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Destiny Delayed But Unchanged By Oduniyi Olajide David…… / Delayed Diagnosis / List Best Military Organized Crime Inclined Story You Have Read On Nairaland (2) (3) (4)

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Destiny Delayed But Unchanged...a Short Story You Will Surely Love To Read by Olajhidey22(m): 2:48pm On Feb 08, 2016
......Episode 1

"You are making a huge mistake".

I try to shake off the voice for the thousandth time today and just like before, it isn’t exactly working. Its keeps ringing back to me.

Maybe because a part of me agreed with the voice? Maybe because I just might be making a mistake I wouldn’t be able to go back from? Maybe because I’m very nervous at the moment?

Rebecca, you will be more hurt than you were when he left! Why do you want to do that to yourself?

And again, I try to silence the voice by refusing to listen. They were the words my best friend David said to me on the phone last night about the trip I’m taking and just as I didn’t listen the previous night, I’m not listening now.

I drag my attention back to the busy road, I’m at Ado-Ekiti for a wedding…my ex’s wedding actually. My ex that I was engaged to for a few months back and he is about to get married to someone else.

And no, I am not insane. I am only acting like a good Christian should.


Now At Ado-Ekiti


I smile as I run into her outstretched arms; she holds me in a warm embrace and kisses my forehead so many times I begin to giggle.

“I’m so glad you came,” she says to me when we disengage from the embrace and I know that she means it. Not just because she says it with so much sincerity but because her eyes actually echo her words.

“It is the right thing to do ma” I respond and the voice in my head scoffs. Right thing to do? It asks and like I have made up my mind to do, I ignore it.

She nods in response to my answer and then squeezes my hands “Are you sure you are okay with…”

“Ahn ahn come on mummy. I’m fine I promise” I answer, reassuring her and more importantly, reassuring myself. I can cope, I hope.

I travelled down from Lagos for this, I can cope, I really can. I decide that my new meditation to chant for the next three days will be “I can cope”…or maybe “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me?”

My Ex’s mother nods again and gives her heart-warming smile. “Oya come inside, let’s go and deal with this wahala together.” She says to me and I follow her with my small travelling bag.

As I enter the house, memories come rushing back and most of them are unwelcome. I don’t want to remember the times I spent with him in this house and our good times together. No. It is not healthy; it isn’t right, it isn’t…

“Rebecca this is Linda, the bride to be…” My ex’s mother gauges my reaction as she says the words. Bless this woman’s soul, she just doesn’t want me to get hurt. But she needs to know I can’t. I’m happy for her son and that is all that matters at the moment.

To make her understand that am after nothing but her Son's happiness, I dragged Linda into a warm embrace and as aware as I am of her surprise, I don’t act it.

“Congrats Linda” I say and she manages a smile. She is still shocked at how nice I seem and I’m not sure if she knows I’m her groom’s ex but she can’t seem to understand the whole nice attitude.

“Thanks” she says and then adds “thanks”. There is an awkward moment of silence after which she faces her would-be-mother-in-law.

“They say my maid of honour is still sick. I’m really worried, its my big day in two days and I don’t know if she’d be able to make it” Linda says.

“Don’t fret Linda. Everything would be fine” my Ex’s mother tells her and I nod.

Then I say without thinking “Yes. Just tell me if you need anything, I’d be glad to help”.

Linda and my Ex’s mom look at me as if I’ve just being delivered at the doorstep with a bow. I know I’m being silly but I’m nervous! Freaking nervous! I need to get out here.

I smile like an idiot and say to nobody in particular, “I’d be in the guest room” after which I disappear in a flash.


“I told you it was a stupid idea. Now you are being silly simply because you are nervous and you won’t shut up! Rebecca take the next cab and get out of that town” David yells from the other end of the line. I called him immediately I entered the guest room and told him what I just did.

“Come on David, I’m already here. I can’t leave” I reply. Or can I?

“Sure you can. You can get a freaking cab and leave. Why are you staying in their house anyway? Whatever happened to a hotel if you have to be there?” He inquires and I can’t help but agree. What am I doing here? Oh I remember why and I tell him again…

“His mum asked for me to stay here and…”

“And you could have said no. Jeez, whatever got into you?”

“I will be fine David. You need to trust me.”

“You better be. And you better not keep me in the dark. I don’t trust you to take care of yourself anymore. I don’t know what you are thinking going to attend the wedding of a man who broke your heart…”

And that stings. He didn’t have to remind me “David… I have forgiven him. You need to know that this is part of what forgiveness does…”

“Going to your ex’s wedding? That’s stupidity. And two days earlier?”

Maybe he is right. Maybe I should pick my bags and leave. I decide to seriously consider that when I hear a knock on the door and my Ex’s mother comes in.

“I’m going to run an errand. Do you want to come?” She asks and I nod quickly, glad to be distracted from David and his stinging words.

“Let me get back to you David, I have to attend to something” I say quickly and hang up while I hear him say something like “You are being silly…”

I grin at my Ex’s mother. “Let’s go ma”.


The drive had saved me from David’s hurtful words but it had delivered me into the hands of my Ex’s mother’s kind words that I could do without.

She keeps telling me about how happy she is that I could get over the hurt and act like a grown up but I honestly would rather everyone stops talking about my arrival.

Maybe I should check into a hotel and stay away from David’s calls and messages?

That is seriously under consideration.

“Have you seen him?” My Ex's mum mum asked.

The “him” in question is my ex and I haven’t seen him. We haven’t spoken in over a week and he doesn’t know I would be here because I didn’t give him an answer when he last pleaded with me to come.

“No..” I answer. I haven’t seen him in over a year as well. Not since he returned to the states.

There’s silence in the car and when her phone suddenly rings, I’m happy I don’t have to endure another awkward silence. How many of those do I need to endure till the weekend is over though? I wonder.

The wedding is on Saturday and its only Wednesday evening.

“Hello…Micheal? Kilode?” She responded on picking the call..

My heart skips a beat at the mention of his name. That’s him. Am I prepared to meet him? I haven’t thought about that in a long time but now I’m not sure. But then I still have a little time to prepare…

“Okay, Rebecca and I are headed in that direction. We would see you soon.”

What direction? I thought to myself....Wait, are we seeing him now? Damn, I am so not ready for this!

How Do I Face Him and My Emotions wont Disappoint Me?

-To Be Continued-

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Re: Destiny Delayed But Unchanged...a Short Story You Will Surely Love To Read by Olajhidey22(m): 2:58pm On Feb 08, 2016
.......Episode 2

We arrive at where Micheal is and when he alighted from the car he was sitting in, I stare at him like an idiot and even when his mother gets down to go meet him, I kept staring at him not knowing the next line of action to take.

He in turn moves closer to the car i was, opens it and drags me out of it. Then without warning, he pulls me close and hugs me tight, very tight, tighter than I expected.

