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Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 2:00pm On Oct 24, 2014
It is very important that when performing this work-out programme, the upper-arm and the shoulder be kept in stationary mode in order to ensure that the biceps solely execute the contraction phase of the exercise. Morealso the dumbbell should not be dropped towards the floor quckly but in a slowly-controlled manner. I once at one time guilty of the afore-mentioned but now i know better. Remember also to avoid taking small rest(breaks) during both phase of the exercise i.e the relaxation(downward)/ contraction(upward) phase as this will decrease the muscle-building benefit of the exercise.
As with any curling exercise , avoid locking the elbows during the relaxation(downward) phase of the exercise in other words the weight but be lifted back up before you need to lock the elbow.
For me i do 4 sets of 20-26 reps for each arm with a 20kg dumbbell. Note: Beginners do not try this ooh, just lift weight you know you can take proper form and posture with it.
Doing 3 sets of 15-18 reps for each arm is okay for a beginner.
Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 2:12pm On Oct 24, 2014
Pictures of
1. Broderick Christopher Cormier(IFBB PRO Bodybuilder)
2. Markus Ruhl( IFBB PRO Bodybuilder)
Both are doing the CONCENTRATION CURLS.
Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 2:15pm On Oct 24, 2014

Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 7:56pm On Oct 26, 2014
Happy sunday to all my people. Hope you guys went for sunday service because without GOD in your life, you are just like a ship at sea without direction.
I tried updating the thread last night but i just could n't . No thanks to the shambolic performance exhibited by my boys in the grand el-clasico. It was simply a one-sided game.
Well tonight i am going to show you pics of guys who have got no joy in packing on slabs of PRISTINE MUSCLES .
I am going to make some gals wet their panties tonight. Guys, i challenge you to take your physique to the next level.
Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 8:16pm On Oct 26, 2014

Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 8:23pm On Oct 26, 2014
Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 9:46pm On Nov 08, 2014
It is being quite a while since i last updated this thread. But i am back and better. I hope you worked those muscles to failure today.
I will be telling you guys about how to build those massive bulging chest muscles. To spot a guy who has got so much love for the "iron" you must definitely see those chiseled pounds of chest muscles shooting through his body-fitting shirt. Moreover the chest (pectoral) muscles shows masculinity and virility and also signifies good genes which a potential partner would n't want to ignore in a hurry.
Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 10:35pm On Nov 08, 2014
Before i proceed, i would like us to know what the chest muscles is about. The chest is composed of two muscle groups, the large pectoralis major and the smaller pectoralis minor underneath. So in other words while the pectoralis major is like a cover with a large surface area while the pectoralis minor is beneath.
The pectoralis major covers the entire chest, from the ribcage to the clavicle(collarbone) and from the chest-bone(sternum) to the armpit. The pectoralis minor is a thin ,flat,triangular muscle that arises from the third,fourth and fifth ribs.
Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 10:39pm On Nov 08, 2014
Check out this pectoral muscle

Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 10:52pm On Nov 08, 2014
Now there are various exercises/work-out programmes to build the chest muscles ranging from the dumbbells flyes to the bench-presses. But the exercises that hit the pec muscles like no man's business and have stood the test of time are as follows.
I. Barbell benchpress
This exercise can be subdivided into 3 categories
A. Incline
B. Decline
C. Flat
2. Dumbbell benchpress
A. Incline
B. Decline
C. Flat
3. Dumbbell flyes.
4. Push-ups
Cable crossover can also build the pectoral muscles but it is machine-oriented while the barbell and dumbbell exercises fall under the free-weight categories.
For me i always use the free-weights most especially the dumbbells because i can do a wide range of motions with those "tools" in my hands.
Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 12:09am On Nov 09, 2014

If you want to build those eye-popping chest muscles and you have never done this work-out then you are sitting on a "keg of gunpowder".
This is a classical exercise for the overall development of the chest muscles most especially the pectoralis major. Whenever i do my chest work-out and i fail to do my benchpress, i feel a vacuum in my chest no matter the number of sets and reps i have done in other exercises.
How do you go about it?
First, get a flat sturdy bench and lie your back on it . Grasp the barbell slightly above the center of your chest. Remember to always push your chest out. Your hands should be slightly wider than arms width with the elbows pointing out to the side. The way you grasp the barbell is also important. For me i grip the bar with my thumbs around the front of the bar. Then contract the chest muscles when lifting the barbell upwards. Make sure you do not fully extend the hands in other words you should not make the elbows unlocked. lower the barbell back to the starting position in a slow,controlled manner without touching the chest.
Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 12:11am On Nov 09, 2014
Pics of DEXTER JACKSON doing a flat barbell benchpress

Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 10:05pm On Dec 24, 2014
I hope you guys have being working that muscles to failure. I challenge you guys to work on your physique/fitness. Make this christmas worthwhile. Don't overindulge in binge eating/drinking.
Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 10:08pm On Dec 24, 2014
Pics of roelly winklaar and paul dillet.

Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 10:15pm On Dec 24, 2014
Do you know the tips neccessary to build lean muscle mass without accumulating unwanted body-fat?
If your answer is no, then you are in the right place
Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 8:24pm On Dec 29, 2014
The best developed quadriceps and calf muscles ever.

Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 8:31pm On Dec 29, 2014
How are you faring during this yuletide season? Hope you are working those muscles to failure.
Like i promised before about droping those vital tips for building lean muscle mass. Here we go.
Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 8:58pm On Dec 29, 2014
When i talk about lean muscle mass, i mean muscle mass with very little accompanying body- fats.

1. Lifts weights
Yeah, you heard me right. You cannot escape it. You must undergo strategic strength-training. 3-4 days per week will do just fine.

2. Nutrition/diet
This is very integral in building lean muscle-mass. For anyone to be successful in muscle-building,he/she must be very conscious of what goes into the body. You can eat junks and expect a "miracle" even if you train like a beast. PROTEIN and CARBOHYDRATES should form the basis of your diet. Good sources of protein include legumes/beans, egg-whites, cold-water fish,lean beef,chicken/turkey breast,snail-meat,cray-fish,prawns,lobsters,crabs,bush-meat e.t.c
Good sources of carbohydrates include brown-rice, wild(ofada) rice, sweet-potatoes,yam,oat-meal e.t.c.
Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 9:12pm On Dec 29, 2014
3. Avoid heaping your plate when you want to eat
Instead of eating the normal three square meals, you can spread the meals out into smaller portions so as to avoid the accumulation of body-fats alongside the muscles. When you see those bouncers at the clubs they are muscular but heavy-laden with body-fats because of this "sin". They eat like beasts and so end up bloated even though they train vigorously.
Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 9:18pm On Dec 29, 2014
Rest in peace NASSER EL SONBATY embarassed

Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 9:33pm On Dec 29, 2014
4. Cardio-vascular exercises.
This is as important as strength-training when it comes to muscle-building. Cardios target the heart muscles as well as the arteries. As you know the muscles are highly active tissues and as such need a rich supply of blood containing oxygen and glucose. Cardios such as brisk-walking and sprints lasting 13-15 mins can be incorporated into your exercise regimen. Never do marathon or long hours of aerobics as these are counter-productive. They can break down the muscle-mass.
Re: Pristine Muscles by REB3L(m): 9:54pm On Dec 29, 2014
Enough of my life history.
Although doing thousands and thousands will give you tight abdominal muscles they will do nothing to remove that layer of abdominal fat covering the muscles.
For the abs to become visible, the fat must give way.So in my case i was developing my abdominal muscles but they were not visible because of those stubborn layer of bodyfat covering the abs.
For one to get rid of those bodyfat(abdominal-fat), there must be a reduction in body-weight. This is achieved by a reduction in one's daily energy intake. Now what do i mean by this. You must burn/expend more calories than you ingest. In other words you must be physically active. A three square meal could be spread out into six/seven small meals so that the body gets its required nutrients from a meal at a time without accumulating fat unlike when one eats a large plate filled with rice and meat. The body would simply store the excess as fat.
Never forget to incorporate proteins and fibres(vegetables) into your meals because they fill up the stomach pretty well without making you to fill hungry for a considerable amount of time
Can you give me a link to download a book about fitness and bodybuilding?
Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 10:48pm On Dec 29, 2014

Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 10:57pm On Dec 29, 2014

Can you give me a link to download a book about fitness and bodybuilding?
We are in the information era, anything you are searching for you will definitely find on the internet.
Google will be your best bet.
Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 6:40pm On Jan 04, 2015
It is always the dream of every man to be muscular and well ripped but very few are willing to take the hard and long path to actualise this dream. You can still rekindle the fire. This is a new year and you can make it happen.
Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 6:43pm On Jan 04, 2015

Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 7:42pm On Jan 05, 2015
The transformation.
Just in 8 weeks, this man transformed his physique. Although, he has got good genetics but one cannot neglect the fact he worked his socks off to become "LEAN" and "MEAN".


Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 7:53pm On Jan 05, 2015
Nothing turns a man more than to see a lady with her well toned body spotting a flat tummy. I am tired of seeing ladies with "DRUM BELLY" .For the female folks,inspire yourself with these pics.

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Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 8:37pm On Jan 13, 2015
Hello my peeps. How was your day? Hope you bursted those muscles today.

To those of you that think age can stand as a barrier to the achievement of that jaw dropping physique, i believe you guys should have a rethink when you see this man.
This man is 54 years old and goes by the name Scott fuller. This man is really looking really "mean and lean" in this pics.

Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 8:51pm On Jan 13, 2015
Kai greene: The second man on the planet with a very risky muscular frame. This is a muscular monster. He came second in Mr. Olympia 2014. Though he came from a rough background but the zeal to suceed made him dive into the body-building world and today he is a pro body-builder in a class of his own.

Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 9:25pm On Jan 13, 2015
If you think that it is only males that can pack on slabs of muscles, then i am going to shock you with this pics. These women are something else.
IRIS KYLE: Ten times winner of the Ms Olympia.

Re: Pristine Muscles by PRISTINEMUSCLES: 10:19pm On Jan 23, 2015
Hello, it's being quite awhile and i hope you guys are really giving your muscles those "pumps" it needs.
Motivate yourselves with this pics. grin

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