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My Complicated Love Story With My School Mum by 360prince(m): 10:45am On Oct 09, 2013

It all started when i was in secondary school in akwa ibom state.
By that time i was known for my position as the class captain of SSS 1.

On one monday morning, by that time i was penalized by my superior (seniors), A friend of mine came in, and told me about the new teacher that arrived.
By the time i moved outside to check on the new teacher, i met a young lady. She was fair in colour like (nidia buhari), dark eyes, pointed nose, a V face, small lips, her smiles could captivate thousand guys, she had a normal body shape and curves, she was average in height, she had normal big bottom, sexy and supper hot lady.
she was a lady i could describe as THE GODDEST OF BEAUTY.
I had helped her pack her logage to the hostel.
And since then, she has been so nice that we started a relationship.

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Re: My Complicated Love Story With My School Mum by 360prince(m): 11:10am On Oct 09, 2013

One monday morning i woke up with the help of an alert tone ringing from the wall clock.
The alarm was still bluring loud when i swiftly gazed towards it directions and to my greatest amazement it was 09:30am already.
My dim eyes adjusted wide open same as my mouth. I had to clean my eyes twice before checking the time again for clearer vision...

"Ah..! I don late today again for school... na wetin i go tell my seniors?." i lamented and i immediately jumped down from the foam and
dash into the bathroom, came out again rushing into my bedroom.
I quickly grab my brush and pour a coloured toothpaste on it as i hurriedly entered the bathroom the second time. By that period it was already 09:56am.. I wore my uniforms and dress up for school. But when i'd approach the door and held the handle about to pull it open, i heard a soft sleepy voice from behind calling my name. When i swiftly jolted to look behind mother asked..
"Prince have you eaten your morning breakfast before going for school?" My mom asked with so much concern... And she does not like to see me starve even when i insist on staying without eating.

"No... mummy am too late for school when i get back i will eat but for this main time am not taking breakfast." I sincerely announced and walk away from her while heading towards the open space compound.

On my way to school i met my friend... Her name is udauk. She is a tall adorable looking pretty young girl, she had fair nice skin complexsion and her face appeara sexy. Uduak was an attractive young girl. Meanwhile Uduak was more like a friend and she was my assistant class captain as well. She approached and greeted me. I looked around and greeted her but my mind went far to notice anything else, rather i fixed my eyes unshakeably to figure out her huge ass and fascinating sexy good looks . After the our brief pleasantries i stated further by
complimenting her teasingly. Uduak loves smiling when being teased. She waved smiles on her lips and gave me that side eye look.

"good morning my prince!" she greeted again still smiling at me.

"Good morning Uduak. How are you feeling?" I warmly asked.

"Am feeling good and energetic this very moment." she replied giggling, making it fun in such a way that her big breast dangled freely from her chest...
I shook my head and complimented on her loaded huge boobs,, though she never get to comprehend what i complimented. To advance our Conversation further and longer i inquired further about her well being..

"how about you my sweet dearest?" Uduak questioned me instantly as she elegantly walked towards me.

" uh.. Dearest huh?"
i'll be happy if you stop calling me such nicknames" I instructed Uduak but within my heart i was kinda like the name.

"okay..No more names calling and no more teasing.... But You never replied my greetings 0oo!."she made mention still trying t0 keep the Conversation moving.

"Am fine dearest." i had replied without smiling nor looking her twice... perhaps having discussion with Uduak would bring about many silly unanticipated topics to address or gossip about. I automatically understood everything and so I maintain myself in a calm and silent manner. I walked witout talkin because if i'd really wanted peace then no talking cos discussin with her would be no approprate option... I maintain mute.. Or better still, It would be wise if not discussing with Uduak in any uncertain condition. She loves discussing and arguing alot.. Before then, Uduak brought a subjects of what we should discuss and she did start by Making comment about it but Before she could pronunced or make any utterance i immediately cut-in to interrupt her supposed subject.

"Uduak we are late for school... I wonder what will happened against us for coming to school late." i'd started uttering words while Uduak walk beside me by the righthand side of road.

After treking for about 2 miles or more, I started hearing sounds of beaten drums from ecohing from a distant.. I immediately called on Uduak attention but Uduak ignored me.. I disparateLy called on her name again and She kept muted for a while before she answered. Uduak spoke.. She Said;
"whats your problem ?"she asked with rudeness in her pitch

"i've got no problems right now,,, Am only concerned about you..." I answered her while pointing my finger towards the direction where the school locates and Uduak slidely looked there.

"Prince,, we're dead today! what are we to tell those terrible seniors at the gate?"
Uduak worriedly complained When she sighted seniors from where we stood. Her face was already covered with grief...Uduak nearly cried but when I consoled her, she had the confidence to face whatsoever that cometh. I address myself preparing for worst event ahead because our seniors were that rude, inhuman and very tough .
Uduak and I adjusted towards the school gate & there awaits the breaking point of our suffering.


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Re: My Complicated Love Story With My School Mum by westsyde92: 11:26am On Oct 09, 2013
una go jx dey put pple g suspense sha

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Re: My Complicated Love Story With My School Mum by 360prince(m): 12:18pm On Oct 09, 2013

We advanced closer to the gate and peep through it but What our eyes saw left another trace of story to tell. We could see students kneeling and some were crying, while others pleaded for release, some complained about their far distance, some maked complains that their bus didnt arrived on time. what leap to our mind was different, it was far beyound their imagination. i concernstated my mind on how to lie to defend myself as We walked into the school compound majestically as if we own it, We passed the first group of seniors who were busy maltreating their junior ones. We moved to the next group of seniors and we greeted them still moving majestically while leaving them behind. Just then, otherwise...
All of a sudden we heard a very strong hash voice calling from behind and we maked a turned in slow motion and there stood a gaint guy.
This guy was huged, very dark, big eyes and dreaded ugly face. He was one of my so called seniors.

"So!.Na naw naw una the come school, right!?" he ask rudely while approaching us with a stick in his hand.
Uduak and i reverse backwardly to the gate and the senior utter an order

"if you move again, i will move you both. Do you understand" he barked.

Uduak and i we both halted in uniform. fears overwhelm me and this engages my mind in many thoughts. i started wondering. My mind was far gone not knowing that i was on earth and the only thing that brought me back was un-describeable, i was revived back to life due to the 5 dried fingers on my face.. A slap like that of metal which forcefully landed on my cheek.
The slap released on my face by the senior sentence me to four minute of unconscious deafness before i could hear again.