“How are you?” He whispers and I nod, there isn’t much space to speak as he hasn’t released me from the tight hug. “I didn’t know you were coming…” He says after he finally releases me. “We have a lot to catch up on.” He then directs his gaze to his mother “let me drop you off mummy and get the mechanic to come fix this car.”

His mother nods in response.. He then looked at me and said again “I’ve missed you” I blushed.

“You look well…scratch that, you look beautiful” he says to me once the three of us head towards where his mum needs to run an errand and I’m speechless. I don’t know what to say.

Stop being an idiot, thank you is a good way to start!

I follow the voice in my head and decide to give an answer but this comes out instead, “I know”

He laughs, heartily. I remember the laughter, it used to be contagious, it still is because I chuckle.

“We really need to catch up on everything…” He says to me and looks in my direction. His hand finds its way to my face and he cups my chin with his finger. My heart begins to race and I wonder if I’m sane when his phone saves me from thinking like a mad woman.

“Linda” he says as he picks it. “What? I’m heading home right-away”

We left together to his place immediately he dropped the call.


“They say she’s really ill! Her parents say she can’t make it down here before the wedding on Saturday! What the heck am I to do baby?”

Linda sobs like a little child and I try to look away from the sight of Micheal holding her and calming her down as he whispers sweet words to her.

I should be okay with this, I should expect this. I mean I knew there would be a you-may-kiss-your-bride kiss and every other kiss brides and grooms share. So why am I not comfortable with Micheal holding his bride to be?

“She is a size 6 baby. None of the girls here are that size. Not one single one of the bridesmaids. This is a big deal! How do I work down the aisle without a maid of honour?! That’s like ruining the entire wedding!” She continues to say as she sobs in the hands of my Micheal.

I honestly can’t stay here anymore. I should have dropped off with Micheal’s mum, instead of returning here with him and watching this episode.

“The wedding is ruined…” Linda continues to say and I’m tempted to shut her up. The wedding can’t be ruined cos there is no maid of honour, all she needs do is find someone else and…..

“She can be, can't she?” I hear her say. And when I turn to look at her, I realise she’s staring at me.

“What?” I ask, wondering what is going on.

“You are a size 6. The dress would fit perfectly. Please be my maid of honour. Let me get the dress.” She says and disappears into the room.

I gape at her as she exits.


“You did what? Rebecca!”

I don’t say anything. Nothing at all, I just hold the phone to my ear and stare at my reflection in the mirror.

I should have kept the piece of information to myself but again, I had to share. I had to tell the closest person to me at the moment, David. And he’s crucifying me for it just as I expected.


He doesn’t let me speak, “Rebecca, I won’t lie to you but you just did the most stupid thing anybody can do in this situation!”

That irks me and because I can’t help it, I respond “so what now? I’m always stupid? I don’t need your lecture right now” and then I hang up.

Face it; you’re really being stupid.

I can hang up on David but I can’t stop my mind from hurling the same words at me. Be a maid of honour at my own ex’s wedding? A year ago I wanted it to be Him and I standing in front of the pastor being proclaimed husband & wife, I wanted to be the woman standing next to him, not the woman standing behind the woman standing next to him.

I’m being silly.

I picked the dress Linda handed over to me earlier and within few minutes i had pulled off the cloth i was putting on and changed to the gown. I stared at my reflection in the mirror. I’m wearing the maid of honour’s dress. It is a peach coloured knee length gown, with short sleeves and a plunging neckline. The dress fits perfectly like it was made for me. I try to smile. But even that doesn’t make me feel better about being a maid of honour at Micheal’s wedding.

Someone knocks and I responded “come in” without turning to look at who it is.

“Rebecca. What are you doing?” He asks as soon as he steps into the room.

I turn to stare at him. He is looking at me with uncertainty in his eyes.

“Wearing a dress…”I reply.

“Don’t be silly Rebecca. What are you doing giving Linda’s proposal a thought?” He asks, stepping closer and making my heart race. Wait, why am I feeling this attracted to someone else’s husband to be?

“Micheal it isn’t such a bad idea…”

“It seems like it is to me. Maybe you should seriously think about it before giving her an answer” He says, now staring into my eyes and standing really close to me.

I try to speak but nothing comes out. Am I crossing the line between being a good Christian and being utterly foolish?

Talking about foolish, why am I hoping Micheal would hug and kiss me or something? And like he can read my mind, he does the former but limits the latter to my forehead.

“I care so much about you Rebecca. I don’t want you to do something silly…I don’t want you to hurt”

“Oh. You didn’t seem to think of that when you walked away a year ago.” I snap angrily and then immediately wonder why that came out. I step out of his embrace and move away from him.

“Rebecca, you left me no choice…” He replies

“I left you no choice? Listen to yourself…you were supposed to be head over heels in love with me, yet you walked because we had a disagreement!” I yelled.

“It wasn’t just a disagreement and you know it.” He responded and I turned to face him.


“Yes Rebecca. You were disrespectful to me and all we stood for, you took my love for granted and didn’t give back as much as I did! That relationship lasted that long because of me!”

There’s silence in the room as we both stare at each other with so much anger. Wait, where did that even come from?

“I can’t believe you. Now you’re taking credit for holding the relationship together?” I break the silence after a few seconds.

“I hate to say Yes but it was all me Rebecca. All me…I was insanely in love with you but all you did was lock up your heart, be cold and you cheated on…” He stops midway as he realises his mistake.

My heart beats faster and my pulse begins to race, he on the other hand tries to move closer

“Get out” I say quietly.

“Rebecca, I’m sorry…”

“Get out” I repeat and deep down inside of me, I know I’m leaving tomorrow morning.

-To Be Continued-

Source: http://www.bussydave.com.ng/2016/02/story-destiny-delayed-but-unchanged-episode-2
Re: Destiny Delayed But Unchanged...a Short Story You Will Surely Love To Read by Olajhidey22(m): 3:01pm On Feb 08, 2016
.............Episode 3

I didn’t sleep all through the night, when all the time I was having to sleep is spent on crying about Micheal and I. I can’t say the reason why I’m crying exactly but I think it’s got something to do with the fact that he hurt my feelings and because I can’t understand why I allowed him get to me that much.

I did cheat on Micheal at the beginning of our relationship and I was genuinely sorry when he found out. We weren’t all that serious when it happened and I knew it hurt him but I tried my best to make it up to him. After winning his affection back, I thought we were past it. He did act like we were past it. Why in God’s name did it now come up again last night? Does this implies that he never forgave me?


I check my wristwatch, it is 6am. A very good time to start getting ready to leave. I ditch my clothes for my towel and I’m almost in the bathroom when I hear a knock. Its 6am, why is anyone knocking the door at this time?

“Please come in” I respond and Micheal’s mom walks in.

“I’m sorry to disturb you dear, but there’s something I need from this room. Hope you slept well?”

I nod and manage a smile. “Ekaaro ma” I add and then I try to proceed into the bathroom.

