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Seven Powers ( A Supernatural Story ) / This Is The Best Supernatural Story Ever Written . MARY Apocalypse. / M.A.R.Y. A Supernatural Story By Danny Walker. The best Supernatural story ever (2) (3) (4)

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MARY II. A Supernatural Story. The Best There Is... by Nobody: 12:19pm On Feb 04, 2016
This is the season II of MARY. So I wanna call on every one of you.
, repogirl
, TiffanyJ
, Kayemjay
, PrettySpicey
, Queenxstar
, Princesa
, Kingphilip
, Bukkydan
, Underage
, snowprince
, Nancydearie
, ellahzy
ashatoda and many others. Please enjoy. D story. Check my topics for season I

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Re: MARY II. A Supernatural Story. The Best There Is... by kingphilip(m): 1:42pm On Feb 04, 2016
I'm sure this will turn out great
Re: MARY II. A Supernatural Story. The Best There Is... by Nobody: 1:50pm On Feb 04, 2016
Present... Ride on
Re: MARY II. A Supernatural Story. The Best There Is... by Nobody: 2:58pm On Feb 04, 2016
M.A.R.Y (SEASON II) UNHOLY ALLIANCE… By: Danny Walker…08166781946… Call/Whatsapp (browndaniel5557@yahoo.com)

For there were things Metatron wasn’t telling Yvonne because he knew it might change her attitude towards him and heighten her fears…

In minutes the whole of Lagos Island was like a riot ground, the News had spread that “the world had just ended because an Angel had just descended from the heavens close to central bank to destroy the world”. Everyone ran away at the sight of the Angel and what drew attentions were the sizes of his wings and how well built he was. Arnold was still sitted in the car with Angel Michael staring directly at him and Michael’s face wasn’t looking friendly; Yvonne was speechless; what attracted her most were his wings (how can someone have such sizes of wings), she had always imagined Angels but had never imagined their wings to be this big. Arnold quietly stepped out of the car and still holding his gaze on Michael; he walked to the front of the car and stood there, he was 3 meters (15ft) away from Michael “Metatron you have two choices; leave and return to purgatory, and two; I’ll make you” Michael said, he had this impressive bass tone “Brother I am here for this” Metatron said “Father wants you out of earth now” Michael said “I want to seek father’s forgiveness” he said “You knew the rules and yet you failed” Michael said “I was misled” Metatron said “Misled? You led 10billion legions of Leviathans against father and you call that misled?” Michael said loudly “I didn’t have much of a choice” “Yes you did” “Not after father put Angel’s above us” Metatron said “He is our father, whatever choice he made we must live with” Michael said loudly “And not considering our feelings?” Metatron said loudly “Or has he forgotten that we had hearts and minds of our own; I had served him with all my heart” Metatron said touching his chest “It doesn’t change your rebellious act” Michael said “Yes it doesn’t but am here for peace” he said “Peace you say” Michael said mockingly “Bazel misled us” Metatron said “Bazel is Bazel, Metatron is Metatron, two different leviathans who had choices” Michael said loudly walking closer to him and stopped “Like I said, I didn’t have much choice” “No, you made your choice. You are a war machine and not compatible with earth” Michael said “Don’t be so sure” Arnold said and Michael understood; he then looked at Yvonne and said “You move with such sinful and abominable woman and you stand before me to justify your actions?” Michael said angrily pointing to Yvonne; she became scared thinking that he might attack her “You are quick to condemn, speak no further about her” Metatron said “I will deal with her after I deal with you” Michael said “That is not going to happen” Metatron said “We’ll find out” Michael said “Tell father I am not here for war and am not going back to purgatory” Metatron said “Sorry, can’t do that” Michael said “Then make me leave” Metatron said “I will make you leave” Michael said “You cannot fight me Michael” Metatron said “Yes but am here with brothers” Michael said and suddenly four Angels descended on the earth. Raphael, Uriel, Arion and Babimon “We do not have to do this, for this will only cause a great loss for man” Metatron said and immediately Michael approached him with a high speed and gave him a punch under the jaw which sent him up to the skies; Michael followed him and gave him a strong kick down to the ground and he fell on Yvonne’s car which indeed damaged the car and Yvonne quickly ran out of the car. Arnold stood up and immediately Uriel approached him with a punch but he caught Uriel’s first and flung him up into a building and actually destroying parts of the building and immediately Raphael attacked with a punch which he dodged, he threw another but Arnold caught his fist and punched him in the ribs then lifted him up and as he was about to hit Raphael on the floor Babimon dashed towards him Arnold and hit him with his shoulder in the stomach and they both crashed on Yvonne’s car. Babimon started punching his face from left to right and afte