***water commot for my eyes but no be well well 00.cheesy***

"so i the ask you question and you the think of answers, right ?" he shouted rudely at me..

I place my left hand on my cheek, trying as much as possible to prevent tears from dropping on my cheeks. Udauk couldn't offer any help but she petted my back.
"Prince sorry." Udauk said after comforting me for sometimes.

The senior instructed us both to follow him and we accompanied him to where he wanted. This time he took us to show his crew. They took us to a large portion of field and handed us two mighty cutlasses, i guess we ought to know how to use it. That day was like a hell on earth, it was stressful. as if we'd stolen from the government house yard, we suffered the consequences of one under the hot sun ray.

"Make una finish this place before una go class. If not i will show you guys that am the only senior known to everyone as The Cross." He hailed his name and walk away.
By 12:30pm we fully completed with the work given to us by our senior before We left for class.
We barge into the classroom & there we got a welcome greetings by another groups of seniors who came in for checking for those who completed their duty that morning.

"class stand!.... Greet..!"
i'd announced the moment Uduak and i entered the classroom, besides I didnt care to know if those seniors were already greeted. A short fine dark girl among the seniors requested for the class captain. No answers though.
I was hungry and i could'nt stand any longer, so i sat on the desk placing my head forward to have a better balance on it. They (seniors) noticed i am sleeping, with the help of my classmate woke me up made me sleep no more.

"Wake up" Blessing whispered to my ears and I jolted. what happen? I ask.
[sexy pussy] senior sexy-p approached my seat and asked for the list of those who did their morning duty.

"Prince where is the list?" She asked in a polite attitude.

"ehrmm.. I came late to school today." I finally spoke after being quiet for sometime. She looked in to eyes and shouted

"move outside and wait there for me..!"

I moved quickly. Meanwhile, actions later happened in the class to other students which i knew not. My punishment was serious, u stood under the sun for over an hour and by this time it was 1:40pm.

"Ah!!.Is this were i'll stand again After all the grass cutting i did today?" i worriedly asked myself that question.
She came out later on & instruct me to follow her.

"So,you came late to school?" She asked with her voice raised
"Yes Senior." I'd reply

"you go knee for my room today till 4:00 pm."She announced and walk out on me

"Ah!.Ubok abasi... i don die!! Senior p, please i beg you, I did not eat before coming to school oh"
I uttered to myself. I made my first step by squatting before falling down on my knees.
She came back again but this time she came in a company of her girl friends. They started questioning me about things i never knew, things like; have you fvck before... and all sort.
Later, i was saved from their hands when a student from my class intruded and informed me of our new class teacher.

"Good evening seniors ." Emeka greeted. Morning? This aint morning, this noon. I whispered to emeka and when he realized his mistakes he quickly greeted them again. " good afternoon seniors." said emeka and he was replied by one of the seniors who responded.

"your papa left breast na him de feel good." the senior replied.

Emeka walk to where i was kneeling and informed me about the new teacher in our school.
"principal say make i come call you, so that you could help her pack her things to teachers hostel." Emeka said with kind smile on his face.

"So na him the make you smile..?"I asked.

"Yes..why shouldn't i smile? Guy that teacher is on her way to the class?"Emeka uttered.

My eyes adjusted wide when i heard she was coming to our class. I was granted the permition to leave by senior p. Emeka walked away leaving me behind to settle my case fully. Aftermat
I moved out side & to my greatest suprised a Honda jeep was parked close to my classroom block.

brb.. Guys, i the come. I wan go poo grin


Re: My Complicated Love Story With My School Mum by 360prince(m): 12:25pm On Oct 09, 2013
westsyde92: una go jx dey put pple g suspense sha
oga westsyde92 i de see you..! Thanks for commenting.
Re: My Complicated Love Story With My School Mum by 360prince(m): 1:27pm On Oct 09, 2013

I walk outside to meet a beautiful young lady, she was sexy supper and hot, she had big ass and curves to perfect her fair complexsion, nice smooth legs, innocent smiling rounded face.
She was what i could describe as the 'GODDEST OF BEAUTY' because her beauty appearance was so captivating. Meanwhile, She was probably struggling with her logages at the car boot. I looked at her from hair to toe but Behind this great fair complexion, hips and other stuffs made me gave her a lust attracting looks. After surveying all her curves i maintained steady movement, with my two hands in my packet i slowly approach her as if i was on stage for a fashion display.

"Good afternoon" I greeted with a low accent voice

"afternoon!" She replied after looking at me for sometime

"Can i help?"I asked when i knew i was there to render help.

"No. pls dont, i can help myself." she mention.
She was sweating profusely but she continued dragging the logage. I stood there looking at her, wondering about what she can do under the hot sun instead of allowing me assist. Something touched my mind so i decided to assist her, i moved towards her bags, grab one of her logages without letting her uttered any word,
I walked straight towards the direction of the hostel.

"Thanks for helping me out" she appreciated me as soon as i drop the bag to take my leave.

"Ok madam, you're welcome" i answered. I turn around and left her present.

"Princeee!!, You're back." A known student in my classroom shouted

" were you thinking i will be in detention while in those seniors hands?" I asked the dude. Udauk advance nearer and informed me that some group of senior students came in seek me.
I asked her who the senior were and Uduak said that she had no idea. after thinking for some seconds i decided to investigate to know who those seniors were. I sighed and moved to my seat.
Minutes later, it was time to dismiss from school I instructed Emeka to quickly ring the bell as soon as the moment comes. Meanwhile Emeka was appointed the bell bearer, he knew his duty as a captain incharge and he rings the bell when it's time to close.

"Ok na i go ring the bell naw naw" Emeka replied as he moved away hurriedly.
I was actually searching for a particular item in my school bag and not quite longer Emeka came back to meet with me. His time His face frowning, so when i asked what was his troubles he began to narrate.

"Ah... Those idiot no wan make we go home today" Emeka shouted from far, and Everyone stood up after hearing emeka's statement.

"Emeka wetin happen na?" i asked when i adjust towards him.

Emeka informed us that the school bell has been stolen and solutions has to be done fast or we will face the penalty. I was baffled at first, I decided to report the issues to the school authority or principal but when arriving there, i found out that the new teacher was with the principal in his office.
I reluctantly turned and face the direction i came and headed to my classroom. I didnt reacher my classroom block when Someone called from behind, when I turned... I sighted that same woman i helpt in uploading her logages.

