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Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by SammyO4real: 9:22am On Oct 07, 2015

Bella was glad that she would no more need to go through the South Gate, since Miss Fiona would be coming for her to pick her up with her big jeep. However, she felt sad when she remembered that Miss Fiona would no more remain her teacher. She became sadder at the rememberance of Christie's expulsion.

Miss Fiona felt that Bella's home would not be safe for her this time around. She decided to take her to her home instead.

"Your home?" Bella squinted her face. "I'd rather be in Mr Frank's home instead of yours."

"And why?"

"Because there's more fun there than in yours," Bella said. They laughed. Miss Fiona made a U-turn and began to head towards her fiance's home.

Bella began to have sympathy for her teacher.

"Miss Fiona, so what are you going to be doing as from now?"

"Me?" she asked.

"Yes, you, since MBC doesn't want you anymore." Miss Fiona smiled and said, "There is nothing to worry about, Bella. You just watch and see."

"Okay, heard," Bella said with a sorry face. "I'm sorry for all that happened."

"You needn't be, Bella. You'll soon get to know why."

Fiona dropped Bella in Frank's home and began to depart.

"Bella, I'll come back later in the day," she promised as she zoomed off.

Bella ensconced herself on the cushion chair, awaiting the return of Benjamin. She was watching Stella performing her funny stunts on the dining table. She laughed.

"Madam, you dey laugh? Na this sharp stick wey hang inside my teeth I dey try comot o," Stella confessed with her five fingers stuck into her mouth as she tried to remove something from her teeth.

"Funny," Bella laughed. It was a case of the hunter being the hunted: some pieces of meat had stuck between her teeth; she tried to remove the meat with a toothpick, but then the toothpick got stuck between her teeth too and she was trying to remove it with her five fingers.

"Madam come and join me nah," Stella said. Bella told her to go on. She had lost appetite already.

Benjamin got in and found Bella seated. His brother's driver had just brought him home successfully from school.

"Bella, you are here?"

"Of course you can see me here," she said.

"But how did it go?"

"Not bad," Bella said. She explained the story to Benjamin in details.

Benjamin was glad and as well sad concurrently. The aspect of Christie and Miss Fiona's expulsion and sack respectively didn't make him happy. Eventually he smiled and said, "Well...Frank will do anything for Miss Fiona to make her happy. He will definitely set up a big boutique or supermarket for her immediately."

"I pray so," Bella said.

"So Bella, let's celebrate!"

Benjamin led Bella upstairs. They sat at the balcony. Benjamin set the table and placed the Nebuchadnezzar on it.

"This again?" Bella asked.

"Yes," Benjamin smiled. "I have kept Stella busy with my lunch while we have this undisturbed."

Bella and Benjamin poured the non-alcoholic wine into their stomach until they were saturated. Then it was half-filled.

Frank returned around 6pm. Not long after, Fiona came. Frank had asked Bella how it all went and she had told him.

"Fiona darling, is it for real that you have been sacked?"

"Almost," Fiona smiled. "I dropped my resignation letter for the secretary before she finished typing my sack letter."

"How?" Frank was amazed.

"Even if I wasn't sacked, I would still have resigned all the way, because I got a job appointment with Crestland College, Opebi. Their salary is almost double of MBC's."

"Wow! When did you get that?"

"I got a text message while the trial was going on in the MBC auditorium. I was called upon to resume immediately. I left for Opebi as soon as the trial was over. Thank God I was dismissed by MBC, else what excuse would I have given to Crestland College that I wouldn't be able to pick up the job immediately, since MBC says a month notice must be given before leaving their school for another?"

"This calls for celebration!" Frank exclaimed. "Stella! Stella!!"

"Yes sir!" she replied and began to rush into th room.

"Go and get me the Nebuchadnezzar," he said. Stella was confused.

"Oga, where I for see am nah?" she said seriously.

"It's inside the fridge, come on!"

"You put man pikin inside fridge? Oga I no understand you o."

Fiona and Frank laughed.

"Bush girl, I'm only telling you to fetch me that big bottle of wine I kept in the common fridge. Go and bring it immediately."

"Ooookay! Oga now I don understand," Stella said and began to race towards the refridgerator. She was shocked when she found it half-empty.

"Shoo! So Benja and hin girl don drink inside this thing again?" Stella had an idea. She poured in water until the bottle was full. She would be blamed by Frank for not keeping Benjamin at bay, so she had to do that.

Frank popped out the cork but the wine didn't foam. He was surprised. Frank poured the wine in the glass cups, yet there was no foam. Eventually he tasted it and it was almost tasteless.

"What is this?" he bleated. "Stella! Stella! Stella!" Stella came in haste.

"What did you do to my wine? Did you drink out of it?"

"No oga, sebi you see say e dey full when I bring am."

"Of course I'm not daft to know that you added water!"

Stella knew there was no hiding place. She had to confess.

"But I told you not to allow Ben go near that drink, didn't I?"

"Oga I am sorry." Frank asked her to call them for him. She did.

"Why did you guys drink my wine?" Frank queried.

"We were celebrating," Ben replied.

"Celebrating what, Ben? What is worth celebrating that you guys can't go for any of the magnums in there instead of my Nebuchadnezzar?"

