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Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by Samileey(m): 9:35pm On May 17, 2015
Hmm.... D man go get sense afta 5 year when chief don marry him wife
Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by HDoc(m): 6:48pm On May 18, 2015
Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by Clarakings(f): 11:16pm On May 19, 2015
The downpour had subsided and yet Dera and Peter were nowhere to be found. We had combed every nook and cranny in the neighborhood in vain.
"De..ra.., De..ra" mother called again but there was no response.
Exhausted, mother sat on a tree trunk and held her head with both hands. The cold sent traces of chill to my spine and I shivered. The thin fabric of my dress plastered on my skin making the goose pimples very obvious and I shivered again. Mother seemed to notice and stood up without uttering a word and headed home. I followed suit while hugging myself tightly to gain a little warmth. Mother walked for a while and then stopped.
"Where else could they be?" Mother asked turning to face me.
"I don't know" I said a little bit confused. Was she expecting me to say yes? I thought to myself or was she expecting me to see beyond the physical like our Pastor used to say when we were churchgoers. Church was quite interesting because of the funny bible stories our sunday school teacher told us. I remembered the story she said about Jesus Christ, the son of God feeding five thousand people with fives loaves of bread and two fishes. Unbelievable! I had wondered how on earth he could have done that if not by magic except if he possesses some supernatural powers just as pastor said. I had loved that story hoping that I will understand better when I grow up. But all that hope had not materialized and I wondered if it will ever cease to be a mirage. Mother had stopped attending church after my sixth birthday lamenting that going to church had not helped her condition. All that the pastor had prayed for her, God had refused to answer. Her financial burden had grown from worse to worst and she decided to save herself from the stress of having to source for offering money for sundays. Every attempt the women group made to convince her to return to church proved abortive as mother stubbornly refused. She had resigned to fate as a cross she must carry for the rest of her life. Since then, attending church services had become history in my house. Father had never cared much about God and so wasn't bothered that mother had stopped being a churchgoer.
"Nene can't you hear me" I snapped out of my reverie.
"Hold the umbrella while I ease my self" she handed the umbrella to me and I waited for her to answer to mother nature.
"I just hope your brothers are safe wherever they are" mother said opening the gate to our compound. I ran into the bathroom to take off my clothes for fear of catching cold. I had barely finished spreading the clothes on the line when I heard Peter's voice shouting out of excitement of seeing mother. I heaved a sigh of relief.
"Wasted effort" I hissed as I rinsed my feet thoroughly.
Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by Clarakings(f): 11:17pm On May 19, 2015
Hmm.... D man go get sense afta 5 year when chief don marry him wife
As in ehh

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Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by HDoc(m): 8:52am On May 20, 2015
more updates pls
Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by Ashiat39(f): 2:58pm On May 20, 2015
Hmmm... Thank God, I'm also relieved. Thank u 4 d updat
Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by Clarakings(f): 9:14am On Jun 03, 2015
Sincere apologies to my faithful followers . Have not been around 4 a yl. But I am back n better and will be right here just 4 u.


Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by Clarakings(f): 4:35pm On Jun 03, 2015
"Cleanliness is next to godliness. Ensure you clean your surroundings thoroughly to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in your locality" the teacher's voice rang out in the health education class. The voice was lost in my consciousness as I felt the pressing need to use the toilet for the third time in four hours. I considered going home as the weakness that had resulted from the dysentry enveloped my whole being.
"Nene are you here with us?" The teacher asked having noted my absent mindedness and the beads of sweat that was slowly dripping from my forehead.
"No aunty..yes aunty..." I stuttered looking for he right words to explain my situation.
"Are u alright?" the teacher queried confused by my answer.
"I am not feeling too well. I think am having dysentry. I need to go home"
I heard some laughter behind me but finding out who was mocking me wasn't important at that point so I concentrated on taking permission.
"You can go home" I heard my teacher finally say.
I quickly grabbed my bag and made for school's toilet. The speed at which my system was demanding for release seems to ease a little when the top of the pit toilet appeared messed up. I sought for the bushes that lined the path to my house. By the time I was done, I had begun to feel weaker owing to the dysentry. I slowly walked home praying that my strength would able to carry me home. I pushed the gate open and was shocked to see mother and Chief Lambert all loved up in an embrace in front of our room. The two disengaged immediately they saw me.
"I will be on my way, I thought I should check how you people are faring" Chief Lambert said rummaging in his pocket for his car keys.
I glanced at mother and the guilty look I saw on her told me that there is more to his visit than they were making to understand.
"Good afternoon Sir,good afternoon mother" I greeted them to break the awkward silence.
"School is not over yet, what happened?" Mother asked with a note of uneasiness.
"I am having dysentry" I said looking at Chief Lambert who does not seem in a hurry anymore.
"I should take you to hospital then" he volunteered
expecting mother to approve. Mother hesitated for a a while and then answered.
"Don't worry, I will take care of her. I have giot some medication at home.
"In that case I will be leaving, take care of her" he dangled his keys one time and left.
Mother gave me some tablets she claimed would do wonders and proceeded to prepare home-made drip for me. As I sipped the drip I wondered why Chief Lambert held mother that way and how come he didn't park his car near the house like he does in previous visits.
"Only time will tell" I thought to myself and sipped the remnants of the drip.
Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by jayebros01(m): 1:59pm On Jun 04, 2015
Nice one dear..... More grease to your elbow

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Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by damiperry(f): 3:10pm On Jun 04, 2015
I feel sori for nene
enjoyin every bit of d story...nice one clarakings

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Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by Clarakings(f): 10:52pm On Jun 04, 2015
I tried one more time to tackle my homework but without success. Mathematics hadn't been one of my best subjects and so I closed my book in frustration. Mother made it clear the last time that she had forgotten the formula for principal interest and highest common factor and I decided to go and meet Udozie to put me through.
"Mother I want to go and meet Udozie for my homework"
She nodded and continued folding her wrapper, a happy glow dancing on her face. Mother had been more accommodating and tolerant these days. The gloomy face she usually wore following father's imprisonment had faded out. Whatever it is that is making her feel that way is indeed a good news.
I entered Udozie's compound and precious, Udozie's brother informed me that he is with the mother at the shop. I turned into the road that lead to the shop only to look into uncle Mathew's face. I looked away when I remembered how he gloated over father's predicament.
"Nene how are you?" Whoever told him my name.
"Fine" I mumbled and continued on my way.
"Not so fast, come."
I stopped in my stride but made no effort to look his way.
"How is your mother"
"Is she at home"
"I don't know"
"Thought you were coming from home"
"No" I answered getting impatient.
He pretended not to notice.
"Is that your book, let me take a look"
I didn't make a move.
"You know mathematics was my best subject in my school days" he continued stretching his hand to collect my book.
"Thank you but am not interested". I said to him and continued on my way.
He seemed to stare at me for a while and then headed towards the village square because I felt his eyes all over me.
I ran as far as my leg would carry before I stopped to rest.
" This man has no conscience" I thought to myself as his mocking face in the courtroom flashed through my mind.
Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by Clarakings(f): 11:54pm On Jun 09, 2015
"You really have no shame" I heard my mother say as I drew very close to the house.
"Where is your sense of judgement? You had the gut to stroll in here to say these trash to me". Mother screamed totally oblivious of the way her voice rang out. Traces of anger ladened her voice and I wondered at whom she could be speaking to in such a manner.
"What kind of person are you?" Still no response from the other end. I nudged the gate open a little to see the recipient of mother's anger but it appeared was at the other side of the compound. I closed the gate gently before my sin would find me out.
"You shouldn't be here, I am a married woman" And then he responded
"I never thought that would be a problem. After all you never considered your status when you opened your doors to Chief Lambert"
"And what do you mean by that?" Mother's voice lowered this time.
"Oh you think that I am as blind as your husband. I saw the way he stared at you in the court, how his eyes followed every of your movement. And you have responded by letting him visit you occasionally".
"Is that what you think?"
"That is not what I think, it is what I know. You have been having an affair with Chief Lambert. Dare to deny it?"
I waited for mother to say something, I wanted her to deny that allegation but instead she kept quite giving room for me to believe what has just been said.
"What has pained me is not that you have decided to look elsewhere apart from your husband but why Chief Lambert of all persons? Isioma, I have loved you all my life and yet you can't see that I am dying to have you. I had thought that you will consider me after your husbands imprisonment but you...."
"God forbid!" Mother spat out
"So these has been your intention?" she continued.
"I didn't plan the incident remember. Nature played its course in my favor".
"And you became the lead actor. You have over-stayed your welcome Mathew. Please leave my house"
"Don't be in a hurry to ask me to leave your house. At least not until you know that I have something about you that you would not want Chief Lambert to hear. A secret you kept from him" Mother kept quite again and then after a while he said.
"Can we talk inside?" she reluctantly lead him inside and I took that opportunity to tip-toe into the compound, my mind in frenzy at what this secret could be.


Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by pek(m): 10:28am On Jun 10, 2015
This suspense is killing me.
Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by hopilo4life(m): 4:45pm On Jun 10, 2015
Nice Story,Please Keep It Poping.
Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by Clarakings(f): 3:33pm On Jun 11, 2015
I flattened my ear on the window pane anxiety taking the better part of me.
"So what secret are you talking about?"
"Not so fast. At least enjoy my company for a moment. Its hot in here, could you please open the window a little to let in some fresh air?"
I quickly lowered myself to the ground while mother unbolted and opened the window wide enough to let in some fresh air.
"Now are you ready to talk?" Mother stood over uncle Mathew hands akimbo. The small hole through the window offered me the opportunity to see his mischievous expression.
"Isioma relax, we have the whole day to ourselves. I saw that smart little girl of yours with her books. I bet she won't return till she has read the last line on the book". He smiled revealing a set of white teeth.
"I can see that you don't have anything to say, please leave my house Mathew" mother said pointing towards the door.
"I am trying to do you a favor here and you are acting funny. Never mind if you are not interested, I know Chief Lambert would not remember you anymore if he hears what I have to tell him."
He made as it to leave. Mother sighed and sat on the adjacent chair.
"Okay Mathew I am interested"
"Good" he relaxed back into the sofa that has lost it softness.
"Isioma I am not particularly happy about your pathetic condition right now. If you had married me, you won't be suffering this way. But it is not too late anyway. You still have a lot to gain if only you can be my mistress...."
"I can see that you have finally lost it all, you really have no shame...." He stood up, his face suddenly growing dark.
"And you too. What shame have you when you slept with your husband's defense counsel for him to get the Chief Judge to rule the judgement in your husband's favor. And you are here giving me this holier than thou attitude". Mother stood up with clenched fist as if to strike him and then sat down almost immediately, her anger giving way to defeat.
"I did what every loyal wife would do to save her husband". Mother said sniffing.
"Chief Lambert wouldn't believe you and neither would your husband"
"You are a devil Mathew! What do you want from me?"
He smiled ignoring the tears that was flowing freely onto her cheeks. The anger inside of me had risen to its maximum as I stared at mother helpless to uncle Mathew's manipulations.
"Its very easy. We will just share a moment together and that's all. I promise you no one will ever get to hear this"
"God forbid!"
"Then let's 4get about it". He said standing up to leave.
Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by scozy(m): 7:24pm On Jun 11, 2015
try nd update on time now
Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by Clarakings(f): 4:35pm On Jun 12, 2015
I crouched on the ground my mind in frenzy on how to stop Uncle Mathew from hurting mother. Although she wasn't a saint but I do not wish evil like this man to come upon her. She had been able to stand up to in him in the past but now she couldn't help but concede to defeat to prevent this man from hurting the people she love.
"Mathew how could you do this to me? You even went as far as threatening the defense counsel to make him talk". Tears flowed freely from every of her being holding nothing back.
"Isioma I have desired you all my life, just come to me". With opened arms he took two steps towards mother and mother moved back a little. They continued until there was no space for her to move again. She felt trapped in his embrace and squirmed for a way of escape while he made a fun of helplessness touching her all over. A thought occurred to me and I ran quietly to the gate. I banged the gate two times as an indication that someone is knocking. I continued until mother answered from inside the compound obviously angry.
"Who is there? Aren't you patient enough to wait at least for a moment for someone to answer you" I kept quite.
"Nene what is wrong you? Do you want to bring down the neighborhood?" She asked as she opened the gate.
"I am sorry mother, its like something held it at the lower end" I lied.
"You better be". I charged into the compound speedily to see the look on Uncle Mathew's face after foiling his plans.
"Nene where are you running to? Come and help me and buy erm...erm...soap. Stay outside while I bring the money". I turned to look at mother and she bowed her head as if she was hiding something. She handed the money to me carefully closing the door behind her. I collected the money and hid in the neighborhood from where I can get a good glimpse of our gate. After a while the gate creaked open and Uncle Mathew came out carefully making sure nobody saw him leave the compound.
"Good riddance to bad rubbish" I reiterated from my hiding place and continued on the errand.

