the frontpage is part of making necessary finding. If ure not satisfied with it, employ a present front page fact finding team for Seun... Else... Hug the nearest serving transformer


Family / Re: I Am Tired Of My Marriage Barely Four Months Into The Marriage by ledafaze(m): 1:22pm On Jul 14
First of all, tell your mother in law. More importantly, tell it to God and I pray you are not pregnant... If not, try not to get pregnant yet so he does not send you out with the kid later on...

Also, ask him where his love is... If its with the lady or with you and in this case... I believe it should be with the lady. This is a serious issue and I pray it works out.

Why are 60% of Nigerian marriages ending in Divorce nowadays? The problem is because they do not put divorce on the table during courtship. It is something you should discuss about and know its causes and issues...

Please let your mother in law knows what is hapenning and if you dont want to leave, then be ready to fight for him....

How? Take it by force before they take it from you... Its now FIRE prayer case o... You have to pray by FIRE and get it back BY FIRE...

Its very easy... go to MFM or any bookshop near you and ask for Prayer Rain... check the sections and I am very sure there is one that pertains to this same situation... Fast and pray the prayerpoints assigned to it and believe me, you will see wonders.
Family / Re: Pls I Need Mature Advice by ledafaze(m): 1:16pm On Jul 14
First of all, I hope you have not broadcasted ur traditional marriage date... If yes, tell him if such happens next, you will break the marriage and next time, let him know how you feel as that will make him to be more responsible for his actions. He might be straight with you and just being nice to the ex and the friend. But to fix all loose ends, make sure you are there next time.

See, I would advice you move in with him so as to know what you will be in for and if not possible, TAG HIM.

BTW, you can now power your phone to hear his own side of the story.

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Religion / Re: Your View About Abortion... by ledafaze(m): 12:47pm On Jul 13

Get a dictionary or better still use Google to learn what murder is.

Olodo Abeg make we no start....

Murder is to kill
To kill us to cause death
To cause death is to take life...

So ... What is murder wrt life?
Religion / Re: Your View About Abortion... by ledafaze(m): 8:23am On Jul 13

it seems you and lots of anti abortionists misunderstand simple terms or are being deliberately dishonest. A baby is quite different from a fetus. A fetus become a separate legal entity the second it is born and the umbilical cord severed, before that it is a fetus and it's rights are tied to the mother. you cannot murder a fetus, you can only murder a baby.

Then murder itself has to satisfy certain legal requirements before it can be termed murder. That is why all killings cannot fall under murder. There is manslaughter and killing for self defense and even killing under war.

What is murder and in what circumstances is it used?

Dear, murder is to take life and we all know that... A foetus has life my dear...
Religion / Re: Your View About Abortion... by ledafaze(m): 8:14am On Jul 13
The act is a choice...

Just as heaven and hell... n death...
...light n darkness...

And same choice eve had and preferred to listen to the serpent... And Adam also preferred to listen to her voice. Its all been about choices.

Abortion is a bad choice sha... Thou shall not kill says the word of God... And life is given during conception as a foetus has also got life...

So don't take any...
Foreign Affairs / Re: A Village Where Dead Relatives Are Smoked With Their Fat Used As Cooking Oil by ledafaze(m): 8:07am On Jul 13
And, Why?

Cos the act does not make any upward sense.
Family / Re: Where Can I Get Wedding Rings. by ledafaze(m): 5:54am On Jul 13
Go aliexpress
Foreign Affairs / Re: A Village Where Dead Relatives Are Smoked With Their Fat Used As Cooking Oil by ledafaze(m): 5:52am On Jul 13
I ve nothing to say
Fashion / Re: Swim Suit Ideas For A Chubby Chic by ledafaze(m): 4:49pm On Jul 10
cococandy: Stalker

Nope... Trying to give her the best advice... She will even look better in low rise padded DD ones

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Fashion / Re: Swim Suit Ideas For A Chubby Chic by ledafaze(m): 4:30pm On Jul 10
Madam, that is not size 12... From your Twitter DP, you should be 34 if not 36D and that is huge. Just visit Yaba... they ar plenty there

BTW, m I even sure its not DD... Khai... diaris god o


Family / Re: (married Only)how Do You Signal To Your Partner That You Are In The Mood For Sex by ledafaze(m): 4:26pm On Jul 09
...Starts with kisses and later on, you hear nothing or baby m not in the mood... see frustration...

