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Politics / Re: Exchange Rate Under Buhari, The Truth. by rozayx5(m): 6:15pm
Fellow Nigerians,

Once again the truth has been told about Major General Mohamodu Buhari Rtd. lies about his economic policy during his draconian rule of 1983-1985.

The record is now set straight

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.



N:B: Every other factor(s) is debatable.


datolee i think after this post
this issue has been dead and buried, if barcanista knows maths he will study the post above me, and know GEJ has stabilised the naira more than buhari over a longer period of time which is harder

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Politics / Re: Letter To Gen. Buhari By Prof. Banji Akintoye (A Must Read) by explorer250(m): 6:15pm
..dude! Ubr very poor and short-sighted when it comes to History. U said d Benins created d Ijebu empire? Aw am I even sure dat u actually attended a secondary school talkless of a university? U said d Oba of Benin was busy conquering Yoruba city-states and dat d Aalafin of Oyo was scared of him? Who was d Oba of Benin then? Which dynasty was that and who was d Aalafin of Oyo at dat time and wat century did dat take place?.dude u r very dim-witted. The Ijebu empire had being in existence b4 d Benin came 2 be. If u go back to ur history book, u will discover that during the time that Oduduwa was blind, he journeyed 4rm Ile-Ife down to Ijebu-Ode where he was healed by the Awujale of Ijebuland. Do u now want to tell me dat d Benin Empire dat was alleged to av being the brainchild of Oranmiyan d grandchild of Oduduwa is older than Oduduwa and Ile-ife itself? Dats simply degradation of history by a myopic south-easterner. And 4 ur information, d Benins were not busy conquering Yorubalands. They only made part of d present day Lagos state a garrison base 4 it's millitary which they later named "Eko".that was b4 d Ijebus raided and took over lagos Mainland hereby dismantling and anihilating d Benins and chasing d Aworis into Lagos island and dat is why d d entire inhabitants and rulers of Ikorodu r all Ijebus and 4 ur information, d rulers there don't pay tributes to d Oba of Benin, but dey do dat to d Awujale of Ijebuland.and if u think I'm lying, do a quick reserch on Ikorodu or rather visit d place ur self to see. U also said something about d ijebus being conquered in less dan a year. Dats y I said earlier on dat ur alleged educational background is a suspect and should be reviewed. History students knows dat d downfall of d Yoruba city-states was as a result of d numerous wars dat was happening at dat moment in time in d Yorubaland(the Owu war,the 14year war,the rebellion led by Aare ona Kakanfo Afonja and d annexation of ilorin from d Oyo empire,the Owu-ijaiye war,the Ekiti-parapo war,the Kiriji war,...etc)..that was a moment of turmoils,upheavals and disunity among the Yorubas. The war had already weakened them and d Ijebus where d last hope due to d fact dat it was d gateway to d Yoruba hinterlands and immediately dey fell to d europeans due to their superior armaments, there nothing the oda Yoruba nations could do about it and d Britons were able to penetrate them with little or no effort at all....u laid claims on d fact dat d monarchial system of government is dead! 4 ur information, d UK still uses it! But it's powers had being greatly reducedduring d uprising dat led to the signing of the MAGNA CARTA and 99% of European countries still uses only dat their powers also has being reduced immediately after d 2 world wars. Again I doubt ur educational backgrounds. I wonda if u av even being to Asia, particularly d middle east, Dubai,Qater,and d UAE, Jordan and Saudi-Arabia still practice full mornachial system of government and it's working greatly 4 them!... And 4 those clowns u call ibo rulers and their non-existencial "kingdoms" u mentioned earlier on, I doubt if dey could even command an army to attack a couple of Fulani herdsmen and their wive and children!...don't worry now! Sheybe 2015 is around d corner. All ur screams and noise making dat u own 99.9% of Lagos economy and even have d highest numbers of inhabitants in d state will really play a major role in ur massacre! Even Satan will ask u guys when u get to hell whether u were d Benins who gave d name "Eko"to Lagos or dat u were d Aworis who lived and developed d lagos islands. Or dat were u d ijebus who dwelled in part of d lagos mainland or dat u were d eguns who made fishing a commercial and triving buisness in d state in d early hours of civilisation !Bloody group of persona non gratas.
At first i want to begin by saying that i am not a history student. I am a science student and i recently graduated from secondary school, though i recently got admission into the high institution. So, i am not parading myself as an elite in history,but that does not stop me from having basic knowledge of history.
Oya here is the link The benin empire was busy excercising authority at the ijebu court and conquering yorubaland city states.
The yorubas didnt expel the benin army from lagos rather the oba ordered the withdrawal of his troops because he felt that the general commanding the army was becoming too popular and powerful because of how he easily conquered his enemies. So due to the fear of a coup the oba then withdrew the army and gave the general and his family a land to settle as a reward of his hardwork.
History has it that the yoruba army never defeated even a garrison of the benin army even for once! The oyo empire despite its population,cavalry(which was copied from the nupes that destroyed oyo empire earlier) and influence was not able to defeat the oba of benin! Rather she attacked smaller kingdoms such as the dahomey.
Will you also doubt that oyo empire was finally brought down by the fulanis?, even illorin was scrapped into the fulani empire. That is why the traditional rulers of illorin are called emir instead of oba! So my friend let me tell that yorubas was only busy fighting themselves and was not able to expand there territory outside yorubaland save for dahomey, which later revoluted and regained there freedom. Will you also doubt that akure was conquered by benin?, lolz.
But arochukwu an igbo tribe was able to conquer the ruler of the ibibios(a major ethnic group in cross river state which shares boundary with arochukwu)
To me benin is the most powerful kingdom in west africa, and not the yoruba which you claim to be a super power in africa. So my brother in conclusion, i want you to know that the yoruba empires will and can never beat the igbos in terms of warfare!
Lest i forget, ijebu empire was not popular due to its military strenght,rather, it was due to its position in the control of trade routes! (Check this at the second paragraph of this link And also dnt 4get that poverty has led you yorubas to sell your ancestoral lands to igbos. Keep on selling as we continue to build up! Very soon we will lay claim to your land as part of ours and b4 u wil realise it we will be too many for u ppl to defeat! Ask the north was there fear that made them carry out the northernization of the north. Winks!
Religion / Re: 30 Facts About Islam by Mintayo(m): 6:01pm

Abraham was promised a child and he got it. Today he is the father of many nations just as the bible said he would be as his sons descendants grew.

