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Why You Must Not Work In Banks by charles316: 8:48pm On Oct 27, 2006
Hello guys, I know everyone wants to work in the bank to earn fat pay.

Lets face it, you won't grow professionally if you enter a different profession from what you studied. After a long time, your pay won't even be over 200,000.

But if u stick to your profession and acquire the necessary experience, you might even work in oil companies and earn as much as 350,000 (for real). Food for thought.
Re: Why You Must Not Work In Banks by MyPeace(f): 10:50am On Oct 30, 2006
You have not [found] a bank job. If you [find one] you will work. I know that for sure.

So after sticking to our profession, we will then go back to work in other sector (Oil company) which is in some cases different from our professions. What are you talking about?

I will work in any sector I secure job, unless I want to be self employed then stick to my profession and become an employer of labour, not going back to oil company or what have you later.
Re: Why You Must Not Work In Banks by olarewajuv(f): 11:58am On Oct 30, 2006
working in a bank!!! to sweet. there is nothing as sweet as it, am presently working in one and i know wat am getting from it. pls dont discorage others if u are not intersted in it.
thanks shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked :
Re: Why You Must Not Work In Banks by tayowonibi: 12:03pm On Oct 30, 2006
mypeace, dont mind charles,
how many peaple do oil sector employ of all nigerian graduates,
up till now, bank is still about the highest employer of nigerian graduate
Re: Why You Must Not Work In Banks by thimbook2(m): 12:21pm On Oct 30, 2006
haba, bank jobs as far as the blokes tell are the very best for now save for being self-employed in some juicy sector, charly, e be like say na becos u never snag one that's why u're all uptight about it,
Re: Why You Must Not Work In Banks by MyPeace(f): 12:50pm On Oct 30, 2006
Hi Seun, enough of ur I too know pls!!

I never told u, i dont know how to write English. Why changing my grammar. Pls i know wat am doing.
Re: Why You Must Not Work In Banks by uchetobi(f): 1:10pm On Oct 30, 2006
Well there is money in consulting but you must be ready to work hard
Re: Why You Must Not Work In Banks by AfricaFace(f): 1:47pm On Oct 30, 2006
Hi Charles, Thanks for this topic, People out there may not understand well, but i am in a better position to subscribe to this your school of taught. For peopl who are career oriented , Engineers, Drs, Scientist, IT guys , i advise you not to start with the bank, cause your career path will just die a natural death. You know why, i worked in a bank for two yrs. i studied computer science , but my career was almost gone until irealised i was doing more harm than good to my self.

Firstly , Bsnking is all about Money, Debiting and crediting people's account, even their IT is just support , they major IT jobs are outsourced. The right word to use to use is LIFE MORTGAGING.
Re: Why You Must Not Work In Banks by serubawon(m): 3:38pm On Oct 30, 2006
Speak for yourself.

I studied geology and found myself in the financial sector for seven years. When i got out, i kind of created a new career for myself because i found out that i love teaching and with my IT experience, i went into consulting. Now i teach (mostly freelance). I lecture and facilitate at seminars, retreats etc. The remuneration is not bad and gets better with experience. the most important thing is that i have enough time for my kids and the things that count.

Keep on updating yourself. You don't have to tie urself down to one career. If that sector is oversaturated nko? A lot of people go to university and read courses they never wanted to read because of almighty jamb and baba yaba.
I think the best thing to do would be to know where your passion lies, get an education and if it doesn't conform with your passion, update yourself with a professional qualification. They have more weight these days over 1st and 2nd degrees
Re: Why You Must Not Work In Banks by dakmanzero(m): 4:42pm On Oct 30, 2006
this is such nonsense.

people, if you get a Bank job, take it.

In Nigeria, we have one choice: employment or unemployment. And most self-employed will NEVER earn as much as bank employee earns, even owning their own businesses.

Keep your skill alive by updating yourself. The money and internet access you get from ure bank job will do that for you. PLUS if you are a marketer the sky is the limit for you.

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Re: Why You Must Not Work In Banks by Ameena(f): 5:22pm On Oct 30, 2006
charles,na wah 4 u o!!! I mean if u are'nt lucky gettin a bank job so must u discourage others?? I bet if u got one rite now in any bank , u'ld grab it fast & 4get about ur 'professionlism talks'
Re: Why You Must Not Work In Banks by Kashif(m): 6:47pm On Oct 30, 2006

this is such nonsense.

people, if you get a Bank job, take it.

In Nigeria, we have one choice: employment or unemployment. And most self-employed will NEVER earn as much as bank employee earns, even owning their own businesses.

Keep your skill alive by updating yourself. The money and internet access you get from ure bank job will do that for you. PLUS if you are a marketer the sky is the limit for you.


