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Starting Mcdonalds In Nigeria by layi(m): 1:59pm On Jun 17, 2006
I've been thinking about having a McDonalds Franchise in Nigeria. I know its going to be a hit business. I already talked with Mcdonalds and was told i'll need 475,000$ minimum investment (including $45,000 franchise fees and 9months training for staff).
I really don't have that much cash now but would be open to partnerships and ideas. The only problem i have wit the franchise agreement is that one is allowed to operate from only 1 location, doesnt sound good to me.

Lets bring Mcdonalds to Nigeria. Its a Big Brand. What d'ya think?

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Re: Starting Mcdonalds In Nigeria by aloib(f): 2:33pm On Jun 17, 2006
mc donalds, nothn special bout them, their foods suck, lol, get some asian restaurants instead
Re: Starting Mcdonalds In Nigeria by socool1(f): 2:42pm On Jun 17, 2006
they have mr biggs , tanterlizer, when i go to nigeria i die for those snacks, not Mcdonalds, ewwww, its nasty

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Re: Starting Mcdonalds In Nigeria by aloib(f): 2:45pm On Jun 17, 2006
exactly, i hardly go there, the food sucks, lol naijas might like it who knows
Re: Starting Mcdonalds In Nigeria by Hotstepper(f): 3:06pm On Jun 17, 2006
it won't sell, I personaldn't like Mcdonlad and people in Nigeria won't fancy it cuz they gat mr biigs etc and no like they go dere and eat like ppl over here, more like snacks dat they go and buy and inside those fast food, they have african resturant where ppl r alwayz packed tongue think about sumthing else to do
Re: Starting Mcdonalds In Nigeria by Constantin: 4:27pm On Jun 17, 2006
I am soooo happy that someone touches this interesting topic. Mc Donald´s in Nigeria would be ' DA BOMB smiley grin

THE WORLD OVER PEOPLE ARE MC DONALD CRAZY cool and wherever you go to in India, Latin America, Eastern Europe, all Asian and Arab countries, South Africa EVERYWHERE THERE IS A MC DONALD



Read and talk to the expats and most Nigerians (who have travelled), tell them what the miss most: they all say a good AND JUICY Burger

I am fed up with Nigeria having only open unhygenic sewers, dirty roads, stinky open air markets, messy "moi moi" shops and half empty UTC or Kingsway stores where marketing methods are not even in its infancy.

Nigeria needs to open up to the world, even most of the Asian I know here in the UK laugh at us when i tell them that there are no franchise stores in Naija.

Layi, it is a good idea, but also think of KFC or Burger King or just Subway. They have Subways in Zambia, Tnazania and Kenya and South africa, of course! smiley


Re: Starting Mcdonalds In Nigeria by aloib(f): 4:34pm On Jun 17, 2006
mc donalds, yuk, kfc is ok, dunking doughnuts. yummy, the doughnuts are naija suck
Re: Starting Mcdonalds In Nigeria by Badman888(m): 4:43pm On Jun 17, 2006
it wont sell at all, people might rush at 1st but am sure their sales would really drop. yuck embarassed and the food sucks bad
Re: Starting Mcdonalds In Nigeria by praetor(f): 6:48pm On Jun 17, 2006
Hi everyone,

Just joined although have been reading posts on this site for a while. v. funny!

I don't think a Mcdonalds in Nigeria will work. All they sell are hamburgers, fries and coke, not enough for the average nigerian for lunch! no variety, you'd get sck of munching hamburgers everyday very quickly. Give me tantalizers any time!

Re: Starting Mcdonalds In Nigeria by kazey(m): 10:42pm On Jun 17, 2006
MCD do have additional products that they innovate according to the local market, and the frachise model is proven to be 99% successful in every market.

The question is , do Nigerians like an American Lifestyle? If yes, then bring in something like Pizza Hut, or Dominos, not MCD!!

Besides as a starter, in a new country, what they would give you is a master franchise, and it cost more than a million USD, minus equipment shipment etc, so Its not that cheap as stated.


Re: Starting Mcdonalds In Nigeria by Constantin: 10:48pm On Jun 17, 2006
For tantalizers visit their website:

, :::it is good that Nigeria has local fast food (the case for Asian and arab countrie, too) but in order to be positioned globally THERE HAS TO BE A MAC DONALD´S OR BURGER KING OR KFC

people laugh at you whe you tell them that there is no Mc Donald in your country,

Moreover, in India Mc Donals also offers Indian Burgers and dishes and they already opened their [b]500 th outlet [/b]there within 6 years of existence (Mc Donald´s in India is different from Mc Donal´s in USA)
Re: Starting Mcdonalds In Nigeria by kazey(m): 10:55pm On Jun 17, 2006

Moreover, in India Mc Donals also offers Indian Burgers and dishes and they already opened their [b]500 th outlet [/b]there within 6 years of existence (Mc Donald´s in India is different from Mc Donal´s in USA)

