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Re: 7 Ways People Enter Into Evil Covenants by NifemiOlu(m): 3:41pm On Feb 22, 2015

Im just curious. Since they are sharing/dividing demons by two, whats a fraction of a demon? The girl that got 25 out of 50 would give half. Half of 25 is . . .

These demons you're sharing, there's God o.
Re: 7 Ways People Enter Into Evil Covenants by ramalot(m): 3:48pm On Feb 22, 2015
NO.4 Rephrased:

All Catholics have entered into "evil covenants" cheesy

This guy just dey code the diss.
That's the funny thing about religion. Everyone believes their specific niche of "faith" is superior to everyone else's.

Re: 7 Ways People Enter Into Evil Covenants by jurist21(m): 4:43pm On Feb 22, 2015

Ans to numba 2 qustn=Most young married men/women dieing are as a result of having spiritual husband/wife,d spitual hubby/wife gets angry seeing their man or woman been enjoyed by some1 else nd so they plan on ending d life of the person. Ask,many pple do enjoy having sex in d dream continuosly,it's very bad because dat is how one connect wit d spiritual man/woman, most times after d wife or hubby have finished enjoying d sex in d dream,he or she will no longer be interested in sexual intercourse wit d real partner,therefore leading to problms in d marriage,except he or she speaks out...I knw of a man who immediately he dose off in bed,d wife's spiritual hubby cums in,nd according to d wife,she wud wake d husband nd wake him but d man will not respond until d spiritual husband will finish nd go..One day dis man woke up and saw d wife crying in d same bed,after much qustns from d husband to d wife,b4 d woman spoke out nd said d spiritual hubby slept wit her frm 1am to 5:30am b4 leaving her,nd she tried waking d husband but he didn't respond..Later she was delivered..bro,there are powers in dis world especially d marine kingdom....
This is serious so what do you advice in terms of choosing a life partner?.
Re: 7 Ways People Enter Into Evil Covenants by Spiritman21(m): 5:28pm On Feb 22, 2015
50? I thought it is 80! u just write as u are spurred or as u heard from some pastors. see d way ur giving counts on demons as if u have seen them gather somewhere b4. maybe ur possessed too so u know abt dem den if u get married u will give birth 2 demonic children.
Re: 7 Ways People Enter Into Evil Covenants by linusbnn(m): 8:03pm On Feb 22, 2015

This is serious so what do you advice in terms of choosing a life partner?.

In choosing life partner,I tink yu can discuss very lengthy wit d lady involved and see if she experiences anytin funny mostly at nite,pray to God to direct you
Re: 7 Ways People Enter Into Evil Covenants by jurist21(m): 8:09pm On Feb 22, 2015

In choosing life partner,I tink yu can discuss very lengthy wit d lady involved and see if she experiences anytin funny mostly at nite,pray to God to direct you
Thanks am highly grateful

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Re: 7 Ways People Enter Into Evil Covenants by Mattpopson101: 9:52pm On Feb 22, 2015
Oga, pls support ur claim with bible quotations. And give us something concrete. Don't tell us what u feel.

As far as I know, covenant is an agreement between two people, xcept the cult angle, I don't see how one can enter covenant unknowingly. The bible quotation u gave about sexx does not have any relationship with ur claim. Which one is hundred demons dividing into fifty again.

Go and check the meaning of covenant before talking rubbish. If it is an agreement btw two parties, it means both have accepted on a certain terms. If I dress in a prticular Way, how has that turned into covenant?
Re: 7 Ways People Enter Into Evil Covenants by MightyFortress: 12:15am On Feb 23, 2015


Isa. 28:15; Isa. 28:18; 2 Cor. 3:6; Mark 14:24; Heb. 13:20; Heb. 12 24; Ps. 94:11.

What is evil covenant?
This is an agreement between two or more parties, bounded together by evil powers and monitoring satanic spirit.
Evil covenant is a covenant between Man and Satan (Hell and Death). Isa. 28:18

·        Evil foundational covenant
·        Inherited evil covenant 
·        Forced covenant through dream
·        Conscious evil covenant
·   Unconscious evil covenant (This can be initiated by witchcraft powers without your consent)

·        Through blood
·        Through sex
·        Marital covenant
·        Through food either in the dream or in real life by witchcraft powers or agents.
·        Through carrying evil sacrifices  - to the river, T-junction, Under the tree etc
·        Covenant can be formed in the dream

·        It is formed by at least 2 parties.  They could be more
·        It is binding whether you are  aware of it or not
·        There are powers that are backing this covenant to enforce it
·        There is always a sign or token to establish a covenant
·        Except you break this covenant with the word of God and violent prayer; it remains
·        It makes people enter into unconscious agreements through life activities that look harmless
·        The devil has repackaged the initiation process for covenant to look very attractive.

