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Romance / Re: Miss Nairaland Contest 2016 - CAMPAIGN THREAD by Transformium: 1:58pm
Chai! MissGdope has mesmerized me with her beauty o! I just woke up this morning, and all I could think about was MissGdope. She has scattered my head with her sexiness, charisma, humility, friendliness and her swag. Chai! MissGdope na you biko!!
Na you deserve this crown. You are the Miss Nairaland 2016. Nobody can touch you!!!

Lemme do small early morning rap for you. Maka ni gbaka go'm isi!!!!!!!! Chai!!!!!!! cheesy

MissGdope, you the flawless queen/ I woke up this morning just to confess this/
Your swag got swag as deep as the bottom less pit/ that's why every reasonable person wanna be on your team/
You see MissGdope, from the up to the down, you got it packaged/ all these other girls better be afraid/
Cos na you be the only right head for the crown/ it's a fact, so nobody fit try to doubt/
You sweet like Sugar and honey/ and every time you dey totori my body/
I can't just explain how you make me feel/ is it those lips? Something like the most beautiful lips I've seen/
Your eyes as white as snow/ one look and every guy go kolo/
MissGdope, you don scatter my head/ I will always support you till the day I'm dead/
So stay chilin and keep being the queen we see/ cos as far as Nairaland dey, you don win this thing!!!!

cheesy cheesy cheesy

VOTE MISSGDOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cc; Transformium Sosiqdude Drokoroafor D9yt7

Foreign Affairs / Kenya Flooding: At Least 10 Dead In Building Collapse by Muafrika2: 1:57pm
Rescuers in the Kenyan capital Nairobi are searching for people feared trapped after the collapse of a residential building in heavy rain.
At least 10 people are known to have died, and 121 people rescued, including a baby on Saturday morning.

The Red Cross criticised "chaotic scenes" as rescuers arrived. It is unclear how many people are trapped.

There are conflicting reports as to whether the building had six or seven storeys.

The rainfall has caused landslides, washed away houses and flooded roads. Police said 14 people died in the Nairobi rains, including those in the collapse. Another four died when a wall toppled over.
Politics / Re: Enugu Government Rejects Grazing Reserves Bill by Rossikk(m): 1:56pm
I almost squared with my colleagues in the office early last week concerning this issue, they were against the bill and i was for; partly because i thought it would minimalise community skirmishes with the herdsmen.

I now see reason with their concern, it is evident the Grazing Bill is dead on arrival.

What is the way out?

I don't know how government will track fulani herdsmen that travel round Nigeria on foot via state ring roads and jungles, totally out of our security's watch eyes. Enroute their journeys they encounter small communities who survive on farming, the cows don't know who's farm, they just graze along. Confront them and it's war.

This is indeed a bigger problem than envisaged.
The only solution is to arm the farmers, as far as I can see.
Politics / Re: Projects Commissioned By Governor Ayodele Fayose Today (photos) by totorimi: 1:45pm
Yet Buhari who has almost spent 1 year has only been able to commission dead bodies of Agatu,IPOB and Uzo-uwani people!!! chei!!! its not good to elect someone with F9 in economics as president

Where did you see F9, is it on the controversial sheet or the inconclusive whereabouts of WAECresult sheet. Bia this guy take your time o, before you are branded as scoring bubu F9 in your head.
Politics / Re: Governor Ugwuanyi Observing The 3Day Fasting Declared In Enugu (pics) by Megaideas: 1:39pm
Prayer and fasting is good but beyond this, what are you doing to avert a future occurrence? Brother James said "Show me your faith and I will show you my faith by my works; for faith without works is dead." So Gov. Ugwuanyi, fasting without works is dead. Try and match fasting with commensurate action. God bless you.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Arsenal Fans Thread: Finally Reborn! The Red & White Army: FA CUP Champions 2015 by dmcdad: 1:37pm

I remember he was on course to win u the treble when the compass had some ish as a result pointed non- magnetic South instead of magnetic north making him drift off course.
He is now on a course to win the double. I sincerely hope he's able to sail through this pestilential aqua so he won't be on course to win u Nada.
How hypocritical.... So after shouting upandan in December that you would be taking home the league trophy come the end of the season, you are the same one talking about someone envisioning winning the treble, and after that seemed far-fetched, then the double. Na wa ooooo. At least I am still in for a double. I would always say this, as good as Madrid are, they are yet to win a treble. I ain't tryna take anything away from them, but just letting you know winning a treble ain't child's play. Afterall, I still remain the only club that has won the treble twice. As for you... Well, there is absolutely no need beating a dead dog. tongue tongue tongue tongue

Also, you would do well to wish your prof and your entire club to win the fourphy rather than waste a wish on my club. If only wishes were water, hmmm

Meanwhile, is fourphy sure yet? I mean, the last time Assnal won the league were you already supporting Assnal then? cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy
Politics / News Flash! PDP Chieftain Assassinated In River State (see Photos) by Juve4(m): 1:35pm
According to Breaking times, PDP chieftain in Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni LGA, chief Lucky Ajie (Idu), has been assassinated. Chief Ajie was shot dead by some unknown gunmen in his country home, Okposi.

Sources say he was trailed and murdered in front of his compound on Thursday, April 28. Condemning the killing, former chief of staff of ONELGA Council, Mr Chijioke Ejebide, who visited the family members to commiserate with them described the dastardly murder of chief Ajie, as regretful.

Ejebide called on the police to investigate the murder and bring the culprits to book. Okposi community is the home of Onyekachi Nwokocha, former Rivers State commissioner for power.

Politics / Re: Reasons PDP's INEC Officials Election Rigging Largesse Wasn't a National Bazaar. by OrlandoOwoh(m): 1:25pm
Someone asked this question in quote & felt we could discuss this, My submission below, comments & counters all welcome..

You see the thing is that El No Clue was only hoping for 25% from the northern states which he erroneously believed the likes of Muazu, Ali Shekau, Samboribobo, Bala M, Shekarau, Ribadu etc had made mouth were in their pockets, so there was no need "tipping" INEC officials, he wasn't expecting much votes from there... The barest minimum would do!!

He expected the votes from the southern states with "high" population like Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Oyo, Delta etc to counter the north like it happened in 2011. Unfortunately he could barely get the "promised" northern voter count as all the featherweight politicians lost even in their PUs!!

The born trowey, Almajiri, brain dead, publis gaffes by Her Royal Pissness, Dame Peshe of Life didn't do them any favours as well!b!

No one should make any mistake about it, the IB actually "rigged" with "technology" and like his lacklustre fight against corruption, he just made a Mr Bean like mess of everything!!!

P.S ; All ye that will start the Kano votes nonsense, check how many Registered voters they have & Nos of PVCs collected!!

Looking forward to the negative comments!! Mo don't care!! smiley
The number of votes in the south has always been fraudulent. It's only here INEC "records" 99%-100% of registered or voters PVCs actually voting. Is it possible?

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Celebrities / Re: Tiwa Savage: I Never Slept With Donjazzy, Tuface And Dr Sid by anigold(m): 1:16pm


I was right you are a witch! What money and fame He picked her up and orchestrated the whole fame thing. Tiwa just doesnt think he needs him anymore and too bad Teebillz thought sheet would last forever. I know your type too- You get what you want - you bounce to the next hunk.

Teebillz sucks right now- he got carried away- He thought Tiwa would always be there considering where he picked her filthy backup-singingass from.

Read Proverbs 31:3

" Do not spend your strength on women, your vigor on those who ruin kings."

Na men wey dey love una - Una dey take do yeye.


thats life...bro.
loyalty is dead..
Literature / Re: New Story : Afraid To Love by Oyinprince(m): 1:14pm
Afraid to love - Episode 8

By Patience Ahworegba

This sight of her really touched him. Her crying state. She looked like an innocent child and an angel whenever she wept. This was what he always fell for. It wasn’t working this time, he wouldn’t fall for it. Lifting himself up from the swivel chair, he found his way to where she stood. He took her in his arms.

“Will you stop crying?” he asked, almost pleading.

