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Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 11:06pm On Oct 03, 2014
Yes,i am happy because it is a cool friday night.

I am sorry for not updating this thread due to my busy schedule. I want you guys to check the pics i am going to upload in a bit.
These are real people who have gone the extra mile to achieve those jaw-dropping physique.

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Re: Pristine Muscles by Nobody: 12:16am On Oct 04, 2014
Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 1:43pm On Oct 04, 2014

That is a myth of the highest order.It is not true.
Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 2:10pm On Oct 04, 2014
Good afternoon my people, i hope you were able to work those muscles to FAILURE today. I am going to continue from where i stop as regards the fast twitch muscle fibers.

How then can one train effectively to bring out those fast-twitch muscles?
The answer is simple. Moderately low repetition work-out system is the key to unlock those muscles.
If you have been following this thread one of the muscle-building myth i wrote was "the longer you work out the better" and you have to come to understand that it is not true.
Moderately low reps per set is very favourable for muscular hypertrophy. A set of 18-20 reps of squat can do magic to your quads compared to 30-40 reps because as the reps increases from 20 upward,you are stimulating the slow-twitch muscle fibers which is responsible for endurance.
Low reps(1-6) cannot favour the growth of the fast-twitch muscle fibers because the protein responsible for contraction in a muscle fiber must be exposed to enough stress for the muscles to grow and this cannot be achieved using low-reps.
No wonder those power-lifter hardly look muscular because they do not stimulate the fast-twitch muscle fibers enough, reason being that they engage in 1 max rep using very heavy weights.
Re: Pristine Muscles by Nobody: 8:49pm On Oct 04, 2014

That is a myth of the highest order.It is not true.
Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 9:30pm On Oct 05, 2014
Good evening my people,how was service in church today?Barka da sallah to all my muslim brothers and sisters.

Now i want to discuss a crucial part to an effective muscle-building programme.
Take a wide guess.It is a four letter word and it starts with a D.
The answer is DIET.
Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 9:40pm On Oct 05, 2014
When it comes to packing on slabs of PRISTINE MUSCLES, diet/nutrition becomes a very crucial part of one's overall body-building program. You can decide to "murder" yourself in the gym but if your diet is faulty then you will never achieve the physique of your dreams.
The body relies heavily on nutrients derived from the foods we consume to build up those thick muscular mass.
Although there are many foods that can give rise to PRISTINE MUSCLES but there are some that are so efficient in packing up muscle mass that i termed them "the PM DIET"
Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 9:56pm On Oct 05, 2014
Let me begin with EGG-WHITES, otherwise known as albumen.
There is a reason why every successful bodybuilder in the world incorporates egg whites into their diet. It has what i call the "PRISTINE PROTEIN". Egg whites has a huge ratio of protein to fat which is approximaetly 60:1. Morealso eggwhites has one of the purest forms of protein in the world.
What makes the consumption of egg-whites important in muscle-building is its high biological value. I know you guys are probably wondering what am i saying. What i am saying is that the egg-whites contain large proportion of protein that the body can readily absorb and utilize for the synthesis of proteins and we all know that muscles are basically made/composed of proteins.
Egg-whites also contain some carbs and they are also an excellent source of vitamins and minerals.
Egg-white contain approximaetly 84 percent of protein and approximaetly 8 percent of carbs with zero percent fat.
Damn, this is good.
Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 12:27am On Oct 06, 2014
2. Chicken/turkey
The meat gotten from poultry most especially chicken and turkey is termed as "white meat". This is because the meat appear lighter compared to "red meat" which are meat gotten from cow,goat,sheep,horse,donkey,camel e.t.c.
One cannot pack on slabs of pristine muscles without incorporating chicken or turkey into one's diet. When i mean chicken/turkey, i am talking about their lean cuts of meat without the skin. Reason being that the skin contains high proportion of saturated fat which is bad for our health.
For me i prefer turkey over chicken anyday and anytime due to its high percenrage of protein compared to its percentage of fat.
While Chicken breast contains about 48 percent of protein and 48 percent of fat, turkey contains 73 percent protein and 22 percent fat.
Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 12:48am On Oct 06, 2014
3. Fish
Aside egg-whites, this food remains my favourite source of animal protein. Fish not conly contains protein but they also serve as an excellent source of "good fats" to the body. When i talk about good fats, i am referring to essential fatty acids such as omega-3. Omega-3 is very important for our cardiovascular health. It clears our ateries of dangerous cholesterol.
Cold water fish such as salmon, tuna and sardines are good examples of fish one can consume to pack on slabs of muscle mass but the question of where one can get these fish in the market arises. Well i know tuna and sardines can be found as canned food and are selling in the nigeria markets but i would not advise anyone to consume these canned foods because of the health risk they pose to one's body.
For me, i eat "titus fish" or "kote" because they contain essential/good fats as well as protein. Catfish is also good but should be as much as possible eaten in moderation because of their high concentration of omega-6 fats which is bad for the heart.
Tuna contains approximaetly 88 percent of protein and 6 percent fats while salmon contains 69 percent protein and 27 percent fat. Sardine contain about 47 percent protein and 50 percent fats. The three fishes listed above all contain zero percent carbs.
Fish with high amount of scales are also nutritous but do not contain much omega-3 fats.
Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 12:54am On Oct 06, 2014
Motivate yourself with these pics.