"Bella's courage and victory, that's what we are celebrating. Doesn't it worth a Nebuchadnezzar?" Benjamin said. There was silence for a while. Eventually, Frank spoke:

"Of course it's worth a Nebuchadnezzar." Frank's face didn't express satisfaction. It seemed that of discontent. "I'm coming," he said in a disappointed tone as he began to walk out of the sitting room.

"Frank! Frank!!" Fiona called but he didn't respond.

"Where is he going?" Bella asked fearfully. She hadn't seen Frank in such mood before.

"I don't know," Benjamin said.

"E be like say na gun oga wan go bring o," Stella said in her usual pidgin English and everyone was scared the more.

"Gun?" Fiona asked in fright. "Does he have a gun?"

"I don't know," Benjamin said again. Just then, Frank stormed the room again and yelled, "Freeze everybody! Bow your heads or I shoot!" They were all dead with fear as they obeyed, trembling. Stella was farting along as sweat covered her up.

Frank released the bullets at everyone; they were liquid bullets. He was actually popping a wine.

"Hurray! Fiona has a new job! Let's celebrate!" Frank screamed. Everyone began to rise. The object they saw with him earlier was a Solomon wine bottle and not a gun but the fear in them had made them all assume it for a bazooka. The wine bottle was bigger in size than the Nebuchadnezzar wine bottle.

"You scared the hell out of us," Fiona screamed in excitement.

"But where did you get this wine from? I haven't seen one like this before," Benjamin confessed.

"Got it from Faroe Island same time I got the Nebuchadnezzar. I kept it in the special refridgerator for a special occasion like this."

"But is it true that Miss Fiona has a new job?" Bella asked in disbelief.

"Yes I do," Fiona replied. "A job with Crestland College, Opebi," Fiona said and began to tell the story in details.



Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by kwencypresh(f): 12:56pm On Oct 07, 2015
Am happy for miss Fiona


Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by SammyO4real: 2:39pm On Oct 07, 2015

Mrs Lucy was worried when it was getting late and Bella hadn't returned home. Mr Benson had called home just an hour ago to hear the voices of all his children. He now had a new telephone number, so the one with Bella would no more be valid.

Mr Benson demanded to speak with each of his children one after the other, but Bella was missing.

"Where is Bella?" he asked over the telephone.

"Bella...em...em..." Lucy stammered. "I will go and fetch her for you now."

"I hope my daughter is doing fine," Benson asked.

"Yes, very fine," Mrs Lucy said and smiled as though her husband would see her smile.

"Then let me speak with her."

"She...she's not here."

"Where is she?"

"She's having her bath," Mrs Lucia lied. Benson promised to call back in the next ten minutes.

Betty and Binta challenged their parent for telling a lie about Bella's whereabout.

"Mum, Bella didn't return from school and you didn't even bother to look for her," Binta spoke critically.

"And here you are, telling dad a big lie that she is in the bathroom," Betty added.

"Shut up your mouths you goons!" Blossom yelled at them. They were always scared of Blossom.

Mrs Lucy herself had lost the control of Blossom ever since she told her that Bella was not her real daughter. It all began the same night Benson left for Italy:

Bella and Blossom were inside Bella's room, having fun. It was already 9pm, yet they didn't want to stop the video game they were playing together. Mrs Lucia had peeped into the room twice to notice that the two were still having fun. As a matter of fact, Blossom should be in her own room, sleeping, not in Bella's room. Mrs Lucia was sad.

"Blossom, go to your room. Go and sleep now!" she said, but she wouldn't listen. "Mum, Bella's room is big enough for us both. We'll stay together tonight."

"Yes mum, big sister is right," Bella said with a grin. "We'll sleep here together."

Mrs Lucia returned to her room and bobbed her head in thought. Right from time, she had hated Bella, because she wasn't her own child, but she had managed to cope with her all the years because of Benson who was with them. Now she would not tolerate her as much.

Mrs Lucia had a plan. She would break the news to Blossom once and for all, so that she would know how to deal with Bella. She went right into Bella's room again and pulled Blossom out.

"Mummy! Leave me alone!" Blossom was resisting playfully.

"Mum, leave my sister alone!" Bella protested. Mrs Lucia had her way. She took Blossom to her room and spoke at length with her:

"Blossom, that girl is not your sister," Mrs Lucia said. "She is a bastard."

"Bella? A bastard?" Blossom was shocked.

"Yes Blossom," she said. "We have been keeping this secret away from you for a long time now."

"I don't understand," Blossom said.

"Bella is born out of wedlock by your father. He must have done this because he needed a male as at the time I gave birth to you. He impregnated a lady and she secretly gave birth. The baby was Bella. Your father rejected the child because it was a girl. A year after, Bella's mother dumped her in front of the house inside a basket and dropped a note. I was the one who saw the baby and the note first. I read it and discovered from the note that your daddy had such affair. I wept for days, but eventually accepted to take her as my child. Since then, I have been accepting Bella as my own daughter."

"Is that so?" Blossom was shocked.

"Yes, Bella is a bastard," Mrs Lucia said. "And one thing about bastard children is that they always end up destroying the home where they are nurtured."

"But Bella won't do that, I trust her," said Blossom childlikely.

"It's already happening, Blossom," Lucia said. "Can't you see that your dad preferred Bella to you? He would rather blame you for something you didn't do instead of blaming them on Bella. He would always prefer to hang out with Bella, yet she is a bastard," Lucia began to weep.

