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Please Help, Am Confused About The Better Job / Now That I Got A Job I Am Now Confused. / Praise God ! I Got My Offer Letter (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Offer Letter In Jos Or Kadunna Confused by anitank(f): 6:56am On May 04, 2013
It beats me that even with all the happenings, people still won't hear. Why won't the offer be juicy??.. of course they know they are putting ur life in danger. And to think u don't know ur way around any of those cities shld anything happen.

That being said, I've been to Jos twice on holiday(before the birth of Boko Haram) and I liked it there. Good luck to u
Re: Offer Letter In Jos Or Kadunna Confused by Nobody: 6:59am On May 04, 2013
I wont criticise jos cos av never been 2 jos b4, but I can tel u dat Kaduna is a beter place 2 live dan jos. I am an Igbo guy, but am born and brot up in kaduna and dats where my family is based. One tin about Kaduna is dat as a Xristian, u dnt live anywhere u wish cos of being atakd in time of conflicts. Setlement in Kaduna is a religious divided tin, xristians ocupy d southern parts places like kakuri, television, sabo, romi, u/sunday, g/gora and some sububs around abuja xpresway. Transportation in kaduna is one of d easiest and cheapest av seen, buses, taxis, train etc. Good social life, Nigerias BEST sporting town, good hotel service, xcelent schls (primary, secondary and tertiary) good security with almost evry 3km u drive, dia is a barack. Sweet weather condition, and kaduna is a place where all tribes in Nigeria can be seen in dia larg population.
Re: Offer Letter In Jos Or Kadunna Confused by emeka762001(m): 7:02am On May 04, 2013
borno wld hv bn better for u bros
Re: Offer Letter In Jos Or Kadunna Confused by boiohboi(m): 7:05am On May 04, 2013
caukerzee: And me, my extended and nucler family have lived in Jos for over 30 years and have never lost a relative niether have i died to religous violence If you have no meaningful contribution to make just shut the f u c k up instead of making simply illitrate comments.
What the hell is wrong with ur brain?where the hell are u frm?I am frm Kaduna and Jos respectively.how many of my brothers were killed in Jos?simply bcus they didn't knw that xtian don't cross over to that side n muslims don't cross over to the other side.have u heard that abt Kaduna?u can move arnd to any part of Kaduna as long as dere is no CHAOS.I guess u are so very INANE,STUPID,DAFT and FOLISH to use ur disgusting fingers to type what u wrote to me.in fact u r the BIGGEST ILLITRARE.
Re: Offer Letter In Jos Or Kadunna Confused by Fadenitan(m): 7:11am On May 04, 2013
Both city is a good place to stay depending on d factor you are looking at.But most importantly PRAY for God direction and way.God bless you.
Re: Offer Letter In Jos Or Kadunna Confused by ZUBY77(m): 7:12am On May 04, 2013
Working in Enugu is better. Its just 5 minutes to my village.

No matter how juicy the offer is, dont go there.
Re: Offer Letter In Jos Or Kadunna Confused by Reference(m): 7:13am On May 04, 2013
The final choice resides with you but you can now appreciate the problems you have been piling up. First, you have only lived 3 days in the north. May I ask why. In the intervening period why haven't you bothered to discover your country outside of Nairaland for yourself. And to make matters worse you now seek a comfort zone outside your present one.

My man divine providence has given you the platform to become a true Nigerian, maximize your potentials and become all you should be. Ask Dangote what he would be if he remained in comfy Kano and not ventured to wild, stressful Lagos.

Don't know your dress code but you can start with a kaftan. Leave your comfort zone. Nuff said.

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Re: Offer Letter In Jos Or Kadunna Confused by Nobody: 7:15am On May 04, 2013
uboma: Jos is better than Kaduna interms of security, friendly weather and social life.

In terms of security? It seems you know nothing about the 2 places you're compairing.
Re: Offer Letter In Jos Or Kadunna Confused by ZUBY77(m): 7:15am On May 04, 2013
Fadenitan: Both city is a good place to stay depending on d factor you are looking at.But most importantly PRAY for God direction and way.God bless you.