“Please, come back to me. I can’t live without you.”

He released her and looked her in the eye. “Its not possible. We’re not meant to be. I really do care for you. I don’t see myself marrying you. Its not like I didn’t try, I did, but it was getting nowhere. It was gonna end anyway,” he calmly explained.

“If its the fights you’re talking about it happens in every relationship. I’ll change, I’ll be better.”

“No, Tricia. There’s no going back. Lets move on.”

“Its easy for you to say because you already have this fiancee of yours. Do you love her? Is she great in bed, like I am?”

Her unexpected question really shocked Jeremy. Was he in love with Purity? He didn’t know for sure, but he had started developing feelings for her. If she was great in bed, he had no answer to that. She’s supposed to be. She’s very pretty and had a lovely body, why shouldn’t she?
“Tricia, I don’t know if I love her. I think I’ll get to love her-”

She cut him off. “So why can’t you get to love me? I bet she’s no better than me. We made great love. We’re- we’re so good together. Come on.”

His eyes darkened. “Don’t talk about her like that. She’s pure, a virgin.”

Tricia stilled for some seconds, then cackled with laughter. “She’s so not your type! You knew the women you slept with weren’t virgins.”

“You knew I was cheating!”

“Of course, I knew. It pained me a lot. But what could I have done? The love I feel for you is so strong that I agreed to let you have them, but you’ll always return to me and my bed.”

“That’s not love, Tricia. If its love, you wouldn’t want any woman to touch me.”

“That’s my definition of love!” she retorted. “If its the s-x you want with her cuz I know you’ve never slept with a virgin before, do it and I’d be waiting for you.”

“I am not sleeping with her till I marry her. I have changed and want her as my wife. I really do respect and admire her for her innocence. I’m not going to take innocence and dump her, no.”

“You really didn’t value me. I hate you. You cheated on me with several different women on different occasions and I didn’t complain. I felt every man must cheat. Little did I know I was deceiving myself. You’ll pay for this, Jeremy.”

He shot her an angry look. “How am I to know that you didn’t cheat as well?”

She gravely glared at him. “You’re a b-----d!” Grabbing her purse and other stuff from the desk, she snarled at him, “You messed with the wrong woman! I’m now a love-lorn. I’m gonna deal with you and that so-called virgin of yours.”

Something snapped within Jeremy. “Get out of here! I never wanna set my eyes on you, ever again.”

“We’ll see.” She started walking towards the door. When she got there, she regained her composure. She looked at him over her shoulder. He was watching her with eyes, dark with anger and possibly hatred. She smirked. “Jeremy Broderick, I love you. I have made up my mind not to share you with another woman. This is your last chance. If I can’t have you, no other woman will.” she concluded and proudly paraded herself out of the office, slamming the door behind her.

Jeremy collapsed on a chair, the one Tricia had sat on. “Holy s--t!” he swore violently. “I regret the day I met that LovePeddler. I curse the day I agreed to date her. Woe to the day I slept with her. d--n!” he raked his hand through his hair.


“What’s up with the look on your face?” Prudence questioned Purity. “Did something go wrong? Anything that had to do with Jeremy?”

Purity smiled on hearing Jeremy’s name. “No, mama. Just that a mean-looking lady created an ugly scene at the company’s premises as I was about leaving. I don’t know why she did that.”

Prudence heaved a sigh of relief. “Hope she isn’t dangerous? I’m worried about you.”

Purity disagreed. “I don’t think so, she looked like a nervous wreck. Do not be worried. I’m fine.”

“Alright dear, come here.” Prudence wanted a hug from her daughter. To her surprise, Purity jumped into her arms. Holding Purity so close and at her will ignited memories of her childhood. Purity was her favourite girl. They were so close and did so many things together. But as she grew into a teenager, things changed. Due to her fears and insecurity, she began viewing both her parents as enemies instead of allies and they drifted apart. Prudence had tried to mend the rift between them; Purity never gave her that chance. She hadn’t given up on her daughter. “Are you alright?” Prudence questioned, Purity was still in her arms.

Purity laughed softly. “Mama. I’m good. I know you’re wondering why.”

Prudence let her daughter go and gazed at her silver eyes. “I want to know why.”

“Mama, I’m so happy.” Purity jumped up excitedly like a ten year old. “Though that b---h nearly spoilt it. But I’m good.” She gave a broad grin, clasped her hands together and twirled once.

Prudence rubbed her eyes with both palms and opened them again. Did Purity just spin around with happiness? Was her daughter okay? “Its okay, honey. Um, come sit.” She took Purity by the hand and they both sat on a two-seater sofa. Prudence held Purity’s arm. “Tell me, why are you so happy?”

Purity giggled. “Mama. Jeremy and his papa made me feel so special last night.”

Prudence was so happy to hear that. “Really? Tell me about it.”

“Um,” Purity raised her head and rolled her eyes, trying to recall the previous night’s events. “Well, he bought me a new cell phone. The latest. I really didn’t expect it. But I was glad he did. Secondly, he took me to a restaurant and we had a great meal, I was a little bit shy but it all went well.” Purity was talking slowly, choosing her words. At times, she looked away from her man’s gaze. She had never done this before. “We kind of fought over a minor thing, but made up later on. He took me to his wonderful home, it was so so beautiful and cozy. His papa and I had a little chat. He thinks I’m kind of exceptional from all other women and will be the best for Jeremy. Jeremy couldn’t believe I’m still a virgin. I haven’t really felt this happy in a long long time.”

Prudence was full of smiles. “I am so glad I lived to see this moment. My daughter, you’re a good and special girl. You just fail to notice it ’cause you’re always alone, indoors and commanding people to do this or that. Spending time out with others will make you catch lots of fun.”

Purity nodded in agreement. “I know that now. I will try my best.”

“Good. Do you like Jeremy?”

Purity’s cheek turned pink. “Isn’t that a personal thing?”

“Not with me.”

“Okay. Kind of. I don’t know. Maybe.”

It was Prudence’s turn to laugh. She laughed hysterically. Seconds passed, then she gradually ended the laughter. “I know you like him. You will eventually love him if not now.”

“Love? Who’s talking about love? Its only ‘like’. Love doesn’t mean like, neither does like mean love.” Her feelings instantly changed. Hurt could be sensed in her words.

“I’ve always known you to be this frightened or scared when it comes to love. What is wrong?”

She didn’t want to ruin her day. “Lets forget about that. I left the office just to spend time with you. Anything could happen tomorrow or nest. I wanna be a good woman, just Jeremy is a good man.” She fell on her mum’s shoulder and beamed.

“I hope this lasts. Lets go make lunch.” Prudence stood up.

“Okay. You’ll tell me about Emily. I really want to know lots about her,” Purity replied, standing up.

Prudence was bewildered. “Okay.”
Tricia sat all alone in the dark. Her hair was a mess, she looked as if she’d lost a beloved in death. Little rays of lights coming in from the window revealed littered bottles on the ground. She’d been drinking. Drinking ever since she got back from Jeremy’s place of work. Why would a man make her go so crazy? She’d loved him since she set eyes on him. Been a good friend to him. The relationship hadn’t been so nice, but they never discussed it. Now, he wants to get married. Not to her, to a pure, virgin. Jeremy was attracted to virgins? She wasn’t but her slept with her. And every touch from him made her fall more and more in love with him. Jeremy was hers. She wailed bitterly. She placed her hands on her lips. “Jeremy is mine,” she muttered in between sobs. “Its over, will never share him again. He is mine.”


He grunted and dug his hands into his hair and out. d--n! He smashed his glass against the counter. He looked like a demon in his mad state.

“Hey! Control yourself!” The waiter yelled at him.

He turned and glared at the waiter. His eyes were as cold as ice. His cold gaze sent shivers down the spine of anyone who’d see them. “What did you just say?” he snarled at the waiter who just scolded him.

The waiter trembled. His hands were shaking. “N-Nothing. Carry on. I’m sorry.” Fear could be detected from the way he spoke.

