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Fashion / Body Spa Salt For Perfect Skin Glow, Smooth And Soft by erunzy(m): 2:03pm
The blend of Lavender and Milk as the key active ingredients soothes and nourishes your soul and body. Lavender Spa Milk Salt enriched Vitamin E, natural salt benefits, protein from milk, exfoliates the skin by removing impurities and dead skin cells while it moisturizes leaving skin soft, smooth, clean and healthy white. With aromatherapy scent from lavender odor, stress would be relieved away.
Free delivery around some parts of Lagos

TV/Movies / Re: ARROW and THE FLASH fan page....... by SAMBHOSS: 2:02pm
this hiatus stuff is now becoming extremely annoying.
the flash was one of the first series to go on break last year, now most series have started airing again yet the don't want to start.
nawa oh

As in ehn.....d winter finale was dead gan.....like seriously... Flash is beginning to "go gaga"....

Unlike arrow...perfect
Programming / Re: I Need Help On Java by asalimpo(m): 1:59pm

Carry your frustration and dead brain to some place else. Liar and a criminal. I answered him and said he should use the command line and after a few weeks, he can migrate to using an IDE which I showed you as well. So your level of off point here is super powerful. You just looking for what to tie people down with... grin go drink poison you hear.

And when did I say those who code in high level language as being inferior? grin this thief, you can lie for Africa grin

You know silence is the best answer for a fool, and here you are a big fool, a fat dirty fool, who lies about everything. Like I said before, you won't learn anything with this behaviour you have.

Done talking to you here. Pointless maggot.

You should've said that you're aptech trash. That's y you just regurgitated what they fed you there.
"Start with C, then move to java". Aptech does that to unnecessarily complicate programming and charge more.
Like i said b4, go to stackOverflow, hackernews, etc and see how intelligent respectful people argue/air their opinions and disagree. How they construct and marshall arguments.
You just came over here to publicise your crassness and immaturity.
You write pages of nonsense. No logic, no connection. No intelligent point.
Some1 is asking about using the command line and u're spewing crap about writing low level drivers,
then capping it up with insult: I wont understand because i use java! - Man! how more out of point could you get. How relevant were your drivels!

Sign you're dealing with an empty vessel on public forums in by how quickly they deviate off topic into emotional, illogical drivels
Learn C indeed.
Religion / Re: Couple Suspended In Church For Public Display Of Affection. "It's A Sin" -Pastor by Richy4(m): 1:58pm
The leaders of that church just brought African culture into Christianity........They could not differentiate between culture from Christianity....Africans were not known for public affection whatsoever......But the fact that other culture does it does not mean they will go to hell.....

Those church leader that condemned those couple were the exact reasons Jesus disliked the Pharisees; that claim to be outwardly holy when they were in a public place but they commits so many atrocious act in secret.....

I believe those leaders of that church will drop dead if they stepped into any oyibo church.....Because their public affections makes a single individual drool with jealous....Even during prayers, they join hands or hold their spouse at the waist ....even when they were speaking in tongues, they can't keep their hands to themselves....Will showing that they love each other gonna lead them to hell?.....I believe some funny individual will say yes...
Politics / Re: President Buhari To Go On Leave, Osibanjo To Serve As Acting President by cyrilamx(m): 1:57pm
Blind hatred turned u into a devil...wishing others dead so u cud live...selfishness borne out from the pit of hell
While I agree we going tru economic challenges which is expected judging from the decades of economic haemorrhage and plummeting of oil prices, which made oil dependent economies to tighten their belt, I will never condescend to satanic level to wish someone 's dad, grand-dad n husband dead. I am too refine to be on same boat and school of thought with you. For ur info, since u can't tame ur tongue, you will mourn the loss of love ones as u wish others.

May your life be exactly like what Buhari turned Nigeria economy into
NYSC / Re: Accident Kills 2 Corpers In Akwa Ibom State (Photos) by nefeyblaq(m): 1:55pm
embarassed nawaa o. That's where I served in 2012 o. RIP to the dead. I pray you mke pradise
Romance / Re: Guys, See How To Start Up A Conversation With A Girl In A Bus by lovat(m): 1:53pm
grin grin grin

My brother, I dey ooo. I dey laugh those brainless Kassim who voted a brain-dead element as president in 2015.

