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Re: Graduate Without A Job!!! by mili3kid(m): 9:20pm On Feb 24, 2017
more than anything I want to learn from U directly. pls dis is my mail. would appreciate if I can get ur contact so I can speak with U one on one..
my email is bankyv9@gmail.com

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Re: Graduate Without A Job!!! by synergy17: 9:22pm On Feb 24, 2017
A lot of people
Re: Graduate Without A Job!!! by greenmonk: 2:37am On Feb 25, 2017
Good day my brothers and sisters

It’s been 5 years (2012) now since I graduated from the University even though I was supposed to have graduated earlier than that but due to the difficulty in gaining admission, I had to stay at home for 2 years before I got fed up waiting and seek entry into a private University since that’s the only option if you want to stand out from the crowd. Everyone wants to go to the University because we think that’s the right path to earn a living. We have been conditioned to think that we have to go to the University, get good grades, graduate with first class or second class so we can get a good job with benefits and probably a good retirement plan. Our parents always tell us to read very hard because education is the key to success. But that is not so, am not trying to say our parents are lying because I love our parents. But what am trying to say is that academic education alone, will not solve our money problems or give us financial freedom or make us rich. There’s another type of education which we need to posses inother to leave a successful life and attain financial independence. Have you ever realized that money is not being thought at home or at school? Then where is money being thought? To this question, is the reason why am writing this.

In Nigeria, 10% of the total population controls 90% of the total money in circulation while 90% of the total population controls 10% of the total money. Who are the 10%, they are the likes of Dangote, Otedola, Elumelu, Adenuga, Ovia, Dantata you name them and who are the 90% they are the doctors, lawyers, engineers, scientist, bankers (the same people that went to the University and got good grades). Now I want you to take a good look at the 10% of Nigerians and ask yourself, are they working for a company or do they own a company? Are they earning salary or profit? Are they working for money or money is working for them? You know the answer. We spend 22-25 years of our life being thought by a so called teacher or lecturer who’s house rent is due, has no food in the store and treks to work because his motorcycle is at the mechanic and has no money to pay all the bills until he/she receives salary at the end of the month (this is a positive criticism, am just trying to make a point). This is the same person we put our trust on to teach us what we need to know to have a good job and hopefully rise to the top of the corporate ladder. Why can’t we start learning from the likes of Dangote or Elumelu, I guess because they are too busy for us taking their businesses to greater heights. Then who will teach us how to make money? The answer is you. Yes you, your future is in your hands. You are responsible for your success or failure. We can only thrive if we create businesses. The reason Nigeria is in recession today is because of what I have written from the beginning. Why wont the dollar rise when we import 80% of the things we consume while we produce just20%? The 80/20 rule presents itself. We all want to get a job, but have we ask ourselves, are there enough companies to accommodate all the graduates?

Now you must be fortunate to read. Our parents where trained in the industrial age, that’s why they advise us to go to school, get good grades so we can have a safe secure job. It’s true because it worked in their age, but we are now in the information age and everything is different. Human beings are being replaced by applications and software’s, everything you need is a click away. Every company is now trying to cut down cost which means laying off workers and recruiting less workers. We have to be innovative and create ideas. My mentor once told me that an idea is worth a billion dollars.