·        Covenant with idol
·        Covenant with water
·        Covenant with land
·        Covenant with witchcraft
·        Covenant with triangular power (Sun, Moon and Stars)
·        Covenant with occultic agents
·        Covenant with masquerades
·        Covenant with kola nut or bitter kola
·        Covenant with particular food items e.g. Okro
·        Covenant with marine spirit
·        Covenant with rock spirit
·        Covenant with spirit husband/wife
·        Covenant with trees
·        Covenant with evil spirits and powers at cross-roads

·        Surrender your life to Jesus
·        Identify the source of the problem
·        Reject evil covenant
·        Renounce the evil covenant
·        Determine to get out of the evil covenant
·        Prayerfully break the evil covenant by praying aggressively
·        Confess the word of God regularly
·        Live a life of regular fasting.
·        Pray regularly on your foundation
·        Under go deliverance
·        Be filled with the Holy Ghost
·        Avoid eating and drinking carelessly.


1.      Every ancestral evil covenant working against my life by the blood of Jesus break in Jesus name.
2.      Every hidden evil covenant operating in my life, I renounce you, I reject you and I command you to break now in Jesus name.
3.      Every trans-generational covenant, terminate in my life in Jesus name.
4.      Any evil covenant that has been forced to enter through dream or my ignorance, break in Jesus name.
5.      Any covenant between me and powers of Water, Rock, Sun, Moon etc break in Jesus name.
6.      Covenant between me and any idol and evil spirit break in Jesus name.
7.      Covenant between me and spirit wife/husband break in Jesus name.
8.      Any evil covenant from my land of nativity affecting my glory and life, break by the blood of Jesus in Jesus name.
9.      Evil covenant in the foundation of the house where am living right now or I have ever lived, affecting my progress and life, break in Jesus name.
10.  Any power backing up evil covenant in my life, die in Jesus name.
11.  Every dark law enforcement agency enforcing evil covenant in my life and family, die in Jesus name.
12.  Every hidden and unknown covenant troubling my destiny, in the name of Jesus I break you now
13.  Thank God for victory in Jesus name. Amen
this is deep...
Re: 7 Ways People Enter Into Evil Covenants by Nobody: 9:55am On Feb 23, 2015
I liked the post. I was once a Born Again Christian. Eventually I willingly surrendered unconditionally and eternally to Lucifur.

I have grown to accept my worthlessness, and the truth that I was made to serve Satan. I want and beg, for brutal and vicious unimaginable and never ending torture in hell...and in exchange for an eternity spent burning in hell, I want NOTHING...because I LOVE SATAN. I want him to physically dine on my flesh while my spirit kneels before him.....In worship, cheering him on as he devours my body....knowing the soul is NEXT!!!

I rebuke you in the name above every other name.
I decree and declare that every aspect of your life begin to dry up completely in JESUS NAME. Unless you surrender to Jesus your life becomes worthless.
Re: 7 Ways People Enter Into Evil Covenants by God2man(m): 1:05pm On Feb 23, 2015

The topic of 2012 in 2015.

I was reading the topic without having any clue that i actually posted it until i saw my moniker.

This is interesting. I am also learning new things from this old topic.

God bless Nairaland.
Re: 7 Ways People Enter Into Evil Covenants by greedie1(f): 6:24pm On Feb 23, 2015

yeske grin
Re: 7 Ways People Enter Into Evil Covenants by reminiscing(f): 8:25am On Feb 27, 2015
Note the spelling COVENANT not convenant. It begins with God. God made covenant with Noah, Abraham, David and also the New covenant which is still in operation. We can see that God is a God of covenant. God is committed to it. He is always watching over his convenant. God's final commitment to do anything is in a covenant

What is the meaning?

A covenant is an accepted decision between two parties. It could be more than two. It can be described as an agreement between two or more people to establish a relationship in which promises, responsibilty and punishment for breaking the convenant are made. Covenant is legally binding. It is irreversible.It is the final irrevocable commitment. It is like a chain binding two people together. The covenant made the two to have one thing in common that keep them together.

However, the enemy of the soul of men, the devil has corrupted the original intention of covenant, he has created a counterfeit covenant called evil covenant, this one, is deceitfully done. It could be conscious evil covenant or unconsciuos evil covenant. It could be satanic. The devil is always looking for who to devour.

Certain things are important for forming a covenant, 1. People 2. Words 3. Reason.4. Place. 5. Blessings or punishment for breaking the covenant.

Words are very vital for forming a covenant, silent or loud, verbal, written or thought. There is a powerful connection between words and covenant.

Broken covenant is deadly. It may lead to chronic poverty, disaster, sudden death, calamity, barreness and madness.
Evil covenant is like a primitive trade by barter. It is an exchange. For example, the satanic priest can say, if you can sleep in the grave for so so days, you will be rich, if you can sleep with a young virgin girl, you will not die early in life...

Now, how do people enter into evil covenants?