"How are you ?" She ask smiling as if we had known each other for long time.

"Am fine." I replied smiling. She must have asked many questions but my mind wasn't there. Grace started a long coversation with me and this time some group of seniors moved into my class. They were equiped, i could see canes, belts and woods in their hands and flogging students was their hobby at school. Infact their sudden appearence made some students overwhelm with fears and i could see tears flow down from emeka's cheek.
Emeka was brutalized for not ringing the warning bell. I Excused madam Grace and moved away quickly with grief that if am caught by one of them i will be punished as well. So i Immediately abscond.
School close that day but i refused to return back there to pickup my school bag.

Secondary Commercial School, Onna]
Is a secondary school that has the potentials and it's plentifuly blessed, it environment was huge enough to occupy thousands of students. The school authority, and the seniors were tough and very strict with whatever that concerns the school. Thr following morning which was tuesday i woke up early to do my house choice. I ate my food before dressing up for school and By the Grace of God that day went well althrough and the first thing that occured to me, was a warm greeting and handshake By my school mum. Fortunately, She was already dressed to teach in my class that morning but then
She requested that i should show her around during school closing.

"But..Madam, i wont have the chances to take around and to show you what we have in the school environment ."
I uttered immediately
She informed me not to worry myself and that she would take permission from the principal. I later walk out from her. I slowly move towards my classroom smiling like those posted pictures at the back package of cabin biscuite.

"Shey... Na because you don talk to that woman na him you the smile like this, abi ?" Blessing questioned but she got no respond, rather i greeted her.

"Good morning Blessing. How are you today?" I'd asked.

"Am feeling well "
Blessing politely replied as she postray forward to lean on my desk. I was so excited that very morning, i couldn't know why.

Uduak was at her seat arranging her books while Blessing her girlfriend had a long gist with me. Thereafter, blessing turns and headed to where Uduak sat as Everyone gets prepared for the principal to come. But to our greatest suprise a some else happened to enter, this was a teacher and This person intruded into the classroom unexpectedly.



Re: My Complicated Love Story With My School Mum by 360prince(m): 2:24pm On Oct 09, 2013

koi,koi, koi was the sound of a footsteps intruding my classroom. It was the new teacher! Grace was prefectly dress and she did her makeup correctly, her black hand bag matches her black shoes, pink skirt and, white shirt and a pink bootie.

"Good morning students." She greeted friendly.

"Good morning madam!!" we replied in unison immediately

u know that kind tin na were be say if president won climb stage, he go do introduction.

Grace started hers. At first, she made mention of her names; My name is Grace...bla bla bla, Am a student of bla bla bla university bla bla state, i studied computer science and econs. am here to teach economics.

"So please i want you guys to pay attention on whatever am going to teach today. Is that okay? "

" Yes ma!" we answered.

Grace dropped her bags and other teaching materials, face the black board and She starts writting. At first, it went well, she write the topic, subtitles but her explaination was excellent. Though at some extent it becomes boring when the defination of that topic becomes uneasy to comprehend. Grace teached and explain untill this made some students in the class to start playing. As for me, i did what i know how to do best whenever a teacher impacts a boring topic, i sleep.
Gradually, she wrote down a long note on the board without concerntrating on us anymore.
She stood there writing and After spending an hour writing on the board, Grace noticed that body was making a noise in the class, and as She swiftly turned to look how good we were, her day became a dream. She was shocked beyond her expectations to see some students snoring, some just couldn't say anything because the topic was getting irritating, while some students who had no appetite for starvation started yawning.

"Hello...!. What are you all doing in my class?Stand to your feet...Now!!" Grace shouted at us. She shouted at the top of her voice and A student at the back just bark at her
"Abeg shut up there and teach." Ukemme rudely stood up and caution her and sat down again.

Grace was dump founded for a countable seconds.. She nodded her head and angryly walkout of the class. Every one shouted at ukemme for being so silly.
"Ah.. I hate this tin were una dey do!" Emeka announced and jumped out from his seat where he stood.

Everyone started arguing in the class. I became afraid because if the report reaches the principal or any senior, it simplymeans we're heading for dum. First thought run through my head and I quickly told uduak to write the names of noise makers.

I stood up to leave but udauk held my hand.
"Hmm Prince Where are you going? Can i come with you?" She asked me passionately.
And i said no to her and walkout.

I located the hostel to look for the teacher, but when i got there she was no where to be found. I started wondering what will happen to me as the class captain for not giving orders to my fellow students.... On my way returning back to the class i sighted miss Grace from afar near the headmaster office.. I become frieghten that our deeds were made known but i surmmond the courage to go there and speak with Grace. So I quickly ran to meet up with her.

"Excuse me madam". I uttered breathing as if hungry wolves were after my ass.

"I am sorry madam for the misbehaviour of some students in your classroom today" i commented further as i take in deep breath.

"why do you come to apologies instead of them?, Why should they not come to apologie as well?" She bragged with anger.

" like i said... Am sorry madam. I came to represent us.. Meanwhile I happened to be the class captain but i did not do my duties. I plead with you not to inform the principal..." I explained

"Ok..I've forgiven you guys..But first you must follow me to the hostel"

"No madam. I will be seriously punished if i go with you."

She insisted i should accompany her to the hostel, just then the bell sounded and this was a sign for break or free period and without much argument i decided to follow her there since that moment was a free hour. Grace lead the way to the hostel and before we got there she spotted and empty seat near the enterance, and we sat there. We had discussions about other things and for sometime she requested for my names. Grace wanted to know things about me.

" so, Whats your name? " Said asked after we had a silent moment.

"Em....my name is Prince" I answer her and She bursted into laughter.
I was confused..

Was my name funny? No.
"Wet oh., i hope say this woman no kolo oh?" i wish i'd said so openly.

"Am Princess oh ." She said while smiling.

We left the shade where we stood to discussed and moved into her bedroom.
Grace bedroom was small size room, it was nicely furnished, and a huge bed was by the side corner, she had a tv set, her cloths were arranged on the wallhanger. Grace room was as well decorated with wallpaper poster of unclad and half Unclad sexy ladies.
Miss Grace offered me a sit.. Apperently it was a bed. She said i should sit on the bed freely but i insisted as i wasn't comfortable with the idea.

