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Bensons Blunder-(He knew it was wrong,but she was a goddess) by navymii(m): 5:42pm On Jan 03, 2013
Taking baby steps writing.would really appreciate your comments and criticisms. Here it goes

He was seated as usual on the backrow in class when his phone rang.For most other people,that would ve been a mild embarrassment worth not more than a few blushes and a couple of disapproving looks.Unfortunately however for Benson,he owned one of those china phones whose ringtones were probably made to be heard above the deafening racket made by more than a billion people sharing the same country,and not in the tranquil of a lecture hall full of students who had been heavily sedated by a small man with a shrill voice talking apathetically about the cell membrane. Benson struggled to kill the sound amidst a mixture of looks of displeasure and amusement from the other students but the phone was determined to be heard and rang on. His hands shaking and beads of sweat forming on his brow from the growing unease,he finally took out the battery and the end of the sound was greeted with boisterous mirth from the drowsy class who seemed to appreciate the distraction. There was no such amusement however as far as Mr Ibrahim was concerned and he promptly ordered Benson out of the lecture,his small frame vibrating with indignation and his shrill voice modulating to an earsplitting exasperated shriek.
"I have told you since to get rid of that nuisance" Kefas teased in his ever blunt fashion with Abdul laughing wildly in his usual annoying manner,holding his sides as though trying to prevent his abdomen from bursting. The duo wouldn't rather miss an exam than pass up an opportunity to make fun of somoene and had promptly gone to his room after the class to rub it in. His being their friend didn't help matters,it only made them more vicious.
"Did Agada come to class?" Benson asked,knowing he didn't but trying to shift the discussion away from his earlier humiliation.
Kefas shrugged "I don't care anymore,I have tried my best to help him move on,he still wouldn't even try" he concluded with his dark face contorted into a frown and an irritated hiss.
"Its..not..his..fault now" Abdul said,inbetween residual chuckles. "He overloved Sade"
"Nonsense" Kefas spurted out angrily."Is she the finest girl"
Abdul sighed,Benson cleared his throat.Kefas got the message but ignored it
"So what if she won Miss campus twice in a row,is she the only fine girl? Abeg make I hear word"
Benson smiled to himself. Kefas appeared to be the only person not charmed by the immaculate beauty of Sade;Agadas ex or by any girls beauty whatsoever and he had many flocking around him being roguishly handome,tall,well built and from a wealthy home,yet he had succumbed to none. This made Abdul once suggest that he was gay. Kefas erupted so violently in defence that day that they never again suggested it...openly; they just believed it quietly.
Bensons phone vibrated twice prompting more laughter from Kefas and Abdul.He picked it up ignoring them and there was a message that read
"Please I need to see you,its urgent..Sade"
Re: Bensons Blunder-(He knew it was wrong,but she was a goddess) by navymii(m): 11:33am On Jan 04, 2013

Kefas and Abdul had left after a while after making fun of his phone some more and trying to convice him that Arsenal didn't stand a chance against real madrid in the champions league game of that night. It was a task they found unususally easy because Bensons thoughts were altogether in a different place. He was glad to see them leave. He hadn't shown any of them the message from Sade.
'See me urgently? But why?' Benson thought to himself. He paced the whole circumference of logic his brain had space to accommodate and came up with nothing. In the one year or so that Agada his best friend had been with Sade, he and Sade in all their meetings; and they had met many times,had exchanged maybe 50 words with each other and she had offered around 47 of those 50 words. He was sure Sade thought he had a mental disorder of some sort because whenever he saw her, he would go mute and almost paralytic; except of course for his eye muscles which were always well and truly active,running his eyes up and down and up again along her voluptuous frame zooming in for good measure on the generous elevations on her chest and backside.She must have thought those weren't lewd looks but random eye movements of an autistic fellow..or so he thought,because she still remained nice to him always having a look of concern on her face when talking to him. Kefas didn't care much for her and didn't have any qualms showing it. Abdul on the other hand got along very well with her although he never ceased to joke that if she should ever leave Agada, she should consider him a stand-by boyfriend.
His phone rang startling him out of his reverie
"Hello..Hello..Helloooo" he was beginning to get irritated,all he could hear was soft breathing at the other end.
"Its..its Sade"
He went mute,there was silence for about 30seconds
"Hello. Are you still there?" She asked in a sleepy voice.
"Y..y..yes I am" he miraculously replied
"Can I see you by 8pm today? in sculpture garden?'
All the reasons to say no flooded his mind like a rushing stream; champions league night, what to tell the boys, what would they talk about?, wouldn't he make a fool of himself?, hadn't missed an arsenal game in 3yrs, this was his best friends ex.
"Ben?" she called gently
"Y..yes,yes by 8" he found himself saying
"Ok, see you then" she rounded up in an excited tone
Bensons heart was racing with excitement and a sense of danger, a distinct sense of danger.
Re: Bensons Blunder-(He knew it was wrong,but she was a goddess) by navymii(m): 5:43pm On Jan 04, 2013

