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False Pretenses <1ST POSITION, ROMANCE STORY OF THE YEAR AWARD, 2013> by repogirl(f): 6:12am On May 27, 2013
Okay o, I'm here now, but the blog will always be updated before NL. Please read, share, recommend, comment but no horrible comments o, or else &gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt; &gt;sad


Kite watched from the corner, the good looking guy in the perfectly tailored suit. Expensive and expertly coiffed from the way his short black wavy hair was styled, all the way down to his shined to the hilt expensive black Italian shoes.

There was not a thing out of place, not the shirt, suit, wristwatch, she could bet herself a million bucks which she didn’t have, that he carried a Monte Blanc wallet. He reeked of big bucks; she came across these ones really rarely. He was begging to be a mark, her mark she thought to herself as she watched him move through the high end store perusing the items on display but seeming to have no interest in them. He could easily afford anything in this high end jewellery store, that much was obvious but the look on his face was as if nothing of interest or value was in the store, when in fact Essenza carried high end designer jewellery items which were really expensive.

Her eyes continued to linger on him as she continued to take in every detail of his physical profile. He wasn’t the most handsome guy she’d ever met but he could hold his own especially as he was perfectly groomed and looked so good in that suit. He was tall, about Six feet three or thereabout, dark, with a lean body, in summary he was hot enough. She was almost sure he would be a classic snob, she didn’t like his type and it would make her feel better playing him. It wasn’t like it would make a dent in his account anyway, this one had more than enough to blow.

She wondered for a moment who he was shopping for, his girlfriend probably since there was no ring on his finger, another snooty bitch, she was sure. She tried to guess his profession, looking at him you would think banker or accountant but Kite knew better. This one didn’t have a boss, his suit said so. Probably owned his own company, he had the confidence and air of someone who wasn’t hired but did the hiring, too confident, she didn’t want to know what his personality would be like. Definitely bossy and a perfectionist, he would want everything done his way, no compromises.

She didn’t feel remorse in the least at what she was about to do to him although she’d promised the girls, her two closest friends in the world that she wouldn’t do this anymore but then, this guy was asking for it, besides he looked like he had the money, so it’s not like it would really have much of an effect on him. She was dead broke at the moment and the house rent was coming in the next week, she had to do something fast, the last of her savings had gone that afternoon when she’d transferred it to her brothers back home. She desperately needed the cash now.

She’d come into the store hoping to relieve her depression by window shopping and checking out beautiful pieces of Jewellery but that hadn’t helped, instead she’d spotted this Mr. Perfect and was starting to feel really pissed because some people had it all while others had to scrape all their life and still barely make ends meet. A typical example was her mother who’d broken her back to send her through university only for her to come out and not been able to secure a job. Messed up country this was. Sometimes she asked God why He hadn’t made it so that everyone possessed the same amount of wealth, nothing like the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer but God had probably sent him her way understanding her urgent need for money.

He seemed to have stopped his uninterested browsing and was admiring a set of diamond bracelets, earrings and wrist watch. Wow, she raised a brow. That set had a price tag that went into the range of six figures. That was too much, it just might make her plan harder to pull off and she wondered if she could manage it. She decided to make her move as she saw he was about calling the attention of an attendant.

“Hello,” She swooped in from behind him smiling slightly, his eyes took her in, registering her looks, she knew the effect her looks would have on him, she was an exotic beauty and she had the same effect on every red blooded male. It would leave him stunned for a few seconds and she planned on capitalising on those few seconds when his brain was mesmerised by her beauty and sent into limbo.

“I see you are interested in my set.” She said looking from the jewellery, up into his eyes. He looked even better up close possessing a pink lower lip sometimes seen on dark skinned men. Hmmm, but he did look quite familiar, had she met him before? “I hope you’re not considering buying it? I actually had it reserved a little earlier.”

“Oh?” He said finding his voice but still looking at her. “really? I didn’t know.”

“ Its beautiful, isn’t it?” She asked as she smiled at him before taking her eyes over to the marvellous jewelry set. If she carried out this con out successfully, she would be atleast five hundred thousand naira richer. That would be enough to pay off her debts, complete her younger brother’s university fees, take care of rent and feeding for that month and get some new outfits for her wardrobe. She desperately needed some new things, it had been ages since she’d shopped for herself, things having been tight for a while now.

“Yeah, it is.” He said still staring at her wonderingly, still amazed at her looks but seeming to be returning from limbo and realising he was staring at her strangely, he seemed to get a hold of himself because his next words were said seriously “But I really want it, is it possible you could give it up and pick something else?”

“No way.” She told him “This is mine.”

“Its for someone really close to me.” He tried again.

“I’m sure it is, Mr……?” She let her voice trail as she looked him in the eyes, he had one of those discerning eyes. She hoped he wouldn’t catch on to what she was about doing to him.

“Williams. Ise Williams.” He replied.

The name rang a faint bell but she still couldn’t place it. “Well Mr. Williams, I’m really sorry, its also for someone important to me.” She smiled as she said it and signalled an attendant who came up immediately.

“Really important.” She repeated again as if trying to convey how important the person was.

He shrugged “Okay then.” He gave up and turned to the attendant who had just come up “Let her have it.” He said.

This made her smile more as she said her thanks to him, he had played into her hands even better than she’d expected. She turned to the attendant, her expression turning serious “You heard him, go and pack it up.”

The girl jumped to the task.

She turned back to him. “Thanks, you’re such a dear. There are some lovely sets just over there, I thought they looked really good.”

“Okay, you’re not leaving, are you? .” He asked.

She shrugged “I was but…..”

He smiled suddenly, a bit shyly and she had an idea what was coming next, it was inevitable.

“I was hoping you’d help me pick something nice since you obviously have an eye for beautiful pieces.” He told her.

“ Sure,” She replied with another dazzling smile not missing the obvious flattery “I’ll be right back after settling with the clerk.” If only he knew she was about to skedaddle.

“Okay.” He replied and then turned to where she’d pointed.

‘Sucker’ she said under her breath as she followed behind the sales clerk. When she was done, she accepted the bag.

“Mr Williams will make the payments when he’s done.” She said briskly, with a clipped no nonsense tone.

The girl looked liked she wanted to protest but she obviously didn’t want to annoy a client so she just replied

“Okay.” Afterall she’d heard him say she could have it.

Kite took the bag, struggled to maintain her composure as her heels clicked out of the store with over half a million naira’s worth of diamond jewelry.

‘Piece of cake.’ She thought to herself now at least half a million richer. She would definitely treat to girls to a wonderful dinner that evening.


Ise was absolutely hopeless at shopping. Of his many talents, this was definitely not one of them. To compound matters he was shopping for a female who was the queen of all shoppers, his sister. It was her birthday in a few weeks time and he’d finally gotten a free window in between his busy schedule and had decided to spend it shopping for the perfect birthday gift. What to get her was a huge issue, what did you get a girl that could have anything in the world, that had almost everything money could buy?

He never shopped, hated shopping for stuff even for himself, why bother when it was some peoples jobs to do it and the money for their services wasn’t a problem. So far the stylist whom he’d never met since his P.A was in charge of it, had always done a great job of picking his clothes, for which he paid heftily but since money wasn’t a problem for him, it was a necessary expense since he was hopeless at shopping.

He’d hit essenza because he’d overheard his sis telling a girlfriend of hers sometime ago that their jewellery was to die for. So far he’d not seen anything that caught his eye and the only thing he’d liked had been grabbed by that wonderfully crafted beauty he’d seen earlier. She had indeed been something to look at, a skin tone so creamy light in complexion, a perfectly symmetric oval shaped face with large almond shaped eyes slightly tipped up ever so gently at the sides. A perfectly straight pert nose and then crowned with full luscious lips, not overly large, just perfect. She reminded him of that model, Rosie Huntington with the way her long blond coloured weave had framed her face. He was sure he’d been stunned for a good minute before his brain had began functioning again. She was definitely one of the most stunning beauties he’d seen in a while.

He wasn’t the type that fell over himself for a woman, he had more self control than that but he had seen himself asking her to stay a while with him and hadn’t been able to help himself. What had come over him?

He’d had some strange desire for her presence if only to keep looking into those beautiful eyes of hers and he’d not even been able to hold himself back from studying her retreating silhouette. She’d been dressed quite simply in a three quarter sleeved cream buttoned down shirt tucked into a Grey high waist knee length skirt that hugged her curvy derriere. She was probably five feet seven or eight if one took out the six inch heels that had almost brought her up to his six feet three. The girl was hot and he wondered why she was taking so long in getting back to him. She obviously had to come from money or have a high paying business to be able to afford jewellery like that. Maybe he’d finally found his match, he wondered but mentally shook his head. What was wrong with him? He was already seeing rainbows with a girl he’d just met how many minutes back? Was he that needy? It had been a while since he’d had serious relations with a female but he’d never for once thought he would be this needy when he saw a lady he was a bit attracted to.

He decided to concentrate instead on the work at hand for now, he had to get Jejelola something great this year. He’d come prepared to really splurge, his sister was turning twenty one and had just been through with her degree program where she’d come top of her class in an ivy league college in the united states. He was so proud of her and felt she deserved the best this birthday. Although spoilt rotten by their parents, Jeje was a wonderful girl, a caring and selfless sister whom he loved to the death. She had them all wound around her finger and there was nothing anyone could deny her whenever she asked for it.

Finally something else caught his eye. He stopped at the display of a set of four diamond tennis bracelets, diamond earrings, a diamond bracelet and a diamond encrusted wrist watch by a high end designer. It looked fit for a queen. He glanced at the price tag and was surprised that it was cheaper than he’d expected. He could go for something much more expensive but this set looked really pretty to pass up and just as good as the set he’d seen earlier. He continued to admire it, he guessed he wasn’t as bad at shopping as he’d thought.

He signalled for the attendant who came up immediately.

“Put this together for me.” He instructed. “How about the lady I was talking with earlier.”

“She left already.”

Ise frowned, feeling his heart fall ever so lightly, so she’d run. Well that was a first, he’d never met a female who ran in a different direction from the most eligible bachelor in Abuja, or so his sister always said.

The attendant continued “She left instructions that you would settle the bill.”

“Bill? What bill?” Ise asked frowning, not sure he’d heard right.

“The bill for the item she…..”

“What!” Ise exclaimed not letting her finish as understanding began to dawn on him, his high baritone voice drawing the attention of other shoppers. This had to be some joke someone was playing on him. “Why would I want to settle her bill?”

The attendant was beginning to panic now as she began to understand too “But she said…You said…I thought you two were together?”

“And what gave you that impression?” He asked her. ‘Damn it’! He cursed silently. He’d just been had, she’d been playing him and he’d walked right into it without seeing anything but her beauty. He was suddenly tempted to smile, so she was a con artist? He didn’t like to be played for a fool but he had to hand it out to her, she deserved an oscar for her performance.

The sales clerk was all over the place now, calling for security to find the girl but he knew it was too late, they would never find her, she was long gone by now.


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Re: False Pretenses <1ST POSITION, ROMANCE STORY OF THE YEAR AWARD, 2013> by repogirl(f): 6:14am On May 27, 2013
Complete story now available on http://okadabooks.com/books/about/9960 for N300.

Goto HTTPS://pejuscorner.wordpress.com to read.


Lucky shook her head vehemently, not happy that her friend had gone back to her old ways “Okemute!”

Kite rolled her eyes, she hated her full name but Ovo loved calling her that whenever she was in disagreement with her, like the name would drive her point home into Kite’s head.

“Ovo,” Kite tried again “ This guy had the money, he wont miss it.”

“That doesn’t make it right!” Di, her other friend seated across from her added “ Kite, you promised you’d left that life behind.”

“Oh please guys, just because I played a fast one on a rich guy who I’m sure wouldn’t mind, doesn’t mean I’m reverting back to what I was before. Trust me, I’m done with the old me.”

“Kite, theres no one who wouldn’t mind being stolen from, so stop saying that to make yourself feel better. What you did was very wrong.” Di told her matter of factly “You have to return it to the store.”

“What? Are you crazy? I’ll get arrested for attempted fraud or something. No good deed goes unpurnished girls, theres no way in hell I’m returning it besides I need the money badly. I just sent the very last of my savings to my brother today. I owe you guys so much for rent and feeding and was hoping to chip in for next months rent. I need the money.”

