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I Fit Be Second Jesus(sex Na Food 2)the Return Of Spana By Youngzubi / Any Crime Story Here Better Than Tarasha Suggest / Tarasha Season 2 (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by SOPIGO: 12:11pm On Nov 07, 2016
Hmmmm... If I refuse to commend u, I will not forgive myself for these wonderful epistle u wrote. I have been a secret reader... I just calm across ur write up off recent but it has been keeping me awake. I just want to say thank u for this wonderful & inspired write up.

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 6:58pm On Nov 12, 2016
Hmmmm... If I refuse to commend u, I will not forgive myself for these wonderful epistle u wrote. I have been a secret reader... I just calm across ur write up off recent but it has been keeping me awake. I just want to say thank u for this wonderful & inspired write up.
Thanks for dropping your comment
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 7:04pm On Nov 12, 2016
Chapter 2 Part 8

'The b*tch has agreed to come,' Don said in soft tones to Stainless. They had finished eating but still sat at the table with their empty food packs on the table. 

'She's agreed to come alone?' Stainless asked. 

'Yes, I warned her strictly not to inform her boss or tell anybody else about her movements.' Don said. 

'And is she adhering to that?' 

'Yes, read the message here,' Don said and turned the laptop to Stainless. 

...Send me the location, I'll meet you in Lagos tomorrow but we have to be brief about it. My Boss must not know I'm leaving Abuja,' the reply read. Stainless heaved a sigh and returned to the inbox, another message from the same email address entered at that moment. 

'She just sent another,' Stainless said to Don as he clicked on it.

'What's she saying?' Don asked in reply. 

There was a one minute delay of the reply as Stainless tried to read the message to his understanding. 'She says we should start discussing the terms here and now,' Stainless said as he looked up. 

'She wants to start discussing?' Don asked, widening his eyes in surprise. He turned the laptop to himself. 

'Yes, see for yourself.' Stainless said as he relaxed his back.

'Hmm... This is the sign Rex asked us to take note of, I think Aisha's informed Tarasha and she's coming with her.'


***Rael University, Lagos***

'It's time for us to stand against every act of violence, students bullying, rape and lecturers assassination in this school,' a young girl on the podium was speaking. She paused for a moment to allow the chants of 'Yes' that accompanied her speech fade away. 'We can't sit and keep watching and complaining. We complain too much!' she shouted and a loud noise of agreement followed her speech. 'It's time to lead the fight ourselves,' she continued. 'We must protect the freshers, we must protect the helpless alumni. Let's continue to evangelise our good values to the freshers and stop allowing the bad group get them first before us. And most importantly, we must protect ourselves from them. We must stay away from every bad activity and social vices. Remember, you must first change yourself if you want to change your surroundings. The good life we want begins with us. Thank you and God bless you.' she rounded off her speech with a thunderous applause following and left the podium, two guys who had been standing behind her followed immediately .

While the other students were still clapping their hands, another speaker climbed the podium and shouted, 'Great Nigerian Student!'

'Great!!!' the students shouted back in a loud prolonged tone. 

'Great Nigerian Student!' the speaker shouted again and got this same reply, this time louder than the first. 

Faint noises from the auditorium could still be heard as Stephanie and the two guys who accompanied her proceeded to the car, other guys from their group had joined them The student journalists were all around, trying to move closer to Stephanie and interview her but the guys accompanying her stopped them and dismissed them with the excuse that she was very tired and couldn't stop to address them. 

Stephanie George was a three hundred level ComputerEngineering Student of Rael University, leader of the group named 'Students With A Difference' popularly known as SWAD. Though only twenty one years old, she commanded so much respect in and outside the university, it's campuses and environment. The SWAD group was an initiative started by a group of eight students who were now graduates of the school. The group's major focus was to produce students who were coming out not just to join the workforce but to take charge of the affairs of the nation. Simply put, the aim was to produce Future Nigerian Leaders. Another aim of the group was to promote a culture of creative students who thinks out of the box and were never limited by their courses of study. The group promoted selflessness amongst their members and dedication to make the world a better place. 

Stephanie George who previously nurtured some of the ideas which were the group objectives, joined the group in the first semester of her first year. Her dedication and selfless commitment to the work of the group had made the leaders take quick notice of her and begin to hand over little responsibilities to her. She proved faithful in the responsibilities assigned to her and grew in rank at a fastpace. Before the end of her second year, she was already the assisting the Leader of the group. The then Leader and his executives had before the end of the tenure decided to hand over the baton of leadership to her even though she wasn't yet in 400 level as she proved to be the best option. The other group members who had been taught to be selfless welcomed her appointment with glad hearts and rejoicing since they knew she was really capable of leading them. Since Stephanie George began to lead, she began a massive crusade for reaching out to more students and getting them to catch the vision of the SWAD. She also began a campaign tagged 'Catch them young' for freshers in the school especially those who showed signs of becoming troublesome and problems for the school later on. They made sure that these freshers were quickly reached out to before being reached by the bad gangs of the school and put through a mind renewing process. This way, fifty percent of those they reached out to caught the vision while some others never did and some fell off the way. In less than one year of Stephanie George's leadership, the group membership strength grew from below two hundred to over five hundred students. Their influence became stronger within and outside the school. 

This particular meeting they just concluded in the auditorium was one to inspire the students to shun violence and cultic activities. This was an offspring of the recent cult clashes and bullying of non cult members that became rampant in the school.

Stephanie entered into the backseat with one of the two guys who followed her from the podium while the second guy joined the driver at the front. 

'To the SWAD quarters ma?' the driver of the car asked after they had settled in, staring at Stephanie through the rearview mirror as he buckled his seatbelt.

'Yeah, I'll be leaving there to my place tomorrow morning,' she replied with a smile. 

'You did a nice job today ma,' the driver said before driving off. 

'Thanks,' she said, staring back at him through the rearviewmirror with a smile. 


About six young men were sitting quietly in a room, three on the short plastic chairs, one on a very comfortable sofa and the two others on rugs. They had gun barrels in front of them which some of them were handling playfully. The room was stuffy and thick with the smell of Indian hemp. 

The door flung open suddenly and in came another young man, he had a green shoe to compliment his green trouser and green shirt, the face cap he had on was also green. His face, though young, had scars which seemed to have been there for over thirty years even though he wasn't up to thirty himself. The rest of the guys in the room rose up immediately to recognize his presence. An evil smirk lurked around his lips as he scanned the other guy's faces one after the other with his eyes.