"Hmmmmm..Excuse me madam." I said and that distracted her attentions.

" yes. Prince, is there a problem?"she asked looking so desperate.

"there is.. madam, I just wanted to tell you that i will be punished after leaving here."

"Why ?" Grace asked as she turns to face me.

My mind went into thoughts as i was actually wondering why she had to look up on me that way, cos I only see things like that in televison.

" I hope say no be wetin de happen for Hollywood movie go happen here? " I murmurd to myself.
She must have noticed a sign of shyness on my face, so she moved away and started asking me w.a.e.c question.

"Where are you from." She asked.

I answered every questions she was asking. I sat on the bed, though my attentions were captivated as i focus my eyes on posters of those Unclad ladies on the wall.

She cleared her throat and said,
"Meet me tomorrow morning and after school"

" i will try, madam." i promised but i didnt know if am gonna fulfill.

Sooner the bell calls, this means time for break is over. All the students ran back to their different classes except me but when i reach to the door, Grace called me back and told me to wait.
She quickly changed her shoes to something more casual, and came after me. She hung her hand across my neck as we walkout of the room.



Re: My Complicated Love Story With My School Mum by 360prince(m): 2:37pm On Oct 09, 2013
Pls followers the bible said no man is perfect. In case of any miss typing or wrong sentence constructions. Pls dont blame it on me. Just tell me the corrections i need to do. Pls encourage me to do better. And i promise to do better for you guys.


Re: My Complicated Love Story With My School Mum by Nobody: 3:13pm On Oct 09, 2013
Nice sha...bt d way u'v been describin aw wicked ur snrs r scares me... I cant imagine snrs doin dat,...coz i dnt tink d skul is a private skul... Or maybe tis just a fiction anyway

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Re: My Complicated Love Story With My School Mum by 360prince(m): 3:28pm On Oct 09, 2013

The following morning went well. I woke up early for no just course, I guess it was due to the fact that i am about getting a new friend in school or maybe having someone special to stroll with someday.
I sat on my bed thinking of what happened at school days back, though the torture i went through from one senior to the other wasn't much bother as i recalled how Grace hung her hands on my neck as if we were lovers.
I smiled broadly and stepped down from my foam.
"Good morning mummy " i greeted my mother the moment i saw her.

" how're you?" my mother asked.

"Mummy am feeling somehow good, but am kind of feeling dizzy and tired." i said as i stretched my body, while yawning unpleasantly.

"Ok, but before you get ready for school remember to sweep the floor." my mother instructed.

"Okay... mum" i replied and moved away .

In 20minutes time i completed what my mother instructed me to do. My mother is a kind of woman that knows when her children are happy or sad. She may have seen my frown face and she questioned but i told her i would explain later.
Only Real loving mothers does that tho....

At the dinner table she had prepared food for me to eat before leaving for school.
I ate quickly in order meet up the appointment i had with Grace.

"Prince." my mother called on my name

"Yes mummy." I answered.

"How have you been in school this few weeks? I hope all is well? "
My mum asked as she place her left arm forward to tap on my shoulder.

"Yes, everything is fine mummy.
But i have news for you"
My mum quickly turn with all interest to listen to my news.

"my son what is it ?" She asked worriedly.

"Mum there is this new teacher in my school she is caring & she is loving, She just came last week but the way she takes me has her own son. Besides she calls me her school son. ButThats what i don't understand. " I explained everything to my mother.

"Prince be careful 0!" she said and made a sigh.

"Ok mummy." i replied.

I walked to school that day feeling like am on top of the world. I started singing and dancing on my way into the school compound.

" did i reach the school late..?"

I happened to be the first students in my class. But how come? I must have been very early. The thought that troubled my mind Was; i never expected any senior student to use his seniority or position to controlled students but on this very occassion i was able to overcome lateness. Though Few students were moving around cleaning their positions.

"Hey,Come here." a voice called from behind me.

I slowly turned to see the person.
This was the voice of a girl who wanted to punish me the other day but i got saved by the Grace. Sexy -p beckoned on me.

"Wetin this ashawo babe want na..?" I said this in my heart because i didnt wanna say something that will end my life right where i stood.

"wow wow! So Prince since that day i freely allow you, you intentionally refused return back. Abi ?" Sexy - p questioned me when i approached her.

"No senior. It's just that i didnt have time to come see you again." I explainned to her

"ok, now you have time i wanna ask you of something pivotal" She said.

"Ok..But senior i hope it wont involve me in punishment or will it? " I asked the senior many silly questions for me to be assured that nothing will happen.

"No.." she'd reply .

She told me to follow her at once, and i did. I followed her to a deserted hall near the domitries.
When we arrived at the hall, some Young girls were crowding, while some squatted somehwere in the open space hall, and other seniors were at the corner. most of the girl i met there were lesbians depending on what i saw in that hall. She took me to an empty seat that was set close to an open window, and there we sat.

"now, you will tell me the truth and go free" She caution but when i heard that i nearly collapsed to the hard tiled floor.
I started shivering and sweat rushed poured out from my skin and fully wetted my inner singlet.

"But...You said there is no problem.. Senior, you assured me that no harm will be done. How come you brought me here?" I'd ask for the senior to replied.

"Yes..! you wan tink say i call you here for joke? Do i look like a comedian to you?. Wetin carry you go that copper room yesterday?" She asked anxiously with her voice raised as if she wanted bounce on me.

I didnt have anything to say in order to defend myself, i just kept quiet. She move away from me and left me in the hall.
Those lesbian ladies/girls that where at one corner kissing came closer towards me, they start rubbing my head and ears. one of them grab my little dick, but I quickly removed her hands and dashed out from the hall.
The next thing that happened that very morning was at the assembly ground. I was provoked to anger.
In the assembly ground where all the entire students gatthered, my name was announced and i was called to come up on stage by The principal. I immediately show up on the podium and that's how i manage to appeared for another unexpected events.

Re: My Complicated Love Story With My School Mum by 360prince(m): 3:33pm On Oct 09, 2013
Holanid: Nice sha...bt d way u'v been describin aw wicked ur snrs r scares me... I cant imagine snrs doin dat,...coz i dnt tink d skul is a private skul... Or maybe tis just a fiction anyway
. Well thanks for commenting on this thread. It not a fiction my guy. It a true life story that happened to me. Some secondary schools hav good seniors while some hav bad seniors. Lik go my school. Bad seniors were every where and they had no pity for students under them.
Re: My Complicated Love Story With My School Mum by Obrafour(m): 4:13pm On Oct 09, 2013
360prince: Pls followers the bible said no man is perfect. In case of any miss typing or wrong sentence constructions. Pls dont blame it on me. Just tell me the corrections i need to do. Pls encourage me to do better. And i promise to do better for you guys.

