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Re: Nairaland Says No To Secessionists by benzyluv(m): 11:34pm On Jun 08
I thought I should drop this here, just in case I need it sometime.

History speak!!!


Those who arrested and sentenced Isaac Adaka Boro to death for declaring Niger Delta Republic were neither Hausa-Fulanis nor Yorubas but two supposed brothers of his and Biafrans named Odumegwu Ojukwu and Aguiyi Ironsi who were still on the side of Gambaris and still trying to please them as at then. For declaring Niger-Delta Republic Ironsi, the then military head of state, ordered Ojukwu to get Isaac Boro arrested for treason.
Ojukwu, in an attempt to please Gambaris, fought Isaac Boro for 12 days within which he used federal might of “one-Nigeria” to kill 150 soldiers loyal to Isaac Boro, caught Isaac Boro, stripped him naked and sent him over to Lagos where Ironsi charged him to court and within just 2 months got him convicted, at the Supreme Court, of treasonable felony of trying to break away from Azikiwe’s one Nigeria, got him sentenced to death by hanging. While Ironsi​ and Ojukwu did all that to Isaac Boro​, they left untouched their own Igbo brother soldiers who planned a coup with which they killed Innocent Hausas, Yorubas, Niger Deltans, Middle belters leaving Igbo politicians unharmed despite they, like Zik and Okpara, were part and parcel of the corrupt Balewa government.
However, before Ojukwu and Ironsi could execute their sentence on Isaac Boro God intervened and the counter coup happened. Ironsi was overthrown and killed. Gowon took over declared Isaac Boro innocent and released him. But just fifteen months later Ojukwu too declared Biafra Republic due to the way Igbos were being killed in the North. In declaring Biafra, rather than first apologise to Isaac Boro for what he earlier did to him and then ask for his cooperation in fighting to realize the Biafra dream, Ojukwu did nothing like that but without consulting Boro at all went as far as arrogantly including in his Biafra map the very Niger Delta areas which Isaac Boro earlier tried to pull out of Nigeria and which he (Ojukwu) nearly killed him for.
This angered Isaac Boro and Ken Saro Wiwa who both pledged support for Gowon in order to teach Ojukwu a bitter lesson for his arrogance and dishonesty. That was why Isaac Boro and Saro Wiwa fought on the side of Gowon during the war. Naturally Isaac Boro couldn’t have come out of prison to join the Ojukwu who jailed him and fight against the Gowon who released him. It would have been absurd. No rational human being does that.
This is the truth of what happened and which Igbos hate to hear but prefer to blame everyone else as if they themselves were 100℅ innocent.
Igbos must learn to say the truth because if the Biafra/Niger Delta Republic they now seek is founded on lies and deliberate falsehood, like Nigeria, it will not stand but will soon become a failed state like Nigeria. We can’t leave Nigeria for another Nigeria.
But we however know that Igbos allergy to truth is incurable, therefore Niger-Delta states will never be part of Biafra


Re: Nairaland Says No To Secessionists by minasota(f): 11:50pm On Jun 08
KEN SARO WIWA could not believe what happened to him. Lesson: Do not sabotage your own people's efforts towards their liberation.

He never believed Abacha would confirm his death sentence!

From Oputa panel revelations, on the day of his execution, unable to face his fate with fortitude because he believed that his sentence would be commutted.

When they came for him, he kept on asking if Abacha was aware?

He Resisted being led to the execution point, kept on protesting for time as he expected reprieve would come at the 11th hour.

To calm him, he was shown the execution order signed by Abacha, but he frantically denounced it as fake, demanding audience with Abacha immediately.

The officer commanding the squad, a junior officer told him, the only report his superiors would listen to would be report of his death and nothing else.

Wiwa reverted to telling his killers how close he was to Abacha; the afternoons they spent playing tennis at 2nd Artillery brigade in Port Harcourt in the 70s, the nice evenings they used to have. That during the Ogoni protests, he had expected Abacha to have called him based on old times and asked him the least Ogoni would have accepted.

Wiwa pleaded and pleaded for his life to be spared. His pleas fell on deaf ears.

"Oh God", he screamed, let my pleas work. His eyes were greasy with welling tears.

Why should today be his last day on earth?
What crimes did he commit? That he asked for his people to have a share of the wealth that comes from their land? The land that no longer supports farming or fishing because of oil spillage.

He mistook the officer's dark reflections for contemplations of pity!

Any independent observer would conclude that Saro deserves pity and more. He had worked for it. His efforts during the civil war shortened the duration and saved thousands of Nigerian soldiers lives.

You see, while the Biafran blocked Omanelu and Isiokpo axis through Elele Junction, Saro was able to organise guides who guided the Nigerian soldiers to infiltrate through Etche, Alulu, link up to Ihiagwa and Nekede, connect Obosima and cutoff the Biafran soldiers who had successfully blocked the 3rd Marine Commandos Advance led by Black Scorpion.

