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Supriem Rockefeller Messiah Or Antichrist? by mx1(m): 12:04am On Aug 10, 2009
Betheren, the end is here,  wakeup from your slumber these things are real, the anti-christ is already set,

His full name is Supriem David Rockefeller, a 34 year old man who says he is Lucifer redeemed, the
Messiah the world has been waiting for and the Bible has been telling us about. This is the man secret
societies have been waiting for and prepared for since ancient times. He says he is the one who rebelled
against God, The Universal Father, and caused the Wars in Heaven. He is the one who created ‘sin’ and
is the reason the world is in the shape it’s in.
According to himself, after thousands of years in exile, he has now returned in the body of Supriem
Rockefeller, but has redeemed himself. Instead of bringing the world to its knees and fulfill the End
Time Prophecies, he has decided to save the world he once had the purpose to destroy. Upon all this, he
is also the Jewish Messiah. When he visits Israel, he is treated like a God.
Is he telling the truth? Hopefully this e-book will bring some understand to who he really is…
follow this link for details  http:// servicetoone.wordpress.com

Re: Supriem Rockefeller Messiah Or Antichrist? by mx1(m): 12:32am On Aug 10, 2009
This man is dead serious, if you ever think that this is a joke, i advice you do a check on him. if you want more info on supriem, pls use this web site and download the e-book in pdf. http://servicetoone.wordpress.com/2009/06/17/updates/
Re: Supriem Rockefeller Messiah Or Antichrist? by chiejik(f): 10:57am On Aug 10, 2009
GOD have mercy cry cry cry
Re: Supriem Rockefeller Messiah Or Antichrist? by mx1(m): 12:15am On Aug 14, 2009
Wes Penre, July 8, 2009 at 10:06 AM: This picture was taken on July 4 at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. There is a lot of significant symbolism in this picture:

The Eye of Ra on his shirt with the word OBEY and arrows pointing to the Eye, which of course is Marduk Ra, Supriem himself. The three sides of the pyramid say: “Observation, Integration and Phenomenology“.
The shirt is a Phenomenology shirt (a philosophical method and school of philosophy) http://www.phenomenologycenter.org/phenom.htm
The footballs to his right form the Trinity.
The bull in the statue is the symbol for Aldebaran, Isis and the Anunnaki.
At the bottom of the picture you can see the top of Neptune’s fork (Navy symbol).
There’s a lot of more symbolism here, but I have merely pointed out what is directly related to Supriem.

Re: Supriem Rockefeller Messiah Or Antichrist? by mx1(m): 12:49am On Aug 14, 2009
Wes Penre, July 5, 2009 at 10:40 AM: The tattoo of the Eye of Ra on Supriem’s right hand is real and not fake. According to a source from his team, Supriem is having everyone close to him get it on their right hand. All his assistants have it and his employees too. He said he wants everyone who pledges their allegiance to him to get the mark on their right hand

Re: Supriem Rockefeller Messiah Or Antichrist? by mx1(m): 12:51am On Aug 14, 2009
Also, take note of the symbolism in the above photo. In the background you have the obelisk which was raised to praise Amen (Supriem). The tattoo is the Eye of Ra, the ring is Marduk Ra’s 10,000 year old Lapis Lazuli, and then pay attention to the hand sign!

