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The Rescue by alexblazzzer18(m): 8:23pm On Nov 19, 2016
Ok guys m back again, its afternoon here so i decided to bring u guys another action thriller..... ENJOY AS U READ
Re: The Rescue by alexblazzzer18(m): 8:30pm On Nov 19, 2016
Re: The Rescue by kingklassique(m): 8:37pm On Nov 19, 2016
Can't wait
Re: The Rescue by alexblazzzer18(m): 9:10pm On Nov 19, 2016
All rights reserved @ Tolulope Alex 2017… No parts of this story should be distributed or reproduced without the written permisson ofthe author….This is purely work of fiction, all names and Locations used are just the immaginations of the author…




The sun was perfectly shinning, the rays bringing out an immense heat, it was a shining summer monday afternoon… The street of NewYork Manhattan was filled up with people moving up and down, goin about their own business activities, cars blaring thier horns as they try to make ways past themselves…

The scenario was sure a beautiful one with the tall bautiful tall skyscrappers, that tends to reach up the sky along each district…The city square was filled up with people of different colours and race, who have all come from different parts of the world for the historic event going down…

”People with different colours and race, from different parts of the world have all come out here region are here this afternoon, to witness the making of another history today, as we can all see at the front, The United States President and the Pueto Rican government are both here with top officials from the UN to sign the agreement to fight against all organisation that deals in drugs smugling and s-x trafficking in especially all parts of Southern and Nothern America and other parts of the world…

Surely It’s going to be an epic event… Jenner Rowan, Reporting Live for MCNTV from City square, Manhattan”….

Outside the city square a black ford van came to a stop, a hispanic man came down from the van, immediately he came down the van zoomed off… He walks into the crowd looking around like a person been chased from behind, he was looking here and there walking intothe crowd, he looks suspicious, but none of the people in the crowd could fathom what was going on with him as they have all been swayed by the event going on at the front…

He bacame nervous and started shaking, the people arround him looked at him with the expression of confussion written on thier face,he brought a tiny remote control with a red button, before anyone could notice or do anything to stop him, he pushed the button, an explosion rings out among the crowd killing many people around himon the spot… He was a sucide bomber…

This is just the beginning….
Re: The Rescue by alexblazzzer18(m): 9:20pm On Nov 19, 2016

pls help me call others in here...

I call on all literature legends on Nairaland, likes of Ironkurtain, Oyinprince,D9ty7, if i make any mistakes pls put in ur corretions...
Re: The Rescue by 3mjay(m): 9:31pm On Nov 19, 2016
#Drives in fancifully in a new keke napep and comes out sipping babyoku and sitting down... # Front row tinz. Where z diz op jare? I'm hungry for more updates!
Re: The Rescue by kingklassique(m): 12:16am On Nov 20, 2016
We ar here we are goin no where
Carry go jor I dey ur back
Re: The Rescue by ironkurtain(m): 5:17am On Nov 20, 2016
My advice, dont be in a rush. Just take your time so that the powers of ur imaginations can go to work.
Re: The Rescue by boffinjay(m): 6:04am On Nov 20, 2016
d beginin of another action film.i'm seated here
Re: The Rescue by alexblazzzer18(m): 8:38am On Nov 20, 2016
My advice, dont be in a rush. Just take your time so that the powers of ur imaginations can go to work.
I got that, thanks for the advice sir... Just finished reading ur story, Bloodline 1 and 2, i gat to admit, m swayed and hyped by the story... Keep up the good work sir... M waiting for more stories from u.
Re: The Rescue by Oyinprince(m): 3:35pm On Nov 21, 2016
Re: The Rescue by alexblazzzer18(m): 3:42pm On Nov 21, 2016



The cloud was still a bit dark, everywhere was silent except for the occassional chirping of bird in the woods. It was a summer morning the weather was calm and good, just few cars are driving through theHollywood hills in the early hour of the morning. A particular car was of interest to people who lay await in ambush in the wood for it to pass by.The car was a Black Mercedez Benz, with tinted dark glass and a federal plate number,and all bullet proofed, the people waiting in ambush for the car has sure done their homeworks well about the car and its passengers…

