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Re: Tradition - A Story by Chumzypinky(f): 10:21am On Mar 11, 2017

lol..you got me too.... not until I saw the difference in the two names ...
shaa you're right... she's too desperate...Haba!
is der a way i can edit my moniker?
Re: Tradition - A Story by Chumzypinky(f): 10:21am On Mar 11, 2017

lol..you got me too.... not until I saw the difference in the two names ...
shaa you're right... she's too desperate...Haba!
is der a way i can edit my moniker?
Re: Tradition - A Story by Chumzypinky(f): 10:45am On Mar 11, 2017

Dike was a bit surprised seeing his elder sister call. She hardly ever called him except when she had something crucial to say to him 'hey Ije!'

'my able Igwe-to be brother, is that you?' her voice looked nicer than he recalled.

'your voice sounds very sweet today. Maazi is doing a nice job i guess'

'no be small thing! How's everything now? I heard you're meeting your bride-to-be today? I'm certainly not going to miss your last marriage for anything in the world!'

His countenance changed 'to be sincere Ije, there'll be no marriage. I just hope you understand'

'what are you saying Dike? Are you trying to prove stubborn again?'

'this is not a matter of trying to prove stubborn sis' He watched as his secretary came in with some files wanting to say something but he waved his hands at her, gesturing for her to come back later 'its a matter of what i want' He continued 'i dont want to be Igwe. I have a huge business empire to run and i cant give it up for any bloody kingship in any part of the world' He sighed heavily.

'Dike, are you even listening to yourself speak? What are you saying? That you want to pass your birthright to Ikemba? That son of a gun?' Ijeoma's voice was slightly provoked.

'Ikemba's a good and intelligent boy. I'm ready to pass Adanna, Benita, Chinny, Dora, Edna and Flora over to him. Then he could marry the seventh, whatever her name is'

'Dike, this aint right. This aint right at all. Do you have any idea that you're hurting mum and dad with this crazy attitude of yours?'


'listen to me. Now imagine, yeah, this your so called "business empire" you're running, imagine your son refuses to take over it tomorrow? Thats, he says he wants a completely different career and he doesnt want your empire? Whats going to happen?'

'i wont bother myself when i have another son who'd readily take it'

'then what if you have one son?'

'then i'd raise my daughter in a way she'd be able to handle it'

'then what if you have just a child, a son?'

'then...' He paused at loss for words to say 'Ije, lets not go there'
His secretary appeared again 'what is it?!' He mouthed harshly. She just shook her head and left.

'....we often do things without considering this fact, "what if it had been me?" Dike, sit down and think. Mum's the one especially being hit by this. I thought you love her so much?'

'i do love mum Ije, we know that'

'then do this for her. Make her happy will you?'

'what happens to my empire when i become Igwe? Who would control it for me? Mother said i'd have to give it up and you know thats not possible' He sighed heavily.

'dont mind Mother on that one. Dike, you're a smart man. You'll handle it just fine, that i assure you. By the way, the clans have their own Chiefs and this Chiefs handle whatever issues concerning their clans. The only time you're faced with something huge is when the Chiefs seem not to know how to go about a certain issue, so cool your pretty head and go meet your damsel'

Dike sighed again 'i really hate that girl, whoever she may be'

'dont say that! What about Chinny? Oh my goodness! I missed that girl, i've missed her jokes so much. Hope she hasnt been taunting you too much?'

'i swear, one of these days, i might just end up killing that girl'

His sister laughed 'you'd better not touch that girl. And Dora?'

'Dora's fine. Just there' His secretary resurfaced again 'uhm..Ije? Lemme call you back. I need to handle something'

'no probs bro' She hung up.

He looked at his secretary 'whats wrong with you? Cant you see i was making a call?'

'sorry sir. But your fiancee is here to see you'

'huh?' His brows shot up 'what fian... Bleep!' It dawned on him immediately that he was supposed to be meeting with that girl. What he didnt know however was that she was going to come to his office to see him! Was she so desperate? She was probably ecstatic she was going to be a queen soon!

He closed his eyes and sighed 'let her in'


Shivani was nervous. Somehow, she felt coming to meet this man at his office wouldnt be a good idea. But it was all Mia's plan. She didnt know why she was doing this. Her mother would definitely frown at this.

