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Politics / Re: And Finally, There Is Light! by udysweet(f): 6:43am
Since sat(prior to this sef na epileptic) uptil now lite no blink. Na so I dey carry charger follow body to dey charge fones and my powerbank(wch by d way is crap too cos d port no well afta a month,lol)
Me I cnt afford to buy fuel wch I'm not sure at 600 per litre to put insid my I beta pass my neighbor(wch also bu d way,d cord used in pulling got stuck,talk abt double wahala for dead body!)
Mak dem evn shine d lite sef mak I fit cook small AFANG soup put insid freezer,mak dem no dey look me for canteen say wetin dis woman come find here,lmao!
Naija we hail theee!
Nairaland / General / Re: Mother Of 3 Dies After Housemaid’s Bite by Henix(m): 6:42am
Evil maid. RIP to the dead
Crime / Re: 100 Killed In Benue Communities, Refugee Camps by ogorkojo(f): 6:36am
Fulani herdsmen abi Boko Haram? RIP to d dead. We only die once. Adieu.
Religion / Salvation - Why Is Jesus Christ The Only Way To Heaven? by agwom(m): 6:10am
Many religions might say confidently that through their spiritual program their followers can work their way to heaven. However, these religions never successfully address the most important spiritual issue, sin. For no amount of good works can cleanse people of sin and give them a righteous nature acceptable to God.

Everyone born on this earth, except Jesus Christ, has come short of God's glory because they have inherited the fallen sinful nature of Adam. Each person is born spiritually dead, a sinner. So, what is the answer to the sin problem?

Because God is just, there must be punishment for sin. God the Father laid the sins of all mankind upon Jesus Christ and allowed Him to be the perfect sacrifice for our sins on the cross, receiving unto Himself the punishment we deserved. His bloody death, burial and resurrection redeemed mankind from the power and bondage of sin, providing salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. So, you cannot work your way to heaven, but you can put your trust in the shed blood of Jesus Christ to take away your sins and receive a new righteous nature pleasing to God. Sin problem solved.

"That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved" (Romans 10:9 KJV).

The main purpose of Christ's sacrifice was to reconcile man to God. God the Father longed for mankind to be redeemed and adopted into His family. He wanted to once again have intimacy with His children, showing them His great love by blessing and giving them a glorious inheritance, "which is Christ in you, the hope of glory" (Colossians 1:27 KJV).

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Nairaland / General / Re: Mother Of 3 Dies After Housemaid’s Bite by ginawest(f): 5:31am
dat maid must b a vampire... rip to d dead
Literature / Re: We Are Able (A Touching Story) by SammyO4real: 5:05am

Daddy didn't pay attention to us for one week. Mrs. Oyin accommodates us throughout those times. Every evening we will go to our house to beg him, but he is adamant.

However, he allowed me to enter the house and pick all my clothes, including my school uniform. Bode sticks out his tongue at me, mocking me.

We left the house again on the seventh day, but only Mrs Oyin returned to speak to him. He agrees to take us in.

--- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Bode didn't stop to offend me. But I did all I can do to avoid having trouble with him. At an instance, Bode slaps me. It is a big shock for me. Nobody has ever slapped me and go scot free before. Even Bose, the big girl everybody fears in school, is not up to my standard. I can remember the day I beat her and poured sand in her mouth.

Bode is four years younger than me, yet he will not respect his senior. He is becoming very pompous, maybe because Daddy is overprotecting him.

Bode is too dull for my liking. His exercise books are painted all over with zeros. Maybe he is having that dullness in common with his mother, because as for me, I am not dull in school, meaning that my parents are not dull too. But if it works that way, why then am I deaf and dumb when both of my parents are normal? That is a question for my science teacher.

It has been better if Bode's pomposity is all the pain my mother has to cope with. Toyosi his mother always come to check on him every weekend. Bode will tell lies to her about me and the woman will begin to blab and threaten me. She says that if anything bad happens to her son, then I should count myself dead.

It's like daddy still likes Toyosi a lot. Anytime she comes around, daddy will take her to his room and lock the door. Then they will send my mummy out of the room. They must have been having extramarital affair.

