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"Love At First Sight" By Dospix by Dospix(m): 6:47pm On Nov 26, 2012
I keep imagining why we keep repeating these platitudinous and abysmal mistakes .Sometimes when I see these things happen, I put assiduous effort to know why we never learn. Life they say “is a journey of a thousand miles” however, for some individual, this school of thought or objective ideology is regarded as:”conceptional fallacy”;that is to say ,for them, “life is a journey of a single mile.”Trying to unravel the intricacies and things militating to these actions of man, I am being put in a hysterical state; consequently, I am bottled in my thought, trying to unravel the possibility of sensibility in the term:”love at first sight.”
I saw it all as it happened:”Tonight we have to go fishing, it’s been long you know? Yes, we sure need to find some fish…before I forget, I sighted one new fish very close to the school gate this morning…*kpeke! If you see this puella, she is composed of all the characteristics a man seeks: a glittering light Arabian skin, well shaped pointed mango*, a curved voluptuous stand up arsenal*; a slightly broader lips than Angelina Jolie…in short, if you see this puella eh, you will want to sokorize* her the moment you see her…I even heard she is from Calabar…Calabar? Hmm….what is wrong with Calabar girls? Nothing, just being too excited….”
They quickly dressed up on their fishing attire, and immediately exited their lodge. Their next destination was the school gate. I saw it all as the event enfolded: “look, look, look, eh…is that the girl? Yes, wow! She looks so sweet…you know what? I would be the one to catch this fish, because, she is definitely my type; and remember I let you catch the other one…no problem, go ahead, I will find another.”I saw him walk with gangsteric gait, quickly scurrying to catch up with her…he eventually succeeded…this is what transpired between them: “Hello Angel, (no response) Hello Angel, (no response) hello beautiful, yes, can I help you? (She angrily retorted) ah ah, that’s a bit harsh now…why shouldn’t I be harsh to you? When you guys can’t stick your pensovania* the place it ought to be; everyday you gallivant around looking for a prey to misguide…ah, ah, all this harsh words for me?...you know, I don’t dispute the fact that: some guys are really jobless; it really pains me to see such arrant and inept display by some guys.hmm, so u know?…(she pays more attention to him now, stealinly looking at him) yes of course…any way, sorry for my ungentlemanly attitude; my name is Blaze…that’s a cool name (she chuckles) am Hanifa…you know what Hanifa, I want to be very honest with you, but I find the words difficult to spill out (she turns, looks at him charismatically as if they have known each other for long, and replied) I don’t mind you know; am a very free girl-just be free ( he becomes empowered, and inspired to pour her with the flows) I have always wondered why my eyes couldn’t stop admiring you, the day I saw you? I saw something deep inside you; it just seemed I could see through you…A glimpse of you gives me great satisfaction; I really don’t need to beat about the bush, am soo in love with you-I just didn’t know how to tell you. For days now, I have not been able to sleep because of you; it seemed I was put in a prison, and the only condition given for my release is to speak to you, and express my profound love for you. I know you feel this is too sudden, and you perceive am like all those guys who go around deceiving girls. I want to emphatically tell you that I am different; in short, you are the only girl I have explicitly told the way I feel…please just give me a chance to show you how much I love you…(after listening to him, she turns to leave, he immediately grabs her wrist…she sluggishly tries to resist his grabs, but was unable to…this time he holds her both hands; she didn’t put any form of resistance…Blaze gains more momentum this time…she replies) Blaze, I really can’t shield the way I feel about you; I like you too(she shylishly replies, Blaze with great expression of joy on his face, exclaimed) yes! I knew we were meant for each other-I am ready to do anything for you, so far it makes you happy (she gives a wild smile, avoiding any possible eye contact with him. This time, Blazes hands moves from her wrist to her waist…with Blazes hands at the upteenth part of her voluptuous arsenal*, and his chest making firm contact with her well shaped pointed mango*; his friend Biodun concludes) the foolish fish has just been caught.”
I find it difficult to comprehend the forces of nature that militates to the state of our deludism; how can the journey of life start and end that same day? Love, in any ramification and edification has a beginning and certainly has an end. The situation or the intricacies that surround its beginning, determine its end. We often hear different formulas for finding a perfect girl friend, or boy friend; but, you know what? All these formulas are just the subjective perception of how love should be approached-although, there is great truth in the words of these scholars, but, the matters of love is too sensitive to be approached based on human subjective perception.