“Why are you up so early by the way? Nobody ever gets up early in this house…”

“I’m leaving ma” I say and I realise immediately that I shouldn’t have told her the real reason I’m up early. She will try to find out why and talking about last night is the last thing I want to do.

“Did you and Micheal fight?”

Oh no…


The result of revealing my reason for waking early to Micheal’s mum, is sitting opposite Micheal in his father’s private study room and trying to “settle things” with him like his mum thinks.

We haven’t said a word to each other yet. All we are doing at the moment is looking everywhere but at each other.

He is staring at his fingers and I am counting the number of books on the shelves and then looking at the fan and the calendar and….

“You did hurt me,” he said and I drag my gaze to him, but he’s still not looking at me.

“Wait you aren’t going to apologize?…” I asked.

“Let me finish” he cuts in and this time he actually looks at me. “After you cheated, I forgave you…it was hard but I let it go. I was in love with you and being with you made more sense than letting you go, but our incessant fights after and your coldness I couldn’t take…”

I am speechless and spellbound not by his speech but by his expression. He looks hurt!

My heart breaks knowing I’m responsible for his pain. I feel bad.

“Rebecca, yesterday night shouldn’t have happened. I shouldn’t have mentioned it and I’m sorry.”

I nod. He reaches for my hands and adds “please let it go”

“I’m sorry too” I say to him and I truly mean it.

“Oh…what are you guys doing in here…alone?” Linda banged in on us.

We both turn to face our company and I swallow hard as I watch her eye me with contempt and suspicion.


“I decided to stay again when she saw me in the study alone with her fiancé, with nothing on but a tank and towel…I’m trying to make her feel at ease. If I’d left, it would have looked like I was running away from something or that Micheal and I are hiding something. I don’t want her to walk down the aisle with doubts in her mind…”

“You mean like Micheal will?” David asks and I don’t understand him.

“I don’t get…” I inquire. After Linda caught me with her husband-to-be some hours ago in the study with nothing on but a towel tied across my chest and a tank to cover it, she’s been acting cold. I felt guilty instantly and changed my mind about leaving town and now I’m in a car with Micheal’s driver on the way to church for the wedding rehearsal.

I called David who I have been ignoring his missed calls because of his response last night and after I accept his apology, I fill him in on the details he’s missed out on. He can be a pain on my back sometimes, but he’s still my best friend always.

“You said you don’t want her to have doubts…” He continues

I nod like he can see me “yes. You know, seeing her fiancé and his ex in the study alone can spring up numerous silly thoughts.”

“All I’m saying is I’m sure Micheal will be walking down the aisle two days from now with doubts on his mind”

“Why would you even think that. He’s in love with her, I’ve seen the way he looks at her”

“Are you trying to convince yourself Rebecca? Because I’m not convinced and all you’ve told me about both of you in the last twelve hours looks to me like you both still have strong feelings for each other. I mean, what’s the explanation for all that emotion you both had all over the place last night?”

I didn’t say anything. I literally can’t speak.

David continues, “If you must stay there, steer clear of the groom. He’s clearly still in love with you”

“How would you even know that?” I ask. He can’t be serious… it can’t be true.

“Because I am a man. And some things we only do when we feel so strongly about someone.”

And my heart once again, begins to race.


I sat six rows away from Linda and Micheal when we arrive at the church. Just as I had decided not to ride with them on purpose from home, I have decided to let them have all the space they need, away from me.

There still seems to be chemistry between Micheal and I, which I can’t even lie to myself about. But I am not here to take him away from the woman he wants to marry. I mean, he refused to work things out with us and proposed to her instead. It means he doesn’t want us and he’s ready to live without me.

And that I totally understand and I’m willing to let him have his happily ever after. I’m not even going to believe a word of what David says about him because I’m sure Micheal is over me… Over us.

I fiddle with my Blackberry Q10 and try not to look in their direction. Truth be told, I’m not all that comfortable with watching them. But again, nobody forced me to come here for this wedding.

The bridesmaids begin to walk in one after the other and I’m grateful we have company in the almost empty church.

I watch them all as they greeted me politely and went on to chat with the bride. She seems to be arguing with Micheal over something and I prayed silently that it had better get nothing to do with me.

Linda smiles at her friends as they all giggle and talk about her cake and their dresses and shoes and whatever. This spells out clearly that those are her real friends. I’m not a friend. I shouldn’t be her maid of honour; I shouldn’t be acting like I am. This is another chance to walk away from this insanity, I decide. And I am on my feet, about to walk over to her when the pastor walks into the church.

Ok. I hope to get another chance.

We all move to the front row and once again, I distance myself from the couple and I’m glad the bridesmaids are too excited and I’m almost not seen.

I’m still thinking of how Behind their church is, organising a wedding rehearsal when the pastor tells us all to come take our place.

My church won’t even do this. Them get time?

I saw the groom’s mum and whom I think might be the bride’s mom walk in. No father in sight. Making more money for the wedding maybe? Or maybe they can’t just be bothered with wedding rehearsal when the real wedding is the koko.

The pastor assumes his position and we all get ready.

Before I made this trip, I told myself a million and one times over that I am ready for it. But now, as I walk in behind the bride and watch Micheal smile as she inches closer, I can’t take it.

The reality hits me in the face and suddenly I felt this sudden surge of pain and disappointment, knowing that I am going to lose Micheal forever. I want to leave this place but I decide to stay until it’s over.

Quit fooling yourself and ditch this maid of honour joke.

I agree with the thought in my head. I can’t do this.

We arrive at the altar and the pastor explains the part where Micheal says his vows. I didn’t pay much attention to them so all he’s saying is lost on me.

“Oya Micheal…. you go first” I hear the pastor say.

“I Micheal Adetunji, take you Rebecca…”

Ah!.. Everyone shouted.

How was Micheal able to save his marriage from crashing after such a terrible mistake of uttering Rebecca's name?

-To Be Continued-

Source: http://www.bussydave.com.ng/2016/02/story-destiny-delayed-but-unchanged-episode-3
Re: Destiny Delayed But Unchanged...a Short Story You Will Surely Love To Read by Olajhidey22(m): 3:09pm On Feb 08, 2016
.........Episode 4

I frooze like a robot. I turn to face the couple.

Linda is shocked, so is Micheal himself and so is his mum and every other person in the church.

“I’m sorry…”He mutters. “I don’t even know where that came from…”

But Linda would have none of it as we all watch her run out of the church in tears.

“Oh my God Micheal, what were you thinking?” I ask in genuine shock. Wondering why in God’s name my name came out instead of his bride’s.

“You!” He responds and then runs after his bride.

My knees are weak and I honestly think I would fall, so I grab the closest chair and sit.

The wedding rehearsal has been disrupted, thanks to Micheal’s mistake and half of the people who came are with him and Linda outside the church.

I bow my head as I cover my face with my hands. This is going to be disastrous. Linda is going to hate me…forever.

A good Christian forgives her ex and maybe attends his wedding but a good Christian doesn’t ruin the wedding.