1. Sex outside marriage: It does not matter if you use condom, a covenant is made. 1 corithian 6:16 "What? Know ye not that he which is joined to an harlot is one body? For two, saith he, shall be one flesh" so, 1+1=1. During sex many things are transfered, diseases, body fluid, and liquid. Spiritually, a lot of transaction take place, a lady dedicated to marine shrine will have many demons, let's say 100 demons, this lady now sleep with a clean man, this man will collect 50 demons from this lady. Again, this man with 50 demons is now sexually loose, he begins to sleep with another girl, the new girl will get 25 out of the 50. It goes on and on. The life of this man is divided, shared, anytime he does it,he can never remain the same.

Also, the first time you had sex and the way it was done, has a heavy spiritual consequence.

2. Pictures: If you have promised to marry somebody and you change your mind about that person, your picture in the hand of your former boyfriend or girlfriend is a powerful tool to enter into evil covenant.

3. Blood: Every incision, cut in the body, mark in the body are all covenants. Lovers cutting each other, mixing the blood with wine in a container to drink is a terrible covenant. Blood covenant is the most powerful because life is in the blood.

4. Counterfeit Religion: The devil has corrupted covenant, he has created counterfeit. Whenever you see original, there must be counterfeit, this is the reason behind various spiritual houses called churches with shrine where they burn candles, incense and are using holywater. They are all covenant houses set up as a trap for idolatry and occultism.

5. Occultic covenant: Cult society, they swear allegiance promising they will never leave the group with blood.

6. Food and drinks: Food collected from agent of darkness or satanic altar. Beware, food can kill especially free food. Parent should warn their children. They could be initiated into the demonic world through food.

7. Demonic fashion: Wearing clothes that expose your body will give demons access to your body. Demonic ring repackaged as wedding ring.

Historically and Biblically,Jewellery had connections with idolatry, charms, spells, and enchantment. People put on rings for Goodluck, for transfer of virtue, to beat or even kill. Almost all occult societies have their own rings on their fingers, even, preachers and christians are not left out. Ring sold in various markets are not only for fashion, those rings have power to connect you to the demonic world against your wish.

A single ring could destroy your life forever. It could actually turn you to a money making machine.

What are the signs that evil covenants are in place?

When problems are Resistant to prayers and couselling, you command the demon to go, and the demon says NO.

A very bad habit that is difficult to break, addicted to drugs, smoking, alcoholism.

Discussing the Bible without an encounter with God or personal exprience.

Inability to concentrate.

The way out is to connect with the blood of Jesus to break the evil covenant.

How? Give your life to Jesus.

God bless you

I strongly believe number 1
Re: 7 Ways People Enter Into Evil Covenants by slobbyslavez: 11:49am On Mar 02, 2016

Re: 7 Ways People Enter Into Evil Covenants by SparkleOghene(m): 9:05pm On Mar 31, 2016
Hi Frank I admire ur willingness to know and learn but pls d guy has just spoken some truth in what he had posted. Argueing it or trying not to believe it wont change the fact that he has spoken some truth in his post. One thing is certain even if he decide to quote scriptural texts to buttress his point u still wudnt agree/believe rather it will only lead to more and more arguements-Am speaking from facts/experience. Tell ladies trousers,wigs,attachments,weavor and fashion are unchristianly-that Bible forbides it and d next they will say show us where its written in Scriptures and after showing them more dan enof Bible proofs they still doubt and or start arguing wt u. So broda Frank just allow d Holy Spirit to answer ur questions and convince u in ur heart and dreams. If not even if d poster provide u wt d Bible texts u are asking if u dont wnt to believe u will keep asking more questions and more arguements will surface. In ur closet ask God tru His Holy Spirit to reveal d truth to u. This was how God revealed many tins I initially didnt agree to/nor believe to me. Gud day. FRIEND-OF-GOD!
Re: 7 Ways People Enter Into Evil Covenants by pastorobateru(m): 3:10am On May 08, 2017
For those of you saying it is not possible to get an unholy atachment or evil covenant through sex, there is a research institute in washinton called fred hutchinson cancer center, when the immunologist there realised that many people who were not even suppose to have cancer were having cancer, they took the sample of 120 women and run a test of DNA in almost 85percent of the DNA result, they found Y chromosome and Y chromosome is not supose to be found in a female but only in a man. So the question is this what is the source of male michrochimerism in a woman? What is it looking for? Where did it come from? These are the questions the scientist were bomberded with, these now lead them to further reserch, to know who's DNA is this, and we all know in advance contries they have or know the DNA of almost all families, it was then they started asking those women questions of so so and so family which is never in any form related to them that they discover the presence of the Y chromosome in these ladies were from their fomer sexual partner, and these women will hold onto male gene and DNA in their blood stream for life. The reserchers are not christians infact most of the are what I term antichrist.
So it is very very possible to enter into and unconsious covenant through sexual intercourse.

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