Love for me, is a journey of a thousand miles, consequently, assiduous effort is needed for one to find the right individual in his or her life. Mind you, there is no such thing as “perfect love”…Love is something that needs to be gradual, patient, and consistent in its approached. Any girl or guy that sees love differently, order than the gradual, patient, and consistent approach, might not be in love, but rather, on a journey of excessive infatuation and lust.
A guy who really loves and respects a girl, does not just see her, and immediately approach her-for the fact that he doesn’t just want to loose her, he tends to regulate and curtail attitude that would portray him in bad light. He tries by every means to do things right in his quest for her heart; and in situation where he finds himself in a dilemmatic state; he tends to seek the consent of rational thinking individuals in the matters of love and relationship. In most cases, he doesn’t just walk up to the girl and start expressing his love or amorous propensity to her, but rather, he starts by following the process of gradualism, patience, and consistency: day 1 “hi…hi” day 2 “good morning…how was your night? It was good…”day 3 “hello dear, you seem tired today; hope there is no problem? No not really, just being a lazy girl…”it continues this way to maybe day 15 or 20, depending on the state of your communication. Your relationship with her continues to develop; it also gives you the avenue to know if really she is what you perceive her to be. When you take your friendship with the victim of your admiration gradual, you get to know the true nature of the person you will be giving your heart to; you get to know if she is who you perceive her to be, or she has just been pretending.
I have come to discover that people don’t love you or get attracted to you because of your facial appearance, but rather, they get attracted to you because of your character or behavior. A guy who sees a girl for the first time, and walks up to her to express his feelings for her, has no true love for her; neither does he respect her, he just sees her as another vulnerable prey to devour. Although there are situations where the feeling of the guy is for real, but these possibilities are very rear to find this days. It is very important to put these things into consideration before embarking on a love quest, because, love and relation are things we need to give utmost attention, and any mistake we make in this aspect of our life, will be very difficult to correct. If you let yourself fall into the deception of “love at first sight,” you will keep being a victim of heart break. Come to think of it, have you ever wondered why relationship you went into without much stress always turns out to be the shortest? The truth we ought to know is very obvious, but it always seem underlying. All we need to do is to look beyond what we see. If a guy can walk up to you to express his love for you the very day he saw you, then he has done that to fifty other girls; so also the girl has accepted love advancement from fifty other guys...so why would you be complaining that she is not caring, when you are both “fishers of the street.”
Nobody on earth sees someone for the first time and immediately loves the person; what occurs during our first encounter with good looking individuals is either admiration or lust; consequently, love develops through either of these processes: lost or admiration. When a guy sees a good looking girl, and gets lust by her appearance and physical make up, the tendency of going the “love at first sight” formula is very high…but if he genuinely admires her, he is a sure candidate of the gradual, patient, and consistent approach of love. This point however, highlights the fact that: the quest for love develops through two ways: the process of admiration, and the process of lust- it is left for us to decide on the kind of relationship we intend building.
The simple and emphatic point am trying to make with this article, is the fact that: there is no such thing as “love at first sight” individuals who believe in this term are simply deluded by their infatuative fantasy; however, they need to be purged of this unrealistic believe or ideology. If we were unable to comprehend anything from this piece of writing, I just want us to always have this at the back of our mind, when confronting matters of love and relationship: love is a process that emanates from admiration, leads to respect, and then develops to understandable friendship. According to Petronius arbiter:” delight of lust is gross and brief, and weariness treads on desire” and according to me:”
whatever we achieve in life through assiduous effort, we find it difficult letting it go” be gradual, be patient, and be consistent in approaching the matters of love and relationship- you shall conquer... I leave you with this Latin adage that says: “vincit qui patitor” (he that endures conquers).Love is life and life is love; keep loving positively.