Wiwa was rewarded with appointment as the Civilian Administrator of the port city of Bonny.
And it was really this bit of history that was the bone of contention.

He rightly or wrongly believed he had equal stake in the territory called Nigeria, having staked his life and helped in defeating those who were neigbours to him.

So, the shares of spoils of war, for which oil was the paramount spoil should be extended to his people, because without their efforts it would have been impossible to subdue Biafra in the battle field.

Remember that the 3rd Marine Commandos were eventually routed from Owerri, just before the end of the war, wherein Black Scorpion among the few to escape, had to escape dressed as a woman, for which he was court marshalled and dishonourably discharged. Adekunle the scorpion died a pauper, neglected by the federal side he fought for.

On the other hand, Wiwa's erstwhile partners in conquest/crime, believed they have more than adequately rewarded him by making him an administrator of the city of Bonny and also making him a commissioner in Rivers State.
So he should keep off the oil, whether it was drilled from his village or not.

Posterity would judge who was right between him and those Abacha represented. For me as a scholar, I believe his requests or demands were in other. Eye wey see deal, the follow share. The child who pounded the pepper is entitled to a share.

Wiwa's fate had been decided, the day he asked about the oil.

The recipients of the message were people from the oil-producing communities. None would dare ask questions about "our oil" after Wiwa's execution.

At that point, the captain gave his orders and he was lifted up, struggling and protesting till he was tied up and killed.

When the question of the whe

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Re: Nairaland Says No To Secessionists by Phlinx: 8:05pm On Jun 10
A united Nigeria is better. Should be divided into 6 regions or states; North East, North Central, North West, South West, Extended Niger Delta, South East.
Each Nigerian apart from their native language must learn and speak fluently two other major Nigerian Languages. For example if Nigeria declares 5 major languages Hausa, Fulani, Yoruba, Igbo and Ijaw, then a man whose native tongue is Ijaw thus being a southerner must pick one northern language (Hausa or Fulani) and one other southern language (Igbo or Yoruba). A Fulani native must pick two languages from the south (Igbo, Yoruba or Ijaw). All Nigerians must also speak fluently English and French - Nigeria is intentionally surrounded by French speaking countries.

One year National Youth service must be changed to One year National Military Service. All graduates of southern origin must perform full military training in a northern state for one full year and vice versa.

One political party of servitude. Membership by achievement. Promotion and ranking governed by accomplishments toward the nation
Re: Nairaland Says No To Secessionists by Magmata: 11:31am On Jun 11
Full List of The Army Officers Compulsorily Retired On Friday By Muhammadu Buhari.* *They Are 90% Southerners. The Ethnic and Regional cleansing Continues:*
Maj. Gen TC Ude (SE)
Maj. Gen LC Ilo (SE)
Maj. Gen IN Ijoma (SE)
Maj. Gen O Ejimai (SE)
Maj. Gen PAT Akem (SS)
Maj. Gen ED Atewe (SS)
Maj. Gen Letam Wiwa -Younger brother of murdered Environmental Rights activist and author, Ken Saro-Wiwa (SS)
Maj. Gen FO Alli (SS)
Maj.GenMobolaji Koleoso SW)
Maj. Gen SD Aliyu (MB)
Maj. Gen MY Ibrahim
Brig. Gen GO Agachi (SE)
Brig. Gen Okonkwo (SE)
Brig. Gen Ogidi (SS)
Brig. Gen Koko Essien (SS)
Brig. Gen PE Ekpeyong (SS)
Brig. Gen Bright Fiboinumama (SS)
Brig. Gen. M. Onoyiveta (SS)
Brig. Gen IMD Lawson (SS)
Brig. Gen Oyefesobi (SW)
Brig. Gen AI Onibasa (SW)
Brig. Gen BashirMormo (SS)
Brig. Gen AH Sa’ad (SS)-Former ADC to late President Musa Yar'adua
Brig. Gen MG Ali
Brig. Gen LN Bello
Brig. Gen D Abdusalam
Col. CK Ukoha (SE)
Col. OU Nwankwo (SE)
Col. Nicholas Achinze -Dasuki’s ADC (SE)
Col. Tonye F Minimah –Younger brother of former Chief of Army Staff, LT. General Kenneth Minimah (SS)
Col. FD Kayode (SW)
Col. Ojogbane Adegbe –ADC to former President Goodluck Jonathan (MB)
Col. Audu (MB)
Col. DR Hassan
Col. MA Suleiman
Lt. Col GC Nyekwu (SS)
Lt. Col C Enechukwu (SE)
Lt. Col CO Amadi (SE)
Lt. Col Adimoha (SS)
Lt. Col OC Egemode (SS)
Lt. Col TE Arigbe (SW)
Lt. Col TO Oladuntoye (SW)
Lt. Col Baba Ochankpa (MB)
Lt. Col DB Dazang (MB)
Lt. Col A Mohammed
Lt. Col AS Mohammed.
Now President Buhari has serially, deceitfully and masterfully completed the configuration of the entire National Security structure/architecture firmly in the hands of the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani alone to the exclusion of all other ethnic blocs in Nigeria .... this is very, very dangerous for the South and for Northern Christians.
Chief of Army Staff ....... Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani
Police IG ........... Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani
Minister for Defence ..... Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani
Minister for Internal Affairs ...... Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani ......*