Benson could swear the 'ticks' and 'tocks' of the wall clock in his room had been longer and further apart that evening. He began counting the seconds to make sure there were still sixty seconds in a minute and even though the scrupulous clock was keeping time perfectly,he kept throwing it suspicious glances every once in a while.
Finally it was 7pm, he decided to go and have his bath.He was just making his way out of the room when he ran into Kefas, Abdul and Agada.
"Look who we brought along" Kefas beamed satisfactorily
The four of them regularly watched matches together and they had finally managed to get Agada out of his room. He still looked dishevelled and unkempt; a far cry from his usual pristine appearance.
"You are just going to bath"? Abdul asked irritatedly
"I wont be joining you guys today,there's something I have to do"
Agada chuckled looking surprised "something that can't wait?"
"Yes" Benson insisted hoping they wouldn't probe more
"Ok, but hope its not because you are too scared to watch Arsenal lose" Kefas concluded as they took their leave much to Bensons relief.
After the fifteen minute walk from his place off campus, Benson was seated in sculpture garden at exactly five minutes to eight pm. Apart from a couple seate on a bench about 40yards from him, the place was deserted. Fifteen minutes passed, then twenty. It was obvious she wouldn't come, she had made a fool of him, even the statues around were making faces at him;mocking him. He stood up and checked his time,it was 8:25pm. He turned to leave when he saw her approaching; unhurried in her graceful sway. She walked towards him uneasily at first not sure if he was the one, then called out
All his irritation dissolved when she called his name
"Yes I'm the one" he replied
"I'm so sorry I'm late. I couldn't decide what to wear"
She was wearing a white teeshirt with three-quarter jeans which flattered her hips. The white teeshirt an inscription which he couldn't see given it was dark but given that the inscription settled right across her chest, he probably wouldn't be able to make out what it was in the best of illumination. Her medium length hair was being tossed around by the gentle breeze. Her picture should be beside perfection in the dictionary,he thought.
"Ben?" Her voice rocked him back to reality and made him realise he was ogling
"You..you..l..look nice" he stammered
"Thank you" she chuckled
"So you must wonder why I called you" she asked looking straight into his eyes with a softly penetrative stare that made him tremble nervously
"Its ok,I don't bite" she said resting her warm hands on his. He felt his whole body heating up.
"I'm really lonely Ben. Ever since..ever since" her voice faltered, she looked away,pulled her hands from his,wiped a tear.
Ben was confused. He had never had to comfort a crying woman before, except you count his aunt trying to throw herself on the express road when his uncle died and that was more of restraining. This was far more delicate.
She continued "ever since Agada dumped me"
"What?!!!" Benson screamed startling Sade who looked up sharply at him.
"He didn't tell you what happened" she quizzed looking surprised
"No,he didn't.He gave us the impression you broke his heart"
"Me Oh my goodness!" She began to sob with her face in her hands.
Benson reached out to touch her shoulders but stopped just short.
"I should go,I'm sorry" she said hurrying away
"No no no, please don't go" he said desperately hurrying after her. "Sade,Sade"
She didn't stop
Benson was furious. Agada was a bloody liar

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Re: Bensons Blunder-(He knew it was wrong,but she was a goddess) by olenyi(m): 6:41pm On Jan 04, 2013
Nice story u got going there. Am at ur tail bro. Keep it up.

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Re: Bensons Blunder-(He knew it was wrong,but she was a goddess) by navymii(m): 6:45pm On Jan 04, 2013
@Olenyi-thanx a lot,i appreciate
Re: Bensons Blunder-(He knew it was wrong,but she was a goddess) by EfemenaXY: 7:25pm On Jan 04, 2013
You sure you want critisms? embarassed undecided



Unfortunately however for Benson,he owned one of those china phones whose ringtones were probably made to be heard above the deafening racket made by more than a billion people sharing the same country,and not in the tranquil of a lecture hall full of students who had been heavily sedated by a small man with a shrill voice talking apathetically about the cell membrane.

