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Re: The Poets' Café : Chat Room! by flamez94(m): 2:08pm On Mar 09, 2017
pen , a mark of the lettered
Pen , a short word with a long meaning
Pen, the of education
Pen , a code to secrecy
Pen , the symbol of the wise

You made my child leave in search of you
You made the son of the wretch who found you noble in the midst of the born noble
You turn the the long thought of a wise into short codes
You have divided the society into more class the we imagined

They pronounce you pen,but sometimes your true meaning is the capital letters of pain
This true definition of urs will be be pronounced in the hand of a critist
You made the world of the man who is named the headline small than he could imagine

They were right when they call you a weapon
Your handwork demoralises the age u choose
Your handwork has replaced peace with war
With you the reputation of an innocent in a twinkle of an eye turns to shame

But in all u are the noblest I know
You made tangible my lonely expression
You gave me the copy of my view toward nature
You kept the wise thought of the old in the reach of age to come
You have drawn the wretch from the crowd and put his head a crown
You could bring back peace with a piece of your work
I will make you my friend and give you my inspiration for a better meaning


Re: The Poets' Café : Chat Room! by ayamAgenius: 6:35pm On Mar 12, 2017
Poetry seem dead on Nairaland....

What can be done to revive it?
Re: The Poets' Café : Chat Room! by JohnWriter: 7:47pm On Mar 22, 2017

I looked for you on the outside
You appeared in different shades & colours
Oh, I was wrong
Did I expect to find you everywhere?
You are beauty beneath the bones

For all the times I raced for my life
I imagined if I will ever find you
Maybe I was not meant to find you
Just maybe I do not deserve your comfort
You are beauty beneath the surface

I looked for you in shapes
Are you that pretty face?
My conviction of you is weak
Maybe you do not exist anyways
The world said they have you
But they painted you in multiple pictures
Maybe you meant different things to different folks
Maybe you meant nothing to them all

I asked myself
Have I lost you in those multitude of faces?
Have you come to me in a shape I did not desire?
Your complexion was dark & fair
Maybe I walked past you the other day
Maybe I had you and let you slip through my fingers
You should have told me it was you

By: Yinka Olonode aka Johnwriter



Re: The Poets' Café : Chat Room! by davidstrong: 6:29am On Apr 15, 2017


It is said if you can’t beat them join them
But that’s a defeatist verbal emblem
Be a solutionist and don’t surrender to the problem
Even if you can’t beat them, stand firm

A wise one never surrenders to the foolishness of the many,
Cuz the foolish pound never outlives the wise penny
This world lacks leaders, but followers are plenty
So don’t let your life be coloured by minds that are empty

STAND! is the simple message of this piece
Please, don’t let popular opinion drive you to your knees
Be at peace with your moral convictions and persist
Be a force for what’s right, don’t just exist

Let me end with this school rhyme I believe you know
That taught us to stand and not just go with the flow
Wherever you may be and wherever you go
Do not say yes when you mean to say NO


Re: The Poets' Café : Chat Room! by Nobody: 1:11pm On Apr 16, 2017
One can hear you chuckle from a distance
Cupid, be gentle.

One can feel your crosshairs on one's breast cage
Cupid, be gentle

One can almost hear the heart saying; "oh boy, not again"
Cupid, be gentle

One can hear the brain give a sigh as one writes this down
Cupid, be gentle

One hopes you did not send a Calypso one's way, lest one becomes a Davy Jones
Cupid, be gentle

One knows he cannot fight you, you are what you are
Cupid, be gentle

One hopes you leave one better than you met one
Cupid, be gentle

One hopes if you cannot do so, you gouge the eyes out and take them along as a parting oath
Cupid, don't be gentle


Re: The Poets' Café : Chat Room! by TMOW(m): 6:57pm On Jun 13, 2017
Am scared to post on this platform
Because I feel some people are here to form
Or disguise their faces
But their eyes are on the fence
Looking for others poem
To make their poem.

It true that we borrow others diction
But don't wait for a mistake for a correction
Am a poet to poems
But what do you hold in helms
I want to learn from you
Please give me the room.