A little before 7 a.m, the car was winding through the hollywood hills northwest of L A, the steady drone of its gassoline engine briefly rising in pitch as it turned onto the long climb of Kirkwood Drive in Laurel Canyon.Two hundred feet below the intersection of Kirkwood and Oak, the car coasted to a crackling stop on the shoulder of the secluded road and kepts its engine running…

“What the hell was that” The man sitting in the back passanger sit of the car said. The man was in his late forties, he was a popular politician in the country, with his handsomeness coupled with his charismatic characters, jet black hair, button nose, and charming face. He was previously on a call before the car coasted to a stop…

“I think we might have a lil problem, there is a truck ahead parked across the road, let me go take a look” The driver replied…

“You know it’s important I be at the treaty, I’ll be back home safe take care of your self honey, and keep our son safe, i will be back on friday before you know it, all right honey stay safe” He finished his call and droped the phone in his hand, he make a wave of his hand to his driver to go check out what is wrong with the truck parked at their front…

The driver got down from the car and walks slowly towards the truck,he looked around and noticed that everywhere was incredibly silent, except for the occassional chirping of bird in the forests along the road, something was not right his instincts kicked in, he opened the gun hostler in his jacket and brought out a smith wessen pistol, with his hand carefully placed on the trigger, he walked slowly and carefully towards the truck step by step, a little close to the truck, he stopped in his track and decided to get back to the car and turned around, he carfully but quickly walked back towards the car glancing to both his left and right. Closed enough to the car, that was when he heard the sound, the sound was gentle but hostile, he listened carefully and knew immediately that the snapping was of twigs and a lot of footsteps aproaching from the bush, that trigers the rapid adrenaline pump in his vein, without thinking twice, he send slugg of bullets to the bush, not minding what was about to come out from there, he knew immediately it was an ambush when he starts hearing heavy footsteps and gunshots from the back of truck, he dived to the car and made to open the door, he felt a slug of bullet pierced his left arm, without minding the pain, he quickly got into the car and swirved it into reverse, he wound down the mirror on his left hand and started shooting with his gun..

More men in black millitary camourflags and their faces covered came out from both the bush and the millitary truck parked across the road, and continued to rapidly shoot at the escaping car…

The drvier knew he was not going to make any head way with his reverse so he swinged the car and quickly make a round turn, and sped along the road.

More men came out from the bush to the front of the car and continued shooting, the driver had no choice than to run over the men shooting at him, he increased the speed of the car, thud sound of body hitting the front bonnet of the car as it run over the men…

One of the armed men see that the car was going to escape so he waste no time in sending slugs of bullets at the back tire of the car, the bullets met its target, the drver lost the control of the car, it swirved around for a bit before summersaulting into the road side along the bush…

The men approached the car and dragged out the politician from the back of the car, one of the armed men came to the driver’s side of thecar and brought out his gun to shoot the driver, but the other guy with him stopped him he made a signal with his hand and they all went back to the parked truck…

The driver opened his eyes slowly with pains all over his head, he groans softly in pain, he was bleeding and loosing too much blood, he looked helplessly as the men carried his boss away into the truck, he tried to muster all his strength and do something, his strength andvision failed him, everything became blurry and blurry until everythingwent blank… He passed out…

To Be Continued


Re: The Rescue by lorelife(m): 4:59pm On Nov 23, 2016
more updates plz. I bliv its gona b a hit here
Re: The Rescue by alexblazzzer18(m): 9:14pm On Nov 23, 2016
more updates plz. I bliv its gona b a hit here
Be updating tomoro bro... I could update today cos its just evening, but m damn tired 4rm an hectic day job... M sorry guys
Re: The Rescue by alexblazzzer18(m): 4:03pm On Nov 24, 2016
After some research and gathering informations on the plot and settings of this story, i had to made some slight changes to the prologue... Y'all might wanna read the prologue again... The story continues... Thanks
Re: The Rescue by alexblazzzer18(m): 5:40pm On Nov 24, 2016
PART TWO 20 Hours later after the kidnap and 10 hours after the Bombing


The debriefing room of the Division 3 covert operation was perfectly silent like a graveyard, every top officials of the Division 3 are present in the room, all dressed in black suits, the news of the abducted US congress man has reached every men in the room, none of them are in a good mood, first it has been the bomb blast at the city square in Manhattan during the ”Pacto de alianza” with the Pueto Rican government and top officials of the UN, and now the congressman Richard Benedict has been kidnapped, although the kidnapping was claimed to have happen before the bomb blast at the square because the congressman was said to be absent during the treaty…

