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The Lebanon-israel Conflict by coolstuff4real(m): 9:20am On Aug 01, 2006
Over the past several days, I have received many telephone calls and e-mails, asking us to make a statement or give our opinion on the recent conflict occurring between the Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Israeli military.

Let’s Go Back

To understand the roots of this conflict, one must go back several years. The country of Lebanon was known as one of the most beautiful nations in the entire Middle East. For years it was considered a moderate nation, especially toward the Jews, in the same manner the nation of Jordan has been toward Israel. Lebanon at one time had a very large Christian population—in fact, one of the largest Christian populations in the Middle East.

When the radical Islamic cleric, the Ayatollah Khomeini, seized power from the Shah of Iran in 1979, the entire atmosphere of the Middle East began changing slowly. Prior to this, most of the Islamic nations were pro-Western, and many Jews lived in them. These countries included Lebanon, Iraq and, believe it or not, Iran. After the formation of Israel, many Jews returned to their homeland from the surrounding Arab and Muslims nation.

The 1979 change in Iran brought about a radical Islamic form of government that began to spread a hatred for the West and for Israel. During this time, Iranian students seized the American Embassy for 444 days, humiliating President Jimmy Carter and the America military, whose attempted rescue operation failed in the desert. This humiliation only provided fuel to the fanatics who felt they had humbled the world’s superpower.

From that moment, Iran began to form strong times with Russia and China. While these ties were originally tied to the oil and gas industry, it became clear that Russia was supplying Iran with weapons to help bring a “balance of power” to the Middle East.

At the same time, the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) began to use terror tactic to gain media attention to what they considered the plight of the Palestinian people living in refugee camps in Gaza and the West Bank of Israel. Eventually, the PLO became a major terrorist organization, operating out of its headquarters in Syria and Lebanon. At the same time, Iran began to raise up it own terror units—units that are known today as Hezbollah.

In the Gaza Strip, on the border of Egypt and Israel, the Hamas formed still another group of fanatics who have been involved in terrorizing the Jews for several years.

Because they are mostly Shiite Muslims, the Hezbollah receives its financial support through Iran. Shiites comprise 98 percent of the population of Iran. The Hamas receives its support through Syria, which has a stronger Sunni population. Therefore, Syria and Iran have been the leading supporters of terrorism inside Israel.

Those caught in the middle are the average Palestinian people. Although they often work hard on the farms, and even work inside Israel, they are threatened by Hamas if they co-operate with Israel in any manner. Many have told me personally that they hated the corruption of the PLO and the elected Hamas, a party that claimed they would “clean up things.” Instead, Hamas has only brought more trouble by their actions.

In Lebanon, the Sunni Muslim Lebanese Army will not confront the Hezbollah because they are not strong enough. If they did, the Hezbollah would turn on the army and a civil war would ensue.

The Destruction of Damascus

The Bible has predicted the utter destruction of Damascus as a city, saying that it will be in ruins (Isaiah 17:1, 2). Although ignored by the American Press, the news is now known that most of Saddam’s weapons went to Syria before the war. It has been suggested that there are over 10,000 terrorists in Damascus.

If these terrorists get VX nerve gas or some other deadly agent, and send it into Israel in missiles, causing massive deaths, be assured that Israel will strike Damascus with a weapon that would wipe out the city.

The Jewish were slaughtered like cattle in the gas chambers of Nazi Germany over 60 years ago; Israel’s military leaders will not allow their people to be killed by deadly gas again!

As for Iran ( Persia), they will, in the future, plan an attack against Israel, along with a large Islamic coalition of nations (Ezekiel 38, 39). Called the Battle of Gog and Magog, this will be the biggest and most deadly battle in Israel’s history. The Upper Golan Heights ( Bashan) will become so polluted that men will not enter the area for seven months. Yet, Israel will come out of the battle having destroyed all but a sixth of the enemies’ armies.

Iran and Syria need to know that the Almighty has already determined their final outcome. Your doom is sealed when you come against the nation of Israel. Radical Muslims and Arabs living inside Israel must realize that God, not man, has sent and is sending the Jews back to their homeland. After all of these years, they are not going to leave, be pushed out or destroyed. They are there to stay.

The best solution is for Arabs and Jews to learn to get along and work together as good cousins should. Remember, no one is born to hate. Hate is taught and inbred. I am praying for God to miraculously intervene at this time. Many good Christians and moderate Muslims live in Lebanon. I hate for innocent people to lose their homes, their possessions and their children.

Until the terrorists are disarmed or removed from power, however, Israel will have to deal with them with an iron fist. Hopefully, some stability will resume. However, the predictions and prophecies concerning Gaza and Damascus will one day be fulfilled. This may come sooner than we think!
Re: The Lebanon-israel Conflict by Viper(m): 11:17am On Aug 01, 2006
Coolstuff nice post.
I will contact you soon about something, just keep your email in your profile cool
Re: The Lebanon-israel Conflict by Nobody: 10:04pm On Aug 01, 2006
go to this forum isreal vs lebanon it is under politics there are answers to ur thread
Re: The Lebanon-israel Conflict by BrownEyes4(f): 10:20pm On Aug 01, 2006
You forget that the Jews of today are not the descendants of the Israelites. (Rev. 2:9). Most of the Jews are descended from the Khazars who converted to Judaism during the middle ages.

