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Re: Renata "The Vengeful Girl" by prettysassygirl(f): 6:05pm On Sep 22, 2015
"You guys should hurry up with the packing,the weather is getting heavy ,we don't want the rain to wet our belongings,do we?and hey Asibi could you please walk faster and stop dragging around like a pregnant woman." Mama Bintu spoke.
"sis,I am at it"Asibi replied.
Nneka could hear the exchange between the two sisters. ,they were packing their belongings into the building,well good and fine,the next stage was about to be unlocked.
"Our wife,we are so hungry and tired,I think you should prepare something for us to eat"Mama Dakar said as she sat on one of the sofas facing Nneka.
Nneka didn't even behave like she heard her,replying a fool was making a fool of oneself.
"Nneka,please I was referring to you,would you be kind enough to prepare something for us"Mama Dakar repeated .
"Oh were you referring to me?"Nneka asked.
"Yes I was"Mama Dakar replied.
By this time,they were all seated at the sitting room and watching her.
"Well Mama Dakar, I really don't have the strength to go into the kitchen and cook,I suggest one of you go there and prepare the meal".
"What nonsense,what do you think is the duty of the wife,so you would sit here and we would go and cook eh?"Chamil asked Nneka.
"I wasn't addressing you,and last time I checked,we were age mates,why don't you go and find a man to marry you,I am in my husbands house and this is my domain,that reminds me,now that all of you are seated,I think there is no better time to do this than now,in order for a place to run peacefully,there are rules,so I want to lay down the rules that govern this house,I am in charge and wouldn't want unnecessar--------
"We'd pretend we didn't hear all that Nneka,go to the kitchen and prepare something for us"Mama Bintu interrupted her.
"Okay,I have tried the peaceful way,but I can see you guys don't want that,no problem."Nneka stood up,it was time to go in,rest and wait for her hubby.
* * * *
Bako laid on his bed,he was so fagged out,he had to go and redesign a big company,it brought a lot of money with it but also a lot of hardwork,now was the time to relax and get himself,he just ate a delicious meal prepared by his wife now he wondered where she was,he needed her softness,to just hold and feel her soft skin,"Baby!"he called out,he didn't get any response,where the heck was his wife,"Honey did you call me?",Nneka asked as she came into the room.
"Yea I did,come here love"
"Oh,Okay"She moved closer to him and laid beside him.
"How did today go with my family,first day with them, hope it wasn't so stressful love?"
"No honey,it was perfect"Nneka answered.
"You mean, no problem,well i don't believe it"
"Baby you better believe it,if we had a problem you don't even need to ask i'd spill it"
"Okay love,if you say so,then tell me how your day went,everything about it"
Nneka started telling him how her day went and he listened intently,his wife indeed was a darling,imagine having no trouble with his family,that was indeed a serious breaking news.

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Re: Renata "The Vengeful Girl" by Missmossy(f): 6:34pm On Sep 22, 2015
Serious breaking news indeed,kudos dear.


Re: Renata "The Vengeful Girl" by Nancywealth(f): 7:49pm On Sep 22, 2015
soon he will hear a heart failing news.