The division 3 was a secret covert squad created from the CIA and DEA to carry out covert operations, that involves neutralising threats of terrorism, drug trafficking and any other dangerous vices that involves the secuirity of the nation…

The division had tracked the bomb blast to a daredevil organisation that deals in both drug and human trafficking for s-x slaves in the heart of Pueto Rican jungle, the group was believed to be led by a brutal man called El Machetto Rodriguez De Capitan also known as El Lobo (The Wolf) he is brutal in every way. He runs the organisation with his three other brothers, the organisation made their trade mark across every part of South America, Europe, North Africa, America and every significant part of the world. They are very ruthless in everyway, they killed anyone that tries to get in their way, the bomb blast was a way to tell the US government and the UN that they has no say and to desist from the drug and human trafficking that goes on, in the southern part of america…

The joint director walks into the room with his ridiculously large Eye glass that hungs on his face, Director Stephen Everret was a man probably in his late Sixties, he had been a super agent of the DEA when he was in his youth, albeit the reason he was made the covert director. As soon as he walks into the room everyone of the people in the room sits up right and prepared for the director to make the next line of Order.

”As every one of you in here probably knows, Congress man Richard Benedict was kidnapped early this morning, and also there was a bomb blast during the treaty also today, the pentagon has already instructed us to take care of the situation and we are going to do everything in our power to stop this act of terrorism” The director broke the silence…

The room went into another long silence before another man in a fitted black suit broke the silence again.”has there been any request or call for Ransom to be paid for the release of congressman Benedict?” The man in the left middle side ofthe room asked the question directing it to no one in particular.”None Yet” A man stands up from the group of men sitting down and went to the projector at the front side of the room, the projector screen was hanging on the wall, like every other typical debriefing room of every intelligent agency. His name is Rick Mason, he is the top analyst and profiler of the joint agency. He pressed some button from a remote in his hand and the projector came dimming every other light that was in the room, he pressed some other button and the screen shows the pictures of a bomb blast area, he pressed another button and the first picture minimised and another picture ofa man came on to the screen.

”No Ransom request had been made from any angle, but due to the intel we got from the defence headquarters, the kidnap had been linked to this afternoon bomb blast in the Manhattan city square, in New York, believed to be orchestrated by the ”Esqueleto Oseo” drug organisation, but with no definite evidence we have no Lead, becausethe Esqueleto Oseo had not officially claimed to be responsible for the Bomb Blast”. Rick Mason gave answer to the question.

”The pictures showing on this screen, is the picture of the city square bomb blast, and the picture besides it is the picture of the suicide bomber, his name is Pablo Alejandro, this picture was gotten from the CCTV right across the street of the city square before he went into the crowd”. The screen changed to the picture of a black van. ” this here was the ford van that dropped him, we have run every plate in our data base but we got no identity on the van, we believe this man migrated into the country three days ago from Bolivia according to the arrivals list in New York international airport, his identity has been linked to the Esqueleto Oseo group” Rick said pointing at the screen. He pressed another button and another picture of a car that looked wrecked, with bullets hole all over the body of the car.

”This was the car that was taking congress man to the Los angeles airport, all wrecked from bullet holes” he continued. ”The dirver of the car was found unconscious when the local police got to the scene, if it is really the group according to the intel from the defence headquarters we should b expecting more” he said and pressed another button and the screen went blank.

The director including all the men in the room were in deep thinking when they were interrupted by the military martial song coming fromanother TV screen hanged on the wall, the song was a transmission from the ”Esqueleto Oseo” Group, a picture of a man came into live onthe screen, the man was sitting in a chair with his face covered with ablack mask.

”Get the Trace on that transmission”. The director said immediately the transmission came on

.”Hello Director Everret, I believe I now have your attentions, my name is El Machetto Rodriguez de Capitane or El Lobo as they call me, i am responsible for the bomb blast, and i also have one of your prestigious congressman with me, to get him back alive, you should follow this instructions”. he brought out a white piece of paper and started reading the instructions with his thick spanish accent.