Some of the bridesmaids that didn’t rush out are whispering and I know it has a lot to do with me. I raise my head and look around the empty church. There has to be somewhere I can hide my face for a short while? Because I’m sure this whole group will think there’s an affair between the groom and i and that’s why my name popped up instead of his bride’s.

There’s got to be a toilet in a church as large as this, right? I stand and walk past the few bridesmaids gathered and scan the church for the toilet. I can’t afford to go outside now – too risky.

As I near the exit, I hear the bride’s mom ask “who is this Rebecca?”

Hmm …another reason to avoid that place for now. Suddenly, I sighted the toilet sign from where I was and like a mad woman is pursuing me, I dashed in and bolt the door behind me.

Leaning against the wall with my eyes tightly shut, I begin to relive the events of the past few minutes in my head. I’m going to have to leave.

Coming here in the first place was utterly foolish and ridiculous. The right thing to do now would be to leave.

I dial David’s number and narrate the recent development to him.

“You know I told you this…”

“David” I didn’t let him finish. “Just don’t rebuke me for once. Just…just be my best friend now.” I said to him and I hear him sigh.

“How are you feeling now?” He asks me in a softer tone and I know he really does care.

“Horrible David…horrible. I felt like I ruined the real wedding itself.” I reply, dreading the minute I’d walk out of the toilet and face the people outside.

“They’ll be fine. The question is are you going to be fine?” He asks and I realize that I honestly don’t know.


I stay in the toilet for extra thirty minutes and then stroll out of there. Everyone has vacated the church and I sigh in relief. I have decided to go pack my things and head back to Lagos.

When I step out of the church, I realise the whole compound has been deserted by everyone. Everyone, except Micheal.

“Why are you here?” I ask as I sight him sitting on the church staircase, his gaze on nothing in particular. I look around and there is no Linda at sight. My heart breaks and for the thousandth time I feel very bad.

He doesn’t respond and I try again, “Where’s Linda? Is she okay?”

Again, he gives me no answer.

I sat by him and stare at the cars that speed by on the road. We both stay that way for some minutes before he finally speaks

“I wanted it to be you. I have never felt that way about any other woman. Never. I loved you with my entire being, it was either you or nobody else…”

I look at him and I realise that he has a distant look in his eyes. I don’t know where his mind is exactly but it is sure not here with him.

“I let myself believe the feelings ended with us…” He continued and suddenly stopped. Again, moments passed and neither of us said a word.

“Why are you here Rebecca?” He breaks the silence by facing me with the question.

I don’t know what to say, especially since his expression is so unreadable.

“You need to leave.” He adds and gets up.

I nod. It is something I have decided to do with David’s full support anyways.

He pulls me up and without letting go of my hands stares at me intently, “Rebecca…the first time I met Linda, I told myself I’d make it work with her. She fell in love with me and even though I had to catch up with that, when I fell in love with her I promised myself that I’d make it work with her the way I could never do with you”

I swallow hard and nod as I listen to him say all these things from the bottom of his heart “I was sure I had made the right decision until last night. That argument changed everything, I started thinking about everything again. Everything Rebecca. Everything I should have let go off. I’m still in love with you and you shouldn’t be here. I’m sorry and I love the fact that you’re being selfless but let me see this through”

I blink back the tears but I can’t stop it. It flows down freely.


I can’t say that I didn’t expect Linda to come to me, one thing I didn’t expect is for her to walk into the room I was and stare at me for a long time without uttering a word.

I’m packing some of my things that I left out and getting ready to leave as early as possible tomorrow. At least that was what I was busy doing before Linda walked in. I know she wants to kill me at that moment and I honestly don’t blame her.

She laughs and I turn to look at her. For the first time I realise that her eyes are swollen and reddish from what I assume are too much tears.

I honestly need to leave because seeing her this way makes me feel guilty.

“You know, when my mom was asking me earlier why I didn’t just see what Micheal did as a harmless mistake, I thought…this woman knows nothing about what’s going on” she begins as soon as her laughter ends. “I hated you from the moment you walked into this house wanting to be a part of the preparations, acting like you’ve got a big heart and like you’re here to wish us a happy married life.”

She stares at me, hatred clearly written in there.

Oh well…

“I have lived in your bleeping shadow for months! Micheal was so much in love with you when I came along and I had hoped it would pass. It never did and when he fell for me, I still knew that it never did. When you came here for the wedding, I tried to make you a friend. 'Bring your enemies closer' they say and that was what I tried to do. It was what I tried to do, Rebecca! That’s why I stayed an extra day here. What bride stays at her groom’s days to the wedding? You make me so bleeping insecure!”

My heart breaks for the thousandth time as I watch fresh tears flow down her face. I hate myself so much at the moment. I feel so awful.

“He’s still in love with you…that’s my worst fear…he still loves you…” She says to me almost in a whisper. “The way he stared at you in the study earlier? That’s him in deep love. And you know it” she cleans her face with the back of her palms. “What’s more? You love him too”

She stares at me as if daring me to disagree. And I know I dare not. I’m still insanely in love with Micheal the way I was a year ago.

“You know, I cheated on Micheal once? He never knew. I was with this guy while I was with him simply because I was so scared one day he’d run off to you. Your memories kept haunting me…just get the Bleep out Rebecca…please” now her eyes are pleading.

Jeez, she must be going through a whole lot of emotions at once!

“Please let me make him happy…please”.

She crosses the room and was by my side in seconds “please, just get the hell out of here and give us the chance to imagine you don’t exist”

I nod and manage a smile.

“I would want to spend my life with you if I was a man as well…I understand why he’s this way…” She grabs my hands and again says, “please”

“Its okay Linda. I’ll leave in the morning. And I’m sorry you feel this way about everything. I never meant to cause any harm” I say to her.

She nods. And she hugs me. And I know that I just passed on forever the only man I’d ever truly love.

-To Be Continued-

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....Episode 5

Wild parties and loud music aren’t things I exactly associate myself with, but here we are (I and Linda) in this very loud club where we can hardly hear our own voices.

She asked me to come out with her to celebrate, after I agreed to return to Lagos and here we are in this stupid noisy place while she gets drunk.

I stare on at ugly looking middle aged women who parade themselves as strippers and smile once in a while at Linda, just assuring her that I’m certainly leaving on the morrow.

When she begins to get drunk, I know she’d be my responsibility and so I try to stop her. She laughs and drags me to the dance floor where she begins to dance wildly.

I notice some few guys trying to take advantage of her and I decided it is time to go home.

I drag her along with me; grab her car keys and head out of the door.

It is raining heavily outside and we are drenched in seconds. Damn it, how in God’s name am I supposed to drive under this condition?

I brace myself up and get a very drunk Linda into the car, and then I join her in the car by getting into the driver’s seat and locking it up.

I turn on the ignition and drove slowly towards home. Thoughts of Micheal ran through my mind and it’s very hard to ignore the hurt, the pain and heartbreak that I feel.