Anuofia. Which prayer is better than the internet and other news media outlets that have been telling people about killings in those places. Do you want to tempt your God?
Why dont you pray and travel to somalia to work.
Is your God not capable of protecting you over there?
Re: Offer Letter In Jos Or Kadunna Confused by Nobody: 7:18am On May 04, 2013
Any of them is simply a suicide mission... This is a trap set by dévil.
Re: Offer Letter In Jos Or Kadunna Confused by 9free(m): 7:20am On May 04, 2013

No mind me, I get sweet flats am about to rent out for the rayfield area. Enuf sweet banker chicks don occupy a couple of them. This guy might just be lucky & from there hook up and settle down for real. Jos go really pay this guy.....a word is enuf 4 d wise!
Bros, na how much be the rents?
Re: Offer Letter In Jos Or Kadunna Confused by Nobody: 7:23am On May 04, 2013
If you are a Muslim,KD is better,if Christian,Jtown is better.-Incase of Incasity.


Re: Offer Letter In Jos Or Kadunna Confused by Nobody: 7:34am On May 04, 2013
Jtown all the way....but op please avoid places like agwan rogo, congo russia, opp part of the road between bauchi park and terminus, fillin sukwa, barkin ladi...they vampiric hawks there....chose places like tina junction, odus, terminus, dadin kowa, vom, mangu, pankshin, that area where pple sell electronics and the most beautiful and best RAYFIELD!! dont mind those crisis...its normal in a growing city...if you go to jos...you will see solid devt everywhere...you notice a very great difference/change ...even the unijos has changed....it is not like jos of the past. pardon me for reasoning, considering the casualty crisis figures, how many do you see? is it up to 1000,000? but go with a dagger or gun when entering jos. i hope i have convinced you enough, btw so long as NAF OFFICERS are on duty, theres nothin to fear. you yourself shd also lay low dont display like peacock...one gud thing in north is that it gives opportunity for every one to grow irrespective of whoever you are unlike in south. its well.

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Re: Offer Letter In Jos Or Kadunna Confused by basisop(m): 7:44am On May 04, 2013
If you can choose between Iraq and Afghanistan then you have your answer.

RIP in advance.
Re: Offer Letter In Jos Or Kadunna Confused by victorydreams(f): 7:48am On May 04, 2013
lumideezle: Hello People,
Ok I'm going to make this as brief as possible so as not to bore you guys out

I got A Job offeer from one of the major multinationals in the country in the FMCG field, now this offer is pretty Juicy so forgoing it is not an option.
The only problem I have now is that the offer location is in Jos or Kadunna and I am based in Lagos at the moment, infact I've only been to the north once in my entire life and I spent just 3days there .
My Question now is which of these locations should I choose considering the security challenges in these locations. Which is beta ?
Please I'll really appreciate responces from people that live in these locations because I am really confused @ d momoent

Both is ok but it depends on the location
Re: Offer Letter In Jos Or Kadunna Confused by Santi222(m): 7:52am On May 04, 2013
chux76: Bro..to be frank with you I can only talk about where I have stayed and where I am still living at present. I was raised in Lagos,schooled in Benin and by virtue of my work then,I have traveled and lived in quite a few states,but right now I am settled in in Kaduna state. I moved over to Kaduna in 2009/2010 precisely and I must say I have never regretted it at all. I know how Kaduna works now..I totally know.

So far I have witnessed 2 crises in Kaduna state;The post-election crises and the last year's bombing of 2 churches which caused a reprisal attack by the Christian youths,which I must say was even deadlier than the post-election crises,but in these 2 scenario I have come to understand Kaduna very very very well.
The onus of the matter is that Kaduna presently is "divided" into 2: predominantly Muslim North aka Kaduna North and the predominantly Christian south aka Kaduna South,and I have lived in the South ever since I moved here,I stay in Sabo now.
As long as you live on the South,whenever "gbege" set you are SAFE,except in a situation where you are in the North when it happens,even at that,you can always still find your way to the southern part which will ALWAYS be a safe abode. There can never be an attack by FULANIS on Christians in the SOUTH...and I say NEVER because it would be suicidal for them,in fact the muslims that come to hustle in the southern part are always very mindful of their behavior. Those tales of gunmen attacking one village or the other is a rare occurrence in Kaduna state except you are living in the remote villages,which I know would not be.