I think you are overwhelmingly happy with your bank job. A goal achieved is joyful to the heart. It is possible you have been dreaming to be a banker all your life. There is no doubt; it is written all over your expression. CONGRUTULATIONS!!!

If you say most people who are self-employed will NEVER earn as much as bankers,, you have been beclouded! Be self-employed and enjoy unlimited growth. They are paying you 20 mill, they are paying you 30 mill, somebody is paying you out of what you are making for him! Have you ever imagined marketing your own brand/services? It gets you thinking because you will be responsible for you actions; @ ur pace. I am employed presently but my dream is to become and employer. Be smart dude.

The truth is that no matter what you are paid, it is about 40% of your worth. Ask professionals. I know a former employee of Vmobile (now Celtel) who was earning 1 mill monthly. He left even after his employers agreed to make it 1.2! He is now into event management and is making real money.

Big boys/girls don't depend on their employers for internet connection; they get connected themselves! I mean it is not too expensive. Try one and see the liberty.

Banks are undoubtedly the greatest employers of labour in Nigeria today and I really thank God for them. That does not mean there is no survival without the banks.

You appear to be an aggresive marketer so'll do well if you own your business!

Cheers cheesy cheesy cheesy
Re: Why You Must Not Work In Banks by Ndipe(m): 11:00pm On Oct 30, 2006
Discouraging people from working in the banking industry should be ignored. Some people dont have a choice in life, and in Nigeria where unemployment is high, the banking sector has reversed the trend of unemployment in the nation. While their hours may be brutal, the money one earns may be consoling to say the least. So, if someone graduated from college and was unemployed, then had the fortune of working at a bank, should they turn it down because of your advice I completely disagree with you.
Re: Why You Must Not Work In Banks by otokx(m): 6:38am On Oct 31, 2006
In a country where unemployment is very high, any job that pays 40, 000 a month is very over subscribed then this man dey yarn 300 000, o boy no vex, just go enter bush. If any man see bank job or any other job better grab am as it is not easy.
Re: Why You Must Not Work In Banks by micklplus(m): 7:56am On Oct 31, 2006
who says u cant earn more than 200k in the bank ! u dont have to stay in one corner and be preaching what u dont know ! haba ! life is all about what u wanna make out if,okay ! u wanna achieve ur dreams by being the boss of urself, its all good !
Most people have forgotten that, lots of opportunities is there to be tapped in the banking industry ! have u taken your time to find out why some retired poeple die some few years into retirement despite the fact that, they have their own businesses? RISKS are numerous in owning ur business and thats facts !
Working in banks allows for expansion of horizon ! atleast, u'll be in touch with time and all things being equal, u are sure of what to be ! what happens to all the free investment gimmicks u get by working in the banks ! as to how to invest your salaries and all that ! How and when to trade off ur stocks and when to buy some other stocks ! how to invest in money market. e.t.c local and international training ! and some other inquantifiable goodies .

You can be who u want to be ! the koko is FOCUS cuz the moment u lose contact with ur set target, it becomes difficult to achieve ur dreams whether u have ur own business or u work in a bank !

Best of luck in all u do and cheers wink
Re: Why You Must Not Work In Banks by Greycells(m): 8:58am On Oct 31, 2006
Re: Why You Must Not Work In Banks by Kashif(m): 10:19am On Oct 31, 2006
God bless you G-reycells.
Re: Why You Must Not Work In Banks by gabuu(m): 10:41am On Oct 31, 2006
There are two kinds of slaves on any plantation: The field slave and the House slave. The field slave is beaten by the elements all day, get little in return from his labour, chained with IRON HANDCUFFS and sold out when his services are no longer required. He cries out 'when will I be free'?.
The house slave, eats from the crumbs of the master, wears the master's old cloths, sleeps on the master's old bed. On the way to the slave market, a A GOLDEN HANDCUFF is placed on his wrist, he foolishly sing along thinking slavery is sweet.
Why would you think that because some one pays you a salary of 350,000 per month he is doing a favour?. No wonder there is always traffic jam on 3rd mainland bridge every morning.  Slaves they are all going to their masters' farm. Until you have your own plantation, no matter how small, you are a slave, no amount of money is worth it. Ask Seun, he will tell you better.
Risk is a pre-condition of reward.
How do i Know? I own my own plantation, small but mine.
Re: Why You Must Not Work In Banks by mylife(f): 1:11pm On Oct 31, 2006
It not really easy my people if u are woman and u want u are given some horrible term but i don't blame anybody dat goes 4 a bank job i will do if i get atl east 2 make end meet
Re: Why You Must Not Work In Banks by Ronke2811(f): 2:56pm On Oct 31, 2006
Bank jobs had always being my dream jobs while i was much younger, but am happy am not in the banking sector. Although it is not  bad idea to work in the bank,
1.but as a woman it is time consuming, u wont have time for your kids , family, loved ones and most especially your husband. u leave home as early as 5 or 6 am thereabout not to return till  or 10pm, in which yours would have been asleep which is not too good for the kids not knowing their parents(in cases where both of them are bankers).
2. Considering the marketing department of the sector, it is sometimes in favourably with the female bankers, cos they give them targets which are too true to be real and in the cause of achieving this, they get messed up with the supposed client.It is really very hectic,
i work with an outsourcing firm, am well paid and i close by 5pm so i get home on or before 7pm.
i will prefer it when the guy works in the banking sector and the woman another less time consuming one.
but all the same, the author of this should n't have captioned the topic in this manner, it is rather too harsh or he/she is writing out of frustation(mayable the writer have applied to all the banks in Nigeria and wasnt offered an employment).
But on the other hand , your working in bank and earning good money doesnt mean you mean they all have savings. i have so many friends that works in the banking sector that have nothing to show for it. it is all about self discipline and being focus whether you work in the bank, oil & gas sector, communications or being self employed.
Re: Why You Must Not Work In Banks by jonpinjeff(m): 3:08pm On Oct 31, 2006
If Everyone Becomes Master, Would There Be Slaves To Employ?