Hav you guys ever heard of Conscious Love Making? Its the best experience ever...
Family / Re: Why I Killed My Father - Tolani Ajayi by ledafaze(m): 5:48am On Jul 09
Ryabcool: Make my dheek become 2 inches shorter if i open that link. IDIAT OP!
cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy
Romance / Re: My Married Ex Wants To Compensate Me by ledafaze(m): 2:26pm On Jul 08
jenny2007: I was with him for almost three years on and off. we were in different cities during the duration of the relationship but with regular visits. this man mistreated me, i was never happy with him, in fact its the worst relationship i have ever had. theres nothing that he didnt do to me except physically assaulting me, still i stayed with him praying everyday that he will change. i'm a pretty lady and i always getting attention from guys yet i remained faithful to him despite the distance. all of sudden he cut contact with me and i decided not to bother to ask him why becos i had had enough myself. ex started calling me again though i didnt answer his calls. a month later i saw pictures of his wedding online, the girl he married is someone i had found out that he was cheating on me with in the past , though he denied it back then. she was even pregnant on their wedding day, i was shocked when i saw the pictures and cried my heart out. after his marriage i found some information about this man which i never knew before , he is a niger-delta militant with 2 babymammas who he beats at the silighest provocation. this is someone that told me he deals in oil and gas o. now this same man has started calling me and begging me to forgive him for the way he treated me while we were together and that i should mention anytin that i want and he will do for me, whether monetarily or not. i told him to go to hell with his pleading and money, however my friends are advising me to whatever he offers me and leave him. what should u i do?

Pardon me.... but let me laugh... hahahahahah

Oh boi(not lady), thank God for ur life.
Romance / Re: Nairalanders Share Your Blind Dates Experience Here by ledafaze(m): 2:21pm On Jul 08
booqee: u av a very wonderful command of English. you must be a writer... yes?
my long lost love... howdy? grin grin grin cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy
Romance / Re: Nairalanders Share Your Blind Dates Experience Here by ledafaze(m): 2:13pm On Jul 08
Well, mine happened here on Nairaland... we met some years back then she was still in Europe.. I saw just one of her posts that caught my attention and since then, we have been talking via email, she spoke on phone and the voice did the final injury... She got me totally and I fell magically... She came around to Nigeria, we met, had some things and left back for Europe... Now she is back to Nigeria finally and we should be getting married in less than three weeks.

But the day I finally saw her picture... My EXACT dream girl coming to me echoed for weeks... ...and she still holds to that beauty grin

That is my story.


Family / Watch A Man Drop The Ring During A Skydiving Proposal by ledafaze(m): 11:32am On Jul 08
Extreme Skydrive Proposal Stunt

This is literally why we can't have nice things

To show how much he cares, Brandon Strohbehn decided to propose to his girlfriend of 18 months by pulling out a ring during a tandem skydiving excursion. And then drop it. On purpose. Because we live in an era of Jimmy Kimmel.

Strohbehn’s prank was revealed after the 12,500-foot plunge was over when he got down on one knee and gave his beloved the “real” ring. She said yes.

May they enjoy the years ahead of pretending to eat their children’s Halloween candy for kicks.

Family / Re: My Wedding Invitation by ledafaze(m): 12:33pm On Jul 07
Sebi u guys are Yorubas.... Na unlimited crowd una dey get na... which one be Nairaland Crowd pull strategy

Many congrats.. Wishing you the best in marriage... The best I am also wishing myself in the next few weeks.


Celebrities / Re: Top 8 Weirdest Previous Jobs Of Celebrities by ledafaze(m): 10:22am On Jul 07
So... if you've got a dream, keep dreaming but make sure you wake up before your time's up.
Celebrities / Top 8 Weirdest Previous Jobs Of Celebrities by ledafaze(m): 10:19am On Jul 07
Top 8 Weirdest Previous Jobs of Celebrities

As a rule, previous jobs of celebrities are noticeably different from their current occupations. They take great pains to hide their past experience, but I don`t understand why. It`s understood that before their fame came they were ordinary people and had to earn money for living as all people do. But, I must admit, some of the professions, that celebrities were busy with, are really strange and unexpected, so here are some of them.

1. Brad Pitt worked as a chicken mascot for El Pollo Loco

Can you imagine that the most handsome man in the world was advertising fast-food at El Pollo Loco? It`s hard to believe but it is true. Every morning he put on a chicken suit and nobody could recognize his face. But that was just a period in his life and only few people know about it, including you.