All of them have gone into oblivion or some transformed into another moniker due to shame, while some have relocated to technology and Romance sections.

They can't even talk again. Aunty Mo has gone AWOL grin

EGIFT has gone under

Passingshot is confused so he usee dropshot now

Agarawu went to contest for Mr Nairaland

Beremx has confessed

Midolian has ran away

Rilwayne01 can kill anyone that says sai baba

Mynd44 has moved to Gambia problem

Omenka grin grin

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Romance / Re: Guys, See How To Start Up A Conversation With A Girl In A Bus by Firefire(m): 1:47pm
grin grin grin egbon how is you

My brother, I dey ooo. I dey laugh those brainless Kassim who voted a brain-dead element as president in 2015.

All of them have gone into oblivion or some transformed into another moniker due to shame, while some have relocated to technology and Romance sections.


Politics / Re: President Buhari To Go On Leave, Osibanjo To Serve As Acting President by darlenese(f): 1:41pm
So will they wish ur dad or your husband. So u understand the evil of wishing someone dead cos of inexplicable hatred.

May your life be exactly like what Buhari turned Nigeria economy into
Politics / Re: President Buhari To Go On Leave, Osibanjo To Serve As Acting President by cyrilamx(m): 1:40pm
[it all borne out of hatred. Even before he became president a sitting governor took a paid advert saying PMB will die. Truth is PMB will outlive those who wish him dead. The karmic law still hold do unto others what you wish done to you. If you hate him cos u feel he is not performing despite the fact that all mono oil economies are suffering recession e.g Venezuela, why not wait to oust him from power by 2019? quote author=ephi123 post=52938783]This tells how much Buhari has fallen from grace. How can a president be on leave and people are wishing he won't return? Very unfortunate. He has lost all the goodwill he had at the start. That is the result of non-performance, or rather, negative performance cos the guy has dragged the country back years. [/quote]
Sports / Re: Top 5 States With Highest Number Of Stadia In Nigeria by Schematics: 1:39pm
Abia state is cursed

This is what should be bothering you right now and not who has stadium or pavilion. Abia state is dead but it does not worry you one bit but you are quick to jump onto other people's issues out of envy and frustration... cheesy

Abia state in pictures....

Politics / Re: President Buhari To Go On Leave, Osibanjo To Serve As Acting President by cyrilamx(m): 1:33pm
So will they wish ur dad or your husband. So u understand the evil of wishing someone dead cos of inexplicable hatred.
Is he going to die ?

I wish he is cool
Politics / Re: Senator Nelson Effiong Defects From PDP To APC by cptjacksparrow: 1:25pm
we all know PDP is dead, but the truth is our politicians are ready to move to the next available reigning party. The only thing they consider is what they stand to benefit.
Technology Market / We Buy All Types Of Laptop Ans PAY INSTANT Cash!!!..used, Scrap, Dead, Abandoned by itpreneurng: 1:24pm
Do you have any laptops to sell?
Do you have need to raise funds?

Lets exchange your LAPTOPS FOR CASH..

For Enquiries, Contact @itpreneur ng on instagram or CALL/WHATSAPP 08038608664

Investment / Re: Finally - Mmm Crashes by bettercreature(m): 1:24pm
Mmm died in December
Chuddy and allies only tried to pacify the bereaved by giving them January 14 date

A Ponzi scheme is always a Ponzi scheme
It's meant to die untimely putting participants into grief
You are not far from the true,it's dead and buried they are just trying to frustrate people out of the system
Sports / Re: Top 5 States With Highest Number Of Stadia In Nigeria by Schematics: 1:23pm
You are always fixated on issues concerning Anambra, why not focus on your dead ABIA STATE for once. OP, just stated his opinion which does not mean that he is an authority or that what he said is cast on stone but you jumped in like a haggard bastard to expose your inferiority complex. Are all Abians cursed? Tufiaaa!

there is nothing like stadiums, its called stadia (plural)

Besides, what anambra has are not stadia but pavillion-like structures. Only that of nnewi by ifeanyi ubah can be regarded as a mini-stadium.
Pets / Dec 31 2016, A Day I Will Never Forget by jstrollet(m): 1:16pm
After reading @Miremoses's post about his deceased dog I felt very sorry for him as I remembered my most lovely dog called Nellie whom I also lost a day to new year 2017.