Lol.... Sharp guy, because I was about to bash you, I urge you to take your time to type and read through before you Post.

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Re: My Complicated Love Story With My School Mum by 360prince(m): 4:26pm On Oct 09, 2013

Lol.... Sharp guy, because I was about to bash you, I urge you to take your time to type and read through before you Post.
. Wassup man. It true, well thanks for commenting on this thread. It not been easy typin. So typing fast causes all the mistake. But thanks sha for the correction.
Re: My Complicated Love Story With My School Mum by 360prince(m): 5:04pm On Oct 09, 2013

That very morning my mind warned me never to attend to the assembly ground, but i paid deaf ears to my mind thought and fell into the hands of my principal.
Mr Akpan was a kind of man that do not take things the easy way especially when it comes to normal punishment. He was strictly and tough on students who disobey the school rules and regulations.
After the praises and prayer that morning he came on stage to announced to us the names of those who disobeyed the school rules and regulations.
Mr Akpan started his long and unending speech that morning. He endured his time to addressed the students on the daily school protocols.

"Some of you here in this school are claiming stubornness while in school." He said as he removed his lense, dusted it on his white shirt before he continued his speeches.
"I hereby concludes that whosoever disobeyed the school authority has to be flogged 12 strokes of the cane."

My mind started pounding fastter And I was so confused, i decided finding a place to hide But then seniors had already fenced the assembly ground.

"If i know i for no come dis assembly today." I silently utter to myself.
And in the other hand my mind started arguing wit my Mind thoughts.

"You don the mad abi , the time were i tell you say make you no come you, refused. now you the complain". My mind thoughts mocked me.

Names of seniors students were called out, and they were flogged in front of all the student, while some bigger issues were handled by the police as some cultist members in the school raped female students in the hall. The case was more than school authority and were addressed in court. meanwhile
Seniors were caught sleeping with girls in the bush. When my turn came i feared the more because it was never allowed to cross our own border to the hostel.

"Prince... Come out here right now!" my principal shouted on my names.

I quickly tried to hid my face from the principal but it all didnt work out. I moved to the front breathing fast as four seniors tightly held my hands and the other two senior held my legs. I closed my eyes in the moment, and mr Akpan lifted up his cane.
Lashes of can storm across my stuborn ass , meanwhile
I was beaten to hell and i could see differ stars appearing and disappearing.
I agile into my class that morning with tears in my eyes, I could'nt sit well due to that fact that my ass was hatching me badly.

"Sorry big bros... I been tell you say mak you no go near that woman place but you refused."
that was what came out from emeka's mouth.

"When did you tell me that emeka...?" I immediately asked him.

"Well bros even when i no tell you, you suppose stay back sha..." Emeka replied me quickly.

"Ok... Emeka what can i do now ?" I'd asked.

"Well go tell her say she don already put you for trouble, and you need her to help you scratch your yansh.!" Emeka utter and started laughing.

I could'nt involved myself in abject crying anymore, but joined him in laughing. I went out to urinate but when i return i find out that my names were boldly written on the black board, quoting..

EBE MMA TEACHER, which means husband of mama teacher

When i turned to face the class to ask who did this, i was shocked beyond my imaginations. Something happened...

Someone i wouldn't likely expect to see was now in the class looking up to me....


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Re: My Complicated Love Story With My School Mum by 360prince(m): 5:19pm On Oct 09, 2013
[i][/i] pls my fellowers do tell your friends and love ones to read this thread.
Re: My Complicated Love Story With My School Mum by 360prince(m): 5:32pm On Oct 09, 2013

I stared at the face i saw,but this time she was in the mood of apologying.
She stood up and approached where i'd settled down.

"Sorry dear. Am very sorry and i plead you forgive me." Miss Grace apologied calmly with sincerely heart, i could feel her apology deep down in my heart.

"I've forgive you long time ago. Dont bother anymore" i mention and Grace placed her head and said Big.Bad Boy." B.B.B ". Black... Berry. Boy i guesssmiley

She held my hand and we walk out from the class room to were we can sit while taking little snacks, She bought food for me with her own penny, i appreciated her for the meals and expenses she contributed.

"So Prince tell me where you lives, Perhaps i could come and visiting you someday" she said.

"Hmmmm.. Madam with due respect people will be thinking am dating youi"
i pronounced my bad feelings concerning what others would think about me and Grace.

She was shocked and ask me why i uttered such and i informed her about how she takes me around to buy stuff and the way she put her hands around my neck they other day shows she was in love.
She held my hand and told me that she loved me like her brother.
She started explaining why she come so closer to me, she told me that her junior brother died in a car accident when they travelled to calabar, she went ahead in that case when she met me i looked so much like his dead younger brother.

"sorry for your lost, but am a life human being now and My names are Prince. Akpan. Samuel, not your brother's name... Sorry o0o0o!." i humbly sympathized with her but i did chip in sarcastic words to make her cheer up.

"And besides i cant wait to know where you stay." she finally concluded the matter and focused her eyes on the sand.

I could'nt pronunced anything but sighed briefly Before i went home that day.
We met about two times before i finally walked home.

The following day at school she told me to get prepared for her up coming urgent test..


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Re: My Complicated Love Story With My School Mum by 360prince(m): 6:02pm On Oct 09, 2013

During the late night i have slept awoken thinking concerning Miss Grace test, how difficulty her test and exams would seems like. Many thoughts filled my brains & my memories with Grace pass days disturbed me too.

"by the way why will Grace want to know my home?", if Grace gets know my place she might have huge problems with my mother."
i'd mention silently in my heart as i rolled on bed pushing the two pillows aside.

Grace summon for my attentions the next morning in order to conformed if i would have chances and be freed to accompany her to my apartment. My brain was sharply calculating & I started wondering why she disparately wanted knowing my place. I decided interrogating her to comprehend the main reasons why she disparately require informations about where i lived.

"can you tell me what would be your main missions there?" I had questioned Grace

"nothing much. I just wanted knowing where you lived and maybe i can come visiting someday." she said.