Exactly what I am trying to say.
Re: Starting Mcdonalds In Nigeria by Shagari2(m): 12:05am On Jun 18, 2006
It will be a hit in Nigeria no doubt cos they love anything from the west, but look how much the west are suffring from such junk food, obesity, hypertension, diabetes the list goes on, so I say please save Nigerians from the junk that is MacDonalds we've got enough problems as it is
Re: Starting Mcdonalds In Nigeria by Eastcoast(f): 1:27am On Jun 18, 2006
itz always funny the way nigerians talk about micky dee. There is nothing special about them and we don't need them. We already have enough problems in our country and don't need to add all the health hazards associated with micky dee to our already struggling citizens.
Re: Starting Mcdonalds In Nigeria by Rhodalyn(f): 1:36am On Jun 18, 2006
Funny Stuff! grin grin grin!
Re: Starting Mcdonalds In Nigeria by T2(m): 3:24am On Jun 18, 2006
I think it will sell o, I personally got tired of McDonalds (actually not tired, hate it)after moving from naija, but before b4 I moved, I always used to look forward to a big mac anytime I traveled out.

Once I was in France and dis chap I was with wanted to have an idea how expensive naija was, so he simply asked, "how much is a big mac in nigeria?" Uhmmmmm I went,

Its a global brand, it will help us.

Why will it sell?
1) Its McDonalds
2)we are Nigerians pop. 100m (Lagos pop. 15million)
3)It will be a "status" thing (at least for a while, u have to blindly believe me on this one) "Bros, u don take ya babe go makidonaldi"?
4) You can be creative with your menu, throw in a lil chicken hia n dia (Hey why not KFC as we like fowl for Africa?)

my own yarn

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Re: Starting Mcdonalds In Nigeria by Piddo(m): 7:07am On Jun 18, 2006
Personally I am not a big fan of McDonalds but I must say its a fortune 500 brand which makes it a great investment anyday. I know how Nigerians like to associate with the "happening" brands and styles of the western world and that is the major selling point. Take Shoprite for example, its the nicest looking "mall" in Nigeria and arguably the best but not by a long shot one of the cheapest. Yet Nigerians troop to the place.

I personally made contact with Mcdonalds on the issue of a franchise but the response I got was quite different from what you posted. Being a very proud brand, they required a capital base of no less than $5m to start in Nigeria. They confessed to being sceptical about business in Nigeria owing to the huge cost of doing business i.e. PHCN, Customs, etc (the whole world knows you see). Besides, they will feel safe dealing with one reliable multi-franchise owner for the region. Regardless though if anyone was able to come up with that number$$$$$, trust Nigerians to make it their number one fast food joint for some time to come.
Re: Starting Mcdonalds In Nigeria by Bibi(m): 7:40am On Jun 18, 2006
Im sure Mc Donalds will be an instant hit, temporarily, just for the name, not that they will offer something different.

Obviously, bringing Mc Donals in as Franchise by individual is very costly and Im not sure even with the long term return given the very successful local chain, providing the typical menu Nigerians want as opposed to Burgers and Chips.

I think the best bet, if Mc Donals wants to come to nigeria is a partnership Franchise with one of the existing local chains.
Re: Starting Mcdonalds In Nigeria by LOVE4(f): 7:47am On Jun 18, 2006
McDonalds in Nigeria would probablly sell for a moment,just because of the name tagged to it but not on a long term basis there already numerous fast food joints,like it's been said try this asian food chain thing,could be much better in the aspect of a good investment for you and McDonald foods dont really taste too good,it gets real tiring too after eating it for a while lipsrsealed,just my own opinion.
Re: Starting Mcdonalds In Nigeria by Rhodalyn(f): 8:25am On Jun 18, 2006
Talk Of high expectations!"! grin grin grin
Re: Starting Mcdonalds In Nigeria by exu(m): 9:01am On Jun 18, 2006
We don't need Mcdonald's in Nigeria.

If you're really interested in business look into something that will actually benefit Nigerian society, like medical supplies.

Anything but Mcdonald's, please.
Re: Starting Mcdonalds In Nigeria by Constantin: 11:34am On Jun 18, 2006
Also look at other brands like KFC or Burger King or Pizza Hut

, and I repeat it: MC DONALDS THE WORLD OVER IS DIFFERENT. THEY ADD LOCAL AND REGIONAL "FLAVOURS" TO THEIR MENU, and combined with good branding their restaurants are the hit, Moreover, one can even consider to add low-fat dishes to the menu. Asian people love their local food - and they can very conservative - but Mc Donalds is absolutely everywhere from China to Japan, from Thailand to Malaysia, from Indonesia to the Philiipines, from Pakistan to Vietnam ,from South Korea to India and from Hong Kong to Taiwan.