'I hope we all know that Don Dan is paying us handsomely for  this job and that he does not condole nonsense in any form,' he said in a loud serious tone. 

'Yes boss,' all the guys replied in unison. 

'Good, we're going to organize all the other boys for this and brief them on the importance of following instructions accurately.' he concluded and walked away from the room into another room inside the same building.


**Maitama, Abuja**


In the workroom, Cole was seated on the table busy with his laptop while Aisha was at the left corner of the room. The seat part of the sofa she was squatting before wasopened, just like a toolbox with neatly arranged tools inside; Aisha was carefully selecting pistols of different sizes and arranging them on the floor. She had an small opened black box bag on the floor. After taking out up to ten pistols and arranging them on the floor, she began to scrutinize each one with her eyes. The first one she picked was Berretta M9, Tarasha's favorite pistol. Then she selected two others which she put in the open box beside her and arranged back the remaining under the seat. 

'How far have you gone with your preparations?' Tarasha said as she came walking into the workroom. 

Aisha and Cole were distracted from their work and they turned to face her, she proceeded towards Cole and stood behind the chair he was sitting, staring into his laptop. 

'Boss, I've not been able to track their location yet, it keeps submitting back errors.' Cole said with a sad tone and sad look on his face. 

Tarasha quietly pulled a chair closer and sat on it, she turned the laptop to herself and began to work on it. Aisha also rose from where she was gathering the arms and joined them at the table. 

'What's up Aisha? What's the game plan?' Tarasha asked without looking at Aisha, her eyes were still fixed to the laptop screen and her fingers working on the keyboard. 

'I'm going there tomorrow, they've refused to brief me on what they want to discuss.' she replied. 

'So...' Tarasha said in a questioning manner, flashing a quick glance at her. 

'So Cole is coming with me, the chip would be on my body everytime so he can always track me.' Aisha said. 

There was a one minute silence, Tarasha seemed to be considering some options before speaking. 'And where are they planning to meet with you? Is it in a secluded place or an open one?'

'I don't know yet,' Aisha answered. 

'Don't meet with them in a secret place,' Tarasha said and suddenly stopped her finger work on the laptop. 'Ermm... That may not be optional though.' she added after thinking for few seconds. 'I think you should just do what they say first, meet with them wherever they want. But make sure you add recording devices to the chip on your body so that Cole can listen to whatever will be said.' 

'Okay boss,' Aisha replied with a light smile, happy that the boss was finally giving them tips. 

'So have you selected the best weapons for yourself?' Tarasha asked. 

'Ermm... I'm still trying to,' Aisha replied. 

'I think Cole can help you with that, he seems to have learned more about guns recently.' Tarasha said. 

Cole and Aisha exchanged quick glances and Cole gave her a naughty wink. They kept making funny faces to themselves until their boss spoke again. 

'I think they're working on an encrypted network,' Tarasha said with a serious look on. She paused and stared into the air thoughtfully. The playful look on Cole's face also disappeared, he turned the laptop slightly to himself to see what Tarasha came to her conclusion with. 

'But Don doesn't encrypt,' Cole said, looking surprised. 'How could he have done that?'

'People learn new things,' Tarasha said, mentioning the words one after the other.  She flashed a quick look at Cole's face as she remembered something, 'Did Benny learn how to encrypt from you?' she asked him. 

'No,' Cole answered, shaking his head to emphasize. 

'Then someone new must be teaching Don these things.'

'Could it be the third unknown guy? Maybe it's not Benny afterall,' Cole suggested.

'Maybe,' Tarasha said thoughtfully in a low voice, closing her eyes partly as she stared at Cole with a serious look.

Read up to Chapter 3 part 3 on www.youngicee.com

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Glowbaby(f): 8:27pm On Nov 12, 2016
Oyin please keep our Tarasha safe oo.

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by shurley22(f): 12:31pm On Nov 14, 2016
Oyin please keep our Tarasha safe oo.

Truthfully, please do keep her safe

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Jellymusty(f): 1:21pm On Nov 14, 2016
2dae is my birthday @ oyinprince
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by hefelove(m): 1:32pm On Nov 14, 2016
2dae is my birthday @ oyinprince
so we should

Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by hefelove(m): 2:31pm On Nov 15, 2016
oyin am hungry cry
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Jellymusty(f): 7:50pm On Nov 15, 2016
Lol hefelove u re way 2 funny
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by hefelove(m): 8:03pm On Nov 15, 2016
Lol hefelove u re way 2 funny
is true na I don taya to dey reload hin blog

come wey ur cake
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by dimssy(m): 8:16pm On Nov 15, 2016
Oyinorince my bro....nice one you didn't mention somebody oooooo.
Nice one menu..that tarasha is a thinking bag.

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Nobody: 8:35pm On Nov 15, 2016
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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 7:13am On Nov 16, 2016
2dae is my birthday @ oyinprince
Happy Birthday Dear! Sorry I came late.
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 7:16am On Nov 16, 2016

You guys should stop spamming with this already
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 7:43am On Nov 16, 2016
CHAPTER 2 Part 9

** Omonile Street, Off Rael University Road **

'Rex, I've tried all that you taught us, we can't seem to track their location.' Don said into the phone. He was seating at the passenger's side of a car with Stainless at the driver's side, Stainless had his hands on the wheel and the car's engine was on but it wasn't in motion. They were in front of a three storey building house, the colour of the painted walls shone in the night with the aid of the bright lights hung around it and the bright lightening of the environment. 

'Are you sure you did it the way I asked you to?' Rex replied from the other end. 

'Yes, I did it exactly the same way you did.' Don answered. 

'Then it means they've got it encrypted just like us,' Rex said. 

'And I also think Tarasha has been informed.'

'You think?'

'Yes, the girl whose parents we have tried to question us.' Don replied. 

'Okay then, keep me updated.' Rex concluded the call. 

'Alright boss,' Don replied and took the phone off his ear. He locked the screen and kept it into his pocket, after which he released his seatbelt immediately and opened the door at his side. Stainless turned off the engine and also released his seatbelt, he opened the door but only placed a foot on the ground outside when his phone which was inside the car began to ring. 

He turned and picked the phone, 'Stone,' he muttered under his breath before answering the call. 'Bad man, whatta guan?' Stainless said. 

'Man, when are you guys coming to the hotel?' 

'We'll hit you this night man, or are you scared of Lagos already?' Stainless replied as he stepped out of the car and jammed the door. 

'Hahaha,' Stone burst into laughter from the other end. 'I'm not a Jew man, why should I be scared of anything talk less of Lagos?'