Please everyone is a servant one way or the other even if you are self employed. Please lets be real.
Theres nothing wrong in working in a bank. Even Private Small Scale Businesses need banks.  The experience is worthwhile. A bank Job prepares you for a whole lot of challenges. I worked in a bank as a Marketer/ Business Development Officer for 3 years. Notwithstsnding my first degree in Engineering.

I tell U something I once had the same narrow perspective back then in school. Now  I know better, the Banking Environment is a Challenging environment that gives you the all round training to succeed wherever you find yourself be it as an enterprneur or else where in other sectors.

My advice to fresh graduates: Take up  Bank Job if It comes your way. Two Past MDs of my former bank had their First Degrees in Engineering!!
What can U say? Call them  Failures?

Besides Talking about self employment. How many fresh graduates have the start up capital to go into private business. Even still how many private business can make up to 100Naira Monthly after overheads?
Lets be realistic. If U intend owing your own busines, then the money the bank would pay you would provide the perfect source for start up capital in addition to links\and avenues for business intelligence and opportunities.

You can be All U Can Be.

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Re: Why You Must Not Work In Banks by eniola1310(f): 3:25pm On Oct 31, 2006
As far as i'm concerned the topic is a good one so i wont call it posting for posting sake.
What people fail to realise is that everyone cant see things from the same pespective.
Some people choose to serve others all their life contended with the salary handed to them by their employers. Such people are scared of moving out of an employment for the fear of failure. the salary becomes "blood" they cant do without it and at the same time they just cant ge enough.
While others stay in employment for a while just to make not much too much but a little to kick off on their own.
So a banking job really boils down to what exactly one wants for himself. What u see as a level of success. whatever makes u fell that u've arrived! So if u want to get an ok salary and let ur family suck on it's like life itself, Fine!!!
I am a professional and i'm currently in the banking industry. There's no compensation whatsoever for my professional qualification, so i'm finding my way out as soon as possible.
Nice topic! please keep posting
Re: Why You Must Not Work In Banks by Kashif(m): 3:54pm On Oct 31, 2006

Abeg, I go like know where you wan head up go! You are a woman of style! cool cool
Re: Why You Must Not Work In Banks by prettysly(f): 4:08pm On Oct 31, 2006
Work is work.whether bank or not
what is your reason or that is it just the money you want or the experience
Re: Why You Must Not Work In Banks by Motee(f): 5:31pm On Oct 31, 2006
The issue is not whether bank work is good or not but all employee should be able to identify these 5 key points delivered during a Lecture by Erastus Akingbola of Intercontinental Bank on Investment.

1. An employee can never be rich.
2. Plan yourself out of employment. Have a 5 year plan.
3. Have a dream and a plan for achieving that dream.
4. Promotion is a way of entrapping the best employee.
5. Job security is bondage, no one can promise you a job security.
Re: Why You Must Not Work In Banks by ATTAHDYE(m): 6:39pm On Oct 31, 2006
I think you don't understand what it means to be unemployed, you cannot plan and you get no respect or dignity. Even the so called oil industry are enploying graduates from other fields, so anybody who finds a job in a bank like i did last week wednesday should take it. Self enployment may sound sweet but sourcing for initial start up capital is always a problem. Many of us are actually working to raise that money.
Re: Why You Must Not Work In Banks by twinkledew(f): 9:14pm On Oct 31, 2006
banks banks banks

those that work there make sure u do not steal.