Grace also informed me concerning how she feels whenever she stays alone in the school compound, discussing to nobody except with the gate man. That she would disparately like visiting my place and sit there to chat with my mother and me.
Grace further inform me explainin why she was scared of staying in school compound. Grace says it's becaus some bad gang guys do invade into the school premises late night to smoke weed, while other people come around evening to play football in the large field, & so she would'nt stay outside and allowed any guy sight her or let them found out her room door.

"huh.. Okay, What if they found that you stays in hostel room, what will they do wit you?" i'd questioned.

"eh.. Prince without being informed you wouldn't know what they can do?.. Okay, pls reason this issues with me, what if they finally knows and invade into my room with guns, or they badly molest me." she mentioned with all intelligent about the issues.

"yah, you are damn right about that 0oo. You think too far tho, i never thought about those factors." i said.

"Pls will you take me to your place" She'd mentioned and my face frowned. Grace pleaded passionately while she place hand caressing the back of my neck and ears.

" i've just got to think it for a moment 0o." i announced.

After concluding the final thought i waited for sometimes before i nodding my head and Grace became happy. In the evening i visited Grace in her hostel to briefly relax, i greeted her and she was glad to welcome my presents. Grace hurriedly prepared a delicious food for me to eat till satisfaction,
She even pleaded me to spend my night with her but i said no .We discussed about many things like; sex, politices, lifestyles, modern fashions etc, But the main subject we descended upon was sex, She didnt care if i would dislike or appreciate the sex topic. Well, i did gain enough knowledge on what she'd impact me concerning the X. Meanwhile, I wouldnt forcefully blamed her subject topic or wage abusive utterances on her, It's just that one subject topics leads to another. I'd asked Grace concerning her friends & she informd me she wasn't in bad company with them because they do stroll flirting with different guys and men, while leaving her to stay behind.

"hops! Dont you go out for flirting with your boyfriends?" i'd asked

"Prince am happy you 're here this moment to stay with me", She mention while wavin smiles on her reddish lips & cheeks.

"you never answered my previous question Miss Grace. Pls reply me now." i instructed

"Prince i dont have any for now. Am still searching and..Pls lets forget about the boy friend talks and gist another topic."
Grace calmly mention wringling her body

"I loved the way you smiled, it feels good and that makes me look on your face twice each moment.", i had complimented Grace sarcastically before i bursted into laughter.

Miss Grace laughed & requested for my age, I told her everything about myself and she informed me about hers. It was quite fun staying with Grace, I joked to make her laughed out loud has she pleaded for more. Grace was a pretty young lady when she smiles, she seems like young teenager of 18 years old whenever she laughs. Sooner, we suddenly muted
Grace couldn't say a word, while me on the other hand stayed silent too. My heart best starts ranging faster in the moment when Grace adjusted towards me, we look each others and our lips collided &shorten the secretive words which we hide in our hearts. Grace wetted lips tasted like that of bee honey, it was so sweet & i practically chewed it.
That wasn't huge deal for a young lady at 23 kissing a fresh young boy, and young fresh blooded under 17 like me.
Grace was the first lady that ever kissed me lips to lips while holding me tightly against her warned body.
I was gladen in deep down my heart that my dreams has finally come to passed that very evening in Miss Grace room.



Re: My Complicated Love Story With My School Mum by 360prince(m): 8:36pm On Oct 09, 2013
smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley stressful day.

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Re: My Complicated Love Story With My School Mum by 360prince(m): 8:36pm On Oct 09, 2013

(American wonders). Her kiss was like the falling morning dew, it was cool and warm at same time "No wonder why people quoted this:

>>Kiss is like a lovely trick, used when speeches or words are superfluous<<".
And so it was by her own kissed that moment.

*U know dat kind tin were girl go kiss you when you no expect*

Things i normally see or watch in American movie happened that day.
"This is great." i said to myself and moved around the room.
Moment later, i heard a knock on the door & I hurriedly walked to welcome the person, and here stood Uduak at my front smiling. Besides, Uduak had this style of dressing that really coded her with differ look, expressing by showing her body curves. Sometime i normally noticed this things in girls whenever they wore school uniform they looked childish, but when they put on house cloth they look matured and So was Uduak that moment.
I could't do anything but stared blankly at her, and She noticed that i was lost after her body and she brought me back to my senses by saying
"Won't you allow me come inside your house again..!?", Udauk uttered after a moment of silent as if we were paying tribute to the dead of someone.

"Oh...Udauk you're here..!. Pls Come in. Do help yourself with a seat " i instructed

"So how are you doing Miss Uduak..?" i had asked teasingly and she started her funny smiles

"My dear am doing very fine. I was on my way to my aunty's place, and i made up my mind checking in for you on my way coming back." Uduak briefly explain what she wanted assisting her aunty.

"Oh.. Thats good of you " i mentioned while moving closer to her.

By the way you look so sexy today with american dress. She laughed at me and said she noticed that i was lost seeing her when i adjusted the opened open.

"Did i ?" i had uttered pretending not doin it.

"Prince i'm leaving now before my mum bounces on me", she said and stood up to leave.

"Ok, please do send my greetings to your mother & father." she wouldn't allowed me speak what i had wanted saying she gave me kisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

[ it's too short but mak una manage]


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Re: My Complicated Love Story With My School Mum by 360prince(m): 11:12pm On Oct 09, 2013

One faithful saturday morning i prepared for the church to help keeping the church compound tidy and neat.
On arriving the place I met school mother, Grace had already arrived before i could reached that saturday morning.
"Good morning madam..." i greeted her immediately .

"Morning Prince. how are you doing this moment?" She asked placing her palm on my back and quickly shifted away again.

"Am feeling ok" i had replied Looking at her surprisingly as i wondered how she came to church that early.

"You never informed me about the church you worship." Grace mentioned With her smiling her face.

"Ma'am, this is where i worship the Lord every sunday 00o0!!" i uttered and started cutting the unwanted grass.

"Prince you have to show me where you live,because i could feel you live around church environment" she pronounce, while turning to check the surrounding houses.

"let us finish what brought us here first before any further issues." i had politely instructed with Grace Provoking neither did she responded.

lateron, i got weaken and tired when i'd exhausted my little energy. Perhaps, I needed to have long resting, I was very tired and i fell asleep for hours but when i finally jolted up from my slumber i found out no one was in the church, and neither did anybody stood outside the church premises except me and Miss Grace.

