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Politics / Femi Aribisala: 'Dear Buhari, You Cannot Fight Corruption With Corruption' by lalasticlala(m): 12:53pm
by Femi Aribisala

This leopard has not changed its skin. It is asking much to expect Buhari to change his habits at the ripe old age of 72. Buhari is already caught in his own anti-corruption hogwash. Anti-corruption is likely to become a Pandora’s box of unanticipated wahala for the in-coming administration.

One of the myths about the 2015 presidential election is that it was a vote against corruption. Buhari and the APC did a good job of singing the anti-corruption mantra all over the country, and they gave everyone the impression that a vote for the APC was a vote against corruption. But this impression is neither supported by the character of the APC itself, nor by the manner by which it secured its famous victory.

Voters in 2015 were not confronted with anti-corruption choices. There were no new breed politicians in the APC class of 2015. The overwhelming majority of those who fought and won the elections were the same old, same old. If the 15.4 million people who allegedly voted for Buhari are now supposed to be anti-corruption, then Nigeria is in trouble because 12.8 million people voted against him. That would constitute an equally big vote for corruption.

The 2015 elections were attended by massive rigging by both the PDP and APC, contravening any pretensions to anti-corruption. Chukwuemeka Ujam was paraded around after being caught with 4,000 PVCs at Ozalla in Enugu State. Nevertheless, he contested for and won the post of member of the Federal House of Representatives in Nkanu East/West, Enugu. So much for anti-corruption in the elections!

Physician Heal Your Self

Buhari promised during the campaign to kill corruption in Nigeria. He said: “If we don’t kill corruption in Nigeria, corruption will kill us. So, the choice before us is to resolve to kill corruption and free our country from the firm grip of corrupt men and women.” Such hyperbole wins elections: but it does not solve problems. One thing is for certain: corruption will not be killed in Nigeria by Muhammadu Buhari. In no country on earth has anyone ever succeeded in killing corruption.

Chances are Buhari will not even make a dent on corruption in Nigeria. The proverb says: “Physician; heal your self!” The president-elect promises to fight against corruption. However, his party cannot be described as an anti-corruption party. Integrity is not a membership requirement of the APC. On the contrary, the party does not discriminate: it welcomes saints and sinners into its ranks with equal alacrity.

If Buhari were serious about fighting corruption, he would have started the fight within APC. The party made the payment of 27.5 million naira the prerequisite for contesting its presidential primaries. Buhari raised no objection to this. Instead, he claimed he was constrained to borrow the amount from his bank. Surely the president-elect must know that costly elections lead to corrupt governments.

APC corruption means the president-elect has no realistic anti-corruption platform on which to perform any magic. As a matter of fact, the APC fought the 2015 election with corruption. In many places in the North, APC votes were blatantly inflated. Its party-workers encouraged widespread under-age-voting. In Lagos, APC traded money for votes. In Oniru, the fee was 1,500 naira. It did not matter if you had no PVCs. PVCs were distributed to non-registered voters at polling booths by APC faithfuls. Only God knows where they got them from.

There was no reproof from our anti-corruption president-elect for these sharp practices in his own party. Neither did we hear anything from his vice-president-elect, Yemi Osinbajo; a pastor no less. Clearly, the anti-corruption panadol is only applicable to the Jonathan administration and the PDP. However, most of the so-called APC members were snatched from the allegedly corrupt PDP.

While APC supporters claim Jonathan spent 2 trillion naira fighting for re-election, without bothering to explain how they got the account details of his expenditure, they fail to tell us how much APC spent dethroning the PDP. For example, how much did APC spend defending Lagos? Every 10 metres on Lagos roads had a billboard or placard of Ambode. Every local website and newspaper was conscripted to sing his praise. Ambode clearly outspent Agbaje by at least 20 to 1. What exactly was the anti-corruption source of this over-the-top expenditure?

Legislative Bandits

The people APC is now sending to the legislative houses at the federal and state levels are not known for integrity. They belong to the same classical group of corrupt politicians who spend a fortune getting elected in the expectation of recouping their money when in office. Any plans Buhari might have with regard to reducing the hefty salaries and emoluments of our legislators first have to go through the same legislators. This means such plans are dead in the water.