In case someone decides to use your post as a reference; Minister for Internal Affairs is from south-west not hausa-fulani
Re: Nairaland Says No To Secessionists by Love4mikids(f): 7:50am On Jun 12
l see
Re: Nairaland Says No To Secessionists by Love4mikids(f): 7:53am On Jun 12
Re: Nairaland Says No To Secessionists by Ruggman: 10:23am On Jun 12
You go ban tire na. So what happens to freedom of expression and beliefs? So Yorubas are free to aspire and promote their Odua beliefs and Hausas, Arewa but Igbos of course are to be banned to talk or aspire for their beliefs in Biafra. Highly disappointed in you Seun.

What stops you from coming up with a superior argument why they should remain in Nigeria? Why are you so scared to discuss Biafra? Must we all have the same line of thoughts or intellectual discourse? I reject being or tagged a zombie where a fellow man will dictate what I discuss.

Thank you for your boldness.
If it is a crime to discuss seperation and parting of company by humans then all humanbeings are guilty including the person putting up this restriction
I know that change has always remained the constant factor in human life.
If a relationship is not working out you review it or quit, Very simple.
why force people to cohabit together in a loveless relationship pretending to be building a home. Why allow for so much blood shed and evil when we can go our seperate ways and prosper in love.
It was Ojukwu yesterday , uwazulike yesterday, Nnamdi Kanu today do you who will come up tomorrow that should tell you something that generations to generations this people want out.
No amount of preaching and pretence can resolve it only let us face the reality and do the needful to avoid stories that touch the heart.
Re: Nairaland Says No To Secessionists by XDaBOSS(m): 1:16pm On Jun 12
Yes ooo....finally they don grow small hairy balls by taking the right decision.
Re: Nairaland Says No To Secessionists by ShadowCracker(m): 10:43am

oko Fulani, mr jekanmo is storming Ikenne on the 19th of June. cheesy cheesy tongue

Re: Nairaland Says No To Secessionists by insidelife22(m): 2:35pm
Dear Seun it is okay as a businessman to promote and protect your business. don't worry Buhari will not ban your nairaland. but tell me one thing, Deep down in your heart,is Nigeria really working whether you like it or not. the Dot Nation will eventually get their independence. I don't know about Oduduwa.
Re: Nairaland Says No To Secessionists by middlebelter(m): 10:37pm
Fellow Nairalanders,

Nairaland loves Igbos and Niger Deltans very much. The thought of being separated from them for any reason is unbearable to us, so we have decided that we will reject any attempt by anyone to use Nairaland to promote the idea of removing Igbos and Niger Deltans from Nigeria.

We have updated rule 9 of Nairaland to reflect this decision. It now says:

I'd like to urge all Nairaland members to respect and obey rule 9. Mynd44 is in charge of enforcing it. If you break this rule, you'll be banned.

Seun (Founder Of Nairaland).

@ Seun and Mynd44 well, I understand the issue you are trying to manage on this platform, I think the approach can be modified. Yes, we don't want Nigeria to break, because to many of us a United Nigeria is much better for international negotiations and opportunities as global players. Unfortunately, we have a president and his team whose approach at handling our diversity is a disaster. Can the youth do something about it? Using your platform we can start advocating for alternative ways of managing our diversity and these alternatives are already in public domain.
Perhaps, I should suggest that first you can modify the above to read all forms of succession agitation are not allowed. This will include Yoruba and Biafra, by so doing, it won't make it look like you are taking side. There after, you can encourage call for true fiscal Federalism,restructuring and a modified version of Presidential system that will be Unicamera and less expensive.
You can then encourage Nairalander to post threads that focuses on the benefits of our unity by attaching award that will motivate traffic. Examples are how Nigerians in diaspora are making us proud, how Col. Fajuyi remain loyal to Aguyi Ironsi till death, how SAlex Ekwuene rewarded Sunbomi Balogun for preserving his house during the war. etc.

Yes, no matter how much you try ,somenmsy not agree on the subject of unity. Unfortunately, you can't get the people in Abuja to change their parochial approach to handling of Nigeria crisis, but we the youth can start looking beyond the divisiveness of GMB's team.
Now is the time to proffer solutions, electoral reforms, national conference and boundaries adjustment, equitable distribution of national favour and abolition of military imposed structures that favours certain sections lire than the others etc

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