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Re: The Poets' Café : Chat Room! by GrahamGeorge(m): 9:45am On Jun 16, 2017
I once loved a maid so fine and fair
Without a doubt, she had silk for hair
Purest diamonds had she for eyes
An hourglass figure and ivory thighs

I once loved a maid so fine and fair
In this cruel world she lived without a care
With her came the peace of the sea
And no man was found to be happier than me

I once loved a maid so fine and fair
No mortal could hold back a stare
Just as a dove outclasses a sparrow
So did other girls compare to her shadow

I once loved a maid so fine and fair
With her, pain was exiled and so was fear
A maid whose beauty could outshine
In all their glory, the angels divine

I once loved a maid so fine and fair
But to approach her, I could never dare
She seemed to be from a royal line
Her greatest worries, where to wine and dine

I once loved a maid so fine and fair
But I knew her end was very near
You see the beauty was dying of cancer
Death was coming to take my life's answer

I once loved a maid so fine and fair
This loss I knew I could never bear
I know she has gone, not to join the angelic horde
No she was far more special, the very apple of God

I once loved a maid so fine and fair
Without a doubt, she had silk for hair
The purest diamonds she had for eyes
And so the world wept for her demise

I once loved a maid so fine and fair
Her memory, my heart would forever hold dear
But even if she'd lived to be a hundred and nine
I knew that goddess would never be mine


Re: The Poets' Café : Chat Room! by YoungDaNaval(m): 6:25pm On Jul 23, 2017
Roses are red, Violets are blue. Her period is on, so no pussy for you. �


Re: The Poets' Café : Chat Room! by Kopatales: 11:16am On Jul 26, 2017
Hello everyone, I'm new here and I recently wrote a poem about the flood situation in Lagos Nigeria. The title is when the storm floods. you can check it out http://pimoeyoshodi.blogspot.com.ng/2017/07/when-flood-storms.html check it out!
Re: The Poets' Café : Chat Room! by Ajoshberry: 4:22pm On Sep 02, 2017
Weeping almonds Moaning diamonds.
Wealth and health Death and dearth
Hope and Joy Strife life coil
You get one Or you're drown.
Life gives you But with rules.
Understand her rule- Tame the fool!

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Re: The Poets' Café : Chat Room! by Saintabdul(m): 9:21am On Sep 03, 2017
Travelling Road

Travelling road without end
smooth dark
like a burnt offering
how i wish you were like the bosom of an Africa bride
soft and tender at every touch
But at every turn and bend
your scaling skin gallop our buttock high

Travelling road without end
what paintings lines your belly ?
A zebra patch or a Tiger stribes
running far as i journed

Travelling road without end
Are you the one that eat up the wary sojouner ?
who's skull spatted your dark burnt skin
spilling it content and painting your hide in red ink
or he gave heed to the graveyard call
and carelessly slipped

Travelling road without end
Yield my call


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Re: The Poets' Café : Chat Room! by itsandi(m): 11:08pm On Sep 09, 2017
Good evening everyone! Now you can read cool poems on Tushstories via


Re: The Poets' Café : Chat Room! by xtic2yz(m): 4:45pm On Sep 14, 2017
please help review a poem: the color of death
Re: The Poets' Café : Chat Room! by grace133: 9:59am On Sep 15, 2017
pls can someone add me to poetry WhatsApp group chat
Re: The Poets' Café : Chat Room! by princy80(m): 2:41am On Sep 16, 2017
pls can someone add me to poetry WhatsApp group chat
Me too.
Re: The Poets' Café : Chat Room! by lee007(m): 10:07pm On Oct 04, 2017
Thoughts in Fall (2)

Once again I hear the beats of my weary thoughts today
The resonance of my lonely soul ponding under my breath
I am far from the rivers that used to soothe my juvenile feet
I am deep in the jungle of faces that will never see my lushly land
In this new icy city where I pitched my hopeful tent that placid winter
Wait! Will my dog even hear me from this eccentric woodland?
Please, will I ever feel the love of my childhood folly?
Oh miss you Tetembula! The ground where my dusty feet found love!
Now you are not any different from the world around you
Your surface is now filled with misty concreate from hell
Sometime tears flow just from the smell of corn in spring
The sight of a farm and feel of a crusty coconut shell
My soul is tied to the land of the blazing sun for ever
But my spirit is such an unrepentant traveler
The more I feed my spirit, the farther it takes me from home
The more I empty my soul, the more I am dragged back to my youth
Oh I wish that day will come! That calm serene of the evening view
When we all can sit around in the dark at night with a lantern lit
Free spirit, full of hope and never doubting the future
Today I stare across the Fraser and it hits me!
Life is just a journey and this is just the beginning!