"wow... Am happy because your mother will be suprised to meet me."
"Can we go right this moment?"
Grace questioned me about what we had formally agreement upon.

"Yah, thats for Sure.. Lets go"i mentioned while cleaning the dirt on my trouser.

We both walked on the road talking and laughing, Miss Grace was a diligent young lady, she entertains me wit plenty stories about herself and that of her family.
We approached the house and I started lying complaining about my dogs that eat people fresh, but she didnt seems frightened on what announced.
We stopped on our way coming to argue seriously about the dogs matter, but she maintained her same conclusions telling me that she wants to know my apartment. After discussing for sometimes i finally agreed on taking her to my compound, But something troubled my heart concerning What my mother would do against Miss Grace.
"Will my mum allow this woman to even explain herself..?" i worriedly questioned myself in my mind.

"okay 0o, since Grace doesn't relent about the issues. Well i'm gonna take her home to face the worst of her life"
i had silently uttered in heart, while we headed towards the direction of my local street.

Moments lateron we arrived home and she stood behind me, and I knocked on the door and my mum rapidly opened it. Miss Grace was humbly welcome with warmed hands & good friendliness.

"please come inside and have a seat", my mother instructed her calmly into the house

The drama following that moment came so unexpectedly.
It suprises me and i satisfied myself with two glass of water.

Guess what happened ?

Re: My Complicated Love Story With My School Mum by Sleekbaby(f): 7:04am On Oct 10, 2013
Nyz wrk bt dear typo s mch, try 2 readin it all ova again afta typing, more ink 2 ur pen
Re: My Complicated Love Story With My School Mum by 360prince(m): 9:01am On Oct 10, 2013
Sleekbaby: Nyz wrk bt dear typo s mch, try 2 readin it all ova again afta typing, more ink 2 ur pen
. THANKS SLEEKBABY. I promise to read over and over again in order to over come mistakes. Thanks for commenting too.

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Re: My Complicated Love Story With My School Mum by 360prince(m): 9:24am On Oct 10, 2013
Am tried menn...smiley
Re: My Complicated Love Story With My School Mum by 360prince(m): 9:34am On Oct 10, 2013

The event that quickly followed moments later that very day did suprise me.
My Mum is a kind of woman that doesn't want to see any girl around her me, She was strictly discipling and wouldn't allowed me to play or discuss with my neighbours children.
That moment of the day i had prepared to laugh ass out because initially i warned my school mum never to accompany me to my place but she insisted .

"Come.. In and have a seat ."
my mother kindly instructed her.

"Wait oh...!, na wetin dis woman de try form naw..?"
This was the question i asked myself, because i expected to watch and see what my mother would do to Grace.

"Good afternoon mummy " Miss Grace greeted my mother.

"How are you doing this afternoon ?"my mother asked Grace.

"Fine.. Mummy " Miss grace replied smiling.

My school mum start talking about how she met me at school and how i helped her packed her things to hostel.
My mum was happy to hear about the helping hands i offered to her. Since i would contribute in any subject of their conversations i stood. I was about leaving the sitting room for them to conversate what they were both discussing but when I stood up to leave my mother beckoned me to come back, but i refused staying,while moving to the outskirt compound.
My mother later came outside to check up for me, but when she sighted where i stood she approached

"Prince..., Wont you purchase something for the visitor ?"
my mother requested with all concerns.

"mother i've got no penny in my pocket right now.
perhaps, there is no way i can sneak out for stealing just to get some money to purchase her a drink. Meanwhile, I caution Grace say make she no come Oh..!"
I explained and my face changed into sad mood.

"Why did'nt you ask me for money..?" She asked mentioned.

"Well from the first time mum i didnt want Grace to come here" i had complain.

"Thats not how to welcome visitor ok?"

My mother brought out money from her waist wrapper and handled it towards me, she instructed that i school purchase a bottle of drinks for my visitor.
I collected the money and quickly located a nearby shop to buy a bottle of malt, but before i prepared ready for the errant I entered the house to wear my cloth. I later rushed out from the house to purchase the drink.
When i returned from the errant they were like sisters, they both chatted and became close friends.
I dropped the drink opened the door and bang it harder while moving outside the compound.

"Prince you wan break that door!!!?", my mother shouted from inside but i paid less attentions.

I strolled out that day promising myself never to meet with Miss Grace again, so i thought...

Re: My Complicated Love Story With My School Mum by 360prince(m): 10:08am On Oct 10, 2013

I left the house not telling my mother where i was going, and neither did i informed her of my intensions on why i had to vacate the house leaving my so called visitor.

"Where will i go right now?" i asked myself.

After thinking i rapidly concluded on where i should go. I went to my friends place his name is Samson. Samson was a black short guy with bright eyes, short, he was my senior in school, but we were good friends.
I thought of meeting him as i headed to where he lives.

"Oh..boy!. This one were just enter like this as if na hunters the look for their escape rabbit or probably searching for an escape goat" Samson uttered when i move around him.

"Men!, Miss Grace don come my house oh. As i the talk to you she dey already with my mother." i had replied and relax on one of the chairs.

"So wetin you go do now ?" He questioned looking my confused face

I kept quiet for a long time thinking of where to spend my whole day before i could returned home late. Samson quickly brought up an ideas and suggested that we should go to the river.

"thats a good idea " I commented & stood up.

I recalled going to the river lately to setup the hooks for catchin. I asked Samson if he had checked the net ever since the last time we check and he answered no.

"No, but now were you don come, make we just go check naw " Samson instructed while i nonded my head.

We prepared and left. On our way going to the river we met with Uduak coming back from the stream, she had a bucket {pale} of water on her head. When i sighted her coming i left my right hand side of the road to meet her by the other left.

"Hello handsome!." Udauk says smiling. There is something about her Whenever she says funny things, she would wildly smile to it.

"Hello..! how are you feeling?" I asked her.

"Am fine."
"where are you two going this moment?" She'd asked but As i was about answering Uduak question my mate Sam interrupted us.

"Oh boy do quickly make we go because night the come. No be for middle road una go practise street love 0! " Samson said and start laughing at his joke.
I bent down to picked up a stone and throw it again Samson, he quickly dug down as the object passed by him.
I cleared my throat... While facing Uduak Oppositely and then i started pronuncing an absurd words

"My assistant i hope you will come back again and meet us?" perhaps you can help assist me on something."
I uttered while wavin smiles on my lips and Uduak smiled too.