One day I ask my mummy to divorce daddy, but she refused.

"Rose, I can't do that," she says. "God doesn't like divorce."

"If God doesn't like divorce then why can't he also prevent things that can lead to divorce?" I grumble over my nose.

"Don't say so, Rose!" mummy shuns me. My eyes are wet already. I am going to shed tears. She comes around me and put her arms around my neck. Her long hair falls on my nape. She doesn't like seeing me in tears. "Rose, in the end we shall overcome," she says eventually.

I advise my mummy to trace Toyosi to her husband's house and reveal the secret once and for all, but she waves away the idea. Instead, she picks up that boring song again 'We Shall Overcome'.

My Common Entrance Examination will soon be here, but daddy refuses to get past questions and answers series for me. Mummy tries her best and gets them for me.

My school is Ejigbo Standard School. It is both for the normal people and the special ones. Since the day I make that resolution that I will be calm, I haven't fought anybody. I didn't even talk to anyone let alone quarrelling with them and this again becomes my classteacher's headache. She will call me into her office and ask me why my name doesn't make the name of noisemaker list anymore.

"But you have told me to cease from making noise many times, and now I'm doing that, what again?" I say.

Mrs Oyin keeps quiet. She doesn't know what to say any more.
... ... ... ... ... ... ...

One day, I iron my white cloth as I get prepared for school. That particular morning, I wake up happy. I don't know why. Mother notices it before she leaves for work. Now I go to school myself because I am twelve. I am the one to take Bode to school as usual. His own school is just a stone throw from our house, but I have been mandated to take him there before going to my own school.

Bode has been yawning since the time mummy wakes him up to take his bath. The last time I check on him, he just got into the bathroom. I didn't want to be late because I am the Time Keeper of my school. Sometimes whenever I ring the bell it looks funny to me because I can't hear the sound of what I am ringing. But I have come to learn something: the blind cannot become a time keeper because they don't have eyes to check the time. Yet, they are always the first set of people to come out of their classes at the sound of the bell, touching the walls for guidance and support. It's like the walls themselves are useful. Nothing in the world is a waste Mrs Oyin will tell us many times, just to make us know that WE ARE ABLE.

As a Time Keeper, I am supposed to be in school early, but this morning I haven't seen the possiblity; not when Bode hasn't taken his bath not to talk of eating his food, yet it is 7:24am already. It is obvious I will be late to school this time around. I can't really remember the last time I go late to school.

I leave my cloth to check on Bode if he has finished taken his bath, to my surprise he is not in the bathroom. I check the toilet to see if he is there. No, he is not there. I resign and return to the table where I am ironing my cloth, to my surprise, the cloth has been soaked up with red oil.

I raise the cloth up. Tears flow down my cheek when I see that my cloth has been burnt up with iron. I did put off the pressing iron when I went to look for Bode, so how come my cloth is now burnt up?

Bode crawls out from under the table, laughing. He gives me a note and runs away. I read it:

I don't want to go to school today

I become mad. Is it because he didn't want me to take him to school that he has to burn and stain my cloth? I am enraged within me. I sit quietly and fold my hands.

Bode comes and sticks his tongue at me as usual. He is taking my silence for cowardice. He should have gone to my school a year ago to ask them my name: Rose The Tiger. Even Bose the Big Boss cannot face me let alone this small Bode.

Bode spreads his ten fingers at me. I hardly joke with my mother. How can he be cursing my mother? Okay, what has my mummy got to do in this matter? The tiger in me begins to form when I see those dirty fingers. His cup is full. It is time to teach him a lesson.
No, I think. I have resolved in my mind that I will be gentle a year back and I have endured for that long, so let me not fight back.

Bode seems to be in the mood today. He wants to get me angry by all means. He comes behind me and taps my nape. Kpash! It sounds like thunderbolt. I become mad at him.

I raise Bode high up by the neck. The rest is a story. He falls down. dead? Still alive? I can't tell.

