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Breaking News: The Islamization Agenda For Nigeria / The Islamization Process Has Begun / Buhari Kicks Off Total Islamization Of Nigeria In Kastina (photo) (2) (3) (4)

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The Islamization Of Nigeria by preselect(m): 5:19am On Mar 20, 2016

Ena Ofugara
Yesterday at 09:15 ·
When That Idiot Tells You Nigeria Cannot Be Islamized.

People think Islamism is the Conquest of Istanbul and turning old Catholic churches to Mosques. People think it is ISIS beheading Christians. That is the most extreme. Like viruses and bacteria, attacks like that on a host hardly makes for epidemic. NO. For epidemic, the virus and or bacteria must have an incubation period where it would ensure it is able to multiply and multiply without the host showing symptoms. It is when it has gotten a desired load that it begin to take out tissues and metastasize.

Speaking of metastasis, Obasanjo assured us "Sharia will die a natural death". Today all core Northern states practice Sharia. ALL. So the many mumu elders I read then who said "it is unconstitutional. It will die. America will oppose it. Nigerians are too enlightened to allow Sharia. We have the Penal
Code that the North uses. The literate ones will not allow the primitive Sharia be the operative law". Today ALL core Northern states and a few more practice Sharia law.

What it is yet to do is full implementation. Like the Human immune virus, it is waiting to take out the thymus gland before it swings fully i to action, after all it is the law. Actions like death to whomever converts from Islam to Christianity, death to those who proselytize. Death to a woman is pregnant without marriage etc etc. Yes death to Christian preachers who try to convert any muslim.

Now the real mumus are still saying "no one can force anyone to be a Muslim". They think that is Islamization. That is not what it is. In IRAN, IRAQ, EGYPT etc etc there are Christians. Until ISIS, the conversions Paul made in Damascus remained Christians, yet Iran had Ayatollah Khomeini as leader and introduced the harshest for of Shiite School of Islam.

Islamism is

1. Enshrining the Sharia law and making sure it affects all including Christians and Ogun worshippers who cannot no buy alcohol to serve Ogun as Sharia bans alcohol. It is the inability of a pig farmer to grow his pig and sell to those who want to buy pig meat because of Sharia law that ought not affect them

2. It is the placement of mostly Muslims in very strategic positions to affect policy. Iran and Iraq have a few Christian ministers every now and then. However, Islamization is slowly ensuring more and more Muslims take over these positions

3. Islamism is ensuring that people know that to align with Islam is the only way to wealth and success. It is rewarding people of other religions who become loyal and fight their people so as to ensure Muslims stay boss. The Afonjas of Ilorin then and the Rochas and Amaechis of now will fit this description

4. Islamism is the use of the python hold on the diaphram of other religions. That is, ensuring other religions are choked so at the least, they do not proliferate or grow. The python wraps around a prey's diaphram (chest) and once the creature breathes out, it ensures there is no space to breathe air in and so slowly the prey dies. El Rufai's law on preaching with license is the clearest modern day example. But note, this has been a law in existence but not activated. So when a church building is demolished here, or burnt there, there is no giving of C of O to rebuild except it is a major church in an urban area. All the smaller churches in the hinterlands are demolished, burnt etc etc, so like the python does, the church is unable to get oxygen for cellular respiration and slowly the outer limbs begin to die of as all its energy is reserved for the head and vital organs... which too will die after a much longer strangle-hold.
Including the years of Goodluck Jonathan (even though mightily reduced) churches that have been burnt or closed in the North are over 3 thousand. (emmanuel Bosun may have more authentic numbers). In Kaduna, many are being demolished including big brandnames like Winners, Redeemed etc. Of course a Mosque or two is thrown in so the idiotic Christians the one demons possess and use as insiders can say "do they have C of O? Is it original? They built on animal reserve area. They built on GRA, government reserved area. They built on drainage. etc etc. How the government of 20 years ago gave out C of O's for drainage area and it is only now El Rufai is seeing it is drainage or grass reserve is no cause of worry to them. So like the python, it squeezes away at growth, at giving out literature including free tracts, something no democratic government has ever banned in the whole world ... FREE TRACTS. It matters not what is in it in a democracy, whether religious information or political meeting invites... 5the tract/bill/handouts is the major means of communication and reaching out. El Rufai says you need a license. All the Christian lawyer activists who were so vociferous under Goodluck Jonathan are suddenly under the unction of the devil and see nothing wrong with a man ordering that fundamental right of freedom of expression and expression of and practice of religion is needing license. Python takes one of the sheep and the other sheep look on.