I feel ashamed that Nigeria is again left out in the retail race for global brands, and I was even confronted with the same question (like "T2" on the forum said) here in the UK when people asked me: "by the way, how much is a big mac in nigeria?" Uhmmmmm I went,too!
Re: Starting Mcdonalds In Nigeria by otokx(m): 11:50am On Jun 18, 2006
There is nothing fantastic about Mr. Biggs, Tantalizers and the rest expect their Ads. They don't have consistency in their products and some of them like the Mr. Biggs at Uniport Junction is constantly messed up. Nigerians might warm up to McDonalds but with time they will end up in Mama Put.
Re: Starting Mcdonalds In Nigeria by SvS(f): 1:24pm On Jun 18, 2006
dont lik mcdonalds at all.their food aint that gr8, but naijans might lik it
Re: Starting Mcdonalds In Nigeria by Badman888(m): 1:31pm On Jun 18, 2006
in order for macdonalds to sell they would have to prepare dishes that would suit into the society, alot of crap they make i dont see many people enjoying it. But i also wonder who would risk to franchise it in Nigeria, its lots of money.
Re: Starting Mcdonalds In Nigeria by praetor(f): 2:14pm On Jun 18, 2006
With all the money that it would take to start a McD franchise in Nigeria and looking at likely ROI, it would probably be a better idea to start up a Naija version of it and then expand rapidly.

From a franchisor's point of view, you have to pay large % royalty to McD (USA) every month so you can imagine the kind of turnover, and no. of people, you would need to get through those doors every month in order to meet that cost.

If I had $5m, I'd find other forms of investment that would give me excellent return without the obligation of having to pay % every month. There are still opportunities in the Naija food area, we like our food!

Re: Starting Mcdonalds In Nigeria by gidig(m): 4:33pm On Jun 18, 2006
First. I have not eating any of their food so I cant say much about the quality of that but as far as the brand equity is concerned, it is something that |Nigerians-especially the younger generation sold on the pop culture- will like to associate with.However, that will depend entirely on how the people behind the franchise handle it.

There have been strong foreign brands in the QSR sector that came into Naija and packed their bags months after their grand entry.Churchs chicken used o be on broad street but they are almost non existent now.Chicken Licken came from SA and they moved out after some disagreement.Nandos has alos comre in from SA courtesy UAC to service the upsacle sector but they do noy seem to be threatening the Tantalizers,Mr Biggs and TFCs of these country.

The key thing is for anyone interested in bringing this 'rigid' Macdonald ( rigid cos my cousin said somethimng about their terms over a decade ago,when he thought to bring them to Nigeria)into Nigeria is to count the cost very well otherwise the only thing that will be grand about it will be the entrance.

There must be a proper branding progamme that is well integrated into the lifestyles of the people in Naija.You have to really study the eating habits of Nigerians and how much an average person spends on a meal in the succcessful QSR outlets.

I think the fight for the market will be in ways to really make our indigenous food appealing in package and delivery through the Restaurants.McDonald is trying too hard to appeal to everyone and be evrything to everyone;smaller and more focused brands will begin to take it to pieces bits by bits.
Re: Starting Mcdonalds In Nigeria by Constantin: 4:50pm On Jun 18, 2006
Hi Quidig and the rest

, just one single question why are foreign brands having such great success in Asia then to your mind?? I told you that Mc Do opened their 500th outlet there, Starbucks entered, KFC is there, Burger King, Pizza Hut and many other local brands are also there, all is there in Asia

Don´t tell me that Asian people are more liberal! No, Indian people wear almost all Indian dresses and eat Indian food, same for China and Thailand and so on and so forth, but you have glitzy malls, ice-skating rinks, theme parks and fast food joints, too.

it has to be due to bureaucracy and corruption that these things close down so quickly in Naija. Is is true that Churches´s Chicken left Nigeria What a pity tongue cry

How can it be that Nigerians are still stuck in time angry angry sad We sometimes still behave like "bush people". a burger, even it is a Nigerian made one, oooo no not for me, I prefer my food next to the open smelly gutter with tons of nerve-wreaking flies around it because this was/is/will ever be Nigeria"! cry

Everybody likes Western fast food, theme parks, highways and cool malls the world over. Why not Nigerians? Are we aliens undecided
Re: Starting Mcdonalds In Nigeria by nucca(f): 5:26pm On Jun 18, 2006
@ constantin, abeg let us hear word. who will see beta food and opt for mcdonald's. you could as well be canvassing for Nigerians to allow for dumping of toxic waste on them. who needs mcdonalds when there is a variety of fresh 'organic' food around. God i cant wait to descend on amala and smoked fish at Broad street.
Re: Starting Mcdonalds In Nigeria by praetor(f): 6:02pm On Jun 18, 2006
look just because McD, Starbucks is in India doesn't mean we should blindly follow eveything they do!

I think the problem with Nigerians is that everything we see abroad is right and everything we have in Nigeria is "bush".

Any right thinking businessperson can take a business model and adapt it to the local environment. The novelty of McD might work for a while and then it will fail like all the other western franchises that have tried to enter the Nigerian market.

Nigerians are as cosmopolitan as anyone else but yo have to study your environment and ask whether people would be prepared to eat hamburgers as much as you want them to. I still say the answer would be no.


Re: Starting Mcdonalds In Nigeria by SvS(f): 6:06pm On Jun 18, 2006
i personally would rather have indian
Re: Starting Mcdonalds In Nigeria by kazey(m): 6:16pm On Jun 18, 2006
To know how developed a country is, Count how many MCD restaurants they have, and you got your answer smiley

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