Unexpectedly, the angry man gripped the throat of the waiter. “Tell me the truth! You have never set eyes on her for the past nine years? She has never come for a drink or anything? If you don’t tell me the truth, I’ll murder you here and now!”

The waiter was not able to make a sound. He just held onto the man’s big hand struggling to free himself. He choked in the process, finding it very difficult to breathe. The angry man was stronger and tightened his grip on the waiter’s neck.

A group of persons observed what had been happening between the waiter, known as Nathan and the infuriated man. These persons were regular customers of the bar and knew Nathan. Sensing he was in trouble, they rushed to his rescue.

“What the f--k are you doing?” the first guy barked at the soon-to-be murderer.

His ears heard the voice that just spoke. He turned to face the guy. His hold on Nathan was released a bit, he hadn’t let go off him completely. He frowned as he examined him and the different guys with him.

“Let him go!” Another voice commanded.

He silently studied him. He was very hefty and muscular. He had a very wired look, strange and dangerous. He didn’t have to hear another command to free the waiter. They’d surely pounce on him if he refused. He tactfully let the waiter go. The waiter immediately began coughing, he tried to catch his breath.

“What was that for?” the first guy questioned.

“He has something I need!” he angrily replied.

“Oh, no. I don’t!” Nathan defended himself. “She hasn’t been here since that day. We’ve never set eyes on her ever since. I do not know her.” he coughed again. That was a deadly grip.

“She promised she would. You are lying.”

“To hell with you and her. Get the f--k outta here!” Nathan roared with anger.

The man filled with fury took a step towards Nathan. Expertly, the five guys that had earlier come to Nathan’s rescue, blocked him. “Leave. If you don’t want to say hello to your mama in hell to night, get lost!” a different guy challenged.

He wasn’t silly. He knew when to retreat. He had been defeated and had lost. Surely, he’d never stop searching for this girl. He’d search till he dies. She was really precious. He smiled devilishly and dashed out of the bar. God! What on earth was happening to him? For a girl he had met only once, he’d been making a fool of himself. Nine years ago, he saw her and never caught a glimpse of her after that day. It never occurred to him that he wouldn’t see her again. Was she dead? Nine years. He didn’t even know her real name. She’d probably be married now with a kid or two. She wasn’t the marrying type, she’d never settle down. She had cried that night, telling him her deepest fears, of course; under the influence of alcohol. So beautiful, so angelic. Why had he believed her when she said she’d return the next day? Did her fear consume her? Why bother? He’d fallen in love with her and must bed her. She’s his.
Edwin was relaxing on the lounger under a parasol. He was close to the swimming pool dressed in just a white single and underwear. A stool was close to him, on it was a glass jug filled with orange juice. He’d stopped taking alcohol since he started having problems with his heart. He smiled lazily as he enjoyed the feel of the wind on his body.

When he sat up, he attempted to pour himself the orange juice from into the empty glass that stood by the jug. During the process, he heard heavy footsteps on the brick floor. Angry foot steps. He wondered what was going on, the angry man was coming his direction. He successfully filled his glass with the juice. He took it up and was about to take a sip.

“Father!” Jeremy cried out.

... To be continued
Religion / Re: If Evolution Was Untrue. by KAG: 12:42pm

It may not reproduce but there should be lots of it so that some would have fossilized. Remember random mutations made the species that were selected for and it couldn't possibly have made them perfectly at a go. There had to be lots of mistakes along the way before a final form was reached. But there are no fossils of the evolutionary dead ends as I like to call them.

What's the difference between a species that goes extinct and one that's an evolutionary dead end? Speaking of final forms, are you under the impression the theory of evolution works in the pokemon fashion? In any case, remember that evolution occurs in a population.
Politics / Re: Reasons PDP's INEC Officials Election Rigging Largesse Wasn't a National Bazaar. by SeverusSnape(m): 12:39pm
Someone asked this question in quote & felt we could discuss this, My submission below, comments & counters all welcome..

You see the thing is that El No Clue was only hoping for 25% from the northern states which he erroneously believed the likes of Muazu, Ali Shekau, Samboribobo, Bala M, Shekarau, Ribadu etc had made mouth were in their pockets, so there was no need "tipping" INEC officials, he wasn't expecting much votes from there... The barest minimum would do!!

He expected the votes from the southern states with "high" population like Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Oyo, Delta etc to counter the north like it happened in 2011. Unfortunately he could barely get the "promised" northern voter count as all the featherweight politicians lost even in their PUs!!

The born trowey, Almajiri, brain dead, publis gaffes by Her Royal Pissness, Dame Peshe of Life didn't do them any favours as well!b!

No one should make any mistake about it, the IB actually "rigged" with "technology" and like his lacklustre fight against corruption, he just made a Mr Bean like mess of everything!!!

P.S ; All ye that will start the Kano votes nonsense, check how many Registered voters they have & Nos of PVCs collected!!

Looking forward to the negative comments!! Mo don't care!! smiley

Propaganda from Sahara reporters can't help APC govern.
This is where this post belongs:


Politics / Reasons PDP's INEC Officials Election Rigging Largesse Wasn't a National Bazaar. by modath(f): 12:35pm
Someone asked this question in quote & felt we could discuss this, My submission below, comments & counters all welcome..

Even though i like Buhari.(Chk my previous comments). Why are northern inec officials not given cash? ... going by nuetral analysis, it is expected that the south-south wld vote for Jonathan and d north won't. I expect to see northern state in the map. @saharareporters this is not true.

You see the thing is that El No Clue was only hoping for 25% from the northern states which he erroneously believed the likes of Muazu, Ali Shekau, Samboribobo, Bala M, Shekarau, Ribadu etc had made mouth were in their pockets, so there was no need "tipping" INEC officials, he wasn't expecting much votes from there... The barest minimum would do!!

He expected the votes from the southern states with "high" population like Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Oyo, Delta etc to counter the north like it happened in 2011. Unfortunately he could barely get the "promised" northern voter count as all the featherweight politicians lost even in their PUs!!

The born trowey, Almajiri, brain dead, publis gaffes by Her Royal Pissness, Dame Peshe of Life didn't do them any favours as well!b!

No one should make any mistake about it, the IB actually "rigged" with "technology" and like his lacklustre fight against corruption, he just made a Mr Bean like mess of everything!!!

P.S ; All ye that will start the Kano votes nonsense, check how many Registered voters they have & Nos of PVCs collected!!

Looking forward to the negative comments!!
"Mo don't care"!! smiley


TV/Movies / Re: Marvel Cinmatic Universe by tuzle(m): 12:13pm
the bad guy deadpool is also out
dead pool is for fox not mcu
Culture / Re: Oba Of Benin - Erediauwa Akpolokpolo I - Dies Of Unknown Illness by JuanDeDios: 12:13pm

