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Confessions Of Global Robber by bluerange(f): 4:15pm On Aug 04, 2013
Confessions of global robber

•’I carried out exploits in 18 countries’ •How he was nearly killed in South Africa


His story sounds like fiction but it’s real. Oluchukwu Clement Nwizu can be described as a global robber who traversed no fewer than 18 countries and three continents doing what he knew best. Robbery. A native of Awarase, Uga in Aguata Local Government Area of Anambra State, Oluchukwu moved around without hindrance in China, Germany, Holland, South Africa, Ghana, Togo etc, dishing out mayhem and death to innocent people until God arrested him. Like biblical Saul who was converted on his way to Damascus, Oluchukwu who had seen it all in the crime world aborted a trip to Malaysia to continue his illicit trade and came to repentance after receiving a Christian magazine in his village during a burial ceremony. Oluchukwu’s gripping account of his life in the underworld is presented below.


I was born in 1974 and started primary school after six years or thereabout at Central School, Uga. Though I scored the highest in the common entrance examination, after my primary education, there was no money for me to go to secondary school and instead of furthering my education, I went to serve somebody at Onitsha. Things didn’t work out with my master and I left him. Later, I went to serve another master. This one again did not materialize and I had to return home.

After staying a while in the village, I left for Lagos and there I began to hustle to survive. I stayed with one of my brothers, the late Uchenna Nwizu who God blessed and was dealing in cars. I joined him, but later, he died and I didn’t know what else to do. I had to leave Lagos for Warri in Delta State. It was while in Warri that somebody introduced me to illegal oil bunkering from where I had a lot of customers from Limba, Cumba, Bermenda, Douala, Yaoundé and Victoria, all in Cameroun.

Journey into robbery

While in Cameroun, I got information that some of my boys had been arrested and I had to leave immediately and entered Gabon. In Gabon, the Igbo people I met there were from Mbaise and as they did not want to open up to me, I left Gabon and entered Equatorial Guinea where I lodged in a hotel in Malabo, the capital. From Malabo, I began to move about and came to know of a place called Bata where I decided to live. What we were doing there was armed robbery and after sometime, I decided to come back to Nigeria.

When I entered Nigeria, I moved to Katsina State and lodged at one Liberty Hotel. It was at that hotel that I met some people who gave me the connection to travel to Libya. About 105 of us left Nigeria for Libya and by the time we entered Tripoli, the capital, we were only five remaining as 100 had died on the way. Some were killed by cyclones while a good number of them died as a result of dehydration because we had no water to drink. And even when we resorted to drinking our urine, at a point, none was coming out, because it’s when you take in that you will release. As we walked in the desert, some of us would just shout ‘I’m thirsty, I’m thirsty’ and before we looked towards their direction, they had fallen down and were dead.

When we entered Tripoli, I told the other surviving four persons with me that each man should seek for his own way of survival and everybody went his own way. From Tripoli, I located a place called Benghazi, where I started my armed robbery escapades.

I was doing that business in Tripoli until one day when my friend who duped someone was caught. After admitting the crime, the authorities cut off his right hand and I became afraid. Within that period also, some of my friends with whom I went on armed robbery operations were arrested and they squealed on me. Security agents there were after me and I had to go underground . Immediately I got the opportunity, I moved over to Algeria.

In Algeria, I continued my robbery business and when after some efforts, not much money was coming in, I left for Mali. When I entered Mali, I found out that their money had no value and I didn’t know what to do. I left Mali immediately and entered Mauritania. I continued the robbery business in Mauritania but because I was not getting enough money as the country is poor, I moved over to Guinea Bissau and continued the same business. Thereafter, I moved over to Dakar, capital of Senegal. It was while in Senegal that I was able to make some money through armed robbery after which I left for Cote D’Ivoire and came to Abidjan, the capital.

Illegal gold mining business

At Abidjan, I met some Igbo boys who were into yahoo yahoo (advance fee fraud) and I joined them. But the money I was getting from the business could not sustain me and I left Abidjan, took a flight and landed in Kotoko, Ghana. I took a taxi to Macola Market where I met an Igbo trader and introduced myself to him, but I did not let him know all about me. Perhaps, because he saw that I had money on me, he decided to allow me to stay with him.

It was from his house that I started moving about town and came to know of a place called Osu and from there, I rented an apartment in Kumasi from where we began the business of illegal gold mining. When the business became very tough, because security agents in the area were hunting people down like grasscutter, I decided to leave and entered Togo. In Togo, I decided to settle in the capital, Lome. It was from there I discovered another gold mining area called Voga Bome and I made friends quickly there. While doing the same illegal gold mining business in the area, many of my boys, about 25 of them, were killed and I had to leave for the Republic of Benin.

