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Cost Of Building A Twin Duplex by mdCEO(m): 10:24pm On Apr 06, 2008
Can anyone tell me what is nearly cost of building twin duplex of 5 bedrooms each with a boys quarters(pent house included) in ogudu GRA,lagos and magodo,these are all high taste furnished houses for hire.Lands are already purchased.thanks
Re: Cost Of Building A Twin Duplex by youngmill(m): 7:32pm On Apr 07, 2008
With a good finish i will say between 15 to 18 million.it cost 15million just to finish a four bedroom in lekki with good finish.
Re: Cost Of Building A Twin Duplex by mdCEO(m): 9:09pm On Apr 07, 2008
Thanks alot,youngmail,but can you give a kind of analysis of the costs,someone scared me with almost 45M before now,i would have gone far by now
Re: Cost Of Building A Twin Duplex by ZUBY77(m): 10:09pm On Apr 07, 2008
i think you are not ready to build anything, what makes you think this is where you will find the right people to analyse the cost of everything/from water to cement and to labourers, i suggest you look for the appropriate people. go to their offices and by the tim you visit 3 or 4 offices, you will know the approximate cost, stop wasting uour time here asking for what you wont get,

my advice anyway, budget 200 million naira, if you have change then minus the change from the original capital.
Re: Cost Of Building A Twin Duplex by ZUBY77(m): 10:10pm On Apr 07, 2008
good luck

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Re: Cost Of Building A Twin Duplex by mdCEO(m): 10:50pm On Apr 07, 2008
this is a forum for rubbing minds and exchanging ideas,not necessarily exact,nairaland did help ME resolve some serious problems before NOW(REMEMBER MONEY TRANSFER PROBLEMS?)OGA SEUN THANK SO MUCH OOOOOOOOO,someone somewhere is doing same thing am about to start,i dont think is bad idea asking for some ways out,any problems or dirty tricks some of these builders/contractors plays atleast someone warned you,mr zubby if you have anything no matter how small or big tell me and others will all learn from that and God will bless you as you Q E D
Re: Cost Of Building A Twin Duplex by Nobody: 9:25am On Apr 08, 2008
what engineering services do you want in the site?

water treatment plant
small nepa transformer

all these and more will drive up the final cost. . . and its better to do them once and for all.

the quality of building materials you are looking at can also play a significant part.

maybe you should make up your mind exactly how much you intend to spend. then the design etal can be tailored to that.

(when buying a car opting for a kia / toyota / mercedes / bentley/ferrari depends on your budget ) the same goes for the house.
Re: Cost Of Building A Twin Duplex by EKENEA(m): 10:00am On Apr 08, 2008
From my experience,There are so many things to consider,such as type of soil etc, as I said from my experience it will take not less than 45M, because I am building one duplex of 5 bed room with two room self contain on each side in festac area and I know how much I have put in, only God knows how much that will finish it, because cost of construction materials are not steady.
Re: Cost Of Building A Twin Duplex by EKENEA(m): 10:02am On Apr 08, 2008
Sorry I mean twin duplex.

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Re: Cost Of Building A Twin Duplex by carrygo1: 11:07am On Apr 08, 2008
if you need a contractor with good budget proposal, i can get you one who works with a construction company in lagos. the price is very moderate and the man is an experienced construction engineer. so if you want a deal, just mail me on kingfemi@yahoo.com
i promise you will get the best of estimate.
Re: Cost Of Building A Twin Duplex by youngmill(m): 1:50pm On Apr 08, 2008

Thanks alot,youngmail,but can you give a kind of analysis of the costs,someone scared me with almost 45M before now,i would have gone far by now

considering top finishing varies and cost of building material as gone up.if you are there to do it you self i will advise you to burget about 25million.
since you said the fifth bedroom will be a painthouse,meaning extra decking and if you are not there,the price can be doubled.
Re: Cost Of Building A Twin Duplex by wirinet(m): 3:56pm On Apr 08, 2008
@ mdceo

I can help you out as i am an Architect. Your question is very vague as the cost of building and finishing any buildings depends on a number of factors.

The Design:
The total area (square meters) of your spaces has a lot of bearing on the cost of a building. The larger the spaces the more expensive.