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Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by Clarakings(f): 9:36pm On Jun 12, 2015

I filled the bucket to the brim ready to have a long bath after the strenuous saturday house chores. The weather hadn't been a very friendly one as the rain vowed to have a field day.
I untied the wrapper fully aware of my growing womanhood and stared at the red stains on my underwear. I scrutinized it carefully checking if I had bruised any part of my body but could not find any.
"Could it be internal bleeding?" I thought to myself fear taking the better part of me as I heard the nurse telling one man when mother lost her last pregnancy, that the sister had died of internal bleeding. I quickly had my bath, washed my briefs and left for mother's shop to report the incident to her.
I greeted the customers that were drinking at a small table despite the cold weather and sat by a small stool in the corner of the shop.
"Nene what is it?" She noticed my worried expression.
"I think I am having internal bleeding".
"Tufiakwa! What happened?"
"I went to have my bath and discovered the blood stains on my underwear"
Mother laughed and I stared at her confused.
"You are now a complete woman" she said and started sharing her experiences with me. I heaved a sigh of relief when I learnt that my supposed internal bleeding is menstruation which was. expected of every girl to complete her puberty cycle. At 13 I understood the implication of mingling carelessly with the opposite sex and so I made up my mind to do the right thing. I mulled over what our integrated science teacher had taught us in the previous class about the woman's cycle and it made a little more sense now.
"A new phase of life" I muttered and continued on my way home.
Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by Ashiat39(f): 9:36am On Jun 13, 2015
Claraking, u ar nw doing wndaful, ur updates ar nw costant and d stori also nw getn mr interestn, i lv dis. Pls, kip it up

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Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by vickkyruby(f): 9:08pm On Jun 13, 2015
Nice story, following.

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Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by folalek(f): 6:05pm On Jun 14, 2015
Nice one