Jeez! You nearly killed me there man!

Punctuation, punctuation and more punctuations please. I was gasping for air by the time I got to the end of that sentence. It's way too long. Try breaking it down into shorter sentences and use more full-stops please.

Also, incorporate the use of more paragraphs. It'll make your work look better and easier to read...

Baby steps you say? That's good and keep on writing. You can only get better smiley
Re: Bensons Blunder-(He knew it was wrong,but she was a goddess) by navymii(m): 7:48pm On Jan 04, 2013
@Efemena-Yes i'm sure i want criticisms. Thanks, they are all noted.
Re: Bensons Blunder-(He knew it was wrong,but she was a goddess) by navymii(m): 12:07am On Jan 05, 2013

Benson kept calling Sade's number repeatedly but it was switched off. He spent two hours in the sculpture garden in the hope that she'd come back for him. The only person who came for him however was a nosy security man, flashing his torch-light in his face and asking what he was doing there.

He couldn't get their short conversation out of his mind all night,tossing and turning restlessly.
"..ever since he dumped me"
"..You mean he didn't tell you"

Agada had been really depressed since the break-up but had not talked to any of them about it in detail. All he had told them when they probed was that he couldn't believe Sade would ever do this to him. Now Sade broke down infront of him after telling him that Agada broke her heart and also refused to say more. He sat up on his thin matress, his agitation having exiled all somnolence.

He was confused. Who was saying the truth and who was lying? Both their voices kept playing in his head

"I can't believe she did this to me"
"Ever since he dumped me"

As confused as he was, Benson couldn't help being angry with Agada. Under the jurisdiction of his emotions, Agada had already been charged, tried and awaited sentencing. The more he thought of Sade's faltering voice,her sobs,her tears, the more enraged he became. He lay back down willing the day to break.

Benson was in class for lectures in the morning when his phone vibrated. The message he had received read
From Sade
I'm really sorry about last night.I'd not talked to anyone about it before last night and I guess I didn't realise it still hurt so much.
He replied immediately
I'm really sorry you had to go through all this. Can we see and talk later?
She replied
I'd love that,if its not too much trouble.
He replied
I'll call you

Immediately after the class, Benson hurried to meet Agada who was finally attending class again.
"Hey congrats Ben, we didn't believe Arsenal would beat madrid yesterday" he said giving him a playful jab on the shoulder.
"Yea" Benson retorted less than entusiastically. "I need to ask you something".
"Sure" Agada replied witha look of concern
"Em..what happened between you and Sade, I mean what really happened?"
Agada stopped walking and glanced sideways at Benson.
"I don't want to talk about it" he said emphatically.
"Why?" Benson inquired curtly with a hint of frustration in his voice.
"Just drop it will you? Why the sudden interest?" Agada retorted.
"What have you got to hide? Ehn?" Benson queried rather aggressively.
Agada stared angrily at Benson and then stormed away leaving benson convinced that he had done something he wasn't proud of.

Benson picked his phone and dialled a number.
"Sade hi..."
Re: Bensons Blunder-(He knew it was wrong,but she was a goddess) by olenyi(m): 8:48am On Jan 05, 2013
Am still here bro. Ride on. Saw the corrections. U know its a gradual process, but u'll get there. Regards.
Re: Bensons Blunder-(He knew it was wrong,but she was a goddess) by navymii(m): 11:32am On Jan 05, 2013

This time Benson was late. He was to meet Sade at 8pm infront of the basketball court but had overslept. By the time he woke up,it was already 7:55pm.He took a rapid shower,after which there were more parts of his body dry than wet and was on his way. He was running, comb in one hand, watch in the other, handkerchief held between his clenched teeth. As he approached the basket ball court, he slowed down and looked at his time;8:25pm. He decided to walk from there so as not to look desperate when he heard from behind him
"Ben,over here"
He turned sharply and saw Sade waving him while leaning against a black golf 4. He tried to control his panting,wiped his sweat and walked toward her. She got into the drivers seat and opened the passenger door for him.
"I am so so sorry I'm late" he began apologising profusely as soon as he got in "I.."
"Don't worry about it" she cut him short,chuckling easily. "Looks like you were rushing.Guess that explains why your buttoning wasn't properly done".