The Finishes:
The Quality of your finishes aslo goes a long way into determining the total cost of your building. Finishes such as P.O.P for ceiling and granite or marble tiles for floor can be quite expensive. Also good doors, wardrobes, kitchens cabinets and other woodworks are very costly.
The Consultants
Cost of consultants such as Architects, Structural Engineers and Contractors can vary significantly, thereby contributing to the final cost of the project. The most important one is the contractor, a good honest contractor can save you money but a disohest one can make life and cost unbearable to you.

Sundry costs
Costs such as landscaping, Generator house, borehole, paving stones, fencing and gate, garage, external/security lighting and septic tank and soakaway pit are often overlooked but has significant bearing to the cost of a house

So it is impossible to put a cost to your building without determining the above factors. Your duplex can be built with 10 million naira and it could also be built with 150 million if you want designer kitchens, Jacuzzi, bullet proof doors etc.

Now you can contact me at my email wirinet@yahoo.com and we can discuss specifics. At least you can get my quote free of charge, if only for reference purpose.
Re: Cost Of Building A Twin Duplex by chrisoml(m): 4:26pm On Apr 08, 2008
First u will need a Bill of Quantities from a trusted engineer/surveyor, that will guide you first. then afterwards u have to be at d site or u nominate a very God fearing individual that will be monitoring activities @d site if not u r sure going to pay more that twice of the actual cost.
Cheers and good luck.
Re: Cost Of Building A Twin Duplex by Ezinwannem: 4:47pm On Apr 08, 2008
I dont know anything about houses and all but I can recommend you to my uncle who is a well known architect In Nigeria. He is really good, Infact, he is building a house 4 ma parents in da villa now with excately your discription only that ours is 6 bedroom, Holla if you need his info.
Re: Cost Of Building A Twin Duplex by rasputinn(m): 5:26pm On Apr 08, 2008
He doesn't need an Architect.He needs an Architect,a Civil Engineer,and most importantly (since he's asking for the amount)he needs a Quantity Surveyor.

Even @ that,it will still depend on the existing soil structure,whether well/poorly stabilised which in turn will now determine the type of foundation,pad,raft or pile foundation.The type of interior and exterior finish you wish to incoporate will still determine which way the cost will go.

So my advice,see two or three QSs before commissioning an Architect to draw(architectural design),before the Civil/Structural Engineer will now do his own structural design and build the house.
Re: Cost Of Building A Twin Duplex by rasputinn(m): 5:40pm On Apr 08, 2008
@ All

Don't be wrting your emails in the conventional format.

For your security,something like lagbaja (at) yahoo dot com will suffice.
Re: Cost Of Building A Twin Duplex by mdCEO(m): 7:42pm On Apr 08, 2008
@ all above posts,you guys are great and all i can say is big thank you.

MY Land is a corner piece bounded by three roads and is highly developed,nylon tyred roads,standard transformers,etc,i ve sunk borehole,water treatment plant already,using a automatic generator(built a small two bedroom guset chalet already and am infact living in this place) but still have about 900 sq metres free land,renting in this area is about 2.5m for a year for 4 bedroom duplex and infact my neighbour just collected 5.3m for two years and infact some many people were on it before it was given to one person,this my reason, leaving this big land like this will not be helping me and that is why I want to build it.So the issue of security is out of question,am dey ground seriously my brothers,all your suggestions are very helpful anyway.I bought the land with an approve plan already,do i need another plan?(approve plan is for three buildings on the whole land)
Re: Cost Of Building A Twin Duplex by mdCEO(m): 8:05pm On Apr 08, 2008
@rasputinn,this land is so hard that you ve to wet the ground over night before you can dig the following day,its very strong land and all I want is some kind of cost effective yet not too cheap a house that can be hired for good money
Re: Cost Of Building A Twin Duplex by ololade34(f): 8:40pm On Apr 09, 2008
@ mdCEO
Building estimates varies from area to area (the design of your building will also determin the cost), the best thing i'll suggest is to ask for estimates from at least 3 independent builders, it'll give you an idea of how much the project will cost, also try and source out the building materials yourself to keep the cost down
Re: Cost Of Building A Twin Duplex by freshmoney(m): 3:14pm On Apr 13, 2008
I built my 3 bedroom flat in Ife including fence and tall gate(Apart from Land purchase) for 8.5 million Naira. Duplex in Magodo, Lag should cost u nothing less than 50mil beyond including good finishing.
Re: Cost Of Building A Twin Duplex by penmoveh(m): 3:45pm On Apr 22, 2008
for u to really get the cost of such a project u need to get to qunatity surveyor sine u say u already have a plan, but if u intend to change the design then u definately have to get new designs. i will be glad to link u up with good q.s. even from my office to help u out and if u want the materials listed for u too am sure u can get that done so on ur own u just go to the market and get the cost so u can have an idea of the cost to raise such a structure. pjex23 at yahoo dot com.
Re: Cost Of Building A Twin Duplex by dozymars(m): 11:40pm On Apr 25, 2008
Hello MDCEO i advice you go consult qualified and experienced surveyors,builders or architects in this field.
Every contribution here on nairaland would only confuse u the more, they are all assuming.
Re: Cost Of Building A Twin Duplex by tope777(m): 11:30pm On Apr 26, 2008
LIZAB DAVTOP & COMPANY will build it for you for only 22million naira only, please send the soft copy of your drawing to trevi_onne@yahoo.com for further clarifications.