'Then relax man, we'll meet you tonight.' Stainless said, staring at Don who had turned to his side and was staring at him. 

'What about Don? He's number has been busy,' Stone asked. 

'He's here with me, he was discussing with our boss.'

'Okay then, I'll just wait for you guys.'

'You have no choice man,' Stainless replied tauntingly before ending the call. 

'What's he saying?' Don asked as he led the way into the building. 

'He's asking where we are,' Stainless replied.

Both of them walked to the left side of the house andopened a door which led to a staircase. The staircase was extremely dark. Don took out his phone and decided to make a phone call before stepping in. 

'Ojo, we're coming up now. Open the door,' he said in a commanding tone and ended the call. He then switched on his phone's torchlight and entered into the place, Stainless entered behind him and locked the door. Then they began to climb up the stairs using the torchlight as source of light.

Soon they got to the second floor and entered in large, almost empty but well lit room. The floor was barely screeded and very dusty, the walls were also not plastered. The interior of the building was a complete opposite of the exterior. 

A younger man walked out from one of the inner rooms, proceeding towards Don and Stainless. He was dressed in all green. 

'Boss,' he said, staring at Don's face, a evil smile formed on his face. 

'Ojo,' Don called back. 

Ojo was the guy who addressed the six other young men earlier that day, telling them of how Don was going to pay them handsomely for a job. 

'Where are the old cargos?' Don asked as they stopped at each other's front. 

Ojo greeted Stainless with a nod. 'They're in,' he said, tightening the rest of his fingers while pointing the thumbfinger backwards, towards the place he had come out from. 

'Okay, I hope you're feeding them well. You're aware they need to feed well to regain strength after all the torture they passed through,' Don said. 

'Yes, they're feeding very well. I'm even hoping we've not been overfeeding them,' Ojo replied. 

A smile appeared on Don's face and vanished almost immediately, 'Are your boys ready now?' 

'Yes, they are all prepared.'

'Did you get up to thirty of them?'

'Yes, even more than. We have thirty five,' Ojo replied, twitching his lips as a crooked smile appeared on his face. 

'You really have thirty five?' Don asked, widening his eyes. He took a quick glance at Stainless's face and returned his gaze back to Ojo.

'Yes, I have thirty five.' Ojo replied back, full of confidence. 

'Now, that's nice. But I think we should just work with thirty first, we have some of my guys at the Nanl Territory already.' Don said. 

'Okay, there's no problem. I even have an assignment for the remaining five boys,'  Ojo said.

'All good,' Don took in a breath of confidence. 'We'll move the couples to the Nanl Territory very early tomorrow morning. Five of your boys would accompany them with you but then...' Don took a brief pause. 'Stainless needs to talk to the remaining twenty five.'

'Of course, there's no problem with that. They're inside and I can call them out for you anytime you want.'


**Inspector Dakolo's Residence, Asokoro, Abuja**

Dakolo and James were seated in the living room, both in a solemn manner. James had a pack of untouched juice and a glass cup on a stool in front of him.

'I think my Dad's hiding something but I'm not certain what that thing could be. My best guess is that Samantha Osman is not just an hired assassin, she's killing for a cause.' James was saying to Dakolo. 

'You're right, I already began to make some discoveries in that direction. I've been able to link together all Samantha Osman's major victims except one, the late River's State Governor who was the second victim to be killed. The first, Chief Nnamdi Okafor, the third Chief Jubril Lawal and your Dad have so much in common. In fact they were all good friends. The fact is that they've not been seen moving together recently, but in their younger days, they were always together. I believe there must be something they did together several years ago. There must something wicked your father did.'

James shot a quick angry look at Dakolo at the sound of his words but Dakolo wasn't looking at him. James wasn't comfortable with the way the man addressed his father. Even though he nurtured the same thoughts, he still believed he had to protect his father by keeping somethings to himself.

'Sorry about how plain I sound this night,' Dakolo apologized, now staring at James. He knew that James must have been offended by his words. 

He stared at the wall behind Dakolo thoughtfully. Thoughts of Kimberly Alexandra drifted back into his mind. He closed his eyes briefly as he remembered his meeting with the NSCC chairman concerning her. 


'Sir... I need to get some details about Kimberly E. Alex.'

Mr Sylvester stared blankly at him for almost thirty seconds without replying, he couldn't tell what was going through Mr Sylvester's mind but he knew the man was surprised by the question.

'Miss Kimberly E. Alex worked here for barely one month and she doesn't work here anymore,' Mr Sylvester finally replied. 

'I am aware she doesn't work here anymore, I would have gone directly to her. So I'm asking you now so you can provide information about her.' James replied. 

'Ermm... I barely know much about her too,' Mr Sylvester said as he began to work on his computer. 'Let me see what I can help you with.' 

Four minutes later, Mr Sylvester turned the laptop to James. James looked into it for up to five minutes. 

'And why did she have to leave the way she did?' 

'The reasons are written there,' the chairman replied. 

'But do you believe the reason she gave?' James asked, staring at him eyeball to eyeball. 

'Of course I believe, her mother has been always sick before then and her father was down with stroke.'

James took another one minute to read the document on the laptop again. 'I want to see her pictures,' James said. 


'Yes sure,' James answered with a nod. 

Mr Sylvester turned back the laptop to himself and began asearch for Kimberly's scanned passport. 

'Ermm... I can't find her passport here but it would be in our master system,' Mr Sylvester said after ten minutes of fruitless search.

'Okay please, how do I get it? I also need to print this document which has in it her house address and her guarantor.'

'Oh! I'll get someone to do that for you,' Mr Sylvester said. He picked the phone from the table and dialed a number. 'I'm sending you a document to print right away,' he said briefly and cut the call after the secretary's reply. He dialed another number, 'Do meet me at the control room right away.' he said. 

After two minutes of more work on the laptop, he closed it and rose up from his seat. 

'Would you like to come with me to the control room?' he asked James as he stepped out from behind the table. 

'No, I'll just take my leave. I want to get somewhere else,' James said and also rose up. 'I'll be here tomorrow morning, I'll appreciate if the hard copy report is available before I arrive.'  

'Okay Agent, I'll ensure that happens.' Mr Sylvester replied and led the way to the door. He opened the door and ushered James out first. 

Someone almost collided into James as he stepped out, it was a young man, he had a laptop in his hands and wasn't looking forward while walking. 

'I'm sorry sir,' the young man apologized with a smile. 

'It's okay,' James returned the smile. 