Re: MARY II. A Supernatural Story. The Best There Is... by joanee20(f): 4:16pm On Feb 04, 2016
Av we transfered to Dis place, OK o.. **Let me set up my tent here**
Re: MARY II. A Supernatural Story. The Best There Is... by Tummyyoung: 7:12pm On Feb 04, 2016
Re: MARY II. A Supernatural Story. The Best There Is... by joanee20(f): 7:23pm On Feb 04, 2016
Y av'nt u updated yet na.. any P?
Re: MARY II. A Supernatural Story. The Best There Is... by Nobody: 7:31pm On Feb 04, 2016
so angels dy fight... lolz
Re: MARY II. A Supernatural Story. The Best There Is... by Nobody: 7:36pm On Feb 04, 2016
“Wait, Lucifer? As in Lucifer? Lucifer?” Maria wasn’t sure of this but was scared “I sense fear in you but you shouldn’t be afraid of me. People have gotten the wrong impression of me and am trying to change that” he said “Wait, if am to even believe you, God said you are evil and responsible for all the evils of the earth” she said “(Laughs), none of you know God better than I do but am here to change that negative impression about me. How do you believe that I alone am responsible for all the evils of this world? Or why do you think God is in heaven?” he asked “Because man sinned against him” she replied “How?” he asked “By eating a forbidden fruit, I guess” she said “(Laughs) you’re not even sure; you see, that’s what God wants you to believe. Actually the fruit wasn’t forbidden and that fruit was the only fruit to give man freedom and wisdom and if he hadn’t eaten it you all would still be God’s pets in that garden” “No, you are trying to deceive me” she said “God has made you all believe that I deceive people but that’s not true, he is the one deceiving you all, he uses his advantage as a God to fill you all with fear. I was once a loyal servant to God until one day when Belial broke a rule in heaven and all God did was send him to hell and when I pleaded on his behalf God grew angry and sent me to hell too saying I shouldn’t challenge his authority” “Then you rebelled” she said “I came out of hell and was Angry and I knew I couldn’t fight God alone so I gathered Angels who God has been cruel to” he said “Wait, so God was cruel to other Angels?” she asked “Even Arnold a Leviathan knows this and now God has sent Angels to come kill him and you and your friends” he said “What? Why?” she asked “Because you all associated with and now you are God’s enemy and if you plead he will throw you in hell, just like your husband” he said “What? My husband in hell? He was a good man” she said “Yes he was but God only wants those who will worship his feet and your husband had failed to do so” he said smiling behind her “God is cruel, He’s wicked, and he’s unfair” she said crying as she looked at her husband’s body “Yes he is but I can bring your husband back to you” he said touching her shoulder and she paused in surprise “Please I really need him back” she pleaded “Good, but on two conditions” he said “I’ll do anything to get him back” “You will bring Yvonne to me because she has something important in her system and secondly you’ll help me kill her Leviathan boyfriend” he said “I can do that, I love the offer” she said smiling. As for you reading this, note that you can never trust Satan’s words, never you try to consider or rethink what he places before you because if you do you will fall victim of his claws. His words are very deceitful, sweet and subtle. He had penetrated deep into Maria’s heart…
Re: MARY II. A Supernatural Story. The Best There Is... by Nobody: 7:37pm On Feb 04, 2016
The battle of Angels is like the battle of the gods, although it’s Angels versus one Leviathan. The fight had extended to Lekki. Arnold punches Michael under the jaw and it sent him up but Arnold caught him by one of his wings and slammed him on the floor. Arnold then went to Raphael and punched him in the chest and it sent him over 30meters away from where he stood, Raphael picked up a car and threw it at Arnold but Arnold caught the car to prevent it from damage but Raphael dashed towards the car on a high speed and hit the car with a strong force and the car crashed with Arnold on the other side. Arnold flew into the sky and the 5 angels chased him in the sky but couldn’t catch him. Arnold descended on 3 main land bridge and by so doing, damaging the bridge with the Angels descending with him “I do not have my complete strength, Michael” Arnold said “And you won’t have it” Raphael said angrily “I do not want to kill my brothers” Arnold said “We are not brothers” Arion said and angrily dashed towards Arnold; Arnold caught him by the neck and threw him on the other motor lane and he fell on a trailer and they both fell into the water Just then, a long sword came out of Michael’s hand and Raphael drew out two swords from behind him, and so did Babimon and Uriel. “So you really want blood” Arnold said and immediately he put his two hands together and closed his eyes like he was going to pray and as he gradually opened his hands a white light shone out of his palms with a sword