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Re: Renata "The Vengeful Girl" by prettysassygirl(f): 8:46am On Sep 24, 2015
story would be completed truout this holiday /weekend so sit back,relax,enjoy as it flows in
Re: Renata "The Vengeful Girl" by prettysassygirl(f): 10:18am On Sep 24, 2015
"Darling look at that animal,I have never seen it before,wow such a long tail,what's it called sef,they didn't write the name of the animal at the front of the cage"Nneka spoke
"Well this Zoo really need to up their game,but love,look at that side,that one has a name written on it,maybe the small board they used to write the name of this animal fell off and it has not yet being replaced"Bako replied
"Okay love,no problem,I am just happy to be here with you,so thoughtful of you that you decided to take me out today"Nneka said
Bako put his arm around his wife's waist,today being Saturday,he wanted to spend an alone time with his beautiful wife at the zoo,the experience so far has been glorious,thank God he brought her here.
"Sweetheart" Nneka called him
" Yea my Nectar"Bako replied
"I was just thinking about your dead brothers house where your siblings used to live"
"Yea,what about the house?
"Well,I don't think it should be left like that'
"I don't understand Nneka"
"I mean,why don't you sell it?"
"Sell it?no way,why would I do such a thing?"Bako asked
Nneka stopped walking and faced gI'm,she linked her hands around his neck and looked up at him with her most romantic stare,reducing her voice tempo to a more feminine tempo,
"My heartbeat,am just worried about you,okay look,you are taking care of plenty people,paying the school fees of about seven children and feeding 6extra mouths apart from your wife's ,you have a gardener and a gateman you pay here and you still have at that house,don't you think its too cumbersome?"
"But am not complaining baby"Bako replied
" Well I am complaining on your behalf,baby I am pregnant,your family is growing,have you thought about the future of your unborn children,if you spend all your money now,what would be left for them eh?"Nneka asked as she Nuzzled at his neck.
Bako moaned as he drew her face back and stared at her"But love-------"
"No buts"Nneka interrupted"Baby you need to sell that house moreover,they are staying permanently at our place and I am not complaining,please sell it okay"
"Nneka its not my choice to make,it is the choice of every one of his siblings,remember it is not my house"
"It is not your house but you are the guardian,you are also with the papers,next week my love you would sell it,okay?"
"Okay my love,if you say so,when we get home,I would inform them of our decision"
"You would do no such thing,don't you know your siblings by now,they really don't care,they would never agree,they are selfish and only think of themselves,when you sell it,you tell them OK"
"Okay love"
* * * *
"Bako!I can't believe this,how could you,Jesus!Jesus!Bako has finished us"Mama Bintu cried out
"How dare you Bako!"Mama Dakar shouted at him"Without informing us first,what sort of nonsense is this?"she continued
"please,please,I did it for our good,there is no money coming from my company our sources are depleting,I feed all of you,do you think I pluck the money from the trees,I needed that Money"Bako spoke
"So what are you trying to say,that we wouldn't get a share at the house money or what?"Chamil asked
"Exactly!I would use the money to cater for our needs"Bako replied
" You can't be serious,you must give us our share,no way,what is the meaning of that rubbish?"Mama Bintu shouted.
"I need to get going,else I would be late for work,see you guys later"Bako spoke as he walked up to his wife,bent and pecked her,then left the house..
"What sort of nonsense is this, is it because we are staying at his house or what?na wah o,imagine Bako selling Makurs house,this man---------
On and on they jabbered on and Nneka watched and kept smiling inside all the while maintaining silence,they have not even started seeing anything yet.

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Re: Renata "The Vengeful Girl" by Missmossy(f): 10:30am On Sep 24, 2015
This Nneka is evil!!!

Kudos dear.
Re: Renata "The Vengeful Girl" by prettysassygirl(f): 11:25am On Sep 24, 2015
This Nneka is evil!!!