Yes I did, Thank you sir. With all due respect to elderstatesman,Odia Ofeimum,who was the Private secretary to Chief Awolowo,he didn't say anything different from what the late Oba peddled in his book.For example,he said it was because the Oba of Benin was using the title of Oba, was the reason other Yoruba kings use the title Oba but he forgot to inform his listeners that the word Oba itself is a Yoruba word.And even by literal interpretation,it means the Lord governing all affairs but Ooni means "The Owner ".From time immemorial, only Ooni alone bears that title and simply because only one "Owner " title had existed even till date but you can have several Obas(Royal majesty Lords) even without distorting their ranking.For example, how would the Oba of Benin be Number one, yet his appellation is "Descendant of a king " even up till today (it was apparently to preserve that Oranmiyan angle,who incidentally is a Great Yoruba King) and bear same title with other Yoruba kings and the heads of his predecessors are buried in the domain of the Ooni who in the Yoruba history,is regarded as his 'Owner'and the "Owner of everything"?If Ooni is a Benin prince,how come his title meaning is more superior and no living or dead king takes his title name and he's the one who receives the head of departed Obas of Benin and not vice versa?Simple,in Africa,people are buried in their father's enclaves. So the neo-history by the late Oba offends African traditions,inconsistent and almost stands logic on its head.
My fear is that if this silent war doesn't end quickly, the Benin stool royalty will be exposed more and more as lying about its history and famed pride of place in history.Apparently,the Yoruba tried to resist doing this but for the late Oba's recalcitrance.
While I may agree that the edo people may be culturally independent but its Royalty is more likely of Yoruba origin.
Just like the Itsekiri whose Monarchy is Bini and accepts it for historical fact with the understanding that they by extension,are under the Ooni.
It's so sad but it's going to get messier as time goes on unless the Crown Prince does diplomatic resolution of the impasse.But will pride allow him?As good students of history,we are watching.
Interesting. Thank you.
Travel / Re: Before You Pay That Malaysia Agent Read This by dprinz99(m): 11:59am
@steve 101, you forgot to tell the people that you are misleading that you don already chop belleful for naija, """BUY LAPTOPS IN WHOLESALE""",  i meet guys on almost daily basis beging for 1 - 5 ringints , and no i dont stay in puchong or cherasi reside in suriamas , i suppose you know how much a room is there and who they give it too , for you to know  my pocket rate, the fact saybaba God bless me does not mean that i should mislead others, i was so bored i decided to get busy and make extra doe, i went to several shops with vacancies written boldly but when you enter as a black or nigerian, they say NO CANNOTthat is the highest level of noooooooooo, if you think u can make it here, then its either drugs or scam, or by prostitution girls,
@steve 101 i know say those girls na wetin dem they do, the whores here make sooooooooooooooo much money , and your case might just be 1 out of 10000000000000 if its true, cus if the police get you here doing business you are on the next flight to naijayou sound more to me like an agent, my hausa friend here with all the money he has escapes to nigeria with the slightest holiday available, besides tell us how many times police stop you in a day cus if you stay in selangor they stop Africans with car like police dey stop okada for night, they expect us to treak, haha

i dont have all day to rant with Steve 101 but i 99 percent know he is an agent or guys that get commission for bringing students, the worst part is that you dont even see the agent when you get here all you get is fone call grin grin grin
here are the final words for those who have ears,

if you are a chinese or asian you get job like water, everywhere

if you dey onitsha its better you go to Lagos and hustle or even Cotonou,

anybody that says there is legit means of work here is an agent of the devil and malaysia,

if you are financially capable and can take discrimination and poo like that or coming to school fineeeeeeeeee, welcome

if you think you are a professional in scam or can get women easily like steve101, welcomeeeeeeeeeee,

yes uk , germany belgium is better , u get a chance to wash dead body ,wash plates, do odd jobs here they dont even allow you sit down comfortably in the bus that you paid for,  did you say Malaysia is cheap, hahahhah, now this guy is an AGENT, no doubtthe garri i buy for 50 naira in lagos i buy it here for 500 , they dont even have flour instaed guys use baking flour and grow pot bellies rapidly,
GOD help me i get excellent grades and get the helllllllllll outta here,

dont realy know much abt the country bt mY cousin studied in selangor and after his studies,he is vry large cos he got a job wirh chiness comp.
dnt say u only hv chance to wash deadbodies n plate in europe
95% of ny freinds studing in germany do student jobs with big comp including benz etc.one can still mk it anywr
Gaming / Re: Graphics Vs Storyline Vs Gameplay Which Is More Important? by KazukiIto(m): 11:58am
[quote author=Flawlessangel post=45155276]

your post dsnt make sense. Story in video games has been there since the nes days, only with limited tech, they couldnt do it exactly how it should be done.

Am sure you hvnt played chrono trigger from the snes, which had great story to go with it, stories has always been essential.

And in recent times, we see good stories in games like the last of us, uncharted 2 , red dead redemption etc.

Gaming has evolved past when you just kill enemies to reach t Ehn
Politics / Re: Boko Haram Dumping Pits Discovered By Army During Clearance Operation - Graphic by aloeman15(m): 11:49am
hmm. ah no no if awa brain dey pain us...
So, does the conclusion of all the news this week mean that boko haram HASN'T been defeated?
Was the dead guy guarding the single ak47 and several dane guns?
Or did the photo wiz need artistic input, which might be why he removed the guns from the dead bodies- to film the all guns together- 'artfully'?
Where are the pictures of the other dead terrorists?
Lastly, I sincerely hope independent agencies tag along with the army? Cos without empirical proof, there's no way to know if some of these people are just villagers.
Therefore in that regard, before and after pictures would be nice. Better still, videos of the battles.
Politics / Re: “it Is An Insult To Label Fulanis As Criminals” -northern Governors by Bigcake: 11:46am
Why do they refer to militants from south south as Niger-Delta militants? God will punish all the northern governors. My believe is that i cant die alone. Any Fulani herder that tries nonsense within my jurisdiction is a dead fellow. There are many ways to kill a rat. Aneke adiork onor mmufo.


Politics / Fulani Attack: " Security Agencies Have Questions To Answer " Governor Ifeanyi U by heichm: 11:42am
Fulani Attack: “Security Agencies Have Questions To Answer” – Gov. Ugwuanyi

By Ogbonna Casmire, Enugu/ 247ureport.com

At last after four days Fulani herdsmen massacred over 48 people at Nimbo Community in Uzo-Uwani council area of Enugu state, Governor feanyi Ugwuanyi has spoken saying that the security agencies have questions to answer.

The Governor who addressed the people of the State over the unwarranted Killing by herdsmen apparently because of the condemnation of his disposition and inaction blamed the security agencies for selective negligence on the incident.

The Governor spoke at the Government House in a solemn session attended by several leaders in the State, including the Deputy Senate President, Chief Ike Ekweremadu, other senators and members of the House of Representatives from the State, the former Speaker of the State House of Assembly, Hon. Eugene Odo, former information minister, Chief Nnia Nwodo, among others.

Speaking in a very angry tone, Governor Ifeanyi said security agencies owed Nigerians explanation over the attack.

Read the address;

“My Dear People of Enugu State,
Four days ago on Monday April 25, 2016 many of our brothers and
sisters in Nimbo in Uzo Uwani Local Government Area of the state were murdered in cold blood by suspected Fulani herdsmen who have been grazing their cattle in that area for a while now. May their souls rest in peace. Amen.

On Sunday, April 24, 2016, by 7 pm, the night before this carnage took
place, I got security information from Uzo-Uwani Local Government
Transition Chairman, Hon. Cornell Onwubuya that such an incident was likely to take place in the state.
I immediately summoned a meeting of the State Security Council which commenced by 10 pm.

The meeting was attended by the following:

1. Garrison Commander Brigadier General Olufemi Akinjobi who normally represents the General Officer Commanding (GOC) 82 Division Nigerian Army

2. The Commissioner of Police, Mr. Nwodibo Ekechukwu

3. The State Director of Department State Security Services (DSS), Mr. M. Abdul Malik

4. The State Commandant of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence
Corps, Mr. Lar Stephen

5. Representatives of the Nigerian Air force, Federal Road Safety
Corps and Nigerian Prison Services, who attended as observers.

From the side of government were, myself, the Governor, the Deputy
Governor, the Secretary to the State Government, the Chief of Staff,
the Chairman, State Traditional Rulers Council and the Honourable
Attorney General of the State.

In the meeting, we received assurances from the Commissioner of Police that the Area Commander of SARS was on ground in Nimbo.

-That the Anti-Terrorism Unit was at Nimbo

– That he was in contact with the Kogi State Commissioner of Police
and reported suspected herdsmen grouping at Odolu in Kogi State
preparatory for an attack on Nimbo and Abbi communities.

– That Police mobile force and conventional police were already
drafted to Nimbo and Abbi communities.

– That he was in touch with the Area Commander, ldah, ACP lkegwuonwu and had linked him with the Area Commander, Nsukka, ACP lVlonday Kuryas.

Both men according to the CP reported that there were no traces of suspected herdsmen in Nsukka or Idah.

-That he ordered the Area Commander, Nsukka to redeploy to Nimbo.

-That the Garrison Commander on his part assured the meeting that
Military was already deployed to Nimbo.

Let me state that the State Government provided logistics for these deployments.