'you can go in now' the secretary said.

She smiled politely at her 'thank you'

The door to the office was open. She stopped, her heart shaky. What was this man going to be like? Was he going to like her? Would he help her and Mia out?

She entered after crossing her heart. She was too shaken to take note of anything in the office but she knew it was expensively furnished.


She was shaken out of her reverie as she beheld him. Without being told she knew he was the "Almighty Dike". His aura along permeated royalty.
Her lips were shaky at loss for words. He was a hunk! She never expected the Dike to be this person. She expected an Igbotic man, not this...this civilised-looking man.

'hi' She was glad her tongue didnt fail her 'i'm...Shivani' She tried to smile.


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Re: Tradition - A Story by Missmossy(f): 11:18am On Mar 11, 2017
Mia is a desperate house wife grin loving this story, ride on!!!
Re: Tradition - A Story by damsel14(f): 11:46am On Mar 11, 2017
mummy chumzy keep rolling.....
waiting for more update
Re: Tradition - A Story by Chumzypinky(f): 12:18pm On Mar 11, 2017
mummy chumzy keep rolling.....
waiting for more update
more u'll get hon
Re: Tradition - A Story by Hadassah43(f): 12:34pm On Mar 11, 2017
am loving this story
Re: Tradition - A Story by kevwecute1(f): 12:44pm On Mar 11, 2017
I love ur stories,pls more ooooo
Re: Tradition - A Story by Tife101(m): 1:00pm On Mar 11, 2017
Sorry for coming late Madam Chumzy. I dey gbadun the tori. Ride on ma'am
Re: Tradition - A Story by Chumzypinky(f): 1:17pm On Mar 11, 2017
I love ur stories,pls more ooooo
tanx for liking my stories. I'll tell you more at bedtime

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Re: Tradition - A Story by wizsolzy(m): 2:03pm On Mar 11, 2017
am feeling u from afar mummy kwantinue
Re: Tradition - A Story by Chumzypinky(f): 2:46pm On Mar 11, 2017

'where has your sister gone to?' Freda asked wide-eyed as she entered the sitting room.

'uhm...' Mia chewed her fingers. She didnt know why she was always so nervous around her mum. She needed to stop it. She needed to grow up 'she went out to get something'

'is she out of her mind?!' Her mother spoke fiercely 'doesnt she know she was supposed to meet with Dike today?!'

'maybe she forgot'

'dont tell me that!' her mother barked 'do you think Shiv's as foolish as you are? You'd better start using your silly head you good-for-nothing brat!'

'but...mother, what have i done this time?' She asked quietly.

'if you had been as sensible as i had hoped, perhaps you would have known that you were supposed to stop her when she was leaving the house! But no, she says she going and out and you're all farewell. Look Mia, if anything goes wrong between Dike and Mia, i'll hold your responsible!' Her mother turned as if leaving but then as an afterthought, she turned around and smacked her backhead 'foolish child!'

Mia watched her mother leave with tears in her eyes. This woman was wicked and heartless. What did she think of her sister anyway? High and mighty? Not capable of making mistakes?

Alright! We shall see this time.

Dike stared at the woman with interest. Honestly, he hadnt expected a posh woman like this. She was elegant in all ramifications. Her accent was foreign. Her perfume was exotic and it filled the office immediately she stepped in. Her simple Arsenal jersey and a black pencilled trouser so fitted her body and made it look like an expensive piece of clothing. Her long weave was packed into a messy bun and her pink lipstick made her lips look kissable.

'i'm here in respect of the marriage proposal' She said looking into his eyes. That was all that he needed to bring him out of his reverie. She was such a beautiful woman.

'marriage proposal?' he asked as though he was unaware of it. Beautiful or not beautiful, she was the same with the other women. Opportunists. Did she think marrying him would make her happy and contented? Oh, then she was indeed ready to suffer like the rest were.

A beautiful woman like this deserves happiness.

He shook back the thought. She's an opportunist just like the others. So she deserves unhappiness. She wants to be rich and famous and become royalty. She's in for a shocker.

'the marriage which is supposed to be held in two days time' She said tapping her well-polished nails on his mahogany desk.