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Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 12:18am On Oct 07, 2014
4. Beans/legumes
This food remains to me one of the cheapest source of protein in Nigeria. Beans is a delicious and highly nutritous source of protein and fibre.
The fiber is essential for maintaining proper regular bowel movement which prevents one from having constipation. Fiber also trigger insulin response and this is very essential for muscle growth because insulin causes the uptake of glucose(blood sugar) to the muscle cells for the formation of glycogen.
I observed that whenever i eat beans my system behaves "funny" so i prefer to eat it in form of "moi moi". I don't eat beans cake popularly called "akara" because of its fried nature.
Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 12:30am On Oct 07, 2014
Lean cuts of red meat are excellent for muscle building due to their rich protein content. They are also rich in iron,zinc as well as thiamine(vitamin B1). Ectomorphs wishing to build PRISTINE MUSCLES are advised to eat lean cuts of red meat because of their high calorie (energy content).
However because red meat possess a high level of saturated fats, they should be consumed in moderation and not on a daily basis. It is advisable to consume red meat maximum of twice in a week.
Examples of red meat are beef(cow meat), goat meat,meat from sheep,ram,horse,donkey,camel.
Bush meat although fall into the red meat class but they are by far more nutritous than the above examples of red meat due to their low content of saturated fat.
I love eating antelope and deer
Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 12:41am On Oct 07, 2014
One cannot build good muscles with protein alone. We also need a good source of slow-burning carbohydrates to fuel and sustain the muscles during intensive training.
Oatmeal, what we know as "quaker oat" in Nigeria,sweet potatoes and brown rice are examplea of low glycemic index carbs.
When one work-out/train, the glycogen in the muscles becomes the main source of fuel and the level starts to deplete and this depletion becomes more pronounced as the intensity and the duration of the training progresses. So to minimize this depletion, it is advisable for one to take pre-workout meal of low glycemic carbs (slow-burning carbs), as they provide a steady source of fuel(glucose) to the muscles during workout sessions.
Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 8:40pm On Oct 07, 2014
How can i forget the most important of them all?

Yes, water, it is very important to a muscle-builder. It will shock you to know that the mass of a muscle is made up of 75 percent water and more than 20 percent protein.
Water serves as a medium for transport of nutrients to one's muscle cells thus making more efficient and effective use of the nutrients that one consumes.
For building a massive physique, one needs to keep one'self in the most anabolic state possible that is why many bodybuilders recommend drinking 10 litres of water a day. Staying hydrated also keeps the muscles looking full.
Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 8:48pm On Oct 07, 2014
When it comes to packing on pounds of muscle, it is generally recommended that one's protein intake be approximaetly 1.0-1.2 grams of protein per pound of body-weight. For example i weigh 87kg that is approximately 191.799 pounds/ibs, so i need to consume between approximately 192 to 230.4 grammes of protein daily.
Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 8:56pm On Oct 07, 2014
Simeon panda
Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 8:59pm On Oct 07, 2014
Simeon panda

Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 9:05pm On Oct 07, 2014
In my next update i will be telling us exercises we can use to build up the different muscles of the body.
Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 8:44pm On Oct 09, 2014
Yes my people i am back and ready to rumble.
I hope you guys trained those PRISTINE MUSCLES to FAILURE today.

I don't know why in this country and in some other climes that i have been to, the arms usually take precedence in a typical work-out programme. Maybe it is because they are the most highly noticeable muscle group. When i am in a social gathering or a public function, the first thing people notice are my arms, they will then ask me question like "wow you've got some huge biceps right there do you work-out?"
So i have decided to start with the exercises that anyone can use to build those massive biceps/"guns".