appearing and the more he opened his hands, the longer the sword “We want your blood” Michael said and attacked him; they were in the sword fight for over 10mins and suddenly Arnold cut Uriel in the stomach and Raphael in the face but suddenly Babimon cut Arnold by the ribs and Michael impaled him his sword and Raphael impaled him too making two swords in his chest and suddenly there was a loud horn from heaven and they stopped fighting and pulled out their swords from Arnold, Babimon gave Arnold a flipping kick sending him far into the water, they looked around and saw people around and some were watching them and hiding and some running away, Arion suddenly came out of the water with the trailer and threw it in no particular direction and it fell on some people and crushed them to death. The five angels flew into the sky, people started running everywhere and some called for ambulance, some were looking at the sky and while some went over to the water to look and see if they will find the one who fell into the water, some were with their phones trying to recording the events, some were taking pictures of the sea and the blood on the road…
Re: MARY II. A Supernatural Story. The Best There Is... by Nobody: 7:38pm On Feb 04, 2016
Yvonne was hiding behind a car and she looked really scared and wished for Arnold to come to her, she was crying as she came out of her hiding and looked around; everywhere was silent and not a single soul was in sight, some parts of the road were seriously damaged, cars were on fire, buildings were destroyed and she walked alone on the road with fear and suddenly a car exploded and she fell down in fear, she stood up and looked behind her and saw the old monster coming. Yvonne quickly ran but as she ran she heard the sound of a power bike coming in front of her she slowed down and the bike stopped in front of her “Get in” a young man said to her and she immediately jumped on the bike and he drove off on a high speed “Who are you” she asked as she held him tightly “My name is Uzor and am a friend of Metatron” he said loudly because of the noise of the bike “Where’s he?” she asked “He actually told me to come here and pick you up, he’s in critical condition” Uzor said “What happened? Was it the fight?” she asked “Yes” “Where are we going now?” she asked “Owerri” he said “What? Owerri” she repeated “Yeah, that’s where I leave” “How did you get here from Owerri, so quick” she asked “I’ll show you” he said and brought out a precious stone from his pocket and threw it far into the road and a white light shone and he drove into it…
Re: MARY II. A Supernatural Story. The Best There Is... by joanee20(f): 8:03pm On Feb 04, 2016
Wow! any more update this night?
Re: MARY II. A Supernatural Story. The Best There Is... by Nobody: 8:33pm On Feb 04, 2016
Wow! any more update this night?
I will continue tomorrow
Re: MARY II. A Supernatural Story. The Best There Is... by joanee20(f): 10:53pm On Feb 04, 2016
I will continue tomorrow
Re: MARY II. A Supernatural Story. The Best There Is... by kingDELE(m): 10:57pm On Feb 04, 2016
Re: MARY II. A Supernatural Story. The Best There Is... by Tummyyoung: 8:10am On Feb 05, 2016
[color=#770077][/color] waiting for more updates sweetwriter
Re: MARY II. A Supernatural Story. The Best There Is... by billynoni(m): 12:03pm On Feb 05, 2016
Here i am........*spreads mat*
Re: MARY II. A Supernatural Story. The Best There Is... by Nobody: 1:21pm On Feb 05, 2016
“I will need you to start looking for Yvonne and Metatron” Lucifer said “I will” she said “You need something” he said “What” she asked “You need powers” he said “Powers? What powers?” she said, Lucifer picked up a small surgical blade from a table and cut his finger “Open your mouth” he said and she obeyed, and the blood dropped into her mouth three times “Give me your hand” he said stretching his hand to her and she received it. He held her palm facing his and suddenly Maria sees a red flame drawing something on her lower arm up to her upper arm and it felt very painful “Haaaa, stop it please” she cried out in pain but he didn’t let go of her hand until the drawing was complete. “What the hell did you do?” she said as she quickly withdrew her hand from his; she looked at her arm and saw a very beautiful tattoo of a dragon “What is this?” she asked looking at it “Now you have my powers” he said smiling “What? Do you have to hurt me like that?” she asked “You now have powers beyond your understanding” “Just like that?” she asked “Just like that” he replied “I love the tattoo” she said looking at it “If there’s any help you need from me, all you need to do is get the blood of a man above 25 then draw a triangle with the blood then call out my name from inside the triangle “What? A human blood?” “Yes” “How do I use the powers?” she asked “That depends on you” “Me? But have never used such powers” she said and he smiled and disappeared “What? Hey come back, what do I do?” she said looking around “Do anything” he said without appearing…

