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Politics / Re: Ndoma-egba, Otu, Others Defect To APC In Cross River State by blackpanda: 6:50am

shatap ngeneukwenu what's the use of some inconsequential elements
apc is dead on ss
go and lick your wound and continue crying
your bid to console yourself is DOA

you're a sore looser.

embrace pdp so that your life will be free from sadness and sorrow tongue

You dont have to insult people to make a point. Be civil! Whether apc or pdp, we are all one nigeria
Politics / Re: Wike Climbed Into The Governorship Seat Over Dead Bodies - Prof Itse Sagay by rottennaija(m): 6:43am
prof you can wail all you like till 2019, no one send you. Wike has been declared the gov so accept it... imagine the height of his hypocrisy that wike climbed the governorship seat over dead bodies, so its only when dakuku wins thats when there are no dead bodies.. Yeye dey ooze!

what goes around comes around. someday, you will understand what that means
Politics / Re: Inlaws to husband - ‘you Must Marry Your Wife’s Corpse’ by ckmayoca(m): 6:40am
In this case he didn't marry her, rather they just lived together and had plenty children.RIP to the dead....But u don't hv money and u already have 4kids b4,why go for another 1?

If this is the case then it's wrong? Why wld guys just pick a lady and put at home and then keep fucking morning and night and bearing children, I think this is like a punishment for his foolishness. Boys of now adays with couples life.
Politics / Re: Inlaws to husband - ‘you Must Marry Your Wife’s Corpse’ by BaddieKay(f): 6:37am
In this case he didn't marry her, rather they just lived together and had plenty children.RIP to the dead....But u don't hv money and u already have 4kids b4,why go for another 1?
Like one female nairalander told me, always know the customs of d wife's hometown before getting married to her
TV/Movies / Re: What Series Are You Watching Now? Part 2 by Yhemit(m): 6:36am
The Walking dead is scheduled to return on Sunday,February 14, 2016, at 9:00 p.m. Eastern/8:00 p.m. Central on AMC. Happy Valentine’s Day!
Foreign Affairs / Re: American Politics Lounge - Justice Antonin Scalia Is Dead! by Missy89(f): 6:36am
US Supreme Court justice, Antonin Scalia, is dead. He was 79 years old.

Finally! Obama will use all his political capital to force a confirmation
Politics / Re: Ndoma-egba, Otu, Others Defect To APC In Cross River State by bloodykiller: 6:33am
I thought the Useless IPOB Charlatans Said, APC Was dead In South South??

grin grin grin


shatap ngeneukwenu what's the use of some inconsequential elements
apc is dead on ss
go and lick your wound and continue crying
your bid to console yourself is DOA

you're a sore looser.

embrace pdp so that your life will be free from sadness and sorrow tongue

Politics / Re: Wike Climbed Into The Governorship Seat Over Dead Bodies - Prof Itse Sagay by tunene66: 6:32am
I am surprised at the learned Professor's comments. Violence took place in other parts of the nation before during n after elections. Many lives n properties were lost in those areas. Therefore by the professor's comments, it means many elected officials in the country climbed in over dead bodies.
Politics / Re: Wanted Dimka Lured To Afikpo Due To Lust For Girlfriend by onatisi(m): 6:23am

It takes a very Brave Person to know that "Death is the end-result"... and still goes ahead with the plan.

Only a Brave man can commit suicide, knowing that death is the end result......... but the coward will disguise, dressed in woman's-wrapper, running-away to another country!

Dont ask me who did that, you already know the answer. undecided undecided

Only fool and imbeciles commit suicide when there is an option and better alternative to stay alive. Sensible normal thinking human beings will run today so as to continue fighting tomorrow. The major financier of the orka coup is alive today and enjoying his money because he ran when the heat was on . Every sensible intelligent soldier must know when to run and when to fight. Once a soldier is dead he is as useless as a dead dog . Charles Taylor ran away from doe only to come back and become the president. Don't play the hero when you have the opportunity to run because even ur wife will Bleep other men after 3 months and you will become a forgotten memory. He who fights today and runs only lives to fight another day. The coward will sit down with his children,wife in a nice wonderful mansion and be pointing to the grave of a brave man who is already rotten 6 feet below.i will rather be a living legend than a dead hero. Abiola could have been alive today and maybe even become the president if he had ran or played the fool then.
Celebrities / Re: See Rapper Wale’s Reply, To A Nigerian Fan Who Asked Him For Money by prettysolid: 6:16am
e pain am

stu.pid idiots like you always jump to making derogatory comments about another ethnic group. It just shows how immature, clueless and insecure person that you are. People like you should be struck dead by thunder because you're amongst those that is making the love this world lacks to be a pipe dream. Idiot.
Politics / Re: Ndoma-egba, Otu, Others Defect To APC In Cross River State by chukwudi44(m): 6:04am
I thought the Useless IPOB Charlatans Said, APC Was dead In South South??

