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My Pregnancy Story by recruitmnt: 7:53am On Jul 27, 2012
Ok people, as I promised... Here it is!

You have to be extremely patient with me as this young lad is a handfull!


My joy knew no bounds when I discovered I was pregnant. Hubby and I were overjoyed to be expecting our first child. We had names for him, I had started shopping too. The grand parents were ecstatic. We had started planning on which of the mums would come first. Plans on obtaining visas for our mums had begun... Then one day, I felt like the baby was pushing down, as a 1st time mum, I explained this as feeling 'heavy'. I called triage and spoke to a midwife who dispelled my fears, after all a 6th month pregnancy was bound to be heavy. That night,at about 11.45pm my waters broke in my sleep. I panicked. My housemates called the ambulance service and i was taken to the hospital.

I had to be transferred to a bigger hospital that had an NICU capable of taking care of babies from 24 weeks. The doctors started their diagnosis... They confirmed my  waters had gone and they gave me a very bad prognosis - if my baby survived, there was a high  likely hood that he 'would not do so well'. They said I would most likely go into labor in 48 hours. They began to check for infections too. I prayed and prayed, quoted scriptures, spoke to my baby and cried every time I had the opportunity to. My faith was later boosted when after 48 hours I had not gone into labor, cervix was shut and there were no signs of infection. I began to get confident gradually....
Re: My Pregnancy Story by recruitmnt: 7:55am On Jul 27, 2012
Unfortunately, about 72 hours after, I began to feel labor pains. I went through the most painful ordeal of my life, the pains were hellish. I was in labor for 4 hours after which I delivered my son. He spent just 25 minutes on earth and the last few minutes were in my arms. He was perfect! Only a person who has gone through a similar ordeal will understand the pain I felt and still feel. Need I say more?

Now  moving on quickly... A month later, I began to feel pains on the right side of my lower abdomen. I ignored it because I was going through a severe depression and didn't care about myself. I had stopped eating, I just locked myself in my room all day thinking of my baby. After about 6 months and numerous tests, my consultant said the infection I had after my waters broke (yes, it was discovered i had severe chorioamnionitis but the steroid injection i took to mature the babies' lungs probably masked it) had most likely caused scar tissue  and I would need a laparoscopy operation to cut loose the tissue so I could have my life back, the pains were terrible. So now, in lay mans terms, scar tissue=infertility. My depression worsened. I had almost become suicidal. I later found a church and I began to have hope again, I found so much love in the church, my life was now beginning to make sense...

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Re: My Pregnancy Story by recruitmnt: 8:05am On Jul 27, 2012
I was scheduled for a laparoscopy operation in October 2011 and I left UK by faith in September 2011. I knew it would cost a fortune if I had to return in a month for the procedure but I believed God that I would be pregnant in a month ( a feat i knew was hardly possible naturally) and would not need the operation again. My husband was skeptical but I guess he hung on to the little faith I had.

During the next month, I had a dream that a doctor operated on me with a petri-dish and manually fertilized my eggs, but i could not see the doctors face. I woke up thanking God, believing he had done it. I can never forget the joy and gladness in my husbands eyes a few days later when I tested positive to a pregnancy test. Oh, how glad we were; we hugged each other so tightly in the lab, ready for the new journey ahead, one we were to find out would be filled with hurdles...

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Re: My Pregnancy Story by mogbomoya: 10:18am On Jul 27, 2012
wao, recruitment. Congrats. Are u due this yr. keep speaking the word!
Re: My Pregnancy Story by mogbomoya: 10:21am On Jul 27, 2012
recruitment! , you don born already oh! congrats. sweets.
Re: My Pregnancy Story by recruitmnt: 11:46am On Jul 27, 2012
Shortly after, I started having terrible right sided lower abdominal pains. I became scared and because of my history, my first thought was an ectopic pregnancy. I cried to God to help me. We sought medical advice and a doctor diagnosed appendicitis because of the tenderness in that area. I knew appendicitis was impossible because that had been ruled out in the UK, but became almost sure it was ectopic. I cried every night and reminded God of his word to me in Isaiah 65 vs 19- 20. I went for a scan later and the fetus was seen in the womb. I once again rejoiced, thanking God for his faithfulness.

