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BROKEN HEDGE By Toyin Taiwo / ANIKE : A Story By Toyin Taiwo / I Fell In Love By Toyin Taiwo(ty Praise) (2) (3) (4)

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Re: WRONG NUMBER By Toyin Taiwo by chii8(f): 6:43pm On Dec 26, 2017
Waoo,started reading this story, it got me glued till the end,hmmm.....grace differs indeed.

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Re: WRONG NUMBER By Toyin Taiwo by NNature(m): 12:23am On Dec 27, 2017
Crying in the rain.#crying

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Re: WRONG NUMBER By Toyin Taiwo by rachealfst(f): 8:23pm On Dec 27, 2017
wow, got to this yesterday 25th Dec. Still on Episode 11

The title captivate me WRONG NUMBER


well for Pamilerin I know her name will Palerin.

Reachealfst you no try with the line giving to Boluwatife dat my Moniker

Nice work keep it up

Angelinastto also come across In the Dark
YungTemy , infant you guyz are the best thou

Am introvert I learn a lots form your work, I Stumble Literature Section when am free, bored, alone N
am not disappointed Thanks.

Thanks so much. God bless you.
Re: WRONG NUMBER By Toyin Taiwo by Shobizz(m): 11:34am On Dec 28, 2017
uncutz, comelyJummy, Gerrysparkles, Oyindatjay01

Episode 42


T Square, what up now episode 32 was d last i was able 2 read. other episode are not with content.
all wat is showing is Dedication, Episode ..., N TBC 4RM Pg 52
Re: WRONG NUMBER By Toyin Taiwo by Aondofrank: 9:22pm On Feb 15, 2018
My name is Daniel Ayomiposi Johnson........we dont av dose names here in Ekiti oo, we got fayose, fayemi, fashanu, faniran and so on, he might be frm Ogun state
Is that how yoruba people are?
Re: WRONG NUMBER By Toyin Taiwo by Kaodek(m): 6:34am On Feb 27, 2018
Re: WRONG NUMBER By Toyin Taiwo by Kaodek(m): 6:36am On Feb 27, 2018
Is that how yoruba people are?
Jst kidding him, but on a serious note, Fa Dominates when it comes to Surnames
Re: WRONG NUMBER By Toyin Taiwo by Olumyt64(m): 10:36am On Mar 08, 2018
episode 32 was d last episode i was able to read, others keep showing dedications; i was enjoying the story until then
Re: WRONG NUMBER By Toyin Taiwo by Topscoque(f): 3:17pm On Mar 19, 2018
episode 32 was d last episode i was able to read, others keep showing dedications; i was enjoying the story until then

Same here, seems she removed them. Can someone just summarized what eventually happened?
Re: WRONG NUMBER By Toyin Taiwo by Nobody: 1:14pm On Mar 20, 2018
cool Raachealfst you are bliss,I must say,this is a masterpiece!

Been reading from page 0

Legend.......(In dj khalid voice)
Re: WRONG NUMBER By Toyin Taiwo by Kaycee9242(m): 1:39am On Mar 27, 2018
Wow I just read dis story today, Rachael u are really good more grace
Re: WRONG NUMBER By Toyin Taiwo by rachealfst(f): 9:56pm On Aug 05, 2018
Wow I just read dis story today, Rachael u are really good more grace
Amen.Thanks so much (I just saw this, sorry for the late response)
Re: WRONG NUMBER By Toyin Taiwo by NavyBlue(f): 7:35am On Aug 06, 2018
im not reading yet but im saving pages lots of pages , only one sentence i paused to read and it gave me reasons to save more pages. methinks im gonna love it. and i ll be around watchin n waitin for ur next story. dis issa good one.
Re: WRONG NUMBER By Toyin Taiwo by Olajumoke459: 8:55am On Aug 06, 2018
Re: WRONG NUMBER By Toyin Taiwo by Juniorangel(m): 8:55am On Aug 06, 2018
I have seen this story b4 somewhere on Facebook though am not sure its by the same author... The one I read pamilerin later found out that daniel's sis in US was a lesbian, and she tried to talk her out of it..... Its definitely the same story let just keep following the story .
Re: WRONG NUMBER By Toyin Taiwo by Etuagievin(m): 10:47am On Aug 06, 2018
Pls can I get the episodes from epi 27 down . my e- mail is oviokerie2@gmail.com
Re: WRONG NUMBER By Toyin Taiwo by HolyClement001(m): 12:15pm On Aug 06, 2018
interesting pamilerin or did you call her is a slowpoke
Re: WRONG NUMBER By Toyin Taiwo by HolyClement001(m): 1:40pm On Aug 06, 2018
Blecool, Rahmoney, alegbeleye, swanky47, sharliz, Qasaforlife, Zeus100

Episode 10
Some minutes later, the gateman opened the gate and led me into the house. The house was beautiful, the sitting room was tastefully furnished.