'really?' He raised a brow. Then he felt like asking 'i heard you studied abroad?'

She looked at him. The look in her eyes said she wasnt ready for a chitchat but she answered nonetheless 'yes, i did'

'what did you study?' Why was he asking such questions anyway? He didnt know. But he felt this urge to know everything about her.

'i studied nursing. Well, thats by the way,' She said hastily 'as i was saying earlier, i came because of the marriage'

He raised a brow. Had she no interest in talking to him? He was only trying to be friendly. And she wasnt interested? The other ladies even his wives at home would readily jump at an opportunity to converse with him, but she? Was she different or...
She was the type that loved going straight to the point. No time to beat around the bush. She wanted the marriage to hold quickly, so she could start enjoying his wealth. She had no time for any other thing.

This type would certainly be unfaithful. He thought. But she looked innocent.

'what about the marriage? You want us getting married today?' He smirked.

'i beg your pardon?' She looked confused.

'it seems you're desperate for the marriage to happen. Maybe two days is too far a time for you, right?'

'now i dont like the sound of that. I'm not desperate for the marriage to happen. And i'm certainly not interested in getting married to you anyway' She said with her right palm up.

He blinked 'what did you say?'

'i'm actually here because i want us coming to a bargain. I want my sister taking my place' She looked as his face for any expression. He looked dazed.

'i dont understand'

'as a matter of fact, i'm engaged to another to be married soon. However my mum doesnt seem to understand this. I dont know whats so special about being a queen that she so badly wants one of her daughters in the royal family. But i'm not interested. I love my fiance and he's the one i want to be with. However, i'm scared of disappointing my mother as well. And the only way i'm sure i wont be disappointing her is by allowing my younger sister take my place. Her name's Mia. And if my sister and i would be doing this exchange, then you'll have to be of help here too'



'so how do i be of help?' He rubbed his palms together.

She looked at him 'are you sure you can be of help?'

'why not? I would be more than glad to be of help to a damsel' He winked.

'i never knew you were a flirt' She looked irritated.

'whatever. So how do i help you?'



Re: Tradition - A Story by Shakyroh320(f): 3:04pm On Mar 11, 2017
keep it coming dear,His grace is ur strength. more wisdom
Re: Tradition - A Story by damsel14(f): 3:09pm On Mar 11, 2017
hmmmm i feel dike will love shivani.. nd also i think mia is igwe son....

just saying.......
Re: Tradition - A Story by swanky47(f): 3:26pm On Mar 11, 2017

lol, we are not d same oo. I'm ChumZypinky, she's ChumMypinky. See d difference? Is there anyway i can change my moniker?

Lol... Okkk now I see.

I don't think you can fa
Re: Tradition - A Story by yorhmienerd(m): 3:45pm On Mar 11, 2017
Loving this. cool

And please, can we minimize using shorthand/shortforms? It's really an eyesore sad
Re: Tradition - A Story by Chumzypinky(f): 4:10pm On Mar 11, 2017
Loving this. cool

And please, can we minimize using shorthand/shortforms? It's really an eyesore sad
alright, no problem. Tho some people do not know how 2 use shorthand. They write it in a way it becomes an eyesore. But i understand nonetheless...

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Re: Tradition - A Story by LitQueen(f): 5:00pm On Mar 11, 2017
hmmmm i feel dike will love shivani..
nd also i think mia is igwe son....

just saying.......
Igwe's daughter. And I think so too
Re: Tradition - A Story by crislyn(f): 5:14pm On Mar 11, 2017

lol, dont worry, no one's dying in dis one, a happily ever after story *winks*
Ah my type of story..thank you.
Re: Tradition - A Story by Chumzypinky(f): 5:51pm On Mar 11, 2017
EDNA: I wonder how this new girl is going to be like. Chinny said she's posh.

CHINNY: Over posh dey worry her. I heard she came from US sef. That she studied there.

FLORA: Have you seen her?

CHINNY: Yep! I saw her at the shopping mall the other day. I told Dora and Benita na.

ADANNA: (sighs) I kind of pity this girl. She's going to have to deal with Dike's shitty attitude as well. So much for being a lolo.

CHINNY: Just imagine Dike later falling in love with this new bride, how's it gonna be like?