I settled down in Cotonou and stayed in an area called John One among armed robbers and harlots and all of us were enjoying ourselves. From there, I raised another gang and we were raiding a market called Biafran market, where we had many Lebanese. We had informants who always gave us information about movement of money in the market. After any successful operation, our informants had their share. We also shifted our armed robbery escapades to Misabo Market which we robbed on a daily basis. It was there I made real money and when it appeared security agents were on my trail, I left for Lagos.

Foray into cocaine business

This time in Lagos, I met one Chief Ike who contracted me to carry hard drugs (cocaine) to Germany for him at an agreed percentage. He equally promised to rent a house and get a job for me in Germany. I did and the trip was successful. I found out there was real money in the business and pleaded with the chief to allow me to go for a second trip and he obliged me. After the second trip, he fulfilled his promise of renting a house and finding me a job in Hamburg, Germany.

Re: Confessions Of Global Robber by bluerange(f): 4:16pm On Aug 04, 2013
Back into armed robbery

While in Hamburg, the money I was getting from the job was not sustaining me and I complained to some friends who advised that I should be following them to St. Paulo Night Club, Hamburg. There, I was told that I would make enough money from armed robbery and being the path I had treaded for long, I did not waste time in joining them. We robbed in Berlin, Frankfurt and so many other big cities.. From Germany, we were moving over to other European countries to rob.

When it appeared I was being monitored in Germany, I shifted base to Holland and settled in Amsterdam where I continued robbery business on a higher level. I lived in Amsterdam for six years, but on the whole, I spent over 13 years robbing round the world to the extent that when my mother died I never knew. Nobody told me despite the fact that I have three sisters and three brothers. I am the last born, but none could locate or tell where I was to inform me of my mother’s death.

Within this period, I came to China and stayed in Guangzhou from where I made forays into cities like Shanghai and others, doing the same armed robbery business. In China, we were using high calibre guns, though we did not encounter much of their security agents because we had highly placed informants who updated us with information on a daily basis. We also had people who were well placed in society who always came to our rescue in China when we had problems. The most important thing we normally did when we entered any city was to befriend a lady so that she would help you to know the country inside out. When it came to the worst, you did a contract marriage with her and she would also serve as a cover for you.

After making some money in China, I came down to South Africa where I even had a house of my own. While in South Africa, I occasionally moved down to Europe for operations and came back to my base in South Africa. When I committed any offence in that country and security agents were after me, I normally went underground in Pretoria, Johannesburg or Cape Town.

In all my operations, I normally moved with a 30-man gang in over 15 countries of the world where I did my armed robbery escapades, but I lost almost all my men. It was in South Africa that I touched real guns with which we robbed and made good money. Because of my popularity in South Africa, I was given the title of Igwe South Africa.

Miraculous escape from South Africa

The last armed robbery operation I did in South Africa nearly cost me my life. We had robbed a bank of over 250m Rand (South African currency) and we kept the stolen money in my house. I didn’t know how the boys I did the robbery with left the house and discussed about our previous night operation and it filtered into the ears of someone who alerted the police. Later, one of them was arrested and he revealed where others, including myself were and the South African police came after us.

As the police officers were approaching my house I saw them through the short circuit TV. I knew they were after me and I first tried to carry a bag filled with stolen money because there were many of them. But when I reasoned that I could get killed, I left all the money and ran for my dear life through an escape gate. Shortly after, I heard gunshots. They never cared to come for an arrest, they just wanted to kill me, but I had escaped.

I left Johannesburg that day and ran into Pretoria, but after about three days, the security men traced me to Pretoria. Before then, I had received information that they were looking for me in Pretoria and I became security conscious. When it became glaring that I didn’t have any hiding place in Pretoria, I escaped to Cape Town. At that point, I had nothing on me again including money because all my belongings were inside the house they opened fire on. So, I contacted a friend who was also into armed robbery and in Holland at that time. I told him about my problem in South Africa and he sent money immediately to me through one of his friends. When the man brought the money, I told him to use part of it to buy me a flight ticket to Nigeria, because returning home was my last option.

Turning point

After staying in Nigeria for a while, a friend who lived in Malaysia called to inquire about me. I told him about the problem I had in South Africa and he told me he was in Malaysia, that he was going to send me an invitation letter together with flight money so that I could join him in Malaysia for the same robbery business.

We were still negotiating this when somebody from one Nwosu family in my place died. I never showed interest in anything that happened in my village, but I just decided to come home and attend the burial ceremony.

As the burial ceremony was going on, members of a church from Aba, Abia State who I later came to know as John 3:16 Ministries started sharing their Christian magazines and I was not happy about what they were doing and I asked them to stop. They stopped initially, but after sometime, they started sharing the magazines again.