Kudos dear.
thanks sweetie, she is definitely way evil ,but she is also pained,I feel for her sef cos she is more of a victim
Re: Renata "The Vengeful Girl" by Kassia(f): 11:29am On Sep 24, 2015
Nice work....Following
Re: Renata "The Vengeful Girl" by prettysassygirl(f): 12:58pm On Sep 24, 2015
Mr Toke and Mr Falla were seated at the sitting room,Mr Toke is the husband of Mama Bintu,while Mr Falla is the husband of Mama Dakar,they were whiling away time watching the TV,they were both jobless and lazy,they depended on their brother-in-laws wealth,waited for their wives to get money from their brothers for their daily upkeep,their children were all at boarding schools,thanks go Nneka,but not withstanding,it was perfectly fine by them,it meant more time with their spouses on the beds,guess it was the only thing they were good at.
Nneka stood at a distance,watching them,they didn't know she was at their back,these two repulsed her,they were the ones that raped her twin sister to death,and what was worse,Chamil watched as the derogatory act was committed,they of course lied and said some guys rushed into the compound and raped her sister to death, the most confounding part of the rooster and bull story was the part that they tied all three of them up,but thanks to Chamil she later found out what really happened,Chamil used that event to torture and torment her few month's later,flaunting it blatantly how she couldn't do anything about her sisters death and how she enjoyed watching her two sisters husband raping her sister,it was horrible,a tear slid down her cheeks the memories came flooding back,human beings could be very wicked,well thank God she was given a second chance,she would exact her vengeance,and hers wouldn't be so pleasant,they destroyed only two people,herself and her sister,but she would the the entire family down.
Nneka walked to a sofa,sat on it,reached out for the remote and changed the station the two men were watching.
"Nneka can't you see that we were watching that program."Mr Falla asked her.
"Mr Falla or whatsoever you call yourself,I own the TV not you,so I decide what must be watched"Nneka replied
"This girl is so insolent,since we came to this house,you have been so rude and overbearing to everyone,who the hell do you think you are,be reminded that this is not your house but Bakos,u better go and ask renatas dead body what happened to her,u better be careful"Mr Toke stated.
'?"Well am not Renata and classifying me withe her would be the biggest mistake of your miserable lives"Nneka replied.
" What's with all the commotion"Mama Bako asked as she and her sisters walked in,they must have heard her discussion with the men and marched out like soldiers going to war.
"Its this stupid girl,imagine changing the station while we were watching TV"Mr Falla reported
"Hia! as what na?"Chamil exclaimed as she hit both of her hands together.
"What arrant nonsense"Mama Dakar said as she walked to Nneka and forcefully collected the remote,then pushed her by the head.
"You better be careful,this girl,shey because we have not put you at your place,you are messing up,eh?"Mama Dakar asked,Nneka didnt reply,
"I am talking to you wench,didn't you hear me?,answer me jare"Mama Dakar repeated as she still jabbed Nneka by the head.
Nneka got angry and stood up,"Since you people came into this house,to cook,wash or sweep is a very big problem,just take a look at my house,very dirty,only AsibI that helps around,this stupid Chamil just Lazies around and.............
"Who did you just call stupid and lazy eh?"Chamil asked as she approached Nneka and slapped her.
"What!Chamil, you slapped me,you had such effrontery?"Nneka asked as she held her face.
"Yes Nneka,and I would slap you again if I hear any nonsense from you again,silly tin"Chamil replied
"Okay ,no problem"Nneka said as she walked out on them.
"See this brat o,hmmmm,wonders they say would never end,do you think we don't know that you are the one behind Bako selling the house,don't worry,we would help you trim your feathers,we would deal with you and place you where you belong,just imagine this girl changing the station my hubby is watching,no respect abi"Mama Bintu shouted at Nnekas retreating back .

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Re: Renata "The Vengeful Girl" by prettysassygirl(f): 8:42am On Sep 25, 2015
Nneka sat at the sitting room waiting for her husband to arrive,she had a drama to act,it was evening already and despite all the squabbles between her and her husbands family,the bunch of monkeys,earlier in the day,it was quite quiet,they should be in their rooms probably gossiping and scheming,they had better get packing cos they won't spend another hour in the main building .Nneka heard her husbands car horn and immediately knew he was back,she started crying earnestly, holding her left cheek where Chamil slapped her with her left hand.The door opened and Bako her husband walked in,he cited her crying and quickly rushed to her side.
"Baby what's wrong,why are you crying?"
"My left cheek has been paining me since morning,and i don't think I can hear with my left ear,plus I have had a migraine since the slap and serious toothache"Nneka answered
"I don't understand baby,what slap?who slapped you?"
"Baby u need to see what happened today,your siblings and their husbands were all abusing me and shouting on me,but it was Chamil that walked up to me and slapped me twice,sweetheart am so confused,just because I didn't wash their clothes, imagine asking me to go and wash their clothes,baby have I not tried for your siblings,I ve been nice and accommodating and receptive, yet dey did this thing to me"Nneka said as she cried on
"That is what I would not tolerate in this house,I can tolerate everyoda tin,but if any one lifts his or her hands on you,there is going to be a big problem,where is that Chamil,Chamil!!!"Bako stood and made to go to the room,but Nneka put a restraining hand on him"Baby,come ,please don't be harsh on them,I know they didn't mean to hurt me,just that we had a minor misunderstanding,just do me a favour, please send them to the Boys quarters, all of them save Asibi,she helps around the house,my love u know am pregnant for your first child, I don't need any kind of stress now,and please send them immediately ,I can't stand their sight a minute more,OK"
"If that is what you want honey,you come first to me and your wish is my command,when they pack I would go get drugs for you,hope you were not pushed, cos of my unborn baby"
"No I wasn't,I just felt a jerk when I was slapped,I was scared too if anything has happened to our baby,but he is alright,common love,go send them out,don't want them here in the next one hour"
* * * *
"Bako ,how do you expect all of us to stay in two rooms eh?"Mama Dakar asked
"If all of you don't move quietly,I would ask my gateman and gardener to come push you all out,so please respect yourselves and leave,I left my wife at home and you people turned her to your punching bag,what arrant nonsense" Bako shouted angrily.
"Is that what she told you,that liar,nobody touched her,we had a misunderstanding,that's all,we didn't even exchange words" Mama Bintu said
"Please don't call my wife names,be warned all of you,I am not makur,I would not tolerate any mishandling of my wife,and as for you Mr Falla and Mr Toke,I am disappointed, u joined the ladies to torment my wife?please take your wives and sister in law out of this place quietly before the end of an hour,my wife doesn't need the stress you guys give her"Bako addressed the men.
"We are tremendously sorry,and its your house,if you want us to move,we have no choice"Mr falla replied.
" so easy for you to say,how would I cope living with married couples with no privacy?"Chamil complained
"You should have thought of that before slapping Nneka "Asibi replied.
"Hey !shut up,I wasn't referring to you blockhead"Chamil retorted.
"Hey,Hey,enough already,just pack and go ,my wife doesn't want you here in the next hour"Bako leaves them and rejoins his wife.
"Hahahahahah,no be small thing o,imagine" my wife doesn't want you here in the next hour""Mama Bintu mimicked Bakos voice"Abeg make we dey go o,madam has given the order.