He looked down at his shirt and saw buttons mismatched with button holes. "Oh boy" he muttered drowning in a pool of embarrassment."I'm so sorry,I didn't realize it was..I'm sorry" he continued while fixing his buttons.
Sade laughed lightly looking amused which made him feel all the more stupid.
"Just relax Benson. You are about the most uptight person I know" she smiled.
"I'm not that uptight" he protested."I guess its just..just". A long sigh replaced whatever words he intended to say.
"Just what Ben?" She inquired patiently with her soft soothing voice.
"Just when I'm around you" Ben said looking at the steering wheel.
"Why?" She asked. "Why are you uptight around me?"
Some questions were beyond answers. Such questions were just meant to tease judgement and reasoning,to make a mockery of logic, to taunt rationality. Answers were not worthy enough to stand before such glorified inquiries. Benson fiddled with his fingers hoping the question would go away.

He felt her hand on his and looked up at her. She looked pleadingly at him."Please Ben,tell me".
"Maybe..maybe its because you are so beautiful".
He felt her hand slip away from his and she turned away from him.he felt a surge of panic. 'What had he done wrong?'.
"Sade,what? Did I say something wrong?"
She kept looking out her window and refused to say anything. Benson was agitated. He touched her right shoulder. "Sade?"

"That's all you guys ever say about me. She's beautiful, she's beautiful. Can't i ever have a simple conversation with a guy without him staring at me like a confused donkey. Can't I ever be appreciated for who I am and not for how I look?" Her voice was rising
"Sade,I'm sorry" Benson tried to cut in.

"Beauty is a curse Ben.I would rather be loved than worshipped, watched over rather than leered at, cuddled rather than fondled, cherished rather than idolized.I'm tired Ben,I'm tired" she began sobbing.
Benson was horrified. He had hurt her,he had objectified her and he felt horrible. He had to make it right.
He leaned over to her,lifted up her head and turned it towards him. Her tear filled eyes looked longingly at him. Even though his hands were trembling,he fixed his gaze on hers. He brought his face closer to hers until he could feel her warm breath on his face.
Re: Bensons Blunder-(He knew it was wrong,but she was a goddess) by navymii(m): 6:10pm On Jan 05, 2013

Benson was breathing heavily now. He couldn't take his eyes off Sade. She had a desperate longing in her eyes, her full lips slightly parted and her expression was dreamy. He was entranced. He was going to love, cherish, watch over and cuddle her. She drew closer, arching toward him.

It was sudden, explosive and drove them both crazy. Benson reached into his pocket cursing under his breath to pull out his phone whose outrageous ringing had startled them both out of their passionate trance.The caller was Agada.

"Hello" he answered harshly not hiding his frustration.
"How far guy,where are you?" Agada asked. The volume was loud enough for Sade to hear too.
"Somewhere on campus,but I can't talk right now.Maybe later".
"I wanted to apologise about this morning. You have a right to know about Sade and I'm sorry I blew you off. Call me when you can talk.I would like us to see".
"Ok,later" he cut the call.

"What was that about?" Sade inquired when he was through
"Its nothing.I just.."
"Its not nothing" she retorted angrily. "You went to ask him if what I told you last night was true?"
"Its not like that Sade.I.."
"So I'm a liar now. So I can't be trusted" she was screaming now.
"Yes..I mean no. Sade I just wanted to...I was.." He continued a discordant stringing of words which had neither redemptive nor pacifying ability.
"Just leave" she concluded.
"But Sade.."

It was a long walk back to his house off campus,and another night spent in vigil.
Re: Bensons Blunder-(He knew it was wrong,but she was a goddess) by Emperortj93(m): 6:16pm On Jan 05, 2013
Wat a great story u hv here and Pls keep dem cumin ASAP, cus u gat me captivated wit dis great masterpiece.
Re: Bensons Blunder-(He knew it was wrong,but she was a goddess) by navymii(m): 6:30pm On Jan 05, 2013
@emperor-tanx a lot.will keep it coming.
Re: Bensons Blunder-(He knew it was wrong,but she was a goddess) by navymii(m): 1:56pm On Jan 06, 2013

Benson felt himself being shoved violently away and heard some supressed giggles. He opened his eyes,rubbing them and turned to his right where he received a scorching look from a muslim girl clad in a black hijab,whom he had apparently fallen on after losing balance while sleeping.