31 was really a cold day to me as I was called at exactly 2:45pm by my colleague after traveling to lag on 29th of Dec to spend the festive season with my family. I received a call from Keke (my colleague) & he said, "Ronald i have a bad & a good news for you" at first what came to my mind as a good news was my neighbor whom I predicted would put to birth that week but wasn't sure about the bad news as both my neighbor & my dogs life were puzzling my mind. So, I gathered the courage & asked, "K, what is it?" & K replied "Iya Ibeji has given birth" at first I was full of joy not until he paused & said " Ronald, I'm very very sorry, Nellie is dead" cry I couldn't hold the tears but cried like a baby.
It still seemed to me like a joke until the following day when K sent me pics of Nellie's body in Ginger her best play mate's cage while Ginger was there looking at Nellie helplessly & curiously. Lots of questions running in my head like, what on earth would take away the life of a dog whom I left very active, healthy & vaccines are up to date? and yet the death of Nellie is still unknown up till date. I had no choice but to move on.
I really miss Nellie & her funny moments you know!!! that Dam can rough play for Africa with an empty stomach for three straight days......

But then, I present to you my boy The Future Holder of my kennel Simba The Fearless smiley smiley smiley

1st pic: Nellie's death
2,3,&4: Nellie @9months & when she hit a year on Dec
5&6: Simba @2months & 2months+ 2weeks

Foreign Affairs / Re: "Capture Yahya Jammeh Alive Or Dead": ECOWAS Issues Last Command by Realzikkist(m): 1:15pm

ECOWAS troops have been ordered to capture Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh alive or dead.

An ECOMOG military Commander, Maiga Mboro said “all the troops are already in place” and some not far from the Gambian border.

Already 11 pilots, 11 crew members and 80 “supporting troops” have been deployed close to the Gambian border

SOURCE: http://www.nairanaijanews.com/2017/01/gambia-ecowas-issues-last-command.html
yea,force him out of power,bt pls let it nt affect d innocent masses,take a look at Libya
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigerian Navy Direct Short Service Course Aspirants(dssc) 2015 by wildchild1: 1:13pm
Is the list out?

iS TODAY FRIDAY? grin tongue

feeling somehow..but im hopeful, God is not dead grin
Foreign Affairs / Re: "Capture Yahya Jammeh Alive Or Dead": ECOWAS Issues Last Command by Justdulla(m): 1:13pm
Alaba Boys Don See Movie Title Oooh.
Yahaya Jammeh,dead or Alive starring John Okafor as Yahaya Jammeh grin
The man is sick mehn,intead of bowing out and absconding into oblivion,his still making much noise.


Foreign Affairs / Re: "Capture Yahya Jammeh Alive Or Dead": ECOWAS Issues Last Command by oluwaseyi000(m): 1:11pm
Jamiiiiiiyyuuu? to gain what? A living dog is better than a dead lion, remember: Your children will become fatherless, your wife, widow, you yourself: dead body, and guess what, someone else will be president
Family / Men Are Also Abused: A Touching Story By A Nigerian Lady Whose Father Was Abused by Emyben(m): 1:07pm
A Facebook user Cynthia Valerian Raphaels posted this on Facebook Yesterday.

This goes a long way to show that men are also abused.
The identity of the narrator is however hidden.
Read below

"Hmmmmm, waking up to read this message on my inbox made me weak to the bone. May his soul find peace, Amen!

Ana eme!

