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content deleted by Remedy(m): 10:12pm On Aug 09, 2005
content deleted
Re: content deleted by sage(m): 3:29am On Aug 13, 2005
About 20% of infections in nigeria come fromblood transfusion. I think spread of Aids through hetrosexual contact is about 60%
Re: content deleted by layi(m): 2:20pm On Aug 17, 2005
ther's is notthin like safe sex. If u have sex with an AIDS patients u r likely to catch the virus. Its not worth it. But u can help by buildin your immune system. Use natural immune boosters (products like swedish bitters, living bitters..all the biters sha).

Truth is u can get aids even with a condom
1. Ur scrotum will touch her private part and consequently d vaginal fluid (remember most men can't control that thin when they'r reachin orgasm. There r skin pores/holes on your scrotum. U get d virus that way.
2. The condoms are made by several companies..so many fake ones with large enough holes for the virus to pass.
3. The condom can slip off during sex.

Abstinence is the best protection. Nothin like safe sex.
Re: content deleted by vexxy(f): 3:36pm On Aug 17, 2005
Layi, you've taken the words right out of my mouth. The only safe sex is no sex. That is until you are married and have been tested.
Re: content deleted by terry(m): 2:34am On Aug 18, 2005
i disagree, there is safe sex with condom if all the measures and precaution are fully taken
Re: content deleted by vexxy(f): 3:07am On Aug 18, 2005
Condoms are ok but they don't protect against every disease out there. Also, condoms can break and/or come off during sex.
Re: content deleted by hotangel2(f): 7:21am On Aug 20, 2005
Safe sex isn't Safe. Condoms are not 100% safe. Pills are not 100% safe. Nothing is safe.
Re: content deleted by nddy(m): 8:34am On Aug 20, 2005
who says sex is not safe wih condom? it is . WEAR the condoms well, look for your correct size not undersize because undersizemakes your joystick break the condom. Gurl i know notin about your kind of condom
Re: content deleted by hotangel2(f): 8:35am On Aug 20, 2005
Condoms are not 100% safe. Even if u get your size and be as accurate as you wanna be. Something could still go wrong. 100% safe?? Hell no. 99% maybe..but not 100%.
Re: content deleted by WesleyanA(f): 8:38am On Aug 20, 2005
condoms come in different sizes. really?!!...i never knew that.
Re: content deleted by nddy(m): 8:43am On Aug 20, 2005
sex with condom is 99 % safe , if the necessary precautions are followed.if you get the right size you are not at risk breaking the condoms , which means you would be safe.

Mind you there are other types of sex (oral)
Re: content deleted by hotangel2(f): 8:45am On Aug 20, 2005
Wesley Tell me u are joking! Gosh.

To add a little humour to this thread.

Nike Condoms: Just do it.
Toyota Condoms: Oh what a feeling.
Diet Pepsi Condoms: You got the right one, baby.
Pringles Condoms: Once you pop, you can't stop.
Mentos Condoms: The freshmaker.
Flintstones Vitamins Condom Pack: Ten million strong and growing.
Secret Condoms: Strong enough for a man, but Ph balanced for a woman.
Macintosh Condoms: It does more, it costs less, its that simple.
Ford Condoms: The best never rest.
Chevy Condoms: Like a rock.
Dial Condoms: Aren't you glad you use it? Don't you wish everybody did?
New York Lotto Condoms: Cause hey-- you never know.
California Lotto Condoms: Who's next?
Avis Condoms: Trying harder than ever.
KFC Condoms: Finger-Licking Good.
Coca Cola Condoms: Always a Real Thing.
Lays Condoms: Betcha can't have just one.
Campbells Soup Condoms: Mm, mm good.
The Carl's Jr. Condom: If it doesn't get all over the place, it doesn't belong in your face...
General Electric Condoms: We bring good things to life!
AT&T Condom: Reach out and touch someone.
Bounty Condoms: The quicker picker upper.
Microsoft Condoms: where do you want to go today ?
Energizer Condoms: It keeps going and going and going....
M&M Condoms: It melts in your mouth, not in your hands!
Chevron Condoms: use them? people do.
Taco Bell Condoms: get some; make a run for the border
MCI Condoms: for friends and family
Double Mint Condoms: Double your pleasure, double your fun!
The Sears latex Condoms: One coat is good for the entire winter
Delta Airlines travel pack Condoms: Delta's ready when you are
United Airlines travel pack Condoms: Fly United
The Star Trek Condom: To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before