"Ah!" my brain speaks. "I have killed somebody."
Crime / Murder: Man Kills Lover Over Baby In Onitsha by dre11(m): 4:52am
An ex-vigilante boss identified as Uche (surname withheld) has allegedly killed his girlfriend over a new born baby at the weekend.

Trouble started when the suspect demanded custody of his baby without paying her mother’s bride price and her parents refused to release the baby.

The suspect, who was a security man at her street in GRA, Onitsha, fell in love with the girl before he was sacked from the duty in December 2014.

When the parents of the girl asked him to pay the bride price to formalize the marriage, he allegedly brought out a gun and shot the girl in the chest.

Two days to her death, the suspect observed that the parents of the girl were not at home. When he visited their house and met the girl, he wanted to forcibly take the baby but she resisted.

He then collected all her clothes and those of the baby and proceeded to set them ablaze after which he left the house.

Two days later, he visited again and asked the girl to come for a discussion in the compound. As they were walking towards the gate, he turned round and brought out a gun and shot the girl in the chest and fled.

When neighbours came out to ascertain what was happening, they found the girl lying dead at the gate.

When our correspondent visited the scene of the incident at Regina Nwankwo Street, GRA, Onitsha, the family and neighbours were seen in groups discussing the issue, but nobody was ready to speak to the press.

When contacted, the DPO of Central Police Station, Onitsha, Mr Isa Abubkar (CSP), said the suspect had been arrested and investigation was ongoing before the suspect is charged to court.

Crime / Re: I Stole To Help My Friend Treat Kidney Failure—suspect[picture] by khiaa(f): 3:48am
This isn't a good reason to steal.

They went overboard

What could be a better reason than to save a loves one life. I'm not a thief, but if there were no other options, hell yeah I would do it to save a love ones life. Without dialysis he is as good as dead in a matter of days, I know because my sister has been suffering with kidney failure since 2008 and she has to have dialysis 3 times a week and without it she wouldn't be here.
Travel / Re: Nembe, Bonny, Bille Jetties in PH, ; An Embarrassing Eyesore. Pictures. by zheroes(m): 2:43am
if you guys talk about amaechi like this please what should be done to peter odili? i am not from rivers state but have lived there since 1981, in terms of performance odili was dead compared to amaechi, but he carried so many thugs along in his stealing process, he did absolutely nothing.
i am not attaching sentiments to this but i guess most niger deltans hate him cos of his alliance with APC.

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Health / Re: My Mother Has Been Sick For 15 Years- Help by ZACHIE: 2:28am
She goes for months without being able to sleep even with drugs still doesn't help her.

Sorry about your Mum illness.
But I'm certain she didn't for months without ssleeping.she would be dead
I think she needs a break from here current environment.
If you can afford it, please send her on a long vacation ,even if it is Togo or Ghana.
It will do the magic but preferably send her to Europe. African juju no like cold.
Nairaland / General / Re: See What Fuel Scarcity And No Light Has Turned My Apartment Into (photo) by notoriousbabe: 1:59am
Oga...if ur sense of humour is dead....kindly swerve.
no mind the guy
Religion / Re: Another Proof That Jesus Christ Is Not An Angel!!!! by johnw74(m): 1:47am

Jesus comin with his saints pictures Arch angel micheal ...

Archangel Michael doesn't have Saints, God does, Jesus Christ comes with all His Saints

Its very clear that Christ is the arch angel because Jesus is described as arch - angel in 1the 4:16. Whose voice will raise the dead ? Joh 5:25

Jesus is not described as Archangel in 1 Thess 4:16
but twisting taking away from and adding to scripture is normal jw practise

For the benefit of believers

Joh 5:25 Verily, verily, I say unto you, The hour is coming, and now is, when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God: and they that hear shall live.

1Th 4:16 For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:

The Angel of the Lord is often the voice of the Lord,
Jesus Christ sent revelation to John through His Angel,
and he spoke as if he is the Lord

According to jw reasoning
If because Jesus Christ comes with the voice of the archangel means that Jesus Christ is the archangel, then Jesus Christ coming with the trump of God means that Jesus Christ is the trumpet.