grin grin grin


So how many elections have the APC won in the south-south? Did Amaechi not decamp to the APC? Did he win any elections for the APC?
Politics / Re: Inlaws to husband - ‘you Must Marry Your Wife’s Corpse’ by Flexherbal(m): 6:00am
Double wahala for dead body
Politics / Inlaws to husband - ‘you Must Marry Your Wife’s Corpse’ by NewsPoacher: 5:51am

Hours after the birth of her twin girls, Margaret Emmanuel gave up the ghost, leaving her husband with the twins and their three grown-up siblings. To make matters worse, Margaret’s family in Ebonyi are demanding that Emmanuel fulfils a vital aspect of their culture before the burial ceremonies even commence. Taiwo Abiodun reports.

At first it was congratulations and celebration galore as Madam Margaret Emmanuel was delivered of a set of beautiful twin girls. But few hours after, the joyful mood turned sour and mourning took over, as news filtered in that mother of the twins had passed on. She gave up the ghost on her way to the hospital, living the twins behind without the very vital motherly care. It also marked the beginning of the trauma of her husband and father of the twins, Mr. Adejo Emmanuel. Aside being shattered by the news, he was suddenly faced with a somewhat insurmountable challenge of weaning two infants alone. But the trauma did not end there, only Emmanuel didn’t know at this point in time.

While lamenting his predicament, Emmanuel said, “My life is like a balloon that was punctured with a pin, which immediately deflated it of all the joy. When a woman is pregnant the prayer is to hear the babies’ cries and that of the mother’s joy; but now the mother is gone, leaving the babies,” Emmanuel said, sobbing.

That was the story of the Emmanuel family last December 21. As if the agony was not enough, the deceased’s family members sent a message to the husband that he has to obey their custom and tradition by performing certain rituals and rites. Chief amongst these rights includes performing the mandatory marriage ceremonies with the deceased wife, an activity the couple had failed to perform while the late Margaret was alive. Without that, they told him that he is barred from coming to his wife’s village in Akenze, Ebonyin State, let alone, burying the corpse.

Emmanuel, a peasant farmer in his mid-50s is thus being called upon to go through wedding ceremonies with his late wife’s corpse. Coming from Emmanuel’s Igala ethnic background, this is rather bizarre and unimaginable. He lamented, “I don’t know what went wrong and I don’t know my sin. Like any other fellow Christian, when everybody was preparing for Christmas, I was preparing as well, both for a merry Christmas, safe delivery for my wife and a successful naming ceremony for the babies; not knowing that I had another thing coming.”

Late Margaret’s last moment

Narrating his wife’s last moment, Emmanuel said he suddenly saw his wife at Ugbagbo farm in Owo, where he was working unannounced. “When I saw her, I scolded her and asked why she came all the way to the farm, because she was already heavy and ready to deliver. I also asked why she did not go to the hospital instead of coming to the farm to meet me. Of course, this was not her first pregnancy, as she had previously had four children before this pregnancy. To compound matters, there was no vehicle to take her back to town that evening. We therefore waited till the second day. However she went into labour in between and was delivered of the twin girls. She was attended to by Traditional Birth Attendants, but the placenta did not come out. We quickly got her into a vehicle and headed for the General Hospital at Oke-Ogun in Owo. Unfortunately she did not make it, as she gave up the ghost at the entrance of the hospital. I noticed that her condition had worsened and she was getting dizzy. She thus got to the hospital, dead. To say the least, I was devastated. I became confused and almost ran mad. The nurses, who knew her, were surprised that she went to the farm instead of the hospital. She was well known at the hospital, because that was where she had all her children. She had also attended antenatal there.”

Twins under custody

Honourable Segun Obasekola, a Councillorship aspirant in Igboroko Nla Street, Owo and landlord of No 44, Igboroko Nla Street, where the family resides, said he pitied the man, Emmanuel for losing his wife at childbirth: “When they approached me for a room and I discovered they had no money, I have no choice but to allow them use the room free-of-charge. I did not know anyone of them, but as a community leader and a man with milk of kindness, I think this is one way I can render help. Here a Good Samaritan, Mrs. Femisola Akilamilo is taking care of the twins. Mrs. Akinlamilo, a prophetess who is also called Mother of Children (Iya Ewe) in her Cherubim and Seraphim Church.”

When The Nation got to 44, Igboroko Nla Street, the woman and the babies were found in a room, where she takes care of them.

Speaking, the twins’ guardian Madam Akinlamilo said she was called by a church member to come and assist the motherless children who had just been delivered. She said: “My cell phone just rang last December 23 (2015), and a friend broke the news that a mother of twins had just died and there was nobody to take care of them. She added that since I am a mother of kids in the church, I should try and assist in taking care of the babies. He also said I would be given stipends. So I obliged. I am a widow, I have four children and my last child is 11 years old. Since I am not under any man’s roof, I gladly accepted the role of a guardian, as God sent me.”