She walked out of the hospital and saw that the road was almost empty with only few people moving around, some were discussing and describing like something had happened, few cars moving on the road. She saw a man passing and called him “Excuse me, what happened? This road is never empty but it is today” she asked and he had this surprise look on his face “So you haven’t heard?” he said “Heard what?” she asked “Angels descended from the sky today, close to central bank and they had a serious fight and destroyed a lot of places and it extended to Lekki and some people died, even now they are on 3 mainland bridge still fighting. This only means that the world has ended and we are all doomed” he said and walked away


“Doomed indeed” she said walking; she remembered what Lucifer told her about God sending Angels to kill them. She walked down the road and decided to test the powers, she removed doubt from her heart and then she sees a car approaching and as she stretched her hand to the car, it suddenly exploded, she was seriously startled by the explosion because she fell down on the floor and was amazed and excited like never before but as she looked around she discovered that she had scared away the remaining few on the way. She walked in the middle of the express smiling as she headed towards 3 mainland bridge…

Re: MARY II. A Supernatural Story. The Best There Is... by Nobody: 1:22pm On Feb 05, 2016
The light was a shortcut into one of Owerri highways, he drove about a mile before slowing down then turned right into a busy path, he drove 400 meters then turned into a forest road. “Where are we going?” she asked “Don’t be scared, we are close” he said. He stopped in front of a small nicely painted bungalow “Follow me” he said walking to the door and she followed. He went inside and headed for the kitchen with Yvonne following, the kitchen led to another room which revealed a surgical bed with Arnold lying on it “O my god” she said moving towards him “No wait” he said holding her “No I need to be with him” she said “He needs to rest and regain himself, in 4 hours he would be healed” he said and took her to the sitting room “Why does he bleed so much?” she asked “Only immortals can kill immortals, he was impaled with the sword of an Angel” “Will he survive it?” she asked “Yes he will” Uzor said, she sat down and rested her head on the sofa “You look like you were in World War II” he said because she looked dirty “World war II would have been better” she said and he chuckled “Are you hungry?” he asked “Am so hungry” she said “I’ll be back” he said and went into the kitchen She stood up and walked outside and looked around, the place was surrounded with tall trees, she could here sound of cars afar of in the main road. The forest was so quiet, but she could hear birds singing and monkeys chanting; the house was on the eastern part of the forest; she walked towards the northern part of the forest, she walked into the bushes quite a distance from the house “Hey” a voice said and she was startled as she quickly turned and it was Lucifer
Re: MARY II. A Supernatural Story. The Best There Is... by Nobody: 1:24pm On Feb 05, 2016
“Hey, who are you?” she said “Sorry to scare you, am Damien” he said “Yvonne” she replied “Nice, what are you doing here?” he asked “I came with my friend, we stay just down there” she said pointing south-east “You mean you stay with Uzor” he said “Yeah, not really, am uhmmm… it’s complicated” “I understand” he said “Do you know him” she asked “Yeah and his leviathan friend” he said and she was surprised ‘How... What do you mean?” “I mean be careful with the Leviathan guy?” he said “What do you mean by that? Who are you?” “Just call me Damien” “Ok, Damien how did you know that?” “Look, Metatron will ask for your blood but don’t give it to him” “Ok, I see, I have to go now” she said moving back “Ok let me break it down for you” he said putting his hands in his pocket and she stopped “Metatron was a general of all the Legions of Leviathans, they were powerful creatures but he rebelled against God and fought God but was defeated woefully” he said “That sounds like Lucifer to me” she said “(Laughs) there are so many things he didn’t tell you because he knew what would happen. He’s evil” he said “I can’t believe am listening to this” she said walking away “Did he tell you that God removed 95% of his powers” he said and she stopped again “God then threw him into purgatory; do you remember your mother telling you that she was stroke by lightening when you were in her womb?” he asked “Yes, how did you know that?” she asked, he smiled "That wasn’t lightening, it was Metatron’s 95% powers; your mother would have been destroyed even leveled to dust but because the powers were marooned in itself, she didn’t die but was in a coma for 6months, with you in her womb” “What does ’marooned in itself’ mean?” she asked “Deactivated and because these powers needed a new life in order grow stronger they gather themselves in you as a foetus and grew with you to womanhood. You can’t use these powers because they are inactive but it is the reason why you were extraordinarily intelligent throughout your education and also the reason why you constantly felt sick as a child and the doctors couldn’t determine the cause of sickness. If these powers were active, they would destroy you” “I am trying my best not believe what you are saying” she said touching her head “Yvonne, these powers have circulated the universe for billions of billions of years, ever before God thought of creating men and not until that unfortunate day when it travelled through our solar system and was drawn by the earth and it fell in as lightening and unfortunately on your mother” “Where are you heading with this?” she asked “God underestimated Metatron and he escaped purgatory after years (billions), he has travelled through billions of galaxies to find you and he is here to collect those powers, he came a long way and is not leaving without it” “I don’t want to believe you” she said and even Lucifer was surprised “Are you stupid? Am trying to help save your life here; You both had sex and that was a terrible mistake on your part because he released some activation energy into your system and in two days from now they will all be active and will consume you” he said and she was afraid of those words “What?” she said quietly “He’s going to ask for your blood, so as to send these powers into him. He would drain your blood but I can help you remove those powers” he said; her heart was beating faster “I… I can…t” she was scared “I don’t believe you” she said loudly but didn’t mean it “Well, then meet me here when you believe” he said and disappeared…
Re: MARY II. A Supernatural Story. The Best There Is... by kingDELE(m): 2:42pm On Feb 05, 2016
hmmmmmm. i dnt rili like suspense.... bt nice wrk
Re: MARY II. A Supernatural Story. The Best There Is... by Iyke1998(m): 2:57pm On Feb 05, 2016
Superb. Please try giving your work spacing..
Ride on!!
Re: MARY II. A Supernatural Story. The Best There Is... by extyme: 5:14pm On Feb 05, 2016
this is totally awesome!!.... weldone smallville.
Re: MARY II. A Supernatural Story. The Best There Is... by Nobody: 6:57pm On Feb 05, 2016
More update coming tonight.
Re: MARY II. A Supernatural Story. The Best There Is... by Nobody: 10:02pm On Feb 05, 2016