Your company might be located in the Northern part,but I'll advise you get an accommodation in the southern part.
As far as safety is concerned I must say..Kaduna is a very safe place to stay.
Now for the social aspect of KD things,I must give you one advice...If care is not taken you will be carried away by the life here. Grooving in KD is very cheap,much much less compared to Lagos,and like I always tell my friends,the only thing we dey lack in KD na beach..then maybe those shows they organize in Lagos,aside that..KD ROCKS!!
Kaduna has lots n lots of hang-outs,as long as you get small change to spare,you can never have a dull moment in KD,very nice sweet spots that meets all your needs with little..I repeat..Little change...haba..na from experience I dey tell u so oh!!and coming from a guy who has grooved Lasgidi wella...I know wetin I dey talk.

As for Okpetu/Okpeke/Otepu/Babes levels...that is the tip of the iceberg,there are lots of SWEET SWEET gals in Croc city and you know the best thing,them no dey chop or demand like Lag babes...I would have touched more on the chikala aspect but I no wan incur their wrath,another note of warning..better keep your Girl/Fiancee in Lag close to your heart or else...KD babes go make you forget her oh!!!

Food: Since I came to the North,I go to the market(Sabo Market) with 5k and my kitchen gets filled to the brim with assorted that would last me for up to 6-7weeks,(except when those otepus come calling,na dem dey finish my food.

Transportation: Let me summarize,imagine a trip from Orile bus-stop to First gate(Festac) on a motorbike costing just 60/70 naira depending on your negotiation powers,just imagine..that's why I tell them here that anyone who "flies" bike in Lag is considered a big boi..coz e no cheap..compared to KD where people prefer motorbikes to buses.

Accommodation: It used to be very cheap until the upsurge of movement of people from Kaduna North to Kaduna South and even people migrating from other distressed Northern states,but even at that with 120k-150k you can get a very decent "Room n Parlour self contained" as it is popularly called here or even a 2-Bedroom flat in some areas like Goni-gora.

To cut short my tirade...Kaduna is a very safe place to live in and I never see wetin go make me leave this state yet.
u sabi yarn, abeg. Bless u.
Re: Offer Letter In Jos Or Kadunna Confused by victorydreams(f): 7:52am On May 04, 2013
Both is gud but it depends on the location
Re: Offer Letter In Jos Or Kadunna Confused by josite: 7:54am On May 04, 2013
I've lived in jos and still owns houses in jos and ive been to Kaduna. Let me advise u not to take a job where u don't want to live. The essence of work is to live happily. Both jos and kaduna has security concerns that restrains your movement and in both your life expectancy is further shortened. Both jos and kaduna is not good for u especially if u are a yorubaman.in case u go to jos,i hav a house for u to live in if u hav good money.
Re: Offer Letter In Jos Or Kadunna Confused by ChiSun27(m): 7:55am On May 04, 2013
plz, dont accept anyone cus ur lyf is more important.
Re: Offer Letter In Jos Or Kadunna Confused by bibiji(f): 8:13am On May 04, 2013
Jos is ur best option as long as u know where 2 rent an apartment and where not 2 go. In times of crises which we don't pray 4, dia are places where no hausa man will dare enter. I've bin in Jos 4 almost 10yrs and I can assure u u wil jst be fine. Don't listen 2 some silly comments! Welcome 2d land of peace and tourism.

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Re: Offer Letter In Jos Or Kadunna Confused by Nobody: 8:22am On May 04, 2013
@OP, you don hear am na. JOS is better
Re: Offer Letter In Jos Or Kadunna Confused by brumejohnson201: 8:23am On May 04, 2013
working in kaduna
Re: Offer Letter In Jos Or Kadunna Confused by marex: 8:25am On May 04, 2013
Bros, na how much be the rents?

Chair, email me, make we conclude.
Re: Offer Letter In Jos Or Kadunna Confused by mbhs139(m): 8:32am On May 04, 2013
My take on all the reasonable responses so far is that these two places are not as bad as the press makes them look. As a matter of fact, I'm already salivating about visiting the two places for my honeymoon grin grin, instead of Dubai (my fiancee must not read this o!).