It is significant, for example, that most of the chief APC contenders for the post of senate president were discovered to have outstanding cases with the EFCC. In embarrassment, President-elect Buhari is said to have indicated he would not support any of those still under EFCC indictment. While this stand seems commendable, it only serves to underscore the hypocrisies in Buhari’s anti-corruption posture. Timipre Sylva also has unresolved corruption cases with the EFCC. How come this did not disqualify him from appointment as the chairman of Buhari’s transition committee?

The president-elect is still somewhat oblivious to limits of his powers under our democratic system. The senate president is chosen by senators and not at the discretion of the president. Goodluck Jonathan failed to get his candidate elected as chairman of the Governor’s Forum. With current in-fighting going on for the post of senate president among APC bigwigs, it is not unlikely for the person finally elected to turn out to be a PDP man. If APC can play this wayo while in opposition, when it secured the election of Aminu Tambuwal against the wishes of PDP central; it can also be played against it while in government.

Separation of Powers

In expounding his bogus anti-corruption policy, Buhari promises that those who steal public funds will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. This is all well and good, except that the judiciary is not under the presidency. The Nigerian judiciary is corrupt; nevertheless, it does not have to dance to the tune of Aso Rock. The executive can send big-fish corrupt politicians to the courts. However, nothing prevents the courts from continuing its usual practice of protecting them from arrest and declaring even rogues not-guilty.

In Nigeria, justice is at the mercy of a handsome bank-account. It can be bought for the price of a good lawyer, or of the presiding judge. Even though Bode George was jailed on corruption charges, his conviction was retroactively nullified by the courts. Buhari cannot re-invent the judiciary without circumventing the separation of powers provision of the Constitution. Therefore, sooner, rather than later, Mr. President-elect would know the difference between a democratic president and a military dictator. In a democracy, a president does not determine the prerogatives of the judiciary.

Hot Air

Buhari also boasts his ministers will be required to declare their assets. If this is one of the cardinal principles of his anti-corruption policy, then he really needs to go back to the drawing boards. We all know his ministers will be chosen for him by APC bigwigs as paybacks for their electoral support. This hardly bodes well for anti-corruption determinants. The requirement for assets-declaration has been in the books for donkey years. It has not curbed corruption. Nobody bothers to query or confirm what is declared. Neither are public officers in the habit of declaring stolen money when they leave office. So there is nothing new or corruption-breaking about assets-declaration.

As presidential candidate, General Buhari himself failed to produce a bona fide school-certificate result, as required by INEC. Anyone who thinks we are done with the issue of the president-elect’s missing Cambridge/WASC result because he has won the election and the case was dropped in court needs to think again. When the time came, Obama had to produce his birth certificate in order to kill the brouhaha of his doubted citizenship because the issue would just not go away. Buhari’s anti-corruption posture will continue to be undermined as long as he refuses to fulfil the requirement of producing his original school-certificate result.

State Governments

Since winning the election, the president-elect has also bolstered his anti-corruption rhetoric by declaring that the amount of pension currently given to former governors in the states is too high. That is all well and good, except that there is nothing a president can do about this except talk. Governors’ pensions are passed by state legislatures individually; meaning they are completely outside the purview of the president.

To repeal the pension laws in the states would require two-thirds majority votes in each of the 36 states of the federation. The beneficiaries of the state pensions for governors are some of Buhari’s key allies, including Bola Tinubu, Rabiu Kwankwaso, Babatunde Fashola and Bukola Saraki. What this means is that the president-elect is just speaking to the gallery. He knows his lofty plans have no hope of seeing the light of day. Even if they did, they would amount to a storm in the teacup of corruption.

Selective Anti-corruption

Speaking to a delegation from Adamawa, president-elect Buhari said: “Imagine a situation where the former CBN governor, who by God‘s grace, is now the Emir of Kano, raised an issue of missing billions of money, not in naira but in dollars, $20 billion. What happened, instead of investigating whether it was true, they simply found a reason to remove him. So, these are the issues we are talking about.”