"You answer the question" was the next thing he heard. Eyes still clouded in a haze of somnolence, he saw two hands pointed in his general direction.
"You in the black shirt" the familiar coarse voice insisted and as the haze lifted, he saw one long, fairskinned but heavily bleached and heavily bejewelled hand pointing at him.

"What's the question ma?" The class roared with laughter.
"Shut up all of you" Mrs Eke, the HOD of physiology barked. Multicolored Eke as she was mischieviously dubbed by the students in the department had an uncanny ability to pick out sleeping students. She was only more popular for her variegated skin which looked like a painters palette after mixing colors for an artwork; no doubt a consequence of several botched bleaching attempts.

She returned to teaching after her signature punishment;making Benson stand for the rest of the lecture,and writing his registration number in a hard cover note book dedicated to sleep offenders. It was rumored that 3 appearances in a semester in the infamous book cost a student 10marks. That was probably why Inusa,renowned for his unrivalled lecture induced drowsiness had carried over her course four times.

"Benson, Benson" he turned round to see Agada, Abdul and Kefas rushing to catch up with after the class.

"Na wa oh,so you entered multicoloureds' book today" Kefas teased. "Who would have thought.."
"Just leave me alone" Benson barked "I'm not in the mood"
Kefas was taken aback while Abdul who had already begun his trademark chuckling was forced to stifle it. Agada whispered something inaudible to Kefas and Abdul and they walked ahead after saying goodbye which he barely acknowledged.

"Benson, what's up? You haven't been yourself"
"I'm fine,I just didn't sleep much last night"

He hadnt slept at all. Between cursing Agada for calling at the most inappropriate time and calling Sades number desperately, the night had passed agonisingly slowly.
"Its not just about sleeping in class. In the last few days you have been distant and pre-eoccupied"
Benson didn't say anything.

"About Sade" Agada continued."I'm only telling you because its you,please don't tell Kefas or Abdul"

Benson suddenly feeling a pang of guilt. Agada trusted him. They had gone to secondary school together and had been inseperable since then. Over the last few days, he had completely forgotten Agada was still in the equation. Sade was Agadas ex and just two weeks after the breakup, he was obsessing over her. He felt ashamed. He remembered what had made him and Agada become more of kindred than just best friends. A new transfer student; a girl named Esther had come to their school. She was petite,cute,funny with playful eyes and a killer smile that left a right dimple in its wake.
Benson told Agada a few days after she came.
"That girl is hot"
Agada laughed "Tell her now"
Over the next few weeks Benson tried all he could to try to get Esther to like him. From keeping seats for her in class, to helping her write notes, walking her to her hostel, even helping her clear a portion of bush when she got detention once. One morning, he decided that during prep that evening, he would tell her how he felt. He noticed she was distracted in class that morning and left one of the classes early. Her notebook slipped down and fell and when he bent to pick it, saw a folded piece of paper with Agadas name on it in her handwriting. He opened it and what he saw crushed him. It was a love note professing her love for his close friend. He replaced it and when the class was over,walked over to Agada pulling him to one side.
"What's going on with you and Esther" he asked obviously deeply hurt.
"What did she tell you?" Agada asked narrowing his eyes as he was won't to when confused.
"I saw a love note in her book addressed to you. Tell me the truth" Benson was trying to control himself but he felt like hotfumes were exiting his orifices.
"She gave me that note yesterday,I gave it back to her and told her I wasn't interested. That's why its still in her book." Agada replied defensively.
"I don't understand"
Agada sighed."She said she has a crush on me and I told her I wasn't interested"
"Are you?" Benson quizzed
"Are you interested?" He asked Agada again
Agada was irritated "Yes I am you fool. I can't stop thinking about her. But I ve stayed away because of you. So stop interrogating me"
Benson saw Agada as his brother from that day.
Re: Bensons Blunder-(He knew it was wrong,but she was a goddess) by navymii(m): 3:28pm On Jan 06, 2013

"So what is it about Sade?" Benson asked calmly
"You asked what happened. I was the one who broke up with her"
"But u ve been so depressed,I thought initially that she was the one that dumped you"
"No no" Agada replied. "I broke it off"
"Why?" Benson inquired further
"I really can't tell you why Benson. Sorry. That's between Sade and I".
"Ok,I understand." Benson nodded
"So we are good?" Agada asked hopefully
"Yea" Benson smiled weakly, happy to put the events of the past few days behind him.

