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Religion / Re: How Your Attachment Looks Like In The Spiritual Realm. by soulpeppersoup(m): 1:10pm

now your logic move against you and u have to include irrational thoughts like dead on earth .. smh. anything dead doesn't live on. it becomes NON living.

I never came with logic, you are the one viewing things with logic.

In reality, nothing actually dies. Its our reality of things that is changed.
Music/Radio / 400 Bars To The Bank Crocodile Version by micariice: 1:05pm
It will add to the value of the shares and stock in the Nigerian Stock exchange,New York Stock Exchange

and the London Stock Exchange

There are things I learnt from the blackboard
preparation will get you to be welcome on board
I know that they are more advance abroad
I hustle and work day and night
I love the way I came out to the limelight
To watch me you will need a saterlight
I live the elite life you can get a cable
I'm making difficulties and impossibility to be possible
You can count on me bcause am reliable
They try to skae me but am still stable
Look at my lifestyle am used to fucking lot of bitches
I like when she's waering pants and bra on a beach
I will take black,fair or white baby don;t need to bleach
You can communicate with me without any breach
Devil was cast in a lake of fire and Jesus died on the cross
There is a lot of money involve and I keep my finger cross
If you Bleep around you can get double cross
To avoid accident on express I watch before I cross
No condition is too much for me to endure
I get it right when I follow procedure
Diamonds are forever and somethings never get expire
started as a company that is turning into an empire
I'm the one that can picture the life I desire
I will need 1000 bars that is the minimum
I want more of it that will reach maximum
So that my classic album can go platinum
I'm gathering things and making arrangement
That way there will be no disaoointment
That is if we conclude and be on agreement
Got something to say you can start talking
For the exercise I might start walking
You can contact me and stop stalking
Come to vist me and I will show you the entrance
Got many friends living in far distance
Communication is the key without any ignorance
I'm like a las vegas player witha ranch
Got solid business you can open another branch
Lil wayne came out witha milli
Jay Z want to make ita billi
The hiphop world got more than a trilli
Can micari ice get upto that really
Shoutout to Notorious biggie and 2pac
One gun in my pocket and the other ina pack
My boys can get your things jack
My goons can get your car hijack
blood in blood out we can do it back to back
There is my other side that is very dark
In all the better things there is nothing that I will lack
From helicopters,aeroplannes,jets,yatch and lamborghini that's black
After searching diamond is what I found
they say waht goes around come back around
My army and navy got everybody surround
Sometimes I might be silent and I can be loud
I like doing things that will make me proud
The kind of weed I smoke take me to the cloud
You will see it when you come around
It will make you move when you hear the sound
I got the stamina pound for pound
Boxing time we can go round after round
Pick anywhere in the world I will ne new jersey bound
Before I came to stardom have been in the underground
There is prince this and prince that
There is princess this and princess that
Micari ice is the prince of hiphop
My crew can make the gun pop
There is no way that I will stop
I will keep grinding till I get to the top
My business is legit to be running from the cop
It is when I kill that I can pay for the bail
I will continue making money in or outside jail
My navy and sailor will ner fail
I like the internet you can send a mail
It about the currency yes the paper trail
If I need a beer I will go for Heineken
There are many kin you could be any kin
When it comes to alcohol I will take Hennessy
There is no doubt you will like what you see
You cannot survive without money
That means you will have to get the money
I will be glad if the government print more money
So that the agency will circulate more money
When I say may you say weather
they move together birds of the same feather
When am staring at a girl I like her
When I wink at her that means I want her
If she respond she need me and I need her
She probably knows I want to Bleep her
I got no option than to go when it comes to money
Do what I tell you to do and we both get the money
I like it when the girls call me honey
I keep grinding because life is a journey
You will have to fight to win like is a tourney
I husstle on my own without my parent
I got money to pay the house rent
A born sinner cannot repent
This is get rich or die trying like 50 cent
Protection and defence is micari ice motto
I husstle for raw cash with expecting a lotto
I can't wait to be driving that new motor
To be getting money is the logo
I will kepp getting money now let's go
I have to get that dollars before I go
Havinga solid career is an impression
I feel free when it comes to expression
It is from my childhood that I see this vision
I will be the one to carry out the mission
When gun is blazing nothing can stop the operation
The world getting so cold and it can get you freeze
Rappers don't worry about their voice getting seize
I'm infection free without any disease
I want to feel lively not to look like you are decease
Working hard without result can get you sick
Shawty can grab my dick and lick
I train how to box and kick
Anything can happen with my navy clique