Who precisely are the “we” still talking about this? How come Buhari ignores the forensic audit done on NNPC accounts on this matter by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, which declared conclusively that no $20 billion is missing? Does Buhari doubt the credibility of PWC; one of the most prestigious auditing firms in the world? Who then is Buhari going to hire that will be more credible than PWC? How come Buhari believes Lamido Sanusi innocence implicitly without investigation, but disbelieves the investigation of the reputable PWC about NNPC?

The signal here is inauspicious. Buhari is back to his old familiar terrain of playing the ethnic and partisan card. Everyone knows Lamido Sanusi is partial to the APC. There were allegations during his stint as CBN governor that he even donated government money to Buhari during his 2011 presidential campaign. Buhari signals he would be probing the NNPC; declaring it guilty until proved innocent by his own probe. But he fails to tell us why the PWC probe is not good enough; and he fails to tell us if he would probe the sharp practices of the Emir of Kano at the Central Bank, for which he was summarily suspended. Would he also probe his new ally, Obasanjo, who was his own petroleum minister for eight years?

This leopard has not changed its skin. It is asking much to expect Buhari to change his habits at the ripe old age of 72. Buhari is already caught in his own anti-corruption hogwash. Anti-corruption is likely to become a Pandora’s box of unanticipated wahala for the in-coming administration.

TV/Movies / Re: Korean Movies Chatroom by ellab(f): 12:50pm

No I just think maybe she's secretly attracted to LMH and is afraid to show it so she ends up with all these nerves that translate her into a dead kiss fish (Lmao it cracks me up to put it like that grin

No defend her jor.grin
if that's d case,dats a weird way of showing it(d attraction)
Family / Re: DOUBLE TRAGEDY: 2 Kids Corpses Found In Deep Freezer by necyka: 12:49pm
Perhaps, these children were playing only to find themselves in such helpless state. Parents or care givers should learn from this If they like.
Notwithstanding, May God give the parents the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.

RIP to the dead....
Romance / Re: Ladies What Would You Do? Pic. by PunkyOh(f): 12:48pm
Eww, he's either broke or stingy. Not attractive. Plus he has dead skin cells under his foot. So he's broke & dirty or stingy & dirty. Not a combo I'd go for.

TV/Movies / Re: Korean Movies Chatroom by ellab(f): 12:48pm

@ standing ovation for Wookie... Lol let's give the guy a Kdrama Oscar... grin

Actually according to the Blood drama AJH's character had never dated or kissed either a human, vampire or dead fish before grin so they wanted to portray that.

Unfortunately he portrayed it TOO well. Bc according to you it might be his first kiss in life grin

Soo wrong tho cos I hear the guy is dating in real life. Na WA what's so hard about these kissin' scenes def

grin omo, no talk o. Americans ve made it a normal thing that it doesn't move me anymore but I dunno y its so hard for SK actors.
Every kiss scene must get comma inside.
if its not 10hrs,its dead fish.
if its not dead fish, its complain in interviews.
Then get wahala.

And he has a gf? with that strong face of his?Like he's been forced to smile.. mscheew. different draw soup for diff ppl. I no fit mehn.grin
Business / Re: Gtbank Internet Banking Issues by kaeforum: 12:48pm
Its a dead bank, no longer what it used to be, since fola daniel left it has all trash Guarantee Trash Banking.
Politics / Re: Why Bola Tinubu Must Be Jailed By GMB - Cramjones by Gbawe: 12:44pm
If Tinubu has a case to answer in the USA, how is he able to travel back and forth to the country without being arrested?

I suspect that he has already settled with the authorities and made restitutions, essentially, made a deal, a plea bargain which saved him from prosecution. As far as this is concerned, Buhari need not act.

Now, if people have any allegations of theft or corruption against Tinubu, let them come forth with evidence. I recall that Tinubu was charged to court but was not found guilty of anything and set free. This tells me that Buhari does not need to prosecute Tinubu for anything.

Let Buhari first deal with NNPC and missing billions first. Tinubu's financial empire seem to have been built legitimately. I'll stand corrected once I see evidence otherwise.