After receiving these assurances of deployments to Nimbo, I felt quite
confident that we had done everything possible to forestall an attack on Nimbo. I have deliberately narrated what transpired at the Security Council meeting fully conscious of the provisions of the Nigerian Constitution pertaining to my oath of office. I am doing this in due discharge of my duties as Governor.

Sadly, in the early hours of Monday reports of this carnage reached
me. More disturbing was the report that the attack of innocent and
defenceless citizens were carried out at about 6 30 am.

Further reports available to me indicate that apart from the killing
and maiming of innocent and defenceless citizens of Nimbo a Church was also burnt. Following this development, I engaged the security agencies in order to ensure that the Nimbo area was secured from further attacks that might escalate the situation.


On Tuesday, April 26, 2016, I visited Nimbo in order to establish
firsthand the extent of carnage. My visit to Nimbo was revealing. I
came face to face with the wounded and bereaved. I saw burnt and damaged personage of Christ Holy Church. I saw a traumatized community in shock and despair. I saw a dead body. I wept. I wondered what has become of our quest for a united, peaceful and prosperous nation. Our first national anthem had a phrase which went thus: “though tribe and tongue may differ, in brotherhood we stand.”

Only two weeks ago we gave a posthumous award to Alhaji Umaru Altine, a Katsina born Muslim who was elected mayor of Enugu before the Civil War, in the period that Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe was leader of the NCNC.

Now in less than three months, violent clashes have occurred in Enugu State in Awgu, Nike, Abbi and Nimbo between suspected Fulani Herdsmen and our people.
This situation cannot be allowed to continue.

For this reason, I sought audience with His Excellency, the President
and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. Our discussions were frank and cordial.

I am very grateful to the President and Commander in Chief of the
Armed Forces, Muhammadu Buhari for his prompt and decisive reaction to the incident in Nimbo.

The President came out with a clear and unmistakable condemnation of
this dastardly act and gave clear and definite directives to the
security agencies to fish out these criminals and bring them to

l have called you today not just to brief you on what has happened so
far but to discuss in depth with you on what we must all do to prevent
the occurrence of such incidents in the future.

So long as we are Nigerians, we cannot live in isolation but those who come to Enugu must respect out values and not engage in such dastardly act as we have witnessed recently.

I am at once, constituting a judicial commission of inquiry to
investigate the immediate and remote causes of all the violent
occurrences in the State associated with suspected Fulani Herdsmen and recommend appropriate measures that will be put in place to prevent future occurrence.

What happened between 6.30am and 7.30 am on Monday 25th April, 2016 despite assurances from the Security Agencies? Only the Security Agencies can answer this question.

Finally, all security agencies in the State are hereby directed to
continue to ensure that lives and property of the people of the State
and all its residents are protected.

Thank you and God bless you.

Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi
Governor Enugu Stat
Religion / Re: Jehovah's Witnesses: 17 Facts People Should Know About Them by dolphinheart(m): 11:39am
Here I go again, its hard when one has to explain the verses when another doesn't understand them. Ok lets give Revelation some style by using other scriptures to back it up {Revelation 1:6} that will help explain this hole chapter.
Firstly lets clear up your so called theory about Solite3 and brocab "Are they the same person? Lets read what God says who we are.
{1 Corinthians 6:17} But the person who is united with the Lord is one Spirit with Him.
{John 17:21} That all of them may be one, Father just as you are one in Me, and I am in you, may they also be in us, so that the world may believe, that you have sent Me.
Does these two verses clear it up for you? Solite3 and brocab are one in Christ. And Christ is one in us. So does this mean we are also Christ' your God as well? Or does it mean we are three?

the truth about you and solite3 will be cleared soon, if truly you are in Christ, it will be easy for you to give explanation on certain scriptures, let's see

Shall we continual? {Revelation 1} The revelation of Jesus Christ, which "God" gave Him to show to His bond servants-the things which must shortly take place.
And He sent and communicated it through His Angel {Messenger} to His bond servant John. {2} who bore witness to the word of God and to the testimony of Jesus Christ, even to all he saw.
Lets quickly look over to> {Revelation 1:9} "I John", your brother and fellow partaker in the tribulation and the kingdom and perseverance which are in Jesus, was on the Island called Patmos, because of the "word of God" and the "testimony of Jesus".
{3} Blessed is he who reads and those who hear the words of this Prophesy, and keep those things which are written in it; for the time is near.
every one can see that you can't explain what you read there, explaining or giving your understanding of what his written will throw your false doctrine out. You are now a tad better than solite3 who can't even qoute one of them.

King James Version
Re 1:1[u]The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him,[/u] to shew unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass; and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John:

what do we learn from here(pls if I'm wrong, list the number and respond to it)
1. The revelation was giving to Jesus by God!,

2. For the revelation to be giving to Jesus by God, it means Jesus is not the same person as the God mentioned in rev 1:1

3. Jesus is not the author of the revelation, but God is. He gave it to Jesus, who gave it his angle who now passed it to John.
King James Version
Da 2:28But there is a God in heaven that revealeth secrets,..........

]Am 3:7For the Sovereign Lord Jehovah will not do a thing Unless he has revealed his confidential matter to his servants the prophets.
* could not quote from the king James Version cus it has removed the name of the Sovereign Lord in that verse.(an issue you always run away from)

Lets look at> {Revelation 22:7} {Jesus said} And behold I am coming Quickly Blessed is he who heeds the words of the prophesy of this Book.
@ bolded, you keep adding personal false views to the scriptures.

{4} John" to be the seven assemblies {Churches} that are in Asia; Grace to you and Peace, from Him {Jesus} who is and who was and who is to come; and from the seven Spirits who are before His throne;
kindly tell us where you got this from!

Now lets read> {Revelation 1:9-13} "I John" your brother and fellow partaker in tribulation and in the kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ, was on the Island called Patmos for the word of God and for the testimony of Jesus Christ, {10} "{John said} I was in the spirit" on the Lords day, and I heard behind me a loud voice, as of a trumpet. {11} saying "I am the Alpha and the Omega the first and the last," and what you see write in a book and send it to the seven Churches. {12} Then I turned to see the voice that spoke with me. And having turned I saw seven golden Lampstands, {13} and in the midst of the Lampstands One like the Son of man. {Jesus} Lets continual reading down from verses {17-19} And when I saw Him I feel at His feet as a dead man, and He laid His right hand upon me and said do not be afraid, I am the First and the Last. I am He who lives, and was dead, and behold, I am alive for ever more. Amen. And I have the keys of Hades and of death.
And Jesus said to John write the things which you have seen, and the things which are, and the things which will take place after this.
We have got to get this right-Now lets go to> {Revelation 22:7, 12-13, 20.} {Jesus said} Behold I am coming Quickly. Bless is He who keeps the words of this prophesy of the book. {12} And behold I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to give to everyone according to his work. {13} I am the Alpha and the Omega. {20} He who testifies to these things says, 'Surely "I am" coming Quickly." Amen. {John said} Even so come Lord Jesus.
Back too> {Revelation 1:5} And from Jesus Christ, " the faithful witness, the first-born of the dead, and the ruler of the kings of the earth. To Him who loves us, and released us from our sins" by His blood.
Lets continual too> {Psalm 89:27} I will make Him my first-born, the highest of the kings of the earth. {6} And He has made us to be a Kingdom priest, to His God and Father. {7-8} {John} Behold Jesus is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see Him, even those who pierced Him, and all the tribes of the earth will mourn over Him. Even so Amen. {Jesus} "I am" the Alpha and the Omega says the Lord God {Again the scriptures tells us Jesus is the Lord God} "WHO IS, AND WHO WAS AND WHO IS TO COME, THE ALMIGHTY. And we read down further, John said in verse {17-19} He saw Jesus after falling at Hid feet as dead, John said Jesus laid His right hand upon him saying do not be afraid I am the first and the last,{18} the living One: I was dead, and behold, I am alive for ever more, and I have the keys of death and hades. {19} Jesus said to John, write therefore the things which you have seen, and the things which are, and the things shall take place, after these things.

apart from the fact that this is one of the most muddled up post I've ever read, you deliberately refused to quote the scriptures I requested for, neither did you give an explanation on it.