We can be connected with just a click
I got the right to choose so let me pick
No slowing down I like doing things quick
Just like a football match I don't like injury
Guilty or innocent you can ask the jury
Never do things that will make you get bury
I make it so clear than to look blurry
When am stacking money I will not worry
The hunger for more will put me in a hurry
If I hurt you I will say sorry
I like interacting on iphone or blackberry
I am studying very hard to get admission
I will get it with the university permission
Getting that degree will be the discussion
Having a job or running a company is the conclusion
Some rich people will want you to be making money
While some poor people will not want you to make money
Don't try to knock micari ice husstle
Hate on him and die in the stuggle
My gangs like the way I make things bubble
Give me the money and I will make it double
If it brings money I can make and cause trouble
If she is beautiful we can be a couple
When there is a shootout I won't be surprise
Some people should learn how to socialise
I'm standing tall and will never fall and continue to rise
Everybody want to know what am doing
they aint got the nerve to go where am going
most of the things I did are very risky
with or without drinking a whisky
They way they act don't make me like my current location
I need to upgrade there is a need for relocation
You can't really know my final destination
They put themselves in a wrong condition
Maybe I will be the one to find a solution
I will need to direct everything in the right situation
These days everybody want to feel among
You can never step in where I belong
there is no room for the weak unless you are strong
From flats to a duplex you know I can't be wrong
if you like what you hear you can repeat the song
I would like to be driving different kind of cars
Fighters are not afraid of scars
it cost to write it and it will cost you to read the bars
There are many planet we can go to the mars
some cloths are made from fabrics and cotton
the jeans will last if it is a real zip and bottom
tell me meaningful things or I press the ignore bottom
I like fresh fruits I don't eat stuff that are rotten
It aint my fault that I was born a goon
I am brighter than the moon
My haers can jump in the lagoon
I don't like missing my lunch in the afternoon
You have been waiting for the mixtape and it's coming soon
I'm from the hood where getting money is a must
Benjamen franlink is the only one I trust
get me a potent weed and not dust
ask me for direction if you are lost
there are evil that are tormenting me
the devil want to be tempting me
there is no way you can blackmail me
I give out money and they give it to me
Let's put racks on racks and the cash on deck
the black diamond Jesus piece look good on my neck
I will never involve in things that will make me wreck
you must feel it when the gangster music is bumping
If she only want my money I will be dumping
when you are too fast they might say you are jumping
for some time I have been living like am in a cage
I still look according to my age
I can't wait to get on the stage
I have to be care full of people acting strange
I'm so rich that I cannot brag
You aint blind you don't need to drag
I like wearing new cloth than rag
If you got a body like crocodile
It will be add for you to die
These days everybody want to lie
I will rather go up than to go down
I have to seperate myself from the clown
When it is neccesary I run the town
From the start I want to get an apartment
When am in the university I will be in the economics department
I have gotten a result after the experiment
I have to be straight forward without sentiment
If there is a competition I will take part
I am the only one that knows this path
When it come s to my field am an expert
In the entertainment and bank sector have created am impact
have been around the hood that I need exposure
After getting paid from busines I will go for the pleasure
My struggling has make me found a treasure
So much pressure that I need a leisure
I do this everyday pratice makes permanent
It will be better when I do it at my convinient
consider it done when I got the capabilities
I can do things faster with basic facilities
you can step forward when you are bod
everything I went through make me cold
I like my jewelries in diamond and gold
when am busy I can put you on hold
I can still remember everything I was told
They are wasting time and am getting old
blunt smoking has make me got a big nose
every blessed dayI can't miss a dose
I can get the door open or close
You can get to know more about me upclose
I think I got a high moral
maybe it's because micari ice is royal
my boys that I smoke with are loyal
My situation on ground make me to be ruthless
everyday they make me to be heartless
gone are the days that I show my kindness
I get money everyday more money more problem
they try to stop me I don't mind them
they got nothing to offer so I don't need them
the understanding we have is mutual
I want to be seeing a unique visual
let's share money and make it business as usual
Just like martin luther king I got a dream
I will be moving onward with a strong team
some of my cars will have a shinning rim
I like girls that are cream dala cream
there are things that will make you scream
If I want to get fit I will hit the gym
You will get unconscious when I start to jab
I do what will bring money without getting nab
You can go and do the research in the lab
most of the things I bought from the mall are fab
It is the almight dollar that will make me pledge