Re: Supriem Rockefeller Messiah Or Antichrist? by Nobody: 9:39am On Aug 14, 2009
abeg leave that matter jare, we've seen his type tru out the ages and they will always fade away.
Re: Supriem Rockefeller Messiah Or Antichrist? by chiejik(f): 2:05pm On Aug 14, 2009
i pray so.but i know sonthing is fishing
Re: Supriem Rockefeller Messiah Or Antichrist? by Horus(m): 3:41pm On Aug 14, 2009
This guy is a luciferian, if you look properly you will notice also the symbol of the Illuminattis on the black shirt that he is wearing. He is definitly not from the side of africans and he is stealing all the ancient Black Egiptians stuffs.
Re: Supriem Rockefeller Messiah Or Antichrist? by mx1(m): 9:09pm On Aug 14, 2009
How The Supriem Network is Controlling Business, Banking and the Current
Here is a press release from NewsWire that you need to read to be able to continue: “S.D. Rockefeller
Holdings, Ltd ‘Supriem Bank and Trust’ to be Licensed by Global FranTech Group” from Nov 19,
2006 (saved version here). Quite interesting, because this company can’t be traced. I tried, but found
nothing of value.
Later on, as I managed to connect to some people close to Supriem, I learned that the reason we can’t
find out much about Supriem’s holding company and his other businesses is because they are based out
of Switzerland. His Trust can open an account under its own name at one of the big banks in U.S. so he
can deal directly with the Federal Reserve. He also works closely with the Federal Reserve of New
York, Bank of England, ECB (European Central Bank) and the Bank for International Settlements. So
his offshore banks have their own accounts in with the Big Banks in U.S. and they are called “Auto-
Charge” accounts.
Supriem’s Trust has received billions of dollars worth of CMOs (Collateralized Mortgage Obligations),
which are just bundles of Mortgage backed securities. Lots of money will be generated from them, but
he has to lend out capital to businesses. So obviously he has access to the “Tarp” money (The Troubled
Asset Relief Program). He also had a private company that invested money for DFAS (the Defense
Finance and Accounting Service), the Air Force “Black” Budget Programs, and for the Naval Academy.
When I was researching this matter further I found another important connection between SD
Rockefeller Holdings and a Company called “SatCom.Inc., Telecommunication for the 21st Century“.
Click on the link “News” and then open the .pdf file called “27-JUN-2008 – Shareholder Update” and
you will find a very interesting business deal in progress between these two companies. However, the
deal was never closed due to indifferences in interests, so Supriem never got involved. He later signed
up with Lockheed Martin and Northrop instead.
Then, go back to the index page on that same website and click on the link “Products”. You will find
something called RVL797-A – Reusable launch vehicle. This is a product Supriem has been working
with for some time, something a couple of my sources have mentioned previously to me finding that
When I had posted my blog, Lucifer’s Redemption, a few people who tried to protect him from
exposure said he is poor, 34 years old, being just a regular guy who is partying and chasing girls when
he’s not hanging out with his friends, and has never left Tennessee. We are soon going to see that this is
not true and part of a psy op to discredit me and to have me “reconsider” and put me in doubt. Sounds
like he is living a double life, which is also what the majority of my sources are saying he does — he
has to.
Here is an excerpt from the August 2006 Business deal in progress I linked to in the beginning of this
section in case you skipped through it – it’s all over the Internet:
FRANTECH GROUP To Market Licenses in 220 countries.
AHMEDABAD, Gujarat, India, August 26, 2006 – Supriem Bank and Trust Company.
(Supriem) signed a exclusive Global Agreement with Global FranTech Group and FranTech
Asia, (FranTech), of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, which grants FranTech the right to market
Supriem (Bank and Trust Company) licenses for “The Future of Banking Worldwide”
programs through FranTech’s network of agents in 220 countries to governments and
enterprises around the world.
[, ]
Supriem Rockefeller, known for his work in artificial intelligence (AI) in global currency,
option markets, development of international private insurance annuities and charitable
trust, has now turned his attention to providing worldwide private banking services for the
individual accessible from any worldwide location, using any telecommunication device, at
any time of the day or night, with the latest in biometric security for worldwide banking.
[http://www.frantechasia.com/news/rockefeller.htm. Saved version here].
Here is another one:
ZoomInfo is the most comprehensive source of business information on people and
companies in the world. Find who you’re looking for here! Simply search for their name in
the directory below and click on it to get details on their career history, education, places
they’ve been mentioned on the Web and more. You can also use the search box.
This website lists S.D. Rockefeller Holdings, Ltd. among other “Rockefeller businesses”. This is not a
little plumber company in the rural area of some minor town – this is Big Global Business. Supriem is
playing in the Big League and is not some poor ‘average guy’ who spends his time chasing girls and
making up stories. I am not saying he is not fond of girls, but his main focus is on more serious things.
This is from ClickPress – Global News Distribution, October 2006:
[ClickPress, Sat Oct 28 2006] S.D.Rockefeller Holdings Ltd and WorldVuer, Inc.
(WorldVuer) signed a exclusive Global Agreement with Global FranTech Group and
FranTech Brazil, (FranTech), of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which grants FranTech the right to
market Supriem Bank and Trust Global Bank in the Sky financial programs through
FranTech’s network of worldwide agents in 220 countries to governments and enterprises
around the world.
The company explained that the WorldVuer’s contracted development of an “Interactive
Banking platform to achieve a world-changing vision of creating the first “Global Bank in
the Sky” for S.D.Rockefeller Holdings Ltd, for Supriem Bank and Trust and the Supriem
Satellite Constellation with the interactive banking hand held wireless ground unit “Bank in
a Box” “SBT-LB500″.
WorldVuer beliives the combination of their proprietary advanced video and networking
technologies, years of succesful development. Deployment of large-scale distributed
applications, and recent advancements in the gration of VUE: the Visual User Experince
will enable them to develop the most robust,secure and visually intuitive Interactive
Banking system in the world for the Global Bank in the Sky. [Read more here. Saved
Re: Supriem Rockefeller Messiah Or Antichrist? by Owen2(m): 9:16pm On Jan 24, 2010
whoa this is scary!
Re: Supriem Rockefeller Messiah Or Antichrist? by face969: 2:34am On Jan 26, 2010
This dude comes frm the satanic bloodline of rockerfeller. He's simply working on the mark of the beast. His family have been key players in the financial and political destiny of the US for several decades. His uncle Sen. Jay Rockefeller endorsed Obama early in the dem primaries.
The family are one of Americas kingmakers. Google ''satanic bloodlines''.
Re: Supriem Rockefeller Messiah Or Antichrist? by none2: 9:54pm On Feb 03, 2010
Here is Supriem Rockefeller's official statement.