hee hee hee

just kidding
Re: Why You Must Not Work In Banks by micklplus(m): 7:37am On Nov 01, 2006
Thanks jonpinjeff ! good points !
Most people have forgetten that, naija lawa ! ( this is nigeria ) u want to start ur own business, wont you need a start up capital ? or u think mannah would fall from heaven ! the rate of unemployent is high and i get a bank job u say i shouldnt take it cuz u THINK i would be a slave ! This is a society where u are not sure of what is going to happen tommorrow. uncertainty is everywhere ! fine, risk is everywhere but if u do your jobs well in banks, u are sure of some reasonable amount of money every month that u can use to cater for your needs and families .
why is erastus akingbola is still in banking? the only reason why he is still in banking is because of the " good money" that is there,okay ! THERE IS MONEY IS BANKING ! banking allows for good foundation and it makes delving into other businesses so easy cuz , one would have gathered some very vital and good information as to what and how to run a business.
My direct boss is a Top executive infact, senior executive with many business ventures to his credit ! why is he still in banking ! he can always opt out and man his businesses, right ! he is still here cuz there is money in banking and he would be able to get good contacts and clientele that would patronise his personal business!

Like i have said before, u can be who you want to be no matter how u wanna look at it and no matter how u want to measure your success whether u work in a bank or you have your own business.

In all that u do, best of luck !
Cheers wink

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Re: Why You Must Not Work In Banks by Motee(f): 10:22am On Nov 01, 2006


ATTAHDYE, can you please be more explanatory with this post!
Re: Why You Must Not Work In Banks by Mystique(f): 11:24am On Nov 01, 2006
I work in a bank, aint nothing wrong wit dat, smiley
Re: Why You Must Not Work In Banks by FemiD(m): 2:54am On Nov 02, 2006
Everyone cannot work in just one industry (be it banks or oil & gas), so trying to advise people to stay out of bank does not really hold. I am one person who feels bank is a no-go area for me and i really don't envy the bankers for the long hours, abnormal individual targets and the suspension (no-pay or half pay) palava. However, I will like to state that the greatest undoing of young graduates is their attachment to what their certificate reads.

Notwithstanding your course of study, a graduate should be able to function in various areas with just a little training. Some companies now look into the direction of multi-skilled professionals as they appear to be better managers. So a little of bank experience, oil and gas experience, marketing, customer care, accounting and you will be able to handle and interprete most management problem. Taking myself for an example, I have touched several sectors including the building construction and quantity surveying, engineering(production/oil & gas), IT (software (both front-end and back-end)), facilities management, administration, logistics/supply chain/planning, Human resource management, a little bit of finance and now I am in consulting. If you ask me, I feel great about it.

I will like to comment on the contribution of those who think working for others is slavery. Well, it's all about perception. If your dream is to be a top-flight professional, working in standard organisations will just be it for u. U will not have to bother about structures and organisation cos u already have it; all u will just need to do is to plug-in and get the desired skills and experience the organisation have to offer. Many people are self-employed because of their pride (not necessarily because it feels good), they feel they make more money than working for someone else. So! How many self-employed people are doing the business the right way, anyway. If you have ever worked in a place where contracts are awarded to self-employed people, you will notice that those that do it right are those who have gathered relevant training and experience working for others. Do not discard the days of working for others

My word! If you are working for someone, do it well cos you might need someone to work for u later; if you are working for yourself, do it well cos the society is full of standards, it might punish you for falling below it . As for me I am just gathering experiences that will help me in managing my own establishment when I finally set up one, but banks, Unnnnh, I am skeptical!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Why You Must Not Work In Banks by Neoteny(m): 11:22am On Nov 02, 2006
if you think of employment as just work, then scott Adam's DILBERT metaphor (www.dilbert.com) perfectly identifies you: you are okay with a 2 feet by four feet cubicle, your boss's irascible attitude and constant nagging is part of the package, the stunting of your growth is no big deal: all these because the pay is ok. but if you think of employment as a JOB, as a career, as something you do that defines the extent of your capabilities and allows you to develop in your own healthy direction then obviously you have made a life-enhancing right choice. how many bank employees are happy with their jobs? very few, with the possible exception of management high up the pecking order.

the truth is most bank employees are disgruntled, overpaid, overworked mindless drones with little ownership over their own souls that constantly grumble about how hectic work is, how little time they have to themselves yada-yada-yada but they find it hard to quit and move on and look for JOB as against WORK. they figure the money is good, to hell with happiness and the chance to explore other possible means of  being more productive, initiative, intuitive, purpose-driven, independent.

its not always about how much you e[img][/img]arn, how much you sold your soul for; its also about being happy in your job, in an atmosphere that allows you to develop your potentials. sadly in naija our drive to get employed is driven by economic exigencies rather than any need to self-fulfill, and this really stunts individual growth. most people are stuck in this huge corporate monster that grows fat out of other people's money. the truth is the REAL bankers and fat cats are management, the Board, and shareholders whose paychecks, perks and other largesse are ensured by the hordes of overworked employees who earn like 60-120k for work that otherwise should fetch half a million naira.

i don't envy bank employees.

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