I stood in the sitting room waiting for him to come out, he joined me later, we exchanged cold greetings.

“How did you know this place?”

“Walls have ears you know! do you expect me to just fold my hands and do nothing about us”

“Why are you here?”

“Tunde, I’m here for just one reason, where did I go wrong?”

“Pamilerin, you did not do anything wrong, I know I promise to come see you but have been very busy”

"I think by now you should have a better excuse than 'busy' or what do you think?"

"I wish you could understand"

"Understand what? that you left because of all this"

"This has nothing to do with my present status"


"Just give me some time to clear my head, because right now I don't even know what I want"

"I get it, after five years... you want something new right? you are bored with us"

"Don't put it like that, please give me time.."

He was still talking when I saw a lady walked down the stairs. She was wearing a crop top on a bum short. She’s fair and her skin was glowing like that of a super model.

I'm not bad myself, that is obvious but this lady is one of those who spend every penny they have on looking good.

“Baby can you please give us some minutes, I’ll meet you upstairs” he said to the lady.
Baby! I exclaimed

“I’m sorry I can’t, who is she anyway?” she asked Tunde.

“She’s a friend”

“A friend! so she’s the baby and I’m the friend right! now I get it” I said

“I don’t care who she is, but I need her to leave this place this minute before I call security to throw her out” she yelled

“Tunde I’m not leaving this place until you answered my question or don’t you think you owe me an explanation. You got a new job, you even relocated without telling me, God knows I did not deserve this from you”

“Stop right there gold digger, so that’s why you are here, to reap where you did not sow!” the lady launched at me.

“That should be my line, Don’t you know you are the gold digger here, reaping where you did not….

Before I finish the statement, her hands had already landed on my cheek, I stepped forward and returned the slap. Tunde hurriedly stood in between us.

“You watched her slap me and you do nothing about it? She lashed at Tunde

“Antonia! but you slapped her first”

“Really! I know what to do” She went out, called the Security and they ushered me out of the house.

Tunde said nothing, he watched as I was been led out of his house.

I took a cab that carried me straight to my house, thank God I had enough money on me, I cried silently in the cab.

I got a message from him on way home, he apologized for what happened in his house and promised to check on me.

I got home and cried bitterly. This is the guy that I love with the whole of my life, a guy I made so many sacrifices for. I spent five years of my life nurturing this relationship.

He was the only guy I dated all my life. I remembered the abortion and wept the more. I still live with the guilt till now. Even after the abortion I still went ahead to satisfy his sexual pleasures all because I want to please and keep him. I’ve done things I wished I could take back. All because of him.

Now i admit that sex won’t make men stay, they leave when they feel like and they stay if they want to, sex or no sex.

That night I wipe away my tears, took my bath and encouraged myself to forget about him and move on. I told God that night to strengthen me and help me move on because 5years relationship is not a joke.

I ended the relationship within me, having it at the back of my mind that I’m no longer in a relationship, meaning I’m officially single. Its obvious he doesn’t want the relationship either, so I’ll just sit back and wait for the day he’ll come to give his break up speech.

nice article kuddos to the writer


Re: WRONG NUMBER By Toyin Taiwo by HolyClement001(m): 1:52pm On Aug 06, 2018
Junkie04, iwakacome, oluwaseun15, chinnyness122, Pwettyella, Awafolashade, Blecool, cho25bc, Bukkiminat
, OvialnChambers

Episode 12

#When someone hurts you, you learn to be stronger…..When someone leaves you, you learn to be independent #

After my break up with Tunde, I kept myself busy with work and Church activities. I don’t party or club but I make sure I use my free time to engage myself in things that makes me happy. I fed my soul with good music. Yes music is food for the soul.