Noah was promised to be saved and he was saved from the flood. His sons repopulated the earth. I don't know the victory u mean except if its this.

Jesus knew he came to die for our sins as the scriptures (old testament) prophesied. And he said it many times to his disciples. He came, did that and fulfilled the scriptures . Today he has billions of followers contributing greatly to humanity.

However, You seem to be adamant about the validity of ur quran and his prophet. Let me ask you this.

Please READ this;

When you say Islam is true what you are actually saying is that your god sent the great "messenger" ISA, who was born of a virgin woman and performed countless miracles including giving life to clay (in your book), in the holy bible he gave life to the dead, walked on water etc.
And when the Jews/ pharisees get him and take him to his death, your god then tricks the Jews and Romans to believe that ISA was crucified (check this it is in your quran: for he was not crucified but it was made to them as if he was) and there by starting the great way of life/ religion which has helped countless people find true peace.

After this your "all knowing" god then sends Mohammed to fight the Jews and Christians (a religion he helped create).

How can u believe this. How can your "all knowing" god create a religion and then send another man, Mohammed who performed no miracles to give commands contrary to most of his early "messenger" ISA.

This makes no sense.
Isalm makes no sense
Wow, this is interesting, and he won't see the truth here. Its shows Allah is confused. He created Christian religion and also send moh to contradict same religion. If Jesus was truly sent by Allah (God forbids ),Why didn't Mohammad do greater works and miracle like Jesus, afterall Jesus did greater miracle than those that precede him. Its Only God can help Muslims, Satan has really blinded them.

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TV/Movies / Re: Your Best Movie Of The Year (2014) by iccydope(m): 5:55pm
Okay I'm a movie junkie and I think I've seen all POPULAR movies of 2014,here's a few.. They are my best of 2014 too,in no particular order
22 jump street
A million ways to die in the west
X-men 5
Amazing spiderman 2
Need for speed
The fault in our stars
If I stay
Camp x-ray
Anna belle
The maze runner
The legend of hercules
That awkward moment
The lego movie
God's not dead
The hungover games (funny as hell)
300:rise of an empire
Peaman and sherbody
The other woman
Muppets most wanted
Rio 2
Bad neighbours
Million dollar arm
How to train your dragon 2
Dawn of the planets of apes
The purge: anarchy
Sex tap
Guardians of the galaxy
Step up: all in
Let's be cops
Expandables 3
Sin city: a dame to kill for
The november man
The equalizer

dracula: untold
The hunger games mocking jay
That's all for now
P.s: all credit goes to and the most current movie dealers in my vicinity.
Romance / Re: Pls Help! My House Girl Is Tempting Me.. by spawnx: 5:55pm
As a pastor, u ought to know better, I know people will say things; like "we are not perfect", "body no be fire wood" etc, but Christ admonishes us to be dead to the flesh. Immediately she did that the first time, you should have called her to order. CALL URSELF TO ORDER.
Technology Market / Re: Movies Galore (at Affordable Price) by streetbutty(m): 5:55pm

Need for speed
Never Back Down[2008]
non stop 2014
Nowhere to Land 2000
n.y.c underground 2013
Oculus [2013]
Opposite Sex (2014)
Ouija (2014)
Over Her dead Body
persecuted 2014
Plastic (2014)
Pirate of the carribean 4
Police Academy (1984)
Police Academy 2 - Their First Assignment (1985)
Police Academy 3 - Back In Training (1986)
Police Academy 4 - Citizens on Patrol (1987)
Police Academy 5 - Assignment Miami Beach (1988)
Police Academy 6 - City Under Siege (1989)
Police Academy; Mission To Moscow (1994)
Pompeii (2014)
Prince of Persia
Prom [2011]
Purnisher 2
Puss in Boots[2011]
Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2011 - Indian
Ratatouille 2007
Real Steel
RED 2010
Red Tails (2012)
Richie Rich
Ride Along (2014)
Ride Or Die.
Rio 2 2014
Rise of the Guardians (2012)
Road To El-darado
RoboCop (2014)
Rush (2013)

Celebrities / 8 Sex Scandals That Rocked The Nigerian Entertainment Industry by lalasticlala(m): 5:54pm
Entertainers and celebrities are always in the public eye. With the media watching their every move and the spotlight beamed on them, rumours or news of aberrations in their private lives are often sensationalised and blown out of proportion.

When sex is involved, it threatens the victim’s career and everything around them, including their families, friends and colleagues. Whether it’s in the form of alleged sex tapes, rumoured infidelity or rumoured extra-marital affairs, the Nigerian entertainment industry has had its fair share of sex scandals.

NET highlights some of the famous scandals that have ensnared Nigerian entertainment personalities in the past.

. Wizkid’s alleged Compromizing Video
With the release of his debut album, ‘Star Boy’ in 2011, a star was born.

Singles off the album were chart-toppers and radio hits, and had the singer raking in shows by the hour. But fame had its price. On the road to fame, he waddled through a pool of infamy, including a Compromizing Video scandal that almost obliterated his budding career.

Few months after he was falsely reported to have been arrested in Scotland with drugs, a Compromizing Video appeared on the internet. The Compromizing Video, which went viral, showed a Wizkid look alike in a sexual act with an older white woman.

The Ogun State born singer later denied being in the video. ‘I think you are either blind or silly if you ask me about the tape,’ he wrote on Twitter. Wizkid also released a song titled ‘It wasn’t me’ to clear up all the rumours about him. From his relationship with Banky W, the drug rumours and of course the Compromizing Video scandal, in the ‘No church in the wild’ by Kanye West and Jay Z cover, the singer rapped: ‘Them say I was caught hands down in a video, them dey run their mouth everyday like radio; nor be me dey the video, (It wasn’t me) dem just put me for gbege na bad man way, only jah go judge their ways.’ The song also featured former EME label mate Skales.

Mo’cheedah and Eldee’s Twitter Unclad drama
This came like a thief in the night. The deed was done in the dead of the night, but by morning it blew up, threatening the career of then princess of hiphop, Modupe Oreoluwa Oyeyemi, popularly known as Mo’cheddah, and the home of married music veteran Lanre Dabiri A.K.A Eldee the Don.