We are not out to mislead anyone, in anyway, so let me clear this up. The Kinti press release said Kinti would be supporting The Temple Institute and working "in conjunction" with them in order to build the Third Temple. Kinti is not out to "steal" people's money, Kinti was merely set to make donations to The Temple Institute to go to the great cause of the The 3rd Temple.

My personal goal is not to build a Temple that saves one race, I am of GD and want a Temple that unites all races. I stand by my support of the PNIC and an Israel-Palestine One State Solution. In the end, GD is the ultimate judge and my actions to try and help The Temple Institute and the people of Palestine will be seen by the world as truly sincere. I ask that all people in the Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities give me their support for the Holy vision of uniting all of GD's children.

I will do anything to see the Third Temple built except alienate other races in the process. If I have offended the Jewish community in my support for Palestine and Israel uniting, I ask you to see GD's vision and not the vision of a biased nature. The only certainty is uncertainty, so in these times of tribulation I ask that we all stand together as One.

If anyone saw Kinti's work as a scam, I sincerely apologize for all we wanted to do was help raise money for The Temple Institute but at the same time bringing in funds for the Palestinian National Interest Committee. I am on GD's mission and will continue my work of having a One State Palestine-Israel.

With GD's blessings,
Re: Supriem Rockefeller Messiah Or Antichrist? by Georgia3: 8:16am On Feb 21, 2010
Well Supriem aka Kris Raynes has been debunked for the last year or so now but if you want to go into all the details of this scam then here are some links. I'm still keeping an eye on them but it's nothing more than a scam by a few lonely people who have nothing better to do, and a few who are in on a stock scam and want your money. All of these people mentioned here are connected in this crazy little scheme. You can forget about those press releases stating this or that. They were made by Frank Love. Anyone can post a press release. And if you care to dig deep enough you will find that most of the people mentioned here are denying each other now that the cat is out of the bag. Wes Penre, the guy who did an ebook on Supriem is hooked on this crap though. Happy hunting!

Nikki Williams aka Hathor
http://www.facebook.com/#!/nikkiwilliams?ref=search&sid=1098686139.394719131, 1

Nashvilles Elite - a bar where Kris Raynes aka SDR and Nikki hang out (but not together)
I've heard Kris was dating her mother Mandy Moore.

Frank Love and Supriem David Rockefeller:

Wes Penre Site:

Michael Prescott page:

Frank Love site on facebook:

Temple Institute Denies "Supriem Rockefeller" Links
This is the original post from the Israel National News:


Frank Love site:
Trinity of Samyaza is set to alter the World in which You live.


Thule (this has been debunked by the Thule)


Prescotts myspace

Jarl Vidar (don't know who this person is) but he's VERY connected in this scam.


Jarl Vidar FB


Hamshel (friend of SDR)

Temple Now Project
http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=319809128311&ref=search&sid=100000587476936.1346412832, 1&v=info#/group.php?v=wall&ref=search&gid=319809128311

Sovereign Temple of Ammun

SDR distancing himself from KMLD


KMLD Stocks Message Board (Frank Love) Must Read! Funny!

KMLD Stocks Message Board (Frank Love)

Site where some of them hang out

Wes Penres' Site (poor thing, he's sucked in by these fools)
Re: Supriem Rockefeller Messiah Or Antichrist? by 21052011: 12:28pm On Mar 09, 2011
theres a lot of dis-information on the internet on purpose
to distract and confuse people
guys you need to be careful of the things around you and the things you believe in
LIFE is all about simplicity!

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