Asked if she breast-feeds the babies, the woman declared in a touching voice, “There is no milk in my breasts anymore, but the nurses and doctors have recommended their food (SMA). They consume a tin of the baby food within three days, but their father is a poor farmer; so when I ran out of their food, I went to Alhaji Jamiu Ekungba, a gubernatorial aspirant in Ondo State and narrated the story to him in order to solicit his to assistance. I also met one Mr. Jide Tububo, who advised me to go to the press and do the necessary legal papers, for I was ignorant of all such stuff. As I speak, we have no food to give them today, because they have exhausted what we had in stock.”

Asked whether she had intimated the welfare office or the police that she is in custody of the babies, Mrs. Akinlamilo became a bit jittery and said, “I am ignorant of that. I am just acting as a Good Samaritan; I don’t know that I should report to the Welfare Office or the police. Please can you enlighten me more to avoid any problems,” she pleaded with this reporter. Mrs. Akinlamilo said she is appealing to the state government and NGOs to come to the twins’ aide.”

In the course of this discussion, Emmanuel, father of the twins came in with a tin of SMA baby food. He announced with relish that he just bought one tin from the money given to him.

Many rivers to cross

Now the corpse of the late Margaret has been deposited at the mortuary while preparation is on the way to go to Akenze in Ebonyi State to officially announce the news of his wife’s demise and also perform the necessary rituals and rites. But there still is a snag. Emmanuel has no money.

He said: “The family of my late wife have asked me to come and do marriage ceremonies h my wife and come up with the sum of 350,000 naira before anything could even take off. Where would I get the money from? I am confused. They should pity my condition and understand that I’m still taking care of her four children. Three of them are in secondary school, not to talk of the twins,” he said.

So while Margaret’s corpse lies in the mortuary, Emmanuel is confused and disturbed, as he is facing three hurdles: “I have no money to pay for the mortuary; I also have no money to feed the children; and my in-laws are demanding for the death certificate of their daughter, which they say I must bring along whenever I am coming. They also say it is compulsory for me to come over and do a compulsory marriage with her before she could be buried. They say some rituals must be performed and 350,000 naira must be paid to her family as part of her bride-price, before talking about the burial at all. Where do I get the money from? Am I not in trouble now?”

According to Emmanuel, his in-laws don’t even want to entertain or listen to any excuse or explanation; all they care about is for him to fulfil all the necessary requirements.

Asked how he met his wife, Emmanuel replied that, “You can meet your wife anywhere, so far there is love and the woman agrees to marry you. I am from Idah in Igala, Kogi State, and we met here in Owo, Ondo State. I never knew this is what I would face.”
Education / Re: UNIBEN - 2015/2016 Postgraduate Application Is Out by adibo(m): 5:44am

Must it be paid in first semester I mean d sch fees?
What is d dead line for Acceptance to be paid and done because am yet to travel to Benin from Lag for it. D stress of d journey just killing me......
There is no deadline for now. You can pay your acceptance fee and do ur online clearance where you are, you don't need to travel to Benin. You only need to travel for physical clearance
Politics / Re: Femi Kayode ; FG Must Stop The Barbaric Slaughter Of IPOB Members. by Yhinkss(m): 5:39am
Now I'm impressed with your civility kudo.
However it is not right but the people are making it difficult to defend them. In one of their protest they went on taunting soldiers who they know are intoxicated by the power of the gun. I hope that answers that
Its unjustifiable in a sane society seriously. However there legal ways to go about such not forcing people to close down their shop because of your own interest to protest.

Hmmmm, the way you enter peoples rooms to know who is sampling who. Useless accusations.