It is not enough to shout Alpha Beta or other corporations without concrete prosecutable evidence of any crime.

Thank you my brother. This is the position of most sensible and pragmatic folks. Nigerians may not like that Tinubu is very wealthy, in a Country of excruciating poverty, but many should understand that fingers are not equal and there will always be very talented and highly intelligent individuals, like Bill Gates for example, whose individual talents and ability is worth literally billions.

They will say Tinubu own continental hotal and deserves to be hated on this ground yet they will not mention Ibori who spent $21 million "dead money" on a private Jet surely enough to build perhaps two or three continental hotels. Is Continental Hotel employing Moroccans or Nigerians? Does the Hotel pay taxes to Indonesia and not Nigeria?

The problem is that Tinubu, as a genuinely talented leader and business guru, believes in building empires and institutions that will outlast him. Whereas the looters crippling the centre just steal blindly and spend billions hiring private jets as Allison-Madueke did with no returns at all for Nigerians. I have no doubt the blind hatred of Tinubu has a very potent ethnic dimension because it is no coincidence that those shouting loudest and most vociferously against Tinubu conveniently never mention their own crooks like Orji Kalu, Theodore Orji, Uduaghan, Odili et al.
Health / Re: He Was Asked To Hold Torchlight While Surgeons Continue Operating His Body by Adyrin(m): 12:41pm
Ask Fashola and Tinubu!
If they have made that possible in their state the hospital woulve had power!
Just this evening, my landlord's son was wheeled out of the theatre and he narrated his experience:

While the operation was halfway in one of the famous private hospitals in Lagos, the generator developed fault at almost 8.30pm. A light that was part of the stretcher (or the theatre bed) probably rechargeable, switched on automatically. As the operation progressed, almost at the concluding point, the light also went dead. Then a big torch light was handed to one of the aids who struggled to get a vantage point without much success.

The light was then handed to him (patient) to hold on his chest while he lay still.

The sweat running from the chief surgeon's body was almost falling into the place being operated upon. He was wheeled out at exactly 9.30.

He told me not to mention the type of operation for some reasons.

Which way Naija, can we come out of this power problem?

Nairaland / General / 4 Dead In Kogi Radio Station Bomb Explosion by Hypestation: 12:35pm
At about 8pm last night, a bomb explosion hit in TAO FM in Okene, Kogi State, leaving 4 persons dead.

The station...read more[url] http://hypestationng.com/4-dead-in-kogi-radio-station-bomb-explosion/[/url]
TV/Movies / Re: The Flash Fan Page** by luxanne(f): 12:30pm
There's still gonna be a twist... Either Cisco or Caitln will die.. I think caitln loves barry.. The look on her face when the fake barry kissed her.. Lol

Uhm, was cisco not dead prior the first time travel? I don't even undastand how this time travel works embarassed

I agree there's gonna be a twist in the next episode also and my guess is another time travel.

Yeah that, lol I knew caitlin got sparks for barry. U recall that episode where she was worried and complained to barry abot not bein social that they had to go to a karaoke bar, sang, got drunk and all that? That was when I felt her sparks, lol but her roonie is stil alive.
Politics / Re: APC Releases Statement! AIT And All Media Can Cover Buhari's Events by obailala(m): 12:30pm

Did PDP say anything about the issue? Nothing cos it's dead!
Truth is that it was ordinary concerned Nigerians that criticised the move. PDP is still busy licking its wounds and engaging in last minute looting. However, I was only trying to act like Jonathan supporters who assumed that anyone who criticised any move by GEJ back then (including foreigners) MUST automatically be APC. grin

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Family / Re: DOUBLE TRAGEDY: 2 Kids Corpses Found In Deep Freezer by Kizyte(m): 12:29pm
The parents of those dead kids should be investigated, they should be checked for psychological issues. You never can tell, those children were locked up in the fridge by their parents.
Politics / Re: APC Releases Statement! AIT And All Media Can Cover Buhari's Events by Kolade354(m): 12:28pm

APGA dead.... Are you in Nigeria?
Go to East and say this, They will so deal with you mercilessly.
Show me one Senator in APGA and I will hold my peace till finito.
Politics / Re: APC Releases Statement! AIT And All Media Can Cover Buhari's Events by SeverusSnape(m): 12:24pm
I admire that spirit in you, Wishing PDP will rise again, but its sad because they are dead lyk APGA.
APGA dead.... Are you in Nigeria?
Go to East and say this, They will so deal with you mercilessly.