I think our press sometimes blow some of the insecurity issues out of proportion. In fact, sometimes I use to wonder if there are people still living in Jos and Kaduna untill this thread. I'm mostly surprised that there are companies in Kaduna. I thought I read it somewhere that all the manufacuring companies have already pulled out of the place, and that there is no more flight from Lagos to KD. And nobody, now-a-days- talks about the beautiful weather in Jos anymore, and how the whites makes it their tourist destination in those days.

This post has opened my eyes to a new reality in Nigeria. And I hope to visit these places in the not too far distance In Sha Allah!
Re: Offer Letter In Jos Or Kadunna Confused by firstolalekan(m): 8:32am On May 04, 2013
ibitomisi: hey jos is better it's a good place to be, kano? it sound scary self xo i prefer jos to kano oooooooo...................................................................... buh i've not been to those places before buh history tells me.

Who ask ƴõυ about kano?

Ua a beans. sad
Re: Offer Letter In Jos Or Kadunna Confused by ijaola(m): 8:40am On May 04, 2013
Kaduna south is good and secured, Unlike Jos with crisis most of the time.
Re: Offer Letter In Jos Or Kadunna Confused by 702: 8:47am On May 04, 2013
Accmd: Jos is relatively cheaper
transport: Jos is relatively cheaper
market tins(fud stuff): Kd is better wiv more varieties
market tins (sparr parts auto): Kd tops Jos
girls girls girls: Kd is da bomb
trips/thrillin places: Jos try wella
clubs/pubs etc: Kd is more ghetto ...giv it to kd
Eateries/Fast fud biz: Kd gt more
Security: Almost same but Jos is kinda safer
GRAs: Kd gt a handful...Jos not bad also
Gsm ntwrk: Jos n Kd r same. I think u get some free wifi more in Kd
Hotels: Kd gt loadz cuz of competitn bt Jos gt classic places to crash
Weather: Jos for lyf but u will grow darker dunno y o
Economy: Kd gt more industries. Biz
populatn: Kd gt more peeps
Efizi/celebs;: almost same bt kd is now promising
During fuel scarcity: Kd dey bad o! Jos bit better
Pollution. air noise etc: Kd of course
BH: walahi i cant asses this
Hospitals/skuls: Kd gt more prestigious names
Kidnappin: no data
Hiv: error
startup biz/entrepreneur: Jos is wide opened.
Big city lights: Kd
Tall buidings: kd
free booze/wknd parties: luv jos on this
Coming down from lag: Kd is closer by road.


Re: Offer Letter In Jos Or Kadunna Confused by doopsy(f): 8:53am On May 04, 2013
I served in kaduna way back in 2007,it was cool,the only thing I hated was the stern faces of the muslims on fridays when they went to their central mosque,as well as the fact that a girl can't dress freely without wicked stares,mind you I stayed at barnawa which was the southern part,I dare not wear shorts and walk down the road,abeg my lagos rocks,Jos is soo cold when it has to,buh in Jos the people are happy.
Re: Offer Letter In Jos Or Kadunna Confused by kelvin1191(m): 8:54am On May 04, 2013
I will go 4 Kaduna cos i school & reside there but my advice is for u to get accomodation in kaduna south (across kaduna bridge) preferably BARNAWA GRA but d weather is harsh when compared with jos. Also, cost of living is low.
Re: Offer Letter In Jos Or Kadunna Confused by JusticeEquity(m): 8:59am On May 04, 2013
Every City is filled with it's own goodies and evil. If you consider anyother factor aside security, u might stick to popular opinion.
If it's security and even ur prosperity in d land, why not go to God, ask him to direct you. Killings happen everywhere, it takes grace to survive.
AskGod, He has d Answer
Re: Offer Letter In Jos Or Kadunna Confused by meforyou1(m): 9:19am On May 04, 2013
To be honest, both cities are beautiful. I have so enjoyed staying in both. The problem is just useless hausa good-for-nothing nonentities. Rayfield and gra in jos are very secured, so is kakuri, barnawa and other sothern parts of kaduna city
Re: Offer Letter In Jos Or Kadunna Confused by caukerzee(m): 9:42am On May 04, 2013
2009 or 2010? Am not sure you live in Jos.
@ op, ignore the two locations if possible cos you can lose all you worked for in a second if you stay in the north.
FYI, i've stayed in jos for more than 17 years so i know what i'm talking about

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