In looking on, that is how cancer or virus metastasize, which simply means move to another location aka spread. As Sharia metastasized from Zamfara to every part of the North which culminated in INNOCENT BOTTLES OF BEER BEING DESTROYED IN KANO by Kwankwaso, so will El Rufai laws including No microphone in church after 8 pm while his Muezzin (those beautiful voiced rhythmic crooners that scream "Allah ohh Akbar ohhhh Aaahhh Allah ohhh Akbar" and wake you up fromyour beautiful sleep at 4 a.m or 5 a.m." ) can disturb sleep but not the church. That is how it will go round and round.

5. Islamism is the ability to kill others without consequence. Agatu is just a little example in one that has been on and on. Now note that Islamism has been on, Whether GEJ or OBJ is ruler. At best, especially with GEJ, one can reduce policies that promote it. One can elevate Christian pilgrimage, balance appointment between Muslims and Christians, ensure Christians too have access to factors of wealth creation including oil contracts, MOU's,Fuel importation, support for SME's and businesses, ensuring they find dollars to trade and innovative ideas like Innoson are able to breathe. However, like a behemoth, like a juganaut, Islamism continues to be the strongest force. Even OBJ could not stop Sharia. GEJ battled Boko Haram and Fulani massacres through out. Today Buhari is acting like nothing happened in Agatu. One dead in Rivers state is an issue. But 300 killed and buried so as to be manure for grass of cattle does not get a mention.

5. Islamism is when a president tells you they do not mind a Muslim Muslim ticket in a constitution that is mindful of balance. Islamism is when idiots from the south come on your status and say "Appointment of 80 percent Muslims and or 6 lVice Chancellors all from Kano state and indoctrinated fully and spread out to Universities all over

I will pause here for now having told you that Islamism is not forcing a Qoran in your hand. NO. Islamism is the slow but steady approach of Muslim way of life affecting yours and spreading while conscious efforts are being made to shackle other religions and to avoid its spread. Islamism is positioning mostly muslim in positions that can affect policies.
culled from facebook.

this is not an attack on Islam, but a write up about some facts about Nigeria that needs to be addressed

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Re: The Islamization Of Nigeria by temitemi1(m): 5:25am On Mar 20, 2016
We WARNED them!

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Re: The Islamization Of Nigeria by Emrixx(f): 5:44am On Mar 20, 2016
With all indication Nigeria is under the siege of been islamised imagine wat has been happening in kaduna state lately where d governor is acting like he is d first to rule d state


Re: The Islamization Of Nigeria by Mrfahaz(m): 6:22am On Mar 20, 2016
Re: The Islamization Of Nigeria by abes(m): 6:30am On Mar 20, 2016
"Speaking of metastasis, Obasanjo assured us "Sharia will die a natural death". Today all core Northern states practice Sharia. ALL. "

Can you please list all the core northern states that practice Sharia law with proof...
Re: The Islamization Of Nigeria by 9jii(m): 6:39am On Mar 20, 2016
Only if you have a weaker believe in your religoun other faiths can shake devotion to ur God
Re: The Islamization Of Nigeria by wasco24: 6:42am On Mar 20, 2016
People will never learn to mind their business

It use to be north this north that

Now we have Islam this Islam that

All this poo will not help ordinary masses out there
Re: The Islamization Of Nigeria by MrReloaded(m): 6:48am On Mar 20, 2016
I don't believe I read all dis, pls Do more research b4 u post or write anything online, all your assertions is full of lies, hatred and propaganda against Islam.

I rep islam, the religion of peace.
Re: The Islamization Of Nigeria by iambijo(m): 7:41am On Mar 20, 2016
They have successfully brainwashed you and now you are serial liar tell me
1.how effective the practiced Sharia law is in the core Northern states and a few more have you ever been to north ?
2. You said northern state are making sure that sharia affects all non muslims including Christians, am from sokoto there's beer bars in sokoto 24/7 I think you are suffering from being
hypocritical sentimental
Re: The Islamization Of Nigeria by Nobody: 7:50am On Mar 20, 2016
It us either we wake up now and stop this primitive and brutal soldiers of "Allah" or watch them take over freedom.