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Politics / Re: APC Releases Statement! AIT And All Media Can Cover Buhari's Events by Kolade354(m): 12:21pm

Which speechless... I posted a gif, It didn't display.
I admire that spirit in you, Wishing PDP will rise again, but its sad because they are dead lyk APGA.

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Politics / Re: APC Releases Statement! AIT And All Media Can Cover Buhari's Events by QuotaSystem: 12:17pm
PDP has just scored its first democratic point as the new opposition, forcing the soon-to-be ruling party to reverse an unpopular decision through firm criticism.

3 Gbosaaa!!! cheesy grin

Did PDP say anything about the issue? Nothing cos it's dead!


Religion / Re: A Thread For Catholics by btoks: 12:13pm
Firstly in Christ you don't need to see any priest for confession, you just ask the Lord in prayer anywhere-and repent.
Secondly a priest has no power to forgive sins. Mark 2:10, "But that you may know that the Son of Man has power on earth to forgive sins..

Matthew 16:25 "For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.
Priest can't save your souls.
Romans 10:9-10, That if we confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart, that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. V's 10-For with the heart one believes to righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made to salvation.
Only Jesus can save your soul.Only Jesus can hear your confessions.
Talk with Him today...
Seriously brother, you're helping no one here with your futile interjections. I'm sure this has been mentioned before.The poster came on this thread to get a catholic answer not some random brocab answer. Please show some respect and consider opening another thread to do your preaching or air your views.
We'll keep praying for you. God bless.
Pets / Re: 7 Dogs Attack Driver In Lagos (pics) by PLEXPLEX(m): 12:07pm
They government must do something about the dogs n the owner.
What of if this victim was a Child? It is not a laughing matter. Some people make jokes of every matter including life n dead. I wish u ll find urself in such situation then u ll understand that victim isnt inanimate

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Gaming / Re: Dante Vs Kratos Vs Dastan by ChynoBEATS: 12:03pm
he has no child alive.the one he has is female and she is dead. And no other gods to fight. Or maybe Athena