This is what happened. In the early hours of Monday, October 3, 2011, a funny conversation between Mo’cheedah’s Twitter account and that of Eldee’s occurred. ‘If people here with us see it, just say one of the guys also in the hotel posted it to you,’ tweet from Eldee’s Twitter handle to Mo’cheedah, read.

What followed after was shocking: a Unclad picture of a Mo’cheedah look alike was posted by her Twitter account to Eldee’s handle.

It sparked up a whirlwind of controversy the next morning as it became a trending topic on social media and the entertainment blogsphere. Was Eldee having an extra-marital affair with Mo’cheedah? Why was she sending him Unclad photos? Who hacked their accounts? The questions came from everywhere.

It was alleged that those tweets were intended for the secrecy of the Direct Message feature on Twitter, only for it to leak to the public eye.

The two stars denied these allegations, insisting there were hacked.

‘Pls tweeps my acct has been hacked. Disregard my tweets, I’m working on securing my acct. And of cos THAT is not me!,‘ Mo’cheedah later wrote on Twitter.

‘Someone is bleeping around with my account!! If I fuckin catch you!!!,’ an obviously furious Eldee also wrote on Twitter.

Mo’cheedah went quiet musically after this scandal, but later made a comeback with an impressive single which featured reigning rapper Phyno.

. 9ice, Toni Payne and Ruggedman’s rumoured love triangle

This started with just a song.

After separating from his wife of almost two years in 2010, 9ice, in a song titled ‘Once bitten twice shy’ (the ninth track off his album ‘Tradition’), sang about catching his lover giving his friend ‘nodding’ — a term often used for MouthAction.

This brought about media frenzy and another sex scandal in the Nigerian entertainment industry that can never be forgotten in a hurry. A deluge of allegations and rumours followed.

Ruggedman was featured in the drama, with many alleging that he was the friend mentioned in the song. Those familiar with the situation continue to allege that Ruggedman had an on-off affair with Payne before and during her relationship with 9ice. An averment Ruggedman and Payne have since insisted was false.

Though this particular scandal has been forgotten, the true story about the song by 9ice is yet to be known. Frustrated with the negative publicity which the scandal brought upon her, Toni Payne, via a Facebook post on Tuesday, April 20, 2010, pleaded with 9ice to come out with the truth about his song. The plea was supported by Ruggedman.

‘#justsayin #FEDup A song I heard n loved months b4 it came out is causin sme minor issues so I will address dis issue by simply stating that its not my job to clear d air but I also think its time the person who sang the song ‘once bitten’ comes out and tells the truth to every1 and let us no who he sang it for,’ Toni Payne wrote on her Facebook wall.

‘TONI PAYNE My advice to you is you get 9ice to step up and clear this thing about this song once and for all so all this bullshit can stop. HE SANG THE SONG,ONLY HE CAN SAY WHO HE WAS TALKING ABOUT IN THE SONG. SO 9ICE WHERE ARE YOU?’ Ruggedman added.

.Wizkid’s baby mama drama
Wizkid‘s numerous shenanigans since he hit stardom ensure that he makes a second appearance on this list.

NET exclusively reported in August 2011 that the EME pop star Wizkid had fathered his first child at 21. The singer, according to that NET exclusive report, had impregnated a certain Shola who was an undergraduate at the time. Wizkid, who was rumoured to be dating Tonto Dikeh back then, vehemently denied the fatherhood claims.

‘No, I don’t. It’s just a rumour, I’m not thinking about that right now,’ Wizkid denied having a child in an exclusive interview with NET.

The reports, however, shattered many hearts with many fearing that their darling young and enchanting singer had fallen into the hazardous circus of the entertainment industry. To his fans and the public, he had lost the good boy image which initially made him a child star.

Fast forward to 2014, and Wizkid is no longer that fresh faced young singer we saw in 2010. Now a record label owner and ladies’ man, he lives up to being a father.

NET report was proven to be true and now Wizkid hardly goes a week without showing off his son Boluwatife on Instagram.

. The Wande Coal Unclad that caused a little stir

Award winning singer Wande Coal has not been left out of the controversies, as he once trended online for the wrong reason when an alleged Unclad photo of him popped up on the internet in 2010. His then record label, Mo’hits Records, released a statement insisting that the photo was fake and altered by an ‘enemy’ trying to bring down the singer.

Yet not many people believed that, not even his fellow industry mate Olamide. ‘Oloso (prostitutes) thinking of how to ruin me, but I know what I’m doing/they want to Wande Coal me,’ Olamide rapped on a track about not letting his guard down when it comes to interacting with obsessed female fans.

. Chidinma Ekile’s rumoured Compromizing Video

Sweet, beautiful and talented singer, with her petite church girl looks, Chidinma has endeared herself to the hearts of many since her emergence in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

This is why fans were stunned when a Compromizing Video of a Chidinma look-alike leaked on the internet in 2013.

‘The girl in the video cannot be Chidinma,’ was the popular sentiment expressed by many fans on social media and entertainment websites across the country. The girl in the Compromizing Video displayed top notch sexual performances… too top notch for our own church chorister music star, Chidinma, we thought.

In a later interview with HipTV, rapper Illbliss, who is a friend and mentor of the singer, revealed that the Compromizing Video scandal brought her tears.

‘All she did was cry her eyes out, saying ‘I’m only a small girl; I’ve not wronged anybody, why will anyone do this to me?’ I told her that we will speak when we want to and it will not be to defend the Compromizing Video issue but to communicate her success; and indeed it worked,’ Illbliss revealed.

. Ese Walter and COZA pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo’s sex affair

This allegation of infidelity from blogger and Radio Presenter Ese Walter, was made in a 3000-word article in which she detailed her affair with her pastor, Biodun Fatoyinbo of the Abuja branch of Common Wealth Of Zion Assembly.

Ese accused the pastor of manipulating her sexually and also spiritually. Here is an excerpt from what she wrote: ‘He asked me to kiss him and all I could think about was seeing him preach on the pulpit back in COZA Abuja, Nigeria, which was my home church. He again said ‘feel free Ese.’ And asked again, that I kiss him. A few hours later, let’s just say, we were rolling under the sheets. It felt as though my mind had paused. I am not saying I was jazzed, (although it’s possible I was in some trance-like state and didn’t know it but I just was so afraid that I couldn’t say or think otherwise.) That was the beginning of this affair. A sexual affair that went on for a little over a week, DAILY.’