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Re: Renata "The Vengeful Girl" by prettysassygirl(f): 11:09am On Sep 25, 2015
"This orange is so sweet,gush it has been long I have licked an orange as sweet as this,Nneka where did you buy it from?"Asibi asked
"Oh,from my customer at the market,she doesn't usually sell oranges just soup condiments,but she said these were oranges from her compound,but I tell you Asibi ,they are quite pricey though"Nneka replied
"They should be,they are so sweet and deli-------"The phone rang and interrupted Asibis speech
"Asibi please get the phone for me"Nneka requested
"Okay"Asibi answered as she brought the phone to Nneka.
"Hello mum-------am fine,you?---------oh that's lovely----------when would that be---------okay-------how can you say that mum?---------i can't ever forget you na-----------expecting you moma----------love you to bits----."
"That was your mum,right?"Asibi asked
"Yes,that was my mum,u know na,as an only child,she is addicted to me,she wants to visit next week"Nneka replied
" Ah,that's nice,we anticipate her arrival"
"yes o"
A knock was heard at the door,Asibi stood up and went to answer it,it was Chamil,it was a week now since they left for the boys quarters,she listened as Chamil started complaining as usual and asking her to remind Bako of the monthly allowance,she quickly dismissed Chamil,Asibi didn't want Nneka to get upset,she always spent time with her siblings but it was always at the boys quarters,they were banned from entering the main building, she walked back to her seat and got ready for Nneka barrage of questions,she knew Nneka as a very inquisitive lady.
"Who was that?"Nneka asked
"What did she want?"
"She asked me to remind Bako of the monthly allowance"
"What!what monthly allowance?"Nneka asked
"oh,u didn't know,Bako has always given us monthly allowance "Asibi replied
"Really,how much?"
"70 thousand naira for all of us monthly"
"What!uhmm,okay,was he still given u guys when all of you were at the main house?"Nneka asked
"Yea,ever since makur died,he has never missed it"Asibi replied
"ohh,dats nice, my sweet caring and loving husband,very considerate man"
"yea,dats true"Asibi totally concurred,her brother is really one in a million.