Omo-Ekun, Ilu-Nla
Re: The Poets' Café : Chat Room! by april4mee(m): 7:43am On Nov 04, 2017

A shinny light shone on the horizon
a lofty height further from the forensic
from the loins of wisdom...
wisdom from his loins..begetting mega-wisdom (s)

daddy,my buddy.
my "paddy"...my "caddy"
my confidant..my confidence
the penchant...the fence

my inclination...my adoration
my guide...my guard
man with seven lives,
mum in heaven smiles,

“his fertile effervescent mind”
his fatherly ever - present bind
the simplicity of his complexity
the intricacy of his sagacity

magnanimity exemplified,
hospitality embodified
enigmatically dogged,
sub - urban rugged.
undauntedly courageous..
conscientiously religious
indefatigable hustler.
easily understandable teacher

the earthen raged
you damned the bellows
tactically concealing the hidden page
you squeezed in to the hollow

glad you didn't listen
look at what we would be missing
we might have taken the long way
you always knew we'll get there someday

...Daddy, age with grace!
happy birthday.

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Re: The Poets' Café : Chat Room! by april4mee(m): 7:56am On Nov 04, 2017

its my turn,

its your turn


is on the run

"am the don".....

"am next to none"

the sun long gone...

the fun is hung

houses - they burn

families - they mourn

curfews - dusk till dawn,

gloomy on the "morn"

less ado 'bout the battles we've won

and the war cloths we've worn

let bygones be bygones

we really don't have to buy guns


Re: The Poets' Café : Chat Room! by april4mee(m): 7:58am On Nov 04, 2017
Flowers that fade

bounty beauty in my many broken places.

faulty connects in superfluity of nothingness.

they meddled,


and at first twas a cuddle

but now!

swords they blaze

even to my face!.

sharper than the razor of a blade,

I have loved flowers that fade

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Re: The Poets' Café : Chat Room! by april4mee(m): 8:06am On Nov 04, 2017

When next you think of BLACK!

Think of coal,
think of massive power plants.
Who will give a "NO"
to a flashy hour glass.

Think of the ace of spades,
it's the highest in the deck of playing cards
The face of Blades
The type that be cutting hard.

Think of the dark night..
The precidence of a beautiful dawn..
Think of its might.
The bright of a powerful town

Think of a skillet,
for once, the fry of a tastefull source..
The messenger of a longing rouse and..
The blessing of an empty pouch

Think of a Black box,
Think of its saving grace.
The epochs,
the beginning of many races.

Whenever you think
a Black market stinks,
consider its reach
And not the rich.

When I think of the black eye,
the type carried by "black I"
It Makes me cry and...
I can't but wonder why?

We sweep the award Plaques
We blaze the tracks
Always ahead of the pack
A very Hard nut to crack

We tough to the bone
Forget the tone
We are Boneblack
And glad to be born black


Re: The Poets' Café : Chat Room! by april4mee(m): 8:09am On Nov 04, 2017
cry me a river

I am not the giver,
am not a diva.
Can't get you high,
can't even give you a fever.

When you are wet, I can't get you dry
When there is heat, I can't give no quiver.
Can't make you die, can't make you fly.
Ain't even got the liver.

Your whining, your tears, your complaints.
Your pining , your fears, your disdains.
Though strongly panelled,
But wrongly channeled.

There is a man upstairs
Our whole burdens he bears
Whenever you see me do those things
It is he in Me that wove those strings.

The curtains are ripped asunder
Now we can access him like no other
What is the need of a middle man
When there is no more a riddle man?

snug up to him, he won't lie
Draw nigh, open eyed and quote "i"
He made us, ordained us
And he is responsible for us.

So when next you decide to turn the heat on me.
Am a just sit back and Fry me a pizza
While you hit hard and Cry me a river.

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Re: The Poets' Café : Chat Room! by olasteve19(m): 11:29am On Nov 22, 2017
sailing the seas of life
I've learnt everyone can't be satisfied

walking the face of earth
great lessons I've learnt

thro everyday adventures
I've learnt to say no to things i don't want
I've learnt that trying to satisfy everyone is vain job
dancing to everyone's tune
makes you no one
it makes you tuneless
Re: The Poets' Café : Chat Room! by Syntos: 4:35pm On Dec 07, 2017
Last night I dreamt about u, a divine sign of a good day.

On a stool I sat blushing like a fool, thinking about you, as I watch the transgressions of the morning ray...


You are perfection, I thought, an inconvenient glitch in my heart

You are gorgeous, I know, you couldn't have been deliberately made for a world like this.