Blossom thought for a while and admitted eventually:

"Mum, your observations are true. I noticed it too. So what shall we do now?"

"Just one thing Blossom, keep away from that bastard! Don't show her so much care anymore. Pretend like you love her and hurt her instead. Now that Benson is gone, it is our opportunity to teach that bastard a lesson of her life."

"So mum, how do we go about it?" Blossom asked.

"First I'm slashing her daily allowance into half; also I will stop taking her to school in my car; I won't take her out for shopping anymore and she will start making do with the local saloons around."

"Good mum!" Blossom was glad. "As for me, I will pretend around her and mislead her all the time. Yes! She deserves it because she is a bastard!"

"But please Blossom, don't ever tell her that she is not my daughter, okay?"

"Good!" Blossom said and shook hands with her mother. "Great idea!"

Mrs Lucia was jolted out of her long reminiscence by the sound of the landline which was ringing. It was her husband calling again.

"Gush! it's ten minutes already!" she exclaimed.



Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by Pukka36(f): 3:20pm On Oct 07, 2015
Ghen ghengrin

Which lie will this woman tell again?cry
Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by Nobody: 4:06pm On Oct 07, 2015
Ghen ghengrin

Which lie will this woman tell again?cry
she's in the toilet grin
Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by RegalD(m): 10:20pm On Oct 07, 2015
sammyhoe,u won kill man pikin. lucia will just say bella is having labour in the toilet ha
Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by SammyO4real: 10:43pm On Oct 07, 2015
sammyhoe,u won kill man pikin. lucia will just say bella is having labour in the toilet ha
Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by SammyO4real: 11:27pm On Oct 07, 2015
[b] Blossom suggested faking the voice of Bella, but her mother objected to it.

"I know Benson very well. He has good listening ears. He'll know it's you," Lucia said.

"Trust me he won't," Blossom assured. "Remember I faked Bella's handwriting successfully."

"O-kay," Lucia agreed reluctantly and picked up the phone. "Hello Benson..."

Meanwhile Benson was dialling the landline in his home without anyone picking it, Bella's phone was also ringing in her room, which was locked. The ringing tone was not audible enough for anyone in the house to hear.

"What's wrong Lucy? Why is no one picking up the call?" Benson asked.

"Sorry I was in the kitchen when you called."

"Kitchen? Kitchen at...this time of the day? Don't tell me my children haven't eaten their dinner yet."

"Sure they have," Lucia said. "I was only washing the dishes."

"Alright, so where is Bella?"

"She's here," Lucia said. "Bella, your dad wants to speak with you." Blossom took the phone and spoke with an altered voice.


"Bella, is that you?"

"Yes dad! How's Italy?"

"Am I speaking with Bella?"

"Yes dad, this is Bella Benson your daughter."

"Your voice isn't sounding like Bella's. Who are you? Please give the phone to Lucia!" Lucia boggled to collect the phone. She was shivering. Lucia lied to her husband that it was Bella he just spoke with.

"It's the network! The network is very bad here. Benson, don't speak as if you don't know the situation of this country before you left. It's Bella who just spoke with you."

"I'm not convinced, Lucia!" Mr Benson spoke critically. "The poor network didn't utter your voice, Blossom's, Betty's, Binta's and Baby's, how come it is only Bella's voice the network is affecting?"

Mrs Lucia was speechless. Blossom came to her rescue by speaking into the mouthpiece immediately:

"I'm having a hoax voice," she lied. "I spoke too much in school today."

"Alright Bella, are you with your GSM phone?"

"Yes," Blossom replied rashly.

"How come you aren't picking up my call all the while? Aren't you hearing your phone ringing?"

"Oh, I didn't know it was you because I don't have your new phone number."

"Okay pick it up now. I want to have a video call with you. I'm on skype already."

Blossom and her mother were thrown into confusion. Bella's phone was in her locked room. Even if they got it, who will face the camera to act like Bella?

Mrs Lucia picked her phone and called the bishop, Bishop Daniel. She needed to get Fiona's phone number immediately.

"Mrs Lucia Benson, hope there is no problem," the bishop asked concernedly.

"No problem sir, I just need to...to speak with her right now."

"I'm sorry I don't have her number here with me. Can't it wait till tomorrow?"

"It can't wait sir," Lucia spoke shakily. "Don't you have someone who has her phone number? Maybe I will call such person."

"Of course I have her fiance's phone number," bishop Daniel said. "But I have to know what you want to call her for at this late hour. I can't just give you Frank's phone number without knowing the type of call you want to put across to his fiancee."

Mrs Lucia lied that it was towards an important assignment she gave to Bella, which she must need to submit in school the next day.

Mrs Lucia got Frank's phone number eventually and dialled it. It rang but Frank was not with it. He was having fun with Fiona on the balcony. The wine in the Solomon on the table was not halfway yet. They were actually pouring the drinks as they engaged in a long conversation of their pasts. At the moment, Frank was listening to Fiona telling him the story of her past love life when she was just in her early twenties.

Bella and Benjamin were also having an allnighter, trying to develop a song Benjamin had just composed, which he titled 'NOBODY CAN TAKE YOUR PLACE'. Only Stella was asleep so far, snoring, yet it was 9:30 pm.

Mrs Lucia knew Benson would not give up calling, yet no one was picking up the call she was making to Frank's phone. She decided to act aggressive.