well if he treated both shiites and IPOBs the same, does that make the treatment he gave right?
I despise the way Kanu was going about everything like a fanatic and all his doings make treason offence to be slam on him with all his hate and spiteful message beyond. Freedom of expression has limitation not asking arm to fight a state and all sorts
Biafra is free to pursue anything this is a free world but not in that manner. Have you ever seen Cataluya in Spain which is also seeking stateship in that manner? Legal ways are availble
Seek international lawyers for advice
Proceed to UN
Referendum and all legal methods
And not the way they are telling people to shut down their business to protest
RIP to the dead
Health / Re: 13 Natural Home Remedies On How To Get Rid Of Black Spots by enince08: 5:22am
Natural Home Remedies for Removal of Black Spots
Black spots on face doesn’t look good, this is the plain truth. We get the color of our skin due to the pigmented skin cells known as melanocytes. Sometimes, these melanocytes gather in some of the areas of the skin in higher amounts. These areas of skin then become darker or get black and dark spots. There may be many causes for black spots on your face. Hormonal imbalance is one of them. Sometimes, dark spots are due to some blood vessel deformities under the skin where these black spots appear on your face. However, excessive sun exposure seems to be the biggest reason behind dark black spots on face. Sun exposure can give you age spots, also known as liver spots, by damaging the pigment-producing melanocytes in your skin and leading to its higher production. The good news is that you can get rid of black spots on your face caused by such reasons other than hormones and blood vessel deformities! While there are many skin cosmetics such as hydroquinone cream, tretinoin cream and azelaic acid cream as well as various skin treatments like chemical peels and intense pulsed light therapy, we are going to talk about the all natural ways to get rid of these black spots on your face. Yes, we would discuss some excellent home remedies for black spots on your face! smiley
Home Remedies to Rid of Black Spots
Lemon Juice for Black Spots on Your Face
Lemon juice has loads of citric acid in it and this acid has great beauty benefits. Citric acid not only helps shed dead skin cells but also lead to growth of new cells, giving you a brighter skin. This alleviates the problems of age spots along with acne scars, wrinkles and uneven tone and texture of your skin. This remedy may, however, give you a slight burning, tingling, and temporary redness. To see whether you can tolerate this acid, test with some lemon juice in your inner elbow skin. If its all right even after 8-12 hours, go ahead with this remedy to get rid of black spots on your face.
Get this:
Lemon juice
Cotton ball
Do this:
Pour some lemon juice on the cotton ball.
Now apply this juice to your black spots.
Let it dry off on its own.
Wash your face with......
For further remedies visit>>>> http://www.longtermshealthsinsurances.net/13-natural-home-remedies-on-how-to-get-rid-of-black-spots/
Natural herbs can give you a perfect toning for your skin...
Happy Vals Day
Religion / Re: Rhapsody Of Realities: A Daily Devotional by Gombs(m): 5:19am
Influence Your World With The Christ-life - Sunday, February 14th.

Pastor Chris

You yourselves are our letter of recommendation, written on your hearts, to be known and read by all men; and you show that you are a letter from Christ delivered by us, written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts (2 Corinthians 3:2-3 RSV).

Many people have the wrong perception about Christianity. Some say its the worship of God. Others say its the belief in Jesus Christ; and some others say its going to church. Though Christians worship God, believe in Jesus Christ, and go to church, none of these really define Christianity.

Christianity is the out-working of the Christ-life in a human being. Its the manifestation of the righteousness of God in a human person. Its the daily walk of divinity in humanity; Gods daily walk in a man; thats Christianity! Christianity is the Word of God in manifestation; Christians live-out the Word of God.

Your life, as a Christian, is the expression of the Word of God; youre the epistle of Christ. Therefore, your lifestyle should reflect who you really are; youre a true witness, a living proof that Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, and is alive today. The Apostle Paul, in explaining this, said were living epistles (letters).

Your life is being read by all; therefore, your words, actions, and attitude should transmit, and transfer, the Christ-life to the people around you. Influence your world with the grace and glory of Gods Kingdom. Impact those in your world with the Christ-life! Thats your calling; thats your purpose; thats your life!

Dear heavenly Father, I thank you for making me an expression of divinity and a manifestation of your Word. As I walk the paths of this earth, I have the consciousness that my life is the expression of the righteousness of God! As Jesus is, so am I in this world. Im your outstretched arm to the world, in Jesus Name. Amen.

Further Study :
Ephesians 5:1-2
Be ye therefore followers of God, as dear children;  2 And walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us, and hath given himself for us an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet smelling savour.

Colossians 1:26-27 
Even the mystery which hath been hid from ages and from generations, but now is made manifest to his saints:  27 To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles;  which is Christ in you, the hope of glory:

1 John 3:10
In this the children of God are manifest, and the children of the devil:  whosoever doeth not righteousness is not of God, neither he that loveth not his brother.