Creative writers club meeting was one Ben looked forward to everyweek. It was a club for talented aspiring writers on campus. However Benson was neither talented nor aspiring. His only ever write up in the club was published as an example of how not to write. He had continued attending the meetings however because he enjoyed hearing literary pieces read, debates and the occassional war of words. He came in five minutes early and was seated on the second row in the small lecture theatre they used for their meetings. After the initial greetings by the co-ordinator of the day, the new members were asked to introduce themselves.
"Haruna Idris from biological sciences"
"Hauwa Saleh from Geology"
"Stephen chom from maths"
"Sade jimoh from pharmacy"

Benson nearly broke his neck turning around. There she was, in one of the higher backrows. She was obscured from his view when she sat down. He became restless. The rest of the meeting was a blur. He just kept hearing voices and applauds, voices and applauds. He wanted to excuse himself and leave but he didn't want her to think he was leaving because of her.

"So is there any of out new members who has a piece for us" the exuberrant co-ordinator chimed.
There was a reverberant round of applause and when he turned, there she was coming down the stairs. In a black dress that made no pretense of hiding her delicious curves, she walked up to the lectern, collecting the microphone from the coordinator who seemed all of a sudden reluctant to leave the lectern.
She cleared her throat gently and said
"Good afternoon.Thank you coordinator for this opportunity,I have a small piece to read out"
She looked distant and sad, wearing no make up but looking as striking as ever, benson thought.
"My piece is titled Free fall"

"Pushed from a cliff
By hands that once held me
I am in free fall
Coursing through the sky
Screaming in fright
I am in free fall"

Her voice seemed to fall with each line.

"I can't look up,the sky mocks me
I can't look down,the ground would destroy me
I am in free fall
Her voice was now nearly a whisper,but it had enchanted the hall into a reverent hush.

"The winds refuse to bear me
The winged beasts refuse to carry me
I am in free fall

Will you catch me?"
She lifted her head up and her teary eyes met Bensons'but she averted them immediately.

"Baby I go catch you"! Someone shouted from the audience causing a wave of laughter followed by a resounding round of applause as she made her way gingerly back to her seat.

Benson couldn't wait for the meeting to end.
Re: Bensons Blunder-(He knew it was wrong,but she was a goddess) by Nexxy007: 6:57pm On Jan 06, 2013
oh boy, abeg cme cntinue. . .
Re: Bensons Blunder-(He knew it was wrong,but she was a goddess) by navymii(m): 7:26pm On Jan 06, 2013
@ nexxy-i certainly will
Re: Bensons Blunder-(He knew it was wrong,but she was a goddess) by kelz3264: 8:48pm On Jan 06, 2013
wow.amazing write-up keep it coming.
Re: Bensons Blunder-(He knew it was wrong,but she was a goddess) by navymii(m): 9:20pm On Jan 06, 2013
@kelz-thanks a lot, i will
Re: Bensons Blunder-(He knew it was wrong,but she was a goddess) by navymii(m): 1:35am On Jan 07, 2013

Benson sat impatiently in his seat while several other guys milled around Sade like an inquisitive crowd drawn to a market place fight. He sighed frequently, each an expulsion of small amounts of exasperation. He would look at his watch, then throw a frustrated glance in her direction and then sigh in a sequence that looked from afar like a one man choreography. He could literally see those words

"..I am in free fall.."
" Would you catch me?"

And then that lingering look. 'Or maybe she didn't intend to look at me' he thought.
The lights went off to Bensons relief. She would have to leave now. He stood up and moved in the direction of the door to wait for her. As he was moving along the row of seats,his shin struck the metallic base of the row sharply causing him to sit back gripping his shin in searing agony with his head thrown back and his eyes shut.
The lights came back on and he glanced around. There were a few people still in the hall but Sade was nowhere to be found. Benson was alarmed. He rushed out with a limp. Once outside, he realised she could have gone in at least three different directions. His mind raced instinctively to the nearest car park. His right shin still hurting badly and bleeding, he ran towards the car park a few metres from the theatre hoping she drove. He got to the car park and still there was no sign of her. He sat down on one of the benches there with his head in his hand.
"What am I doing?" He whispered aloud. He had decided that morning not to have anything to do with Sade again; for Agadas sake.
"Why did I have to see her again?" He asked raising his eyes to the sky in blameful petition.
He stood up after a few minutes and was leaving the car park when he saw her opening her car door. She was about to get in when he shouted.
"Sade,Sade" he hurried over breathlessly to where she was standing with folded arms.
"Hi, that was a really nice piece you read earlier"
"Thank you"she replied coldly
"I tried to catch up with you after the meeting, then the lights went off and I hit my leg..."
"What do you want Benson?" she cut him short testily.