"Ok i'll coming dear "she mentioned and slidely left my sight.

We move to the river. Udauk truely fulfilled her promise & return back to meet us. She gladly followed us to the biggest side me river.
Uduak was a good water swimmer, she removed her clothes wore only pant and she join us. I hugged her and kissed Uduak, but She actually decided assisting me in pullin off my boxes when it protruded....

Did she really assist me as promised ?

Thats something i can't really answer.



Re: My Complicated Love Story With My School Mum by aprilwise(m): 10:24am On Oct 10, 2013
It's a nice story I believe there is room for improvement. More ink to ur pen
Re: My Complicated Love Story With My School Mum by Chimaritoponcho: 11:32am On Oct 10, 2013
ma guy i know say u need comments naim mak i comment .incase u need mor comments jus lemme knw
Re: My Complicated Love Story With My School Mum by 360prince(m): 12:08pm On Oct 10, 2013
april wise: It's a nice story I believe there is room for improvement. More ink to ur pen
. Thanks my guy mr WISE. it really a nice idea you made (wise one). I promise to do as you wish
Re: My Complicated Love Story With My School Mum by 360prince(m): 12:11pm On Oct 10, 2013
Chimaritoponcho: ma guy i know say u need comments naim mak i comment .incase u need mor comments jus lemme knw
@ you.smiley!. Yes you. Thanks for commenting on this thread. I just want you guys to encourage me to do more. And pls do correct me where i go wrong. Thanks
Re: My Complicated Love Story With My School Mum by chuks87(m): 3:30pm On Oct 10, 2013
nyz story... But compose ur writing without directly/indirectly make fun of our political leaders... noticed in d line....."Patience .... Badluck jonathan"... Nyz story though... *following*
Re: My Complicated Love Story With My School Mum by 360prince(m): 3:39pm On Oct 10, 2013

I came back from the river late by 9:25pm in the evening,,. My mother was extremely unplease with me because i refuse to stay order to escort my Grace... My mother shouted at me,, asking me Where i have been since afternoon while I left my visitor. I Was ashamed as everyone in the compound peep to watch, especially youths like me in the Compound.. They must have mocked.. I felt guilty of what I'd done.. Atleast I was supposed to stay and wait for her to Conclude her discussion with my mother before taking my leave. Well,,,That evening i purposely base in my room through without going out... The next morning
I woke up early when I heard birds singing with lovely tone from a tree top outside the Compound. Firstly,,, I normally pray before engaging myself in house chores or preparing for school.. And for that reason I knelt down on my knees and conducted my morning devotional prayers & I conducted praises and worship myself. A new day had finally come,, the day with terrible happenings at school... it's either fighting or any other annoying unexpected happenings.

****************** MONDAY MORNING
I reluctantly prepared for school that day with all hope... Having the confident that i will apologies Grace in her room or at any meeting occasion somewhere. But then; it's wasn't a smooth suggestion. having everything properly arranged, i left For school That morning... I gave out instructions as the class captain... I gave portions for my fellow students to start school compound cleaning. Sooner,,, I barge into the classroom wit concerntrate pace agility & occupied an empty seat beside my desk... Thereafter Uduak came along with her friends to greet me as usual... Uduak started her morning comment whenever she sees me.. She began to interrogate me about what Happened a day ago.

"Prince,,, when did you leave the river yesterday?" Uduak said

" i dont know... But I left there because it was'nt fun anymore, especially without you" i replied smiling.. And further more i began to narrate what happened on my return.

"Well i had a terrible night when i came back from the river.." i told her everything and how my mother reacted.. and I also informed Uduak about Grace visit to my house,,, how she came to my place to stay till dawn yesterday. On that very Moment Udauk was reminded of somethin... She quickly informed me that Miss Grace came very early to ask her about me.

"This is serious 0o0", "Upon what i did to her yesterday...? it baffles and i wonder what she's looking for again".. Uduak suggested i should meet her Confirm why she'd Come seeking my present. The idea was perfect &
I stood up after concluding I'll apologies. I left for Miss Grace hostel... Miss Grace was very busy arranging her lesson textbooks for teaching that monday morning when i went to meet her. She sighted me from afar but she ignored... Grace didnt care to welcome me inside her Room.. Perhaps,, i didnt Care to Go in without being instructed or call in my her... I waited for her to invite but she did'nt. After i had waited without hearing her call... I barge into her bedroom as if i had quarrel with her. I greeted her first.

"Prince.. Leave my room right now!!!",
she shouted at me and i jumped backwardly with fear. She Continued;
"I came to your house and you claim to be a big boy... Prince you left me!". Grace yelled at the top of her voice.

I got scared and ran away from her bedroom... I relaxed in my classroom thinking on how; passing thought differently on how to approached Grace. "Will she listen to me?" I silent question myself with giving any answers on how to do So..
Moments later I heard foot steps of my familiar seniors.. They were Coming to our Class.. They came and started accusing us that we the sss1 students stole their money. To me,, the amount of suffering was gonna descend on me as the class head.. And As the head of my class,, my partner uduak, we were blamed. They asked the two of us to come front immediately... Just before they Could end their instructive words we reached the front of the class.. Of course, nobody would hesitatewink. respectfully, uduak obeyed and So did I.

"hey..! Carry dis desk for your head make your fellow students put their thights and offerings inside." said one of the seniors.
I quickly did what am appointed to do,,, I carried the desk on my head... One thing is you dare not disobey the seniors Command.. And if you being disobeyed you're in a huge trouble with them. My seniors were busy collecting money when my school mom walked into the classroom & everyone stood up to greet as normal. But At that very occasion i was extremely Excited in my heart.. I was actually thinking our saviour has Come.. that Grace would save me the second time. So i thought.. But to my best knowledge for that day
It all became worst when she assisted in making us faint.


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Re: My Complicated Love Story With My School Mum by 360prince(m): 3:42pm On Oct 10, 2013
chuks87: nyz story... But compose ur writing without directly/indirectly make fun of our political leaders... noticed in d line....."Patience .... Badluck jonathan"... Nyz story though... *following*
@ CHUKs i see you..!. Thanks for commenting. You are really encouraging me on my writing skills. As for the quote"bad luck jonathan", i promise never to make such mistakes again.

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