“The United States government and the UN should stop the Pacto de alianza with the Pueto Rican government, a ransome of Five Hundred million US dollar unmarked, that will be dropped in location that will be given later should also be prepared along with the documents indicating the withdrawal of the U.S government and the UN from Pueto Rico drug tirade, it should be signed by the United States president and the UN also, more instructions will be put through to you later, don’t bother tracking this transmission because you won’t get a trace, Signum Obligate”. The man finished speaking and the transmisson went off.

”Are you able to pinpoint the Location?” The director asked.

”No sir, we got nothing on the trace, the trace on the transmission was just moving around”. one of the tech men answered back.“What do we do now”

”for now we wait we just wait till another transmission is made” the director said..

To Be Continued
Re: The Rescue by Afz9095(m): 8:27pm On Nov 24, 2016

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Re: The Rescue by alexblazzzer18(m): 8:55pm On Nov 24, 2016
I think thats just some coincident... Only bad guys in spanish speaking country are called El Lobo
Re: The Rescue by Nobody: 7:09am On Nov 25, 2016
Am sure they are two different people grin grin
Re: The Rescue by Afz9095(m): 9:09am On Nov 26, 2016

Am sure they are two different people grin grin
yes they are two different people but they have something n common,they are both criminal
Re: The Rescue by alexblazzzer18(m): 11:30am On Nov 26, 2016
yes they are two different people but they have something n common,they are both criminal
hmm this El Lobo in Greg42's story what type of criminal is he
Re: The Rescue by Nobody: 11:37am On Nov 26, 2016
hmm this El Lobo in Greg42's story what type of criminal is he

Lolzzzzz worse than yours bruh and richer too cool grin
Re: The Rescue by alexblazzzer18(m): 12:17pm On Nov 26, 2016

Lolzzzzz worse than yours bruh and richer too cool grin
Lolz, hw are u so sure, he iz worse and richer than minecheesy
Re: The Rescue by alexblazzzer18(m): 4:58pm On Jan 22, 2017
Hi guyz, its been a while, m sorry for ma unanounced absent, but m bck for gud, i pray y'all forgive ya humble bro...
Re: The Rescue by alexblazzzer18(m): 6:12pm On Feb 06, 2017
Re: The Rescue by Akinwale14(m): 4:00pm On Jun 12, 2017
Nice story pls continue
Re: The Rescue by alexblazzzer18(m): 9:42pm On Jun 13, 2017
Nice story pls continue
thanks bro, will definitely continue, but u can follow it up on coolval22.com, its been posted there already
Re: The Rescue by Akinwale14(m): 4:20pm On Jun 14, 2017
thanks bro, will definitely continue, but u can follow it up on coolval22.com, its been posted there already
coolval22 na my second padi after nairaland
Re: The Rescue by alexblazzzer18(m): 6:07pm On Dec 01, 2017
Re: The Rescue by Nobody: 7:21pm On Dec 01, 2017
This is simply wow
Re: The Rescue by alexblazzzer18(m): 12:25am On Mar 22
Part Three

Subway Station Downtown New York

Three Hours Earlier

The downtown subway station is full as usual with crowds dropping off and waiting to catch their rides to different destinations… A man came down from a train that just made its stop at the station, he was clad in a black suit with dark brown hair and a chiselled face, he move out of the station and went to the restaurant across the street from the subway, he got into the restaurant and took a sit at the far corner of the restaurant, he took the food menu on the table and start looking at it, after some minutes of looking at the menu, he called at one of the waiter to make his order, he quickly make a brief conversation with the waiter and the waiter left, minutes later he came back with the wine that he ordered. The man opened the wine bottle and pour a bit into the wine flute, he took a sip and savoured the taste with his tongue letting the aroma sink in to his brain…

Another man came into the restaurant, he look briefly through the restaurant before going strait to the corner the brown haired man was sitting, he was also wearing a black suit with a blond hair, he took a sit opposite him, he took out a stick of cuban cigar and lights it he took a drag and release the smoke into the air…

“Hmm, Vega sicilia unico, I see you’ve got an amazing taste for wine” the blonde man said glancing at the bottle of wine on the table, he took another drag of his cuban cigar and starts flipping the gold lighter in his hand

“You sure bet I do, let go straight to the business that brought us here, I know you are well aware that the security of the country will be tighten up immediately that money is paid, I have arranged a means of transportation for you and your boys once this deal is over, do not touch a hair on the congressman, in no situation should he be harmed, and one more thing make sure the division are able to track the transmission to the warehouse, I’ve got some Surprise waiting for them” he finished speaking and made to stand, the other man grabbed his hand and look at him with a smirk on his face..