Madam today is the memory of my legend, ( my late father) 14 years ago, he was laid to rest! His memory still remains fresh in the heart of those who love him. I miss you daddy.

Madam I wish to share my family story with you, since I have been on social media and reading relationship updates, I have never seen a page very fruitful and educative like yours . My story is heartbreaking, the story of my late father, he was all I got, his death took the most deepest part of me. The very minute he was laid to rest, nothing means the world again to me. Daddy know that where ever you are,your daughter misses you and in my next world, you will always be my father. My father under went a lot in the hands of my mother, though I haven't seen her since 9 years I got married . Me seeing her after I left on the day my daddy was buried, I packed and left, seeing her again,was on my marriage day. I have forgiven her, but she will neither get close to me or my children, not in this life . Madam Cynthia , yes men get abused and my father was one man who endured till he gave up. I am the first child of my parent. My father was a bank manager, he always provide whatever we need. Whatever my mother say, he does without asking what she needs the money for .

She tortured him, not one minute of peace. As little as I was, I can recall she slapping my daddy on different occasions when he questions her on where she went. My father believed in the sanity of marriage and he doesn't want a separation because of us the kids. My daddies work is very demanding and from his work he will come pick us from school while my mother is at home sleeping . It got to a time, he was almost sacked and he found a driver for us, though he was trying to save cost by coming to pick us himself. Once we get home, he will bath us, and my mother will still be on phone talking to her friends and my father will go to the kitchen and start cooking what we will eat.

Madam if I start remembering what happened when we were small, I will put a bullet to my mothers skull. When my daddy finishes cooking, my mother will be the first to go take food and eat. I came across my dad washing clothes one day and I saw my mothers bras and pants in it. That was when I took over the washing at 13years and relieved my father of that. My mother prefers to go out with friends than stay at home with us on weekends, so my daddy is always there to look into our homework. Even in school when parents meeting will be called, my father is the person who comes, the school barely know my mother. I grew up knowing what womanhood was from my father. He taught me all I know. My daddy so much loved my mother that whenever he goes out, he will find something to buy for her, to make her happy, some she says thank you and some she doesn't.

The name calling are unbearable, fool, idiot, I managed to Marry your type,you are not my ideal man, I will soon leave you and marry another suitable man. She killed my daddies pride! She ridiculed his ego. Sometimes my father cry in his heart whenever I am around for me not to see. After my coming, my mother stayed 5 years before my twin siblings came . My father became a ghost of himself. The torture was painful. My mother had her separate room, so she sleeps there often with the twins, me and my daddy sleep on his bed, sometimes when I wake up, I will look for him, but will see him on my mother door kneeling down , asking her to open the door for him. As small as I am, I will go and kneel with him, asking him to get up and go to sleep.

Sometimes he kneels down at the blessed sacrament altar in our house to cry because my dad is a staunch Catholic , he will cry till he is tired . My mother detest my daddies people with passion, so no one nears our house at all. I have asked her severally what they did, she said nothing, just that that are coming to scatter the wealth that she suffered for. She slapped me at 14 years when I asked her what wealth, that she has been a house wife , so where is the wealth? That is only my daddy that is making the money, the slap she gave me , landed me on the floor. My mother never for once go to the market to buy me bra, my father did. One day I asked my dad, how did you and mummy meet, he said he met her back in university days when a man who promised her marriage dissapointed her and married her friend , that my mother is acting that way because of betrayed trust. I told him even at that, she shouldn't transfer aggression to you who is innocent. My daddy said they courted for 9 months before he married her. My mothers friends has never entered our house and behaved themselves, either they are drinking or dancing In front of us, sometimes my mother ask us to leave when my daddy is not at home.

Oh madam, I never had a peaceful childhood. I started cooking at 14, to help my father. My grandmother came just once and visited, the cold reception my mother gave her was nothing to write home about. She served her cold food, I was the one who went to warm it for her, when I brought it back for her, she said she has lost appetite.
When I was 16 years, I was molested by my secondary school teacher, telling my mother, she said go talk to your father, I waited for my father to return before I complained, he took the case to the later, till the teacher was sacked.