Then the morning sickness began! Initially it was a sickness of 'joy' but this one was something else. I threw up everything! I was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarium. I practically spent the entire 1st trimester in the hospital living on drips. I was counting down to 12 weeks when I believed the vomiting would subside. One day short of 12 weeks after a long day visiting family, i felt wet in my pants. Luckily, we stopped at an eatery to get something  to eat, I quickly ran into the washroom, thinking I would just clean up some heavy discharge ( I had been having a lot of those). As I took of my panties, I saw blood and blood clots! I don't know how I walked back to my husbands side and whispered into his ears. He was shaking vehemently, I just remember pleading the blood of Jesus all the way to the hospital. A scan at the hospital showed the fetus was fine and I was diagnosed with threatened abortion. I endured almost 2 weeks of bed rest during which the bleeding reduced to vspotting. I noticed whenever I vomited, I would see blood clots, I also felt as if with the pressure of each round of vomiting, the pregnancy was pushing through my cervix. My mum said I was just been paranoid.

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Re: My Pregnancy Story by recruitmnt: 11:55am On Jul 27, 2012
mogbomoya: recruitment! , you don born already oh! congrats. sweets.

Thanks luv! U nko? We dey wait oo
Re: My Pregnancy Story by recruitmnt: 11:58am On Jul 27, 2012
I then decided to register at another hospital which specialized majorly in gynecology because I felt like my current hospital wasn't proactive enough. At this point, I would say inasmuch as pregnancy after a loss could be full of paranoia, please always trust your instincts, if you feel something doesn't feel right, don't let anyone shut you up, go and check it out.

I walked into the new hospital on 23rd Dec 2011, and after registration I was opportune to meet the Medical Director, a well known gynecologist. After the necessary questions, I told him I felt like the 'fetus' ( for some strange reason I was always afraid use to word baby for fear I would get to attached to him/ her) was in my cervix, on it's way out. He laughed and told me to lie down for a scan, after a few minutes the look on his face changed. I knew something was wrong. He then explained to me that my cervix was funneling which explains the reason I felt the baby was on its way out. My cervix was already dilating from inside at barely 13 weeks!


Re: My Pregnancy Story by maclatunji: 12:50pm On Jul 27, 2012
Na wa O!
Re: My Pregnancy Story by joesQ(f): 3:06pm On Jul 27, 2012
dearest the lord is ur strength. :
Re: My Pregnancy Story by Luvlee(f): 5:53pm On Jul 27, 2012
Wow am so thanking God now for an easy pregnancy
Re: My Pregnancy Story by mirob(f): 7:50am On Jul 28, 2012
what a scary experience, thank God for safe delivery.
Re: My Pregnancy Story by chioma134: 11:47pm On Jul 28, 2012
Recruitment, I feel your pain, sister. I know how it feels when ur expectation is suddenly cut off. Never look away from Jesus Christ. Keep speaking and believing the Word. If u faint now, ur strenght is small. Don't let the devil have the last laugh. I'll remember you in my prayers.
Re: My Pregnancy Story by chioma134: 11:50pm On Jul 28, 2012
So sorry dear. Didn't notice that u had delivered. We thank God for the testimony. Continue bubbling in the Lord and take care of our baby.
Re: My Pregnancy Story by Ib(f): 12:30am On Jul 30, 2012
I have tears in my eyes.

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Re: My Pregnancy Story by diamondlove: 9:42am On Jul 30, 2012
u are so favoured
Re: My Pregnancy Story by recruitmnt: 11:11am On Jul 30, 2012
He said I would need an emergency cerclage put in the next day! I felt like my world was crashing down on me. I was put on strict bed rest immediately. I called my husband, the poor man had had enough drama over the past 8 weeks and this news definitely wasn't making it any easier.

I dragged my feet to the bed and laid curled up fearing that any movement could cause more harm. I prayed for a successful operation and awaited what would happen the next day. The night was long. At about 11am the next day after about 12 hours of fasting (due to the planned operation) the doctor came in with the anesthetist and I casually informed him that my pant was wet, thinking nothing of that information. He immediately said the operation had to be cancelled as my water had broken and trying to do the cerclage would introduce infection. I couldn't believe my ears... My waters had broken? I needed to wake up from this dream. I had gone down this path before and I knew too well that the pregnancy was bound to end sooner than later. I cried and cried. The doctor told me that the only time i could have any hope was if the leakage stopped, then the cerclage would be performed but the chances of that happening was very very slim. I needed a miracle. I was on strict bed rest, had too poo and wee without getting off the bed. My family started marathon prayer and fasting. I started reciting all the confessions in supernatural childbirth. I reminded God of his promises to me. I became determined that the leaking must stop.