1-Year Bible Reading Plan: Mark 1:1-20; Leviticus 6-7

2-Year Bible Reading Plan: Acts 18:1-11; Psalm 19-20
Politics / Re: Why Yoruba Prefer Alliance With North Over Biafra –adefuye by EteEdoho: 5:01am
SENATOR Anthony Adefuye is the Secretary of the Yoruba Unity Forum. In this interview, he spoke on sundry issues affecting the Yoruba within the Nigeria entity. Here is the report:
What is the future of Yoruba Unity Forum with the demise of Mama HID Awolowo who was the rallying point?
It is true we have lost our chairman, but we have not lost Yoruba Unity Forum. We also lost Ooni last year who was the patron of the forum. It shows that we need to appoint new credible and young leaders in Yorubaland who will reign for years. We need young, credible, intelligent, forthright leader.
Your forum loudly complained of marginalization of the Yoruba by former President Goodluck Jonathan.
Yes, I remember during the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan, we went to him to complain about marginalization of Yoruba. In his appointment, there was no single Yoruba man in the first 25 key positions. We went to him on two occasions to call his attention to the marginalization. He said he was not aware. When we showed him the list, he expressed surprise and promised to set up a committee to look into it and call us back later. For one whole year, he didn’t call us. Again, we went back to him. This time, the answer he gave was shocking. And we made it clear to him that it would be difficult to convince Yoruba to vote for him with the perceived marginalization. That was the reason when we got to the Ibadan Assembly we made a statement that only a bastard Yoruba who would vote for Jonathan, having marginalized us so badly.
Is that why Southwest voted for the presidential candidate of All Progressives Congress (APC), Muhammadu Buhari?
It is only when the Northerners are in power that Yoruba people benefit most. They are the only one that have similar culture with Yoruba. They trust us and we trust them. If you trace it from the time of Shagari through Babangida to Abacha, you will find out that Yoruba people were in the limelight. Even during the time of the late Head of State, Murtala Muhammed, Yoruba was the second man. Also, during the military regime of Muhammadu Buhari, Tunde Idiagbon, a Yoruba man, was the second in command. At the time of Sani Abacha, Gen Oladipo Diya was the second man. They always choose Yoruba people when they are there. But when we have Southern President Yoruba people suffer. Even when we had our own son, we did suffer. I make bold to say that throughout the eight years of Olusegun Obasanjo, there was no single federal road constructed in the Southwest, not even the one to Ota. Go to Bayelsa today, even where there is water; they have filled it with sand.
How do you manage the mutual suspicion between Southeast and Southwest to be able to speak with one voice in the Southern Nigeria Peoples Assembly?
The mutual suspicion between the Ibo and the Yoruba is just in the mind. In the past, we have had such suspicion when they were the two contending powers in the South, but that has changed. Now, we have six zones. Any region which does not cooperate with Yoruba people does so at its own peril. I have not seen any region that does not want to associate with Yoruba. They might be afraid that we are strong and powerful, they still want to associate with us. There might be suspicion; they still want to associate with us.
Are you saying that the Igbo would prefer having alliance with the Southwest rather than the North, it they are confronted with a choice?
Yes, they have always done so. Don’t forget, most of the Ibos live outside their states.
But they have always accused the late Obafemi Awolowo of betraying the Ibo given the role he played in the civil war. How true is that?
I know that when Awolowo went to them to have an alliance, Ojukwu demanded that the meeting must hold in his bunker. Awolowo said no, let’s hold it in Asaba. Ojukwu said no, it must hold in his bunker. The next day, they started calling him Ali Baba and the fugitives. They never allowed him to sit down to discuss. Not quite long after that, they came and bombed Alagomeji, Yaba, Lagos. That was where the problem started. During that time, I know how many Ibos I housed. And if you recall, it was only in Yoruba land, including Lagos, that we did not seize their property. There was no issue of returning it to them, we never touched it. At that time, it wasn’t that we did not want to work with them but it was that they wanted to enforce Biafara on us too. No leader will accept that. Let them speak the truth. This was how the thing broke down.

Am not Igbo,but this multi-crabs spewed here,is a product of brain dead slowpoke. Mtchww

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Literature / QUEST FOR LOVE (for/to Ikpegbu Victory) by faboadetimothy(m): 4:52am
(for/to Ikpegbu Victory)

Along the long lone love lane

I trod like an ancient weak snail

Looking for that my heart desires,

Which in me often ignite frosty fires.

Many I find are full of decent deceit.

Nooks and crannies verily I visit

Yet that which I seek remains hidden.

Yes, it remains somewhere hidden

Loudly like the archangels' trumpets

My voice echoes though like a puppet's,

But all seems like trying to fetch water

In a basket. Many a time I fairly falter

Neither its gain nor pain I fully taste

Yet without a stay I, out of love, waste

All I mainly make as my strength.

I plod to every breath and length.

The hope fades away day and night

And that which I search is out of sight.

If all ends here, standing quite upright

Is that which my burning heart desires.

And not until I find it I won't retire,

Amidst hellish sun and stony rain,

I walk and work without being frail.

Some voices far away say I'll fail

And that all the efforts are in vain

And their ill-fated words will prevail

They say long time ago Love died

And anyone pursuing the dead will die.

All warnings and threat I for once defy.

Like Romeo, for the course of Love

I will spend the last pint of my blood.

Not deterred I keep the timely pace

Looking forward to either the grass or grace

For what has beginning must have an end

My time, energy and money I spend

While looking for the rarest treasure.

And I deny myself the youthful pleasure

For this some call me the best fool

Who's looking for utopian thing in the Wood.

Ah! Muse! What would I later saintly say

When rather than glory I hold a fail?

Solitarily, I traverse the the lone road.

If I don't look back mine is the gold.

Ticking-tacking is the clock, the Time

Hurries on like an athlete with the Tide.