1Thess 3:13 shows that Jesus Christ Who comes with all His Saints, is God and not an Angel.
1Th 3:13 To the end he may stablish your hearts unblameable in holiness before God, even our Father, at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ with all his saint.

As Heb 1:5 shows the Father saying He has never called an Angel His begotten Son.

Heb 1:5 For unto which of the angels said he at any time, Thou art my Son, this day have I begotten thee? And again, I will be to him a Father, and he shall be to me a Son?

Are Saints, God's Saints?
Are Saints, Michael's Saints?

"Jesus Christ comes with all His Saints"
Politics / Re: Pics Of The Boko Haram Members Killed Today & The Foreign Currency Recovered by Sincere4u(m): 1:06am
We earlier reported about the Thousands of Foreign Currency Found on dead Terrorist Commander Suspected to be a Foreigner http://www.nairaland.com/2336041/soldiers-kill-boko-haram-commander

Here are pictures from the raid..


Thanks for the info but thanks especially for giving me the privilege of reaching you directly via this thread.
Had been longing to find out what is happening to the thread: "How to make a Huge success online with PPD" by Queensss. Can't even see the its 'reply' button. This present challenge has literally killed the thread....a promising thread that was to help bless and change the lives of many Nairalanders for the better. Why..Lalasticlala?.
Please do fellow Nigerians/Nairalanders great favour by restoring the functionalities on the thread to enable us continue the tutorials to a logical end. There's no job in the land so anything that could help Nairalanders build a better life should be taken into considerations by the admin.
Religion / Re: Who Is The Spirit Of Truth In The Holly Bible. by tonybosses: 12:53am

Re-read my post, I'm not just talking about the bolded, the underlined are not exempted…

The problem is you people believe that there is noway you can understand the koran that the only person that can is your imam...so what ever the drunk old man says is law!!!

My brother

Your koran say prophect mohammed is dead and Jesus is still alive

In the koran prophet mohammed was mentioned in 4 place, Jesus in 25 places

Your koran say Jesus is word of God

Your koran says Jesus is spirit of God

Your koran says Jesus created a bird from clay, breath into it and it became a living bird it got life!!!

Your koran says Jesus cuured a. Man born blind and a man with leprosy and gave life to dead ppl

Your koran says Jesus is in heaven and he would come again!!

None of these was said of mohammed, infact he is dead!!!

Now what do you think?

Do you think mohammed was joking when he said "if you don't understand this book go and ask the christians"?

Sit down ponder about something, read your koran and try pick a bible and read as well...

Business / Who Got Condemned Batteries by dyadeleye(m): 12:50am
Hey nairalanders, contact me if you have any dead/scrap batteries(motor battery,inverter battery,ATM battery) for sale...I can buy at a fair price. you can add me on whatapps or send a text message to this number 08078743950/08169130515. BBM( 56142D0A ).let's do business.
Politics / Re: You Can't Choose Ministers For Me, Buhari Tells Governors by MichaelSokoto(m): 12:43am
Which boohari
D one weh dhe london to collect injection
This old cattle-rearer will soon drop dead talking too much!
Never appoint a suya-seller as your president! grin
Which boohari
D one weh dhe london to collect injection

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Politics / Re: You Can't Choose Ministers For Me, Buhari Tells Governors by KanwuliaJara: 12:36am
This old cattle-rearer will soon drop dead talking too much!
Never appoint a suya-seller as your president! grin
Nairaland / General / Re: Am Proud B Among Movement That Sent GEJ Back To Otuoke by ekwujuru: 12:20am
sorry soon u will be disappointed by your weeping power seeking messiah....d outcome was a free n fair selection tank God he has dropped dat heavy load n tank God he's going om alive nt dead wit ol d antagonist's he had here and there, at least nw he's godfather will rest, a fool at 40 dat will be forever .go and get a life
Business / Re: Fuel Hawkers Looking For Buyers In Abuja Today (photo) by ifyan(m): 12:12am
* angry just remembered how someone, rubbed kerosene on a gallon of water and sold it to my mum in place of kerosene sad angry . i'm sure will be in prison now or even dead. angry *

That's how he was walking around with gallon, and the kind hearted woman took pity on him, only to be swindled angry

Sowi bro welcome to Naija.
Romance / Re: Why Men Prefer Ladies That Are Above 30years. by mizzochocinco: 12:06am
I wish some of my clients can join NL because this is some bullshit.