This thing was happening on a Friday and by then, my invitation letter, money for my flight ticket to Malaysia to meet my friend had been sent to me and I was billed to travel out the following week.

I was still thinking about what to do on my return home, when a lady came with the same magazine and I bluffed her, but when my people persuaded me to collect it, I did and intended to throw it away on my way home. I forgot and went home with it.

At home that day and in the night as I was sleeping, I saw somebody in a dream, tapping me and asking me to wake up, that I must repent and I didn’t understand what was happening. I tried to sleep again and the man came the second time in the dream and said it was compulsory that I must repent. I said to myself, what type of witchcraft was that? I never slept again throughout the night.

I told myself that I had committed all my atrocities outside the country, that if I should die in my fatherland, there would be no problem. But the following night, the matter became worse. The same fair complexioned man came to me while asleep, tapping and asking me to repent. When I opened my eyes, I saw nobody and I began to cry like a baby, asking God not to punish me but to allow me to die immediately.

While this was going on, I wanted to quarrel with one of those who asked me to collect the magazine because my mind had told me it could be the source of my problem. But on a second thought, my mind told me ‘why don’t you forget about this problem and travel, when you get to Malaysia, the whole problem would be over.’ As I was brooding over this, yet another thought came to me that I should stay at home and solve this problem before traveling, or else if I went to Malaysia and die there, vultures would eat my body and that would be my end, so I stayed back. Then in the night, the fair-complexioned man came again in the dream and kept tapping me by my side, saying repeatedly that I must repent. I could not sleep throughout that night.

The following morning, I told myself that I must find a way of neutralizing whatever power that was put in the magazine which had been my source of trouble. I went to a prayer ministry in my place. But instead of solving the problem, they added to it by telling me that the magazine belonged to an occult organization and that there was nothing they could do, that the only solution would be for me to give back the magazine to the people that gave it to me.

Attempt to destroy magazine

I became confused and had to call the phone number on the magazine to see if they could at least come to collect it back so that I would be free. A female voice answered from the other end and I inquired why they should put diabolical powers in the magazine they gave to me. She laughed and said there was nothing like that, that what was given to me was the word of God and that I should come to Aba, the Ministry’s headquarters so that they could look into my case.

On the appointed date, I boarded an Imo Transport Company bus from my place to Aba and on getting to the motor park, I made a phone call to the number on the magazine which I brought to Aba with me so that the people that gave it to me would collect it back, so I could be free. After a while, a young man came and identified himself and took me to John 3:16 Ministries.

While I was still talking with some brothers on the need for them to neutralize the diabolical powers in the magazine and indeed have it back so that I could be free to travel to Malaysia , because I had an entry visa , the man that was asking me in the dream at night to repent came down from upstairs and greeted us. Immediately I saw him, I shouted, ‘this is the man that had been disturbing me in the dream every night since I collected the magazine that I must repent’ and a thought came into me that I should deal with him immediately they take back their magazine and set me free.

Because of the type of business I was into, I had a lot of charms on me, so when the brothers were counseling me, it was as if some veins were being removed from me and after the counseling, I had no strength in me to go back to my village and a brother gave me accommodation and I slept over. The following day, the man who owns the Ministry, Brother Samuel gave me money with which I transported myself back to my village. Before then, the workers had told me that the man of God would like to speak with me, but at a later date. I did not know that it was a ploy to cage me the way they had done now.

Road to repentance

So, when I got back to my village, instead of traveling to Malaysia, I was thinking of how to pack my things to come back to the Ministry. Before leaving Aba, I asked one of the brothers whether the diabolical powers in the magazine had been destroyed, and the brother told me there was nothing like that, but that God wanted to use that to draw me closer to Him and I said in my mind that these people were not serious.

On daily basis, going back to the Ministry in Aba took precedence over traveling to Malaysia and one day, I packed the few clothes I had and came down to Aba and went to pass the night in a brother’s house. In the night, as I was sleeping, the same Brother Samuel who was disturbing me in the dream telling me to repent, came to me again in a dream and gave me something to drink. I told him I was not going to drink what I didn’t know. He urged me to drink it, that it was the blood of Jesus Christ, so I drank it.

During my hey days, about seven years ago, I swallowed a charm prepared with bullet, so that no bullet would penetrate my body and as I drank that substance in the dream, the man of God said it was the blood of Jesus Christ. The following morning, I started having stomach ache and when I visited the restroom, what I defecated was just the same charm I swallowed years ago. After that, I became so weak that I could not move out to any place that day and that marked the beginning of my repentance and I am still amazed at what God is doing in my life.