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Re: My Pregnancy Story by recruitmnt: 11:13am On Jul 30, 2012
The leaking never stopped. A few days later, I started feeling feverish and when my blood was tested, my WBC was over 17,000 showing that I had developed an infection. A swab taken revealed I had a brown colored foul smelling liquor further confirming a uterine infection. I was immediately placed on strong broad spectrum antibiotics, I knew what was coming. ....

Immediately I saw the entourage of doctors and nurses come into my room the next day, tears welled up in my eyes. They told me the only option left was to terminate the pregnancy. I will never forget her specific words
 " it is better to lose this battle now and live to fight another" 
She explained that an immediate expulsion needed to be carried out to save my womb else I could end up losing my womb, and if I delayed too much, she said some jargons about sepsis and blood and then it could become a fight for my life. I was numb, I couldn't say a word. She then asked if I had any questions, all I could mutter was " please pray for me" and yes she obliged me. I cant remember the words of her prayers, I just know I cried all through.
Re: My Pregnancy Story by maclatunji: 4:46pm On Jul 30, 2012
^You need to write a book O. This is surreal!
Re: My Pregnancy Story by mirob(f): 7:50am On Jul 31, 2012
Oh God! Pls continue I'm already tensed. shocked
Re: My Pregnancy Story by recruitmnt: 9:56am On Jul 31, 2012
My parents came in shortly after and I related what the doctors had said. They prayed and rejected it but somehow we knew in our hearts that any glimmer of hope we were hanging on to had just been put out. I cried to God, reminded him of his word that I had been holding on to in Isaiah 65 vs 19 -20 which said 'Never again will it be heard in my life the sound of crying and of distress, Never again will it be heard in my life the sound of an infant that lives but a few days. My seed will die a hundred years..." I remembered the dream I had of him performing an operation on me. I told him he put this miracle there himself and no one could cut its life short.

From nowhere, I developed boldness. I made up my mind that no one would take my baby from me. I don't know if my thoughts were suicidal, I just knew i couldn't go through another loss and I was ready to put my own life on the line. I made up my mind to run away or do anything, but I would keep this baby no matter what it would cost me. My parents and husband saw the determination in me and became scared I was losing it. I was constantly talking to myself and my baby loudly. I wasn't going to back down. When the doctors realized I wasn't interested in terminating the pregnancy, I was told to write an undertaking, was discharged and referred to any General Hospital of my choice ( more like I was thrown out) because they practically bundled me and told me to leave immediately for being unreasonable, and yes, I knew I was unreasonable because at that point I wasn't using my head anymore, that's if I even still had one!


Re: My Pregnancy Story by recruitmnt: 12:45pm On Jul 31, 2012
After numerous phone calls made by my husband and parents on the best hospital to move to, General Hospitals were ruled out because of the impending strike, we settled for one where we heard the Medical Director was a gynecologist and he doubled as the MD of one of the general hospitals. I knew only God could change the situation and not any doctor. The doctors were reluctant to admit me after reading the referral letter with me, they insisted that the only option was a termination and if I wasn't ready for that, then they really couldn't do anything. My parents, I later got to know, secretly agreed to this option but asked for a chance to see the MD at least. I was admitted into one of the wards, sent for a scan, my blood was taken and later called in for a vaginal examination by one of the consultants. The scan showed that there was indeed leakage of fluid through the cervix, the blood tests confirmed an infection and during the VE, the consultant confirmed the 'copious' smelling liquor. He was very harsh in his statement " madam, there is no way out. This pregnancy has to be terminated immediately or you leave our hospital". I cried loud, the nurse tried to tell him we had paid a huge amount as deposit and an immediate discharge would mean my deposit should be refunded. He seemed very angry and shouted at her that the money should be refunded and I be discharged, more like sent away immediately. It felt like it was the end of the world at this point.

My parents went into the consultants office and practically begged him, telling him that he should just be calm with me and just asking for one more chance to see the MD before I started an induction. Later that day the MD came in to see me. He's a father indeed. He's the calmest doctor I had met since I started my ordeal. He calmly told me the implication of what I was doing to my self and for the first time I became scared, but he said some facts just did not add up...
1. A pregnancy of 15 weeks plus had been obviously leaking fluid for over 2 weeks and  the scan still showed fluid around the baby?
2. With an infection for that long, why hadn't i gone into spontaneous labor.
He then said based on these facts, he would immediately discontinue the broad spectrum antibiotics and watch what my body would do. He also placed me on erythromycin and vaginal pestrils used to treat vaginal infections. He said he would do this for three days after which if my WBC was still high and all the symptoms of the infection were there then I would have no option but to terminate immediately.