2. Whoopi Goldberg worked as a mortuary beautician

Whoopi Goldberg is to be singled out among other extraordinary people as her previous job was really weird. Certainly she could choose working in a shop or in some kind of an office, but it was fine for her to make the deceased look nice. Personally I would ask Whoopi many questions about that and I`m sure you would as well.

3. Channing Tatum worked as a stripper

Playing a stripper in film Magic Mike was very convincing. Who could know that he already had some prior experience in this sphere? When Channing was just a guy, but not a heartthrob of all women around the world, he worked as a stripper. We all must confess that this experience had a good influence on his movie career.

4. Gene Simmons worked as a teacher in elementary school

It is really unbelievable that a great Kiss singer was teaching small kids. Knowing him, I think many parents wouldn`t agree to trust their kids to heavy-metal musician if they knew. But it was before his outstanding career and his pupils must have had a lot of fun with him. They are surely proud that Gene Simmons was their first teacher.

5. Matthew Mcconaughey worked a chicken coop cleaner

We should be really happy that this was only a temporary job for him, otherwise the world didn`t have such a talented actor. At that time he was an exchange student and, being in need of money, worked in an Australian chicken farm. When you are a student and some extra financial resources are needed the opportunities to choose from are not numerous.

6. George Clooney worked as a shoe salesman

This job is quite ordinary if to compare it with other mentioned here. But who knows, how many people were lucky to be served by George Clooney!? Imagine having him place a shoe on your foot or give you precious advice. That pair of shoe might be more precious and valuable than you could imagine.

7. Rob Stewart worked as a gravedigger

This celebrity also worked with the deceased before his musical career. Rob Stewart was a gravedigger. I don`t think it somehow helped him to get into show business but it is great that it was just a transition period in his life, which Rob is not eager to mention.

8. Christopher Walken worked as a lion tamer

Well, personally I am not surprised. Somehow I can easily imagine Christopher Walken training wild animals. This person is very strong-willed and charismatic, so without doubt it was a fascinating view when the stubborn man who never gives up went together with the king of beasts on the arena.

Every person has to do some undesirable or unordinary jobs in life, celebrities are also people and there are some dark shades in their past that they don`t want to light up. Their life has changed immensely since their youth till now and they are to be grateful for that precious life experience. Did you have a weird or terrible job in your life?

Violent/Disgusting Non-Celebrity Crimes / Re: Redeemer University Student Murders His Father In Ogun State by ledafaze(m): 7:58am On Jul 07
Now this is when I hate these education trust fund things... Maybe na him d guy dey think when him dey murder him own father... Cos na him school fees him don kill so


Romance / A Feminist's Guide To Dating by ledafaze(m): 4:44pm On Jun 30
A feminist's guide to dating

Can she ask him? Why do men send Unclad selfies? And who's paying for dinner? If you're venturing to the wild frontiers of dating, take a tip from a woman who's been there and back

There are things I've let slide when scoping out a potential beau – bad habits, bad spelling, bad breath (although the last one's a stretch, truth be told) – but if someone isn't a feminist, then it's a deal-breaker. That said, it can be hard to clock beforehand – dates being, as they are, opportunities to get to know someone you don't already know. To avoid time-wasters, I recommend sending over this quick questionnaire ahead of a meet: 1. Do you think the 1950s could be described as a golden era for gender relations? 2. Does the idea of a woman earning more money than you bring you out in hives? 3. Mine's a pint – that OK? Ah, if only it were so simple. Dating can be very confusing, especially when you add hangovers into the mix. For example: some mornings you think you want to get married, then you realise all you really want is a bacon sandwich. But love's the greatest, right? Maybe. I'll tell you what categorically isn't the greatest: looking for love when you're trying to keep some sisterly self-respect. Here's my alternative guide to the badlands of feminist dating.

Can you call yourself 'single'?
Let's start with the basics: is using the word "single" not just asking for trouble? After all, it suggests something that's usually a bit crap. Single beds are no fun. Single cream is the dairy of denial. Single suggests something wanting. It also invites endless questions, and these get worse as you get older. In my 20s, the first question on everyone's lips at family dos was whether I was seeing someone. Now this question has graduated – no, mutated – to whether I want kids. "You don't want to leave it too late!" say relative strangers (and strange relatives) as we stand by buffets in function rooms in back pockets of Lancashire. I chug my vodka, wondering when I can feasibly escape for a gay. They narrow their eyes. What can you say, to assuage their expectations, to lessen your sense of failure; but moreover to divert this frankly fricking rude line of questioning? "Oh actually, I had a miscarriage this morning, lolz!" That would shut them up.