"Hello Benson, why do you keep on calling like this? Do you think I have cooked and eaten up your daughter? Infact she is disappointed in you already for not believing in her to the extent that you are demanding to skype with her. She's now weeping right there and you are the cause, Benson. Bella's voice is hoax that's the issue. She's even decided not to pick up her phone because you have really hurt her feelings by not believing she is the one you spoke with earlier."

"Oh, I'm very very sorry Lucia. Please give her the phone let me apologise right away. Oh poor me!"

"Daddy, I am disappointed in you," Blossom spoke into the mouthpiece with a weeping voice.

"I'm sorry Bella. Please do forgive me. I'm only trying to care."

"Okay," Blossom said and sniffed.

"Tell me I love you daddy," Benson said.

"I love you daddy," Blossom spoke with a fake hoax voice. She burst into laughter when the line went dead. Her mother joined her as they struck hands together.

"At last we won," Mrs Lucia said gladly.



Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by RegalD(m): 7:15am On Oct 08, 2015
this lucia and her daughter, they sure know how to get into trouble successfully with flying colours.

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Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by dherbee: 7:32am On Oct 08, 2015
4 ow long r dey going to continue lets c
Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by Tawfeeqah(f): 11:26am On Oct 08, 2015
Hummmm interesting...

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Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by SammyO4real: 11:32am On Oct 08, 2015
Hummmm interesting...
u're welcome
Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by SammyO4real: 6:18am On Oct 09, 2015


Fiona left Frank's home as early as 4 am. She would return by 6 am to pick up Bella to school. Frank had already arranged on how to take Bella shopping by weekend to get her some clothing materials. They would also purchase some extra school uniforms for her from her school. Frank had asked Bella to stay with them for the meantime since they felt her home was not safe for her.

"Bella, don't worry, you are safe with us here," Frank said.

"Sir, I know that," Bella said.

Miss Fiona was set to return to Frank's home to pick Bella to school. She got behind the wheel of her car and made to start the engine. Just then, a car packed outside the gate. Fiona was suspicious, so she remained in her car and waited for the other car owner to step out. It was Mrs Lucia. She waited in her car, thinking that Fiona would soon come out of the house. She didn't know that the jeep belonged to her. Fiona braced up eventually and drove off.

Mrs Lucia remained at the gate for a while before coming down from her car. She went into the house and saw someone.

"Excuse me madam, I want to see Miss Fiona," she asked.

"Didn't you see her?" the woman said. "She left the compound not long ago. You should have met her on the way."

"I've been waiting at the gate for a while now. Didn't see anybody."

"But I heard the sound of her engine like five minutes ago," the lady said.

"Oh! You mean she now has a car?" Mrs Lucia was surprised. "Don't tell me she was the person who zoomed off in a jeep not long ago!"

"She certainly was!"

Mrs Lucia opened her mouth and couldn't shut it anymore. How so soon? Was it not the same Fiona her daughter received a slap on the face from for calling her a 'poverty-stricken teacher?' Mrs Lucia could not believe what she was hearing. Even her car could not stand the one that just passed beside her.

"Er...but she was sacked just yesterday. How did she suddenly come about that exotic...c-car?" Mrs Lucia asked impulsively. She didn't mean to spew that out anyway.

"Madam, you can ask her that when you see her. Excuse me," Fiona's neighbour said and began to walk away.

Lucia stood for a while staring blankly into space. Eventually she got into her car and zoomed off.

Fiona told Bella that she saw Mrs Lucia.

"She came to my house. She must certainly be searching for you," Miss Fiona said. Frank was putting on his shoes. He heard Fiona speaking with Bella but didn't interrupt them. Eventually Fiona involved him.

"Frank, don't you think it's time Bella returned to her home?"

"What home?" Frank bleated. "Bella isn't moving an inch until we have gotten a direct instruction from her father."

"But Mrs Lucia came to my home this morning searching for her," Fiona said.

"Forget that Fiona. Bella will make her choice. Let her decide where she wants to stay and that will surely stand."

"I want to stay here," Bella spoke.

"You see," Frank said. "Bella is staying with us."

Miss Fiona drove Bella to school while Frank drove Benjamin to his school also. When Bella was leaving the school premises of MBC, she came across her ex-employer who was just coming in. She peeped out of the car to greet him.

"Good morning sir," Fiona said, waving at him from her car. She was shocked.

"Miss Fiona?"

"Yes it's me," she said, smiling. "I just dropped off a student of mine."

"Em...er...Miss Fiona can we talk?"

"Oh...sir, I'm going to be late for work," she said, staring at her watch.

"You've got a job already?" the man could not shut the mouth he opened.

"Sir, I've got to go...now," Fiona said as she winded up and zoomed off. Till she was out of sight her employer remained on the same spot, dazed.

Mrs Lucia knew that Bella must have been taken to school by Miss Fiona, but she could not go into the school to find out due to shame. She remembered the song the students were singing after herself and her daughter that day in the auditorium. They were chanting derogatory songs after them until they entered their car and zoomed off. Mrs Lucia hadn't faced such humiliation all her life.
*** **** **** *** **** **** ****
During club hour, Bella sang a wonderful song. It was new to Mrs Dorcas. She fell in love with it. The lyrics of the song were very interesting to her. It was a song demanding apology. Mrs Dorcas asked Bella if she was the one who composed it.

"No," she said.

"So who wrote this song?" she demanded.

"If you know him, will you accept him into the music club?"