BENITA: Chinny sometimes you can talk nonsense sha. Dike did not love caring Adanna, he did not love me Benita, he did not love funny Chinny, he did not love his friend Dora, he did not love quiet Edna, he did not love beautiful and excellent cook, Flora, its now the new girl that came from yonder. Will she know how to prepare african dishes sef?

CHINNY: I still regret not striking a conversation with her the other day. I mean, i wouldnt have to introduce myself to her. I would have just bumped into her by "accident", and i would have known if she's the rude type or not.

FLORA: What if she has an aloof personality?

CHINNY: Then we'll bring her out of her shell. Was that not how Flora was forming anyhow that time? Now look, always with us.

FLORA: (laughs) Yeye. Uhm..maybe i have you to thank for that.

CHINNY: And you're grateful anytime anyday.

DORA: Dike aint happy about this.

CHINNY: And who cares? He could bump his head into a world for all Chinny cares jhor!

DORA: Chinny! He's your husband.

CHINNY: Husband my smelly ass! Is that one husband? That one that hasnt even touched me before? Can i count him as a husband?

DORA: Is marriage all about sex?

CHINNY: I never said that. But sex is one of the basics of marriage. Now imagine a sexless marriage.

ADANNA: There's nothing to imagine when we're there already.

CHINNY: You have a point Ada.

DORA: Well, (shrugs) as for me, the relationship i share with Dike is far more important than sex. I care about him a whole lot. I dont give a hoot about sex.

CHINNY: Thats because you get it somewhere else na! Haba, you wan compare yourself to us?

DORA: Whats that supposed to mean?

CHINNY: It means that you're being unfaithful Dora. Whatever Dike doesnt give to you, your boyfriend Frank does. So you dont understand what it feels to remain celibate for years.

DORA: Even if i dont have a boyfriend outside, i know deepdown that wouldnt stop the way i feel towards Dike.

EDNA: Why do i have this feeling that you love him Dora?

CHINNY: Well, isnt it obvious? The way she talks about him and flocks around him, you should know without being told that she loves him to the moon and back.

DORA: Chinny that isnt funny.

CHINNY: I wasnt saying it to amuse you in the first place.

DORA: So you want to tell me you have no feelings whatsoever for Dike?

CHINNY: You mean Mr Dick? Well, he's nothing but as his name implies, Dick! I have no feelings towards that grumpy fool. I cannot waste my precious heart loving someone that doesnt care about me, never!

ADANNA: If you dont love him, then why did you marry him in the first place?

CHINNY: (shrugs) Tradition. Simply tradition. Plus, i was only 17years old when i married him. I didnt know what i was doing, or rather, i was naive. I wanted to live comfortably. I wanted to be the king's daughter-inlaw. The lolo. My family wasnt very rich so it was more like i was trying to alleviate them from poverty. I didnt know what i was doing. Stupidity.


Re: Tradition - A Story by ladyverere(f): 5:53pm On Mar 11, 2017
Na wa o. Mia is certainly her mother's daughter! I wonder what's gonna happen...

I love dis Chumzy Bae. Keep it coming luv.

BTW #modified
Dat Chinny Babe is so down to earth and realistic. Her head really dey her shoulders.
Re: Tradition - A Story by fam24(f): 6:19pm On Mar 11, 2017
I love this Chinny. She is just so on point and realistic.
Benita, love is more than all you've mentioned. We tend to love those who don't care about us. I guess that's what will happen to Dike.
Re: Tradition - A Story by Nnnena(f): 6:48pm On Mar 11, 2017
Chumzypinky has done it am hooked
Re: Tradition - A Story by LitQueen(f): 7:06pm On Mar 11, 2017
I really like Chinny's character. Speaks her mind, funny and straight to the point.
Re: Tradition - A Story by damsel14(f): 7:24pm On Mar 11, 2017
Igwe's daughter. And I think so too

lets hope is true o
Re: Tradition - A Story by Chumzypinky(f): 8:15pm On Mar 11, 2017
ADANNA: I feel nothing but pity for you dear Chinny.

CHINNY: Oh please! Like we aint suffering together.

BENITA: Sometimes i cant help but wonder if we're going to have kids of our own. Even if he doesnt touch us again, he should just do it once, i need a child.