Less than a month after Ese’s revelations, another lady, Franca E, also wrote an open letter alleging that the Pastor asked her for sex.

This scandal was beyond the entertainment industry; it was huge and controversial. Yet, the accused, Pastor Fatoyinbo remained mute on the issue.

‘I can assure you my wife and I love each other and at the right time we shall respond. Read my lips, we are going to release a robust reply to all the allegations,’ he said in a church service after the allegations made headlines across the country.

It has been almost one year since these allegations were made. Ese Walters has moved on. She has found love and gotten married. The world is however still waiting for a reply.

. Obesere rape scandal

After being accused of rape by his lover Olanike Olaiya, Obesere had to prove his innocence to the police, the law, his fans, his family and the general public. This was a shock to many Fuji fans and followers as Obesere had been known as a scandal- and controversy-free Fuji singer.

The singer, however, insisted he was innocent, a claim which has fortunately been verified by police investigations.

‘As far as we’re concerned, and based on the investigations carried out so far on the matter, most of the allegations by Obesere’s accuser, Olanike Olaiya, were fabricated. Although, they both admitted having carnal knowledge of each other, there was absolutely nothing to show that Nike was raped as she claimed,’ Lagos State Police Command Spokesperson Ngozi Braide confirmed.


Family / Re: Couple Killed By Robbers Shortly After Landing Nigeria For Holiday by tomas97: 5:53pm
I have been living almost 15 years out of my beloved Nigeria.And I am also very tired and depressed living outside again.But whenever I think about moving back home,the thought of insecurity and darkness makes me think no no.because I have experienced armed robbery 3 times while I.was still living in Nigeria.Thinking about those nights when those mean faces busted into our house while sleeping in the mid of the night always gives me goose bumps.Even when I come.home.sometimes to.spend.a week,I always live in constant fear when it's getting dark.
Rip to the dead.
Technology Market / Re: Movies Galore (at Affordable Price) by streetbutty(m): 5:51pm

Get on Up (2014)
Get Smart
Ghost of girl friend's Past
Ghost recon Alpha (2012)
Ghost Town
God's not dead 2014
Godzilla (2014) HD
Going the distance
Good people 2014
Gravity (2013
Green Street Hooligans
Grown Ups (2010)
Grown Ups 2 (2013)
Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)
Gun [2010]
Hackers Antitrust
Hot Tube Time Machine 2010
Hotel Transylvania
How high
How To Lose Friends And Alienate People
How to train your Dragon
I Do (But I Don't)
I.Frankenstein (2014)
Ice Age 4
Identity Thief
In time
In the Blood (2014)
Iron Man 3 2013

Technology Market / Re: Movies Galore (at Affordable Price) by streetbutty(m): 5:50pm

dawn of the planets of the apes
Deliver Us From Eva
deliver us from evil
Demon Legacy 2014
derailed (clive owen & jennifer aniston)
Devil's Knot (2013)
Divergent 2014
Django Unchained
Dont Say A Word
Double Wedding (2010)
Down To Earth
Dracula Untold (2014)
Drive 2011
drive hard
Due Date.
Easy A (2010)
Faltu - Indian
Family That Preys
Fast 5
Final Fantasy - The Spirits Within
Flash Of Genius
Force (2011)
Four Christmases
freaky friday
Freddy Vs Jason
Free Fall (2014)
Freedom Writers[2007]
Friday After Next.[2002]

Literature / Re: Nairaland Writers Collaboration 2014 by Royver(m): 5:48pm


Don Kamir backed away from the CCTV in shock. He was sweating profusely and the gun in his hand shook violently. This was the same guy Dino Brown had sent after him! He had dispatched most of his guards and now had just killed Crystal! He picked up the comm. and tried to call any of his remaining guards to help him but most of them had already fled the scene. He paced around the desk confused and muttering to himself. Finally he made a decision. He picked up his mobile phone and dialed a number.

“Hello? Inspector? I need you to come to my house right away, someone is trying to kill me…Donald Kamir, former senator…Yes Yes I am still alive…Look if you don’t believe me how many people know that you received the sum of N1million every month to turn a blind eye to the Crimson mansion at Cedar point, regardless of whatever went on there?…Alright, alright, come immediately.”

He cut the call and looked at Zainab and Rimi.

“The police will be here in fifteen minutes exactly.” He shook his head.”I never thought I would need their help. At least I’ll be locked safely in here until they come then I can tell them whatever I want and bribe my way through.” He stopped and turned his attention to the CCTV as One Bullet made his way upstairs.

Rimi knew where this was going. He stood, carrying Zainab up in the process. This man was probably going to kill them as they were of no use to him anymore. He glanced at Zainab and smiled.

“I love you.” He whispered.

Zainab looked up at him, her eyes still bulging in fear.

“What are you planning on doing?” she whispered back, but was cut short by Don Kamir as he began to speak again.

“You two are of no use to me. That guy coming upstairs is a hardened killer and will most likely shoot through you to get at me. And I don’t want the police getting their hands on you, you know too much-“

He had barely finished speaking when Rimi charged him, screaming as loudly as he could, using his body as a shield to protect Zainab from the line of fire. Don Kamir was taken completely by surprise and fired wildly at Rimi. The Shot went through his left shoulder muscle but Rimi didn’t stop. Before Don Kamir could fire another shot Rimi had knocked the gun out of his hand and they tumbled over the large desk. Don Kamir punched Rimi hard on his injured shoulder and Rimi cried out in pain. Don Kamir then began to strangle Rimi, using his hands to squeeze his throat and cut off his oxygen supply. Rimi began to see white spots before his eyes as he started to black out. There was a shot and Don Kamir cried out, letting go of Rimi who struggled backwards gasping for air. He looked up to see Zainab pointing the gun at Don Kamir.

“You killed my father!” She screamed.

“Now, take it easy, Zainab!” Don Kamir said, his face swollen with fear. Blood oozed from his left leg as Don Kamir went on his knees to beg the angry daughter of the man he had agreed should be killed.

“You joined Dino Brown in signing my father’s death warrant! Murderer!” She cried, the gun in her hand shaking violently.

“And you’ll be a murderer too if you pull the trigger! Once you kill you can’t go back!”Don Kamir begged. “Spare my life! Show me that you are better than me! Don’t use me to taint your innocent hands!”