Behold her beamed with impeccable smiles,

And there lies that which I find

Which lives in her freely without a bind

So sacred in this snared sour clime

Her breath travels many million miles

And makes those who cherish love happy

I walk towards her direction in a snappy

She is as neat as the crystal placed

In the bright sun. I move forward to embrace

The rare gem gently like a dove on a tree.

The meeting is quite above the level of glee

For her fair flawless beauty drives me.

And like a flood words from my mouth flow

For everywhere, everything is quite aglow.

"Lady", I said, "Can I make out of you a wife"?

She like an innocent child looks at me a while

"In you I found the rare seed of love I seek

Beauty, though you have, makes you meek"

When she talks, my heart warmly cheers

Offloading all fears my poisoned mind bears

"Love is designed for who knows its worth

Some run after lust and later have its wrath"

"In you, I'll build a garden of love" I replied

"And you as the vinedresser I solely rely",

Again she smiled, "The seed will grow

Although it might at first be somehow slow"

My heart knows nothing but just joy

Which ends all the tangled weary toil.

Like a mustard seed the Love seed grows

And many more people want to know

How without being noticed it like a tower rises

Even in the pessimists' all-seeing blind eyes

In her, I find hope, cares, and confidence

Some out of dolorous doubt demand evidence

For they like theirs expect some taints

Like a celebrated bard I hold a beaded bell

Jingling to air my found love, a Belle

All is full of fun-filled fair affection

Bereft of any perceived defection

And free from any lustful infection.

All these I plan to on marble write

As we are getting things right.

Timothy Faboade
TV/Movies / "Pool Dead". Of Course He Thinks "Super",deadpool by miopioli: 3:24am
Adaptation of superhero who normally put focus on the protagonist in crisis, his dark past and the like, Deadpool overflows escape conventions. The protagonist has, on the basis of inversion as "Pool dead". Of course he thinks "super", but does not want to mistaken as a hero.


With humor akin to the Kick-Ass , applied in irony and mockery, the film puts Deadpool red dress to hide the blood, while fear and incontinence take some of the villains trajarem brown. Without reservation, violence of action is explicit
Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/federal Skilled Workers Program Connect Here by zandora: 3:21am

Congrats, Zandora. For those of us that are landed immigrant we 'll like to receive tips on what facilitated your securing job within few months...will be glad to ask some questions, if you wouldn't mind my email is blessjiboye@yahoo.com. or you could send me email or give me your email or better still share the tips with the whole house.....even those still awaiting nomination from CIC may learn and be informed ahead. Thank you.

Thanks for your message, of course I'll share my tips so here they are:

Your choices - Firstly I had already made up my mind that I wasn't going to do menial jobs immediately I landed and gave myself 7 months until I started looking at other avenues. The reason is that say you get a low skilled job working at McDonald's for example just to get the Canadian experience or to make ends meet before you finally secure your dream job, it will be almost impossible to land your dream job after. Why do I say this? You can apply for a job today and get called to attend an interview as early as the next day if shortlisted. Now if you've already taken up a menial job, what time would you have to attend the interview bearing in mind that if you're new to a job it's almost impossible for you to get any time off? How many excuses would you then be ready to give your new employer to take time off to attend your interviews? Another thing is that by the time you get home after work most of the time you'll be very tired and won't have time to start looking for the jobs in your field to apply to since most of those menial jobs are quite demanding. Finally, once you take that menial job and your working environment is very conducive, your manager very nice etc, you'll almost certainly become to comfortable and therefore end up being stuck in a dead end job before you know it.

Your resume - Your resume has to be in the Canadian format, in fact this is a must! You can look up Canadian format resumes online or pay one of those Canadian recruitment websites to clean up your resume for you (my friend got rejected and was told it was because of the grammatical errors on his resume). Furthermore, get rid of the countries on your resume. Sadly in this day and age people still discriminate, so once they see an experience is not from Canada but from a 3rd world country like Nigeria they'll be very quick to judge. If you've got the skills trust me they'll contact you and then ask where the company you worked for was located and if they like you they'll take you. Trust me, I can't count how many times interviewers told me they had never heard of First Bank.

Your Accent - Believe it or not this is a deal breaker, I didn't believe it before until I saw it for myself. A friend of mind told me and another friend about a job opening so we applied for the job. A few days later I got a call from the HR of that company asking me a few basic questions, then he booked me in for an interview on the spot. Excitedly I called my other friend to ask if he ever got the call and if he too was to attend an interview. He told me that he got a call but the HR guy didn't book him in for an interview but instead said he'd contact him later (he never did). I then asked my friend what he said to the HR guy on the phone and he said "nothing oh!, I only said elo, oo is this", I just knew there and then it was because of his accent. Now my accent was never perfect, in fact it took me a while to stop pronouncing ask as aks. I'm not saying you must have phonetics, just be able to pronounce you words clearly without any 'h' or any factor. It might be hard but it's achievable.