But Linda is a good woman; he’d be safe with her.

David’s words echo in my head I know they’ll be fine. What about you?

The car brought me back to reality as it suddenly stops.

I try to start the engine and it won’t come on.

“What’s happening?” I mutter. I turn to look at Linda hoping she’d help somehow but she’s fast asleep.

Nice. I mutter in frustration and dial the only help I can get, Micheal.


By the time Micheal arrived at the scene, I have tried to check the battery and whatever in the car bonnet and I am seriously drenched and very cold.

I realize it is something with the security that I’d have known to check if Linda hadn’t been so drunk.

“You look so exhausted” Micheal said to me softly and then hugs me. “Let me take you both home”

When we arrive home, he caters for his wife-to-be first and joined me therafter.

“I should make you coffee” he said and I follow him to get the coffee

“You look like a child that needs her mummy though…so scattered, confused and disorganized. See how you were staring under the rain” he adds and laughs.

“I was scared jor, get out” I respond playfully. Who wouldn’t have been? Stuck on the road in that heavy rain that late at night.

We both laugh. And then there’s silence.

“I’m sorry Micheal… I…”

“Shhh…”He places his finger on my lips. “Let’s just laugh okay? We’ve had so much wahala all day. Let’s just laugh.”

I nod and he smiles. And he moves closer, making me breathless and making my heart race.

“I’d miss you when you leave” he says hoarsely

I nod. I’d miss him too. But we shouldn’t be discussing…

His mouth engages mine in a kiss before I can think further. And no I didn’t slap him or push him away or do what I should be doing as a sane person, I threw my hands around his neck, and returned his kiss passionately.


“I’m going to hurt her” he says to me as he watches me head out of the kitchen.

I had disengaged from the kiss that was most likely going to end badly and had been running to my room to escape from my own foolishness when he says those words.

I halt, turned to face him and told him “Micheal, you won’t…try not to”

He shakes his head and that moment, I know I’m in trouble.

“You know me Rebecca. This isn’t who I am. When I started to have doubts about us, I ended the relationship. Now I’m having second thoughts about Linda. I feel like I need more time”. He says and I run to him and hold his hands

“It is two days to your wedding! You can’t do this! This isn’t a movie” I said to him, hoping that he would get over this moment and be reasonable.


“I’m not going to talk you into this madness Micheal. If you think I’d support you breaking her heart and walking away because I showed up, then have another thing coming. You started this and you will end it!” I cut in and then stop when I realise I am raising my voice. It is getting late and I shouldn’t be talking so loud. I don’t want to wake the household and have them wonder what we are doing here all alone after the crazy day we all had.

“You are sounding like you want me to marry her” he says quietly and I am thrown off balance for a few seconds. I don’t know what to say, I am stunned! I wasn’t expecting that.

He continues to speak “you can tell the whole world you came here to wish me a happy married life but you know deep down it wasn’t for that”

“Excuse me?” I found my voice and I can’t believe he is making me seem so needy. Like I need him so badly that I came all the way to throw myself at him.

“Rebecca, you don’t want me to marry Linda and that’s the truth”

“Micheal if you need a reason to make a stupid decision, do not blame it on me.” I responded. I’m getting angry.

There’s silence for a while and during this period I try to calm my nerves. What is going on? Why in the world am I here?

For the first time since I made the decision to attend this wedding, I told myself that I am utterly stupid.

“What are we going to do?” He asks me, uncertainty in his eyes.

“Marry her” I say to him.

“You are being selfish Rebecca” he replies and I wonder how. I’m being selfless dashing him out to Linda not selfish. “You don’t want the world to hate you for this. That’s why you want me to marry her” he adds and I can’t help but agree because it is the pure undiluted truth.

“Micheal, we can’t do this. We can’t let this all end. I’m leaving tomorrow morning like I said earlier, please make it work with your bride and forget all of these” I say to him and he nods and smiles sadly.

Again, he reaches forward, grabs me and kisses me. This time It is like he is trying to pass a message across, but I can’t say what it is.

-To Be Continued-

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..........Episode 6

I woke up quite early and jet out. It would be a long journey back to Lagos and I left home early enough.

I didn’t say goodbye to anybody. Not Micheal, not his mom, not Linda. I slipped a note under Linda’s door that reads “Take care of him” but I didn’t say goodbye or anything related to it.

As I drag my small box and handbag out of the compound, memories of Micheal and I came flooding through and I tried to fight back the tears that are trying so hard to drop.

I remember the first time we met, our first kiss, our first real date, our first everything and what eventually tore us apart. I remember the past few days and last night.

When I realise I can’t take it anymore, I stood on the road and cover my hands with my eyes as I let the tears flow freely.

He’s gone. Forever. Why did I let him? Why did I let him become Linda’s? Why didn’t I fight harder? Why did I come here? Why is it so hard to let go? Would I feel better?

A few people walk by and send me concerned looks but I quickly find my tissue paper and I clean my face while I scan the area for a taxi.

One eventually slows down and I get in.

“I love you” I whisper as the driver makes his way to the park.


“Are you okay Rebecca?” David’s concerned voice asks over the phone and again I felt like crying.

“I’m not David…I don’t know why and I don’t know if I’m even allowed to feel this way but I’m not” I reply, trying hard not to cry again.

David sighs and continues to talk “I knew it would be hard for you. But are you sure you are doing the right thing?”

“By leaving? Yes I am. I’m giving them the opportunity to be happy” I answer.

“At the expense of your own happiness” he says

“David, I am not the other woman. I’m not the woman who ruins the relationship because she wants the man…”

“No you aren’t the other woman. You are the main woman. Whether you leave today or not, Linda would forever be the other woman in Micheal’s world”

I didn’t say anything, I ponder on his words. Oh my heart is going to break. Its like one year ago all over again.

“Should I pick you up at the park in Lagos?” He asks me

“Yes” I reply.

“I love you Rebecca. Be safe” he responded and I noded like he can see me.


I slept all through the journey back to Lagos. I didn’t want to think of Micheal, so I decided to doze off. Sleeping didn’t help much though as I see him in my dream all through.

I’m just messed up. Maybe time would heal me; maybe burying my head in work will help.

David is at the park as he promised and when I sighted him, I ran into his arms like a little child and lean on him while fresh tears begin to form. He kisses my head and holds me there while I cry.

We eventually make it to his sleek Range Rover after I’ve shed enough tears to bathe a baby.

While we drive to his place, I thank God for the first time ever that David is a Film Actor. That is the reason he can have so much time on his hand for me.

I listen to him tell me his planned itinerary for us in the next one week. It includes attending the entire classy red carpets event he’s been invited to as an A-list actor and travelling to Ghana and South Africa. I laugh for the first time in days, the blogs and media would have a filled day reporting this.

“Guess what? I made a playlist of all your fave songs here…you gats to feel better,” he said as he connects an auxiliary cord to his phone and his music player and the amazing voice of Sinach fills the car.