everything that happen has push me to the edge
I'm just using my understanding,wisdom and knowledge
You might start suffering from neurosis
Especially when there is a crisis
Bullets can start fltying before you blink
I'm a supplier with connectiion and link
I know you want to know what I think
I can swim in an ocean and not sink
Among all my work this looks like the hardest task
You can see my face I don't need a mask
I got a strong hand for shooting without a hand glove
I like that cocaine so white like a dove
Naira,euro,pounds and dollars I need all of the above
If you want to give me money you can go ahead
I like nasty girls that will give me head
Every stunts I pull is from my head
I miss all the rappers that are dead
It's time you seperate raw cash from bread
rather than to waste time I will be chasing money instead
sometimes I do things that are delibrate
If you aint part of it you can vacate
I will be on the rigid side and not delicate
Over the years have built a careet that is solid
look at my peers I have no option than to lead
I narrate clearly and my claims are valid
There are things in life that you can't neglect
nobody will see money and reject
There are many cars and am free to select
My thought is different from what came out of my mouth
we can go to the east,north,west and south
everyone knows what micari ice is about
Sean combs diddy pave the way says there is no way out
you can never compare bad boys with tout
you will have to make sacrifice no doubt
I want Eminem to know that when bad meet evil
They will both submit to the devil
I take military action and not civil
I know most of this because am on a higher level
My rapstyle and the verses are brand new
The FBI and the CIA knows that micari ice incorporated is genuine
the world bank can provide funding for me to continue
when there is meeting i will get invitation to the venue
This delay has gone to the extreme
To carry on you will need self esteem
The money stacking I like the way they pile it
I can even create a file for it
There is the rich middle class and the poor
if there is a part you can get on the dance floor
For defence I will hold the forty four
I want a fast process but things are slow
This is an expensive project but the cummunity is low
If you want to reap you will need to sow
my flow can make you heartbeat like it want to blow
gone are the days I use to walk with foot
there where times i start wearing different boot
I hustle so hard to be getting that loot
If it is office work I can be wearing fitted suit
The city is mine I can pass any route
I'm highly interested in making money without getting push
sometimes the weather can make me go to any bush
just to smoke and I inhale and exhale the kush
the street knows that micari ice is a stoner
everybody want to ride with a stunner
I'm a money maker,law breaker and a gun runner
I want to drink and I will need a liquor
everyone is unique on their own and we are not equal
you can't get broke if you have a rich neirbor
when it comes to football club I like premier league
want to make millions go to university that are ivy league
I got it fixed and I will need assistance from my colleague
I'm doing all this so that situation won't gte worst
some people behave like they have been curse
To make it in life you will have to use force
how to be getting money I have many source
you will need to put money in your wallet or purse
I like punching and my hands aint pause
I have been husstling so hard and I never get tire
when am rapping you will know that am spitting fire
I'm living my real life like am on the wire
you will have to pay me first hit man for hire
I calculate my money like frank wood to roc nation
I'm making and receiving money from all nation
I like listening to hiphop on any radio station
when it's game time I like xbox and play station
I can't waste time I should have graduate
When you are discussing you will be able to relate
I go after the dollars without hesitate
You can see me on the sea like the pirate
I'm a script writer and I can work with lion gate
I make decision before it get too late
From primary to university I miss my class mate
There are some things going on and some people got no clue
There are gangstars,blood raise the red and crips raise the blue
you ask me for direction if you want to be on my crew
I belong to the bank's family ree
give me the money and I will make it times three
The prince of hiphop can make it with mic check 123
They are playing their cards and game
I'm living a real life and they know my name
everybody is different and we are not the same
I will rather be me than to be someone else
I like my present girlfriend and my ex
I will give you a hint and you guess the rest
before you write an exam they will give you a test
I struggle everyday to get the best
got many girlfriends and one of them will be my lady
if she love me then she is going to have my baby
when I got a ride I have been to many places
I like interacting so I have seen many faces
you know I smoke weed in different bases
I got powerful lawyers that can beat cases
Micari ice that name ring bell
I have not been to heaven but have seen hell
You see how I made it I don't need to tell
you just heard about me get to know me well
you will fell off when you get lock in a cell
I get money through any means necessary
I'm earning more than your salary
I was born a hustler and raise on the street
I keep getting money and no surrender no retreat
I made myself a millionaire all by myself
I can control and manage my business all by myself
I own and started Micari Ice Incorporated all by myself