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Re: Renata "The Vengeful Girl" by prettysassygirl(f): 3:23pm On Sep 25, 2015
Bako was beside himself,since he came back,his wife has been sulking and giving him the silent treatment,she also didn't want to give him attention,it had never happened and he was so worried,what happened?what had he done wrong?let him try one more time and see why his wife was angry with him,he turned to face her on the bed,she was feigning sleep,but he knew she was awake.
"Nneka my love,please tell me,what exactly is the problem?,what have I done wrong?sweetest please open your eyes and answer me na"
"How could you Bako,how could you hide such a thing from me?"
"What did I hide from you my love?please tell me"
"Don't you trust me,or do you think I would ask you to stop giving them the monthly allowance,eh?Bako"
"Baby,is that what has been eating you up?oh my love"he gathered her in his arms,"Please ,look at me love,the truth is that it never occurred to me to tell you,I didn't put much importance to it,I jes saw it as a routine,I am sorry"Bako apologized
"No wonder,they never respected me"Nneka pouted
"I don't understand love"
"I mean,other men I know,give their wives,then their wives give it to others,so that they would regard the woman high,my own husbands case is always different,it ain't fair o"Nneka replied
"hahahahahah,this my wife eh,I ve never heard of such o,wia are these kind of men,please introduce me to them love"Bako asked
"Stop laughing at me joor"Nneka lovingly poked him at the ribs"Baby you have to give me their monthly allowance starting from this month,let there be something they look up to me for,plus I would be reminding you so won't delay like u delayed this month,Chamil had to come here today to ask Asibi to remind you,you know I truly care about your family,don't you?"Nneka asked
"I know love,I would give you the cheque tomorrow to cash ,okay"
"Okay love,that reminds me,my mum called,said she would be here next week"Bakos hands slid in between her thighs
"Did you hear wat I said love,I can see your hands have started roaming"Nneka questioned Bako
"uhmmmm,I heard what you said love,tell her we are expectant,we would be looking out for her from next week,as of now baby I want my due"Bako replied
"hahahahhaha,Ehen,okay my love,your due is here for the taking,but you have to promise me something"
"wat love"
"promise you would never hide anything from me again"
"I promise Nneka"Bako promised, right now,with the way he was feeling he could promise her the whole world,he wanted his wife badly ,she was all he thought about throughout the day.

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Re: Renata "The Vengeful Girl" by prettysassygirl(f): 8:34pm On Sep 25, 2015
I guess my story is a little longer than I thought,in case am not able to finish it dis weekend,I wld definitely try to round it up soon
Re: Renata "The Vengeful Girl" by prettysassygirl(f): 9:46pm On Sep 25, 2015
"Bako wait!Mama Dakar flagged Bako and he brought his car to a halt,"Good morning sis,hope no problem,u guys are usually asleep by this time,pls hurry and tell me,I don't want to be late for work today"
"Chamil told Asibi to remind you of our monthly allowance,I wanted to confirm if she told you"
"oh!my wife told me about it,well sis,I gave my wife the money,she would give it to you guys later"
"why did you give it to her,you would have given it to Asibi "Mama Dakar asked
"Sis ,please I am late,okay,see you later"
Mama Dakar immediately sensed trouble,why would her brother have to give that little witch their monthly allowance,she had better go upstairs and collect the money before she hears another stupid story . Mama Dakar hurriedly headed for the main house,by the time she got to the topmost stairs,she was feeling exhausted" Bako and this his million dollar house" she quickly knocked at the door and waited for them to open the door,she knocked again when nobody came to answer the door"Where was Asibi and that wench?"she asked herself.
The door gently opened and Asibi tucked her head out
"Sis,good morning"
"morning,where is Nneka?"
"she should be at her room sleeping"
"oh,I see and her house help Asibi is already running around abi?"
"sis please stop that,its to early for all this"
"A beg go and wake that idiot up joor"Mama Dakar said as she pushed open the door and barged in"Yes why are you still standing there,I said go and wake her up"
"Alright sis"Asibi answered as she reluctantly went to wake Nneka
After some minutes,Asibi came out"sis she said she is coming"
" okay"
it was already 30 minutes since Asibi her sister said that Nneka was coming and she still didn't see any sign of the stupid girl,"Nneka!Nneka!Nneka !Nneka!Nne----"
"Bia this woman,stop shouting my name this early morning,what do you want?"Nneka asked as she came out of her room.
"why would you keep me here for 30 minutes,waiting for you eh?,abeg give me the money my brother gave you for us"Mama Dakar demanded
"what money?"
"Nneka you are looking for my trouble o,I said give me that money now"
"oh oh oh,now I get,u mean your monthly allowance,well I have not yet cashed the money,didn't Bako tell you that it was a cheque that he gave me,I would go and cash it today then bring it for you guys'
"you better do,I would be expecting it in the evening"Mama Dakar replied and made for the door.
* * * *
Nneka was seated at the sitting room filing her nail's when Chamil came in
"Nneka I was asked to come and collect the money,u should have cashed it by now" Nneka stopped what she was doing and looked at her disdainfully,
"yes,I have cashed it, but go and tell whoever sent you that I have changed my mind"
"what do you mean by you have changed your mind?"
"Don't be st*upid Chamil,what's so hard to understand,I said I have changed my mind,meaning am not giving you people the money again,also meaning that I would go to the market and get foodstuffs for you guys,you see I don't want you people to stress yourselves,okay"Nneka could see that Chamil was fuming,the girl didn't even utter a word ,she just turned and left,Nneka quickly got up and went to lock the door,she knew they would all come upstairs for war,and soon enough like she predicted they were all banging on her door,shouting her name and obscenities
"Nneka I don't like what you are doing to my siblings"Asibi told her
"Hey,keep your mouth shut or you would join them soon enough"Nneka replied.