Sincerely I enjoyed my single status, I was free, I don’t owe anyone any explanation for my life, I do things my way and I buy less recharge card. I know how much I spend on recharge cards when I was dating.

My Parents were very happy because I was happy. My Daddy called me once and told me “I never knew you are this strong, I’m proud of you”

He actually said this after My cousin’s wedding. My cousin got married to her Price charming, her wedding was awesome. I was there for her all through.

I just told him “Daddy, the Joy of the Lord is my strength.
What doesn’t kill you, make you stronger.

Five months later, I was in my room relaxing after doing my chores. I was about to see a movie on my laptop when I heard my phone ring, I looked around for my phone then I noticed the sound is coming from the bathroom.

I remembered I left it there when I washing. My Mom always warn me not to take my phone to the bathroom, but I love listening to music when washing or doing other chores.

In my Mummy’s voice “The day that phone will drop inside water, ehn. Thank God you are working, you know how easy it is to earn money”

I rushed into the bathroom to pick my phone. I checked the caller Id it was an international number, I was wondering who it was, although I have few friends abroad, but we only communicate via social media platforms, we rarely talk on phone.


“Hello” I replied, please who is this?

“This is Daniel on the line calling from America, please I’d like to speak with Mr Paul” he said in American accent.

“Sorry, this is a wrong number” I informed him.

“Wrong number? He said from the other end. Please hold on while I checked the number again.

“I just rechecked this is the number I was given” he said

“Well, I’m sorry this is my line and obviously I’m not Mr Paul”

I expected him to end the call but he did not, I suspected he’s some how disappointed.

“Oh…my… goodness” he said stressing each word.

Any problem” I asked just feeling concerned.

“I’m coming to Nigeria on a business trip tomorrow and he’s suppose to help me settle down and show me around. Mr Paul is a cousin to a friend of mine whom I can’t even reach right now. He’s busy with his project somewhere in East Africa and I can’t reach him over there too” he explained.

“Sorry about that, I said. Do you know his email address, if you do then you can mail him”

“Yes I have sent numerous mails to him, I called this line because he did not reply any of my mails”

“Ok let’s try it this way, use his email address to search for him on facebook, then maybe you can be lucky to get his mobile no or other information about him on facebook” I suggested.

“You are a life saver, you know I never thought of that,I was so anxious to get through to him, I couldn’t think straight. That was a good suggestion, thanks for your time. Despite the fact that I’m a stranger, you still took your time to find me a solution. Thanks I appreciate it. What’s the name” he asked

“Pamilerin, but if you can’t pronounce that you can call me Daniella”

Of course I can, I’m Nigerian and I’m yoruba but I’ll prefer Daniella since my name is Daniel” he said jokingly. Thanks for your help”

“You are welcome”

Thanks once again and have a great weekend.

“You too, bye” I replied, then the line went off.

I think this Mr Daniel will be her comforter this story is really interesting good job madam
Re: WRONG NUMBER By Toyin Taiwo by maisauki: 5:23pm On Aug 06, 2018
She's back with another mind-blowing and very interesting story. I was in a delirium of joy when I saw this story this very morning because it's coming from a meticulous writer who has carved a niche for herself doing the job she has always wanted to do. I'm glad you mentioned me, I'm much obliged to you. You're writing skills are innate and unrivalled. Keep it up, keep firing on all cylinders. The story has already made my day, even before nightfall.
you're yourself well versed in the art of eloquence!
may I share ds plot with you, bro?
Re: WRONG NUMBER By Toyin Taiwo by equityadeoti(m): 11:42pm On Aug 07, 2018
Nice story... I enjoyed every bit of it. God bless you.
Re: WRONG NUMBER By Toyin Taiwo by maisauki: 6:17pm On Aug 13, 2018
nanadeeva01(Happy Birthday to you)

Episode 30

I went to his house on Saturday morning expecting the worse. I got there and sat in the sitting room like a complete stranger. He was in his room upstairs, so I waited for him to come downstairs, he knew I was around.

He joined me in the sitting room and sat directly opposite where I was sitting.
“Hi” I said


“ How was your week?” He asked

“Fine and yours?”

“Not bad. You didn’t bother to call me during the week” he said coldly.