"Definitely yes!" the woman said without contemplating.

Bella smiled and said, "John Michael."

"Be serious Bella," Mrs Dorcas said in doubt. Bella insisted that she was the one. "Incredible!"

To make her believe it, Bella gave her the poem John wrote just few days back:

Be my egret and let me be your sparrow.
Oh my brunette! When will you end my sorrow?
With my soul filled with regret, I don't think I will ever be yellow.
But only if you can say APOLOGY ACCEPTED, BELLA.

When I weep, it is because my heart burns with fire.
Yet I can't but stay low in the quagmire.
If only I could fly into your heart as I desire.
Then I won't hesitate to whisper APOLOGY INTO IT, DEAR BELLA.

When she read it, she was awed.

"Hmm," she sighed. "When your voice can't speak for you, your pen can do. Everybody has talent. John Michael has talent. Mr Tony was right," she said in whispers and asked Bella to fetch him for her.

John was glad when Bella shared the news to him. His role in the music club would now be to compose songs, especially in cases of emergency. John would compose songs that are befitting for any occasion.

"Are you ready to go?"

"Yes ma," John said excitedly.
**** **** **** **** *** **** ****

Bella and John remained in the music studio after school hour. John's father would always come for him an hour after school. Bella knew that Miss Fiona would not also be around to pick her until an hour too, due to the distance from Opebi to Magodo.

Bella didn't know that John had fallen asleep until she began to hear some heavy snores. Earlier, she was working on a song she had just composed, titled 'IT'S IN YOU'. She had asked John to compose a song too, but the poor boy slept halfway into the lyrics he had written.

Bella began to listen raptly to the snores oozing out of John's nose and mouth. She discovered that it had a rhythm.

"Hmm," Bella heaved. She began to compose a song to it. They blended together. "Nice!" she exclaimed.

Miss Fiona arrived later and picked up Bella in her car. She would be taking her to Frank's home once again.

Mrs Lucia had been waiting patiently in her car with two policemen. They began to trail Miss Fiona as she gave Bella a lift. They wanted to know where she was heading. Eventually, she arrived at Frank's home.

Bella and Fiona had barely gotten to the living room when thr doorbell sounded. It was Mrs Lucia and two policemen.

"Bella, so here you are!" she said critically.

They were shocked.[/b]

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Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by Ibukunholuwa(f): 10:46am On Oct 09, 2015
Jst startd yday.Dis is nice
Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by SammyO4real: 11:44am On Oct 09, 2015
Jst startd yday.Dis is nice
U're welcome
Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by SammyO4real: 12:34pm On Oct 09, 2015
[b] Mrs Lucia accused Fiona of kidnapping her child, but Bella protested:

"She is not my mother!" Bella yelled. The policemen were confused. They had to ask Mrs Lucia to start her story over again. Just then, Frank arrived with Benjamin.

"What's happening here?" he asked. "Woman, what are you doing in my house?"

"Keep shut you kidnapper!" Mrs Lucia yelled at Frank.

"Madam, you keep shut!" he yelled back at her. Mrs Lucia ordered the policemen to take Bella away by force. They held her tight but she screamed:

"Leave me alone! She is not my mother! I don't want to go with them!"

Frank had an idea. He voiced it out:

"Madam, you can take her away of you wish, but be sure of one thing--Mr Benson will hear of all these."

Mrs Lucia was stunned. She didn't know that anyone would come in that dimension. She mellowed down and signalled to the policemen to leave Bella alone.

"We will settle it without force," Mrs Lucia spoke slowly to the police. Obviously she didn't want her husband to hear anything about the happenings. Mrs Lucia began to take her leave and the policemen followed.

Bella fell back to Miss Fiona's embrace and sobbed. She preferred to be with them, where she was valued.

Later in the day, Bishop Daniel called Frank and Fiona. He asked them to report in the church with Bella. Definitely, they knew that Mrs Lucia had taken the case to him.

Frank got to the church first, with Benjamin and Bella. Mrs Lucia and Blossom were already waiting beside the bishop. Miss Fiona joined them later.

Bishop Daniel was shocked at what he heard.

"Do you mean all these things happened within the members of this church? Brothers and sisters in the body of Christ taking themselves out to be judged by the unbelievers? This is unbelievable! You all have to ask God for forgiveness and then you have to forgive one another.

Bella had a question to ask. The Bishop gave her the go-ahead.

"Mrs Lucia, can you tell me how you came about me, since you said that you are not my mother?"

Mrs Lucia began to weep.

"Bella, you have to just forgive me. I have sinned against God and you. I am your mother. I carried you with my womb for nine months. I...I am your biological mother and Benson is your biological..." she couldn't stop weeping.

"But you denied me!" Bella screamed. "You denied me before all my sisters, didn't you?"

"It's the devil's work, Bella. I only did that when I discovered that you were changing. The Bella I knew before will never raise her face to scream at her sister, let alone her mother. But you did that to us, so I got angry and denied her. She is my...daughter..."

Mrs Lucia wept so much that everyone believed her. Bella was moved too. She went to her and hugged her.

"It's okay mum. Please stop weeping."

Mrs Lucia requested from the bishop that the whole controversy should not be leaked to Mr Benson at his arrival. Everyone promised to keep it secret. Eventually, he asked the parties involved to shake hands with one another and say 'I Love You'. Everyone did that with smiles. However, when Fiona requested for Blossom's handshake, she hissed at her and walked away.