'What's happening here?' Mr Sylvester asked as he stepped out, trying to lock the door. 'Oh you!' he exclaimed as he saw the face of the young man. 

'Yes sir, I was going to the control room already. I wasn't concentrating and almost collided with your guest.'

'Oh! Sorry about that,' Mr Sylvester apologized with a sincere look. 

'It's nothing,' James said. 

'You should be careful next time,' Sylvester cautioned him. 

'Yes sir, I will be.' the young man replied, bowing his head. 

'Okay, I'll join you in the control room soon.' Mr Sylvester said and gave way for the young man to pass. 

'Okay sir,' he said and hurried off. 

James and Sylvester watched him walk away before they began they continued in the opposite direction. 


'Agent James, what are you thinking about?' Dakolo cut through his thoughts. 

'Ermm... Nothing sir,' James replied. He felt like telling Dakolo about Kimberly but he decided not to talk yet, he wanted to make more investigations by himself and make sure he wasn't going to put his Dad into trouble.  'I think I've got to leave now,' he added and picked up his car keys.

'Why James? You didn't even take the drink I served you,' Dakolo said staring at him with a surprise look on his face. 

'I'm sorry sir, but that'll be next time.' James replied with a smile and rose to his feet. 

'Okay then,' Dakolo rose up to see him off. 

Soon, James drove out of Dakolo's compound in his car. Several thoughts filled his mind as he drove down. He put on the music player in the car to help him relax his mind. He saw his phone ringing as he was about to change the song playing. He took a quick glance at the phone's screen, a smile appeared on his face as he saw the caller's ID. He reduced the music player volume and quickly searched for a place to pull over. He answered the call after carefully parking.

'Hello dear!' 


'Here's the picture of the girl, your devices would be connected always, make sure you raise an alarm and notify us her location immediately you see her.' Stainless stood before a group of over twenty guys, giving them instructions. 'Does anyone have a question?' he asked, planning to dismiss them already.

'Ermm... Yes,' someone raised a hand from behind. 

'What's your question?' Stainless asked, a frown formed on his face.

'It's not really a question but suggestion,' the guy replied. 

'Okay, go on.' Stainless said and folded his arms. 

'Ermm... I was just thinking that we could also make use of technology. Instead of just standing at the bus points and the airport. We have some computer scientists amongst us who has previously gone through his Industrial attachment at the NSCC and still has access to the place, I'm thinking he could help us track the girl using the cameras.'

'Okay, does anyone else have anything to say, or ask?' Stainless asked, using his eyes to search for anyone else with a raised hand. He continued after he saw that no one was, 'That would have been the best option, I can even do that myself but the girl you're about to track is who you all know; Aisha Bello, a member of Samantha Osman's gang, Samantha could disable the cameras to hide her movements. So we already have plans for that but we need to focus on this other plan too. You get me?'

'Yes,' the questioner nodded in response.


'Her noise has been too much recently, I want us to silence her already.' Ojo was speaking to five boys sitting before him. 'I want us to capture her first and then bl**p the hell out of her before killing her,' he said and paused to stare at his men's faces. They all had a contented look on their faces, which meant they were okay with his idea and had no questions

Read new update on www.youngicee.com


Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Jellymusty(f): 8:22am On Nov 16, 2016
Thank you Oyinprince
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by bummybummy(f): 6:25pm On Nov 16, 2016
dey tink dey can capture Aisha lik dat, even Don dia boss cnt. nnice job

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Nobody: 6:04am On Nov 17, 2016
this is hot, am salivating for more

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by dimssy(m): 8:16am On Nov 17, 2016
Nice work Oyinprince
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 7:40pm On Nov 19, 2016
Tarasha - Chapter 2 Part 10

** Next day, 9am**

~Abuja, at the NSCC office~~

'Sir, how many times have you visited that house after she left?' 

'About three times Agent; twice with two of my colleagues and once on my own,' Mr Sylvester replied him in a stressed tone, resting his back in the chair and folding his arms tiredly. 

James took another long look at the paper in his hand, he heaved a sigh. 'And who's her guarantor?' 

'Guarantor?' Mr Sylvester asked in a surprised tone. 

'Yes, guarantor.' James replied. 

'Ermm...' Mr Sylvester scratched his head as he tried to put together words to express himself.

'Isn't she supposed to even have more than one guarantor?' James added. 

'Yes, she had a guarantor but the circumstances that surrounded her employment did not allow us take it very serious.' 

James stared at his face in disbelief, he didn't believe the Chairman of an organization like the NSCC could be talking like an inexperienced person.

'It was the Vice President that hurried up the process,' Mr Sylvester quickly added, trying to shift the blame away from himself. 'He wanted someone else to represent Henry E.G immediately, so he asked to to rush up heremployment.' 

James heaved another sigh, he placed a finger on his lip and continued to stare at Mr Sylvester in silence.


**Rael University premises, Lagos**

Two guys sat under the tree impatiently, Ojo was standing. He was holding one of the lower branches of the tree. He checked his wristwatch from time to time and would change his standing position to the other direction to check if the one they were waiting for was in sight.

'Capon, don't you think we should call him again?' one of the sitting boys suggested. 

'Okay, use your phone.' Ojo replied, still staring around, he changed the hand used in holding the branch to the right hand. 

Other students were around the place but kept a reasonable distance from them. Students who unknowingly moved closer to them would quickly withdraw once they saw their faces. Ojo was a well known cultist in the school, even thelecturers and school board recognised and respected him. His association with top criminals like Don and Stainless made him function in a way that he was invisible to the law enforcement agencies. 

'Where are you?' one of the sitting guy stood up with the phone on his ear. 'Come on, we've been...' he stopped abruptly as he noticed someone coming towards them. The guy had his phone on his ear too and was putting on a face cap. The caller cut the call to wait for the approaching guy. Ojo and the other sitting guy also looked in direction of the approaching guy.

The guy with the face cap joined them in less than a minute, 'I'm sorry for keeping you guys waiting,' he quicklyapologized on seeing the angry look on their faces. 

'Okay, what's the information you have for us?' Ojo asked him impatiently. 

The guy looked around to check if anyone was watching them, then he took out a paper from his back pocket and handed it to Ojo. 'I'm going to lure her to the place, make sure you make use of the chance well,' he said and paused to look around again. 'You know she's getting more dangerous and she could cause you a lot of...' he stopped and a look of fright appeared on his face as he saw the evil face Ojo was making at him. 

'Disappear!' Ojo barked at him in a loud gruff voice. 