Only requested verse quoted so far by you is rev 1:1,5, and no explanation was added .
you jumped verse 4 and refused to quote and explain verse 6.
people see your actions brocab, they see what you are doing , and from your actions, they know you are desperately trying to hide the truth from them.

The badder part of your post is the use of the name Jesus in verses it did not occur, so as to surpport your false doctrine

rev 1: 4-6
King James Version
Re 1:4John to the seven churches which are in Asia: Grace be unto you, and peace, from him which is, and which was, and which is to come; and from the seven Spirits which are before his throne;

Re 1:5And from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness, and the first begotten of the dead, and the prince of the kings of the earth. Unto him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood,

Re 1:6And hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father; to him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen.

the verses above are the verses you have vehemently refused to quote and explain.
what do we understand by what is written in these verses brocab and solite3.

1. John was sending a greeting to the seven congregations from different persons, first person is him, which was, which is and which is to come. These one has a throne and the seven spirits are before it. These spirits are also sending their greetings.
rev chapter 4 helps us to know that the one seated on these throne is God.

2. Rev 1:5 now mentions Jesus( in these case, the word Jesus is really mentioned in the verse, unlike the ones you quoted), it start with " and from Jesus christ". John specifically seperated those who where doing the greetings, first was the one on the throne, next where the seven spirits, next was Jesus Christ. This signifies that this greetings where from seperate persons.

3. note : for later discussion who the faithful witness is, he is Jesus!

4. John said Jesus is the first begotten of the dead, this signifies that Jesus was once dead!

5. John now said in verse 6, and hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father;. If Jesus where the God John was talking about , he would not made this statement. This verse shows the reasons why you have been running away from it, cus it tells you plainly that the father is the God of Jesus, just as other scriptures you had turned a blind eye to have done! e.g heb 1:9.

Other translations translate John's words in that verse as:

New International Version
and has made us to be a kingdom and priests to serve his God and Father..........

New Living Translation
He has made us a Kingdom of priests for God his Father.......

English Standard Version
and made us a kingdom, priests to his God and Father,.......

Berean Study Bible
who has made us to be a kingdom, priests to His God and Father........

Berean Literal Bible
and He has made us a kingdom, priests to His God and Father.......

New American Standard Bible 
and He has made us to be a kingdom, priests to His God and Father........

Holman Christian Standard Bible
and made us a kingdom, priests to His God and Father........

International Standard Version
and has made us a kingdom, priests for his God and Father,......

NET Bible
and has appointed us as a kingdom, as priests serving his God and Father.......

GOD'S WORD® Translation
and has made us a kingdom, priests for God his Father...........

New American Standard 1977 
and He has made us to be a kingdom, priests to His God and Father;

American Standard Version
and he made us to be a kingdom, to be priests unto his God and Father;...

Darby Bible Translation
and made us a kingdom, priests to his God and Father:....

English Revised Version
and he made us to be a kingdom, to be priests unto his God and father

Weymouth New Testament
and has formed us into a Kingdom, to be priests to God, His Father--to Him be ascribed the glory and the power until the Ages of the Ages. Amen.

World English Bible
and he made us to be a Kingdom, priests to his God and Father; to him be the glory and the dominion forever and ever. Amen.



DOES Jesus HAVE A GOD? yes!

non of these points can be disproved by you, so you prefer not to mention them. You prefer to follow your false doctrines which you can only defend through derived analysis, putting your own words into the scriptures so that it will look as if it's talking about someone else.

The apostles and Jesus had specifically told you who God is, I'll qoute it, bold it and capitalise it for all to see.

JOHN 20: 17
(King James Version)

brocab, do you accept that Jesus has a God and he told you that his God is your God? or will you run from this scripture and not quote it?

King James Version
Eph 1:3[b]Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,[/b] who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ:

I have written these verses separately, and you couldn't understand them than, and you still won't understand these verses now, only because you don't read anything I have written.

you have not only muddled up you quotes, you have added words to verses such words did not exist. you have also refused to quote certain verses as requested.
your refusal to qoute and explain those other verses shows your intentions, you dnt want the scriptures to be complete, you want to create contradictions and spread your false doctrines through it.

I had asked about {Revelation 1:7:8} in your bible the New World Translation bible, and you run from these two verses, only because you believe your bible scholars had made a mistake, you coward away from these two verses, trying to convince others they didn't exist. And the JW's admitted in writing ehovah God is Jesus Christ.

you are liar brocab , I have not run away from those verses, ive told you to tell us what you understand by the preceding first 6 verses, and I'll tell you what 7 and 8 says, these you have refused to do up till this moment. I also told you to tell us who is talking in rev 3: 2,12, and this you had vehemently refused to do.

It is you on the other hand who has refused to respond to scripture based questions and scriptures, the list will be posted below again.

(1)Just tell us the name of the church you associate with, that you are a member of!. If possible you can include its official website, at least you surpport using technology in Gods work.
(2)Tell us, do you know that Jesus Christ told someone that he has a God? And that statement was recorded in the kjv.? Can you tell us where this can be found?
If you can't answer this question brocab, then you dnt know the truth about Christ!.
Expecially. The one spoken by Jesus himself.
(3) Tell me brocad, which organization today does these(the preaching work) best, the way Jesus proscribed and the disciples practised. I know you know it, but hatred will now allow you mention them.
(4)You cannot attempt to answer the questions :
When you say he is spirit, are you saying God is the spirit in Jesus when he was here on earth?
Pls say yes and ill show you how much of your doctrines is full of falsehood.
Saying no will show that your doctrine lacks prove.(I believe you wunt answer anyway)
5. If you say one body, one spirit, was Jesus a spirit before he came to earth?
6. When Jesus was on earth, was the spirit in him his, the father or the holy spirit.?
7. After Jesus left the earth, did he remain in the body or became a spirit?
8. What does Jesus mean by " the father is greater than I am"
9. Why does Jesus say he is going to the father when you are trying to say he is spirit.
You can't do this :
Simply quote and explain rev 1:1-6 from any translation of your choice
Tell use who is talking in rev 3:2,12
pls explain the scriptures
1.rev 1:1,6
2. Rev 3, 2,13
3. John 17:1-3
4. Heb 1:1 -9
5. John 20:17
6. 1 cor 11:3
7 . 1 ti 2 :5,6
8.Acts 4:10
9. Acts 2:36
10. Acts 2:24
11. Acts 5:30
12.Acts 10:38,40,43
11. Phil 2:9:11
12. john 14:6
13. Acts 4 : 26,27, 30
14. 1 john 4:14
15. Heb 5:7
16. ps 28:18
Brocab , examine these scripture
Acts 5: 31.
Him hath God exalted with his right hand to be a Prince and a Saviour, for to give repentance to Israel, and forgiveness of sins.
John 3:16.
For God so loved the world,
that he gave his only begotten
Son, that whosoever believeth
in him should not perish, but
have everlasting life.
Jesus is Gods only begotten son, Jesus is not God almighty !

maybe solite3, can help you out, or rather not!
Crime / Soldiers Kill Pregnant Woman In Warri by Elijahrona2(m): 11:37am
WARRI- A pregnant woman hit with the bayonet of a rifle by an angry soldier died this morning at Effurun, Uvwie Local Government Area in Delta State. The incident happened at 7.45 am at a military checkpoint on Jakpa Junction, causing an irate mob to set a military vehicle ablaze. The soldiers on duty at the checkpoint fled the scene soon after they observed that the woman, who initially slumped, had died. As at the time of this report, there was tension in the area, while the police have deployed men to maintain peace. Our source said the soldiers stopped the woman and the tricycle rider conveying her at the checkpoint for purportedly violating the no movement order during today’s Environmental Sanitation in the state. The woman pleaded with the soldiers that she was rushing to attend a marriage ceremony, but when the soldiers refused all entreaties, the tricycle rider suspecting riskily escaped. His bold getaway incensed one of the soldiers, who visited her anger on the woman by wrathfully hitting her stomach with the bayonet of his gun, ripping her stomach in the process. She slumped immediately and died on the spot. “Angry youths set ablaze the patrol van of the soldiers, who took to their heels as soon as they observed that the woman was dead,” an eyewitness told Vanguard

Read more at: http://www.vanguardngr.com/2016/04/tension-soldiers-kill-pregnant-woman-warri/?utm_source=&utm_medium=twitter
Nairaland / General / Horror: Rejected Suitor Butchers MTN Worker, Stabs Victim’s Mother by joyspringacad(m): 11:25am
The tragic incident of Sunday, April 24, was one that the family of Ashinwo, did not see coming.