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Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by Clarakings(f): 11:18pm On Jun 14, 2015
I picked the beans slowly as I mulled over the rumour I heard in the village square. Adaku had whispered to me that she heard that Uncle Mathew had returned after leaving the village four years ago. I sighed remembering the last encounter he had with mother before he left. His leaving the town was timely for me, in fact it was more of a divine intervention. He had used father's defense counsel to get mother and was bent on ruining the good life that Chief Lambert offered us. Fortunately for us, an assignment took him out of the village for a while and now he has returned again with whatever plans he might have.
Life had been so rosy between mother and Chief Lambert that tongues had started wagging that he was only respecting father by waiting for him to return from his sentence before he would come and marry her. I wouldn't blame them because Chief Lambert has shown every willingness to marry mother and she on the other hand had reacted with mixed feelings. Probably due to the fact that she felt obligated to her marital vows. Aside which she has no urge to keep the marriage. I had eavesdropped on the conversation she had with Mama Udozie the other day. She had stated emphatically in clear terms that she had seen that the love she has for father will never give her the good life she craves for. And that even though father's sentence was due to expire by the end of the year, she feels that nothing will remain the same anymore between them.
I felt pity for father because the five times I visited him in the last four years, I knew he was a changed man. He was a totally different persons and I marveled at how adversity can shape one's character. Mother had not bothered to come anymore after her second visit and had sent me instead for a while and then never again. I had expected more from her but anyway one would say, father truely got what he deserve.
"Nene I thought the food should be done by now" that was Dera. I hadn't heard him come in.
"You should have prepared the food by yourself, that way you would have been faster" I lashed at him.
"Thought they said girls belong to the kitchen"
"Oh really? So tell me where boys belong little brother"
"Nene understand that I am no longer little, I am the man of the house"
"Man of the house indeed. Let's see you perform then"
"Please make the food very sweet, I don't like them salty" he taunted. I ignored him and continued washing the beans.

Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by scozy(m): 11:53am On Jun 15, 2015
plssss more......
Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by folalek(f): 2:52pm On Jun 15, 2015
update pls
Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by Clarakings(f): 10:04pm On Jun 16, 2015
I buckled my sandals carefully making sure not to let the pin fall off. It was not a school day but Mr John, our form master had asked some of us to come and help him and fetch some water. I combed my hair slightly angling my face to get a better view in the mirror.
"Nene are you not ready?" Pepe my friend called from the gate.
"I will be right there with you in a minute". I dropped the comb and ran out. I stopped for a moment to lock the door and dropped the key on the door frame before I joined my friend.
"You were so fast" Pepe remarked.
"I was almost done when you called out to me. By the way who made your hair, its beautiful".
"Oh it was my mother. Thank you".
I sighed and wandered in my thoughts.
Such a thing as plaiting of hair is a luxury I had never enjoyed in my home. I had grown up admiring the hair of my friends, most of which was done by their mother. I wouldn't be found dead asking mother to make my hair. I sighed again.
"Nene this is the second time you are sighing, are you okay"
"Of course I am, I have been thinking of how to tackle my Introductory technology project" I lied.
"That should not be a problem. Papa Nina, the carpenter has promised to help me make my own. I think you should come and talk to him, he is a kind man". I agreed to come and plead with Papa Nina for my project and we continued walking in silence. The village square appeared deserted and I wondered what could be happening. It had never been so on a saturday morning except for the children that was coming back from the stream. Fate has saved me from that chore by providing well in the neighborhood and I couldn't be happier.
"Nene you are smiling to yourself".
"Never mind I was just thinking about how lucky we are to have a well in the neighborhood"
"You really are lucky".
"By the way the village square seem so quite this morning".
"The king has requested for a gathering in the palace. I heard there is a land dispute between our village and Ome village. I pray the meeting yields fruit".
"I pray so too because both village had never been friends from history".
We chatted happily about the class quiz competition till we got to Mr John's house.
Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by folalek(f): 4:17pm On Jun 17, 2015
Nice one more grace

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Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by royalguest: 6:58pm On Jun 17, 2015
Nice story... keep up the good work

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Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by soilsista(f): 10:05pm On Jun 17, 2015
I love this!! Please don't take forever to update.