“We are not complaining about the rent, Kite!” Lucky told her “We don’t mind paying your share, what we don’t like is you stealing. You are going to get yourself in trouble with this.”

“Oh please, I got away, didn’t I? you guys should please relax and order whatever you want on me.” She told them relaxing in her chair. They were seated at Jevinik, a top restaurant that made very good Nigeran dishes. She was in the mood for semovita with correct Afang soup.

“Noway,” Lucky said “I’m not partaking of stolen money” She turned to Diamond “You?”

Diamond always went along with whatever Lucky decided and this was no different.

“Same here.” Di said crossing her hands over her chest.

“Comeon guys!” Kite sat up “You’re here already, just….”

Lucky shook her head, she seemed to be doing that a lot tonight. “We’re not happy with you, Okemute. I would advice you to start thinking of how you’ll do the right thing. Till then we aren’t talking to you, we expected better of you.” She got up and Di followed.

“Come on guys, its not as bad as you’re making it.” Kite could see the girls were really not happy with her.

Without another word, they left.

“poo!” She’d really messed up but somehow she wasn’t remorseful. She was good at what she did, she had a talent and she had used it and now she had money which she needed really badly. She wasn’t the type that liked depending on others for hand me downs and charity, not when she could easily make money off people who had a lot of it, it was wasting. The girls might be angry now, but she was sure they would come around eventually, they had no choice anyway!

She would go ahead and order jare! She was hungry for good food that evening.


Ise had been seated for about fifteen minutes now, waiting for his friend Kenny to show up. He was hungry, all he wanted to do was eat pounded yam and Egusi soup, his favourite meal. He was known for it at the restaurant, so much that they didn’t even take his order anymore. He was the ‘pounded yam’ guy. He’d had to instruct them to hold off on the order because he had been waiting for his best pal so they could eat together but knowing Kenny, the guy could have been distracted by something else and wouldn’t bother with calling.

He decided to call him. “Ol’ boy, how far nao? I dey wait for Jevinik, you no know sey I dey H badly? Where you dey?”

“Guy, sorry abeg. Something just came up.”

“What? You still dey office?” Ise asked with a frown.

“No o, na one chic I pick for road, mehn, the chic fine die! She stop use ATM for Wuse 2, I wan go drop am for Area 8. Guy abeg, I’m so sorry, rain check abeg.”

“Guy, you ehn! Why you no call me nao, you wan make hunger kill your guy, abi wetin?”

“Sorry abeg abeg, I forget, you suppose see this chic then you go understand.”

“Abeg jor, no be you!” Ise told his friend knowing Kenny was such a womaniser “Na woman go kill you!”

Kenny laughed “Guy free me abeg, I’m just enjoying myself.”

“Na you sabi, you better repent. Abeg, commot for my phone Jare! Make I chop food.” Ise said hanging up.

Kenny had a problem, the way he followed girls wasn’t normal but that was not his business since he did his job well. Kenny was the finance director for the conglomerate and for the past three years he’d held the position, he’d been doing a really good job.

He called for a waiter and called for his meal which he hurriedly went about preparing. No one kept Ise Williams waiting! Except for Kenny perhaps.

Ise was the first and only son of Multibillionaire businessman, Chief Oyewole Stephen Williams, now retired and really enjoying retirement. The mandate had fallen upon Ise four years back when he’d hit thirty one years and his father had been forced to retire due to work stress affecting his health. Ise had taken over the entire corporation and it was doing extremely well, they were recording large profits in an economy where other big corporations like his had gone under. He’d been well trained, right from his elementary education, he’d attended the best schools in the world and luckily he’d been blessed with an intelligent brain, that didn’t want to rest. He was always looking for the next big thing, he’d taken after his father who had taken his father’s thriving construction business and built it into a mega construction company, delving into other sectors like manufacturing, telecoms and now Ise was moving them into the Oil sector, it was about time they got into it, the time was right.

Ise was a hardworker, he wasn’t the type to sit by idly, even when he managed to, his brain was still constantly working, it never rested. Back in college, he’d once been adviced to go on a two week compulsory break because his brain had been over working itself, He’d adhered to the doctors advice but still the brain hadn’t wanted to cool off, he’d still been seeing calculations and management theories in his head. He’d managed to overcome it all and had graduated top of his class from Cambridge and then went on to Harvard business School where he’d again been top. He’d come back to Nigeria and had worked with his dad for five years, learning the ropes and then his dad had handed it all to him about four years back.

“Ise.” He saw the well manicured finger nails on the table first before trailing it up, already knowing who it was. He would know that voice anywhere, a man could never forget the voice of the woman he had almost married.

“Izy.” He said holding himself back from adding ‘luv’. Izyluv had been the love of his life before she’d gone and shattered his heart, blaming her actions on him for never being there for her because of his busy work schedule. She looked really good, as she usually did anyway.

“You’re having dinner?” She asked and he nodded, she smiled “Alone?”

He shrugged “Kenny was supposed to join me but cancelled a the last minute.” He replied taking in the way her lips thinned when he mentioned Kenny. She still hated the guy, he could see, he’d been the one to break the news of her infidelity to him, before that they’d been so close.

“You really should keep better company, Ise.” She told him.

He frowned “What do you mean?”

“Just friendly advice, that’s all. You know how Kenny is.”

He raised a brow “You’re one to talk.” He let out before he could stop his tongue and saw the look of pain cross her eyes. His words had cut deep.

“Right.” She said with a slight smile managing to cover up her pain “You look good anyway, I just……”

“Hey babe.” Some other guy breezed in, grabbing Izy by the waist and planting an unexpected kiss on her cheek. Izy turned to look at him and smiled, obviously knowing the guy. Ise felt his heart wrench at the smile she gave him. He’d thought he was over her but wasn’t sure anymore.

“Sweetie.” She called him “You’re here already?”

“Yeah, I didn’t want to keep you waiting.” He told her before turning his eyes to finally notice Ise. “Hi, I’m Joe.” He said extending a hand.

Ise got up and received his hand, he was always polite. “I’m Ise Williams.”

Joe nodded “Yeah, I know that. You’re a celebrity in the business world and besides I know you’ve been friends with Bella since childhood.”

“Oh, She told you that?” His eyes turning back to Izy. ‘Bella’? He wondered, she was indeed a belle, so the name did fit and seemed to dwindle his ‘Izyluv’.

“Yes, I did.” Izy replied looking pointedly at him, he guessed this one was serious then. “Joe is an investment banker……”

Her voice trailed off as Ise noticed a commotion toward the entrance of the restaurant and his eyes naturally went there. It seemed some security operatives were taking out someone. There were two operatives,

holding a lady by the arm and leading her out. He frowned, feeling a recognition of that figure, cream shirt, grey Skirt, and six inch heels, it was her! His eyes widened. It had to be, that stunning silhouette was unmistakable. As if reading his mind, she turned back briefly, their eyes meeting. It took her a second to register his face, she was indeed stunning, Ise thought as if forgetting how she’d looked when he’d seen her earlier that day.

Suddenly she smiled and Ise felt his insides go all churny inside. He was stunned at his reaction, she was beautiful but the chic was obviously a criminal.

She had turned back now, just as they were taking her out the door. This might be the one chance he had to get back his moneyfrom her, he knew he had to go after her.

“Errrr, I’m sorry guys, I just saw someone I kow being arrested, please let me see whats happening.”

“Oh, by all means, please do.” Joe spoke up.

“Can I have your card?” Ise asked. He always collected cards of people he found interesting and this ‘joe’

definitely looked like he was. Investment banking didn’t seem like a bad area to branch into sometime soon. As Joe fished for his card, he turned to Izy. “Its been good seeing you.”

She smiled “You too.”

Accepting Joe’s card, he made his way outside forgetting about his dinner.

"Hey" he called to the guards, how did one call these guys. His driver, Sal who was also his bodyguard stepped out of the SUV where he'd been waiting and joined him to approach the restaurant security.

Her eyes widened on seeing him. She’d clearly not thought he’d come after her.

"What's happening?" Ise asked one of the guys holding.

"Do you know her?" The guard asked and he hesitated for a second, not exactly sure how to reply.

His eyes met hers and she replied "No," before he could "I don't know him."

He raised an eyebrow at her "I know her.” He told them “What did she do this time?"

"She was about absconding without settling her bill and kept insisting she had paid but had no receipt."

Ise frowned looking at her. Why was a pretty young girl like this into swindling people? She looked away, not in the least bit remorseful.

"What if I settle her bill, will you release her?" He asked.

Her head turned back to look at him. She suddenly found her voice again "No!" She screeched but the guards paid her no heed.

"I'm afraid its for the police to handle now." One of them said.

"What if you just ban her from coming in here and if she disobeys, you get her arrested but please let me pay the bill and let this slide for now." He negotiated.

“Gee, thanks.” She said sarcastically, rolling her eyes.

The guys exchanged glances before reaching a consensus and nodding, releasing her.

"Sal, get her into the car and don't loose her, I'll be right back." He instructed his bodyguard who immediately grabbed her arm.

"Hey!" She tried to jerk her arm off with no success. "Hey, I don't know these people." But no one listened, Ise guessed no one took the words of a thief seriously.


Re: False Pretenses <1ST POSITION, ROMANCE STORY OF THE YEAR AWARD, 2013> by repogirl(f): 6:15am On May 27, 2013

Could this day get any more worse? Kite wondered as she was seated in the back of the posh Mercedez benz GL SUV being driven by that brute of a guy who’d bundled her into the car. With the way he was built and the strength in his hands she could tell he also doubled as the bodyguard. She glanced at her seat partner who had been on the phone since he’d come out of the restaurant, talking business jargon to whoever was on the other end of the line.

She had no idea where they were taking her. She hated this, not being in control was killing her, what were the odds of running into the same person she’d swindled earlier that day? Fate could be such a bitch sometimes. Maybe the girls had been right, this her con act was going to land her in deep poo, if it hadn’t already.

Kite didn’t know she was still staring at him until his eyes turned and held hers. She looked away in embarrassment, goodness!Her creamy complexion turned slightly rosy. Not only would he think she was a thief, creepy staring freak had now been added to the list also.

He finally ended his call and her eyes went down to the phone he dropped in the compartment between them. It was an S4, she should steal it just to show him he shouldn't forcefully detain strangers who were thieves and con artists. That was just asking for serious trouble.

“Do you want to steal it too?” He asked her and her eyes went back to meet his. She looked away realizing she was getting too attracted to him, she was starting to think his dark broody eyes were sexy, and then there were those damn pink lips of his, set into an angular jaw line. He wasn't her usual type, so why this sudden feeling in her body.

“Where are you taking me?” She asked trying to quell those crazy thoughts.

“Somewhere we can have a civilized conversation. You see, even though you’re a fraud, dupe, con artist or simply put, a thief, I still want to treat you like a lady and have a sane conversation with you. It would be so much easier taking you to the police or better still back to the jewellery store but I’m too much of a gentle man to do that. I want us to settle our differences over dinner which because of you, I had to skip just now.”

“I’ve eaten, so I’ll pass on dinner.” She told him, gentleman indeed! Gentlemen didn't order their brute drivers/body guards to manhandle poor, weak and fragile ladies. The thought almost made her smile, she wasn't any one of those things, okay maybe she was poor but she wasn't weak and fragile. She could fight her way out of any situation.

“Fine, but we are still going to have that conversation. Besides, you should be thanking me for saving you from the police.”

She raised a brow “I didn’t beg for your help.” She told him trying to look as brave as she could.

“Oh really? Sal,” he called, still holding her gaze. “Can you get us to the nearest police station in that case, or no better still, get us back to essenza, I guess they’ll be happy we found the lady who ran away with a million bucks worth of jewelry.”

“Yes Sir!” Sal clipped

“You’re bluffing.” She told him but even as she said it, Sal was turning the car in the direction of Aminu Kano street.

Her abductor smiled “Even if I bluff, Sal never does. The ball is in your court, you can either show appreciation for my help or face the consequences of your actions this afternoon, which I can assure you are grave.”

She narrowed her eyes, she knew she had to play his game, there was no choice. Even though she hated it, she would play for now until she had her chance at an escape.

“Thanks.” She muttered reluctantly, looking out her window.

“What? Did I hear something?” He asked

“I said, thanks. Okay?”

“Sal, continue back to Cubana please.” He instructed.