Payment can be receive through western union,money gram and bank transfer to teh following information
Name: Michael Ariyo
Address: 6 lukmon Adigun street
City: Ikorodu
State: Lagos
Zip code: 23401
Country: Nigeria
Email: iammicari@hotmail.com
All payment receipt and confirmation should be send to my email and pick up details and instructions.

Follow me on facebook and twitter
Religion / Re: How Your Attachment Looks Like In The Spiritual Realm. by Jozzy4: 1:04pm

When a man dies it means his soul is dead on earth where it was functional.

now your logic move against you and u have to include irrational thoughts like dead on earth .. smh. anything dead doesn't live on. it becomes NON living.
Religion / Re: How Your Attachment Looks Like In The Spiritual Realm. by soulpeppersoup(m): 1:01pm

when a computer is dead , it means the operating system is faulty or dead too, u know ?

if your analogy is right, that means when a man dies , a soul dies . , do u agree ?

When a man dies it means his soul is dead on earth where it was functional.
TV/Movies / Re: Game Of Thrones Discussion (Beware Of Spoilers) by Emmyk(m): 12:58pm

First of all we all agree Ramsay is a mad man.

After he killed Rickon he signalled his archers to shoot, that made Jon charge forward because he was now a stting dock out in the open.

Rickon running zigzagardly grin would mean nothing if Ramsay unleashed his archers just to killed him. The arrows got him even when he was dead on the floor right after jon charged forward.
True. I don't know why everyone is blaming the poor lad.
Romance / Re: I Just Lost My Fiancee To A Bad Prank Gone Wrong...women Are Selfish by Locotech: 12:56pm
The 24th of june 2016 is one I will never forget in a hurry, without any provocation I noticed boo was carrying a face. I quickly checked my whatsapp and text messages to ensure I had no implicating evidences there she must have seen. I couldn't for the life of me figure out why she carried a long face. Haven asked and asked I decided to bone her. I live in a detached self contained apartment. When night came to my dismay she went to sleep in the parlour. I slept in the room , but foolishly felt like watching the evil dead . Thus I slept with some scare in me.

I might have slept for an hour when in the darkness something jumped me on the bed, I woke up in fright, all I saw was white, with scattered hair dat was wet . The thing/person kept fighting me seriously to bite me , I shouted and thrashed. I hit my head all over the wall while trying to get away, I wished I could just die and leave my body. The feeling of the wet hair touching me in that darkness as the attack continued made me mad. I was able to get away and as I got to the light switch, I put it on only to see someone adorned in a large whit wrapper, with powder allover her face, and red lipstick smeared on her lips. With a scattered wet hair to match. With my previous scared state which I slept with. My heart couldn't take it anymore. I felt a jolt in my chest region and dats all I remembered.