The real Israelites/ Hebrews/ Jews are scattered all over the world getting on with life while its the fake Jews that are quick to jump up and claim land that is not theirs and an inheritance that certainly does not belong to them.
Re: The Lebanon-israel Conflict by TayoD(m): 10:46pm On Aug 01, 2006
@Brown-eyes I love that name),

That is a wrong use of that scripture in Revelation 2:9. And for what you have to say about the Khazars, here is what the Wikipedia has to say about them:

The Khazars (Heb. sing. "Kuzari" כוזרי plur. "Kuzarim" כוזרים; Arab. خزر; Turk. sing. "Hazar" plur. Hazarlar; Greek Χαζάροι; Russ. Хазары; Tat. sing Xäzär plur. Xäzärlär; Crimean Tatar: sing. Hazar, plur. Hazarlar Persian خزر; Latin "Gazari" or "Cosri"wink were a semi-nomadic Turkic people from Central Asia, many of whom converted to Judaism. The name 'Khazar' seems to be tied to a Turkic verb form meaning "wandering" ('gezer' in modern Turkish). In the 7th century CE they founded an independent Khaganate in the Northern Caucasus along the Caspian Sea, where over time Judaism became the state religion. At their height, they and their tributaries controlled much of what is today southern Russia, western Kazakhstan, eastern Ukraine, large portions of the Caucasus (including Dagestan, Azerbaijan, and Georgia), and the Crimea.

The Khazars were important allies of the Byzantine Empire against the Sassanid empire, and were a major regional power at their height. They fought a series of successful wars against the Arab Caliphates, probably preventing an Arab invasion of Eastern Europe. By the end of the tenth century, their power was broken by the Kievan Rus, and the Khazars largely disappeared from history. The theoretical Khazar contribution to the bloodline of modern Ashkenazi Jews proposed by some historians is politically sensitive. Current genetic studies show that Jewish Y-Chromosome DNA seems to have originated in Middle Eastern populations, whereas studies which take into account Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) show no relation to middle eastern ethnic groups. [1] So although Khazars might have been absorbed into the Jewish population it is unlikely that they formed a large percentage of the ancestors of modern Ashkenazim.
Re: The Lebanon-israel Conflict by BrownEyes4(f): 12:21pm On Aug 02, 2006
@ TayoD

wink And my name is loving you back

With regards to Wikipedia, that is not an established source for facts.

Remember there are two types of jews. Shephardim the darker skinned with the frizzy hair and thick lips and Ashkenazim the ones that look like caucasians. it is the Shephardim who have more reasons to claim Israelite heritage than the Ashkenazim and as a result of this were the ones who were mostly killed off during the 2nd world war - ethnic cleansing. Hitler himself also noted they were racially stronger than europeans hence one of his reasons for getting them
out of Europe.

it is these jews that have close links with the Ethiopean Jews who along with several other cultures in Africa are closely related to the original Israelites than the Ashkenazim and it has now been scientifically established that the man they call Jesus looked more like the Shephardim as opposed to the Ashkenazim he has been made out to be.

It is these Ashkenazim jews that run the world through the United States and ofcourse they are able to determine how politics should be run. To my knowledge anyone who brings a book that has not been authenticated claiming that their God promised them land would not be taken seriously yet somehow these jews managed to do just that.

It is most likely most of the Arabs, result of unions between Africans and asians have more of a substantial claim to the middle eastern lands than the Jews of today.
Re: The Lebanon-israel Conflict by seyenko(m): 1:33pm On Jun 25, 2009
Arabs and Israelis will never be at peace, they never will. The conflict in the middle east is divinely ordained. Why do i say so? lets look at it this way. Abram had an illegitimate first born from Haga - Ishmael but his legally recognized heir is Issac from Sarah. The conflict is a very natural conflict even in todays world. Imagine a man having his first born male child from a concubine and his second male son from his legitimate wife. How will his inheritance be shared? Bloody i believe, though Christians and Jews quickly claim ' Abraham's blessings are mine' . Does it exclude his illegitimate first born , first male child? - the Arabs. Will you as a person give up your inheritance because your Dad had an affair? Remember you were not born because you want to. Do you get my point.
So why did God allow a child from the slave woman - Haga and another from Sarah must later? He is the only one that can explain himself.
Why is it that after 12000 years BC, 2009 years AD the struggle is still there? It is because the Arabs will not accept to be disinherited and the Jews do not want to share the inheritance. So who wins? Nobody! When God blessed Abraham he did not say i bless your legitimate heirs but your children and you. The struggle continues.

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