Your Experience - Whatever is on your resume would be the job you'll be shortlisted for. So if for example you worked in customer services then you should apply for a customer service job. If you worked in a bank as cashier then you should apply for a teller job to maximise your chances of being selected. If you are a cashier applying for a sales or any other role it'll be very difficult to get the job. So my advice, if you have experience in a job you didn't like doing, put it on your resume then when you get the same job here work for 6 months and change departments. There's lateral movements in many companies here, infact companies that are looking to fill vacancies hire internally before going externally.

The Interview - I flunked my first 3 interviews because one of the reasons was that I was always boning like I was attending a frowning contest. When I was in Naija I landed my jobs by frowning and speaking viciously. Unfortunately I thought this would work here but how wrong was I. It was after my 3rd interview that I then went to carry out some research and found that Canadians are one of the friendliest people and like when people appear friendly and chatty. So on my 4th interview I planted the fakest smile I could muster, jeez I was smiling at every and anything so it was no surprise when I progressed to the next stage of the interview.

How to answer interview questions - In total I've attended about 10 interviews (all good roles in financial institutions). Wasn't successful in 4 of them, got 2 job offers and progressed to the next stage in the remaining 4 but cancelled after I accepted one of the offers. Around my 4th interview I did some proper research and realised I was answering questions wrongly. Firstly all the companies asked some repeated questions which were: Tell me about yourself? Give me 3 strengths and 1 weakness? Give me an example of when you worked in a team? Why XX company and why this role? You may look at the questions and think it's easy to answer them, wrong! There's actually a way to answer these questions effectively which is:

- Tell me about yourself: You need to use the EES approach which is Education, Experience and Skills. So you should talk about your education from your highest degree, then your experience from the most recent, then the skills you've acquired over the years (hint: you need to look at the skills they require from the Job posting and mention some of them).

- Give me 3 strengths and 1 weakness: If you just list them then you're making a big mistake. You have to mention each one and then give an example. Therefore you could say 'I'm very proficient in the use of Microsoft office suites, for example in my previous job I used Microsoft Word to type out letters to our clients and PowerPoint to give presentations'. Then for the weakness question you have to talk about a weakness you previously had and you've now worked on and how you worked on it.

- Give me an example of when you worked in a team: Talk about how you worked in a team, saw challenges, how you were able to overcome the challenges and the result.

- Why XX company: Check out the about us section on the company website. Also always talk about diversity because many, infact all companies hire ppl from various backgrounds as a policy. Each time I tell them I would want to work for them because they're very good at hiring people no matter the background they come from they always have this big smile on their faces and nod their heads affirmatively, they love it!

- Why this role: Talk about the previous experience you had in this role and how you loved it.

These are the most important things to ace a job in your field.

One important advice to those who are yet to arrive, don't believe those people who tell you that you won't get a job in your field. You only need to believe in yourself, have determination and trust in God. You're a skilled worker for a reason, so show the reason why you qualified as a skilled worker in the first place. At times you might be frustrated by rejections as I did but the biggest mistake you'll make would be to give up. I'm not saying that everyone who arrives would get a job in their field, but majority should.

I'm still going to take some certifications so I can transfer to another dept in my bank and in a higher level.

I apologise to the people who may think I'm taking up space by my posting as this thread is for people seeking advice for the FSW preparation but I just thought this might help a few people.

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Education / Re: UNIBEN - 2015/2016 Postgraduate Application Is Out by engrjoe(m): 3:20am

After u paid ur acceptance fees n u ve been cleared in pg school then ur payment of school fees ll B enable. So untill u r cleared in pg school u cannot pay sch fees. And also payment of sch fees is nt urgent, u can pay it at any time bt b4 first semester exam

Must it be paid in first semester I mean d sch fees?
What is d dead line for Acceptance to be paid and done because am yet to travel to Benin from Lag for it. D stress of d journey just killing me......
Music Business / Old Dead Female African Artiste by Iyegbata: 3:16am
Please can anyone tell me the name of the lady that sang....brothers killing brothers children fighting war....she died of kidney problem and it was a big one then..that line is just a part of her song I can remember
Foreign Affairs / Re: US Navy: Sitting Ducks In Future Cyberwars? by vedaxcool(m): 2:28am

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I'm allergic to imbecilic man-bitchs lyk you who asslick for some sort of sexual gratification, neither will I tolerate side bitchh talk on my person from a disgusting, all-befouling offense to sanity.