I am sure you get it...so no explaination needed. smiley
Re: content deleted by hotangel2(f): 8:46am On Aug 20, 2005
I just said sex are not 100% safe, but could be 99% safe. So u are technically saying what i said. Anyways i do know that there are other types of sex. oral, anal.
Re: content deleted by nddy(m): 8:50am On Aug 20, 2005
so how safe is oral
Re: content deleted by WesleyanA(f): 8:53am On Aug 20, 2005
you should know all these stuff from experience nddy....hehe
Re: content deleted by nddy(m): 8:54am On Aug 20, 2005
i want to listen to angel's opinion

wesley don't make me laugh ( i want to give up that lifestyle)
Re: content deleted by hotangel2(f): 8:55am On Aug 20, 2005
MouthAction is not 100% safe.
Re: content deleted by nddy(m): 8:56am On Aug 20, 2005
Re: content deleted by hotangel2(f): 9:03am On Aug 20, 2005
There is a commonly held belief among lay people that MouthAction carries no risk. In fact, some consider MouthAction a safe sex alternative. But the truth is, like any other sexual activity, MouthAction carries a risk of transmitting HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. The risk is even greater in serodiscordant couples (one partner is HIV positive while the other is negative), people who are not monogamous, or in people who inject drugs and / or share needles. Truth be told, abstaining from oral, anal, and vaginal sex all together or having sex only with a mutually monogamous, uninfected partner is the only way that individuals can be completely protected from the sexual transmission of HIV.

What are the risks of MouthAction?
Risk is classified as being documented(transmission that has actually occurred, been investigated, and documented in the scientific literature) or theoretical (passing an infection from one person to another is possible). While there is documented risk with engaging in MouthAction with an HIV infected partner the risk is much less than with anal or vaginal intercourse. This fact makes it very hard to calculate the actual risk with MouthAction. Another factor that makes risk determination difficult is the fact that most people who engage in MouthAction also engage in other types of sexual practices, namely vaginal and anal intercourse. Still, there have been document cases of HIV transmission strictly from MouthAction.

Oral-Penile Contact
Theoretical Risk: In MouthAction, there is a theoretical risk of transmission for the receptive partner because infected pre-ejaculate ("pre-cum"wink fluid or semen can get into the mouth. For the insertive partner there is a theoretical risk of infection because infected blood from a partner's bleeding gums or an open sore could come in contact with a scratch, cut, or sore on the joystick.
Documented Risk: Although the risk is many times smaller than anal or vaginal sex, HIV has been transmitted to receptive partners through MouthAction, even in cases when insertive partners didn't ejaculate.

Oral-Vaginal Contact
Theoretical Risk: Cunnilingus carries a theoretical risk of HIV transmission for the insertive partner (the person who is licking or sucking the vaginal area) because infected vaginal fluids and blood can get into the mouth. (This includes, but is not limited to, menstrual blood). Likewise, there is a theoretical risk of HIV transmission during cunnilingus for the receptive partner (the person who is having her vagina licked or sucked) if infected blood from oral sores or bleeding gums comes in contact with vulvar or vaginal cuts or sores.
Documented Risk: The risk of HIV transmission during cunnilingus is extremely low compared to vaginal and anal sex. However, there have been a few cases of HIV transmission most likely resulting from oral-vaginal sex.

Oral-Anal Contact
Theoretical Risk: Anilingus carries a theoretical risk of transmission for the insertive partner (the person who is licking or sucking the anus) if there is exposure to infected blood, either through bloody fecal matter (bodily waste) or cuts/sores in the anal area. Anilingus carries a theoretical risk to the receptive partner (the person who is being licked/sucked) if infected blood in saliva comes in contact with anal/rectal lining.
Documented Risk: There has been one published case of HIV transmission associated with oral-anal sexual contact.