Thank God I finally fainted or died as I hoped would happen. I woke up on the bed with my friends and boo laughing at me seriously. I couldn't hold tears down anymore. I wept profusely while they laughed at me. All these was a plan to get me because I boasted some months ago that I don't scare easy. No wonder boo set the ground work with carrying a long face. She was my attacker. I was so ashamed I almost had a nervous breakdown. In my sadness one of my buddies told me I should revenge. He works in a univerisity as a technologist in a biology lab. He promised he could get me 20 lagos based rats and a bucket of flying cockroaches from the lab. I thanked him and planned for boo two days later.

You see my babe or EX , hates cockroaches and rats. If one is in a room she will rather sleep outside, I waited till we both fell asleep, I crawled out after bolting all windows, removing the bulb from the room as well as her phone or any torch light. This was to ensure there will be complete darkness and maximum disorientation when the panic starts. I threw the rats inside and emptied the cokroaches. Then I bolted the door. My people come and hear screams, hear crying, I think she fainted many times, she luckliy got to the door with many of the flying cockroaches perching on her and those supersized rats running amork all over the room. All these lasted maybe five minutes or thereabouts before I opened the door. She ran out crying and cussing. In anger she packed her things and left my home while wearing one slippers. Despite my pleas dat it was dark and dangerous, she claimed no theif or ritualist could hurt her worse than I just did, so she would take her chances with them. Do you beileve she left dat late at night.

From that day, she won't pick my calls, I went to her house, she bolted the door, her mum called me to shout at me and accuse me of being childish and almost harming her daughter. Her friends have been calling me to tell me am a devil. Yet nobody remembers what she herself did to me. I have called, sent messages , sent my friends , sent I am sorry gifts yet this babe has hardened her heart. Saying I am vengeful and could kill her if given the chance. What can I do to remedy the situation.

Not only am I about losing my woman, one rat is missing. On getting my friend to catch them we found one missing, which means I have a jumbo size living in my home likely pregnant. This is me with a phobia for rats too. I haven't been sleeping in my home. Thus I am on the verge of losing my woman and my home due to a stupid prank gone wrong.

@OP you managed to catch my apt attention when u said u switched on the light to see clearly what was attacking you...so you people sleep with electricity ?

Did this happen in Nigeria or you are abroad?

I didn't believe you at first until u said u removed the bulb during your revenge mission...so true true u people use to have light?

Or do you run your generator till day break? I know some people do this.

Pls explain because for I find it hard to believe that there can be electricity on 2 different days in a week with 2 different light dependent pranks...that's too much of a coincidence...

Its either you are lying or Barth Nnaji is back.
Religion / Re: How Your Attachment Looks Like In The Spiritual Realm. by Jozzy4: 12:56pm

Lol, you funny ooo. Bros but wait a minute. Do you think a computer is that box sitting in front of you? No! It is the operating system that make the computer. Hope you understand.

when a computer is dead , it means the operating system is faulty or dead too, u know ?

if your analogy is right, that means when a man dies , a soul dies . , do u agree ?
Forum Games / Re: Solve This Puzzle by 3rdlegxxx(m): 12:35pm

5, the longest word in the dictionary is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

7. What we eat before its alife is egg and after its dead its a hen, so the answer is chicken.

8.what do you want to have, but when you have it, you do not want to lose it, TRUST.


enoch 5 and 8 are wrong... 7 is correct..

answers are nah let me let others try
TV/Movies / Re: Game Of Thrones Discussion (Beware Of Spoilers) by codedguy1(m): 12:25pm

No, there's literally nothing Jon could do about it. It's not that he is a bad commander, it's that Ramsay outplayed him. He had no choice but to go after Rickon, and when Rickon died, he couldn't just turn and go back to his troops or Ramsay would have shot him too.

Shame on Rickon for not running zigzag, though.

First of all we all agree Ramsay is a mad man.

After he killed Rickon he signalled his archers to shoot, that made Jon charge forward because he was now a stting dock out in the open.