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Re: Renata "The Vengeful Girl" by donkross1(m): 10:32pm On Sep 25, 2015
Nice piece you have gat running. I wonder why you are in such a rush to finish it.
Re: Renata "The Vengeful Girl" by prettysassygirl(f): 7:51am On Sep 26, 2015
Nice piece you have gat running. I wonder why you are in such a rush to finish it.
No mind me jare,I just hope to start another one soonest.
Re: Renata "The Vengeful Girl" by donkross1(m): 8:00am On Sep 26, 2015

No mind me jare,I just hope to start another one soonest.
okay dear. Anyhow wey you wan do am. We dey follow you
Re: Renata "The Vengeful Girl" by Nobody: 10:51am On Sep 26, 2015
Nice story, will surely keep reading.
Re: Renata "The Vengeful Girl" by Idiataqueen(f): 11:28am On Sep 26, 2015
Re: Renata "The Vengeful Girl" by prettysassygirl(f): 1:25pm On Oct 03, 2015
Nnekas mum sat watching her daughter,she could see noticeable changes in her daughter,her mannerisms, the manner of her speech and her uncouth attitude towards her in laws,she had watched them day by day coming up and asking Nneka for their monthly due or whatever but her daughter has adamantly refused to give them any money,maybe it was due to the pregnancy,but how could pregnancy change someone so much,her daughter was presently gisting with Asibi,the only in law she was close with, laughing over something,she herself wasn't in the mood to contribute,she wanted to sleep for some few minutes.
"mama,is it true?"Asibi asked
"oh mama,don't tell me you weren't listening,"
"sorry my dear,many tins on my mind,what exactly did u ask earlier?"
"okay,Nneka said,that in Igbo land whenever a woman gives birth,she plants the cord and a palm tree together and that palm tree is named after the baby"
"yes its true"
" wow,so our baby's cord,the one Nneka is carrying now would also be planted?"Asibi asked
"of course yes,but anyway its their decision the mother and father"mama Nneka replied
"hmmmmm,I don't think Bako would agree o,anyway mama,we cooked your best soup,okro and you don't want to swallow since the day before yesterday that you came"
"Okro isn't my best soup,its oha,"
'But Nneka said it is"Asibi replied
"yea it is,maybe her taste bud has changed"Nneka put in
"No it isn't,Nneka,how could you forget that my best soup is oha,it has always been,Nneka you have really changed,oh,u married a rich man and you suddenly became evil or what,beware o,and please give your in laws the money they have been asking u"
"mummy please mind your business"
"Nneka please don't talk to your mother like that"Asibi chipped in
"Tell her to respect herself and I would respect her"Nneka replied."And please check who is knocking Asibi"Nneka continued
mama Nneka looked up to see one of Bakos sister coming in,as Asibi opened the door,she knew another drama was about to begin,she didn't have the strength or stamina to listen to their argument,so she stood up and retired to her room .
"Not again,why can't I have rest in this house eh,everywhere I go,everywhere I turn I see your faces ,disturbing me always for money,okay,tomorrow, I would go to the market and get the foodstuff,i would also get the change and give you"
"Nneka just do something fast,Nneka I beg you please just do something,I am no longer shouting,I am pleading"mama Bintu addressed Nneka
"no problem,I would do something tomorrow mama Bintu,this is what you should have done since instead of barking like a dog since"