"Oh! Never mind, she's just being childish," Mrs Lucia said. "Blossom! Come back here!"[/b]
Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by Queening: 2:27pm On Oct 09, 2015
I do nt believe...it z a lie
Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by SammyO4real: 4:49pm On Oct 09, 2015
[b] Bella returned to her home. All her sisters welcomed her home as if she was a queen. Binta and Betty wanted to know where she had been. They loved her so much.

"Don't bother my sisters," Bella said. "I stayed with my friends yesterday, but now I am back."

"And is it true that mummy isn't your mum?" Betty asked inquisitively.

Mrs Lucia heard it. She turned to them and spoke:

"Bella is my daughter, okay! I denied her out of anger earlier. She is my daughter, right!"

Betty and Binta were glad to hear that.

"Mind you, nobody should bring up this issue whenever your father os around, okay? Benson won't be happy at all that all these happened. You all should promise me that you won't tell your daddy anything."

"I promise," Betty said.

"I promise," Binta said too.

"I promise," Bella said and Blossom came into the matter too as she said, "I promise too."

Only Baby was not around to say anything. As a matter of fact, they believed she didn't comprehend the happenings, since she was very tender. They were interrupted by the beep of the landline.

"Oh! That must be Benson calling," Lucia said. Eagerly this time, they picked up the phone.

"Bella, Bella, how are you doing today?" Benson uttered immediately the call was picked.

"It's me Lucia."

"Oh dear, how is Bella doing now? How is her voice?"

"Better now," Mrs Lucia spoke confidently now. "You can hear from her yourself. Bella!"

"Dad, how are you doing?"

"Oh sweet Bella, I'm doing fine. I can see your voice is now through. Don't talk too much in school again so that your voice won't go bad again, okay! I hope you are doing very well in school."

"Yes dad," Bella replied. However, she didn't understand what her father meant by telling her not to talk too much in school again.

Who told him I was talking too much in school? Bella pondered. She knew someone must have impersonated her at her absence. However, she would do nothing about it in order to let bygone be bygone.

That night, Mrs Lucia privately reassured Blossom that Bella was not her daughter.

"Now let's make her suffer like before, but we have to do it with style," Mrs Lucia said.

"Good!" Blossom was glad. "I'll make sure she pays for my expulsion."

Mrs Lucia assured Blossom that she would be re-enrolled in a better school the next session, since the current session was already rolling out when she rusticated.

"Am I going to repeat S.S.S 2 class? God forbid!" Blossom said and snapped her fingers over her head.

"Sure you will continue in S.S.S 3 my daughter," Mrs Lucia assured her. She was glad to hear that.[/b]
Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by dammygoody(m): 5:18pm On Oct 09, 2015
I don't know but I know I've missed this writer of a man grin ...sammyprof!!!!! ( you still have to tell me why you changed moniker though) ...

Well done boss!!!

S- Straight-forward,
A-Amicable &


cheesy Learnt that, among other things , from you.
Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by Missmossy(f): 5:36pm On Oct 09, 2015
This woman and pretence. Smh. Bella should just wise up. Beautiful piece Sammy cheesy


Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by Ibukunholuwa(f): 5:38pm On Oct 09, 2015
Mrs lucia is such a drama queen,,,God save bella frm dem.Mr benson shuld cum back home na
Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by SammyO4real: 5:47pm On Oct 09, 2015
I don't know but I know I've missed this writer of a man grin ...sammyprof!!!!! ( you still have to tell me why you changed moniker though) ...

Well done boss!!!

S- Straight-forward,
A-Amicable &


cheesy Learnt that, among other things , from you.


Monker's not
Youth cheesy

Just joking anyway with the acrostic above. I changed my moniker because I became a changed person and because Sammy O. is the name that will be appearing on my printed published books and not Sammy Hoe. Thanks for discovering me and for mentioning me in your Unilorin thread grin
Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by dammygoody(m): 6:18pm On Oct 09, 2015

Monker's not
Youth cheesy

Just joking anyway with the acrostic above. I changed my moniker because I became a changed person and because Sammy O. is the name that will be appearing on my printed published books and not Sammy Hoe. Thanks for discovering me and for mentioning me in your Unilorin thread grin
grin grin ..
You sure know there's more to that explanation I would want to know cheesy ...

When I saw "nobody" on the threads, I was like kilode cheesy

Can you please tell Bella to be a bit sharper..
Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by buoye1(m): 7:08pm On Oct 09, 2015
This is a beautiful piece, i so much love the storyline

God bless bro

Kontinu kiss

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Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by SammyO4real: 7:10pm On Oct 09, 2015

grin grin ..
You sure know there's more to that explanation I would want to know cheesy ...

When I saw "nobody" on the threads, I was like kilode cheesy

Can you please tell Bella to be a bit sharper..

Guess u haven't read this story up to date because Bella is now sharper than you could ever imagine.
Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by SammyO4real: 7:12pm On Oct 09, 2015
This is a beautiful piece, i so much love the storyline

God bless bro

Kontinu kiss
You're welcome and thanks a lot.
Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by SammyO4real: 10:02pm On Oct 09, 2015


The invitation came barely a week to the commencement of the EBIAG Melodius Inter-school Contest(E-MIC). Mrs Dorcas announced to the members of the music club to get ready for it. It used to be an annual thing spanning a period of six months.