Re: Cost Of Building A Twin Duplex by larez(m): 9:01pm On Jan 30, 2009
I find this thread interesting because of the various opinions that have been expressed. Some people have added comments that are quite knowledgeable while others have given it a street twist. Being a Design/Builder in the U.S, I can authoritatively say that there are many factors involved in building a home, and the cost varies widely as well. Unless the quality and finishes are specified, then you are leaving yourself open to the builders interpretation.

I'll give an example: One can build a 5000 squarefoot home in Macon Georgia for around $200,000.00 not counting the Real Estate price, But a 5000 squarefoot home in Buckhead, Atlanta may cost $2,000,000.00 not including the real Estate. You have to consider that the cost of imported Italian gold veined Marble that may go in the Foyer of the Buckhead home, combined with a nice curved staircase may exceed the $200,000.00 of building the same home in Macon Georgia. We are only talking about the finishes of the Foyer alone.

It is therefore advisable to always compare apples with apples and oranges with oranges.

Re: Cost Of Building A Twin Duplex by ono(m): 1:26pm On Oct 06, 2010
@ larez,
Re: Cost Of Building A Twin Duplex by Nobody: 4:59pm On Oct 06, 2010
Dis is my problem wit some folks in dis forum. How can som1 say the buildng will cost as much as 40million to buy.

They don't even read and understand the mindset of a client before talking.

The poster has made it clear that he wants a good modest building with good finishing and not a mansionette cos its for rent.

Secondly, he has descibed the site conditions- if ur knowleageable in construction, you should know from the descriptions that half the problem is solved.

@ Poster

I applaud your mindset. I kinda have a preference for pple with a developer's mindset.

Needless I say much, the semi-detached idea is perfect. Av given dat advive to lots of private clients even in dis forum. Its like building two houses for the price of one.

Mind u, the approved design is not binding, you can make slight adjustments on site. Note; each of the units must be a minimum of 4 bedroms and must have at least 1 BQ. The BQ is better structurally attached to the building to save cost.

As regards construction, everybody constructs in lagos, but not everyone knows the secret of construction at low cost.

People build for 40m, 50m. Others build same houses, drainages, roads, make good profit and lots and still sell the same house type for 30 - 35m.

How is this done? Dats d $1m question. Mail me.

On a lighter note, ur house should not cost more than 15 to 20m at the worst case scenerio.
Rmbr, its an investment - we need to figure out the ROI.

Many Cheers
Re: Cost Of Building A Twin Duplex by lomolink(m): 2:14am On Oct 07, 2010
Some really nice pictures. It is always good to have high quality photos when you are trying to market your property. It is equally also good to show all the rooms aswell as the interior and exterior.
You are likely to get 40% more responses when these are included and the quality of the people coming to buy the property to do viewings will be more serious.
Re: Cost Of Building A Twin Duplex by segcymoor(m): 11:25am On Oct 08, 2010
Sir, if u can mail me on --arc1mooredesign@yahoo.com i will send a good design and d price break down
Arc. tony
Re: Cost Of Building A Twin Duplex by segcymoor(m): 11:33am On Oct 08, 2010
Meanwhile, just consider this;

Re: Cost Of Building A Twin Duplex by segcymoor(m): 11:45am On Oct 08, 2010
upper floor

Re: Cost Of Building A Twin Duplex by segcymoor(m): 11:48am On Oct 08, 2010

Re: Cost Of Building A Twin Duplex by segcymoor(m): 11:54am On Oct 08, 2010

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