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Re: Renata "The Vengeful Girl" by prettysassygirl(f): 7:11pm On Oct 04, 2015
As Nneka drove into the compound,she saw her in laws already trooping out of the boys quarters,she found a space to park and parked her car,her tummy was really getting heavier ,she had entered her second trimester and she wasn't finding it funny,she felt Like scratching her tummy always,she also felt nauseated,as she got down,she signalled to them to come carry the things she bought,Chamil answered and came to carry the stuffs to the front of the house,she followed Chamil closely and walked up to the others,she decided to wait until Chamil had brought everything to the front,
"okay,this is 2 buckets of rice,1 Bucket of garri,three tubers of yam,1000 worth of meat,1bottle of groundnut and red oil,salt, pepper and maggi,1cup of egusi and 1 cup of ogbono,this is also little dried vegetables,u can sprinkle it in the soup whenever you cook one,this is 3 tissues to use in the toilet,whenever it finishes,use water,this is also 2 washing and 2 bathing soaps,u guys should manage it till next month,I have to go and rest, I had to walk round in the market,all right then"
"what about the change Nneka"Mama Dakar asked her
"what change?there is no change,"Nneka replied
"what do you mean by no change,all this things here isn't up to 5000and my brother gave you 70000,Nneka what's the meaning of all these insults?"Chamil chipped in
"I know you people,you can never be grateful,and I don't even expect to receive a word of thanks,imagine in my condition,I stressed myself to go into the market just for you peoples sake and all I rec......."
"who sent you,eh,answer me,when sent you ,did we ask for your help,all we asked for was for our money,Nneka please give us our change,u brought all these measly things for fools right?"mama Bintu interrupted,
"I don't have you peoples time" Nneka said as she turned to go but felt a big slap at her back,before she could turn she felt three people on her,they pushed her down and were beating and kicking her,she could hear them also cursing and saying all sort of obscenities,but it was getting fainter by the second,she could feel blood dripping down her laps and immediately knew her baby was going,she screamed and fainted.
* * * * * *
"Oh goodness,I am so tired,Asibi how are you"Bako asked as he came in from work
"Am fine"Asibi replied
"okay,Honey!my love!baby!"he called out as he went into the room
"Asibi where is my wife?"
"Asibi where is my wife!?"
"Brother,she is in the hospital"
"Hospital,why,what's wrong with her,any complications with the baby,is her mother with her?"
"Brother,her mum is with her,and there is no complications,she was beating by mama bintu,mama Dakar and chamil"Asibi replied
"brother,am sorry but she lost the baby"
Bako sat down,all his strength was drained from him"where were you,when they were beating her Asibi,where were you and her mum when they were beating my wife"Bako asked as a tear slid down his cheeks
"Am so sorry brother,I didn't know,I just heard her scream,but by the time I reached,it was too late,our sisters are not even around,I guess guilty conscience made them all go out"
Bako just stood up and started going out
"where are you going brother?"
"am going to throw their things out,I have had enough,they would never step foot into into this compound as long as I live"