“I thought you needed some time to your self. So I decided to give you some space”

"I’m hungry” he said

I wonder what that statement had to do with me, So I kept quiet.

“I said I’m hungry, I want you to cook for me” he said sternly.

“Daniel, did you asked me to come here just to cook, I think we have more pressing issues to discuss”

“Oh! I’m now Daniel? I can’t remember the last time you call me Daniel”

“Sorry, I mean….
He ignored me and went upstairs, he came back with his wallet. He opened it and counted 10 #1000 notes and handed it to me.

“Here is #10,000 buy all the necessary ingredients you need”

“What ingredients?” I asked still surprised at his drama.

“I want pounded yam and vegetable soup”

“Pounded yam!” I wonder what game he’s trying to play here.

“Daniella don’t just stand there, it’s almost noon, I haven't taken anything today”

“What kind of a man is this for God sake, we are in the middle of crisis and all his asking for his food” I thought.

“I can’t pound” I said

“That’s a lie, the last time I came to your house, I met you and one of your siblings pounding”

You can get an Ekiti man out of Ekiti but you cannot get Ekiti out of him. I wonder why they love pounded yam so much.

“There’s no mortal” I said

“My gateman, Papilo got one for me yesterday” he grinned.

“So this is actually not a joke, so you already have a mortal in this house ” I said and I almost curse that gateman of his.

“The car keys is upstairs, go get it and take the car with you” he said and switched on the plasma TV

“I’ll take a cab” I said annoyingly. Imagine he went upstairs to get his wallet and couldn’t bring the keys along with him.

“Your choice” he said.
I just pick my purse and phone from my handbag and left.

I came an hour and half later, I met him watching a football match. I went to the kitchen hoping he’ll join me but he did not. I can not come and kill myself, so I called the gate man.

“Papilo!" I called out

“Ma I’m coming ma” he answered.

I ordered him to lock the gate and join me in the kitchen. Shebi he knows how to buy mortal right. I even thought Daniel will send him back to his post but he said nothing.

I set the dinning when I was through. I checked the time, 2:45pm. I told him I was through.
He settled down on the dinning. I turned back to leave the dinning when he called me.

“Daniella, where are you going won’t you eat?”

“I did not make provision for myself, I only pounded two wraps and I’ve served your gate man the other wrap”

“And why is that”

“Dee, I’m not here to eat”

“Really! So what are you here for, come back here and sit, we’ll eat this together”

There’s no point arguing with him, he won’t let me be if I don’t join him. And more so I want to know where all this stunt he’s pulling is heading.

ur hand is Merlin, magical!
Re: WRONG NUMBER By Toyin Taiwo by maisauki: 4:53pm On Aug 14, 2018
bensegxy, ayorinbolableszy, Howoheye


na wia d remainder b na? D last full episode I read was thirty seven
Re: WRONG NUMBER By Toyin Taiwo by Hestywhyt(f): 10:54am On Sep 03, 2018
wow your profile pics is so dazzling and glamorously embedded with elegance......

Trust me your resplendent beauty is basking in a uniqueness of it's apogee.

Can you grant me the rare privilege of interacting and hobnobbing with you plsssssssss.
Re: WRONG NUMBER By Toyin Taiwo by Mtbail: 7:30pm On Sep 26, 2018
.....Very interesting story.....
Re: WRONG NUMBER By Toyin Taiwo by priestcharm(m): 7:20pm On Nov 06, 2018
Dedicated to all the dedicated readers.


Four years later…..

I slept immediately I came back from Sunday morning service. Joy’s call woke me up. Joy put to bed last month. She gave birth to a baby boy, Testimony. Daniel is Testimony’s God father.
“Hi cousin"


"How are you doing and how’s baby Testimony doing”

“Your baby is doing fine”
she replied

We talked for a while, she’s planning to come back to Nigeria very soon. I spoke to Kola before we ended the call.
Finally God answered our prayers. She had her child through IVF.

I went to the sitting room and met Shallom watching cartoon. I named her Shallom, indeed she was my peace. I have all the peace in the world, peace revolves around me, my friends, loved ones and family are all doing well.

I’ve started running my school and it’s progressing, my husband business is expanding, I have a good home. What else can I ask from God. And to crown it all He gave us this smart, brilliant and beautiful Princess, shalom.
Back to present…..