Well i now get you...... I've read it on Wiki ..... Everyone who served their god to Please them killed their family .......thats one thing that is common in the game... So the story ended in ps3 without series...
Politics / South African President, Zuma Support Killings Of Immigrants. by truetalknow: 11:59am
Durban, South Africa - The recent xenophobic violence in South Africa against migrant workers has sparked a new diplomatic rift with Nigeria, with the South African government condemning Nigeria's decision to withdraw its envoys from Pretoria.On Sunday, the South African government released a statement calling Nigeria's move "an unfortunate and regrettable step" and said the government and a wide range of civic organisations had been "decisive and unequivocal" in condemning the attacks on foreign nationals in the country.The statement by South Africa's Department of International Cooperation, however, goes on to deride the Nigerian government over its inability to rein in the Boko Haram insurgency in the north of its country. It also points out that South Africa did not blame the Nigerian government for mishandling the aftermath of the collapse of a church building in 2014, which left 84 South Africans dead.Nigeria's acting high commissioner in South Africa, Ambassador Martin Cobham, and the consul-general, Ambassador Uche Ajulu-Okeke were called home on Saturday to brief the Nigerian parliament about the welfare of Nigerian citizens in South Africa following the anti-immigrant violence in Durban and Johannesburg.Tolu Ogunlesi, West Africa editor of the Africa Report magazine, criticised the tenor of the South African government's statement.Ogunlesi said it was not logical to compare the Nigerian Church disaster in 2014 to the xenophobic attacks and referring to the church disaster was misplaced in a diplomatic context. The Nigerian government has been criticised for mishandling the response to the collapse, with bodies repatriated some nine months after the incident."The statement sounded like the thoughts of someone, rather than a diplomatic response," he said.Many South Africans however, including prominent South African analyst, Eusebius McKaiser, have described South Africa's response as justified.“This response from South Africa - via Clayson Monyela [deputy director-general of the Department of International Relations and Co-Operation] - is fully justified in my view," McKaiser wrote on Facebook on Sunday night."However it certainly helps neither South Africa nor Nigeria - and definitely not the continent, geopolitically - for diplomatic relations between us to deteriorate," he added.Nigeria 'opportunistic'While some have described Nigeria's decision to recall its envoy as "opportunistic", others say the action has only come after public pressure. "The government did not say anything even in the face of protests almost on a daily basis especially in Abuja and Lagos," Deji Badmus, a freelance journalist based in Lagos, said.Badmus told Al Jazeera that the government decided to act following the decision of the parliament and a meeting of the Nigerian senate."I don't think it would have been proper for the Nigerian government to say nothing, do nothing, when, foreigners, not just Nigerians are being attacked in South Africa," Badmus said.Jackie Cilliers, executive director of the Institute for Security Studies in Pretoria, however feels that Nigeria's diplomatic withdrawal is not indicative of a continent-wide indictment of the South African government's failure to stop anti-immigrant violence."I don't think Nigeria's action is a statement on behalf of the rest of the continent," he said, adding that the "reality is Africa is multi-polar and there is no singular country that can speak for the entire continent".Rift between leadersFew believe Nigeria's decision to recall its envoys speaks for anyone other than themselves.Nigeria and South Africa haven't enjoyed close relations in the past decade, especially under the leadership of presidents Jacob Zuma and Goodluck Jonathan. Analysts see this rift as part of the larger story of worsening relations between the two countries."It has become an all-out contest for influence in Africa between South Africa and Nigeria," Cilliers said.Leaders from Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe have publicly condemned the attacks, with both Malawi and Zimbabwe sending buses to repatriate citizens following the violence.Few doubt however, that the violence has been a blow to South Africa's image."I think African states have reacted quite strongly to the xenophobic violence in South Africa this time," Cilliers said.Zuma's administration has come under much criticism for the violence. But not everyone agrees the South African government's response has been poor. Cilliers, for one, describes the government's response as "admirable".Tolu Ogunlesi said the latest developments between the two countries was only a manifestation of the quality of leadership in both."President Goodluck Jonathan has been a dismal leader and Zuma has also not lived up to his responsibility," he said from Lagos."They both don't inspire confidence within their countries and outside." At least seven people in South Africa have been killed in the attacks against migrants since March 20, when South Africa's Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini spoke out against foreign workers.
Gaming / Re: Dante Vs Kratos Vs Dastan by ghost1718(m): 11:55am

Killed himself Why?.... Ehn but He has a child na... So the story might continue
he has no child alive.the one he has is female and she is dead. And no other gods to fight. Or maybe Athena
Nairaland / General / PHOTO: See How EFCC Officials Track Down Yahoo Big Boys In Lagos by aprokov247: 11:40am

In February 2013, a 67 year old grandmother from Australia who traveled to South Africa to meet a Nigerian man she met online was found dead under suspicious circumstances in a Johannesburg guest house within days of meeting the man who called himself Jesse Orowo Omokoh.
Jesse is believed to have scammed the woman in excess of $90k. After the woman’s death, Jesse, 28, disappeared. Well, after a year on the run, finally he has been arrested in Lagos.
EFCC worked with West Australian fraud squad to find the man and all his accomplices. EFCC officials with policemen and 60minutes TV crew stormed the man’s home in the outskirt of Lagos around 6am for the dramatic take down.
More pics here: http://aprokovilla.com/see-how-efcc-officials-track-down-yahoo-big-boys-in-lagos-photos/
Politics / Re: Nnpc Should Be Investigated From 1978 To Date by baralatie(m): 11:36am
it will take an unbiased political will to conduct a probe into Nnpc as far back as 1978.
do you have the names that will be called for clarifications both local and international,dead and alive!
it is a big goose chase!
Politics / Re: Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa: Buhari’s Ban On AIT Illegal, Undemocratic, Dictatorial by Ralphlauren(m): 11:36am

How did AIT denigrate the dead?