Maria appears on top of 3 mainland bridge, she saw ambulance, police cars & a crowd of people ahead, she walks down there some part of the bridge were seriously damaged there was a hole on the bridge and a long crack on the road. Some people were cleaning blood from the road and clearing human part she looked at another direction & saw News vans; AIT, TVC, channels, STV, MITV and the rest, asking different people questions. Cameras everywhere taking shots & recordings. She listened to one of the persons speaking to TVC “It was unbelievable, I saw it myself five angels fighting one person I can’t explain but I still can’t believe what I saw today, whoever they were fighting wasn’t human. The five angels had very huge wings but the other person they fought with had no wing, he was even dressed like a man but they fought & destroyed the roads. The person they were fighting was an angel like them but had no wings”. Maria turned to another person talking to AIT “This guy was something else I don’t think he is human, he kept fighting the five of them & it was more like a real life movie, I still find it difficult to believe even though I was present; he lifted one of the Angels like he was nothing and threw him on that trailer and they both fell into the water and suddenly the angels stabbed him with a sword & all of a sudden we heard a loud sound & they just flew away” She turned another direction and listened again to someone with Channels “I was so scared as the Angel came out of the water and was carrying that trailer; that trailer weighs thousands of tones but he carried it like nothing and he threw it on people, killing all of them instantly. Is that what Angels do now? And as many of us who tried to get a video record of this incident couldn’t because there was some kind of EMF Electromagnetic force or something that fried all our devices” Another person speaking to STV “My phone became so hot as I tried to record the fight, and suddenly the back of my phone melted and burnt my hand, some people’s phone went dead immediately. Some people were lucky because their phones shut down and then came on again, it seemed like these celestial beings radiated serious EMF or something; I just don’t get it but it only proved that they were indeed higher powers” “Excuse me sir, some people said the Angels were engage in a fight against one man, is this true?” a reporter from Stv asked a pedestrian “A man? You call that person a man? He may be dressed like a man but am 100% certain he’s not a man and I believe he’s something like them maybe an Angel too” Maria looked around then walked to the spot with blood and suddenly she saw the fight and how it all happened “So he’s dead, that’s good” she said smiling and disappeared…
Re: MARY II. A Supernatural Story. The Best There Is... by Nobody: 10:04pm On Feb 05, 2016
Yvonne gets back to the house and as she entered, she saw Uzor loading bullets in a gun and she was frightened “Hey there you are, where have you been?” he asked holding the gun, she was staring at the gun with fear “Huum I… I took a walk” she said fearfully “Are you ok?” he asked “Yeah am fine” she said trying to smile. He dropped the gun on the table “I got you food” he said pointing to the rice on a chair “Thank you” she said and sat down “I don’t understand what’s wrong with Metatron” he said “What happened? Is he okay?” she asked “Not really but he needs blood” he said and she paused and remembered what Damien said “Ok, then let’s get blood” she said “That wouldn’t be necessary” he said “Why?” she asked “Actually the needs your blood” he