For those who have failed Biology 101. Menopause simply means depletion or reduction of ovum production and decline of hot mines such as estrogen and progesterone. The average woman . Produce approximately and not limited to 300,3000 eggs in her lifetime.

In some rare cases women before middle age will experience menopause or pre-menopause. It really has nothing to do with age because a woman can be 70 years old and still can reproduce.

If you don't want an older woman..you don't have to be with her. Just make sure you get chick that will stay with you when you experience dead Dick Syndrome aka erectile dysfunction and impotency.

Men in their 30+ are more likely to have prostate cancer and scrotum cancer...date them at your own risk ladies!
the ones making the most on the thread are even way over 30 sef
Romance / Re: He Was Angry With His Brother Because Of His Fiancee's Unwashed Plates by mizzochocinco: 11:54pm On May 25
Wat How many seconds will it take her to wash d plates she used to eat.....
how many seconds was it going to take that boy to wash the same plate? Was he going to lose his manhood after washing it?
People like you are the reason why more women wish to marry a man with dead siblings
Crime / Re: Every Lady Should Be Careful by KingTom(m): 11:24pm On May 25

Sorry to ask, erm
How long does it take before rigor mortis kicks in.

And how long does it take before a body starts to smell.

A few hours to a few days depending on the environmental conditions. That said, dead bodies don dey smell here for hospital ooo, mortuary cooler no dey on as diesel no dey fuel cry
TV/Movies / Re: Game Of Thrones Discussion (No Spoilers Please) by gj22(m): 11:20pm On May 25
"Look at me! I said look at me! My face is the last thing you see before you die"

After leaving margery's cell, she thought she had won lol. But seriously, the way she was tormenting margery was hilarious lol.

She is shortsighted and tyrion has told her before that she is not as smart as she thinks she is.

At the wall
Samwell Tarlley getting "raped" lol. Soo glad to see ghost again. But seriously, does their vow not prevent them from having Reproduction? I remember when snow came back and they wanted to punish him for it.

Sansa should just lay low until she is good at this stuff before she starts doing it (war of words). See how Ramsey outsmarted her again.
Theon is dead.
Brienne, are you really going to be staring at that tower forever?

King's landing
Cerci lol
Tommen, grow a d1ck nigga
LF, I am beginning to hate this guy

Outside Winterfell
Can't wait to see that battle that is coming.
And I hope Jon Snow kills white walkers.
Celebrities / Re: Toolz Flaunts Bikini Body, Shares New Pictures by smartireke(m): 11:20pm On May 25
her body is overrated! Go and die!
u are already dead.
TV/Movies / Re: What Movie Are You Watching Now? by Nmeri17: 11:04pm On May 25

I was watching this movie by my window yesterday in the dead of the night and there was no light anywhere so after the film I looked outside and there was a full moon. It really felt like a demon will pop out from the moon flapping gigantic black scaly wings and fly towards my room at the speed of light shocked shocked mehn see fright lipsrsealed
TV/Movies / Re: Game Of Thrones Discussion (No Spoilers Please) by gj22(m): 10:55pm On May 25

Yea,finally i think the movie is coming alive. Nemesis surely catching up with someone in Kingslanding. But walahi this king too weak. Imagine say na Jeffrey make i hear say person wan lock up im wife.

Theon is rily a lost cause, but am still anticipating a radical twist in the prognostic outcome of his story line.

I still think Lord Commander Snow is wrong going for the wildlings. I wonder what will have become of castle black upon his return.

Stannis is surely heading for another defeat unless he stops listening to that evil woman. Imagine asking him to kill his daughter.. for wetin na.