I smiled and hold his hands tight, he smiles back and winks at me.

“I got you” he said, and I’m glad that he’s there for me. It makes me feel somewhat better.

My phone rings and I pick it to check, it is Micheal’s mom.

“Hello ma” I said immediately I picked the call.

“Are you with Micheal? Because he is not picking his calls and he’s not home. We’ve been looking for him for hours” she said and I frown. Now that’s strange.

“No ma…I…”

I’m interrupted by someone who walks into the room Micheal’s mum is calling from.


I hear her say.

“Rebecca, what do you know about this?”

“Know about what ma?”

“They said he’s left the country. He dropped a note for Linda that he’s left the country. Please come here now. Where are you?”

My jaw drops as I turn to face my best friend. What the heck does Micheal think he’s doing?

I remembered the statement Micheal made to me when i was heading out of the kitchen the other day at his house.... “I’m going to hurt her”...Could this be his plan? I asked myself.

-To Be Continued-

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Episode 7....

“Are you kidding? You can’t possibly go back”

I look at David as he stares at me like I’m mad.

“I need to. They can’t find him” I responded as I gauge his expression. He isn’t happy with me, he seems to think it’s stupid for me to go back to Ado-Ekiti but I felt the strong need to. Micheal has suddenly disappeared a day to his wedding and for some reason I think he’s up to something stupid.

“You aren’t going back to that town, let them sort their issh themselves” David said to me and directs his full glare on the road. And until the evening when we get ready to attend a movie premiere, he didn’t say any more words to me.


“David, I feel like Micheal is on to something stupid and I feel the need to stop him. In fact, I feel like I’m the only one who can stop him” I said to my best friend as we approached the venue of the movie premiere.

“You know, you are the only woman in this world who would go out of her way to ensure her man marries another woman and then start looking all over the place for him. It’s like the dude is some Christmas present you are gifting away with all your heart and then wanting to have back the next minute. Its almost ridiculous” he responds without facing me – Just like before, it is almost as if I’m not there.

I sigh as I look at him, hoping that he would at least look at me and tell me to stop staring. He’s looking very much like the movie star that he is in a blue coloured blazer, white shirt and jeans. I know the number of groupies who would die for this man, in fact, I’ve gotten insults in the past simply because they thought I was his girlfriend.

I’ve never loved him that way though, I had always wondered why but now I know it is because my heart has always been with Micheal. My stupid flawed Micheal. I hope he’s fine wherever he’s gone to hide.

I had told his mom I had to run back to Lagos to take care of some emergency and she’d understood but I haven’t called to ask if he’s been seen. Maybe I should now?

As if David knew what I’m about to say, he speaks “you won’t be making any calls tonight. You’d take a breath of fresh air, party hard, meet movie stars, business executives, photographers, actors and enjoy every bit of the night. Drop that phone in the dashboard …better still, give it to me.” He snatches my phone, puts it into his pocket and then returns his gaze to the road. He does all these without smiling.


I am certainly not made for the life of a movie star or celebrity – All these flashing camera lights and noise around me? I look bored as I wore a fake smile while David moves around the crowd greeting his colleagues and friends.

My five inch heels are beginning to make my feet hurt and I desperately want to kick off the pretty shoes, grab a glass of cold water and sleep.

“Oh she’s so beautiful!” I heard yet another movie director say to David about me. I nod and smile. This is getting boring. Is this what Genevieve, Ramsey Noah, David and the entire Nollywood stars go through? Whoa, some life.

After we have greeted what seems like a trillion people, I whisper in David’s ears that I’d like to visit the ladies.

“One picture please” one photographer said to David and again I pose like a zombie with a huge grin and make it towards the toilet before another one comes along.

Immediately I walk into the toilet, I kick off my shoes and hold them as I stand in front of the huge mirror.

I tried a real smile this time and it doesn’t reach my eyes. I am still thinking of Micheal and I’m still missing him and hoping he’s safe. Would he attend his wedding tomorrow and marry Linda? Would he be happy with her? Would he remember me? I’m being stupid. Of course he’d marry her and forget me. Life isn’t a movie.

I took a last look at myself and my ponytail is still firmly held by the little ribbon I used to tie it and my make up is still intact. I still look as pretty as when I stepped out of the house about an hour ago.

I headed towards the door after putting on my shoes and I almost collapse but someone grabs me suddenly.

“Are you his girlfriend?” The person asks referring to David.

“No!” I said a little too loud, wondering why this young man would be so interested in that news. Wouldn’t they all write whatever on their blogs by tomorrow morning anyway?

“Oh thank God. He’s still single yeah?” He asks me and I wonder why I’m being tortured like this.

“You might want to ask him that…” I say

“He’s such a cute man with chiseled jaw, broad shoulders, firm hands…” The young man said.

And then the realization suddenly hits me. This man is a gay! Oh wow. David would love this. I joked and laughed inwardly. At least this would serve him right for seizing my phone.

“I could introduce you guys” I said with a sly smile on my face.

“Gee, thanks!” He replied as his face lighten up.

Hehehe, hopefully they both don’t end up in jail for fourteen years...Lolz


“The next time you do that I’d kill you!” David said jokingly to me after i introduce him to the gay young man and I laughed in an uncontrollable manner.

He’s still angry at me for setting him up with his male admirer. “I owe you one Rebecca. I totally owe you one”

I put my tongue out and kept on laughing at him. When we return to the apartment it is very late and I drag my feet to the guest room.

“Your phone” he says and I grab it.

I saw four missed calls from Micheal and I’m excited, knowing he must have been safe to call me.

“Micheal called. should I call him?” I said to David

“Why?” He asks, looking at me as if I just uttered some blasphemy of some sort.

“He called, David. Let me call back to be sure he’s safe” I say and try to call Micheal back but his phone is switched off. I try more a couple of times but its the same response.

David crosses the room and stands very close to me “Rebecca, you are going to get hurt” he began to say, “let me take care of you…” And then he placed his lips on mine for the very first time....it took a short while before I knew what was going on.

I pull him aside. “What in the world are you doing?” I ask, not believing that he just tried that.


“David, we can’t do this. Its not who we are”

“Oh, its not who we are? I’m too far deep in this friend zone to be who you want?” David replied.

I’m slightly irritated at that statement. “David, what in the world is wrong with you? We’ve never discussed this. Why are you suddenly thinking you’ve been friend zoned? What’s that?” What’s friend zone by the way? Wasn’t that term composed by a bunch of small boys? Why is it suddenly my best friend’s term to me?

“You’d rather take a man who left you for another woman over me? You’d rather have a complicated situation than see the world with me?” He asks and I try to search his eyes, hoping it would reveal what he’s thinking. Is he nuts?

“I can’t believe you” I mutter.