My two twin brothers took the footstool of my mother, one is in nigeria prison for rape and the other is surviving with his plumbering job, when he found out that robbing people of their property isn't safe anymore, that he can be caught and sent to jail, so he learnt plumber work. The kind of disturbing names my mother shouts on my daddy is not funny. I thank God that people knew he was a great man. The two storey building at my mothers place was built by my father. Yes, he loves my mother beyond repair, he took all she did as if it was nothing, the thorn kept piercing his heart . I refused going to boarding school just to stay close to my father. When I finished school, I got into the university, my father had stroke at 54 years. That was the period I vowed never to have a mother. She left my daddy to our mercy, all she does is to ask him how he is doing, and to tell him that he smells sometimes . For 2 years, i didn't concentrate in school till my father recovered. That period my mothers late night was something else . It got to a time, her own mother called her and told her she is ashamed to call her her daughter, that what is wrong with her ? She transferred the aggression on me saying am the one telling her mother what she is saying. I thank God my father healed and I sat him down with his friend to tell him to speak up, that he has tried to condone a lot. Madam Cynthia, my father spoke up very late,almost at the point of death.

My university education was badly affected. My brothers got into the university, joined cults and got erosticated from school. My mother fought to bribe her way to help them. My Final year was when life lost meaning to me. My father called me saying he is feeling as if his breathing isn't normal, my mother traveled to their house, saying she wants to attend her sisters daughters wedding. After the wedding, she stayed like one whole week leaving my father and our nanny, an older lady she brought to help keep the house neat because we are all in school. I rushed home, saw my father, he was looking healthy, but I noticed he was fighting it had to breath, I asked the nanny to help me take him down the stair case ,let me bring the car keys, I can drive, my father taught me . When we got to the hospital, his bp was terribly high. He was admitted. I picked up a phone to call my mother, my father said I shouldn't bother. I got angry left his side, left the room to call my mother, asking her how she left home and never cared to check up on her husband, she said isn't the nanny there to take care of him? That was her question, I just switched off .

She later came after three days to the hospital, but the next day my daddy was discharged, so we got home and my exam was the next two day, my last exam before my Defence. I instructed the nanny on what to do, and she shouldn't hesitate to call me once my daddy starts getting worse, immediately I left and went back to school. On the day we started exam was the day my father died. I felt it in the morning, because my flower vase fell all the way from the center of the table. My water gallon broke, for 4 years, I have used it till that day. The one that got me mad, was my exam card, I looked for it till I got tired not knowing I was wearing it inside my shirt . My father died in the morning, when I finished writing my exam, I started calling my daddies phone, he did not pick up , I called our nanny, she said she left our house yesterday to see her mother who called that she is sick. I picked phone, called my mother and she said my dad is fine and she gave him food in the morning before leaving the house, and she will soon leave her fiends place home. I wasn't comfortable so, I left school immediately, saying once I see my father healthy, I will rush back to school and start preparing for my next paper. When I got home, my mother wasn't back yet, my brother was down stairs smoking, I asked about daddy, he said he should be in his room, I was singing climbing the stairs, dropped my bag, went to meet him where he is lying , his eyes were closed, so I tapped him to tell him, I am around, he never responded, pushed him to know if he can wake up, no way, when I started shouting my brother came upstairs and I ran out to go called my fathers brother,and they confirmed him dead, we took him to a doctor, and he said, it's been long he died. Life lost its meaning for me, I didn't know what I was doing. I carried my daddies head up to my lap and cried, life why me? My mother came back when we brought my daddies corpse back from the hospital, thinking of which mortuary to take him too. When she started crying, people that knew her, never even looked her way. My father died in pain and agony. Life was so unfair to him, he was tortured to death.