OP, thanks for posting this.
As usual, the Moslems will deny.
Their religion allows them to tell lies and deceive infidels.

He that have ears let him hear.

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Re: The Islamization Of Nigeria by 2ruink(m): 9:11am On Mar 20, 2016
It us either we wake up now and stop this primitive and brutal soldiers of "Allah" or watch them take over freedom.

OP, thanks for posting this.
As usual, the Moslems will deny.
Their religion allows them to tell lies and deceive infidels.

He that have ears let him hear.

Well said

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Re: The Islamization Of Nigeria by preselect(m): 10:18pm On Mar 22, 2016
I don't believe I read all dis, pls Do more research b4 u post or write anything online, all your assertions is full of lies, hatred and propaganda against Islam.

I rep islam, the religion of peace.

[size=13pt]i'm not sure the belgians will agree to that at this time. listen, let me say something here. you see how Mr Trump has been campaigning in america, and how he has run down muslims and islam in his campaign. did you notice how mainstream americans responded to his campaign.
1st the US president came out and denounced that kind of rhetoric, then the speaker of the house, a republican came out and said this is not what the GOP represents, then the ordinary people started to protest everywhere mr trump goes. this shows the world that even though a limited group of bigoted extremists may be voting the donald in the GOP primaries, the american people in general are against that kind of rhetoric.

compare the response of muslims to terror and the war against terror. whenever something bad happens in the muslim world, the social media is filled with cries for justice, but days like today, when the terrorists have done their kill in the name of islam. . . where are the moderate muslims? where are the so called moderate muslims who can come out to condemn this killing? where are all those that say that terrorism is not the same as islam?

you cannot have muslim terrorists kills innocent people regularly and not expect people to associate islam with terror. especially when mainstream islam is silent on days like this?

speak up. . . .o thou moderate muslim. condemn terror in no uncertain ways and condemn it loudly and publicly[/size]


Re: The Islamization Of Nigeria by TheBiafran(m): 10:30pm On Mar 22, 2016
the islamization of the zoo must happen
after the migration of UMU CHUKWU OKIKE ABIAMA

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Re: The Islamization Of Nigeria by preselect(m): 4:12pm On Mar 26, 2016
another line from facebook . . .

The Buhari presidency has exposed many Nigerians for the soulless hypocrites they really are. During GEJ tenure, fuel scarcity was seen as a sign of ineptitude on the part of Jonathan but today under Buhari, fuel scarcity has suddenly become the fault of oil marketers. We now sleep at the filling station just to buy fuel and kerosene at exorbitant prices if you are lucky to even get the products at all. During GEJ tenure, we swore we would never sleep until we # BringBackOurGirls . Today, we no longer wanna bring them back. Aunty Oby Ezekwesili has since retired. Govt is no longer a continuum, you know. Back then, under GEJ, once boko haram strikes, we would call for Jonathan's head but today, we now dismiss victims of boko haram attack as 'soft targets'. Hearing us call them 'soft targets', you would be forgiven to think those innocent victims weren't Nigerians who deserve protection from their own govt. Fulani terrorists now kill and maim Nigerians while we limit the blame on just the security agencies alone forgetting that President Buhari is the man we employed to keep us safe. Today, some of my atheist friends who almost lynched Jonathan for praying to a wall in Israel then are now the ones reminding me that President Buhari had a right to practice his religion when I drew their attention to the photo of him (Buhari) praying in Saudi Arabia. I remember how some people almost sent 'Amadioha' after Jonathan for attending a campaign rally in kano less than 24 hours after dozens were killed in Nyanya bomb blast. But when hundreds of people mostly women and children were burnt alive in ‪#‎Dalori‬ by boko haram, the next day, Buhari was laughing, dancing and cutting cake in Ogun state, yet, there was no outrage. If you are among those now celebrating all the things you frowned at under Jonathan, it is high time you had a one-on-one with your conscience. Supporting your President and urging him on even when it is very clear that he is progressing in error, is not you being a patriotic citizen. That is you being a hopeless pathetic soulless sycophant!

Naija go better . . . . . . . . 150yrs from now


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