“I hate to agree with the monster, but he is right.” Rimi said, getting to his feet and approaching Zainab carefully. “The police won’t understand why you killed him, Zainab. There is no place in the law for revenge killing. Please I don’t want to lose you to prison. Please give me the gun!”

Zainab wept hot tears as Rimi gently coaxed the gun away from her hands. She held unto Rimi as he hugged her, wincing in pain as she leaned on his injured arm. He pointed the gun at Don kamir.

“The Access code for the door. Tell me or I shoot your other leg and keep shooting until the police arrive.”

“You dare not!” Don Kamir shouted. Rimi sighed and pointed the gun at his other leg and the Don screamed.

“No! No ! I’ll tell you!” He gasped. “55343078!”

Rimi went to the door and punched in the access code and it opened. Immediately One Bullet entered. Don Kamir’s eyes widened in shock. In his panic he had completely forgotten the assassin was outside.

“We don’t want any trouble.” Rimi said, holding Zainab protectively while aiming the gun at One Bullet.

One bullet ignored them and walked into the room towards Don Kamir who was still on his knees.

“Please…” Don Kamir began.

One Bullet didn’t wait for him to finish but emptied the rest of bullets from the Uzi into Don Kamir. He watched as Don Kamir slumped lifeless to
the floor in a pool of his own blood.

“This time stay dead.” He said.

He walked back to where Rimi and Zainab stood by the door trembling in fear.

“You both should leave before the police get here unless you want to be involved in this mess.” He said.

“You aren’t going to hurt us?” Zainab asked fearfully. One Bullet shrugged.

“You are not on my list. You never were.”

And then he was gone.

“Let’s get out of here.” Rimi said, grabbing Zainab’s hand. Zainab removed her hand from his grasp and ran to Don Kamir’s desk. She searched around until she saw the gold key. She took it and went back to Rimi who looked at her quizzically.

“The way I see it, it belonged to my dad as well, at least it was in his keep before your friends stole it.” She blurted out.

“I’m not objecting, but we need to get out of here fast!” Rimi said, hearing the sound of sirens in the distance. He grabbed her and running with her down the stairs, they ran out of the mansion a moment before the police arrived with Inspector Bello leading the charge.
Rap Battles / Re: Flow For Rank by Testerfuze(m): 5:43pm


As the king of this bout/
i'm ripping this clown/
and bringing him down/
and if i suspect any 'cocky' act,or 'fowl' play,then i'll chicken him out/!!
When competent glads seat/
With immortal skills and tactics/
d only time we'll 'See-D',is if we talking compact discs/!!
I'll cause the foe catastrophe/
he'll behold calamity/
cos everybody knows he's 'unfortunate' like 'santiago' in the 'old man and the sea'/!!
Seize his 'arteries' To hell with the pain/
i'm bastardizing and wrecking,the same/
cos i'll destroy his cappilaries and spill blood,then he'll perish in 'vain'/!!
The goon is nuts/
rude and spoilt/
his whole verse is disgraceful in short/
and since my 'brain's' gat class,we can't be in the same 'school of thought'/!!
As i exit,i leave the vet in pain/
sever his body and transport his head to spain/
i killed once,but since i'm repeating the acti0n,like asa's single,he'll be left for 'dead again'/!!


Yó nailed it son!!
Family / Re: Couple Killed By Robbers Shortly After Landing Nigeria For Holiday by YasirNasir(f): 5:41pm
So sad. RIP to the dead
Family / Re: Couple Killed By Robbers Shortly After Landing Nigeria For Holiday by eejo(m): 5:39pm

A braid dead troglodyte you are. Congratulations.
so you are too
Literature / Re: Nairaland Writers Collaboration 2014 by Royver(m): 5:37pm
The first bodyguard never knew what happened. One minute he was patrolling the grounds, the next he was knocked on the head and as he fell, his killer broke his neck on his knee. One Bullet dropped the lifeless body and went stealthily towards the front door. Another bodyguard suddenly came round the corner and was startled to see him. One bullet approached him casually.

“Please where is the toilet?” he asked. As the man’s brain was trying to process the question, One Bullet hit his throat with the butt of his gun and then knocked him hard on the back of the head as he fell. Unfortunately, the man wasn’t totally unconscious and made a strange grunting sound as he hit the ground. This alerted the other guard inside who came running. One bullet had no choice. He had hoped to be as quiet as possible for as long as possible. That plan just went out the window. He fired his first bullet.

Don Kamir suddenly cocked his head to one corner. The room he was in was bulletproof and also mostly soundproof so he was essentially cut off from the outside world, but he thought he heard something like a gunshot. He waited a little and soon there was another shot. Crystal who had her gun down Zainab’s gagging throat also stopped her tormenting to listen.

“What’s going on?” Don Kamir growled.

Crystal went over to the closed circuit TV installed on Don Kamir’s control desk and checked. She saw four bodies lying motionless on the ground outside and lots of guards running about but not the source of the commotion. She switched to another camera and then another, and finally she saw him; a man in a black outfit steadily approaching behind two confused looking guards. As they turned around his gun fired twice and they both dropped dead. She noticed the way he held his gun and another evil smile played on her lips as she realized who it was.

“Stay in here, Boss.” She said, gripping her gun tightly. “I need to go and see an old classmate.”

Then she went to the door and punched the access codes. The door opened with a whoosh and Crystal stepped out of the room. Rimi turned to face Don Kamir who was already behind his huge desk and had pulled out another gun.

“If it is the police then I should be able to use you two as hostages. If not I’ll have no further need of you. Either way you are dead already!” He fumed, pointing the gun at them.

Rimi looked at Zainab sitting on the floor. She stared back at him wide-eyed. The loomk on her scared face tugged at the protective instinct in him and he got up and went to sit beside her as she collapsed in his body with sobs.

“It’s going to be alright.” He whispered. “It‘s going to be alright.”


One bullet found himself pinned to the side of the wall as the other guards opened fire on him. Their AK-47s sprayed bullets in his position effortlessly, tearing away at the plastered wall that served as his shield. He forced his mind to remain calm as he considered his options. Luckily the last two guards he had killed had been carrying fully loaded Uzis. He waited until the guards stop their barrage of bullets then quickly peered across the wall, shooting two guards down with a burst of both Uzis and marking the position of four others. He retreated behind the wall again as another barrage of bullets came his way. He waited patiently until they had emptied their clips then jumped out again, firing one shot in each of the previously marked positions. The guards there fell like puppets whose strings had been cut.