Kite looked at Sal, although all she could see was the back of his head. Sal, the ever faithful servant, she thought wryly. So they were going to Cubana? She would make him wish he’d never forcefully put her in his ride.


“What’s your name?” He asked her twenty minutes later when they were seated in a private lounge in cubana, he’d had his main dish and was having a glass of red, she’d declined having anything except for a glass of water.

“How’s that your business?” She asked back.

“I’m curious.” He shrugged

“Curiousity killed the cat.” She returned.

“How did a girl like you end up swindling people?” He tried again

“Like I said, not your business.” Was her reply.

“Okay, how about my property, which you made me pay for? Can I have it back?”

She smiled “Too late, sold it.”

He knew she was lying, there was no way in hell she would have sold it by now but she wouldn’t be stupid enough to be carrying it on her, or would she?

“That’s a lie.” He said, proceeding to explain “Lying and stealing go together, you cant do one without the other but you already know that I’m sure since you’re a seasoned con artist. Let me spell it out to you this way, you aren’t leaving here until you get me what’s mine and if you still prove stubborn, then I’ll have no choice but to hand you over to the police. I’ve got friends there, just one call and I don’t want to mention the things that might happen to you.”

She raised a brow, looking unaffected “Are you trying to scare me with all this tough talk? You’re wasting your time, I’ve handed it out for sale already. What’s it to you anyway, it’s just a million bucks which looking at you, you can afford without breaking a hint of a sweat so why are you so adamant about it all?”

“I don’t like being played a fool and I sure as hell don’t like when someone takes what I do not give, that’s a great crime to me.”

“Well, too bad because it’s already happened, you’re just going to have to move on.”

This girl was starting to get on his damn nerves. It was like talking to a brick wall, nothing was going into her head.

“Move on? Okay, how about the clerk who might get fired for your actions, how do you expect her to move on?” He asked

“That’s not my problem.” She told him

“You like to appear, cold and nonchalant, don’t you? Like you don’t give a damn about anything that doesn’t concern you?”

She shrugged “I don’t appear, that’s actually the way I am.”

“No,” He disagreed “That’s just what you’d like me to think. You do have feelings in there, you just keep it hidden so you appear not to have a care in the world.”

“Whatever.” She waved his words away with her hand “Look, we all have issues of our own we need to solve and only the strongest survive, that’s life. One has got to do whatever it took to survive.”

He narrowed his eyes “Whatever happened to you, who would have thought someone with your kind of looks would be so cold, distant and conniving. Where’s your humanity?”

She laughed “Now you believe the saying ‘looks can be deceiving’ right? My humanity is long gone, Mr Williams, there’s no hope for me.”

She got up and carried her tote bag which was the large bag ladies liked to carry.

“Where are you going, We’re not done.”

“I have to use the restroom,” She replied.

Ise got up, “Sal will accompany you.” He told her signalling to Sal to follow her.

She faked a smile “Dearest Sal, the watch dog, I’m not surprised.” She said walking past him accidentally bumping into his chest as her foot slipped “oops.” She said hanging on to his jacket for a brief moment for support.

He caught a whiff of her perfume as he held her at the shoulders to settle her. Her eyes held him entranced for a second, she was even more stunning up close, how was that possible? That one girl could possess so much beauty.

“Thank you.” She said breaking the connection, with another fake smile that didn’t touch her eyes.

He watched her leave, Sal following close behind. That figure of hers was starting to get to him, making him think crazy things like what she looked like underneath those clothes. He didn’t like the feeling. The girl was a criminal and she’d said it herself, there was no hope for her. It was quite sad, He could have helped her if she had been willing but the way things were at the moment, she wasn’t looking for any help.

He wondered what he would do about the Jewellery set. He’d already gotten another for Jeje, he could let this go but he didn’t want her off the hook that easy. He couldn’t bring himself to take her to the police, he was too soft hearted to do that to a lady even if she was a seasoned criminal.

She’d claimed to have no heart but he felt differently recalling the way she’d smiled at him back at Essenza while admiring the jewellery she’d later stolen. She wasn’t a lost cause, something told him that but could he help someone who needed no help from him? Why was he even bothering himself? Yeah, she was hot and stunning but there were a lot of stunning ladies out there who didn’t con people out of huge amounts of money.

He wouldn’t let her go easily. She would have to give him back the jewellery, if he put more pressure on her, she just might give in.

While he was still contemplating what to do some ten minutes later, Sal came into the room alone.

That wasn’t good. “Where is she?”

Sal had an apologetic look on his face “I’m sorry Sir, I lost her.”

“You did what?” Ise immediately began searching for his wallet to pay the bill, if they left now, they could probably still find her. “Damn it.” He cursed finding his pockets empty, realizing that she’d made away with his wallet and phone.


Re: False Pretenses <1ST POSITION, ROMANCE STORY OF THE YEAR AWARD, 2013> by repogirl(f): 6:16am On May 27, 2013

‘Why do I keep doing this to myself?” Ise silently asked himself. His mother was at it again pestering him on getting married. It was like this every Saturday when he spent some time with her. He had a million and one other places he could be but his mother had mandated that he spend time with her then because he was always too busy during the week and she never got to see him even though he also stayed on the family estate although he had his own two bedroom apartment on the other side of the property. She loved her only son and would have smothered him to death with love if he’d allowed it.

Ise, being the good son he was obliged her and always spent the time with her even though she spent it either gossiping about her other friends kids, trying to match make him with one of their kids or the worst was bugging him and pestering him to let her know when he was gong to get married. Talking about how she wanted grand kids running about the place. It drove him crazy but those two hours were non negotiable, he had to oblige the woman or goodness knew what she would do. He loved his mother but the woman could

be a mega drama queen.

He wondered why she didn’t just go and stay with her husband, his father who was enjoying his retirement in the United States. Her meddling and bugging was really annoying him big time.

“Iseolu,” she called seeing his mind had drifted off as it usually did whenever she was at it like this. “Olu, did you hear me?”

“Yup mom, I heard.” He drawled

“Okay, so what are we going to do about it?”

He groaned “Do about what mom?” He asked eyes fixed on the television, he was supposed to be watching CNN but wasn’t really seeing anything on the large screened television. Not when his mother was in his ear like this.

“I thought you said you were listening? I’m talking about you getting married, how can I help? Dr Daramola’s daughter just came in from the UK this past week. She’s a really pretty girl and intelligent too-“

“Mom, mom, please nao, I’m not interested. I told you I’m too busy to have a relationship at the moment and even if I do want to, I’ll find my girlfriend myself.” He told her.

“Did I hear girlfriend? Ise has a new girlfriend?” Jeje’s his sister jumped in as she came into the room. Dropping on the available space on the two seat sofa where Ise was sitting and looking at him eagerly

“Who’s she?”

Ise rolled his eyes “No, I don’t have a girlfriend, I’m just telling mother to stop her meddling that’s all.”

“Meddling abi?” His mother asked him “You now call concern, meddling?”

“Mom, please just give me space, I’m an adult, I can make decisions for myself. Why do we always have to discuss this every time I’m here? You’re always trying to fix me with one girl or the other, seriously, you need to relax mom. I’ll get married when I’ll get married.” Ise told her seriously, trying to send the message that he hated the subject.

“Mom, Ise’s getting really pissed,” Jeje interjected “you really should lay off him.”

His mother pursed her lips “Ok o, Pele, Ma binu, I’m just concerned. You know I want my kids happily settled and grandkids running about the place. It will bring life to our compound.”

“Then focus on Jeje, she should be having plans to settle. How’s Ice doing these days?” He asked hoping to divert attention from himself to his younger sis. Isaac ‘Ice’ Pedro was her on again off again boyfriend. They were on and off so often, he’d lost track of it. “Are you guys off or on now?”

Jeje narrowed her eyes at him “Not funny, Ise!” She told him and then got up “I have to go get dressed for Olamide’s party.” She said but he knew she was running.

“Already? Isnt it a bit early, things wont really kick off till about 7pm.”

“I’m picking up a few friends of mine.”

“Oh right, your entourage, I forgot.” Ise joked smiling, Jeje had her clique of girls who followed her everywhere. What was it with girls and groups? One would think they couldn’t survive on their own.

“Ha ha, so not funny, Ise! Your jokes are so lame, you need to grow up.” She said as she left the room but paused at the doorway “Did you know Izy will be there, with her fiancé?”

Ise’s smile faded on hearing this but he managed a brave face “So? She’s also friends with Olamide so naturally she’ll be there.”

“With her fiancé.” Jeje repeated thinking she knew something he didn’t.

“I already met the guy, Joe, I think he’s cool.” He told her, did she expect him to weep because his ex girlfriend had a fiance? Jeje didn’t know the reason behind their break up and still rooted for him getting back together with Izy. She loved Izy, everyone did, even his parents. They’d all supported their relationship since it started in their teens.

Izy’s family had been their neighbours and were still good family friends, her father who owned one of the top law firms in the country had represented WOLCORP, his group of companies, legally for years. Izy was currently a senior partner in the firm and Ise knew she was good at what she did. He’d loved her with his entire heart or had thought he did until he had found out about the cheating scandal.

Jeje’s face fell as Ise hadn’t reacted the way she’d expected him to. It was their mother who seemed surprised instead.

“She has a fiancé now?” She asked her son.

Ise nodded knowing what was coming next, Jeje knew too, she smiled as she spoke up again, directing her next statement to their mother. “She has a fiancé o, mom, I heard they will even soon be fixing their engagement and wedding dates, I also heard the wedding is likely to take place in Dubai, on a yacht! Did you know he’s the son of Chief Agbaje, the billionaire finance guru?”

“The C.E.O. of High Rise Investment and Asset Managers?” His mother asked.

Ise couldn’t help but raise a brow also, really? High Rise was one of the top Banks in the world. Now that was impressive.

He could sense his mothers gaze on him again, he was going to hear it this afternoon.

“Do you want more information?” Jeje asked him.

“You’ve given enough already thank you, weren’t you on your way to pick up your posse?” He asked irritated at the gossip queen. Jeje burst into laughter as she left the room knowing she’d started a huge fire under his butt.

“Iseolu,” His mother started “Can you see? You gave up such a wonderful gem and someone else has swooped in to take it. I still wonder what happened between you two that you had to call off the relationship. The girl was so perfect for you, I don’t understand you, Ise, its like you’re even doing this to spite me on purpose. ”

“mom…” Ise groaned uncomfortably “ I’m not spiting you, things just didn’t work out between us and I’ve not found a girl I’d like enough to date yet I promise you when I do, you’ll meet her immediately.”

“Are you even searching? This one that you are always busy, today you’re in New York, tomorrow Germany, how will you find a girl to settle down with? Besides, I would prefer not to have an oyibo who doesn’t know our customs o, I want a well brought up Yoruba girl, preferably from our town self, Ilesha, Se o ti gbo? Have you heard?”

Ise gave up, there was no point replying his mother, it was useless when she was like this. She continued to talk and rant until his phone rang. A new phone since the chic of the day before had stolen the last one.

He jumped up, grateful for the call, it gave him the excuse to leave her presence. “I have to take this.” He said glancing at the screen and seeing a number he didn’t recognise.

“Ise Williams,” He simply said. The speaker on the other end was silent, “Hello?” He tried again.

“Yeah, hello, Mr Williams, its me.”

He frowned, the voice was female “You, who?”

“The girl from yesterday? That took your wallet?”

"You! What do you want now, you got my wallet and phone, what do you want again?" Ise asked her, he was really pissed with the girl.

"I'm sorry about that, that's exactly why I'm calling, I want to return them. I was in a bad mood yesterday and wanted to prove a point but I've thought about it and I realise it wasn't a good move on my part."

"Really?" He didn't trust her. Thieves didn't just give things back that way, there had to be a catch.

"Yeah, a guy like you has got to have important clients and information on your phone. Please let me return it."

"Save the bullshit and tell me what you really want." He didn't trust this chic one bit, she was up to something.

"What do you mean?"

" We both know you want something else, just spill."

"Something else?" She asked.

He had to hand it to her, she was good at playing dumb but she should know he knew she wasn't dumb. She was a con artist anyway, so she had to be good at acting. Every move she made was a calculated plot for something but he couldn't place what it was.

"You want to just give me the phone and wallet without anything in return?" He asked back

"Yes, is that so hard to believe?"

"My dear," he said sarcastic, coming from you, its very hard. "

"I guess I did a really harsh number on you for you to be this scared of me."