Tyrion Lannister & Khalesi.. what a sumptuous combination.

But hold on, i thought Ser Jorah had that terrible skin disease?

Tommen is weak and a child. It's not fair to judge him by geoffrey's standard. But I trust joffrey. That mum high Sept guy abi Wetn be him name head for don cut since

You mean reek? Theon is dead.

I think snow is doing the right thing. It's either the wildlings join the army of the living or the army of the dead.

Politics / Re: The Dumbness Of The “convoy ” Story: Buhari Should Stop Deceiving Nigerians by GangsterRevd: 10:52pm On May 25
The dumbness of the “CONVOY ” story:

■ While Nigerians are praying for the health of their president-elect, General Buhari, the APC was in fact celebrating the fact that he turned down the use of convoy and exotic cars in London. For clarity, Prime Ministerial Rolls-Royce cars are not exotic but presidential.
I think that we should start Buhari-APC orientation on this page, since they jumped that session in Aso-Rock for a UK escapade.
■ Presidential convoy is a mandatory process not a treat. A convoy simply entails the guest or VIP travelling in a group consisting of aides and security for protection. With our dead memories, have we forgotten how a Nigerian leader, Murtala Muhammed was killed with his aide-de-camp on February 13, 1976? Nigerians equally praise him for driving without a convoy until his car was ambushed on the way to his office at Dodan Barracks, Lagos.
■ Just like the United States and Cadillac, in the UK, Rolls-Royce is ‘Prime Ministerial’ and officially used by the Prime Minister and other government dignitaries. Prime Ministerial Cars are NOT “exotic” but are designed for respect, security and protection.
■ Buhari and APC must realize that the presidential position has standards that must be upheld. If Buhari wants to use Okada, he must save that for his Daura retirement, but as the president, he must adhere to official protocol. In this system, he must understand the distinction between a representative process and pugilistic military orders.
■ Managing ethics is not about turning down an air ticket for a boat ride; it is not about an executive president using a public transportation rather than a mandatory official convoy. These are mere disgraceful window-dressing that bear no relevance to the values of moral supervision and practice. Moral decency shapes moral people, but they are rather practiced than displayed.
■ How can Buhari turn down an official convoy, but did not turn down millions of stolen dollars and hundreds of corrupt politicians that ran his campaign? How can Buhari turn down an official convoy, but did not turn down Tinubu’s “exotic” private jet? How can Buhari turn down official convoy as “exotic?” whereas he is yet to account for a missing 25 billion naira he personally handled as the chairman of the Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF) between 1998-99? How can Buhari make claims of fighting corruption while already, he is engaging the same corrupt politicians for his regime?
■ Buhari and APC should stop deceiving Nigerians about corruption. It may be impracticable for Buhari to embrace an ethical environment without first of all cleaning his filthy campaign financiers, and of course the APC environment besieged by the very hooligans that sucked the country dry.

Abeg which lab did this skeleton escape from?
Politics / Re: Pics Of The Boko Haram Members Killed Today & The Foreign Currency Recovered by harry509: 10:44pm On May 25
We earlier reported about the Thousands of Foreign Currency Found on dead Terrorist Commander Suspected to be a Foreigner http://www.nairaland.com/2336041/soldiers-kill-boko-haram-commander

Here are pictures from the raid..

so.... Who Rr d owner's of d currency?
Politics / Re: Am Ibo And I Don't Support Biafra by cowleg(m): 10:39pm On May 25

Why say so bro? Is it because we fought and lost our first war? Why do you think Biafra is dead.
Politics / Re: Pics Of The Boko Haram Members Killed Today & The Foreign Currency Recovered by Etizz: 10:35pm On May 25
We earlier reported about the Thousands of Foreign Currency Found on dead Terrorist Commander Suspected to be a Foreigner http://www.nairaland.com/2336041/soldiers-kill-boko-haram-commander

Here are pictures from the raid..


Pls how can I edit to change my username here on nairaland.... Thanks.
Politics / Re: Am Ibo And I Don't Support Biafra by Obiodunukwe: 10:33pm On May 25

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