Rickon running zigzagardly grin would mean nothing if Ramsay unleashed his archers just to killed him. The arrows got him even when he was dead on the floor right after jon charged forward.
Gaming / Re: Name One Game That Made You Think You Will Never Find A Better One. by LordCenturion(m): 11:42am
Residents evil and the walking dead (android version)
Family / Re: How Do You Cope With The Death Of Your Child/children? by Lumpyy(f): 11:35am
So sorry for your ordeal@poster,I went through this in 2014.i labored and bled for hours till I couldn't see again before the bAby came out dead.that was the worst day of I and hubbys lifes.but God shined his face on us and He will do same to you.please you need ur husband as much as he needs you,mine kept his sadness from me till he got to d breaking point and it took him longer to get over it.put away ur past differences and hold hands at this time.......IT IS WELL WITH YOU.we have a 2 nhalf year old daughter and a 4months old son so please know that there's is light at the end of this tunnel!
Nairaland / General / Chief Ojo Madueke Is Dead by Newsbreakers: 11:34am
Former Nigerian Ambassador to Canada, Chief Ojo Madueke passed on in Abuja Wednesday evening after he collapsed at the Abuja Airport on his way from the United States of America.

Madueke, who arrived Nigeria after attending the graduation ceremony of a relation, was billed to celebrate his wife's 70th birthday on Friday July 1.

The Senator representing Abia South, Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe, confirmed that Madueke collapsed at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport Abuja having arrived from the US and that he was rushed to the Turkish Hospital in Abuja where he gave up the ghost.

He was, in April, appointed the Secretary of the Board of Trustees (BoT) of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Chairman of PDP's BoT, Senator Walid Jibril, expresed shock and disbelief at the news adding that he had not been officially informed of the development. He said he was currently in Saudi Arabia to observe Hadj.

Madueke had served as Nigeria's Minister of Transport under former President Olusegun Obasanjo and later as National Secretary of the POD before being posted to Canada as Nigeria's Ambassador.
Politics / Breaking News: Court Strikes Out Dan Onjeh Petition Against Sen. David Mark by iamjayboss(m): 11:31am

The National Assembly Election Petition Tribunal sitting in Makurdi has on Thursday 30th June struck out the petition filed by the APC candidate in the last Benue South rerun election, Comrade Dan Onjeh challenging the election of Senator David Mark of PDP.

The Tribunal said the petition was filed out of time and as such, it's not only status and time barred; it's also dead in substance!

Congrats to Senator David Mark, the Okpokpowulu k'Idoma!

More details shortly.


lalasticlala seun mynd44
Business / Re: Hilarious Conversation Between UBA And Guy Who Asked Them For Loan On Twitter by computerboy: 11:23am
SMEs can not get loans when the big boys have borrowed and used Federal Govt to buy the loan at a loss to the banks through AMCON.

They borrow money for business and go to USA TO buy properties. The amazing thing is that instead of the brain dead youths to see what is morally wrong with that action and the timing, the argument was "Is that a mansion ?"

Their idea died because of lack of funds yet they are the ones screaming 'Tyrant'

You support people who killed the economy , who borrowed from the bank and refused to pay until banks sack workers to be able to survive.

Yet they scream LEAVE CORRUPTION and face ECONOMY.

As if they are under spell.

'Awon oponu ayirada'

Oga calm down. Nobody is saying he should leave corruption and face economy. Fighting only corruption will not boost the economy. The common man is dying on the street because hardship. We're only making two requests
1. While he's fighting corruption, he shouldn't ignore the economy as well
2. While he's fighting corruption, he should go after all the goats that ate our yams not leaving the brooms and going after the umbrellas

Webmasters / Re: 5 Things You Must Know Before Starting A Blog by Sasuwa(f): 11:05am

The niche is dead, the only profit there is selling ebooks, but right now everyone already knows everything you want to put down in an ebook.
what niche will best fit nigerian audience
Webmasters / Re: 5 Things You Must Know Before Starting A Blog by macloaded: 10:59am
Is picking blogging as a niche profitable @ all, this topic has being on fp since but it no reach 3k views. Whereas most fp topics are in 30k views

The niche is dead, the only profit there is selling ebooks, but right now everyone already knows everything you want to put down in an ebook.
Travel / Re: United And Emirates Airline To Stop Flights To Nigeria by dejavubobo1(m): 10:57am