More grease to your elbow my sister kiss

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Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by Clarakings(f): 12:06am On Jun 18, 2015
We arrived at Mr John's house, where he lives alone as he is still unmarried only to meet two of our classmates, Peace and Ego.
"You people are here" Ego the parrot said taking a neat portion on the bench in front of the house.
"We have been waiting for a while. Mr John is not in the house" that was Peace the time keeper, always mindful of time. She takes things too seriously unlike her friend Ego who thinks life should be enjoyed at all times. Even though Mr John did not ask her to come, she decided to come on her own in order to tell the story to anyone that cares to listen to her on monday. Most time she makes up the stories to make it entertaining enough and wouldn't think twice about spreading any rumour that flies into her ears. I had wondered why the two still walk together regardless of their character and personality difference.
"You must have waited for a while, so sorry about that"
"Good morning Sir" we said in unison.
"Morning to you all".
"For the chores, one person will help me to dust the house while the rest of you will fetch water"
"Sir I will....m"
"Ego don't worry, Nene will help me dust the house"
Ego shot me a murderous look and I wondered what my crime was. As much as fetching water wasn't a task I like so well but I would not have wanted to be left alone in Mr John's house on any occasion. I wanted to decline but instead I shrugged and picked up a broom for my chore while the rest took their buckets and left for the stream.
"Nene if there is anything that you will need just let me know, I am in the bedroom"
"Yes Sir" I answered and continued my dusting humming at the same time.
I reached out to dust the small mirror hanging on the wall and the sight in the mirror startled me. Mr John was leaning on the door frame and appeared to have been staring at me for God-knows how long. He noticed my uneasiness and reiterated into the bedroom.
"When you are done with the sitting room, help me clean the desk in the bedroom"
"Yes Sir"
The group returned from the stream and left for second round. I finished from the sitting room and proceeded into the room. Mr John seemed to be absorbed with the book before him. I ignored him and continued until I felt a hand cover my hand. He removed the dusting towel from my hand and turned me to face him. I became afraid at the manner in which he held me.
"Nene you are a very good girl. Don't be scared, I won't hurt you" I nodded unable to say a word.
"Come and sit down" he lead me to the bed and I sat like a zombie my mind unable to fathom where all the drama is leading to.
"I will treat you like my friend" he said and held my face in both hand.
"Just promise me you won't say anything to anyone".
Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by nimat158(f): 5:21am On Jun 18, 2015
haha mr john u wicked o angryhaha mr john u wicked o
Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by successismine(f): 2:38pm On Jun 20, 2015
update na mchteeeeew angry angry
Re: Diary Of A Nigerian Schoolgirl by Clarakings(f): 12:57am On Jun 21, 2015
I nodded at him unable to utter a word fear of uncertainty clouding my sense of reasoning.
"How old are you"
"13" I tensed.
"Relax yourself, I won't hurt you"
He got up and drew the blinds and I shifted uneasily. A lot of thoughts came running to me and I shivered. Mother's warning about meddling with boys rang out in my head.
"Mr John please I don't want to be friends with you so that I won't get pregnant. My mother warned me not to be friends with boys" He laughed.
"Your mother was right but beings friends with boys won't get you pregnant, it is only when you are married that you can get pregnant" I stared at him confused. He seemed to understand my plight and made to explain.
"Pregnancy occurs as a result of marriage. You will understand better when you grow older" He drew closer and I shifted again not yet convinced by his explanation. He ran his hands from my knee to my feet and I shrugged his hands off. He tried to lift my skirt and I stood up from the bed and made for the door. He grasped my hands and whirled me forcing me to look at him.
"Mr John please let me go!" I shouted as he forced me into an embrace that pinned me to him. He quickly covered my mouth with his hand.
"Nene please listen to me. I promised not to hurt you. Just let me be your friend" I nodded my head vigorously while trying to free my mouth as I remembered the lesson we had on reproduction and compared with what Mr John said and found out that the two did not tally. I took the opportunity of my freed hands, picked courage and pushed him hard. The push had him falling on the bed as he wasn't expecting it. I turned to flee and stepped wrongly on the broom I dropped on the floor. The mistake had me falling on the bed beside him and I prayed silently that Pepe and the rest should return at that minute. He grabbed my hands, this time making sure to pin them behind my head.
"Who dey house o, who dey house o" a female voice called from outside. Mr John ignored her thinking that she will leave but she persisted. He reluctantly released me to attend to the woman and I ran to the sitting room.
I waited behind the door as Mr John discussed with the woman, who seemed pleased that the academic performance of her child has improved. They talked on end before the woman decided to leave. Immediately the woman left, I dashed out of the sitting room and nearly collided into him.

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