He stumbled and almost fell as he took to his heels. 


*Maitama, Abuja**


Aisha and Benny left Abuja very early in the morning but at different times, Aisha left by 5am while Benny left by 6.30am and they took different routes to different transport vehicle's garage to avoid being tracked. Tarasha was left home alone with Henry. 

Henry had been up before Aisha's departure, he had heard noises and carefully listened from his room. He knew that Aisha must be the one leaving as he heard been suspecting they were planning a journey but didn't know where they were planning to go to. He was also out of his room and at the backyard doing exercises when Cole was leaving by 6.30am, Tarasha had driven out with Cole in a car, they had kept two big bags in the boot which Cole suspected to contain weapons. Tarasha returned thirty minutes later without Cole and an empty boot. Henry who was in the living room when she drove back into the compound walked into his room before she entered the house.  Tarasha of course noticed that he had been in the living room but decided to ignore it like she had been ignoring all his other activities.

Henry kept turning around the bed, he felt tired already without even doing anything yet that morning. He heard a noise from his belly as he ran his hand through his hair, that reminded him about breakfast. He didn't know if he was going to have breakfast that morning since Aisha was out of the house. Usually, she would have come knocking at his door, asking for where he would like to have his breakfast. He thought of going out to check if the food had been served at the dining but he discarded the idea at the thought of meeting Tarasha in the living room, he wasn't sure what the feeling would be like between them both, especially now that they were alone in the house. He turned to his left side of the bed and closed his eyes in a bid to force sleep and suppress his hunger but his belly made another sound, this time louder and longer, that was when he remembered that he didn't take dinner the night before. He had been so engrossed with a new app he was developing that he worked until it was very late and he went to bed tired, without remembering to eat. He rolled out of bed reluctantly and put on his sandals, he proceeded out of the room hurriedly. 

He met at the dining what he had been trying to avoid, Tarasha. She was sitting and also taking her breakfast, she was dressed up neatly, like she wanted to leave the house. She noticed his presence as he approached the dining and heard his footsteps, she turned back and their eyes met. Henry felt a little discomfort as their eyes met but the feeling of hunger had overwhelmed him, so he joined her at the dining without minding how awkward the feeling would be for them having breakfast together. 

'Good morning Tara,' Henry greeted  as he walked past her to the seat where he saw his breakfast served. 

'Good morning Henry,' she replied, her eyes followed him to his seat. 

He sat and opened the plate cover almost immediately, he picked the fork and knife and began to eat. 

Tarasha watched him silently while eating her meal slowly, he was fully concentrating on his meal though he still ate moderately. She had lost concentration on her own meal, she fixed her eyes on his face as he ate. 

He had changed and gained more flesh since he had been taken out of prison, his sores and wounds had also healed but he looked very unhappy, there was an absence of the joyful beam of light that his eyes usually carried. Tarasha felt guilty. 

'Why are you staring like that? Hope you won't chew your tongue?' Henry's words drifted Tarasha back to reality. Then she noticed she had finished chewing the food particles in her mouth and had been chewing nothing for more than one minute. Henry had almost finished his food while she was still halfway.

'Are you traveling too?' Henry added, using his eyes to scrutinize her dressing and new 'gallas like' hairdo. The food had given him more strength and energy to talk. Tarasha's thoughtful mood and uneasiness had also added to his confidence to speak.

'Traveling where?' she replied with a question. 

'To where your guys went to,' Henry replied, cutting another slice of yarn in his plate. 

Tarasha heaved a sigh and tried to dodge his question, 'So why were you hiding when you saw them leave?'

'I wasn't hiding, I know you saw me watching.' Henry replied as he chewed the food particles in his mouth. 

'I didn't see you watching but I knew you were watching,' Tarasha corrected. 'So why have you been locked up since?' Tarasha asked, trying to bring up a lively conversation. All she wanted to see was that beam of happiness on his face again and she thought conversing with him freely could help.

'Why shouldn't I stay in? It's not like we've been having any smooth discussion recently, it's like you just want to keep me here like a dummy.' Henry replied accusingly, staring into her eyes directly and wondering why she sounded accommodating that morning.

'It's not like that Henry but...' she stopped abruptly and heaved a sigh. She thought it would be unwise stating again how she didn't want him to be involved in the revenge anymore because of his weakness of wanting to submit to the authorities. 

'When are you going to join them?' Henry asked, after waiting for few seconds without her continuing her speech. 'Soon, I'll be locked in here for days without being allowed to go out or being visited.'

'No Henry, that won't happen.' Tarasha said in a convincing tone. 'I think we can make a solution to your limitations of going out.'

'A solution? What solution is there to it? I'll be caught by the authorities once I'm seen.' Henry said. He felt like adding that the only solution would be taking himself to the authorities himself but he choose not to, knowing how much she hated the idea. He didn't want to ruin the conversation they had just begun which was not even going smoothly yet. 

'I can help you with a good disguise idea, something like that of Aisha's,' she replied him. 

'Huh?' he squeezed his face as he tried to figure out what she meant. 'Which Aisha are you talking about?'

'Same Aisha, the wanted Aisha Bello.'

'Humn...' Henry stared thoughtfully, he was still trying to figure out where she was driving to. 'Do you mean the Aisha that works with you is the wanted Aisha Bello?'

'Yes,' Tarasha replied with a brief smile. 'You should have noticed that if you paid more attention to her face anytime she's here. Her disguise plan is working well for her and she goes out very often without ever being recognized.'

Henry paused for a while to think, he never imagined that he had been living with someone who had been declared wanted like him and she even served him food every morning. He stared at her face blankly for some seconds before letting out a short hiss. 'Just forget about that, tell me how long you'll be gone.'

She paused and stared into his eyes for close to thirty seconds, Henry's eyes looked like that of a terrified child whose mother was going on a long journey. She tried to conceal a smile that was gradually forming on her lips, 'You don't want me to go?' she implied.

'Huh? Why would I stop you, it's not as if you'll listen to me anyway. You should go anywhere you want to, I don't really care.' Henry tried to feign carelessness but the look on his face betrayed him, it was obvious he cared about where she was going to. 

Tarasha let out a smile accompanied with a short release of breath, she rose up from her seat and moved closer to him, abandoning her food. She turned the seat next to him and sat facing him directly, a very close distance that both of them had to hold their breath for some seconds. 

'You've changed a lot, you now smile more this days,' Henry tried to change the discussion as he knew he had been defeated.