CHINNY: (Laughs) And who told you "once" dey give belle?

FLORA: It does happen in some cases.

CHINNY: It will take only the grace of God and the grace of konji for that to happen my dear.

Everyone laughed.

BENITA: No be small grace of konji my dear.

ADANNA: (Sighs) I really loved Dike.

CHINNY: Did you say love or loved?

ADANNA: Anyone your ear hear.

DORA: Look everyone, especially you Chinny, we have to stop doing this I-dont-care thing. This is our husband we're talking about here. Hostile or no hostile, friendly or not, he married us...legally. He deserves our respect. He deserves our care. Its our responsibility to take care of him to the best of our capability. There's nothing we can do about the fact that he already married us. We just have to keep trying to understand him. He isnt happy too. Some of us should know what it entails in marrying someone you dont love, right?

CHINNY: My dear, that one is for you oo. If its according to my elder sister Kaka, she will say thats the kro kro in your own armpit. I cant continue living a loveless marriage nah. A sexless one at that. I'm human and the blood running through my veins is not blue. I dont understand how everyone here copes, apart from you of course Dora.

BENITA: We are hooked Chinny.

CHINNY: Oh please can anyone be realistic here? Sometimes i sit and ask myself what i'm actually doing here, grieving everyday of my life!

ADANNA: (scoffs) You grief? Do you grief?

CHINNY: I just try to be happy everytime, even when i'm down within me, i try to crack jokes to make everyone around me happy as well. Especially all of you here thats going through the same pains as i am. Sometimes, i feel like carrying my bags and run away. I know Dike never wanted to marry us in the first place, that i totally understand! He's not happy but he's not making things easy. I know what it entails to marry someone you dont love. But if only he would try to make things easier, everyone here would be happy, i dont know if y'all get my drift.

DORA: To be sincere, i dont.

CHINNY: Thats because you seem to be the happiest one amongst us. You have a loving boyfriend thats satisfies all your needs and you have Dike's support. You have Dike's friendship and understanding, why wont you misunderstand me? I'm not surprised.

DORA: Chinny....

EDNA: I'm afraid but i think Chinny's right on this one. I completely support her. We have to do something to end all of this. Nobody's happy here. By doing this to us, Dike isnt helping anybody, he's only increasing the weight on our shoulders. We've gone through this for way too long.

DORA: So now what do you suggest we do?

CHINNY: Before we start suggesting anything, i think you should excuse us.



DORA: Why me?

CHINNY: Because you're obviously not in support of everything we do. You're completely content with everything you have. Well, we dont, so move.

DORA: I am part of you. We're mates.

CHINNY: We cant be mates when you disagree with us.

DORA: Its not as if i disagree with all of you, i'm just trying to make...

ADANNA: For the first time, Chinny's saying something reasonable. Dora, i dont think you understand what we're all passing through. Because it seems you have everything or almost everything. We...dont have any. We only have the comfort, the money, the prestige, the clothes, just that, nothin' else, no happiness. We're subject to Dike's taunting.

DORA: So i'm saying now, what are y'all gonna do about this.

CHINNY: We'll have to protest!

DORA: Pardon?



Re: Tradition - A Story by sirblero(m): 8:45pm On Mar 11, 2017
chinny's elder sister..."kaka!"...I really miss her ooo..
thanks ma'am for the many updates today...you try jorrh #dulu_sór

I don learn.... in kaka's voice..." that's your own kro kro in you armpit grin grin"
Re: Tradition - A Story by sirblero(m): 8:47pm On Mar 11, 2017
is der a way i can edit my moniker?
my dear..I don't think so ooo
Re: Tradition - A Story by Johnsown1(m): 8:47pm On Mar 11, 2017
Re: Tradition - A Story by Peteruyi45: 8:49pm On Mar 11, 2017
I need palm kernel oil suppliers for my company
Re: Tradition - A Story by ebukaOtika(m): 9:37pm On Mar 11, 2017
bia Ikombe, dont start wit ur humorless pictures dis thread oo...

grin grin grin grin
Re: Tradition - A Story by ebukaOtika(m): 9:39pm On Mar 11, 2017
bia Ikombe, dont start wit ur humorless pictures dis thread oo...

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