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Politics / Re: Wike Climbed Into The Governorship Seat Over Dead Bodies - Prof Itse Sagay by ngoziama: 2:04am


If apc had won it would have been victory for democracy. Now that pdp won it has become dead bodies.If care is not taken, God would crumble, squeeze and discard apc soon.
Celebrities / Re: See Rapper Wale’s Reply, To A Nigerian Fan Who Asked Him For Money by danyel09(m): 2:00am
That must be a confirmed yoluba boy begging. That is their signature. Their own begging no get part two
stu.pid idiots like you always jump to making derogatory comments about another ethnic group. It just shows how immature, clueless and insecure person that you are. People like you should be struck dead by thunder because you're amongst those that is making the love this world lacks to be a pipe dream. Idiot.
Politics / Re: I Hope Pastor Bakare Is Watching Channels TV Now by obailala(m): 1:41am

Hope you know Igbo leaders , SS leaders or Yoruba leaders going to Abuja is useless. How? The North has majority in the House and senate. So if they say no to any bill raised by an Igbo, Yoruba or SS leader, that bill will not pass unless all the South in the National Assembly vote as one. But they the North know we are not one, so they are pretty sure any bill raised by a so-called southerner is dead on arrival. However to them...the North is one, so any bill they raise will certainly pass,worst case they get some yoruba to vote on it.

So when you say Igbo leaders should look after their interest in the House and Senate, technically you are right, realistically it's impossible. The north structured this country in such a way they will eat their cake and have it as well.
I thank God you pointed out a solution in you comment. If you agree with me that there's a solution, then it's obviously not IMPOSSIBLE. If everyone knows that the 3 northern zones always have their way whenever they come together, then the question is, what stops the SW, SS and SE from coming together when they want to achieve a purpose? Are we cursed?
Religion / Re: What Did Jesus Mean When He Described His Followers As The Salt Of The Earth? by OLAADEGBU(m): 1:24am

What did Jesus mean when He described His followers as the salt of the earth? What does Matthew 5:13 mean when it refers to the salt of the earth?

Suggested answer:

Jesus described His followers as the salt of the earth in Matthew 5 as part of His Sermon on the Mount: "You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot" (verse 13).

There were two purposes for salt in the first century—preserving food and enhancing flavour. Both of those purposes may apply here, or Jesus may have been speaking in a more general sense.

By using this salt metaphor, Jesus may have meant that His disciples are called to be "preservatives" in the world, slowing down the advancement of moral and spiritual decay. Psalm 14:3 says, "All have turned away, all have become corrupt; there is no one who does good, not even one." Believers are to preserve truth and goodness in a fallen world.

Salt was also used as a flavour enhancer. Jesus may have been instructing His disciples to "enhance" the flavour of life in this world—enriching its goodness and making God's work stand out from the normal way of doing things. "But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anything back. Then your reward will be great, and you will be children of the Most High, because he is kind to the ungrateful and wicked" (Luke 6:35). As believers behave in ways that reflect God’s nature, they accentuate the difference that Jesus makes in one's life.

Since Jesus' exact meaning is not specified, perhaps He was not pointing to one specific application, but to salt in a general sense of value and usefulness. In those days, salt was a valuable commodity (the word salary comes from an ancient word meaning "salt-money”). Perhaps Jesus was telling His disciples how important their ministry would be.

Of course, the value of salt lies in its effect on its surroundings. Salt makes an impact. After telling His disciples that they are the salt of the earth, Jesus goes on to say, "But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot." Can salt become less salty? Strictly speaking, no. Sodium chloride is a stable compound and can’t become less of itself. What was Jesus saying then? There are several possibilities:

1) Jesus may have been referring to the “salt” that was collected from the dead Sea by evaporation. The substance resembled pure salt, but it wasn't effective for preservation or for seasoning.

2) Jesus could have been referring to the rock formations in which people would store their meat. Once the salt leached out of the rocks, the rocks were no longer effective to preserve the meat.

3) Others have speculated that Jesus was referring to the salt blocks that bakers used in their ovens. Eventually the heat would make these salt blocks useless.

4) Yet others think Jesus was referring to a saying of the time: "Can salt lose its saltiness?" It’s a rhetorical question because salt can’t become less salty. True disciples of Jesus cannot lose their saltiness. They are new creations and completely changed. Someone who is an imposter cannot become salty again. The imposters are to be "thrown out and trampled underfoot" because they have no effectiveness.

How does Jesus' statement about the salt of the earth apply to us today?

Matthew 5:13 tells us that we are valuable in our role as disciples of Christ. God uses us to impact the people around us. Whether we are slowing down the moral decay or enhancing the spiritual "flavour" of the world, God has created us to be a positive impact. As followers of Christ, we are called to be different and to live righteous lives.

Celebrities / Is Sylvester Stalon ( JOHN RAMBO) Actually Dead Today ? by Ogbaruoigwe1(m): 1:19am
news flying over the world says that sylverster stalon died today via snoowbord ride, when he over shot his speed and crashed into a tree .
Politics / Re: Ndoma-egba, Otu, Others Defect To APC In Cross River State by Clerverly: 1:07am
I thought the Useless IPOB Charlatans Said, APC Was dead In South South??

grin grin grin



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