'You taught me how to, ' she said and rested her weight on the table with her arms. She shifted the plate of food away from his front and held one of his palms in hers. Their knees were also touching each others and their face came closer. There was a deafening silence for close to one minute. 

'Tell me what love is,' Tarasha found herself asking. Even she was surprised as to who and where the question came from. 

'Love?' Henry mumbled. He took his eyes off her face for some seconds, staring at the table. He looked up again, 'I can't explain it but you'll understand when you feel it.'

Tarasha drew in a short breath, she reached out for his second palm. 'I don't know if it is what I'm feeling,' she said, looking down shyly. 

Henry drew closer to her, 'I'm sure of one thing, love makes you ready to make sacrifices for the one you love.'

There was another thirty seconds silence, 'Is that why you were willing to sacrifice yourself for me?' 

There was another silence, this time longer than the previous ones put together. Henry stared at her lips as their faces moved nearer to each others. Tarasha closed her eyes and held her breath, she could feel Henry hold his breath too. Their lips moved closer, only a centimetre far from each other.

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niceone bro

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Na so they almost kiss ooo


Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 3:33pm On Nov 21, 2016
Tarasha 2 - Chapter 3 Part 1

There was another silence, this time longer than the previous ones put together. Henry stared at her lips as their faces moved nearer to each others. Tarasha closed her eyes and held her breath, she could feel Henry hold his breath too. Their lips moved closer, only a centimetre far from each other. 

And then it met, there was a knock sound as their foreheads hit. 

'Ouch!' Tarasha rubbed her forehead as she withdrew. Henry also rested back on his seat, rubbing his forehead with a frown. 'You do really need to learn how to kiss, you are very bad in it.' Tarasha accused playfully. 

'No, you are the bad one.' he accused back. 

'No you are,' Tarasha insisted. She got up from the seat and shifted the plates farther from his front, she then sat on the table at the space in front of him and then slowly stepped down sat on his laps, she wrapped her hands around his neck and her breasts pressed tightly against his chest. She touched his forehead with hers.

Henry wrapped his hands around her waists and they both stared into each other's eyes briefly. He had not bargained for something like this when he decided to come for his breakfast. Now his heart was pumping faster than usual, he could feel the blood rushing faster through his veins. His whole body became warmer as his hands rubbed her exposed thighs as the mini gown she was putting on had pulled up with the way she was sitting. His lips wereexpectant but just as it was about to happen, a phone rang and it's vibrating on the table could be felt on Tarasha's back.

Still sitting on his laps, Tarasha turned back and stretched to reach for the phone. She checked the caller's ID before answering the call.

'Where are you now?' she said into the phone, holding it to her ear with one hand while the other was still on Henry's neck. 'You need the cameras down now?' she asked as she withdrew the other hand from his neck. She placed heropened palm against his chest and opened the top button, then she ran her fingers into the shirt  tickling him softly and slowly proceeding towards his nipple.

'You're already entering into town?' she asked in a surprised tone, taking her hands off from Henry's chest. 

'Yes,' Henry could hear a female's voice which he recognized to be Aisha's.

'Why didn't you inform me earlier?' Tarasha asked as she got up slowly from Henry's lap. She straightened her gown beside him and then turned to where was previously seated to put on her shoe.

'I already informed you through the messenger but I had to call when it was still marking unread,' the voice replied.

'Oh!' Tarasha exclaimed on remembering that her conversation with Henry had made her forget about the phone totally. 'I'll get it done immediately,' she said and cut the call. 

She flashed a look at Henry as she picked up a key on the table. Henry had a defeated look on. 'I have to use the workroom now,' she excused herself and hurriedly left the dining. 

Henry heaved a heavy sigh as he watched her leave. His temperature slowly returned back to normal and his heart beat returned to the usual speed. He buttoned his shirt and took a glance at his plates of food which were now far away, he had completely lost his appetite for food. He closed his eyes briefly and tried to imagine what could have happened if the call did not come in. Maybe she would have taken off his shirt completely after first engaging him in a long kiss and then more taking off of clothes would have happened. But then he opened his eyes and shook his head in disagreement with himself, he shouldn't be thinking of having sex with her yet. There were several challenges ahead. 

He sat for some few more seconds, thinking of what to do next and finally decided to join her in the workroom in case she needed company before she finally left the house. 

He got up from the seat swiftly, another glance at the dining table made him pause. He remembered that Aisha wasn't around to clear the table and he wasn't sure Tarasha would be chanced to do it. He arranged the plates together and proceeded with them to the kitchen. Few minutes later, he joined her in the workroom. 

Tarasha noticed the door opened while she worked on a laptop, she was sitting at the exact spot Cole used to sit and work. She had been hoping he would come and was glad at his entrance but she consciously chose not to look towards the door.

'Are you very busy?' Henry asked after closing the door and taking two steps forward. 

'No,' she turned briefly to him and gave him an encouraging look to join her. 

Henry proceeded forward and took the seat beside her, there was another laptop at his front but he gently moved it away and placed his elbow on the table, staring at what Tarasha was doing. 

'She's at Owo now?' Henry asked after ten seconds of reading, taking a quick glance at her face. 

'Yes,' Tarasha replied without looking at him. 

Henry kept watching silently  for the next ten minutes. He had no questions to ask as he understood all she was trying to do.

'For how long are you shutting it?' Henry asked. He was talking about the security cameras.

Tarasha took in a short breath, she was expecting the question but was at the same time hoping he would not start telling her how dangerous it is to shut it down for long. 'As long as it takes her to pass trackable areas,' she finally replied. 

Henry gave no reply and kept watching silently until she was about rounding up. 'I believe you guys must have something very important to do in Lagos?' he said.

'Yes, Aisha and Cole has something very important to do.' she replied. 

'Are you also going to join them now?' he asked the question that had been bothering his mind. 

'No,' she replied with a smile, staring at his face. His question had revealed his desperate desire of not wanting her to leave. 'I'm not joining Aisha and Cole, I have something else to do here.'



Henry heaved a sigh of relief at her confirmation, he closed his eyes briefly and opened them again. 'May I know what they went to do there?' he summoned courage to probe further. 

'Hmm...' she stopped and turned to stare at his face, the laptop was shutting down already. She folded her arms, 'They went to save their parents.'

'What happened to their parents?' he asked in a concerned tone. 

'If you've been following the news, you should have heard that Aisha's Bello's parent have been abducted.'

'Oh! I read about it,' Henry replied thoughtfully. 'I wasn't justconscious of the fact that she's the same Aisha.'