... and if you say it is wrong to talk about his deceased wife.... I and a lot of other Nigerians do not see anything wrong with it as I never knew this before and it is a look back in his past life... if anything AIT said was false, and they have a reputation for doing that, that's a different matter, and could still not even be grouns for b barring them from a public function...

GEJ is not yet out and the OP is missing him already... this is just the start... of New Nigeria... new indeed.

did you really type this shocked You see nothing wrong in mocking a man's late wife and child ? shocked Please speak for yourself and not for other Nigerians. How will you feel if you suffer such personal tragedy and then one idi0t uses it to mock you years down the line? Just to score cheap personal or political scores?

c'mon, they talked about his late wife and also his late daughter (his first child) that died of sickle cell.

that is the lowest of lows.

Jonathan's wife (Patience) is barren. Do you know how unfortunate that is? All jonathan's kids were fathered by other women ( a man that goes from one church, prophet, bishop, etc to another). Yet, APC never used this to campaign against him in whatever form.
Politics / Re: Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa: Buhari’s Ban On AIT Illegal, Undemocratic, Dictatorial by superstar1(m): 11:31am

If someone dies, and the living are calling for an autopsy or to find the cause of the person's death amounts to denigrating the dead person? for real? or you probably meant denigrating Buhari himself...whichever angle you look at it if the duty of the press is to inform... they did just that with that documentary... you may not like it, but they have the right to do so.

Fox News in the US says all sorts of crap of Obama... during his campaign didn't they keep hammering on the "fact" that Obama was a Kenyan and had a Kenyan birth certificate or whatever lies they were telling...did and still tell till tomorrow?

How many times did Obama barr them from covering public functions? didn't he even appear on the Bill O'Riley show on Fox?

Oh GEJ, please don't go...!

The duty of the press is not to inform but to inform responsibly, which they never did. Was there any investigative journalism they did that showed GMB did not have certificate.

They only got paid to air a paid for propaganda. Do you think the same people did not approach Channels or STV. Why did those ones declined it. That is being professional.

GEJ please don't go!!!! After the monumental mess he just released.
Politics / Re: Xenophobia: Presidency Denies Recalling Nigeria’s Envoy To South Africa by lolly2pops: 11:30am
Jona matter too dey tire person sef. This dunce should just fùck off already angry
Losing an election is not supposed to make you to continue to be loose.
You have been very insensitive to what is currently happening in South Africa.
It is very barbaric.
This is a very serious issue and we ought to take a very drastic step.
Zimbabweans have been protesting.
They have stopped playing all South African music on their radio.
Kenyans have been protesting, Somalians too.
What has Nigerians been doing? Mind you, Nigeria have the most population there, esp the Ibos. I, personally know two Ibo men and one has been seriously affected. They have big investments there and these bastards are just stealing from them and killing them in barbaric manner.
This is Genocide. It's not just now it started. South Africans are bittered lazy fucktárd xenophobias.
Can't we just rejected this senselessness?
>Issue an ultimatum.
>Send planes to bring back the Nigerians there safely.
>Close all their embassies.
>Stop all their businesses here (MTN, DSTV, SHOPRITE,
I can't just wait for May 29.