He jumped behind the wall again grinning to himself. Big, muscular unintelligent oafs. He noticed the conspicuous door at the top of the stairs and decided that would be where their boss would be hiding. He came out again, firing and moving forward at the same time. Most of the guards had started retreating in a panic; for there was nowhere One Bullet fired that al least one person didn’t lose his life. One of the guards pointed his gun frantically and fired but the gun got jammed. One Bullet stared at him icily and the man turned to run, but before One Bullet could raise his hand another shot came from upstairs, puncturing a hole in his skull. The man dropped lifeless to the floor and One Bullet turned around.

“Crystal Clear.” He noted with a not so fond remembrance.

“Hello One Bullet.” Crystal smiled as she walked casually down the stairs. “What are you doing back in Nigeria?”

“Came to finish a job.” One bullet replied, his trigger finger itching to move.

“Ha, that’s bad, One bullet. It means you left a job unfinished before you left? Are you losing your touch Sir?”

“Why are you here, Crystal?” One bullet asked. Her last question had angered him.

“Why, to take care of your last failure of course. To make sure he continues to live so as to remind you that all the noise you made back at the
Assassin’s academy was all a crock of poo.”

“You dare challenge me, Crystal Clear?” One Bullet asked with a wry smile. “You were always at the bottom of the class. Not too bright and
downright ugly too.”

“I hate being called ugly.” Crystal said and suddenly fired a shot. The Uzi at one bullet’s left hand shattered to pieces. One bullet pointed his other Uzi at her and fired but Crystal was fast and jumped down the stairs behind a concrete pillar. The bullets passed harmlessly above her. As One Bullet ran forward firing, Crystal fired a shot that got him on the right shoulder. He fell backwards and crawled behind a heavy wooden table for cover. Blood quickly soaked the shirt he was wearing and he fought to blank out the pain.

“That is the second time you have missed, honey!” Crystal clear sang happily from behind the pillar as she pulled out her other gun. “Seems like the bottom student of the class is going to kill you today!”

Suddenly she heard a cracking noise and looked up. The electric cord of the chandelier above her had been shredded by One Bullet’s last firing.
He hadn’t been aiming for her after all! She jumped away from the pillar just as the chandelier fell to the place where she had previously been
with a crash. She quickly struggled to her feet but it was too late. One Bullet had the nozzle of the Uzi against her skull.

“That door you came out from. It is opened via access codes. Can I have them?” He asked quietly.

“Never!”Crystal snarled.

“Okay.” One bullet said and blew her brains out.
Politics / Re: Stick With The Incumbent President And Re-elect Him In 2015 Prof Wole Soyinka’s by dontjealousme1: 5:32pm
You will weep and wish you are dead into the new year while others are celebrating. Omo alainiran Kobokobo cannibal!

Na ya brother make am public say una yansh dey smell na... haba! I am covered by the blood of Jesus. Flying witches with dirty yansh have no power but to fall and be exposed. Die their now! Amen! grin
Politics / Re: Stick With The Incumbent President And Re-elect Him In 2015 Prof Wole Soyinka’s by whitecat2: 5:30pm
You will weep and wish you are dead into the new year while others are celebrating. Omo alainiran Kobokobo cannibal!

So u dont like it hmm! Dat is why u start denying on behalf of the Prof? Just make sure u wipe that ur dirty yansh! It stinks to high heaven. ileke idi
Family / Re: Couple Killed By Robbers Shortly After Landing Nigeria For Holiday by CityNG: 5:22pm
shut up all americans folks only yesterday two policemen shot dead in daylight in america even america police cannot protect themselves talk of the public

A braid dead troglodyte you are. Congratulations.
Politics / Re: List Of 54 Nigerian Soldiers Sentenced To Death by toblosky(m): 5:21pm
It's obvious we need a new authentic " commander in Chief" of the federal republic of Nigeria. Our last hope is the military, by the time 54 boys are killed and their coleauges go rougue we are dead. Imagine soldiers who are in position of arms sayin enough is enough and taking arms against the state? E go hard to control them o! For all I know soldiers will not be smiling while you kill their coleauges o! I foresee great danger. Soldiers will take arms against their superiors and politicians and it will be bloody. Is it police, civil defence or lastma that govt wll use to stop them?
shut up kid, you don't know anything about military formations
Politics / Chinese Firm To Construct New Power Grid – FG by Ikengawo: 5:18pm


A Chinese firm, Shandong Power Equipment Company Limited, is to construct a new power grid for the country, the Federal Government has said.

The Minister of Power, Prof. Chinedu Nebo, disclosed this in Abuja on Thursday while signing a Memorandum of Understanding with SPECO for the construction of a new national grid system.

The minister said he had no doubt that SPECO had the financial muscle to undertake the project, adding that the firm’s net worth was in excess of $300bn.

He said SPECO also possessed the expertise to make the difference in Nigeria’s quest to build a robust and vibrant national grid.

Nebo was quoted to have said that the existing grid line was not competitive enough, as the 330KVA currently in use was far below what was obtainable in China, India and the United States.

He said the three countries had systems that exceeded 1,050KVA transmission capacities.

“As Nigeria is currently at the threshold of the launch of its ambitious national industrial revolution, power will be required to drive it. The Industrial Revolution Plan will be dead without power and power will be dead without transmission,” the minister said.

The representative of the Chinese firm, Kay Zhang, said the company had what it takes to provide Nigeria with world class transmission project.

SPECO, he said, was currently serving 1.1 billion Chinese and covering about 88 per cent of China’s land, adding that the company was the seventh of the top 500 firms in the country.

Meanwhile, the Federal Ministry of Power on Thursday announced its intention to work with the National Association of Nigerian Students to check the menace of vandalism of oil and gas pipelines and electricity infrastructure across the country.

It said the partnership was to ensure that the goal of adequate and constant power supply to every Nigerian became a reality.

Nebo said this at the headquarters of the ministry after receiving an award of excellence from the leadership of NANS.

He said the students’ association would be engaged as agents of change in the fight against sabotage of government assets in the sector, a hazard which had greatly undermined the efforts of both the past and present administrations in the provision of uninterrupted power supply.

On capacity building, the minister said the National Power Training Institute would incorporate students into its programme, as they would have undergone necessary skill acquisition before graduation.