Re: My Pregnancy Story by subzidi: 5:07pm On Jul 31, 2012
Ogwo mgbe ike gwuru dibia nara ekele------meaning God that heals when the doctor has exhausted his expertise!!!
Re: My Pregnancy Story by recruitmnt: 9:30am On Aug 01, 2012
So many views and very few comments..lol.

Sorry for the delay.. My hands are soo full. Will upload shortly
Re: My Pregnancy Story by osikhueme(f): 10:06am On Aug 01, 2012
My dear, want to comment but can't o!! Stil in shock, God is awesome
Re: My Pregnancy Story by Nwa2020: 11:01am On Aug 01, 2012
Me too waiting patiently yo comment after the testimony. Ur testimony is on the way dnt give up.
Re: My Pregnancy Story by Akpunwa(f): 1:18pm On Aug 01, 2012
Recruitment dear, you are breaking my heart! Pleeease complete this story so that these tears will stop flowing.
Someone said you've had the baby but I'll be happier hearing it from you. It's so amazing when The Only Almighty God defies all human/scientific understanding to give us a miracle. I can go on and on...
God bless you dearie...you are a covenant child. Your faith made you whole.
Re: My Pregnancy Story by recruitmnt: 3:00pm On Aug 01, 2012
I quickly agreed to this option. I was also having daily scans. The Sonologist screamed when she heard I was inserting something into my vagin?a while I was still leaking, she knew the risks involved in this, but what could I do? That  MD was the only one who for any reason thought something could ever get better although I later got to learn from one of the doctors that he knew with his prescriptions that I would definitely go into spontaneous labor within the next 3 days (something they were all trying to achieve due to all the risks involved in still having the pregnancy in me). All the while my pulse rate was constantly over 140bpm further proving the presence of an infection.

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Re: My Pregnancy Story by recruitmnt: 3:05pm On Aug 01, 2012
The next three days were hectic for my family, they ran to prophets they never thought they could consult. I prayed ceaselessly because I knew this was it. My parents cried to God, my husband cried to God, aunts and uncles cried to God, pastors cried to God, everyone I knew cried to God. By the third day, my blood was taken, the 30 minute wait for the blood test result was harrowing, the result showed my WBC had dropped, the sonographer also confirmed that scan results were a lot better, the leaking that was seen was no more there. I was also tested with the amnio strips to see if any amniotic fluid was in the vagina and the tests were negative. I was discharged the next day. Everyone praised God. On the way home that day, my mum named the baby Eriagbaraoluwa meaning the proof of Gods mighty power. That day I made a vow to God that I will serve him for as long as I live. I was barely 16 weeks at this point.

I went to my parents house, I guess my husband was too scared to have me around till he was very sure.lol. A few days later, I started feeling as if the baby was very low in my pelvis and I was having a few contractions as well. I went back to the hospital and was ushered in to see consultant Oshodi, the same consultant who angrily told me there was no hope earlier. He dispelled all my complaints with the wave of a hand and told me all I was feeling were normal pregnancy symptoms. I went back home that day and my parents told me that I was too fearful, hence the imaginary symptoms. I stayed at home for 1 week and returned to the clinic insisting I wanted to see the MD, after a proper examination he told me my cervix had shortened to 2cm and I was dilated 1cm (a situation that usually presents itself towards the onset of labor). I needed to have an emergency cerclage the next day. The operation was successful and I was discharged the day after the procedure.

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Re: My Pregnancy Story by recruitmnt: 3:06pm On Aug 01, 2012
About two weeks after, I started having contractions that were about 20 minutes apart and saw some bright red spotting. I rushed back to the clinic where I was placed on nifedipine and salbutamol to calm the contractions, the doctors were not to happy with this new development because we thought things were already looking brighter...

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Re: My Pregnancy Story by maclatunji: 4:08pm On Aug 01, 2012
I know you're not lying but this is freaking unbelievable!
Re: My Pregnancy Story by Saraha1(f): 4:09pm On Aug 01, 2012
Hmm i can imagine what you must have pass through

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