Every government since independence did it in every commercial sector in Nigeria. If Nigeria Airways existed till this day, it will have continued. So we should be glad it is dead and not there further eroding our public finances. If you are an undisciplined man, it is pointless going into business. It is better you seek employment where you will be compelled to perform. Nigeria is not a disciplined nation so we cannot have national businesses.
Very correct, I just hope we can change or divide the country so every tribe can seek there common goal
Politics / Re: Lagos Releases Official Statement On How KAI Officials Chase Hawker To Death by zelaws(m): 10:54am
In as much as I am not in support of the acts of vandalism nor disobeying the constituted authorities. I must say that this statement issued by the Lagos state government via the commissioner lay more emphasis on our love for material things "the govenment assets". No part of the statement show remorse or sympathy for the lost life of a man (the hawker). It simply shows that materialism is valued above life by the government.
A show of compassion towards the dead will not reduce the punishment to be meted out to the hoodlums and vandals but will go a long way to showing our government's deepest regret that a life was lost in the act of carrying out the expected law duties by the state.
It is so sad.
Forum Games / Re: Solve This Puzzle by enoch273: 10:54am
Morning house, i already answered questions 1 and 3, why is everyone still attempting an answered question undecided....

7 New Riddles. Rules: no expos, no cheating whatsoever, think and answer, if you copy from somewhere, i would know grin These are easy riddles so let's enjoy..

1. What is harder to catch the faster you run?

2. A woman was horrified to find a fly in her tea. The waiter took her cup and went in to the kitchen and returned with a fresh cup of tea. She shouted, '' You brought me the same tea! how did she know.

3. What can run but never walks, has a mouth but never talks, has a head but never weeps, has a bed but never sleeps?

4. You do not want to have it, but when you have it you do not want to loose it, what is it?

5. What is the longest word in the dictionary?

6. A man rode into town on Thursday. He stayed for 2 days. One day he was cheated out of all his money. Sad and confused, he left on Thursday. How was this possible?

7. What do you eat before its alive and after its dead?

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5, the longest word in the dictionary is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

7. What we eat before its alife is egg and after its dead its a hen, so the answer is chicken.

8.what do you want to have, but when you have it, you do not want to lose it, TRUST.

Literature / Re: Elechi Amadi And His Wife, Priye Iyalla-Amadi In Nairobi, Kenya by Obinnau(m): 10:44am
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Who resurected this dead Thread,


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Webmasters / Re: Gates, Zuckerberg Suffer $3.4 Billion Loss Due To Brexit by macloaded: 10:33am
If these guys could lose this much because of BREXIT, then Nigeria will be dead when BIAFREXIT works
Celebrities / Re: PIC: Adamawa Singer Who Went Missing After Releasing Anti-corruption Song Found by Perfecttouch(m): 10:25am
Why do I keep thinking this guy arranged his own kidnap to sell his album? Before u quote me, remember skibi came back from the dead
Celebrities / Re: PIC: Adamawa Singer Who Went Missing After Releasing Anti-corruption Song Found by Perfecttouch(m): 10:24am
Why do I keep thinking this guy arranged his own kidnap to sell his album? Before u quote me, remember skibi came back from the dead
Politics / Maduekwe Died When PDP Needs Him Most – Bot Chairman by wolesmile(m): 10:03am
Abuja – The Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Board of Trustees (BoT), Chief Ojo Maduekwe is dead.