"Scared?" Ise scoffed "I'm not scared, I just don't want to be caught unawares when you pull one of those your stunts again, I really don't want to find myself being sold before knowing what's happening?"

She laughed, a light bubbly sound he found himself smiling to unknowingly. "I'm sure, our dear faithful Sal would never let that happen. I hope he's not too pissed that I gave him the slip."

"Even if he is, he's not as pissed as I am and although I do need my property back, I don't trust you. You could be laying an ambush of kidnappers for me for all I know. You can keep everything but there's no way I'm meeting with you to get them back. Good day-"

"Wait!" She called hastily before he hung up.


"I'm bad but not ‘ambush of kidnappers’ bad, haba! Please I need you to trust me for at least five minutes, I don't plan on kidnapping you. You are a very important person. I found that out last night at home, please believe me, I'm not lying, I really do need you to collect your stuff, come with the frigging cavalry if you like but please just come take these things off my hands."

Ise was silent for a while as he processed it all.

"Hello?" She called

"Yeah, yeah, I'm here. I could send someone down-"

"No please, I want to give you in person, I don't trust any other person especially as the diamond set is also involved."

He raised a brow, now this piqued his interest. The set, really?

He had to be at Ola's party in about an hour, he was almost running late as it was. He had to squeeze this in somehow but he was going to be mega careful.

"Alright," he gave in "what's your location?"

He could hear the smile in her voice "Grand, central district."

"I'll be there in about fifteen minutes but you better not be up to one of your tricks or by Jove, you don't want to know what I'll do to you."



Re: False Pretenses <1ST POSITION, ROMANCE STORY OF THE YEAR AWARD, 2013> by repogirl(f): 6:17am On May 27, 2013

The second Ise stepped into Grand Stores in the Central business district area, he knew something was off. She wasn’t in the lounge section and he was about calling the number she’d called him with when a security guard approached him.

“Excuse me Sir, the lady over there called for you.” He pointed to where she was, obviously being held in custody. She waved with an unsure smile. He frowned, already having an idea of what was going on here.

Why was he surprised? He should have expected it. Walking over to meet her, he told himself that if she expected him to get her out of this then she was seriously out of her mind, he didn’t even know her for crying out loud.

As he got closer, he found his resolve fading. She looked breath taking, her hair was a different colour today, it was dark and really long framing her beautiful features. The girl was fine but why did she have this penchant for getting into situations like this? Her outfit wasn’t helping his resolve either, she was in a red tanktop paired with a really short blue jean skirt. So short she should be arrested for exposing those creamy long legs that way. She was her original height today since she was in flat scandals instead of heels and that ever present tote of hers.

“What did she do this time?” He found himself asking the guard who was walking ahead of him leading him to where she was being detained, he really shouldn’t know because he really didn’t care but he couldn’t hold himself back.

“She shoplifted some things and was caught, we were about arresting her when she said you’d come settle her bill.”

Ise’s frown deepened, If she really thought he would settle her bill then she was in for a shocker. “Can I speak to her for a minute first?”

“Yes Sir.” The guard went ahead to bring her over.

He knew she’d been up to something when she’d called offering him everything so easily. What had he gotten himself into here? Would he ever be free of this girl? He would talk sense to her, did she think he was a doll or puppet whose strings could be pulled anyhow she wanted to? She really had the gall to call him out for this? She was going to get it from him.

“Hi, Mr Williams .” She came up smiling really brightly “ I knew you’d come.”

“ You knew I would come! Because I’m some kind of fool you can lead around, right? You told me to come take my things which you ‘stole’ from me when all you really wanted from me was to come bail you out of a situation you knowingly got yourself into, again!” He crossed his arms across his chest, giving her one of those his withering stares meant to make the other person feel small “What do you take me for? As in really, you think I’m foolish or what? That I’ll jump to your rescue just because you’re pretty or what? If you have guys falling over themselves for you, count me out of that list, please.

“Now where are my stuff? You can sort yourself out with the security, just give me my things.” He held out his hand expectantly but she looked from his hand up at him.

“Are you done?” She asked him, now with a serious expression on her face, the smiles of before had disappeared.

He raised a brow and she continued.

“Well If you’re done now, I can speak. You have to settle my bill with these guys first before you can have your ‘stuff’!” She demanded.

“Weren’t you listening to all I said just now? I am done settling your bills!”

“Then you don’t want your ‘stuff’!”

Ise didn’t know whether to scream or laugh “ You are making demands from me, on top my own property? You’re not even repentant or anything! Your mouth is still so sharp. Do I look like a money bag to you?”

“Its just about six thousand I owe them, its nothing to you since you’re a billionaire or did Forbes exaggerate when they said you were a billionaire?”

“That I’m a billionaire doesn’t mean I should jump to pay your bills all the time. Besides I had way more than that in the wallet, why didn’t you pay from that?”

She looked away “ I’ve spent most of what was in there.”

“What?” He screeched “ In barely twenty four hours you spent close to twenty thousand naira? I might be a billionaire but I still know the value of money, while you who doesn’t have any of it obviously doesn’t. So you spent my money you stole from me and now want me to pay for the rest?” Was he dreaming or what? “What in the world did you blow it on?”

“I had some pressing needs, outstanding debts, my hair and some other stuff. Look, are you settling my bill or not? I could drop your phone as collateral with them.”

“Why bother settling the bill? Why not leave the items behind and just go?”

“Because I was caught for attempted stealing, they won’t just let me go if I leave the items but they will let me go with a warning if I pay for it.”

“You’re something else, you know that?” he said as he put his hand into the right front pocket of his jeans and brought out the needed amount.

She shrugged. “whatever.” She said with a defiant look on her face.

He shook his head, what in the world had he gotten himself into? He just wanted to be done with this girl once and for all.

Turning to the security guy who’d given them a little space to talk, he asked “Where do I pay?”

He pointed at a cashier. Ise approached the cashier’s desk determining that he was keeping everything he paid for.

After payments, it was handed over to him and he held the bag tight. Thanking the guard for his help. He didn’t even turn to acknowledge her, already knowing she would follow him since he had her goods.

“Hey,” She called from behind him but he didn’t reply, he just kept on walking briskly to where he’d parked the X6. It was time the table turned around a bit, let her feel what it was like to have one’s things taken away from them although technically it wasn’t exactly hers since he’d paid for them.

“Hey,” she tried again but he still didn’t reply. Unlocking the car doors with the security lock, the headlights flashed, he opened the back door and threw her ‘stuff’ in.

“Hey!” she yelled and he finally turned on her.

“What?” He asked

“My things!”

“Your things for my things,” he told her “ I want to be sure you’re not going to run away once I give it to you.”

She pursed her lips “I was going to give you your stuff, you didn’t have to throw my things that way!”

“I’ve been swindled one too many times by you so you can’t blame me for not taking you at your word.”

She rolled her eyes and opened that large tote, he was sure was her bag of tricks, he wondered what in the world she had in that bag.

“Here,” she brought out his Monte Blanc wallet and phone and handed them over. “Can I get my things back?”

He frowned “I don’t see the diamond set.” He said as he flipped through his wallet checking all his cards were in there, they were. He looked back at her and said again “The diamond set?”

“I don’t have it on me at the moment.” She replied.

“That wasn’t what I was made to believe, you said –“ The sound of the phone ringing stopped him half way. He brought out the phone and picked the call. It was Olamide.

“Yeah?” He asked

“Guy where you dey? I see your sis here, You’re not planning on ditching, are you?”

“Chill now, its just a few minutes past seven.” He told his friend “You want me to open the party?”

“The party started since six nao, and there seem to be more chics than guys here so abeg bring yourself over ASAP, theres this fine chic I’m keeping on hold for you but with the way Kenny is looking at her,I’m not sure she will still be available by the time you’re here. So you better hurry up.”

Ise smiled “Alright I’ll be there right away. Twenty minutes tops.”

“Okay” Ola replied hanging up. Ise turned back to the pesty lady staring at him defiantly, hands akimbo.

She wanted to play a fast one on him again, she hadn’t planned on returning the set, he was sure.

“You didn’t plan on returning it, did you?” He asked her.

She shrugged “Just give me my stuff, will you?”

“No!” He said flatly “Infact-“ He grabbed her tote handbag off her as she’d not been holding it tight.

“Hey,” she rushed at him “My bag!”

But he was way taller than she was, he comfortably held it up, away from her reach. “ You wont get this until you give it back-“

“Hey! I have all my stuff in there! How do you expect me to get home? My phone, my keys…”

“Did you think about that when you left me stranded at Cubana?”

“But you’re you, you wouldn’t have a problem getting out of any situation.”

“Well, you’re certainly creative enough too, so you can get yourself out of this.” He said as he opened the door and got in, but before he could start the ignition, she was in the passenger seat. ‘poo’ He’d forgotten to lock the doors.

“There’s no way you’re leaving with my bag.” She told him as she settled into the seat.

“trust me you’re not getting it back until you give me back what’s mine.”

“We’ll see about that.” She told him.

A dare, really? She’d dared him? “We’ll see!” He replied as he started the ignition and drove.


This was not the way Kite had planned her evening but she had no choice but to make lemonade out of the lemons life threw at her. Who the hell did this guy think he was? Seizing her handbag and then holding it ransom? There was no way she was going to let him take her hand bag; she had important things in there, she couldn’t just let him leave with it.

She didn’t know where they were going but she was going to follow him wherever, pester his life until he gave up.

She’d not meant to be caught at the store, she’d not been as careful as she should have been and that was why she’d been caught. She’d stolen countless things before from stores and had never been caught, so what was the problem with her? Was she beginning to loose her touch? She’d been away from the game for a while now due to the girls’ insistence. It had been quite a while she shoplifted, could that be the reason?

She had to be more careful, she’d never been caught this many times so easily before. Luck was clearly not on her side these days, she would have to steer clear of bad behaviour for a while, she told herself. She’d been lucky to get out of this one again but this damn guy had seized her things.

When she’d been apprehended at the store and had been given the option of paying or face arrest, she’d had no choice but to call him, her only other choice were lucky and Diamond, she didn’t have to be a genius to tell her that they would be really unhappy and cross with her. She wouldn’t hear the last of it for the rest of her life besides she didn’t want to burden with any more payments. They were doing enough for her already, she didn’t need to add more expenses to their already drained pockets. She didn’t have any other friends in Abuja, she’d not made any since her move into the city a little over two years ago.

She wasn’t the outgoing type, preferring her own company most of the time. Her former boyfriend had called her reclusive but she didn’t agree. She wasn’t a recluse, just introverted and quite wary of people. Growing up, she’d always stood out and this had caused malicious gossip among the girls in the neighbourhood, they’d been envious of her looks and had said really mean things about her to her face and behind her back. Growing up in that neighbourhood had been trying.

Kite had learnt to put on a brave face every time, acting like she didn’t care what they thought. Most of the time she’d ignored the lies they said about her mother being adulterous and that was the reason her father had left. At other times when she’d lost control, she’d rained blows on the offending kid especially if she felt she could take them.

Her tumultuous childhood had definitely shaped her personality into what it was now. An introverted, wary girl who was well aware of how her looks affected people and so had perfected the art of manipulation and control. It worked on most people, especially the opposite sex. The only guy she’d been her true self with and had never manipulated was Izu, her ex boyfriend. They’d been alike in a way, hurt by the society, they had let it shape them, they’d had to become tough and grow a tough bark to survive. It had drawn them together, or so she’d thought until he’d abandoned her and left her to take the fall for something she had not a single idea about. It was by Gods grace she’d gotten out of that fix and hadn’t ended up in jail.

She’d not seen him in six months and hoped she never did, he had this hold over her that she’d never understood. She was putty in his hands and he knew it. If she saw him again something told her she might run back into his arms. She was foolish when it came to Izu and she wasn’t sure why. She’d been ready to do anything for him until he’d crossed her and had disappeared.

She turned to Williams who was comfortably ignoring her presence in the car. She would have to come up with a plan to get her handbag back. He’d kept it by his side, tucked securely between him and the door out of her reach.

She had to smile, it was quite stupid but he wasn’t laughing, he seemed dead serious about getting the diamond set back. Kite knew it was fruitless, she didn’t plan on giving it back and just walk away from at least five hundred thousand. The set was worth double that price but in the black market where she intended to pawn it, it would be way lower than that.