"We must win it this time," Mrs Dorcas said. "This is the fourth of its kind; Mayor High School in Delta state won it the first time, while Crestland College here in Lagos won it consecutively the second and third time. Now it is our time; we went all the way to the national level last year and took fourth position."

"Fourth?" John exclaimed. "That's a good position.

"Not good enough, John. We could be the first this time around. Bella, it lies on your shoulders, take it up and we are going to win it," Mrs Dorcas touched her shoulder.

"But if we don't win it ma, what's going to happen to us?" Bella asked scarily.

"If we don't win it, nothing will happen to us, but of we win it, something will happen to us," she said and smiled optimistically.

"Something like what?" someone asked.

"Something like...we make names individually, collectively and ultimately we make everyone who sees us to glorify the almighty God in us."

"Then let's win it!" the club members yelled in one accord. Immedaitely they began a rehearsal.

The E-MIC contest would be in four rounds. The first was the District Round which would be contested by schools within the same town. Only one school would qualify to the next stage within a town. The next would be the Local Government round where schools within the same local government would be contesting and two schools would qualify to the third stage, which was the State round. Three schools would qualify to represent each state. Then the contestants would be further subdivided into three groups, A, B and C, each group containing a representative from each state of the country and then Abuja. Three schools shall qualify from each group to go for the grand finale. In all, nine schools would compete in the grand finale and the whole process would span only six months, June to December. The final would take place on Christmas Day at the EBIAG AUDITORIUM in Lekki.

Bella and her band adopted a song titled 'Move'. It was composed by a professional singer called Sammy O.

The music show was on a Saturday morning. Everyone was assembled at the Central Hall at Magodo, the venue of the music contest. In all, ten schools were deemed qualified to take part. The show was set to commence around 9am. Bella's band had the fewest singers. They were just five in numbers. Each music band wore its school uniform.

Many parents were available to cheer up their wards, but Lucia stayed back at home with the excuse that she was down with fever.

"Let Blossom represent you there," Mrs Lucia said. Blossom accepted the offer at once because she felt that she could do something to make Bella's school lose out in the competition.

Blossom wished Bella would have the urge to go to the toilet before it would be the turn of her schooo to present their music.

If only that poor thing could feel pressed right now, I won't hesitate to lock her up in the toilet and make her miss her turn, Bella thought wickedly the time for MBC to present their music drew close.

"Now it's time for Morning Bell College to come upstage to render their music. Let's welcome them to the stage right now!"

A round of applause rented the air. Blossom just folded up her arms in jealousy. She wished Bella would just slump as she walked up the stage with her colleagues.

Bella handled the main microphone and unleashed her sonorous voice into it. Her colleagues joined her:

Fire on fire on, fire on fire on
You've got to move...MOVE
You've got to be in motion
You've got to move...MOVE
You've got to make decision....
You don't have to stay in the place where you have stayed for too looooong....you've got to move...

Many men never try
Many get tired on the way...WAY
Many give ways to despair
Many just shy away...WAY
These are not the ways to move
These are not the ways to make it
These are gateways to doom
These are gateways to ruin your liiiiife...
You don't have to step twice in the place where you've stepped anymorrrrrreeeee.....
You've got to move

Hold on to the golden secrets,
That will make you move in life...LIFE
Fold on to the arms of God
And you will progress in life...LIFE
You don't have to be idle
You just must do something
You don't have to be lazy
You just must be busy
These are the ways to move
These are the ways to make it
These are gateways to boom
These are gateways to reign in liiiiiife....
You don't have to say that where you are at present will suffiiiiiiiiiice....
You've got to moveā€¦

Rhythm changed...music continued

A standing ovation accompanied the music. Everyone was flowing along with the rhythm. They wished the music would continue. It was assuredly the best. Bella's school got the forward nod. They had qualified to represent their town in the Local Government stage of the competition.

"Congrats Bella," Blossom welcomed her with a feigned smile.

"Thanks a lot my loving sister," Bella said. Just then, she held her belly in pain.

"What is it?" Blossom asked curiously.

"I have to visit the restroom immediately," Bella said as she began to rush away to locate the toilet. Blossom was angry.

"Damn you," she whispered. "Why didn't this bastard say this before the commencement of her presentation?[/b]
Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by buoye1(m): 10:27pm On Oct 09, 2015
I wonder why blossom is this wicked,if i may ask sammy0...How did Fiona fell in love with Frank.. You didn't tell us... The story never talked about them meeting or seeing before the Bishop's office incidence
Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by SammyO4real: 10:37pm On Oct 09, 2015
I wonder why blossom is this wicked,if i may ask sammy0...How did Fiona fell in love with Frank.. You didn't tell us... The story never talked about them meeting or seeing before the Bishop's office incidence
lol...this is not a love story anyway, but it was just a case of two opposite genders admiring each other. Maybe I could just open up another story later and title it 'Frank and Fiona, a love story' grin
Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by SammyO4real: 11:21pm On Oct 09, 2015
[b] Benjamin visited Bella in her home. He was very anxious to know how the contest went down with Bella's school. As for him, his school had progressed to the next round, being the best in the surburb where it belonged--Gbagada.

Bella was glad to see him. He hadn't put off his school uniform, a white top and a navy green pair of trousers.

"Bella, how was it?" Benjamin asked.

"Not bad, Ben. We qualified!"

Benjamin was over-excited.