'Cole's parents were kidnapped too but it wasn't well noised as Aisha's and that's because Aisha has been previously declared wanted by the police.'

'That's serious!' Henry exclaimed with a serious look on his face. 'But who abducted them and why were they abducted?'

'Same guys who killed my brother, I believe.' a strong frown formed on Tarasha's face as she replied. 'They want to use it as a bait for me.'

'But do you think they can handle it themselves, I mean your guys, how about the authorities?'

'The anti-kidnapping squad  have been on it for days without much progress,' she replied. 

'And don't you think they need help? Would they be able to defeat the kidnappers?'

'They would have to defeat them anyway,' Tarasha replied. 

'You don't think you should have gone with them?' he implied. 

'Go with them? Hell no!' she exclaimed, staring at him as she folded her arms again and relaxed back. 'That would be walking into something unnecessary.'

There was a short silence which was interrupted by Tarasha's ringtone, she reached for the phone and answered the call. 

'What's up Cole?'

'I thought I should inform you that Aisha has gotten to Owo already and I need to get details of her location and where she's waiting for me. My tracker 03 is on already and I need you to initiate the process for me,' Cole said. 

'I think you should just call her, ' Tarasha replied. 'So far, I've detected no one or device following you. It's safe to use your phone.'

'Okay Boss, thanks.' the call ended. 

Henry was staring intently at her all through the duration of the call but he took off his eyes immediately after the call. There was another long silence between them. 

'Where are you going out to?' Henry asked, after noticing that she checked her wristwatch twice. 

'I have something to do at Asokoro,' she replied him.

'What's that? Can I follow you?' Henry asked. 

'Humn... I'm not sure,' Tarasha said in a sharp tone. 

'Not sure? Is it because I've not done anything to disguise yet?'

'No, not that.' Tarasha folded her lips in and let out a short breath. 'You may not like what I'm going to do there.' 

'What's that? What are you going?' Henry asked with an unclear mind. Her silence made him more anxious but with the change in the look on her face, he could tell that it wasn't something pleasant. 


'Do you have all your boys stationed at the right place already?' Rex said into the phone. He was in a car, driving with a hand on the wheels and the other holding his phone. 

'Yes boss,  they're all waiting for their arrival.' Don's voice replied him. 

'Capture the both of them as quietly as possible, make sure you avoid being in a gun battle with them.' Rex cautioned. 

'Okay Boss, but is it possible to capture Tarasha without involving a gun battle?' Don asked in a doubtful tone. 

'Don't worry about Tarasha, she's not coming to you.' Rex said. 

'But we saw the sign you asked us to look out for,' Don argued. 

'Yes, you saw a sign showing that she's aware of their trip. She's not going to come with them, I'm hundred percent sure. ' Rex said confidently.

'Okay, anything you say Boss.' Don replied and the call ended. 

Rex increase his speed and joined the fast lane. He stared at the picture of Kimberly E. Alex again, he knew she was coming, right into his trap. 


James carefully parked his car at the space opposite the gate, he stepped out of the car and crossed to the other side. He stood in front of the gate and began to scrutinize the lock to the smaller entrance. 

He waved at someone who came out of the neighbouring compound. The man approached him slowly with a suspicious look. 

'Good morning,' he greeted before looking at the man's face. 'Sorry for disturbing you but I'll like to ask some questions about this house from you.'

'It's okay but please be fast about it,' the man answered. 

'Okay, do you know for how long those staying in this house have been away?'

'Ermm...I think it's more than three weeks now, they just left as quietly as they came. But no one can really tell if they really left because I believe the apartment was rented for a year or two.'

'Okay, but have you by chance seen anyone of them around again?'

'No, I've not.'

'And nobody else comes to look for them?'

'Several people comes. I think one of them used to work at the NSCC, so officials from the NSCC are part of those who used to ask of them.'

'Okay, that'll be all. Thanks,' James dismissed the man with a smile. 

'You're welcome,' the man replied as he walked away. 

James stared around for a little while before turning back to his car. In the next minute, he started the engine and sped away.

The glass of the driver's side of a small black car was wound down slowly, a young man who had been watching James from the car took off his dark eyeglasses. He peered towards the place for some seconds before winding up the glass and driving away. 

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These Two Idiots Keep Provoking Me With Their Stupid Love Talk. Can They Ever Keep Shut And Do Sth Productive? Especially This Henry

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by therealbabe(f): 9:41pm On Nov 22, 2016
These Two Idiots Keep Provoking Me With Their Stupid Love Talk. Can They Ever Keep Shut And Do Sth Productive? Especially This Henry
something productive like?

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 9:27pm On Nov 23, 2016
Tarasha - Chapter 3 Part 2

Tarasha could feel Henry's eyes peering at her as she dropped the bag into the backseat of the car and closed the door. She took a glance back to the house and saw him peeping behind the window, he quickly withdrew himself as she looked in his direction. She smiled to herself as she turned to the driver's side and entered into the car. She started the car engine and then put on her seatbelt. She turned on the air-conditioner in the car as she wind up the window glasses and began to drive towards the gate. She took a small sized remote from the passenger's side of the vehicle and tapped a button on it towards the gate. The gate split open and the car drove out before the gate closed back.


'Sir, are you ready to go see the doctor now?' A corporately dressed man asked the Vice President, bending a little to show curtsy as the man rose up from the three seater sofa.

Flanked by two huge bodyguards, Chief Elvis replied the man with a sigh of tiredness as he proceeded towards the door supporting his leg with the walking stick.

'You guys should get the cars ready, I don't think I can wait for any appointment anymore or even attend Rikau's daughter naming ceremony. I think I should just go and rest at home.' Chief Elvis said tiredly. He had a quite tight schedule that day. After an early morning closed door meeting with the President in the Aso Rock Villa, he was sent to supervise an ongoing construction work in a two town outside. There he didn't spend more than an hour and half but he had been so tired as if he spent the whole day there. He still had two appointments to catch, so he decided to take a rest in his office but His attempt to rest had only proved futile as he only felt weaker. His assistants had earlier advised him to see the doctor but he discarded the advice saying it was just a sign that he needed to rest a little.

'You have a call sir?' his assistant came from behind with a ringing phone in his hand.

'Who's it?' Chief Elvis asked with a raised eyebrow.

'It's an unsaved number,' the man replied as he handed the phone to the Vice President.

The number was unsaved truly but Chief Elvis recognized it, it was Rex calling. He took a quick glance at the men behind him and his assistant. They understood what the look meant and quietly excused him to answer the call. By the time the men were gone, the phone had stopped ringing. Chief Elvis dialed back and put the phone to his ear. The call was answered after a ring.