She decided she needed to get on this guys good side if she was going to get her things back. Maybe a little gratitude and appreciation would help.

She cleared her throat “Thanks for your help again, this evening.”

He gave her a quick glance before turning back to the road “Like I had a choice in the matter. Left for me, I’d have left you there. I got you out because of the deal I thought we had, but knowing you, I should have known you wouldn’t keep to the deal.”

She rolled her eyes. “That diamond set means nothing to you, you don’t really need it.”

“So because I don’t need it makes it right for you to steal it?”

She shrugged “I’m sorry for stealing it but I do need the money.”

“If you need money, get money the legitimate way. Start a business or get a job. Not steal from hardworking people.”

“Businesses need capital; I don’t have that and a job…. really? Anyway, you’ve always had it easy all your life so you don’t know how hard it is to get a good paying job out there.”

“Hey, I’ve had to work hard for everything I have, its not all been rosy all the way.” He defended.

She scoffed “Oh please, you were born with a platinum spoon in your mouth, what do you know about hardwork?”

“A lot! You think its easy managing a multinational corporation like WOLCORP? You need to see the pile of work I go through in a day, I’m never in a place, today its meeting with investors in the UAE, The next afternoon, it’s a board meeting in Newyork, then I’m off to Germany to talk to contractors and then to China where most of our manufacturing is outsourced, do you want me to go on?” He glanced at her again “You think its been a walk in the park for me? You don’t know the half of it so please don’t judge me when you don’t know the first thing about my life.”

This kept her mute for a whie but she wasn’t giving up, she had to get through to this guy somehow.

“Well….If you don’t like it, why do you still do it?”

“I didn’t say I didn’t like it.”

“But you’ll always be so busy, you would hardly have any time for yourself, for your family….a girlfriend.” She said

“I make it a point to be free on the weekend, my assistant makes sure of that. I spend weekends with family and friends.”

“That’s still not good enough, weekends are so short, how does your girlfriend cope?”

He looked at her briefly again “I don’t see how that’s any of your business. Wait! When did this conversation suddenly become about me? Its you we should be talking about, its you who has a problem.”

“You don’t have a girlfriend, do you?” She asked, when he didn’t reply she continued “No need to be ashamed?” She smiled as she said that knowing he was going to react to that, it was exactly what she wanted.

“I am not ashamed! It’s you who should be, stealing from people who work hard to make their money.” He said raising his voice a notch.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” She replied indifferently.

“Yeah, that’s your attitude towards everything thing in life, isn’t it? To act indifferently? How long do you think you can go on living this way before you are caught and something really drastic happens? You really should start planning seriously, stealing isn’t sustainable.”

“Yes Sir.” She replied patronisingly, rolling her eyes.

“Just a little advice, you can choose to follow it or not.”

She didn’t need his advice, she’d already purposed that she wouldn’t swindle anymore, she would use the money she made from the diamond set to set up something, a small business. She should be a bit more grateful to this guy, he’d really been easy on her, she decided it was time he knew her name.

“My name is Kite Omoh, by the way.” She told him.

“Oh, so I’m now finally worthy of knowing your name?” He joked though he wasn’t laughing.

She smiled “You could say that.”

“Kitty? What sort of name is that?”

“Its Kite,” she corrected “Short for Okemute.”

“Where you from?”

“Delta, I’m Uroghbo.” Her mom was anyway, her father was Ishan but she didn’t know much about that side of her family. So she always claimed her mother’s side.

“Where are we going?”

“We?” He asked her back “I was the one going somewhere and you tagged yourself along.”

She rolled her eyes “Okay, where are you going?”

“A friend’s birthday party in Life camp!”

She groaned, she was sure it would be a convergence of spoilt rich brats, she wasn’t sure she wanted to be there.

“ Look, I promise not to steal ever again or bug you any more, just hand me my stuff please.”

“That promise came out too smoothly , I’m not buying it, besides I want everything you said I would get back, when you’re ready to give me back everything that’s mine, then you can have your stuff back.”

“Really?” She asked frustrated

“Yes, really!”

So much for gratitude, small talk and courtesy, she thought. It hadn’t worked one bit and he seemed determined to follow his threat through. Well, she guessed she would have to brace herself up for a party. Come to think of it, free dinner and drinks were not a bad idea, she might actually enjoy herself.

“In that case, I guess I’m going to your friends party then,” she told him. “Hope I look good enough to party with spoilt rich kids?”

She saw his smile as his eyes looked over her quickly, lingering on her mini jean skirt a while longer. He didn’t say anything.

“You like my skirt?” She asked.

“Is that a skirt or a belt?”


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Re: False Pretenses <1ST POSITION, ROMANCE STORY OF THE YEAR AWARD, 2013> by repogirl(f): 6:17am On May 27, 2013

Kite had to give it to these rich people; they indeed knew how to throw a party. They splurged and held nothing back, she was beginning to think it was a good thing she'd come here. She had plans to pack enough grilled fish and chicken for the girls. Drinks too, enough canned Smirnoff ice for Lucky, the girl drank the thing like pure water,Di tended toward malt and juice; she would pack enough of that as well since it all seemed to be overflowing here.

That was the reason behind carrying the tote, it was very useful in instances like this one but it was now in Ise William's possession. If only she could get it from that damn guy but she hadn’t been able to come up with a plan on how to get it back. The guy was forming tough as nails, she’d even begged and pleaded to at least have her phone in hand but he had refused, saying she might call someone to come pick her up. She hoped the girls weren’t worried; they liked her to check in with them to know she was alright.

He was definitely not leaving the place without giving it back anyway, she would watch out for when he was leaving then follow. She would jump into his ride again if he refused to let her have it. He had no idea how resilient and annoying she could be. At the moment, she was peacefully hibernating in a dark corner in the huge garden behind the main house where the party was being held. Kind of in hiding but wasn’t ashamed of it, she hadn’t come here to mingle, she’d seen the stares she’d gotten when she’d arrived with the Williams guy but he’d instantly quelled whatever wrong ideas they’d had about them by announcing to the birthday guy that they weren’t together, they had a little unfinished business together, that’s why she was here but they were ‘absolutely not’ together. Kite had given the celebrant a polite smile and had headed off in the direction of the food and drinks. Steering clear of Williams so as not to give the impression of hanging on to him but her eyes had been on him since. He’d been talking to some hoity toity looking female, since they'd arrived at the place, she could see them quite clearly from where she was seated. Both of them looking well groomed and high class, she was sure the chic was boring as hell, who talked at a party anyway?

They were supposed to be dancing. Kite wished she could dance, the music was getting to her but she was quite scared of showing her face too much, she wanted to keep a low profile, she wasn't in the mood to make small talk with any of these rich arrogant brats.

After all the stares she’d received when she'd stepped into the place with Williams, she knew if she came out of her hiding place, they would pounce, asking her a million and one questions which she would have to lie to because if she told them who she really was, she'd be looked down upon. She was sure even now, one of the guys was probably gingering and gearing up to approach her, guys were so predictable, they couldn’t look the other way when an attractive lady was in the area.

Kite knew she was a beautiful, confident and strong lady. Most of these people wouldn’t survive the things she'd gone through on the streets. To them, She was a nobody that had nothing to offer, so she didn't need them knowing her, it would only make them look down on her. She would rather play a fast one on them than date them.

She looked up from the fish she’d been attacking for a while now; some scantily clad chicks in bikinis were making a hell of a racket. She rolled her eyes at the attention seekers, probably hoping Williams over there would notice them. She couldn’t care less but she stared at their state of gross UnCloth wondering how they actually felt comfortable and confident in what they were wearing. It was a pool party and many of them were in really skimpy bikinis which were actually strips of cloth barely covering the essentials. Kite wondered if bikini fabric was scarce in the market that designers had to expose the female skin this way.

It was okay to dress sexy but there was no way she was exposing herself for free like that. It was okay to hint, show a little cleavage, legs, but that was where she drew the line. She could do some see through outfits but not a bikini as scanty as these girls wore. She was too generously endowed to be showing off her wares like that.

Anyway what was her business sef? She was here to eat and enjoy herself. She turned back to her meal when a sudden shadow hovered over her.

Looking up, she saw it was a guy. She resisted the urge to roll her eyes, not at all surprised.

“Hi,” he smiled.

‘Hmmm’ not a bad smile, she thought as it transformed his features.

“Hi.” She replied back but without a smile, she didn’t want to encourage him. He wasn’t bad looking, he did look quite good actually. He had a Tyson beckford look alike thingy going on but what did she care?

“You’re too pretty to be alone.” He said next and this got him a smile from her, she looked him over, taking in the way he stood watching her, exuding so much confidence, he was good at this and obviously really comfortable in his skin, a real charmer. This was the type your mama warned you about.

“I think I should say thank you to that.” She replied as her smile died.

“You’re welcome.” He replied “My name is Kenny, yours?”

She shrugged “Kite.” She replied folding her arms across her chest, trying to give him the signal that she wasn’t buying what he was selling and hoped he took note. He did, his eyes went down to her hands before travelling back to her face.

“Kite,” He said “would you like to dance?”

She raised a brow, she definitely wanted to, the dj had been killing her with nice jams and she’d been wishing she could dance for a while now but she wasn’t giving in easily.

“Do I look like I want to dance?” She asked back.

“Actually you do, been watching you and with the way your feet has been tapping to the music I can tell you want to.”

She didn’t like this guy, he seemed to know too much. He gave her the feeling that he could see every move you made even before you made it. He was smart, too smart, this one would smile with you while he was killing you and you wouldn’t even know it. Just like Izu, she hated thinking about her ex-boyfriend, the memory of him hurt like hell. She pushed it aside focusing on this guy instead.

She should tell him to buzz off but she’d never been known to shy away from a challenge, she wanted to show him she could take him. He wanted a dance, he would get a dance alright!


Ise was supposed to be enjoying his conversation with this chick Ola had hooked him up with but he constantly found his gaze being drawn to the corner where that Kitty girl was sitting. His mind constantly wondering what she was up to sitting by herself in that dark corner. He really hoped she wasn’t up to some new scheme? If any of his friends here got robbed or swindled it would be his fault for bringing her here.

"Hello?" Fiola, the girl he was supposed to be talking with called waving a hand in his face. He’d been staring at the Kitty girl again.

"Yeah?" He turned to her. "Were you saying something?"

Gosh, he hadn’t heard a word she’d just said, it wasn't that she wasn't interesting but he had to keep an eye on that kitty chic before she caused any more trouble. Prior to entering Ola's house, he'd warned her not to get up to any schemes with anyone or this time he wouldn't hesitate to have her arrested. He really did hope she took his threat seriously because he'd meant it.

"I was talking about my hols at the Bahamas." She repeated.

"Oh sorry, my mind wandered."

" Am I boring you?" She asked.

Boring? The Chick had worked in top fashion houses in New York; she was presently the African regional contributing editor for Vogue magazine and her fashion line was opening taking off really soon. She was anything but boring, she looked really good too. Ebony complexioned, tall and slim, maybe wavering on being too thin but he guessed that was what was ‘chic’ at the moment. Although he preferred a girl with some curves, not exactly straight but she wasn’t bad at all, dressed to the hilt like the true New Yorker she was and that accent. The girl was hot, any guy would be happy to be in his shoes, so why did he still keep staring at that other damn girl.

"On the contrary, I think I'm the boring one." He said and she laughed. Girls liked it when a guy made fun of himself. "Seriously, some ladies would have dozed by now."

"You're not that bad, a little absent mind yeah, but you're Ise Williams, you can get away with it. Do you know the lady you keep staring at?”

He shrugged. “Sort of, she’s a real pain in the ‘you know where’. She tends to be unpredictable and I brought her here, so I’m kind of responsible for her.”

Her eyes widened “Oh? You’re with her?”

“Not at all.” How would he explain this? “Let’s just leave her out of our conversation, shall we? And do fun things instead, we’re at a party afterall”

She smiled “ Fun stuff like?”

“Dance?” He asked

Her smile could light up the whole Life camp district “Sure.”


Frustration was the only word that could best describe what Kehinde felt watching this hot beauty dance. She had such a wonderful body and knew how to work it well to the slow rhythm of Miguel’s ‘how many drinks.’ It was like an invitation to get in her pants. They called him a womanizer but how could a guy help himself when a girl danced like this? This was serious temptation.