Re: "Love At First Sight" By Dospix by Dospix(m): 6:49pm On Nov 26, 2012
What do you think nairalanders? i need your constructive criticism.
Re: "Love At First Sight" By Dospix by Nobody: 10:02pm On Nov 26, 2012
Re: "Love At First Sight" By Dospix by Dospix(m): 10:05pm On Nov 26, 2012
SniperInADiaper: Whoa.
Is that a plus or minus?
Re: "Love At First Sight" By Dospix by Nobody: 10:07pm On Nov 26, 2012
Dospix: Is that a plus or minus?

Both. Im not a writer. I only write shit. But this was all over the place. I liked it.
Re: "Love At First Sight" By Dospix by Dospix(m): 10:40pm On Nov 26, 2012

Both. Im not a writer. I only write shit. But this was all over the place. I liked it.
Tnks.Anyway u speak like a real Nigerian;When a Nigerian has money,he tels u he is the poorest man in his village.
Re: "Love At First Sight" By Dospix by Gen2jaynee: 3:59pm On Nov 29, 2012
Dats a Plus 4 me.... Me likyyyy
Re: "Love At First Sight" By Dospix by Dospix(m): 4:39pm On Nov 30, 2012
Tank you sir.
Re: "Love At First Sight" By Dospix by Splendblex(f): 6:26pm On Dec 01, 2012
Dis is really interesting...
Re: "Love At First Sight" By Dospix by Gen2jaynee: 9:04pm On Dec 01, 2012
Dospix: Tank you sir.
view my profile pls..... A she

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Re: "Love At First Sight" By Dospix by Dospix(m): 2:55pm On Dec 03, 2012
Dospix: Tank you sir.
tnk u dearie
Re: "Love At First Sight" By Dospix by Dospix(m): 2:56pm On Dec 03, 2012
Splendblex: Dis is really interesting...
tnks alot
Re: "Love At First Sight" By Dospix by Dospix(m): 8:59am On Mar 02, 2013
Sorry for the miss representation.
Re: "Love At First Sight" By Dospix by Tygood(m): 5:34pm On Mar 02, 2013
Nice write up ..though lacks simplicity
Re: "Love At First Sight" By Dospix by Dospix(m): 5:38pm On Mar 02, 2013
Tnks,hoping to work on that in future.
Re: "Love At First Sight" By Dospix by Tygood(m): 6:32am On Mar 03, 2013
The concept of love at first sight seems utterly absurd but then,love is rarely ever logical.
Re: "Love At First Sight" By Dospix by Dospix(m): 12:56pm On Mar 03, 2013
Are u implying that love has no systematic and rational way one can approach it?
Re: "Love At First Sight" By Dospix by Tygood(m): 4:58pm On Mar 12, 2013
When u are in luv,it is somehw difficult to find any rational n cogent reasons of why u luv dat person..
Re: "Love At First Sight" By Dospix by Dospix(m): 1:11pm On Mar 14, 2013
Tygood: When u are in luv,it is somehw difficult to find any rational n cogent reasons of why u luv dat person..
Invariably you are saying the effect of love can affect our judgement? you see, a lot of people are of the view that when an individual falls in love, he becomes a fool.I hold a conflicting view about this school of thought. There are various reasons why people fall in love: some for the money; some for the physical make-up; others, for the characteristics an individual possesses. However, the things that surrounds or militates to our relationship determines where it leads us to. A relationship characterized by lost would give birth to dummy's who do not know why they love; but, if the relationship is characterized admiration and respect,then rational thinking individuals who would be the final product.

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