You are way prettier than an angel its unexplainable

The impression you make on me without even trying is uncontrollable

From your head to toe is pristine

Your pure eyes, brighter than the morning stars, I feel like you will light up my life

Your pink lips looks so soft, like a red hot gel, I feel lik kissing you will bring you by my side


You have the body of a goddess... soft and smooth skin, all I want to do is look at you.

I want to spend a thousand years to admire every part of you

Spend two hundred year on your hands alone, hovering it lik a pest

And another two hundred on your breast, tracing the firmness and sexiness of this dope chest

I will spend a hundred years admiring your stomach and for the rest,

I will fraction the remaining five hundred years calculating the mass

Two hundred years will go to your ass

And the remaining three hundred years will be dedicated to your long golden legs.


I think about you all the time, it's become an addiction

Smiling unconsciously on d road, gal, I'm loosing the conventional way to function

You are divine... oh I'm sure of that,

I will marry you... don't doubt that.
Re: The Poets' Café : Chat Room! by zaynie(f): 10:50pm On Dec 14, 2017
You're in the literature section
Re: The Poets' Café : Chat Room! by Acepen(m): 10:28am On Jan 04, 2018
Like the suns of summer, our spirit afire with love
Re: The Poets' Café : Chat Room! by ACAN(m): 12:54am On Mar 10, 2018

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Your life will be re-branded.

Your emotional wound will be healed.

You will wear a new cloak of inner beauty!

Your character will be sharpened!

Ladies will start noticing you!

Men will start chasing you!

Wedding bells will ring.

And you will finally settle down!

Every obstacle causing marital delay will be removed.

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Re: The Poets' Café : Chat Room! by Sarang(f): 10:13pm On Mar 13, 2018
Hi guys

I just posted my poem on Poems for review, working title is Orphan's Cry I will really appreciate reviews from you guys, like assessments smiley


Re: The Poets' Café : Chat Room! by pinfoltd: 2:40am On Apr 22, 2018
My Best Friend - by Te Lil

I met the girl of my dreams

I’ve never dreamt of her, but the idea of her lingered in my subconscious

Racing circles around that small space between the tracks of my thoughts

She shouldn’t exist in this universe, the chaos will taint her beauty and bend her cause

She’s stronger than she looks

To read the full poem click here

Re: The Poets' Café : Chat Room! by Whyke141: 11:50am On May 02, 2018
Step after step, let's swirl our waist while swaying our onlookers off their feet's with our meticulous moves... We're the young dancers bearing the flag of Africa.

Innocence is painted on our faces at present, but how long would it last with the atrocities pandering across the continent. How long would we survive the tide.

This is our cry - a cry for peace, as we're scared. We're still fingerlings funding routes of survival in the ocean of life, please Africa, don't choke us up.

Listen to our cry. This is for every youth in Africa.

Written By; Brenda Martha...Enjoy!

Proudly Whyke.
Re: The Poets' Café : Chat Room! by tomisineshton01: 1:04am On May 09, 2018
Good evening
Re: The Poets' Café : Chat Room! by tomisineshton01: 1:10am On May 09, 2018
Sins behind the scene

Did you imagine her moans
While you pen her name on a special list,
Did her tears sound like moans
While you threaten her with failure?
Did her name dance melodiously
While you taunt her with authority?
Because I see the glamour
In your camouflage behavior
Of been a concerned tutor,
You cause tumoil to the tutored.

Did she kneel before your thighs?
Was that why you marked her script right?
Did you dangle you pen
And unbutton your shirt in victory
While she worshipped with her lips,
till you inked her body with grades?

When Its all over
And the semester rolls over,
You push her over
And claim you do not know her,
Yet she has a carry over
Which led to her spillover
in your course, you cause why she cuss,
The semester is new so is the child bouncing and new.

She was just like you
But you used and abused
Not just her scores
but what she could have scored
Oh what a shame
A teacher you claim
But you just taught a life to waste
All for the urges you crave.

Sir. Tomisin Eshton [color=#000099][/color]

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Re: The Poets' Café : Chat Room! by Whyke141: 3:48pm On Jun 18, 2018
When boys became men, there are stories painted on their lips ready to be torn off to brethrens treading the same path. When boys became men, there are tales untold during their transformation that'd be ready to be spitted out...

This is a story of courage not miracle. This is a story of faded love cum unrepentant selflessness. This is a story of boys who were painted on faces of humans as stones! - Boys whose bodies houses fire.

This is a story told by Brenda Martha on the soil of Kenya. This story is our story of survival... Enjoy!!!

Brought To You By Whyke Anthology.

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