Abstinence, or the voluntary choice to refrain from sexual activity is the only 100% effective way to prevent HIV and STD transmission. Non-coital forms of sexual intimacy range from holding hands, hugging, kissing, and dancing to mutual masturbation, petting, and the use of stimulating devices such as vibrators. While abstinence is an effective means of safe sex, it may be difficult to maintain commitment.
Re: content deleted by hotangel2(f): 9:05am On Aug 20, 2005
In summary, No form of sex is 100% Safe with someone who is not your Wife/trust-worthy patner. Infact even with the one that is your wife/trust-worthy patner. Just get a test and make sure both of u are on the safe side.
Re: content deleted by nddy(m): 9:05am On Aug 20, 2005
angel, i dont know why you guys like posting long things like you are writing an essay competition. Thank you for the summary
Re: content deleted by hotangel2(f): 9:09am On Aug 20, 2005
I knew you would say that, That's why i decided to summarize. Some people actually like long notes. I only post usefull and informative long notes. smiley
Re: content deleted by vexxy(f): 12:36pm On Aug 20, 2005
Nothing man made is 100% safe, period.

Even comdom packaging tells you it is not 100% safe. For instance: You can still get crabs or herpes from your partner even with condom use.

Abestinence is your safest choice.
Re: content deleted by legry(m): 2:50pm On Aug 20, 2005
Amazing you mean i can get aids from yor scrotum are you PEOPLE serious now am getting scared sad sad sad sad
Re: content deleted by layi(m): 3:38pm On Aug 20, 2005
R u male or female? I'm lost because the question sounds hmmmm  angry
Just kiddin

Yes, d scrotal sac has got pores and the vaginal fluid has got the virus. Once they clash, ther'l be trouble. Anal sex aint safe either. The rectum's got its own fluid as well (albeit little).
Re: content deleted by angelak(f): 4:25pm On Aug 20, 2005
People say that sex with condom is not 100% safe, they also say that MouthAction is not safe. Well if these are facts then i can say that 98% of those who are sexually active including those who are married are most likely HIV carriers!!

What i am trying to say is that as long as you are sexually active (single or married),you are HIV negative today just by luck/God.

For how long will you abstain? Won't you marry? What if you marry a randy man/woman? like most people have. Would you equally use a condom with your partner? what if you do use one? Its not 100% safe?

Please someone should talk to me its getting confusing!
Re: content deleted by Remedy(m): 9:39pm On Aug 20, 2005
content deleted
Re: content deleted by legry(m): 8:53am On Aug 22, 2005
@Layi hahahahahaha! funny funny funny abegeeeeeeeeee pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee
Re: content deleted by worried(f): 4:36am On Oct 03, 2005
HIV may be prevented by condoms -- I said may. But the infections that are never prevented are HPV (human papilloma virus). 99% of cervical cancer is caused by HPV infections (certain strains, not the ones responsible for genital warts). That's why women undergo routine Pap smears at the GYN office -- to look for cancerous change. And guys, yes, they can also cause penile cancer.
Re: content deleted by brick(m): 12:48pm On Dec 26, 2005
well what is safe sex?
safe sex is a sexual intercourse that does not involve contact with blood, semen, vagina fluid and breast milk.
to an extent, safe sex is really safe depending on the method u adopt.
the first of them which i believe is to be adopted by all is abstainance which is 100% effective.
the next being condoms can really be atleast up to 98%effective if carefully used and properly implemented with full precautions. condoms act as a barriel between the contact of either genital.
Re: content deleted by tilda: 8:25pm On Mar 04, 2006
I don't really believe there is anything like safe sex with the way our youth this days abuse sex.Sex is said to be safe when u are legally married.
Re: content deleted by lioness(f): 10:07am On May 15, 2006
Perhaps i shd stop having sex then undecided undecided

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