“As long as your people cooperate with me, no harm is going to comethe congressman’s way” he released his hand and walks out of the restaurant…


Division 3 Situation room.

The situation room is buzzing with activities, men moving around in haste with stress and frustration written on their faces, the situation of the kidnapping and bombing are all taking its toll on them, the white house has been on their neck all day coupled with the order from the pentangon to take care of the situations and rescue the congressman as soon as possible…
The director was making a call in a corner of the room, with the way he was talking on the phone, things were not happening in his favours, all their efforts to get a lead or a breakthrough to identifying the location of where the drug cartel are making their transmission from have been negative, he dropped the call and wave his hand in the hair in frustration, he brusquely walks back into the center of the room and makes an announcement.

“Listen everyone, I just got through a call from the White house, if we failed to get a lead within another 10 hours, they are taking us off of this case, so we gotta do everything in our power and get their location during this second transmission, Get the trace ready they are going to be making another transmission in five minutes from now”

Five Minutes LaterThe military martial song hits the room again, and seconds later all the tv screen in the room changes to that of a man sitting on a chair with his face covered with black mask…

“The money should dropped in Ten places in $100 bill, $50m dollar in each places, all border should be opened for 24 hours, in your effort not to comply with the order, there will be a bomb blast in different locations in every one hour” he finished the transmission and every screen went blank…

“We finally got a lock on the location, he is transmitting from a warehouse in Bronx”“Get a Chopper in the air, I need three Humvy trucks on the ground, we are moving out right now, this is it, we have to move in on them with surprise, the tactical team will move in first, we got the support from air, get everyone ready, get me on with the pentagon and the white house

”Bronx New York.

25 Minutes later…

The trucks move in with speed spraying the dust from the sand in theair, an ant eating on the road heard the sound of the trucks coming and runs into its hole, the three trucks drives into the compound of the warehouse with the chopper hovering around in the air, filming the live feeds to the, The division headquarters and the Pentagon, the troops got down from the trucks and group themselves into formation, each with his rifle on high alert… The warehouse was exceptionally silent, there seems to be no sign of human activities in or areas around the compound, the men walks in and spread into groups. The rooms of the warehouse were dark making it harder for the troops to see anything until they all activated their infrared goggles, the men walks in slowly stealthily moving in formation, the commanding captain makes a halt signal to the men and they all stop, something is not right, he though to himself, he lifts up his leg tomake another move, that was when he heard it, a clinging sound followed by a massive explosion and then sound of gun shots ringing from all angles of the charred building with no visible shooter, the shooting caught the men unaware, before any could register what was happening and take cover, each of the men are either dead or severely injured, the bullets rained around for 25 minutes piercing all the troops untill they all lost their lives… All the events of the ware house were recorded in a live feed from the chopper and from camera attached to the infrared goggles of the troops…

6 Hours Laters

Pentangon Virginia Washington DC…

The Director walks in to the situation room of the pentagon with a sad and frustrating expression written all over his face, he walks in and stood in the middle of the men sitting round the table, the presidents was among them…

“Mr President I know I have failed this nation and I’m sad over all the lives lost so far, my decision to move into the warehouse was hostile,I’ll take responsibility of the actions” the director finished speaking

“We are breaking and disavowing this organisation because they have failed to protect the Nation it was Created to protect, the decision has already been made, all files and database should be transfer to the CIA, the CIA will also be taking over all the covert operations of the decision, The Director has been relieved of his duty and clearance as from one minutes ago” the minister of defence announced…

“I’m Eric Mason, the newly appointed director from the CIA” a man with a brown hair and chiselled face announced with an evil smirk…
Re: The Rescue by alexblazzzer18(m): 12:26am On Mar 22
this whole storey has been modified with some slight changes, pls kindly reread from d top... thanks guys

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