It was only God who wrote my exams for me because I can't understand anything, anymore . After my fathers burial, I packed to go live with my grandparents and I stayed there till I got married. My father was a victim of abuse and he died loving my mother, I am married and I want to love my husband till death, I have kids and I will train them responsibly. My mother has fought to see me , but all to no avail, my husband has asked me to let it go, but all I told him was, h never understood because he never walked in my shoes. I was touched to go see my brother at the prison, he was so ashamed of himself, life taught him a lesson the hard way"

Madam a lot of men are abused daily but they don't want to speak up. My father was one, millions are out there . I rest my pen here madam Cynthia, good day to you .
Politics / Re: NBS: 29 States Generated N317.79bn In Six Months - Thisday by Ballmer: 1:06pm

What do you mean--Are you living in lagos--Do't you understand that all the nation functioning port are in lagos--,all the oil companies with high level managers and director that has no operation in lagos are paying their tax to lagos state government,,Hotels,banks and and other servicing companies operates their head offices in lagos--a practice that is denying the host state of such companies their revenue source---That is why nigeria would continue to remains this way and make some comunities hostiles because this is daytime rubbery.

Igbo boy do not die of hatred for Lagos. Lagos state govt did not drag oil multinational companies from the creek to Lagos. Rivers still has many of them located in PH, same goes for Delta in Asaba

Your unborn generation will just die of lamention over the success of Lagos. Citizen of other states in USA do not wail their unborn generation to death bcoz New York is a more prosperous state nor do British citizen wake their dead fore fathers with wailing agony of pain bcoz London is more prosperous.

Why have you chosen to lament your soul to the grave bcoz Lagos is a success. Why wail your unborn generation to their graves before they are born over Lagos. The capital of Nigeria was changed to Abuja yet Lagos continue to be prosperous why decide to condemn your destiny to this pathetic wail of agony bcoz of Lagos state.

May the God you worship not save you from this eternal wail of lamention you have condemned your soul, amen. May more of your generation both born n unborn continue on this part of perdition you have chosen till your entire household is completely wiped off the face of the earth Amen.


Literature / Re: Finally; Wole Soyinka Confirms He Destroyed His Green Card. by BeClever: 1:05pm

One of the intriguing things about the Internet to me is the ease with which a nonentity would hide under its anonymity and heap undeserved insult on a person he is not worthy of strapping his boot!

The most intriguing of it all is when a renowned nonentity feels he is capable of defending the useless ediots that have contributed in rendering their brains dead..
Travel / Avalanche Hits Italian Hotel, Many Feared Dead Under Snow by SexyBabe001(f): 1:04pm
A huge avalanche ploughed into a luxury mountain hotel in central Italy after a series of strong earthquakes rattled the area, and up to 30 people might be buried under the snow, officials said on Thursday.

Rescue workers using flashlights on their helmets battled blizzard conditions during the night to reach the isolated hotel on skis. They arrived in the dark to find most of the four-storey structure submerged under a mountain of snow and debris.

"Around 30 people are unaccounted for, between guests and workers at the Hotel Rigopiano in Farindola," Fabrizio Curcio, head of Italy's civil protection department, told reporters.

Italy's ANSA news agency reported that one body had been recovered, but there was no immediate confirmation of this.

More than 12 hours after the wall of snow smashed into the four-star hotel, which is some 1,200 metres (4,000 ft) above sea level, only two survivors had been accounted for.

"I am alive because I went to get something from my car," one of the two, Giampiero Parete, told medical staff, according to la Repubblica website.

An aerial view shows Hotel Rigopiano in Farindola, central Italy, hit by an avalanche, in this January 19, 2017 handout picture provided by Italy's firefighters.


The rescue operation was hampered by up to 5 metres (16 ft) of snow which has fallen on the Gran Sasso mountain range in the central Abruzzo region in recent days, blocking access roads.

"We haven't been able to do too much. The structure has collapsed. It's more like a pile of rubble than a hotel," said Antonio Crocetta, a member of the Alpine Rescue squad who was on the scene.

"What is left of the hotel is in danger of collapse. The hotel is almost completely destroyed. We've called out but we've heard no replies, no voices. We're digging and looking for people," he told Reuters speaking by telephone.