This, he said, would enable them to have seamless transition as mechanical and electrical engineers to contribute positively in the new power sector.

The minister also spoke about the plan of his ministry to leverage on its proposed National Power Sector Apprenticeship Scheme to reduce the over dependence of the sector on foreign expertise.

“Our people have the right to know. NANS should be involved in our sensitisation efforts as we will gladly support any robust programme aimed at building enterprise and patriotism,” Nebo said.

Earlier, the NANS President, Mr. Tijani Usman, commended the minister for stabilising the sector, stressing that there had been noticeable improvement in the supply of power nationwide.

He requested the minister to consider incorporating students in the consumer forum, training modules at NAPTIN and active participation in anti-vandalism of pipelines and other power infrastructure campaign.
Literature / Re: Nairaland Writers Collaboration 2014 by Royver(m): 5:13pm
“But why kill you for a key?” Rimi asked. “Why kill Zainab’s dad, who by the way wasn’t really at fault? What on earth is so special about this key?”

Don Kamir grinned and took another drink from his glass before continuing.

“Eight years ago, a computer guru named Christopher was able to hack into all the computer networks of all the banks in Nigeria, Ghana, and some of the other surrounding African countries. From there he was able to create a program to pilfer small amounts of change from ALL the accounts in these banks. Change that wouldn’t be missed, like N20, N50, N100, even a few hundred thousands from our greedy politicians. They had so much money they didn’t miss it when a few hundred thousand naira disappeared into thin air. This computer program has been running for eight years now. EIGHT YEARS. And it is completely untraceable. The guru would have been the richest man in Africa, maybe even the world, if his ego had allowed him to keep quiet. But no, he had to brag about it. Somehow his bragging got to our quarters and we were able to employ this Guru. We made him give us the access codes to the account. Whoever has the access codes controls the account, no questions asked. The access codes we locked up in a safe deposit box which is essentially 20inches of pure steel. The only way to open that box is through this key.”

He waved the key about playfully and put it on the huge desk at the centre of the room.

“We never told the guru about the key though, and we warned him that if we ever found out that he tampered with the access codes in any way he would be killed instantly. He complied, didn’t seem to be the sort that was driven by money anyway, and left the access codes and key in our possession. Dino Brown and I thought of who we could keep the key with for safekeeping and we thought of an old school friend of his who Dino Brown had helped become a Jeweler.”

“But why my father?” Zainab asked.

“Mr. Adamu was the perfect candidate. Innocent, not one to ask too many questions as long as his family never went hungry again, he was ecstatic when we opened a bank for him. He knew nothing about the key, of course. All we had to do was sit tight for a few more years and we would be rich beyond our wildest dreams. But then some petty thieves came and messed up our plans. We were not even sure if Mr. Adamu himself was involved but we had him killed nonetheless. And then we couldn’t find the key. Even if we broke into the bank and somehow opened the vault, there was no way of opening the steel box short of a massive bomb which would incinerate the chip with the codes anyway. You can imagine why Dino suddenly became very sick. I myself wasn’t in good shape and was beyond shocked when Dino attempted to assassinate me.”

Don Kamir walked over to Crystal and cupped her ugly face. Her smile never left her lips.

“Do you know how much that account will be worth now according to our calculations?”

“Billions of Dollars.” Crystal grinned. Don Kamir smiled and kissed her full on the lips. She kissed him back and for a moment Rimi thought they had forgotten about them.

There were no guns pointed at them and the two people in front of him were a maniacal middle aged man and a small statured ugly woman. He was sure he could take them both down in a surprise attack. Without warning he lunged forward.

As he was about to strike, Crystal pulled away from Don Kamir and judo kicked Rimi straight in the groin. Rimi doubled up instantly as pain paralyzed him. He tried to recover but Crystal was already beside him. She moved so swiftly that Zainab gasped. She gave him an uppercut to his jaw and his neck snapped up, then finally she put a leg behind him and punched him hard on the chest. Toppling over her leg, Rimi landed heavily on the floor, all his body racked in severe pain.

“Don’t be in such a hurry to die. We will kill you eventually don’t worry,” She said and smiled at Zainab who was rushing forward to help Rimi.

“You have pretty earrings my dear.” She said and before Zainab could reply, she had drawn her guns and fired two shots. Zainab’s dangling earrings burst into pieces and Zainab screamed as blood spurted from both ears.

Don Kamir was laughing loudly.

“Nice shot Crystal! Let’s see you play with them some more before we kill them!”

“With pleasure Sir.” Crystal smiled.

Zainab screamed again and tried to get away as Crystal walked gracefully towards her like a tigress going after her prey.


One Bullet counted the number of bullets in the gun he had acquired from the dead Hassan. Six bullets left. That meant he had to acquire another gun by the sixth shot. He checked the gun thoroughly for any faults, dismembered it and assembled it back together. It was a nice piece. He closed his eyes and imagined the ocean and birds and calm, soulful music. He needed his full concentration and calmness for what he was about to do. The only thing that pervaded the calm state of his mind was the name Kamir. He remembered a Kamir he had been sent to kill, A very tough case where he had not been at his best and the man was surrounded by bucketfuls of bodyguards. They looked like the same bodyguards he had been seeing parading the grounds around the mansion; big muscular but exceedingly clumsy men as far as he could tell. Kamir, the Kamir he was thinking about, was supposed to be dead. If he was alive then it meant One bullet had missed a target. It meant he was no longer deserving of that name. He hummed to himself in the underbrush beside the garden and calmed his mind further. When he opened his eyes they were crystal clear. He knew what he had to do.

He was going to finish the job. He was going to kill Don Kamir a.k.a Senator Donald Kamir.

It wasn’t about the money anymore. He had a reputation to maintain.

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Religion / Re: Why Are Atheists Always Talking About Religion by danjumakolo: 5:11pm
I'm a girl. i would really like to know why God gave such comflicting revelations to different regions of our populace? Does he get off seeing us antagonise and kill each other.

Ahaaa! I can now see u are coming from the atheist,agnoist point of view...This is the national anthem of the atheists..that why will God allow us kill ourselves or why will God watch when innocent ppl are killed...
Babe,God is not human,he is an infinite,immaterial,omnipresent,omnipotent being who does not reason like u and me...he created us only for the purpose of worship..but then he made the laws here the way they are allow us reason btw right and wrong from the free will he gave us...but know that there is a day of reckony..
Hitler gassed six million are u saying hitler is dead and gone?and he won't be judged one day?