How to chat up a feminist
Hey, girl, fancy coming over to mine and really smashing the patriarchy? Is what not to say. It's generally best to avoid harassment of any kind. Last week I was on a train platform when a man asked whether I'd like to take a bath with him. I was bamboozled. I stood there, wondering whether my discomfort was my problem or his problem. (Was a bath necessarily intimate? I mean, he didn't specify a Unclad bath. Was he just a communal-bath enthusiast? Truly it's exhausting, giving people the benefit of the doubt.) Then I stopped wondering and told him to go bathe himself, or words to that effect. Then he told me, just before he got on the train, that I had "the lips of an 80-year-old". "An 80-year-old you want to take a bath with!" I shouted as the train sped away. It's not often trad is best, but as a general principle, just asking someone whether they'd like to go for a drink works fine.

Navigating online dating
I follow several people on Twitter who use OkCupid and they often tweet messages they've received from randoms, which range from lewd to sinister. Anonymous browsing is a big problem, because anonymity is so, well, liberating. At least on Tinder there are no unwanted advances, because you can chat only if you both swiped right, ie liked the look of each other. I know a lot of satisfied Tinder users. So there's something infinitely depressing about hearing friends on older dating sites talk about waiting for blokes to get in touch with them, because they don't want to seem too keen or forward. If you're waiting to be approached, you're just being passive, and on the back foot from the get-go.

One friend signed up to what could possibly be the Least Emancipated Dating Site Of All Time: a site called (I kid you not) and said the experience wasn't quite the Clooney-in-Claridge's dream she'd envisaged. She met up with a 60-year-old hedge fund specialist (she's 34) who bought her half a lager, talked about his dog for a hundred years and then said: "There you go, you've got your free drink out of me. I suppose you are happy now?" She left. I should say this friend is an idol of mine – a single mum who escaped a violent relationship to raise her (amazing) son while working her Bottom off at several jobs. She says now he's 16, she's reached a point where she wants "looking after a bit". I told her I think she needs a butler, not a boyfriend.

And while we're on the subject of messaging, how many of us have sent or received a joystick selfie? (A pelfie, if you will.) It fills me with a peculiar kind of boiling horror that in the past year or so, four of my female friends have received cockshots from men they barely know. This is a modern version of flashing, no? A version of flashing where you get to stay cosy, at home, half-Unclad in your favourite chair, a selection of instantly harassable women at your fingertips. Now that's what I call Saturday.
emma jane unsworth Photograph: Michael Thomas Jones

So who pays the bill?
Take my hand and come with me now (dreamy music, rippling screen) as we travel back in time… Let's talk about paying the bill, holding the door open; the kind of old-school chivalry that makes knights of men and princesses of women. Princesses who need rescuing, usually. Now, because it's not always practical to "rescue them right back", like in Pretty Woman, this is a potentially perilous area. Is it disempowering to let someone pay the bill if they're richer and just happen to be a man? Is this not just, you know, socialism? *ducks* All right, all right. Sometimes I do let people pay (hell, sometimes I offer to pay, if I'm feeling flush) but on other occasions I have nearly bankrupted myself for the sake of my pride. Nobody's perfect.

As for holding the door – well, that's just manners. This is what we do for other human beings if we are not bastards. You can overanalyse these things. An old work colleague of mine went out for doughnuts one afternoon and returned in a rage because she'd bumped into a boy she fancied in the foyer and he'd made a big fuss of calling the lift for her. "Like I was incapable; an incapable woman," she said. I looked at the box of doughnuts on her desk. It was a big box. "Maybe it's just because you were a person carrying a big box," I said. She looked at me blankly. I looked at the doughnuts. "Misogyny is everywhere," I said. She nodded: "That's what I'm talking about!" She gave me a doughnut.