I stumbled across this wisdom on my own initiative. I wanted to know how people made money and became wealthy so I researched. Read the books and articles, watched the videos, listened to the audio books and podcast and of course attended the seminars and trainings. I gathered all the knowledge I could lay my hands on. I was gradually attracting to myself the success, people and opportunities (law of attraction). I began to put what I learnt into action and amazing things began to happen. I made up my mind after graduation I will not work for any company, I will start realizing my ideas. But what knowledge did I stumbled upon? How do people get wealthy? It took me more than 4 years of reading and researching. With God everything is possible. As the years went by I had gathered so much knowledge and wisdom on making an income, building businesses and investing. This became my expertise. My friends and brothers started calling Prof. I motivated all my friends and anyone who came in contact with me. I was like a doctor because I prescribe solutions to people’s money problems. I inspired people to achieve their dreams and goals, to realize their potential and see the abundance of opportunity around them. I learnt all the business skills from marketing, sales, human resource, business development, branding, business plans, management etc. Today I can stand infront of anyone and tell you that I have never applied for a job in my life, I don’t even have a CV (but I create CV”S for my friends), I have never went for a job interview, I have never woke up very early in the morning rushing to work. I dnt know how it feels like to be an employee. But I have received more than 100 CV’s of graduates who want to work for me, I have interviewed more than 50 job applicants, I have started more than 20 businesses of my own and my idea. Creating ideas has now become a hobby because I create business ideas every single day of my life. I see opportunities in everything I see, touch or feel. I can say everything I touch turns to Gold and its not magic, I wasn’t born with the knowledge, am not the only person with such knowledge either. Years before Dangote came across this knowledge that’s why he is where he is today together with Elumelu, Zuckerburge or Gates. It’s the law of nature. It is available to everyone who seek it. 9 years back I didn’t know anything about this. I was like every other guy. I too wanted to go to the Uni. Get good grades and work at a bank or NNPC because I thought those where the places people get rich. I have been learning on this subject matter ever since, and I will continue to learn because learning never stops. You too can become like me, you can generate the income you need to be financially free and wealthy for generations to come. Mind you am not wealthy yet but am successful, and everyday I become more and more successful. Now I want to inspire you just like I have inspired my friends some of which are now successful business men (some are even more successful than me, I will say because they started with more capital than me), IT gurus, great musicians (some of you know some of them or heard their music), real estate entrepreneurs, CEO’s etc.

I want to light up the fire of hope in every one of you. I want you all to realise the potential within you. You have a brain and mind of your own just like Dangote or Bill Gates, they are fellow human beings like you and I (dey no get two heads). It begins with a desire to be and to do. They say success leaves traces. Success can be reduced to a formula, and you can follow that formula and become successful too so long as you follow that formula step by step. Theres a way successful people think and that’s what am going to show you. I sincerely believe that if you and I (Just 100 of you) work together in a spirit of perfect harmony, 5 years from now we can be able to add to the GDP of Nigeria by 2-5%, create more than 100,000 jobs and generate more than a billion dollars in revenues. What do I mean? I am going to show you step by step how to start generating income, provide jobs and contribute to the development of the country.

The surest and confirm areas to venture into and make money are;

Manufacturing, not trading. Manufacture something, anything people use daily e.g. soap, clothes, drink, food items etc. I started my first manufacturing business with just N50,000 which was manufacturing of a drink. Ever since I have manufactured more than 10 different consumer products. Manufacturing is what made Dangote what he is today. I will always be in the manufacturing business. When you develop the right skills the sky is your starting point. Just imagine a country of over 200 million people. They all have to eat, wear clothes, wash, drink etc. All you have to do is find something, just one or two that people use every day and manufacture it. E.g drink. Manufacture something like juice or zobo drink or soya drink. Get the best ingredient, produce, package beautifully, label etc and market it in offices, restaurants, market, schools, occasions etc. lets say there are 4 million people in your state and atleats 50% of that consume drinks on a regular basis which is 2 million people. Now 1% of 2 million people is 20,000. 20,000 people buy your drink every month at a cost of N150/bottle. Lets say you make a profit of N30 from each bottle. That is 20,000 people x N30 = N600,000/month profit from N3,000,000 turn over. In a year, you are making N7,200,000 profit and N36,000,000 turn over. Now it could be more because 20,000 in a month is small if you know how to market and sell which is my expertise. There are more than 1 million products you can manufacture in Nigeia and sell. And anything you manufacture and take it out, people will buy. I have shown people how to build such businesses like this from scratch. I set it up for them. Some have their ideas already so I help them fine tune it, some only had money to invest but no idea so I provided them with the ideas, plans, strategies, hired employees, designed packaging etc. While some had no money nor idea. So I helped them create a business idea and also taught them how to raise the capital they need to kick start their business dreams. Right now I have more than 10 products I manufacture, sell and make money from. And am telling you everything I needed to produce those products are within my environment. You can start manufacturing with N1,000,000 or N30,000 depending on the type of manufacturing and how big or small you want to start.