A base camp for rescue workers was set up in the town of Penne, some 10 km (6 miles) away, where ambulances waited for earth-moving vehicles to clear the winding, snow-clogged road leading to the hotel.

The avalanche collapsed part of the four-storey hotel, which had 43 rooms, shunting it some 10 metres (30 ft) down the hill, according to media reports.

The disaster struck on Wednesday evening, just hours after four earthquakes with a magnitude of above 5.0 hit central Italy, sparking fears about possible avalanches.

The first rescuers only managed to arrive at 4.30 a.m. (0330 GMT) after they had to ski through a heavy snow storm to reach the site. After dawn broke, emergency services sent in helicopters.

"We’re dropping our rescue units down by helicopter and they are starting to dig," said Luca Cari, spokesman for the national fire brigades.

An aerial shot of the hotel released by the fire brigade showed just the last floor and the roof visible above a thick blanket of snow.


Watch the Live footage here


Romance / Re: please how do i go about this serious issue? advise please by Diplomaticbeing(m): 1:02pm
Important people never live on other people's opinion (that doesn't mean that they don't seek and listen to advice) - for s/he that lives on other people's opinion is as good as a dead person. Only petty people are feeble-minded.

Go ahead to marry him so long as you're certain that you aren't acting on impulse or pity. His deformity wasn't his making, so he deserves to be loved and cared for like every other human being. What makes a person sophisticated is his/her good attributes.

Superficiality is for petty (inconsequential) people.
Travel / Re: VIDEO: Edo Girls Hustling In Italy Farm, Gossiping While Waiting For Customer by erico2k2(m): 12:56pm


They are not talking about prostitution. The argument is centred around two sisters. The elder one on red gown (That group that wear red gown with crosses is really a feared fraternity in Benin. They are called "Ayelala" alleged that she has not been sleeping for days. She was having series of nightmare every night from seeing dead to spirit human. As she suspected her sister living with her to be responsible for this bad omen, the elder one confronted and insisted her sister must have kept a certain charm underneath her bed for this to happened to her sleep.

At first, the younger one denied but later came forth with the truth that the charm was a kind of fortress rather than to bewitch anyone. Ordinary, the matter would have been lay to rest but this very younger sister went ahead of her sister to report her to the voices in the video. She actually accused her elder sister of putting charm under her bed meanwhile she was the very culprit as the later would find out. That is why she is standing forlorn from their bashing!

One thing is clear: these are ladies to be avoided. They are all diabolical and use charm to achieve whatever means and goals they set. They have exported a fearsome cult abroad and think and try and manipulate anyone they are in contact with so much so they are now even turning against themselves.
case closed I wish we can Bitchslap this blogger lke now. grin grin
Investment / Re: Has MMM Paid You? by SweetJoystick(m): 12:51pm
PH needs to be more than GH... that's how such schemes work.

It will be unrealistic of people to think PH will be like it once was or that there will be increase in new entrants

The most probable solution is the injection of a huge bailout fund or the reduction in the recurring bonuses.

On the long run. ......Nothing lasts forever lipsrsealed
lol injection of which huge bailout funds? to who now? shebi MMM no get central account? so if one provides help of 50m who go get the money and who will receive the money? MMM is dead, move on!!!!
Fashion / Many Feared Dead As Avalanche Buries Italian Hotel After Earthquakes by Neilsdesigners: 12:44pm
At least one person has died and many others are feared dead after an avalanche buried a hotel in central Italy following a series of earthquakes.clickhttp://www.neilsonline.com/ for more details

Religion / Re: Mrpresident1 January 2017 Rapture A Fallacy by Olu317(m): 12:34pm

I love something about you . You are very very courageous . And I admire your strong conviction . If someone like you enter healing ministry ,the dead must rise .

BRO,MrPresident1,will lead a lot of kindreds to the kingdom of hell with his doctrine and beliefs. Even if the dead rose up, is it a criteria to enter into the kingdom of God? ABSOLUTELY, ‘NO',. The dictate to the rules must be followed adherently while God's mercy is needed by every human being worthy of the kingdom.
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