My role during the Aguleri-Umuleri war in Anambra

I was the person that made the war to end the way it did. I went to Benghazi, Libya and brought over 10 of my gang members and we fought on the side of the Aguleri people and they won.

Several millions I made

I did practically nothing with all the money I made through armed robbery and hard drug pushing. What I did mainly with the money I made was take cocaine and whatever was left, I didn’t know when it was removed, because you know it’s blood money. As a matter of fact, there was no tangible thing I did with it. At present, I don’t have any kobo on me. I am feeding today by the benevolence of the man of God who owns John 3:16 Ministry. There were days I made over N50million and even the money I was paid to provide security during the burial of Chief Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu just went like that.

Stint with Grail Message and TB Joshua

When I was in China, I lived in Guangzhou as I said earlier and from there a lady took me to Australia. It was while in Australia I came in contact with the Grail Message. There, they gave me their first, second and third books and after reading them, they made me a Cross Bearer and gave me something which I wouldn’t be able to describe and also a bouquet of flowers.

After a while, I did not like what was going on there and I left them. But what baffled me was that after leaving them, that thing they gave me which I was using, disappeared from me and I started having spiritual attacks. It took the harassment I gave their leader with a gun for the attack to stop and that was how that chapter ended.

I am not saying this to drop names, but what I am saying is only the truth. When I came back to Nigeria from Australia, I stayed at the Synagogue Church of All Nations, Ikotun Egbe where I lived with Temitope Balogun Joshua (TB Joshua) for eight months but I could not understand the thing going on there and I had to leave.

Anini, Osunbor, Osisikankwu and I

What three of the bandits you mentioned put together did, could not equal a quarter of my exploits. They were local criminals. In fact, they were pickpockets compared to me. If I had operated at their level, nobody would have caught me , not to talk of killing me. I am not boasting about it, I was an international armed robber, a die-hard criminal. I needed at least N10 million every week to take care of my lifestyle including drugs.

Let me inform the world through this medium because I know that The Sun is read all over the globe, that I was spending over N10 million on cocaine alone every week. I talk about pure cocaine not the type sold in Nigeria. So in a month, I was spending over N40 million on the substance alone and I had to support it with Moet to be able to give me what I wanted. So, whenever I looked at my reserve and it was in the neighborhood of N10 million, that meant I had no money and I would plan for another robbery operation.

I am telling you all these things for you to know that the people you mentioned were small boys and at the same time, cowards, particularly Osisikankwu. He was arrested and killed like a fowl.

Look let me tell you, again, I’m not trying to boast, I spent over N10 million in preparing one of the charms that aided me during my operations, which made it impossible for me to be caught. Otherwise I could have been killed in South Africa after robbing a bank. The charm was prepared for me by a native doctor who cut off one of his hands and gave to the deity he served in return for the efficacy of his charms. The over N10 million I paid for this charm was not spent by the native doctor. He tore all the currency notes into shreds on top of his shrine and all vanished thereafter.

This was different from the charm the native doctor a politician took me to made for me. That one alerted me of dangers ahead and helped me in knowing the safes in banks that contained which currency and I went for them immediately we broke into a bank.

So I don’t know on what basis you are trying to compare me with the men you mentioned. Is it in the mode of operation where in the over 13 years I engaged in high-wire armed robbery round the globe, I have mentioned the countries to you?.

Work as political thug

My confession will not be complete without this aspect. I worked for many politicians as a thug. What they normally did was that if there was any of their opponents who was giving them hard times, they asked me to bring my gang and deal with that person and we did the job after which we were paid.

The irony of the life I lived in the past was that despite all the money I violently robbed people and institutions of and the lives I wasted in the process, I had no single property of my own nor any amount in the bank and to cap it all, I am not married. Of course, there was no way I could have married because of the charms I had on me which couldn’t allow me to live with any woman. Initially, it was very difficult for me to embrace the word of God because of the level of my criminality. But when I came to know about Isaiah 1:18 where God Himself said, “Come now, let us reason together. Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow” It was then I came to realize that God can do whatever He likes in anybody’s life. This, in fact made me to come closer to Him. I was afraid initially like I said earlier because of the type of crimes I had committed. While I am using Psalm 51 to beg God for forgiveness, I am equally begging my fellow human beings to forgive me for I know by the grace of God, I will never go near my old life style again.
Re: Confessions Of Global Robber by Nobody: 5:14pm On Aug 04, 2013
And HE says "welcome home son"
Re: Confessions Of Global Robber by PastorOluT(m): 6:02pm On Aug 04, 2013
God is still in the business of saving the lost n condemned.
Re: Confessions Of Global Robber by MightyFortress: 5:10pm On Oct 07, 2013
Na wa oh!

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