E-Business (online business). Create an app, sell information products, develop websites with valuable information, build an e-commerce website, market your offline business etc. Today, with a smart phone, computer, and a good internet connection, you can start a very lucrative online business. Your next million-naira business is just a click away. There are so many ways you can earn online legitimately. Am not talking about MMM, bitcoin etc am talking real businesses. E.g blogging, e-commerce site, sell information products eBooks, audio books etc, solving people’s problems. Right now I have 5 great apps am working on, this year alone am launching 2 apps that are going to go viral. Why? Because it's an app everyone will want to use most especially people from age 18 - 80 years. Everyone will use it from the high class to the lower class. It's going to revutionalize the way to carry our activities and home repairs. Everyone has a home and everyone has a problem with his or her home. I have given you guys a hint. I will share the bigger picture only with serious people and like minds in this industry. The potential for e-business in Nigeria is yet untapped. To me the only big players are less than 20 with the likes of Konga, hotelsng, jumia etc. When I look at the northern Nigeria, which is the most populated region in Nigeria absolutely has no e-business sites to mention. Does anyone sees what am seeing or am I the only one in this. Well
mind you, Bill Gates is already in the north and he is doing some great amazing things so I atleast I have some one who sees what am seeing. Wake up!

Agriculture. This could be crop farming, vegetable farming, animal rearing etc. Agriculture is the future. With over 600 million people in Africa and it is estimated by 2040 our population might double, now is going to feed us when we have less farmers. Nigeria imports more than $2billion worth of wheat every year. This is just wheat alone and we can grow wheat here. Am already working on starting a wheat and rice farm soon this year. Wake up my dear Nigerians. Google it, you will see that so many companies like Olam, Lafarge, Gino are opening massive investments in the North right now, they are taking over gradually and we Nigerians are sleeping. I want to urge you to come down to the North or start making friends with serious business minded people in the north if you are trying igbo, yoruba etc. It's no more oil,
it's now agriculture. Amazing things are happening, dnt be left out. Nigeria is now the 2nd largest producer of rice in the whole world. It happens just in less than two years. So what will happen in the next 5 years. Wake up!

Consulting. Ever one can venture into consulting because everyone knows how to do something. All you need to do is create the system and the money will flow in. People are always willing to pay you for what you can do for them with what you know. With consulting you have no excuse, you can start from home if you don't have the capital. Today I am a great consultant, I have been one all my life because like I said earlier I used to help my friends and people around me until I realized I was so good at it. I specialize in Business Development, Marketing both online and offline, salesmanship, Human resource, customer care, operations management and I provide ideas, business plans and start up a business from scratch. You too can start one with your individual and unique skills.

Real Estate Business. Hear you can buy old properties, renovate them and sell or rent. Build apartment houses for rent or sale. Build private hostels near universities. You can also become a house agent by becoming the middle man. I know some guys who started this way and now they own a chain of real estate investment. What ever business you do, you have to invest the profits in real estate. I have decided that I will rather buy a real estate investment than keep my money in the Bank. As my business grows and diverting the income to real estate.

Now our focus is going to be on these 5 areas. This just a brief explanation, as we continue to communicate I will expand on each and every area but I need to see the desire in you guys.

To begin your journey, you need to first start by reading books, listen audio books and videos. Am not going to be like most people I see on Nairaland trying to help people earn money by selling ebooks they say they created themselves, rather I will provide you with such materials created by mostly americans like Brian Tracy, Robert G Allen, Robert Kiyosaki, Earl Nightingale etc. I have two laptops filled with materials the help me in build business and success skills that made me to become what I am today and these same materials are the ones used by Dangote, Bill Gates, Zuckerberg etc. They are always learning that’s why they are always succeeding more and more. Learn from those people that are achieving success. I will provide you with the materials one at a time, and I won’t post it here. It’s meant for only the serious people because I never got them free. I promise your life will never be the same when you read the first ebook, audio tape and video am going to provide you with. And after that, you will never want to stop learning because opportunities will start to open for you. Learning is the first step, build your mind and expand your thinking first. After learning, then I will expand on the 5 money making ventures I listed above and I will show you how you can start a N5-N20 million business with less than N200,000 –N100,000 (This is different from the 5 money making ventures above). You can only be successful and make money after you learn the laws of success. So let’s begin by learning.
Post your emails and phone numbers here so I can reach you guys, will also send you the first free materials to you so you can start learning immediately. Also if you feel you have a bit of knowledge and want me to elaborate on the 5 money making ventures am into do let me know by sending me an email on shakataawa@gmail.com We are building a very strong network of like minds. Let me know how I can help you.

when and how did Nigeria become the second largest producer of rice in the world?
So where is the rice sold?
On the pages of newspaper or TV screen? Talk is always cheap.
Which country is the top producer and the acreage cultivated and tonnage produced compared to Nigeria?

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