The girl was fine and he’d gathered from Olamide that she and Ise had nothing going on, not that he cared. For some unfathomable reason he found himself being attracted to the girls Ise was interested in. Isabelle, or Izyluv as Ise had liked to call her, was a wonderful beauty but she’d messed up, all thanks to him. Ise had no idea how to take care of his women. Where Kenny was a womanizer, Ise was a chronic workaholic always putting work first before his woman. Kenny was the opposite, he knew when to work and when to pursue the opposite sex, which was whenever he wasn’t working. Ise might be a genius but he could learn a thing or two from him concerning women.

Take this perfectly formed chick for example, creamy skinned, slender but well endowed in the right places and in the right proportions. Ise had arrived the party with her but had abandoned her and left her alone for whatever reasons best known to himself. What sane guy did that? Kenny had abandoned the other Fiola girl instantly and had began formulating plans for this one besides that Fiola had eyes for only Ise, all she’d been able to talk about was how much she’d heard about him and how fascinating he was. It had irritated Kenny and he’d been glad to have found some other eye candy even hotter than she was. She might be from New York but she had nothing on this girl dancing with him when it came to beauty and of course dancing.

Ise and Fiola were also dancing, slowly swaying to the music, nothing interesting, not like what this babe was doing here. Kenny had caught Ise’s eyes more than once watching as her hips swayed from side to side.

‘That’s right, Ise’ Kenny thought ‘watch as she leaves with me tonight.’

To prove he owned the goods in front of him, he moved closer to her, she was backing him and didn’t see him. Placing his hands on her waist, moving them down slowly, sensually to cup her behind and pulling her to the crotch of his pants, letting her feel the mayhem she causing down there.

She pulled away from him instantly, turning to face him, her eyes questioning. She was still dancing but the question was clear, ‘what’s that about?’

“Let’s stop wasting each others time and just leave, my place.” He spelt it out to her.



Re: False Pretenses <1ST POSITION, ROMANCE STORY OF THE YEAR AWARD, 2013> by repogirl(f): 6:18am On May 27, 2013

‘What a douche?’ Kite thought to herself as she washed her hands in the ladies. So because she’d danced a little sexily, he’d assumed she’d been begging for sex. She hissed, it wasn’t his fault, it was the fault of girls who had cheapened themselves for guys like him.

She stood, admiring the beautiful bathroom which was in the master suite. She’d not been able to find the restroom but had found this room instead. It was obviously the celebrant’s room since he owned the wonderful mansion they were in. The room was well furnished, it reeked money, the entire suite to its large bathroom.

Of everything, the Jacuzzi tub with an LCD TV over it was what she liked the most. She could imagine relaxing in that tub after a hard day at work, the warm water soothing all aching nerves and joints. It would be pure heaven.

She sighed, looking over the place longingly; money was indeed good to have.Deciding it was time to leave; she dried her hands under the hand dryer and stepped out of the bathroom only to see the douche she’d just left, lounging lazily on the large King sized bed. He turned as he saw her and sat up.

He smiled as he got up and advanced on her.

She stepped back. “What do you want?”

" After what you did to me out there, I don't think you expect me to leave you just like that?” He told her as he advanced on her.

Kite who was stunned for a few seconds at this guy's denseness, finally found her speech.

" I told you I'm not interested and I meant it." She said taking a step back.

"Sure you did, you’re all always uninterested until a guy can convince you otherwise."

He was too close to her and behind her was the bathroom door. She tried to take a quick sidestep but he was faster.

He grabbed her by the arm and pushed her back to the door, pinning her against it.

"Let me go!" Kite told him, he was taking care not to hurt her but he was holding her against her will.

She tried to shrug out of his grasps but it was futile, the guy was tall and had strength to support his build.

"Relax" he breathed against her ear "we're both adults, and let's be honest here, you want this as much as I do, so let's quit wasting time and get out of here, we're both gonna have fun, I promise."

" What part of not interested don't you get?" She asked him."I am not interested!"

"Would money interest you? How much? Name your price, we could do it right here if you want."

Kite's eyes widened in horror "get off me! You sick idiot! I'm not a frigging prostitute, how dare you?" She struggled against him but he laughed instead.

What was this guy’s problem, she was sure he wasn't okay upstairs.

"I didn't mean it like that, I just thought.."

"You thought wrong, let me go!" She yelled again, frustrated.

"I'm afraid I can't do that." He said eyeing her heaving chest appreciatively. "You're too fine to let go, maybe I can convince you with a kiss?" He said as he moved his head closer, coming in for a kiss.

Kite immediately averted her face to the side, so he went for her neck instead, breathing in her scent and dropping light kisses along the curve of her neck, caressing the side of her breasts with his thumbs. Kite was repulsed; she was being taken advantage of and couldn't do a thing about it.

She could feel the tears at the back of her eyes. "Stop, stop please." She begged but he didn't. He was kissing the top of her breasts now which was bare because of the plunging neckline of her tank.

She couldn't take this violation anymore, her survival instincts took over.

As his finger flicked over her right breast, her knee came up, hitting him squarely in the crotch.

He let out a high pitched scream and his hands left her immediately.

Kite scurried away from his reach.

"You bitch!" He screamed as he dropped to his knees, the door opened just then and in came the birthday guy with a chick behind him.

They stopped and took in the scene, kite made for the door leaving them to come up with their own conclusions.

She'd had enough of this damn party, it was time to leave. The original plan had been to wait till Williams was leaving but after what she'd just been through she couldn't stay.Finding her way back to where she'd seen him dancing, she saw Ise still with his chick. She walked up to him and tapped his shoulder.

He turned to acknowledge her presence, the chick he was dancing with giving her an angry stare.

Kite ignored her, she wasn't interested in the guy, she just needed her things.

"I'm leaving, I need my stuff." She told him.

"What stuff?" He asked and then looked at her, she wondered what he saw because his next words were "Are you okay? Where's Kenny?"

Nursing his wounds, she thought "I'm fine, I just need my stuff."

"We made a deal, keep to your end of it and your stuff will be yours." He told her.

"Don't be unreasonable, I need my handbag at least." She said trying to be diplomatic, he could keep the other things but she needed her handbag.

Before he could reply, his chick cut in."Girl, could you just leave already?" With an American accent.

'Huh?' Kite looked at the girl, reed thin like a broom stick.

"S’cuse you?" Kite asked her.

"It's okay Fiola, I've got this." Williams was saying to the chick but Kite brushed him aside.

"Were you talking to me? I know you weren't talking to me!" Kite told her and then turned back to Williams. She didn't give a hoot if he was a billionaire or the king of England, she was getting her things back.

"Tell your chick here to mind herself before I vex, this is not Yankee. Please let me have my things and I'll be gone." She told Ise but before he could reply the girl started again.

"What do you know about Yankee? Cheap rude thing!" She said and that was the last straw.

Kite lounged at the girl seeing red. The girl did not expect the attack and Williams was too slow to hold her back. She pounced, managing to get hold of her weave pulling it as hard as she could. Yankee girl screamed in pain.

Williams grabbed at her hands."What the hell, Kitty! Kitty!" He called but she didn't oblige.

"What I know about Yankee, abi? I will show you what I know about Yankee today!" Kite asked the girl who was struggling with her. "Next time you watch who you talk to."

Ise finally managed to pry her hands loose. The girl held her head in pain as she walked away, obviously going to check out how much damage had been done.

By now, the whole party had turned on the scene, kite looked around suddenly self conscious, she hated being the centre of attention like this but the brat had deserved it.

"What was that about?" Williams asked her angrily.

She shrugged "if you had just given me my stuff none of that would have happened."

Ise sighed, noticing the crowd that had gathered.

" Come" He simply said and went, she followed, happy that she had finally gotten through to him.

He didn't say another word until they got to the car.

"You're just trouble waiting to happen." He said shaking his head.

"Your girlfriend started it." She said defiantly.

"And you took it to a whole new level." Opening the door he brought out everything and handed it all over.

His phone began ringing. He answered it.

"Ola,wassup?.....umm, nope...kenny and..." He raised a brow and his eyes darted to her accusingly.

"What now?" She wondered knowing she'd done something again, if it was about her hurting his obnoxious friend who'd been taking advantage of her then she wasn't sorry or even guilty of doing any wrong.

She hoped the guy hurt like hell, she hoped he hurt so bad he had to get to the hospital.

He hung up.

"You were in Ola's room?" He asked accusingly

"Yeah?" She frowned " I didn't find the restroom and I was pressed, it was the room I saw, so I went in."

"Did you take anything of his there?"

The accusation hit her like a blow "What? No!"

"I don't believe you. He can't find his wrist watch, a very expensive watch. It was on the dresser, I dnt believe you just walked past without taking it."

"I swear to you I didn't take it. I admit I did see about three wrist watches on the dresser but I didn't take it." She told him, she'd admired them though and had even touched one but she hadn't taken it.

" Maybe we should just let the police decide on this one? I did warn you, didn't I? One more stealing incidence and its the police."

"I'm telling you the truth!" She would be damned if she was going to be arrested for something she knew nothing about.

"Okay look, you seized my bag, where would I put the watch?" She let the bags in her hand drop and raised up her hands. If she had a wrist watch on her, it would bulge in the pocket of her tight jean skirt. She turned around for him to see she didn't have it on her.

He looked her over and was about saying something when the phone rang again. He answered it, his eyes still on her. "Yeah?...okay, good." He hung up and then addressed her "he's found it. You're off the hook."

"I'm off the hook? I'm off the hook? That's all you'll say?"

"What should I say?"

"No 'I'm sorry for accusing you falsely'? Or please....."Her own phone began ringing, what was with these damn phones, she wondered. "One moment," she told him bringing it out.

Checking the screen, she saw it was her immediate younger brother Stanley, she hoped it wasn't money again. "yes, Stanley?"

"Sis where have you been? I've been calling your phone for the past two hours!"

"Why, what is it?" She was getting scared now, there was obviously a problem from the tone of his voice. Her mind went to a million things at once. Was their mother okay? Or was it Odafe?

"Kite, its mum! She's in a coma."

"Mum...?" She whispered feeling faint suddenly, she leaned on Ise's car for support as Stanley broke the news to her. "Yes, she lost consciousness this evening!" He repeated.


Ise watched as kitty slept peacefully in the huge bed. She'd had a rough night and needed the rest, he made as little sound as possible as he came into the room, closing the door behind him.

Last night had been crazy for her, he hoped she’d fee better when she awoke.He'd been by her side in a flash when he'd seen her lean on his car for support, obviously getting some really bad news on the other end.

Putting two and two together, he'd surmised it had been her mom.

He'd watched as the emotions had played out on her face, she'd been hit really bad, her mom was in a coma, they weren't sure as of then what was wrong but she was in a critical state. After she'd ended the call, she'd totally broken down. The tears had started slowly at first and then the sobs had followed.

Ise knew he had to step in, he couldn't have left her in the state she'd been in, that would have been callous.

He'd taken her in a hug while she'd held on to him for support and strength. Sobbing uncontrollably into his shirt while he'd cooed soft words to her. He could relate with her pain.

Four years ago his father had suffered a mild cardiac arrest and he could recall the pain he'd gone through. It was painful when a loved one was hurt and there was nothing one could do to help.

He'd held her that way for a while, not sure for how long. He could tell she was too sad and in shock to function so he'd taken her home- his home since he obviously didn't know her's and had settled her in the guest room of his private residence on the family estate.

It was about 7.30 am. and she was now stirring on the bed. Her phone was ringing again, he picked it up from the dresser.

'Stanley' was the name on the screen. He carried it toward her.

She was so pretty and calm when she slept, why couldn't she be this calm when she was awake?

She had to be up to something all the time, causing or looking for trouble and he seemed to be stuck with her. He'd resigned to fate now, since it seemed he couldn’t shake her off him. He wasn’t sure but it seemed like something kept keeping them together and then there was still hope for her yet, she'd actually gone into Ola's room, seen the wristwatches and not taken any one of them, maybe she wasn't all bad after all.

Her eyes opened as the phone, which he carried got closer to her, she suffered a moment of confusion on seeing him before seeming to recall where she was and the events of the evening before.

Taking the phone she murmured her thanks.

"Stan." She said and listened to whatever Stan was saying.

He perched on the dresser and watched her, gathering as much information as he could from her end of the conversation.