The Chairman of the PDP BoT, Sen.Walid Jubrin confirmed this in a statement in Abuja on Thursday. Jubrin said he was shocked to learn about the death of Maduekwe. He said that the former Nigeria’s Ambassador to the U.S. passed on at a critical time when the party needed him most. Jubrin said that he was waiting for Maduekwe come back from U.S., where he travelled to, so that they could put heads together to address the party’s leadership problem . “I learnt with sadness and great shock about the death of this very devoted member of the party, a very dependable member and a very useful member with whom we have worked very closely together. “We have been trying our best to find a solution to this problem and it is so sad that Maduekwe died at a very critical moment. “It is sad that at this critical moment, Maduekwe had to go and we are definitely going to miss him and his ideas. “He meant very well for this party, he meant very well for BoT. “He had very fantastic ideas on the way out for our party crisis. “Maduekwe has been national secretary of the PDP, he has been a Nigerian ambassador and so, we were utilizing his knowhow in BoT. “He did very well for the few months he was in BoT. I will never forget him. “I have lost a great partner,” Jubrin said. He prayed to God to give members of the deceased family as well as PDP faithful the fortitude to bear this great loss. Governor Wike describes Ambassador Ojo Maduekwe’s death as shocking Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has described as shocking the news of the sudden death of the Secretary of the PDP Board of Trustees, Ambassador Ojo Maduekwe. The governor said that the death of the elder statesman is quite painful as he passed on at a time he was playing an active role in the repositioning of the PDP for greater service to the country. He noted that Ambassador Maduekwe as a founding member of the PDP helped to nurture the nation’s democracy as a PDP Scribe, Minister and a voice of reason in the polity. While praying God to grant his immediate family the fortitude to bear the painful loss, Governor Wike said Nigeria will miss the contributions of the former Minister at this critical point in its history.

Read more at: http://www.vanguardngr.com/2016/06/maduekwe-died-pdp-needs-bot-chairman/
Culture / Re: What You Need To Know About The Urhobos by Sanchez01: 9:59am
The main focus of Urhobo traditional religion are the adoration of "Ọghẹnẹ" (Almighty God) the supreme deity and recognition of Edjo and Erhan (divinities). Some of these divinities could be regarded as personified attributes of "Ọghẹnẹ". The Urhobo also worship god with Orhen (white chalk). If an Urhobo feels oppressed by someone, he appeals to Ọghẹnẹ, who he believes to be an impartial judge, to adjudicate between him and his opponent. Urhobo divinities can be classified into four main categories, which probably coincide with the historical development of the people. These are Guardian divinities, War divinities, Prosperity divinities and Fertility and Ethical divinities. It should be noted that the fundamental factor and manifestation of all divinities in Urhobo religion is "Ọghẹnẹ".

Erivwin which is the cult of ancestors and predecessors (Esemo and Iniemo) is another important element in the Urhobo belief system. The dead is believed to be living and are looked upon as active members of the family who watch over the affair of the living members of their family. Urhobos believe in the duality of man, i.e. that man consists of two beings:

Physical body - Ugboma
Spiritual body - Erhi
It is the Erhi (spirit man) that declares man's destiny and controls the self-realization of man's destiny before he incarnate into this world. Erhi also controls the total well being (Ufuoma) of the man. Ọghẹnẹ (God) is like a constitutional Monarch who set his seal on the path of destiny set by a man's spirit (Erhi).

In the spirit world (Erivwin) man's destiny is ratified and sealed. In the final journey of the spirit man (Erhi) after transition, the Urhobo believe the physical body (Ugboma) decays while the spirit man (Erhi) is indestructible and goes back to join the ancestors in the spirit realm. The elaborate and symbolic burial rites are meant to prepare the departed Erhi for happy re-union with the ancestors in the spirit world.

However, the influence of western civilization and Christianity is fast becoming an acceptable religion in most Urhobo communities.

Epha divination, similar to the Yoruba Ifá and practiced by many West African ethnic groups, is practised with strings of cowries. Urhobos also practice Christianity, with many belonging to Catholic and new evangelical denominations. There are 1,261 ejo (deities), including the one-handed, one-legged mirror-holding whirlwind-god Aziza.
Politics / Sad: Ex-minister, Ojo Maduekwe And Popular Novelist, Elechi Amadi Are Dead by MRNews: 9:56am
The secretary of the Board of Trustees of the Peoples Democratic Party, Chief Ojo Maduekwe , is dead.

Maduekwe, who served variously as Minister of Culture and tourism, and Minister of Transport in the Olusegun Obasanjo administration and also Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Yar’Adua administration, died a.... continue reading at http://myrecentnews.com/home/sad-ex-minister-ojo-madueke-and-popular-novelist-elechi-amadi-are-dead-and-gone/
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