'I thought you were done with the President's meeting a long time ago,' Rex snapped with his arrogant voice.

'Huh? Who told you I had a meeting with the President?'

'That's not necessary now, you should just learn to always answer immediately you see my call.'

The Vice President sighed loudly, he hated Rex's arrogance.

'Are you at your office now?' Rex voice came again.

'Yes, I'm in my office, I want to attend to a couple of appointments before I leave.' Chief Elvis replied.

'Oh Good! I'll be coming to your office right away,' Rex said.

'Are you crazy?' chief Elvis asked and quickly stared around to see if anyone is watching. 'How can you come here?'

'You don't want me to come?' Rex asked in a taunting manner.

'Why should I want you to come?' Chief Elvis said, angry at Rex's unreasonable request.

'It's better you allow me come because she's not going to get permission from you before she comes.'

'Huh?' a look of confusion appeared on the Vice President's face. 'Who are you talking about?' He stared around again to see if anyone was watching.

'Don't worry, you'll see her when she comes.' Rex said and the call was cut.

'Who? Who...' the Vice President tried to ask but the beeping sound was the reply. He took the phone off his ear and stared at it for some seconds before dialing back.

'Am I coming to your office?' he heard Rex say without waiting for him to speak first.

'Rex, what are you talking about?'

'Bad manners! Don't answer questions with questions. I'll ask again, and maybe I better rephrase; should I start coming to your office?'

'Rex, you know that's a tough decision to make. There are several eyes keeping watch over this place...'

'And you don't want them to see us together?' Rex cut in.

'No, that's not...'

'Never mind, they won't be able to see you with her when she comes, you'll be helpless.'

'What are you talking abo...' he tried to ask but the line went dead again.

This time he paused and took in a deep breath before dialing back. 'Okay Rex, what actually do you want? If you want to come, I'll wait for you and allow you in but you must promise me to make it the first and the last time.'

'What the f***! Who the hell wants to come to your office? But you need to stop arguing with me if you want to save your life. When I tell you what to do, it's for your safety and not mine,' Rex said in a serious tone. 'She's coming for you soon. Very soon, I mean. Could be today or tomorrow. I'll be right outside your office, tell me if you notice any strange thing or get an unusual phone call.'

'She's coming? Should I wait here or...' the line went dead again. 'Damn!' he cursed and dialed Rex's number again. The network assigned voice answered him, saying the number he was calling was not reachable. He tried again but this time it was switched off.

'Damn!' he cursed again, pressing his phone against his lips as he thought of what to do. He finally turned back and proceeded back to his office, his assistants who had been lurking around came back with him.


Rex turned off the car engine after parking by a side of the road, he wound down the window to allow fresh air in. He took a look at his wristwatch again and then took off his seatbelt. He then stretched backward to take his tablet device, he turned on the screen and swiped it unlock. He clicked on the menu box and then began to scrolled down to the apps with names starting with 'S', he clicked open the security cameras monitoring app.

He was in the dark as there were lots of things he didn't know yet and this disturbed his ability to make plans. He hadn't been able find out Tarasha's location as that would have given him an edge over her but one thing he was sure of was Tarasha's next plan. He knew she wasn't going to leave with Cole and Aisha, rather she would want to seize the opportunity to attack the Vice President or the Inspector General. He knew this was bound to happen as it was the same steps he would have taken if he was in the same shoes as hers and wasn't aware that an assassin at the same level with him was monitoring.

He looked into the tablet device after the app loaded, several options of playing clips were being showed and on the top was 'Abuba Street' written.


She slowly pulled up to the curb in front of the abandoned building, she stared out at her environment through the glasses for some seconds before taking off the seatbelt. She was no longer on the same cloth she was putting on when she left the house, she was now donned in a flashy Hausa attire made of the lace material, she had a scarf neatly tied to her head and her makeups had also changed her looks entirely. She now looked like the lady who had joined the other pilot in flying John Obiano's plane. She turned off the car engine and picked up her medium sized party bag from the backseat - medium sized- meaning it was big enough to be used as a hiding place for up to three takeaway plates filled with party jollof rice. She put her dark sunglasses and stepped out of the car, she was putting on a high shoe which could make men and even other ladies intimidated by her presence when talking to her while she stood. She hung the bag on her arm properly and began to take careful but fast steps away from the car, she moved some distance away from the car and stood by the side of the road, waiting for a cab.

'Abuba Street,' she said as a cab came by. The cab driver replied with a nod and gestured for her to come in.



The blue Toyota Sienna drove carefully into the noisy garage and parked. The place was rowdy as usual as several arriving travelers and yet to board travelers moved around, some with their luggages and only few without luggages.

Aisha who was seated at the front seat of the vehicle had put on her dark shades and carried her small handbag before the car halted. She was the first to step out of the car, she took two steps away from the door of the vehicle and paused to look around briefly, then she proceeded briskly out of the garage.

She was used to Lagos city very well, so she had no difficulties knowing the road and where to go. Soon, she joined a bus going to Ikeja sat with three other people at the first seat behind the driver's. She had an earpiece fixed into her ears but she remained observant, knowing that someone could be monitoring her. She carefully took note of every other person that entered into the bus after her but she found none looking suspicious.

After twenty minutes drive, she dropped at a junction to wait for a cab, two other people stopped at the same junction with her. Soon a tricycle came by and she flagged it down. 'I want to stop at Bevo Hotels,' she said as she entered to sit at the backseat of the tricycle. Two other people were already in so she sat at the right edge, she took out a little mirror from her bag and stretched it forward, she couldn't get a good view, so she stretched forth her hand slightly outside the tricycle, she then used an handkerchief to clean the sweat that was forming on her forehead.


'Hey, she's headed for Bevo Hotels.' a guy on a green top said into his communication device.

Read Chapter 3 Part 3-7 on www.youngicee.com

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by yorhmienerd(m): 8:18am On Nov 24, 2016

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Nobody: 3:00am On Nov 25, 2016
beautiful writeup

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Aipete2(f): 9:31am On Nov 25, 2016
oyinprince sweet Longest time fa

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Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Oyinprince(m): 4:02pm On Nov 25, 2016
oyinprince sweet Longest time fa
Hey! Whatsup? Where have you been?
Re: Tarasha 2 - The Return For Revenge by Nobody: 4:32pm On Nov 25, 2016
abeg go post 4 youngicee

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