"She's conscious.....okay, a tumour? Oh my God!.....Do you need me to come down?....have you spoken with her?...okay, okay, that's good....I'll see what I can do about the bills but frankly I'm dead broke.... We'll have to use Dafe's fees first....yeah, I know he won't be happy but what can we do?...yeah... Please give her my love, I'll call you later...bye." She hung up, exhaled the breath she'd been holding before looking up at him.

"Hi." She said giving him a wan smile. He guessed she still felt crappy.

"Hey." He replied "any good news?"

She shrugged "sort of but not really, she's regained consciousness but they found a tumour in her brain, she has to have surgery and then they have to test if its cancerous."

"Still not out of the woods yet then." He mused and she shrugged as she moved to sit on the edge of the bed.

"Life can be a bitch." She replied "one blow after another."

He looked at her, such a heavy burden on her shoulders "how you feeling now?"

"Shitty." She replied as she massaged her temples.

He had to smile, the girl had a mouth on her, and a temper too, he recalled as he remembered her pouncing on poor Fifi last night. He made a mental note to call and apologise to her since he'd left the party abruptly.

She got up "Look, let me freshen up and then I promise to be out of your hair forever, and as for your diamond stuff, I'll get it to you by monday, just let me know where to drop it off."

This took him by surprise, he didn’t expect her to leave so soon "hey, hey, why you in a hurry to leave?" He found himself asking.

She shrugged " I have no reason to be here. You helped me out last night when I was beside my self with grief and I'm really grateful for your help but I don't want to overstay my welcome. So I'll clean up and be on my way."

He shook his head, looking at her "I want to be sure you're okay before I let you out of my sight, you were in a really bad shape last night. Stay a while longer. Have breakfast first at least."

He saw the idea of breakfast sounded good to her but she was still looking reluctant.

"Please, I beg and insist." He added.

She shrugged indifferently but he saw a slight smile on the corner of her mouth "okay, since you're begging, I'll stay for breakfast." She told him as she opened the door to the bathroom.

He smiled as he shook his head, but he was happy she was getting back to her usual self. The girl was something else.

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Re: False Pretenses <1ST POSITION, ROMANCE STORY OF THE YEAR AWARD, 2013> by repogirl(f): 6:19am On May 27, 2013

Kite was pissed. Pissed and getting really angry. Her patience had worn thin and was now hanging by a slim thread to the last shred of her self control, just a little provocation now would definitely tip her over the edge. She kept repeating to herself that she was in the respectable offices of Mr. Williams, she really shouldn't cause a scene here even though his P.A was acting like a bitch.

Infact, she was a bitch, if only she could see her, she would teach her a lesson on handling visitors who wanted to see her boss whether they had appointments or not. By the time she was through with her she wouldn't ask whether a visitor had an appointment or not.

The bloody P.A had been receiving other so called important visitors because they had appointments but had kept Kite waiting for over three hours.

This morning, she'd promised herself and her friends, Lucky and Di that she'd be on her very best behaviour. She'd even borrowed Di's best skirt suit for the occasion, the thing was a bit snug and short as Di didn't possess as much hip and behind and wasn't also as tall but a beggar had no choice. She had to make do with it, she was more of a casual person and couldn't boast of a single suit.

"Mr Thomas, you can go in now." The receptionist called out as she dropped the phone.

Kite's eyes came up as she looked from the 'Mr Thomas' who had arrived not too long ago to the receptionist who gave her an apologetic smile.

Kite got up and approached her desk. She knew the young lady wasn't to blame, she took her orders from the P.A whom Kite was sure was in the next office. "Could you please remind the P.A, that a miss Kite Omoh is here to see Mr. Williams? I've been waiting for three hours now, even if I don't have an appointment or he isn't expecting me, I'm positive he wouldn't mind seeing me and I'll be as brief as possible."

The lady smiled apologetic "I'm sorry but this isn’t my call, the P.A only receives people without appointments when Mr. Williams is done with his business appointments and since you're here on personal business, I'm afraid that’s why she’s delaying you this way but please exercise a little more patience, there's no one else after Mr. Thomas, so I'm quite sure there'll be no choice but to let you in."

"Okay." Kite was going to hang on to that for now, she was going in next whether the P.A liked it or not. She would even like to see the woman or lady in the next room who'd kept her waiting all morning till now.

Her tummy was even growling already, it was a good thing no one else was sitting beside her in the waiting room or they'd have definitely heard it. It was one p.m and she'd not had breakfast thinking she'd have that after seeing Williams but thanks to the mad woman in the next office, she was still here, getting really hungry and waiting.

She was sure Mr. Williams wouldn't mind seeing her, he was such a cool person. So different from what she'd thought he would be. It was easy to read him as arrogant and proud because he had a sort of air about him and then he was rich as sin but then hanging out with him the day before she'd seen someone else.

He was really okay, had cared for her making sure she'd been a lot better before he'd had a driver of his drop her off at her place.

Breakfast had been something else at his place, she'd expected a simple meal but instead the dinning table had been laid to feed not less than ten people with a variety of breakfast dishes, some Kite hadn't even thought existed. Like oats with fresh fruit and raisins or the cold meat sandwiches, what in the world was that?

Her idea of a great breakfast was bread, eggs and a cup of beverage but the omelette she'd eaten had made her eggs look poor. She'd never seen eggs garnished with so much vegetables, some of which she couldn't name. The best of it all were the pancakes, so light, buttery and milky, really sweet and then the syrup she'd poured over it had tasted wonderful. She'd never known pancakes were eaten that way, she'd seen him pouring the syrup over it and had copied him, gosh the thought of food was making her belly protest uncomfortably.

How could he eat that way and still possess such a great body. She'd admired how trim and lean his body looked in the T shirt he'd worn that morning. If she ate like that for a week, she was sure her hips would triple in size, for some reason that was where the fat in her body chose to reside, people said it was sexy but she was self conscious of it and tried to watch what she ate. She didn't want to become another Nicky Minaj, although she could make do with J-Lo.

Williams was a God send, he'd been there for her to lean on even though he hadn't known her and after all the trouble she'd made around him. He was a really good guy. Pity he didn't have a girlfriend, the girl who stole his heart would be overwhelmed by his love for her, she was quite shy.

She'd had a good time the morning before, talking with him over breakfast, nothing really serious. She'd asked who made the meals and he'd said the kitchen staff in the main house. They'd talked about the estate and she found out that it was run like a hotel with not less than twenty staff catering to the needs to just the three of them. His mother, him and his sister.

She'd had a brief run in with his mother, that had been the only damper in the morning. She'd come in asking why Ise hadn't come over to her side for breakfast and had found him entertaining. The woman had looked her over and surmised she was of no importance. Kite had said some sort of greeting which she couldn’t remember, as she'd held the woman's cold stare behind her glasses. She'd murmured some reply before walking out of the room.

It didn't take too much to know that the woman hadn't liked her, Williams had been too busy checking out the spicy sausages to notice anything. The stare she’d given Kite had left her cold, good thing she’d only been passing through, she didn’t want to be left in a room with the woman. She could keep her son because she wasn’t the least bit interested in him. He wasn't exactly her type, too posh, she needed a down to earth person she could relate with on the same level.

He was a great person though, really a nice guy when you got to look past the ‘posh-ness’ and airs. He'd insisted that she kept the diamond set when Kite had asked for how to return it since he knew she needed the money but on getting home, she'd changed her mind on pawning it. The guy had paid a million bucks for it, it was only fair he got it back and did whatever he wanted with it, the thing was his and he’d had done so much for her already.

Unknown to her he'd also dropped a cheque of three hundred thousand in her handbag with a note that it was for her mothers surgery and she shouldn't spend it on her hair and other frivolities this time.

She'd smiled when she’d seen the note but she couldn't accept it. She was too proud, she wasn't a charity case and she wasn't a beggar. He had to take it back, she would prefer he offered her a job instead.

That was why she was here, to ask for a job. She was a graduate of business management, although it had been about two years since she had a job. It had been in a small organisation, the pay hadn't been great but she'd managed until her boss's harassment had gone too far. She'd had to leave but not before Izu had thought the idiot some sense.

She smiled thinly as she remembered her ex boyfriend again. She couldn’t help the thoughts about him that kept cropping up once in a while even though she told herself she hated him and didn’t want to remember him. He'd been her all, they'd had each others backs all the time, or so she’d thought, right from hundred level at the university. He was Ibo and she was urhobo but that hadn't mattered.

She'd been so into him and could swear that he'd loved her with all his heart, so it had been a shock when he'd disappeared without a word or explanation.

All she'd been able to gather was that the job he and his two closest buddies had been planning had gone wrong and they'd disappeared. The police were still after them, she'd been taken in for questioning but Izu had kept her out of most of then guys’ affairs saying she was safer not knowing. They'd needed her help sometimes for a few minor jobs, mainly to cause a little distraction but that was all he let her do. He hadn't wanted to endanger her by involving her in their schemes.

Now that she thought about it, she'd lived a reckless life, she'd been Playing Bonnie and Clyde at the time, sticking to her boyfriend not caring that he'd been involved in shady schemes. All what had been in her head had been her love for him. When ever they were broke, she shoplifted or stole to keep them going until they had another shady job. She'd been foolish in her supposed wisdom. It had been fun but really foolish.

Maybe it was a good thing Izu was gone, she'd had to turn to Lucky and Di, her friends from the University for help and they'd made her promise to be clean before putting her up in their one bedroom apartment. Kite slept on the couch since there was no extra room but it was fine by her, it beat sleeping on the streets.

She'd updated the girls on the happenings of the weekend and it had been Di's idea that she ask him for a job. Kite had been sceptical but there was no harm in trying. A job was sustainable, and since he'd been so nice to her so far and knew the predicament she was in, he just might find her something.

Kite was still lost in her thoughts when she saw Mr Thomas coming out.

'Oh great!' She thought, finally I'll be going in but just then a well dressed female walked into the reception, her heels clicking on the floor.

Kite watched stunned as the lady, carrying a brief case like that of a man's strolled into the next room like she owned the place, without so much as an acknowledgment to the receptionist.

'Oh no, she didn't!' Kite was next, she'll be damned if she was going to sit by idly while the whole city walked into his office.

She got up, she would have a word with that P.A, by the time she was through with her, she was sure she would begin to do her job better.


Ise looked up from his desk as Izy walked in looking all dazzling and bright.

"Izy" he said not expecting her, consciously holding back on the ‘love’ part, he needed to do something about the endearment before he mistakenly spilled it one day. His P.A hadn't bothered with informing him of her presence probably because of the history they shared.

"Sorry for barging in like this! I told Princess I wouldn't take your time, I know how busy you are and I've got to be somewhere else soon."

"Its okay, what's up?"

She sat down on the seat opposite him and went straight to the point.

"Johnson is leaving our firm, I've been put in charge of your corporation."

"Oh?" This was a surprise.

"You don't have to worry,” she told him "you know I can handle it."

He smiled "I wasn't worried, I know you're good at what you do. Just surprised, that's all, it is a bit sudden."

"Yeah, it is, we were quite surprised too but nothing we could do about it." She told him and then added " and you can be assured our..past issues won't affect our working relationship."

"Okay." He said, thinking there was a time he would move mountains to see her smile like that. "How's your dad?"

"Good, always asks when you're coming over to golf at the club. Keeps saying you owe him a rematch from the last time or so." She said as she stood up.

Ise smiled getting up also, her old man was crazy about golf. “ I’ll holler at him when I have the...."

He didn't finish the statement as there was a sudden commotion in the next room which happened to be the office of his P.A and secretaries.

Like an exchange of words between females. "What the hell?" He asked exchanging glances with Izy who looked just as puzzled.

He walked ahead of her to the door, wondering what the uproar was about, was there a fire in the building or what?

Izy followed closely behind him.

"What's going on in here?" He asked taking in the scene.

The bickering stopped and all eyes turned to face him, all females. Five of them and in the centre, who else but her? She stood out from them all.

Kitty, he frowned in understanding, where Kitty was, there was certainly going to be trouble.

"Kitty!" He said, not able to help the smile that cropped up on his face as e held her eyes. Gosh, the girl was pretty.

"Sorry Sir," Princess, his P.A began breaking their eye smooching, "this lady barged in here rudely and...."

"I wouldn't have barged in rudely if you hadn't kept me waiting out there for hours, with the excuse that I had no appointment and it was......" Kitty began again but Ise had heard enough.