“I can’t believe you Rebecca. Life isn’t this hard, why leave this for that”

I nod. And after a few minutes I dash into the guest room and lay on the bed. I can’t believe David just tried to kiss me. Is he mad? Or high? Did he, maybe had too much to drink at the event? But he isn’t the tpe that drinks, I wonder as I bolt the door and head to the bathroom.

I sat on the toilet seat and continue to think about what type of demon just possessed my best friend of a year and a half when my phone rang.

Hoping that it might be Micheal, I ran to the room and grab the phone. When I realise it isn’t him, I’m slightly disappointed but I pick it anyway to find out who the person is.

“Hi Rebecca, its Linda. Thank you very much for letting him come back to me. We get married tomorrow morning and I’d forever be grateful for this.”

I didn’t say anything to her.

“And Rebecca, please don’t ever come back” she adds and hang up.

Bitch. I mutter and roll my eyes as it stings all over again.

My phone rings again and its Micheal this time. Oh what now? Am I being called to be the mother of the day?

“Hello…” He said when I pick. “I wanted to be the one to call first and explain a few things to you…”

I’m heartbroken, shattered, hurt and I didn’t let him finish whatever he has to explain.

“Are you getting married to her?” I ask, wondering why this is getting harder than I thought.

“Yes Rebecca but…”

I hang up, switch off my phone and throw it across the room as I lay on the bed and cry a river. Oh, please make that an ocean.

-To Be Continued-

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........Episode 8

You never know what you have till it’s gone and then comes back and it’s gone again. Only then would you feel so miserable, worn out, confused, unhappy and sit in front of the television watching crappy Nollywood movies while you eat ice cream and cake.

I laughed at a terrible scene in the movie I’m watching, my stomach is so big at the moment I can be mistakened for a pregnant woman in her first trimester. I don’t care; I’m too messed up emotionally to give a damn care about that.

My phone rang and without checking I knew who it was – David.

He’s been calling since I angrily left his house some minutes ago and came to mine where I have been purposely ignoring.

I had cried about Micheal, grabbed my things, called my cabman and left the house without saying a goodbye to David. Now he is calling. He’d sent me series of messages on BBM and Whatsapp but I’ve ignored them all after reading – Every single one of them.

I know I should be stronger but I also know deep down that the only time I will be stronger is when I know that the wedding ceremony is over and Micheal has been married to someone else.

That’s when I’d know it’s all over, pick the pieces of my heart and move on.

David called again and for the hundredth time, I ignore him.

As the end credits roll in the movie that I’ve busied myself with in the last 120minutes, I mutter a little prayer that in a saner moment I’d never have said, “God, if he’s truly mine and he would make me very happy, please bring him back. But if he isn’t, please let Linda have him forever”


I stare at David as he picks his words carefully, while apologizing for his indiscretion the night before.

“I am very sorry Rebecca… “ He said, trying to hold my hands which I made impossible for him as I fold them across my chest.

“Rebecca…” He called, surprised that I still won’t respond to his apology.

“For how long have you been thinking about being friendzoned?” I asked, stressing the word friend-zone with so much irritation.

What in the world is David doing using that word where we are concerned anyway? I still find the word extremely ridiculous!

“Listen Rebecca, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. I love that you are my friend, I adore what we have and I don’t want to ruin it. Just let’s forget this as hard as it may be” he responded.

I nod slowly. I’ve been with David many times and he’s never been that way. Whatever happened to him last night i just have to forgive him..

He’s still my best friend though and last night isn’t enough to kill what we have but I certainly will need time away from him. Time to let last night totally fizzle out and have no effect on our amazing friendship.

I glance nervously at my wristwatch; it is 11am. The wedding service should have started by now and Micheal and his bride would soon be joined together in holy matrimony. My heart beats faster and my pulse quickens as it occurs to me that I have to move on and continue with life without Micheal, maybe later on i could give David a chance to clear of Micheal's memory..

Hard as it may be though, I am willing to give it a try. Or better still maybe I can bury my head and work the way I did when Micheal walked away a year ago? I had buried my head in my writing and it had been rewarding, exceedingly rewarding. The award plaques that decorate my bedroom are the physical proof of that. Maybe that can happen again.

I grab my purse, phone, and house keys, get on my feet and smile at David.

“I’m going home” I said to him, ready to leave the pizza place we have been for an hour.

“Let me drive you home” he said and I shook my head.

“No”. Then I walk towards the exit and he follows me.

As he follows me outside, his words to me were, “Come on Rebecca, if you think I’d let you go home by yourself when I’m here, rethink that well oh”

To which I respond, “my cab man will be here soon”

“Tell him you aren’t going to need him and let me take you home” he said firmly and I eventually nodded. I nodded simply because people are beginning to recognize him and are now staring. And I also know in no time they’d grab their cameras/phones and begin to snap away without knowing what exactly is going on. And in minutes there’d be some ridiculous news/article on every blog in the country.

So because of that purpose I agreed so we don’t give people unnecessary news.

By the time we get to my house in thirty minutes, I have forgiven David and I have decided Micheal and Linda are meant to be.


Watch a crappy low budget Nollywood movie alone and it’s not so funny, watch it with your best friend and it is so damn hilarious.

David and I share food and drinks as we watch yet another silly movie on TV some four Saturdays later.

“You know, if you’d ever acted in any of these, we wouldn’t have been friends” I say to him as I put in my mouth yet another slice of pizza.

“And if you’d ever written any of those we would never have met!” He replies as we both shake our heads and find another scene to laugh at. “Thank heavens for good Nigerian movies, they give hope.” He adds and I can’t help but agree more.

After a few more scenes, David faced me and said “Thank you”

I am utterly confused as I watch the serious expression that accompanies the apology, “what’s going on David? What am I being thanked for?” I inquire.

“This. Us” he replies and it dawns on me that I might actually know what he’s referring to. He’s thanking me for giving us another chance after that friend-zone saga.

But surely, David knows he’s one of my favourite people in the world and I wouldn’t trade him even for a pair of gold studded heels?

“Oh well, I couldn’t leave you friendless in this cold world” I answer, smiling as I watch my smile infect him.

“I appreciate that. Let’s make sure this never ends” he adds and then says “I love you very much. Never forget that”

I nod and place a kiss on his forehead. This friendship means a lot to me and this moment has made me realise no matter what happens, this man would always be my best-friend.

“I got you” I mouth his own lines back at him.

He laughs and settles back in his place beside me while we continue to watch TV.

My doorbell rings and disturbs us and I grumble. I hope it’s not one of my poke-nosing neighbour or the lady that just moved into the compound ringing my doorbell. If it is the former, I’d be happy to stare at his/her face while he says whatever but if it is the latter, I’d know she came to stare at David again and make a fool of herself as usual and I’d certainly dismiss her.

When I make it to the door however, I realise that it is neither of the two people and the most unexpected visitor.

I gape at him in shock.


My mind plays the events of the last two months and I can’t believe the massive turn of events, from arriving in Ado-Ekiti for the wedding that never happened, to returning to Lagos with a freshly broken heart, to discovering Micheal at my doorstep four weeks after and now to dealing with the result of chasing him away.