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Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 9:13pm On Oct 09, 2014
When one aim to build "massive guns" or huge bulging biceps, an important point to note is that lifting heavy must be placed as a priority. Volume(sets and reps) should be done to achieve muscular failure as this will foster muscular hypertrophy.
For me there are four basic exercises that have being proven to be effective in building those big bulging biceps.
Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 10:43pm On Oct 09, 2014

I could still some few years ago when i started training, the first time i saw a barbell loaded with plates, i just knew i needed to do a standing curl with it. Any guy you come across with big bulging biceps, just know one thing, he must have done real good with barbell curls.
Indeed barbell biceps curls can do wonders to those biceps of yours. Most trainees, me inclusive are slightly stronger when lifting a barbell versus a set of dumbbells. When i am doing my barbell biceps curls, i always feel this sort of explosion in my biceps most especially when i am approaching that "sweet painful level". When doing this exercise the primary thing to focus on is that you are not short-circuiting the movement of the barbell most especially during the negative phase of the exercise i.e when you are carrying/lifting the barbell up.

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Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 10:56pm On Oct 09, 2014
I remembered when i first started training my biceps using this work-out programme, i always made a mistake of leaning backwards so as to more or less jerk the weight upwards. But now i know better. When indulging in any work-out programme, it is always very important to assume a good and proper form so that the exercise being done will hit the targeted muscle part which in this case is the biceps.
When doing this exercise always endeavour to straighthen your back with your legs slightly apart, carry the weight using a slightly wide grip in a slow and controlled manner especially during the negative (contraction) phase. This will place a higher intensity deep within the muscle fibers.
Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 10:58pm On Oct 09, 2014
Lee priest's bicep peak

Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 8:06pm On Oct 12, 2014
Good evening peeps, it has been quite a while since i last updated my thread. I am tendering my apology. Okay let us continue with those exercises.
Lest i forget, i hope you guys worked those muscles to failure today.
Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 8:29pm On Oct 12, 2014
The very first time i trained using this work-out programme, the feeling i experienced deep within the belly of my biceps was simply out of this "painful" world. Although i still prefer the barbell biceps curls to this exercise, i discovered that the problems encountered while doing the barbell curls were averted using the incline dumbbell curls. Movement of the back is more or less restricted when training, using the dumbbells curls.
Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 8:52pm On Oct 12, 2014
To get a bench solely for this exercise might be a little bit difficult but if you are desperate enough you could tell a carpenter to make an inclined bench of wood for you.
Take a sit on the incline bench, with your arms hanging down straight. Make sure the dumbbells in both hands are positioned with the palms of both palms facing inwards. With the elbows at the sides, raise one dumbbell and rotate the fore-arm until it(fore-arm) becomes vertical, with the palms facing inward. The weight is then lowered to the original position and repeat with the other arm.
Continue to do this in an alternate style. Another method is the simultaneous system in which the dumbbells are lifted together at once and then returned to the same position.
Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 8:58pm On Oct 12, 2014
Pics showing the work-out programme.
1.The barbell bicep curl
2. The incline dumbbell curl
i and ii
Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 9:01pm On Oct 12, 2014

Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 12:38pm On Oct 24, 2014
I do not know how to begin but i must tell you guys that i am indeed sorry for not updating this thread. No room for excuse. But i am back and better to dish out those vital pieces of information for optimal muscular growth. Hope my fellow body-builders are really working-out those pristine muscles.
Remember today is FLEX YOUR MUSCLE FRIDAY.
Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 12:52pm On Oct 24, 2014
Another very important exercise for the biceps is the CONCENTRATION CURL.
I use to think bicep barbell curls and incline dumbbell curls were the only work-out programmes for the biceps until about 5 years ago when i stumbled upon a body-builder in a gym performing the concentration curls. I look at his biceps and i just knew this exercise was hitting the right "spot".
For me this is my "finishing exercise" for my biceps. I so much love this exercise because it isolates the bicep muscles efficiently, well if done correctly.
With a bench and a dumbbell, you are good to go.
Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 1:24pm On Oct 24, 2014
Concentration curls are performed in a sitting position. The bench to be used must be strong, low(short legs) and comfortable. Your feet must be placed firmly on the floor with the knees spread apart to form a kind of "v" shape with your legs. Always endeavour to sit up straight but you can also lean forward a bit but do not hunch your back and your pectoral(chest) muscles must shoot out.
So with the dumbbell in your right hand, put your elbow on the inner(inside) part of the right thigh then slowly lower the weight(dumbbell) down towards the floor and then squeeze(tense) the biceps to lift the weight back up towards your chest-region and you then lower the weight down to its original position and you keep on repeating this range of motion. When the right biceps begin to "gas-out", you then switch the dumbbell to the left-hand and repeat the same motion of exercise.

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