If u are here in this world by accident,me I am not ooo,I am here for a purpose...See the moment u don't believe there is God,u can't move an inch,that's y most Islamic scholars call atheist moving zombies
Politics / Re: If Elected, Buhari Will Witch-hunt 'enemies' And Jail Them For 200 Years – Mu'az by Jesusloveyou: 5:10pm
. Including obj, Tinubu, ibb abi?
gej till 2015 because he is too small to tackle ragtag boko boys,talkless of powerful corrupt ibb and obj.if tinubu hand is not clean,he would have be supporting buhari.if corruption and insecurity is handle,every other thing wil fall in line,our dead economy wil rise again.
Politics / Re: Unveiling President Jonathan’s Classmates & His Msc, Phd Supervisor by stexsy(m): 5:07pm
All we are saying "give us pictorial evidence"

Yeye dey smell... they put a dead man asthe supervisor to cover-up the scam!!! #wedoncatchuna
pictures of Buhari's primary sch mates or.....
Family / Re: Couple Killed By Robbers Shortly After Landing Nigeria For Holiday by otiigba1(m): 5:02pm
Igbo peeps and alaroro... U come from texas... U no fit afford common 29000 for aero contractors bia, u neva hear of Mber month before?... Anyways, respect to the dead.. May God not allow us to see dis kinf tin amen
so you think they would have been safe in that yeye AERO contract, plane i always go with arik or better still Direct to porthacourt
Nairaland / General / Dirty & Disturbing Online Political Campaign Tactics By Paid Party Agents! by DickDastardly(m): 4:54pm
This paid agents has infiltrated every online platform and are easily identifiable by how low and crude they get in earning their wages.
Their job definition is simple, read below:

(1) Praise and launder the image of their paymaster even if he is Lucifer himself.
(2) Attack anybody with contrary opinion with the villest of curses(especially in the face of defeat by a superior arguement)
(3) Dig out old dusty family pictures of the paymaster from God-knows-where, put it online and argue that he is a loving family man(even if everyone else knows he's a monster) undecided
(4) Get the paymaster to snap new pictures in suits and poses that will make models green with envy(not minding that everyone knows that the man in question will only adorn such attire in real life at gun point)
(5) Upload pictures of their man wearing mummy-like smiles to force fake amiabilty down the throat of gullible voters.
(6) Upload any seeming compromising picture or silly memes of their mark and tag it anything to derride him.
(7) Create mass-monickers to easily harvest "likes" for seeming positive comments attributed to their paymaster to make them appear popular to the uninformed.
(cool Create monickers with a particular tribe's language or name, so they can always claim roots and be like "even though i'm from same place as so so and so, i will not vote for him" (and we all know he or she is not from there) angry witty devils
(9) Avoid threads on achievements of their mark like plague and feast on seeming negative topics of their mark like balded vultures on dead putrified meat.
(10) Create a counter thread immediately one pops up against their paymaster and demand its immediately sent to home page, else the forum management is criminally biased.
(11) Hover around like hawks online 24/7 in case verbal attack duty calls.
(12) Add your own observations.

There are genuine party/candidate supporters. But you dont need to look too hard to see they are not on anybody's payroll. They normally will praise their party/candidate when they merit it, but are also quick to criticize or condemn their wrongs.
The paid Agents in their characteristic style will either avoid this thread like leprousy or come out fangs-out to attack me.
I cant wait for Febuary 2015 to come and go so we can have our online forums, espcially NAIRALAND back from these pests and their current dirty campaign pestilence.

.......... DickDastardly is a Social Critic cool

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Politics / Re: Stick With The Incumbent President And Re-elect Him In 2015 Prof Wole Soyinka’s by chemali: 4:53pm
Do you understand what you copied there You obviously didn't get it. What Soyinka was saying in there is Buhari is great and all, but we should still extract more from him by asking questions about what he tends to do, since he's not god. So jonathan is dead and doesn't even come a distant option according to the Prof. Go through it again and read it slowly.

I agree he is dumb. But Soyinka didn't say what's in that article.
Politics / Re: Photos From Military Ambush Attack That Killed Over 100 Boko Haram Terrorists by fcetbici(m): 4:51pm
But I didn't see any dead body of the so called boko haram at the above pic.
Nevertheless, a prophet of God has just prophecies that our amiable and dynamic president GEJ(FSLC (8yrs) WAEC, GCE, BSC, MSC,PH.D.,GCFR,,) will win next year Election. GEJ till somebody get atleast OND
He did not only spend 8years in primary school, he pursued PhD in 9years (1988-1995)
Politics / Re: Stick With The Incumbent President And Re-elect Him In 2015 Prof Wole Soyinka’s by whitecat2: 4:50pm
Do you understand what you copied there You obviously didn't get it. What Soyinka was saying in there is that, Buhari is great and all, but we should still extract more from him by asking questions about what he tends to do, since he's not god. So jonathan is dead and doesn't even come a distant option according to the Prof. Go through it again and read it slowly.

Prof Soyinka.
We cannot condemn Buhari as ‘bad’ because of his tendency to trust and think that everyone is like him. That would be both wrong and unfair.[b][/b] But to expect and demand that we should all gladly entrust our lives to a man who may, in his goodness, be less than circumspect in matters of state, is to push optimism beyond the domain of rationality. [b][/b]My respect for the person of Buhari is not diminished by whatever defects of character anyone may attribute to him.

Well articulated prof.. GEJ might not be able to bring d change we desire quickly..but certainly not GMB...
Politics / Re: Stick With The Incumbent President And Re-elect Him In 2015 Prof Wole Soyinka’s by BraniacX(m): 4:47pm
This is the best NIGERIANS can come up with? cheesy
It must be 'fUSSSS-tRRREHtin' trying to choose between a LIVING CORPSE(GEJ) and a dead CORPSE(GMB)!

*clutching my AMERICAN passport ever-so-TIGHTLY. . . .and PRAISING my H-Agnostic GAWWWWWWWWWD*

good for you. Rumour has it that some trigger happy, gun-ho ku klux klan white cop is waiting for your blackass at JFK.
POW!! POW!! POW!! shocked
and you're gone grin
see why i Don't envy you?
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