"its okay, Kitty, just come into my office." He told her seeing she was really angry. He still remembered vividly what had happened at Ola's party when she'd lost her temper. He didn't need a repeat performance.

"Its okay, you all get back to work...." He addressed his P.A, receptionist and secretaries before turning back to Izy who had witnessed the scene silently. She even had a smile on her face.

"Alright Ise, we'll see." She said as she took her leave.

He saw Kitty watching her as she left wondering what was going through the girl’s mind now.

"Come in Kitty." He told her again, opening the door for her to go in.

"Its Kite," she corrected "I've told you that a million times already."

He smiled, he sort of liked the ring of Kitty. The name did fit her, she carried herself gracefully like a cat and her catty eyes didn't help either.

He wasn't really surprised she was here, he'd sort of known he'd see her again, there seemed to be some force that kept pulling them back together, he reasoned. He was happy she was around.

It felt as if there was life whenever she was around him, some sort of invisible electricity her presence brought. The girl came with some sort of energy when she entered a room.

"I'm sorry, Kite!" He said not sorry at all.

He led her to the lounge part of the room where he entertained "please sit, to what do I owe this visit?"

He asked turning to see her admiring the room. Turning around as she took in the décor.

"Whoa! This is impressive." She said.

"Thankyou," he smiled amused. She looked like a kid who'd been taken to the amusement park for the first time ever.

The room had been redesigned recently, they'd hired the same decorator who'd done the state house and hadn't held back on spending, so he guessed it had to look really good. He hardly thought anything about it, didn't even see it since he was always too busy to notice.

She perched on the edge of one of the sofas. Daintily as if scared it would collapse if she relaxed so much on it. His eyes went down to her fingers which she kept wringing as if nervous. He looked up again at her eyes. She was here to ask him for something, he figured.

"I'm sorry for the drama out there." She apologised.

He smiled and shrugged "I've learnt to expect drama whenever you're in the vicinity."

She laughed a bit nervously. "Very funny, but seriously she caused it. Your P.A is like really wack, I could teach her a thing or two about receiving visitors. She started it, believe me."

"I'm sure she did." He simply replied, just looking at her, she didn’t know he loved looking at her face. She was growing on to him and he wasn’t sure yet if it was a good thing or a bad one. It had started that Saturday morning when they’d hung out for a while, it was getting worse seeing her again.

Her face took on a serious expression "seriously she just kept me out there for hours, I was tired of waiting, I had to do something."

"So you barged into my office screaming and shouting and bringing the walls down. What if I'd had really important visitors in here?" He said, he wasn't angry, he just thought she needed to act a little calm sometimes.

She looked away, "I really didn't intend for it to blow up that way, but she wasn't even sorry, she threatened to call security on me, can you imagine? It was a good thing you intervened or else, I would have shown her that I have more madness than security."

Ise shook his head suddenly chuckling, she was a fighter, it was obviously the only way she knew how to express herself.

"That was exactly why I intervened when I did, I didn't want a repeat performance of what happened Saturday evening. Fifi is still not speaking to me." He joked. He’d tried apologising but Fiola had been even more pissed that he’d left without a word or finding out how she was doing after the fight. He wondered what she wanted her to find out, there was nothing life threatening about hair being pulled.

Kite laughed. "Fifi, what sort of name is that? I’m sorry I acted the way I did but the gir tried herself, hope I didn’t cause a rift between you two?”

“Not really.” He replied, he’d not really felt Fiola anyway, she was okay, interesting but nothing really memorable.

Kite continued “Anyway, I don't want to take your time or anything, so I'll be brief."

He found himself wanting her to take all the time she needed "its okay, I was about going on Lunch break." Then he got a sudden idea. "Have you had lunch?"

"Ummm, no, why?" She asked carefully.

"Let's go have Lunch." He got up from the sofa as if expecting no opposition from her.

"Wait, what? Why? I mean...are you sure that's erm ….a good idea?"

It was his turn to be confused " what do you mean?"

"Duh, you're like Ise Williams, would you really want to be seen in public with me, as in...you know nao."

He paused, was this some sort of inferiority vibe he was getting from her? "So you want us to hang out in secret?" He joked

"Oh, be serious, I meant..."

" I know what you meant, look Kitty, I don't give a damn what anyone thinks, okay?"

"Okay, well maybe you should hear me out first before lunch. Its really important."

"Okay then, spill." He told her crossing his arms in front of him.

"I can't keep the cheque and the jewelry, I would rather you give me a job. That's more sustainable" She said quickly not meeting his eyes.

He was surprised but kind of pleased, so she was ready to take things seriously and was trying to change her lifestyle, that was good. Maybe there was really hope for her after all.

She continued "I know I don't have the best record but I promise I-"

"Done!" He cut her short


"You have a job"

"Just like that? You won't ask for my past experience or anything?"

He shrugged "I know you, well, sort of. You're resourceful but promise me no stealing or shady things, or fighting!"

"I won't steal and I won't be shady but...if someone provokes me, I'm not sure about not fighting."

"You can exercise self control, fighting isn't the only way to get your point across. If anyone insults you, you could always report it, that's better than brawling. This isn't the streets."

She shrugged "I'll try, I guess."

"And also, I insist that you keep the things I gave you, consider the cheque an advance on your salary." He said. He knew she needed the money but was being proud. She Could steal but was too proud to accept hand downs, the irony made him smile.

Her eyes held so much gratitude. "Why are you being so nice to me?" She asked.

He smiled not sure himself. He just thought she'd been dealt enough blows already and needed to catch a little break.

He shrugged "I’ll answer that after I get something in this belly.”



Re: False Pretenses <1ST POSITION, ROMANCE STORY OF THE YEAR AWARD, 2013> by repogirl(f): 6:21am On May 27, 2013
Alright, thats all I gat for now till wednesday, please your comments are highly welcome, would love to know what you think.
Thankyou! grin


Re: False Pretenses <1ST POSITION, ROMANCE STORY OF THE YEAR AWARD, 2013> by wumsgreen(f): 9:35am On May 27, 2013
Nice as usual. But it will help if u put it on Ūя̲̅ blog first and maybe a days time on. This thread so dat Ūя̲̅ blog won't lose viewers


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Yeah, said that on my first post. Thanks.

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winkDis is really great REPO,u doing a gud job here,can't wait 4 wednesday 2 be here

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Re: False Pretenses <1ST POSITION, ROMANCE STORY OF THE YEAR AWARD, 2013> by repogirl(f): 9:56am On May 27, 2013
winkDis is really great REPO,u doing a gud job here,can't wait 4 wednesday 2 be here

Thanks Odus, but I'll be updating here on thursday, my blog will be on wednesdays.

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Repogirl u rock i love ur story.


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...jus wonderin why nollywood stories aint as top notch as nairaland stories....abeg make una go publish!! U killin dis *clearing throat* datz all

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Re: False Pretenses <1ST POSITION, ROMANCE STORY OF THE YEAR AWARD, 2013> by An0nimus: 5:13pm On May 27, 2013
You are one good writer repogirl. I noticed one or two errors and stuff but can't really remember all after reading everything so I'll mention one or two:

1. You wrote 'Uroghbo' at one point, I believe its just a typo cos you spelt it correctly later.

2. There's this place you said correct Afang soup lol. I think 'Afang soup' is just ok without 'correct' which looks like a funny qualifier to me.

3. I think 'Okemute' is actually spelt as 'Okiemute' (I saw a profile on badoo recently and my neigbour bears the name).

4. Please how do we pronounce the 'Kite'? is it like the english word? cos if we pronounce it as a short form of Okiemute (considering the Urhobo pronunciation) it may sound different and the 'Kitty' Ise calls her may look off.

I hope No4 isn't too confusing but as with your first story, you've got a huge fan in mesmiley. Looking forward to your next update(s).

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Re: False Pretenses <1ST POSITION, ROMANCE STORY OF THE YEAR AWARD, 2013> by Diamonddamsel: 5:47pm On May 27, 2013
Really nice Im enjoying the story so much.
Kudos to you for a good job.
Re: False Pretenses <1ST POSITION, ROMANCE STORY OF THE YEAR AWARD, 2013> by repogirl(f): 7:36pm On May 27, 2013
Cute bliss: Repogirl u rock i love ur story.
@ cute bliss, thanks much. smiley

@jjags, thanks , will be published mos def.

@ diamonddamsel, thanks much. smiley

@ Anonimous, great observation!

1. At first I wasn't sure how to spell Urhobo but I was corrected by a reader and that was why the second was different.

2. The correct thingy is just the way we talk, e.g the guy is a correct guy meaning the guy is cool, ddnt think there was much to it, I could always remove it if it seems funny.

3.Okiemute has been noted. These urhobo names na wa!

4. Kite is pronounced KI as in KEY and TE as in TAKE. Kite. Kite and kitty are quite similar, I think.grin

Thanks for the observation, let's me know you were really into the story. I need more of this. Thanks much, very well appreciated.

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Yayyyy!!! U re a darling. Thanks for posting it here.


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You rock as always. Well done. Please what is your blog address?
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i'm new in d lit. Section n i've got so fond of u vry quickly....i rlly wish i cud do somtin lyk dis too cos i luv stories.....had 2 com out of d 'chop n clean mouth'shell i couldnt hlp buh commend u 4 a gud job well done.......u rock repo girl.....so talented
Re: False Pretenses <1ST POSITION, ROMANCE STORY OF THE YEAR AWARD, 2013> by repogirl(f): 11:16am On May 28, 2013
@ LVMJJ, welcome, I did it to get more readership grin and feedback and also for people who can't comment on the blog, me sef no fit comment from my phone, can u imagine? I think its a phone issue sha, not the blog. So now u can tell me what u think.

@Eneze, thanks, you're always here to commend and encourage, I'm grateful.

@hottoyin, thanks my blog addy is http://pejuamadi.blogspot.com

@kemzy, smiley comments like yours are like oil in my lamp, thanks much and for confessing to be among the 'chop and clean mouth crew' (CCMC). Other chop and clean mouthers, God is watching you o!!
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Chai am feeling guilty now.I follow for chop n clean mouth group o.It is well dearie,of cos u re da bomb.no bi boko own o.may ur ink never run dry
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Repo ur first story was beautiful but it was kind of teenages, pardon my grammar but dis one o, u killed it. Harlequin and M&B should go and sit down. You remind me of Karen Robard and Sandra Brown.
It is a pleasure watching u develop as a writer. See depth, see humor, honestly in my opinion for this to be far far better than the first, u are a very good writer, well done. *following*
Re: False Pretenses <1ST POSITION, ROMANCE STORY OF THE YEAR AWARD, 2013> by Ayomild: 6:38am On May 29, 2013
Im also guilty oooo,
Nyc work

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Anty Repo... Dis is gud...
Re: False Pretenses <1ST POSITION, ROMANCE STORY OF THE YEAR AWARD, 2013> by repogirl(f): 10:01am On May 29, 2013
@ reenoj and ayomild, thanks much, your sins have bin forgiven, but sin no more o.

@ LVMJJ, thanks a lot. cheesy, the first one was 'testing testing'. I take a bow to all your wonderful praises. The story has not even begun yet. We are still uin intro, will do my best to keep it going this good or even better.

@ hadesparks, thanks but am not anty o! >-:

Now on to other news, aaaaabeg, I lie down for ground, this one don pass dobale, I grab the ile, abeg, I never finish the next chapter. I'm so busy with house stuff, aaaaabeg, pls understand with me. Will try to pOst this evening, possibly but not sure if that will even be possible but I will try my bestest like I always do. grin
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Omg I love repogirl
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@repogirl, lol...me i don evict maself o....u're welcum sha buh dont kip us waitin hungrily 4 updates o
Re: False Pretenses <1ST POSITION, ROMANCE STORY OF THE YEAR AWARD, 2013> by fejiluv(f): 7:11pm On May 29, 2013
Am new on this site and I stumbled on this story, its really amazing.I love it to bits..........
Re: False Pretenses <1ST POSITION, ROMANCE STORY OF THE YEAR AWARD, 2013> by Missonas(f): 10:08pm On May 29, 2013
Repogirl u it!lol.i love ur story didnt want to read it at first cos i tot 'finding happiness' wud be more interesting bt hey i LOVE dis.i also like d way u use native names for d main xters i feel lyk i may run in2 dem someday in twn.Hehehe...silly me ryt.well datz jst aw spell bound ur stories are.goodwork!

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