Hmmm, you know I was just reading President Jacob Zuma's response to a later written by one prominent Mozambican author and I could tell that he was trying hard not to sound insensitive, unkind and uncaring. He apologised for what has been a sore sight to many including South Africans like myself but at the end of his response he sad: "The citizens grievances can not be ignored as well." This just got me thinking and what came to my mind at first was: All these years SADEC migrants have been the biggest challenge for SA and the govt of the day has failed to address this either by engaging with the SADEC states involved or by making changes in the immigration act. Post 1994 there was no education in terms of making known to the citizens and the young generation the role and contribution that many African countries including Nigeria played in the liberation of SA. We did not see that also after the 2008 attacks which saw more than 60 dead including 22 South Africans. South Africans lived in isolation pre 1994 and one required a permit to move from one province to another. There were and there is still a lot of tribal divisions because of the tribal segregations created by the apartheid government. The neighbouring country Botswana has not seen such an influx of foreigners despite it having a good economy and one thing I attribute this to is their death penalty and tight immigration laws. SA basically has no barrier and people walk in from all sides making it difficult to manage. But what is annoying most is the mentality of some SA's on foreigners. Forget "they are taking our jobs" explanation. Smelly armpits, untidiness is some of the negative comments I hear from SA's about fellow brothers and sisters. The hatred can be felt most from the Zulu tribe, the tribe of the presiding President. Finally my view is that what is happening in SA today is one of the symptoms that portray Africa as a failure. It is NOT a South African problem but rather a continental problem. Leaders from other African states need to ask themselves why people are living their respective land for another? Let us hold whosoever we placed in power accountable as they take a break from looting.
Politics / Re: Buhari's Restriction On AIT: Undemocratic, Unpresidential And Unacceptable by adconline(m): 11:23am
AIT violated ethics and lied to Nigerians so many times. AIT is not a reliable source of news or to be taken seriously. I believe though that he should have the right to decide who has access to his events as he is not yet president. When he is president he should let AIT be, AIT already has enough swords over its head to be shut down. All the lawsuits it will battle is enough to say bye bye to the station in the near future. AIT is living on borrowed time
Who determined that AIT violated law? You or brains-dead followers?? What do courts and NBC do?
Politics / Re: Jonathan Orders Immediate Release Of Report Of Forensic Audit Of NNPC by adioolayi: 11:19am

Next time, please think before you comment.
Price water corper is not an arm of the government of any country... The make their money by defending their report with their blood.. When they do financial investigation like this one they throw their name on the line and are ready to defend their submission anywhere.

If the report is doctored they come out firing from all cylinder.
Please do think before commenting on sensitive issues... PWC is more interested in what is to be released than any Nigerian... dead or alive.

I suggest you read my comment again and go all over yours in response.
Who is talking about PWC? PWC have done their part and submitted the report long ago! I am talking about the FG not PWC
NYSC / Re: Prospective Nysc 2015 Batch A by joyjoomla(m): 11:15am

-1970-1979: Military rulers like Gowon (1967-1975),
Murtala Muhamed and Olusegun Obasanjo ran
Nigeria and altered the constitution again, creating
19 federal states.
-1970 (January 15): The Biafran War came to an
end, leaving nearly two million people dead.

What's d message. Wht r u passing across
Politics / Police Kill Two In Burundi Protest by wingdov(m): 11:12am
Burundian police shot dead two protesters and wounded at least one other on Sunday, the Red Cross said, in demonstrations against the president seeking a third term which critics say would violate a constitutional limit of two terms. Read More >>>>>http://wingdov.blogspot.ae/2015/04/police-kill-two-in-burundi-protest.html Witnesses said police used water cannon, tear gas and in some cases live bullets to disperse demonstrators across Bujumbura. The authorities earlier
- See more at: http://wingdov.blogspot.ae/#sthash.6JZVQgEG.dpuf

Politics / Re: Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa: Buhari’s Ban On AIT Illegal, Undemocratic, Dictatorial by Remarkable: 11:12am

So AIT asking GMB to tell the world what killed his wife is not denigrating the dead?

So AIT talking about a certificate that is not missing is not false. AIT with their bias report is not unprofessional? When it was obvious that their chairman is a major beneficiary of this present govt "kworoption".

See man mii, GMB is still a private citizen till May 29, he has all the rights in the world from barring anybody from poke nosing into his affairs till then.

If someone dies, and the living are calling for an autopsy or to find the cause of the person's death amounts to denigrating the dead person? for real? or you probably meant denigrating Buhari himself...whichever angle you look at it if the duty of the press is to inform... they did just that with that documentary... you may not like it, but they have the right to do so.

Fox News in the US says all sorts of crap of Obama... during his campaign didn't they keep hammering on the "fact" that Obama was a Kenyan and had a Kenyan birth certificate or whatever lies they were telling...did and still tell till tomorrow?

How many times did Obama barr them from covering public functions? didn't he even appear on the Bill O'Riley show on Fox?

Oh GEJ, please don't go...!

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