said and she quickly picked up the gun and pointed at him “No way, so it’s true” she said pointing the gun “Wha... What? What are you talking about?” he said looking confused “Shut up, you wanna kill me, right?” she said with fear “No, why the hell would I wanna do that” “You liar” she said “Please put down the gun, what’s wrong with you?” he said with fear that she might shoot “Nothing is wrong with me but I know your plans” she said “Listen, your blood is compatible with his” he said “O really, how did you know that?” she asked and he was silent “Answer me!!!” she yelled “Yvonne what’s going on?” Arnold said coming out of the kitchen “Arnold I know what you are planning. I thought you loved me” she said “You need to calm down let me explain” “No I need no explanation to this” “Yvonne relax” Uzor said “One more word from you and you are dead” she said to Uzor “Yvonne” Arnold called “Shut up” she said and dropped the gun and ran out ‘Yvonne wait” Arnold said and followed her quickly, she ran into the bushes…
Re: MARY II. A Supernatural Story. The Best There Is... by Nobody: 10:05pm On Feb 05, 2016
Maria appears in a lonely bushy path, she sighted a bike man coming, and she stopped him “Sorry where is this?” she asked “Are you lost? Don’t you know where you are?’ he said “Yeah kind of, just tell me” she said “This is Umueze” he said “Wait you mean Umueze, Delta state?” she asked and he looked at her with surprise “Did you just suddenly appear here? Or were you kidnapped?” he asked “Yeah sort of” she said; she now remembered that this was the road leading to the so-called cursed house she and her friends visited “Ok, thank you” she said and he was about to leave when she stopped him “No wait” she said “What” he said “You can’t go” she said smiling “What do you mean?” he said “I need your blood” she said and he looked at her like she was insane “You be winch? Abi you just dey mad? Which kin nonsense talk be that?” he said angrily “It’s not nonsense talk” she said and touched his head and he fell down. She brought out a knife and slit his throat, she then used his helmet to collect the blood. She drew a small triangle wide enough to stand in “Your blood stinks” she said and stood in the triangle and called Lucifer “it seems like you are having fun” Lucifer said behind her, she then turned to him “It’s easier than I thought” she said “Yes, you have my blood in you” he said “I went to the bridge where they had their last fight and it seems Metatron is dead” she said “(Laughs) do you think Leviathans die just like that? He’s alive and in Owerri with Yvonne” “Waw, how did he get there so quick?” she said “Speed, they have enough speed” “Ok, I’ll get them” she said “Yvonne’s blood is very important” he said “That would be my pleasure” she said smiling “I didn’t say kill her, ok? Good luck with it” he said and disappeared…
Re: MARY II. A Supernatural Story. The Best There Is... by Tummyyoung: 7:35am On Feb 06, 2016
y d suspence?
Re: MARY II. A Supernatural Story. The Best There Is... by Nobody: 8:44am On Feb 06, 2016

y d suspence?
which suspence
Re: MARY II. A Supernatural Story. The Best There Is... by Tummyyoung: 8:52am On Feb 06, 2016
which suspence
more updates na

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Re: MARY II. A Supernatural Story. The Best There Is... by Missmossy(f): 10:30am On Feb 06, 2016
Present cheesy

Really captivating, kudos Smallville10.


Re: MARY II. A Supernatural Story. The Best There Is... by Nobody: 11:43am On Feb 06, 2016
more updates na
coming right up

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