Had a prophet told Oluwatosin, her siblings and their widow mother, of the danger that lurked around the corner that day, it is unlikely they would have believed it.

In fact, months after they all knew 45-year-old David Ogundele, an engineer, who was deeply obsessed with 30-year-old Oluwatosin, they had no idea they had a killer on their hands.

But it is late to regret; Oluwatosin is dead after being stabbed multiple times by Ogundele along with her mother, who was trying to ward off the attack on her daughter in a flat she rented at Tanke area of Ilorin, Kwara State.

As of the time of filing this report, Oluwatosin’s mother was still in intensive care at a hospital in Ilorin where she had undergone a round of surgery to repair the extensive damage caused by the knife attack on her body.

In fact, one of Oluwatosin’s brothers, told our correspondent that their mother was stabbed more than his sister but she survived to tell the story.

For her sister, the story is grimmer. She had bled to death by the time help came.

Agony of love unreciprocated

The story that culminated in the tragedy that has befallen the Ashinwo family started late last year, Saturday PUNCH learnt.

Oluwatosin, who was a customer care executive with telecommunication company, MTN, had just been transferred from Kano to Kwara State when she met Ogundele.

Our correspondent was told that while Ogundele had a massive crush on the young woman, she had other things on her mind.

“My sister did not love him back and she did not hide it. He did everything to win her love but she just did not like him back,” one of Oluwatosin’s brothers told our correspondent.

Soon, Ogundele was said to have reached out to the young woman’s siblings with the hope of winning their approval and convincing their sister.

Oluwatosin’s brother said, “At a time when I was in Ilorin at the end of last year, I visited my sister one evening when the man came around. I saw him a second time, two weeks after that in December. I did not ask my sister about him because I knew she was old enough to handle her affairs. But it was clear my sister did not like him.

“My sister used to tell me that he works at Omu Aran. She said the man would always pester her that he wanted to marry her.

“There had been pressure from my mother and other family members for her to get married but she always liked to handle her issues herself. She was the one who sponsored my university education. She was very hardworking. Even apart from her MTN work, she was still selling shoes and bags on the side.

“It happened that the man (Ogundele) got the numbers of my brother and I somehow.”

Soon, Ogundele started to send messages to Oluwatosin’s brothers.

The screen capture of one of such messages shown our correspondent, reads, “Your sister is giving me a serious headache. I don’t know what to do. I love her so much but…Join me in prayers that God should soften her heart.”

In another text message he sent to one of the brothers, Ogundele wrote, “I am at the health centre now. It is your sister’s behaviour that landed me there o. Always thinking (sic) I covet your prayers for survival. If I die, I die for love. You can’t understand.”

At this point, the brothers reached the conclusion that the man was terribly obsessed with their sister, who insisted that she was never going to get into a relationship with or marry him.

Saturday PUNCH learnt that it became clear that Oluwatosin’s mind was made up when Ogundele undertook the most unexpected and shocking step of organising a big birthday party for the young woman when she clocked 30 in February.

Apart from organising the birthday, he bought a Toyota Matrix as a birthday gift.

As the birthday ceremony started, Ogundele reportedly put a call across to Oluwatosin to come. She never showed up.

“If my sister had accepted the gift, it would have been the same as accepting his proposal. He felt so bad about it,” the deceased’s brother said.

This was said to have infuriated Ogundele, whom they said felt ashamed in the eyes of the guests he had invited to the party.

Oluwatosin’s brothers said her resolve was more affirmed because she had learnt that Ogundele was married already.

Saturday PUNCH learnt that after Ogundele established contacts with Oluwatosin’s siblings, he went ahead to get in touch with their mother too.

“He kept disturbing my brother. My brother initially felt pity for him for the disappointment when he told him he bought a car for my sister but she still disappointed him. When he got my mother’s number, I explained to my mother that he was not the kind of person my sister could marry. My mother decided to tell him that there was nothing she could do about that because she could not force a man on her own daughter to marry.”

On Saturday, their 53-year-old mother travelled to Ilorin to visit Oluwatosin.

That was when she learnt that there had been an incident recently which Oluwatosin did not tell them.

“I called my mother that day and she told me that she was happy that she visited my sister. She said the man (Ogundele) threatened my sister. My mother said my sister told her that the man held a knife to her neck and collected her ATM card and withdrew money from her account.

“My sister told mom that the man threatened that if he did not marry her, he would waste her. We could not finish that conversation that day.”

Then between 8am and 9am on Sunday, the Ashinwo’s worst nightmare came true. Ogundele made good his threat.

Saturday PUNCH learnt that Ogundele showed up and an argument ensued, during which Oluwatosin insisted the man must leave her house.

But rather than leave, in anger, he ran into the kitchen and grabbed a knife.

By the time, he was done, the two women, Oluwatosin, and her mother, who tried to stop the fight, had both been stabbed multiple times.

It was learnt that Ogundele locked his victims in the room, thinking that they were both dead.

Saturday PUNCH learnt that the house was deserted at the time as other tenants were not around.

But unknown to him, Oluwatosin’s mother survived and she alerted a trader who had a shop in front of the compound.

The severely injured woman, who had managed to narrate a little of what happened, said she watched as her bleeding daughter breathed her last, as Ogundele locked them inside and fled.

She was later rushed to the hospital where doctors performed an emergency surgery to save her life.

Photographs of the scene of the attack, which were shown our correspondent, showed patches of thickened blood which had turned the white tiles red. The photographs gave an insight into the brutal attack that took Oluwatosin’s life.

Conversation with killer on the run

In a shocking conversation our correspondent struck with the alleged killer (Ogundele) on WhatsApp, he simply rationalised his act by saying “I was bewitched.”

Asked if Oluwatosin provoked him, he said, “It is well. What can I do now? I was bewitched. How would I attack a lady I claim to love?”

At what point did he think he was bewitched?

“When you did something you never wanted to do that’s how you’ll know. Tell me what to do please,” he said.

Asked what caused the argument in which he stabbed Oluwatosin and her mother, he answered “Please, tell me what to do.”

Our correspondent told him that if he refused to explain what happened, people would read the report and view him simply as a cold-blooded killer, he answered, “At least I will appear in one of the most read newspapers in Nigeria.”

Asked why he did not simply hand himself over to the police, rather than run, he said, “I am in Ilorin, airport area. I am not running.”

He was asked why he stabbed Oluwatosin’s mother too, he denied it and simply said, “Never”. When told that the woman survived, he said, “Thank God for her life.”

When he was told that the more he stayed in hiding, the more he would look guilty, he replied, “Now you are talking. Is she really dead? Okay. I will hand myself over to the police tomorrow in Ilorin, trust me. She is dead, let me die too.”

Our correspondent later sent him one of his pictures earlier taken from his Whatsapp profile to let him know that his identity was known.

“That’s not my present picture though. I keep an afro now. Long hair. Where are you now?” Ogundele said.

He later signed off the conversation and said, “Talk to you later.”

Hunt for killer

The case was initially reported at the F Division of the Kwara State Police Command, which is located few metres away from where Oluwatosin lived.

The spokesperson for the Kwara State Police Command, Mr. Ajayi Okasanmi, confirmed that the police are on the trail of the suspect.

Investigators have visited a private university where Ogundele is said to work, but his colleagues said they had not seen nor heard from him since the day before the incident.