Beware the office romance
When I was 26, I dated a man from my office who, on our fifth date, picked up a coathanger from the floor of my bedroom on his way to the bathroom, regarded it and said, wistfully: "You know, I never thought I'd go out with a woman who was a size 12…" You'll be pleased to know I used said coathanger to give him a thorough Egyptian burial. In my glorious mind. Alas, in boring old reality, I merely booted him out of my flat and avoided the work canteen for a few weeks. He was more senior than me, and what I have come to recognise, shamefully, as "work sexy" – a quality that had blinded me to his less sexy qualities, such as body fascism. Watch out for work-sexy; it's a power fetish whereby the imbalance doesn't need inventing; it's there for the taking. He lives in south-east Asia now. I hope he's blissfully happy.

We need to talk about grooming
No, not that kind. I'm talking about makeup, hair, waxes, frocks. There's obviously a line between the way you look making you feel good, and doing something because you feel you should. A friend of mine, disrobing with a man she'd just met, found herself apologising for her unkempt bikini line, then heard herself and started to get angry, effectively destroying the moment. He tried to recover things by saying: "I like what you've done down there", which just made things worse.

Can you "own" your bikini wax? Sure. Although most of the single women I know would rather own their own homes. I don't mind what a woman wants to do with her body and any date who does, and who openly disses your look, should be swiftly dispatched. Last year, a French holiday romance killed the pillow talk when he whispered: "You know, you can always spot English girls abroad because they have pot bellies…"

Oui, monsieur! This one also has legs.

Written by:
Emma Jane Unsworth
The Guardian, Saturday 28 June 2014
• Emma Jane Unsworth's second novel, Animals, is published by Canongate.

Romance / Re: I Cheated To Change My Boyfriend... by ledafaze(m): 4:42pm On Jun 30

I am pleased to tell you that your so called bf hasn't changed. All that has happened is that he has got a batter way of cheating on you without you knowing...

Se o ti gbo?
Religion / Re: Share Your Best Hymns by ledafaze(m): 2:31pm On Jun 29
God bless you. I love this hymn with passion.

missberrypop5: O Jesus, I have promised to
serve Thee to the end;
Be Thou forever near me,
my Master and my Friend;
I shall not fear the battle
if Thou art by my side, Nor wander from the
pathway if Thou wilt be my
Guide. O let me feel Thee near me!
The world is ever near;
I see the sights that
dazzle, the tempting sounds
I hear;
My foes are ever near me, around me and within;
But Jesus, draw Thou
nearer, and shield my soul
from sin. O let me hear Thee
speaking in accents clear
and still,
Above the storms of
passion, the murmurs of
self will. O speak to reassure me, to
hasten or control;
O speak, and make me
listen, Thou Guardian of my
soul. O Jesus, Thou hast
promised to all who follow
That where Thou art in
glory there shall Thy
servant be. And Jesus, I have promised
to serve Thee to the end;
O give me grace to follow,
my Master and my Friend. O let me see Thy
footprints, and in them
plant mine own;
My hope to follow duly is in
Thy strength alone.
O guide me, call me, draw me, uphold me to the end;
And then in Heaven receive
me, my Savior and my

my best smiley
Religion / Re: Why Do Preachers Avoid Songs Of Solomon? by ledafaze(m): 9:35am On Jun 29
Your Pastor u mean? @OP
Foreign Affairs / Re: Pakistani Boy Dies While Preventing Suicide Bomber From Attacking School by ledafaze(m): 1:15pm On Jan 10
That is what we call braveness. May God almighty grant him eternal peace... may He give the parents and siblings much grace to bear the loss.
Foreign Affairs / Re: British Prime Minister Drops Daughter Off At School (photo) by ledafaze(m): 8:56am On Jan 10
No African President/Leader can emulate this...

Anytime anyone emulates this in 2014, I will tattoo his/her name on my butt grin grin grin
TV/Movies / Re: Naruto Information by ledafaze(m): 12:01pm On Jan 09
Very behind.
Badly behind!
Technology Market / Re: Day Old Brand New Tecno Phantom Pad Mini For Sale........SOLD!!!! by ledafaze(m): 10:43am On Jan 09
In as much as it has been bought, it is not USED. Abi you no put ur hand ontop am?

If you gree, I fit buy am for 12k
TV/Movies / Re: Naruto Information by ledafaze(m): 4:05pm On Jan 08
And Naruto awakens!

Its RAW tho

its on page 35

Romance / Re: The Worst Response To 'I Love You'? by ledafaze(m): 3:06pm On Jan 08
Thank You!


Religion / Re: The Great E-debate: Episode 1: Does God Exist? by ledafaze(m): 2:52pm On Jan 08
They have started again!

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