It was a question he wasn't ready for. Stunned silence was his response.
"Goodnight Ben" Sade concluded as she got into the car and reversed.
Benson watched the car roll back. The headlights blinded him for a few seconds and then suddenly it was all clear; he knew what he wanted. He jumped impulsively infront of the car as she made to pull out of the park waving his hands motioning her to stop. She got out clearly infuriated.
"Benson" she screamed."What the hell..."
"I want to catch you,that's all I want" he gasped staring intently at her."Can we just talk? Please?" He pleaded.
Her features softened. She opened her mouth to say something but changed her mind. She motioned him into the car.
"You stay off campus right?" She asked starting the car
Before long they were parked infront of his house. She turned off the ignition and placed her head on the steering wheel. Benson placed a hand on her shoulder, she turned and looked at his hand, then at him.
"I want you" he whspered pulling her to himself while leaning toward her." I haven't been able to stop thinking about you".
A smile visited her lips but was soon replaced by a question.
"What about Agada?"
"I can't help myself" he whispered, running his hand through her hair and caressing her face.
She pulled away."This isn't right Benson".
"Then why did you call me?" He shot back."Why did you first ask to see me?"
She had no response. He knew he had her.They had assasinated reason and now they were both prisoners of desire,shackled by their carnal longings. She leaned in towards him pulling him toward her. He was out of breath. She held the back of his neck with one hand while her fingers traced his lips. "Sade" he whispered
"Mmmm" she moaned softly sending shivers cascading down his spine. She tilted her head soflty grazing his lower lip with her upper lip. He leaned in but she pulled back causing him to release a frustrated sigh. She leaned in again, lips hovering infront of his,he could almost taste her, he ached badly for her, her scented breath made his head spin. "Ben" she whispered causing his whole body to shiver with excitement. She caught his lower lip inbetween hers and nibbled it. It was too much for him. He ran his down her neck and over her collarbone. He traced down over her cleavage and was about to cup her right breast when she pulled away sharply.
"Benson, we can't".
Re: Bensons Blunder-(He knew it was wrong,but she was a goddess) by Nexxy007: 7:20am On Jan 07, 2013
oh yea u cn
Re: Bensons Blunder-(He knew it was wrong,but she was a goddess) by navymii(m): 8:18am On Jan 07, 2013
Re: Bensons Blunder-(He knew it was wrong,but she was a goddess) by olenyi(m): 9:57am On Jan 07, 2013
U dont catch me be dat na. Like i said, i aint going nowhere ooo, until i see the end. WOW!!!!
Re: Bensons Blunder-(He knew it was wrong,but she was a goddess) by navymii(m): 10:31am On Jan 07, 2013
@olenyi-good to know you are sticking around.cheesy
Re: Bensons Blunder-(He knew it was wrong,but she was a goddess) by goldwaters(f): 3:11pm On Jan 07, 2013
Very nyc. Oya more o.
Re: Bensons Blunder-(He knew it was wrong,but she was a goddess) by Emperortj93(m): 3:45pm On Jan 07, 2013
Ova gud dey wori dis story.....oya drop more b4 i vex remove al ur 11 legs *sharpenin ma hausa dagger*
Re: Bensons Blunder-(He knew it was wrong,but she was a goddess) by navymii(m): 4:57pm On Jan 07, 2013
@goldwaters-thanks a lot,more is coming
@emperor-*pulls off slippers* running to type oh!
Re: Bensons Blunder-(He knew it was wrong,but she was a goddess) by navymii(m): 6:26pm On Jan 07, 2013

Benson felt his grip on sanity was like that of a child who had just eaten draw soup on a tug of war rope. He was fast losing it.