The police have called for any information that may help to track down the suspect as he continues to stay in hiding.

As of the time of filing this report, he had yet to hand himself over to the police as he promised our correspondent.

Celebrities / Woman Killed In Crash Seconds After Posting On Facebook. Her Last Words Were Hea by AbsuMata: 11:24am
Stay focused when you are on the road! Distractions take a motorist’s attention off driving. So, he can miss critical events, objects, and cues or abandon control of a vehicle, all potentially leading to a crash. Distracted drivers put not only themselves at risk, but everyone else using the road. Authorities have used this accident to remind drivers not to drive while distracted. Courtney Sanford was driving to work in the USA when she decided to share some updates on Facebook, and post a few selfies. A minute later, she was dead from a head-on collision.
At 8:33am, the 32-year-old woman posted “The happy song makes me HAPPY!” on her Facebook. At 8:34, police got a call about the crash.
Sanford crossed the median and drove head-on into a truck, causing her car to catch fire. She also caused the truck to run off the road and hit a tree, though the driver was uninjured.
“In a matter of seconds, a life was over just so she could notify some friends that she was happy,” High Point police Lt. Chris Weisner said.
Read more: http://myabsu.com

Sports / Re: Join Me On Over Goals Betting Tips ~ Long Term Winning Streak ~ by RealChris: 11:14am
na now u dey complain 4 dead thread

I'm not complaining and I just stumbled on the thread and found similar stuffs I have read somewhere and I air my view. Any biggie with that?
Celebrities / How Tiwa Savage Was Packaged For Mockery. Must Read by White007(m): 11:12am

"After watching Tiwa Savage's video I must confess those who advised her on the "video shoot" packaged her for mockery.
Even though silence may sometimes implies consent but at this instance her silence would have been golden other than this tit for tat vengeance she may likely call a rebuttal.
That said. Tiwa Savage is complicit in this whole saga. She brought the mess upon herself and am glad she admitted it in her interview.

She should have separated business from family abinitio. You sacked your husband as a manager knowing fully well you are the ONLY artiste he manages. Dude ended up a broke ass, depression sets in and he resorted to substance abuse and keeping late nights. Rather than reorder your steps you chose to let him live the life he chose ( ruinous path).
Can't you borrow a leaf from Khloe Kardashian that helped her husband Lamar Odom in similar situation?

You seized the moment to further rub his already bloodied nose on a cold asphalt by asking him money for diapers and baby food, knowing fully well this are things he doesnt do even while getting income as your manager. So you expect him to do that as a jobless man?

What if Tiwa had kept him on her payroll but with a duty that has nothing to do with finances?

You said you don't mind the man you claimed you love being with another woman all night. That sound strange to me. It means the relationship has been existing on borrowed time all along.

You claimed you love him and don't wish him dead yet you quickly put up this interview where you revealed too much damning secrets to get even. Don't you know this can further hurt his person to drink garmalin 20? Guess you'll be happy for your child to grow up to know his father commited suicide
The relationship obviously lacks communication. You caught him with drug and you called his parents - common Tiwa!! You should have sat him down, appeal to his conscience to know what pushed him to it. And when that failed you can now invite a third party. Did you ever allay his fears over your success even when it's quite obvious to you he is afraid of it?

Parents should avoid being complicit in their children's seperation/divorce. Why did Tiwa's mum relocated and refused to leave till this very moment?

The whole stuff was more of a business venture other than marriage. Teebillz knew those Tiwa slept with under his nose and still went ahead with the marriage. Tiwa Savage knew Teebillz got luggage ( baby mama's and kids) yet went ahead to marry him
So Teebillz has got insecurity issue right from the get go. He had seen beyond Tiwa's bright future hence he invested his widows mite back then (sold his ONLY car for Tiwa to shoot her first ever video) he felt he deserved more than what he was getting so when he couldn't have is way by design he decided to be crooked just to keep up with the Joneses.

When he got fired by his wife rather than cajole the wife he embarked on egotrip and took solace in substance abuse.

We've seen REAL men run errands for their wife just to get one favour or the other from her.

It's not about celebrities marriage NOT working afterall Wunmi Tunde-Obe and hubby are celebrities Olu and Joke Jacobs nko? So also is David and Victoria Beckham. It's all about the personalities involved.

And that is why I keep telling world people to avoid "fairly used horseband". I just hope Funke Akindele will get to read this.
Abeg make I go look for my pikin textbook do improvised hand fan before this heat kee me
PS: PLEASE approach this issue with an open mind and not with "2001 Beijing Conference" mind ooo"

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Family / Re: The Horrifying Stages Of a Childbirth (Graphic Pics) by cococandy(f): 10:55am

Glad to hear that

Not all babies will come out exactly the same way but I'm pretty sure that baby is alive. No point taking photos of a breech birth and posting it when the baby is dead.

Here's a link to why some babies might have blue on some parts of their body http://www.webmd.com/parenting/baby/blue-skin-in-babies
Here's another link of the blogger who posted the original pictures with full story and complete pictures. http://karynloftesnessphotography.com/vaginal-breech-birth/ The same baby is about 8 months old now if I'm not mistaken. http://karynloftesnessphotography.com/silas-alive-and-well/
Jokes Etc / When You Attend The Funeral Of Someone That Died Owing You Money(photo). by Quadre: 10:54am
If you don't pay while you are alive, you'll still pay when you are dead.

European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Official Chelsea Fan Thread: CHAMPIONS OF ENGLAND ~ Pride Of London by bigkesh(m): 10:51am

Comments like these makes me really laugh. Any coach would have won anything pep won at bayern. Same way he was downplayed while at barca yet Tata Martino went trophyless. What team was contesting with Chelsea the time he got his re union? Man u were in transition. Arsenal has been dead for a decade. Yes, only Man City. In Germany a certain Dortmund is there too.

Quit talking about Mou toppling Barca. Atletico won the same thing Mou won. Why isn't Simeone getting his own share of applause? Lest i forget, Atletico defeated Mou's Madrid in the copa de rey at the Bernabeu. That was the very first final Mou would ever lose.

Why didn't Mou archieve more with Chelsea despite the unlimited funds? They won Europa and CWC a season before his appointment.
Why didn't Mou win the CL despite his 3 consecutive semis? Afterall Ancelotti won it in his debut season with the same players
See ya life again!!!
Mourinho won it against the best barca ever,Simeone won it against the worst barca my eyes have ever seen.... But still much Respect to Diego

Which Unlimited funds is this one talking about? A team that had Torres has the first choice CF,Ramires-Mikel for a season has UNLIMITED FUNDS??
Did he sign any 40m player??
Which CWC did Chelsea win Better reboot

Jose took over a team that can't lost out in group stages and won just 1 out of 7 trophies..... 1/7,it doesn't take an Einstein to know the team is poo.....

A signing like Bale that scored in all knockout rounds makes a difference.... That's 100m
At least Madrid were just coming from their dark live when Jose took over so tell us what stopping Pep from winning it with Bayern made of serial winners?
Politics / Re: "Ugonna Madueke's New Home In London" - Trezzyblog by laribari(m): 10:46am

Oga, before you comment, take time to consider what you take to the keyboard to type? Was Saraki down when his case started, was Metuh down when his case started? Are they still not using their influence to try to stop their trial instead of trying to clear their names?

What is wrong with most Nigerians!! Haba!!!

EFCC can only investigate FIRST, those people whose case are recent and whose evidence have not been destroyed. At least that makes the case a little less complicated for them. Those recent ones might eventually open way for the other not so recent ones.


Bros nothing is wrong with someone who has a different view from you, please respect that. I will be polite because you made ur point politely, even though you expect everything to see things as you.

My question to you is this. Have they convicted saraki and metuh? Isn't their cases on going? Have they recovered anything from them yet? NO!

So Oga get the message before commenting. They have recovered from the dead but how many living have they recovered billions from in the manner of Abacha? In terms of properties and cash?

Worst case senerio, saraki will be impeached and 1 naira will not come out.

How many senate dem impeach recovery their loot?

I don't know why Nigerians talk like dis!

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