“Shallom, where is Dee?”

“You mean my Daddy” she said giving me a funny look.

“Where did I get this girl from, she always compete with me when it comes to Daniel” I said to myself.

“I know he’s your Daddy but he’s my husband” I said

“Mummy, Daddy loves me more than you” she gestured with her hands.

“Seriously! What’s your age again?" I asked Shalom.

“Mummy, I’m three. Did you forgot” she said with a straight face.

I swear this girl is hilarious, you need to see her face.
I shake my head. I wonder where she got this sharp tongue from, definitely not from me.

“Fine, you win, so where’s your Daddy” I rephrased my question.

She smiled “He’s at the pool side with Aunt Sharon and Uncle Josh” she said in American accent.

I wonder if accent is hereditary too. If it’s hereditary which I doubt, then she got it from her father and aunt.

“Oh your Aunt is around. Who is with you?”

“Aunt Moyin, she’s in the kitchen to check what she’s cooking” she replied in her babyish voice.

“OK” I turned to leave and she called me.

“Mummy sit” she said and I sat beside her.

“Mummy are you sick?” she asked touching my forehead with her small palm to feel my temperature.

“No, why do you ask?”

“You’ve been sleeping ever since we came back from church”

“Let’s just say that Mummy will soon give you a kid brother”

“Yeah…. She jumped up. Mummy thank you. I can’t wait to have a kid brother”

“Good, let me say hi to your aunt and her husband, I’ll be back”

I went into the kitchen first and pleaded with Moyin to hasten up her cooking, I’m famished.
I went to the pool side, Sharon was heavily pregnant and she was looking beautiful in her flowing gown. She stood up and hugged me, Josh did the same. While Daniel pulled a chair out for me to sit.

"Hope you enjoyed your nap” Daniel said and planted a kiss on my forehead.

I smiled “Yes I did, thanks. That reminds me your daughter said you love her more than you love me. Did you tell her that?”

“Shalom said that!” Josh asked smiling.

“Shallom is smarter than her age, don’t you know” Sharon replied her husband.

“Huh! But I told her not to tell you” Daniel said scratching his head.

“Wow! So you actually did?” I countered.

“Honey, you know Shalom won’t let me off the hook, if I didn’t say that. You know I love you both” he said teasingly.

“I won’t let you off the hook either, we shouldn’t wash our dirty linens in front of Josh and Sharon, so we’ll thrash it out later” I said jokingly and we all laughed out loud.

Some minutes later, Moyin came out and told us that food is ready.
I followed her back into the house to set the table.
We all ate together except Shallom who was busy watching cartoon, she already took noodles earlier, so she wasn’t hungry.

The couples left later in the evening. At night, I bathed Shallom, read her stories. That reminds me, Daniel talked me into doing this, you know all this there American stuff. Who read me story before I sleep when I was young, I doubt if my parents had such time. So with time, I got used to it. Now I read her stories before bedtime while Daniel tagged along.

We left her room when she fell asleep and went to our bedroom. My husband kissed my little baby bump, He wrapped his hands around me on the bed. He thanked me for every good thing I brought into his life. He thanked me for my impact on his sister, he was so proud of the woman Sharon had become.

He also thanked me for giving him a beautiful and intelligent daughter and for carrying another one.
I smiled and remembered how the journey all started.

He dialed a wrong number, but he turned out to be the right man for me.


#We can be age mate, but we might not be grace mate#

Don’t do things because your friends are doing it, that friend might get away with and you won’t.
Thank God Daniella found grace.

Some people made some decisions in the past and live with the consequences for the rest of their lives. Some do not even live to tell the story.

Ecclesiastes 12:13
Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God and keep his commandments. For this is the whole duty of man.

I thank God for the gift of life, wisdom and inspiration. His grace is sufficient for me.

I also want to say a big thank you to all my amiable readers. I couldn't have done this without you. Thanks to everyone who took their time to comment on every post. You guys are wonderful. I love you all and I mean it. I can't start mentioning names but you all know your self.God bless you for me.

To the great writers as well who stood by me and supported me all through. Thank you, God bless you all. Greater height in Jesus name.

God bless you all!
I hope you will believe I just read the concluding Part of this lovely piece. Thanks so much shewrites. You are so cute.

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