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Re: Renata "The Vengeful Girl" by Missmossy(f): 8:03pm On Oct 05, 2015
Ghen ghen this is serious!!!
Re: Renata "The Vengeful Girl" by prettysassygirl(f): 10:20pm On Oct 08, 2015
She walked,going towards the staircase that led to the compound,the noise was just too much,Asibi knew it was her siblings that were banging at the gate,she couldn't open the gate,Bako banned her from doing that before he went to meet his wife at the hospital,but she could at least explain to them why their belongings were out of the compound,of course with common sense they should have reasoned it out,after all,wasn't that what they all ran away,they knew there was trouble when they saw blood gushing out of Nneka,with the rate they were going with all the quarrels in the house,Nneka and her siblings,she knew what happened was inevitable
"Asibi open this gate"mama Bintu barked
she was outside with her husband,mama Dakar ,mama dakars husband and Chamil,maybe they planned to come back together,so they could face Bako together, Asibi felt intense pity for them, but she couldn't do anything to help,they went too far this time around
"am sorry ,but Bako ordered me not to"Asibi replied
"But where do you want us to go Asibi,Bako has sold makurs house,leaving us stranded,he should have left that house,why has he chosen to maltreat us this way and render us homeless, oh God,where do we go from here"Chamil asked
well you guys should have thought about that before beating a pregnant woman and most importantly u people shouldn't have left makurs house,but your wickedness wouldn't let you people ever think straight,Asibi thought
"I don't know Chamil" Asibi replied
"Goodness,we are seriously stranded now,no money with us,how do we cope,where do we go?"Mr falla exclaimed
"oh,shut up,if you men are capable,we wouldn't be begging our brother for peanuts"mama Dakar addressed her husband
"sister,there is no need for the insults,but I advice you guys should best be on your way,because staying here till its very dark wouldn't help,bakos mind is made up"Asibi said
"and I know you are happy about it,now we are out,everywhere would contain you"Chamil replied
" whatever,u people brought it upon yourselves,excuse me"Asibi replied as she made to leave them
" Asibi please,help us,its already dark as it is,please,maybe tomorrow morning we would leave"mama Dakar begged Asibi
"sister am really sorry, I wish I could help,I really wish,but I can't help,please pardon me"Asibi replied and left them,her heart was aching as she left,she loved her siblings,but they were heartless and stubborn,and deserved the treatment they got for ending such an innocent life so soon.
* * * *
Nneka felt pain all over her body as she woke,she felt like someone that was hit by a sledgehammer, she touched her surroundings,her bed,like a blind woman,her eyelids felt so heavy,they could hardly open,she decided to try sitting up
"Easy there love" Bako cautioned as he stretched out his hands to assist her
Hearing bakos voice rejuvenated Nneka and suddenly her eyes flew open,a moment was enough for her to take in her surroundings and remember why she was there
"My baby,My baby,is my baby okay Bako"Nneka asked as she touched her tummy
"Am sorry love,our baby is gone,but another baby would come love,let's thank God you are alive"Bako tried to pacify Nneka
"oh no,oh no,my baby,Bako bring my baby back"Nneka wailed,
"Nne please take it easy,please"Nnekas mum also pleaded.
Nneka turned a deaf ear and kept on crying,because of those idiots,she lost her baby,they just touched the tail of a tiger
" Bako I want those beasts out of my house before I get home"Nneka demanded
"They are already out,baby,please calm down"Bako pleaded
"I just want them out of my sight Bako,and I want my baby back,please I want my baby"Nneka said as she kept on crying
"shhhh,shhh,its okay" Bako replied as he sat on the bed and gathered her into his arms and soothed her.

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Re: Renata "The Vengeful Girl" by donkross1(m): 6:34am On Oct 09, 2015
Nice one.
Re: Renata "The Vengeful Girl" by Olaide59(f): 10:25am On Oct 09, 2015
Re: Renata "The Vengeful Girl" by Missmossy(f): 1:45pm On Oct 11, 2015

Too bad


Re: Renata "The Vengeful Girl" by Sageez(m): 8:39pm On Oct 11, 2015
Nyc one, following
Re: Renata "The Vengeful Girl" by donkross1(m): 9:05pm On Oct 11, 2015
Nyc one, following
olboi u follow from behind d veil reach here again undecided
Re: Renata "The Vengeful Girl" by Sageez(m): 9:15pm On Oct 11, 2015
olboi u follow from behind d veil reach here again undecided
i de follow so many stories o buh only intresting on. Check out ds oda story too ' TARASHA the action thriller' na nyc story too. Invite me if u find any intresting story
Re: Renata "The Vengeful Girl" by donkross1(m): 9:23pm On Oct 11, 2015
i de follow so many stories o buh only intresting on. Check out ds oda story too ' TARASHA the action thriller' na nyc story too. Invite me if u find any intresting story
Mesef dey read Tarasha na. Have you read The day the world ended and The devil who loved me ?
Re: Renata "The Vengeful Girl" by Sageez(m): 6:03am On Oct 12, 2015
Mesef dey read Tarasha na. Have you read The day the world ended and The devil who loved me ?
no buh i go check am out, hope e neva go too far? Mak i save my data for konga 'monday madness'
Re: Renata "The Vengeful Girl" by donkross1(m): 6:13am On Oct 12, 2015
no buh i go check am out, hope e neva go too far? Mak i save my data for konga 'monday madness'
d 2 stories don end oo. Buh trust me they are the best stories on NL

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