As the plane I boarded from Ghana lands at the Muritala Muhammed International Airport Lagos, I grab my bag absent-mindedly and stroll towards the arrival lounge of the airport.

I have been in Ghana for two weeks and as at the time the offer had come for me to come write a script there for an upcoming movie, I had taken it to be rid of Micheal’s apologies and my messed up emotions. I had felt so angry at him for never giving us the most deserved second chance we needed before finding Linda and complicating things and at myself for still loving him so damn much.

Now, I know that I have purged myself of the anger and heartbreak I felt and I’m strong enough to live life again but somehow I feel like Micheal is gone forever.

At least I chased him away this time. I hadn’t let him explain anything to me on the eve of his wedding that never was and I hadn’t let him explain anything to me four weeks ago.

He’d sent mails about how Linda’s father had collapsed that morning and everyone had been in such a frenzy and how it had made Linda yell out and ask that the wedding be put on hold and how it had occurred to him that if he didn’t walk then, he’d regret it forever.

His words were;

…It dawned on me that it was the only time I had to walk and make a decision. If I didn’t walk then, I would never have the chance to walk again and I would forever doubt the decision of making Linda my wife.

His mum had called me and after the first call when she’d told me the wedding never happened and why, I had ignored all her other calls.

I needed to think.

I mean even Micheal said he didn’t let me know immediately the wedding was cancelled because he needed the four weeks to think. He needed to be sure I was who he wanted and he wasn’t being emotional about it all.

According to him, Linda had flown out of the country telling him she never wanted to see him again and she knew he wasn’t the one.

But now that I have chased him away and he barely speaks to me anymore, what is left? I don’t even know if he’s left the country…

As I slowly walk through the crowd of people at the airport, I tell myself it would be okay and I’d be stronger for it and that maybe I’d make it into a movie one day. After all, I’m an award-winning writer yeah?

I smile sadly and look towards the exit where I hope to see my mother waiting to pick me up, but what I see instead is, a young couple in a tight embrace, apparently saying their goodbyes and my heart stops beating for a moment. It is so wonderful that they are happy and I wonder for a minute if I’d ever be truly happy with the man I marry. If I won’t just be settling for him because the only one I ever truly loved might just be gone forever.

I try to look past them and I became momentarily weak because of the person I saw standing behind them.

He is looking at me, smiling uncertainly as if scared I might not smile back and waiting there as if he’s been expecting me.

“Micheal” I mutter, telling myself this is something from a movie. I didn’t tell him about my flight schedule. Who could have done that? And I answer my question myself because I know who it is – my mother.

She knew my flight schedule and she was supposed to pick me up.

He inches closer and holds me close in a very warm embrace. Tears gather in my eyes as I hold him dear, afraid to let him go…again.

As we ride home together in the back of the cab we picked at the airport, we hold hands, my head on his chest and a smile on my face, knowing deep down inside that this is going to be one happily ever after. All we need to do is take one step at a time and we’ll forever be fine.

-The End-

I hope you enjoyed and gained one or two things from the story.

Endeavour to leave your comments behind.


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Re: Destiny Delayed But Unchanged...a Short Story You Will Surely Love To Read by Nobody: 4:46pm On Feb 08, 2016
this is kul and very educative

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Re: Destiny Delayed But Unchanged...a Short Story You Will Surely Love To Read by eunisam: 8:56pm On Feb 08, 2016
this is very interesting.coming back to finish it

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Re: Destiny Delayed But Unchanged...a Short Story You Will Surely Love To Read by Olajhidey22(m): 10:36am On Feb 09, 2016
this is kul and very educative

smiley Short, Brief and Educative! smiley
Re: Destiny Delayed But Unchanged...a Short Story You Will Surely Love To Read by Olajhidey22(m): 10:37am On Feb 09, 2016
this is very interesting.coming back to finish it

Be fast oh! smiley
Re: Destiny Delayed But Unchanged...a Short Story You Will Surely Love To Read by Omolabake1: 3:07pm On Feb 11, 2016
Wonderful story line.

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Re: Destiny Delayed But Unchanged...a Short Story You Will Surely Love To Read by Olajhidey22(m): 5:54pm On Feb 11, 2016
Wonderful story line.

Thanks for taking your time to read through Omolabake1! smiley
Re: Destiny Delayed But Unchanged...a Short Story You Will Surely Love To Read by Nobody: 3:00pm On Feb 12, 2016
I thnk u wil nw b my literature mentor, i wan2 tel u my name so dat u never me in anoda story

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Re: Destiny Delayed But Unchanged...a Short Story You Will Surely Love To Read by Nobody: 5:25pm On Feb 12, 2016
i read to the end. You need to work on your tenses though.

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Re: Destiny Delayed But Unchanged...a Short Story You Will Surely Love To Read by Olajhidey22(m): 5:38pm On Feb 12, 2016
[quote author=Maiconyoung post=42860886]I thnk u wil nw b my literature mentor, i wan2 tel u my name so dat u never me in anoda story[/quote

Thanks for the compliment. Am still a learner though, trying to improve on myself the more.

If i get you clearly, you said you wish to disclose your true name to me so i can feature that in one of my upcoming stories?

If so, That isnt a problem at all smiley
Re: Destiny Delayed But Unchanged...a Short Story You Will Surely Love To Read by Olajhidey22(m): 5:41pm On Feb 12, 2016
i read to the end. You need to work on your tenses though.

Thanks for bringing that to my notice & also a BIG thanks to you for taking your time to read through blisscentre....

I'll surely put this in mind and make amendments where necessary. smiley
Thank You!

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Re: Destiny Delayed But Unchanged...a Short Story You Will Surely Love To Read by Nobody: 9:53pm On Feb 12, 2016
[quote author=Olajhidey22 post=42865279][/quote] i mean teln u my moniker so dat u link me in oda stories.

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Re: Destiny Delayed But Unchanged...a Short Story You Will Surely Love To Read by Olajhidey22(m): 1:06pm On Feb 15, 2016
i mean teln u my moniker so dat u link me in oda stories.

No probs! smiley
Re: Destiny Delayed But Unchanged...a Short Story You Will Surely Love To Read by Nobody: 5:11pm On Mar 17, 2017
Wow, my dear, this is such an interesting story line.. More wisdom dear

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Re: Destiny Delayed But Unchanged...a Short Story You Will Surely Love To Read by queenDD(f): 11:30pm On Mar 20, 2017
Interesting and educative as always. Kudos.

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Re: Destiny Delayed But Unchanged...a Short Story You Will Surely Love To Read by Olajhidey22(m): 10:53pm On Mar 22, 2017
Interesting and educative as always. Kudos.

Thanks queenDD smiley

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Re: Destiny Delayed But Unchanged...a Short Story You Will Surely Love To Read by segun911(m): 1:26pm On May 21, 2017
Wow. Dis story is a banger.. Nice one

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