"Sade,what do you want from me?" He asked almost pleadingly
"I don't know Benson.I..I don't know". She leaned her her against the window on the drivers side.
Benson moved over till he was almost sitting on the drivers seat.
"Sade" he whispered his hand on her thigh.
"Ben no" she moved his hand away.
Benson couldn't stop. He pulled her by the waist towrad him,gently kissing the base of her neck.
"No Ben" she whispered while stiffening slightly
He ran his moist lips up her neck while his hand moved slowly uo her thigh
"Ben stop" she moaned breathlessly while pulling him closer
Besnson was feverish now. He kissed his way down along her neck settling in her cleavage.
"Ben pleeease stoooop" she whimpered while arching her body invitingly toward him. Her bosom lifted and fell tantalisingly with each laboured breath. Slowly, teasingly,he ran his lips over the irresistible mound of flesh as she held her breath in delirious anticipation. He nibbled gently but firmly at the summit causing her to let out an intense moan of pleasure.
"Ooooooh Agada"

Benson froze immediately. He felt very much like an extinguished inferno. He looked up at Sade whose expression was still in transition from erotic bliss to horrified guilt.
"Oh my goodness Ben,I'm sorry" she begged as he pulled away back to the paseengers seat.
"I should go Sade" he opened the door.
"No please Ben" she entreated catching his arm and holding onto him.
"Good night" he pulled away and walked into his house. With the door shut and his back against it, he slid down and sat on the floor.
He had never hated any five letters more in his life.
Re: Bensons Blunder-(He knew it was wrong,but she was a goddess) by olashas(f): 7:45pm On Jan 07, 2013
Re: Bensons Blunder-(He knew it was wrong,but she was a goddess) by navymii(m): 8:36pm On Jan 07, 2013

Benson was awakened rudely by the sun rays that filtered in uninvited through his room window. The time on his wall clock read twelve noon. He was lying down with half of his body on the bed and the distal half on the floor. He picked up his phone and scrolled through.
No endless barage of missed calls and no messages begging for his forgiveness for last night. He felt disappointed. He stood up and walked to the mirror bending slightly in order to see his face because of his height and because he was too lazy to nail it up higher on the wall. His face looked tired,long and drawn. He had more wrinkles than he remembered each no doubt with an eager story to tell of his recent emotional upheavals. He looked at his thin lips, he could still feel her lips teasing his..

Some aggressive pounding threatened to throw his door off its hinges. Profoundly irritated,he walked to the door and opened it.
"Hey guy,how far?" Agada quipped
His first impulse was to slam the door in his face. His secod impulse was to pick his mirror,smash it in his face then slam the door shut.
"Fine" he replied coldly leaving the door open.
Agada walked in closing the door behind him.
"Guy where were you last night? We were calling you. You forgot we were to discuss for the test?"
Discussion, test..those sounded like strange words to Benson.
"Sorry I was reading? Skipped my mind"
"Reading? Where?" Agada quizzed
"My house now" benson retorted
"But we checked here? You were not.."
"Are you my father? Ah ah? I said I was reading here" Benson sparked.
Agada was shocked.
"Anyways the test has been shifted from Monday to today because Mallam ibrahim wants to travel. That's why we were trying to call you. Its by 4pm"
"How can he fix a test on saturday? Is he mad?"
"Don't kill the messenger,I just came to tell you"
"I have heard" Benson said with about as much interest as a thoroughbred canine has in a meal of roasted corn.
Bensons phone beeped. He read the message on it
"B,I'm sorry.I didn't mean to hurt you.pls let me pick you up at 6pm.will make it up to you..Sade"
"What's making you smile?" Agada asked
It was only then Ben realized a smile was playing on his lips.
"A message from home. My brother can be funny"
Agada chuckled weakly."Ok,let me go. Will see you after the test"
"Ok" benson said moving to the door with him.
"What's that in your hair?" Agada asked
Agada reached for his head and picked out something; a long hairstrand,much longer than that of the average male.
Agada held it enquiringly infront of Benson.
Benson smiled sheepishly."I wonder how that got there oh"
Agada let it fall to the ground.
"Toh, we'd see later guy".
Re: Bensons Blunder-(He knew it was wrong,but she was a goddess) by navymii(m): 8:40pm On Jan 07, 2013
@olashas-thats a good Wow! I hope..lol
Re: Bensons Blunder-(He knew it was wrong,but she was a goddess) by BukkyDan(f): 8:47pm On Jan 07, 2013
I'm on a free fall..this writer has caught me already #I laff in yoruba# good work dearie, i luv your write up,you're a Genius!

But come o,whats wrong with Ben? Hmn see best friend oh, I'm sure Agada won't forgive him.

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