"Great!" he yelled. "Mike is in trouble today. I told him that MBC will perform better than his school but he argued with me, asking me to place my bet."

"Who is Mike?" Bella asked.

"A friend of mine attending The Dove International School there in Magodo."

"The Dove?" Bella began to laugh. "That was the twelfth and last school in the competition. They sang so badly that their musical instruments stopped producing sounds at a point."

Bella and Benjamin laughed heartily. Blossom got angry where she was lying down in her room. She wished the heavy bulb in the room would fall on them and end their joy once and for all.

Bella accompanied Benjamin out of the house. The latter was eager to leave for Mike's home to make fun of him.

"Goodbye Bella," he said as he got into a shuttle bus.

"Bye Ben," Bella said, waving back at her. She remained on the same spot after the bus had zoomed off. She wished Benjamin was her biological elder brother so they could live together.[/b]
Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by dherbee: 12:16am On Oct 10, 2015
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! datz xo sweet
Re: Bella Benson: A Nigerian High School Musical Story by SammyO4real: 12:45am On Oct 10, 2015


Miss Fiona was greatly missed by the students of the school. Right from the day she left MBC, three of her students had stopped coming to school while five other students promised to stop attending the school at the end of the session.

Mr Akin, her employer heard these and knew at once that his job was at risk. Sooner or later, the proprietor would discover what was happening and dismiss him for dismissing the wonderful Miss called Fiona.

A new English teacher had been employed immediately Fiona left, but the students hated him and his method of teaching. He was also very forceful and harsh on them, unlike Fiona.

The students of MBC knew how to show any unacceptable teacher the way out in no time at all. They would frequent their parents ears with complaints and like magic, the school authority would sack the teacher in question.

Miss Fiona was not only a role model to many of the students in her class, but also a role model to other senior students in the school. They all threatened to scatter the whole school if Miss Fiona was not called back. They were all present in the auditorium when she was dismissed and felt that the punishment was not deserved by their classteacher.

Alongside Miss Fiona's protagonists, some students also clamoured for the return of Christie to the school. They believed she had done nothing worth dismissal. They were on Mrs Onyeka's neck to call her back.

The third term examination was already a week to commence, but many of the students promised to boycott it if their teacher wasn't brought back to the school.

Mr Akin was under pressure as the proprietor had asked him to bring back Fiona or get sacked. He had called her severally but she didn't pick her calls.

Mr Akin checked Fiona's file with the secretary and found her home address in there. He paid her a surprise visit.

Fiona was shocked to see him in her home.

"Is this not Mr Akin or I am dreaming?"

"You are not dreaming, Fiona," the man said with a meek voice. "It's me!"

"What are you doing in my house sir? I hope you are not here to give me quit notice," she said mockingly as though she was serious.

Mr Akin's face was rumpled. His head had been made into a home for wrinkles. He was sweating abnormally.

"Fiona, please return to MBC," he pleaded.

"And why?" she asked.

"Ha! All your students have gone on rampage. They don't want to attend MBC anymore. Infact, they have promised to boycott the exam next week. Parents are complaining; the proprietor is complaining. Some of the students are falling sick because of your absence. Please come back before we run out of students completely," he lamented.

Miss Fiona burst into laughter.

"Please Fiona, this is not a laughing matter," he said.

"It is Mr Akin. Didn't you think it through before sacking me? Thanl God I got a job immediately with Crestland College, Opebi. That's even closer to my home than MBC."

"You've gotten a job already?" the man was confused. "Oh, I am doomed!"

"And to add to what I said, I'm been paid exorbitantly; salary is fifty thousand naira more than what your MBC is paying me per month. And mind you, it's less stressful over there."

The man gnashed his teeth in dilemma. At last he went down like he would prostrate to beg Fiona, but she quickly held him.

"Stop that sir! You are an elderly man please, say around sixty years, how will you be prostrating to a little girl like me?"

The man sat on Fiona's rug and said, "Fiona please come back. I will add that fifty thousand naira to your school monthly. I wouldn't mind doing that at all if you could return..."

"And what do you want your family to feed on if you are giving me such amount monthly?" Fiona asked.

"Half bread is better than none, Fiona. It is better because we could make do with the remaining money rather than getting sacked by the proprietor and then I become jobless. Fiona, look at my hair, becoming gray. No organisation will be willing to employ me into its system anymore. Please have mercy!"

"I am sorry I can't return to where I have left sir," Fiona said. "Period!"

Mr Akin got up and wiped a tear on his right eye with a handkerchief as he said, "Fiona, think of how many lives you have moulded and are ready to be marred again because of your decision; think of how many people's job you would save if you don't return to MBC and then how many mouths will go hungry because of your decision not to return; think of the number of students who want you back and then weigh the consequence of your selfishness--many of them will go rotten again like the time before you met them. Think! Think! Think! Perhaps you might want to reconsider your decision."

"I am not reconsidering anything!" she yelled as the man began to make for the door.

Fiona shut the door as soon as the man stepped out. She sighed and sank into her sofa. Her mind had begun to ponder on some of the man's weighty words. She had begun to recall the names of the numerous students she had mentored in just a year of her stay at MBC.

Miss Fiona fell into an emotional trauma. It would be almost impossible for her to make such decision.

Fiona put a call through to Frank. She told him the whole story and asked conclusively, "Frank what do you think? Should I return to MBC?"

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