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Choices: Another Perspective / The Dog Attendant (T. D. A) [COUNTLESS Part 2]. A story By Darousmart Emmanuel. / Choices And Chances - Episode 10 (2) (3) (4)

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CHOICES AND Chances(a Story) by Lilyjoe567(f): 1:52pm On Mar 25, 2017
Hi guys, this story hs been on my mind a while now. So I thought to share it. I'm not dropping the other one by the way, will definitely finish it

Okay, so you know the drill. This story is all rights reserved and shouldn't be taken against my will as will result to copyright infringement. No part of this story should be copied as it is fictional and all a result of my imagination


The evening was chilly and eerily calm. I walked the compound of this huge mansion as the wind blew swiftly scattering the leaves in its path. Whilst the flowers danced to the tune of the cold evening breeze

I shivered, regretting wearing only a thin piece of clothing out. Even as it was just four o' clock in the evening, I looked up and dark clouds had covered the once clear sky. Crossing my hand on my chest, I walked down the flowery path leading to the garden. It was the only thing in this Gód forsaken place that gave me joy.

I casted my hand upon the flowers, admiring it's beautiful pattern, even though it can barely be seen, cause of the sudden darkness, but I knew it at heart how beautiful they looked, because I made sure they looked that way. I walked on slowly caressing the flowers in my path with my hand but stopped short when I heard something drop from far behind me. I turned immediately searching for the source of the disturbance. This is my daily routine in this house and we lived alone,so the thought of someone else here with me this late is strange, as the security man is usually in his quarters or by the gate at this time

“Who's there? I called walking slowly towards the source of the sound but was stopped due to a light blinding my sight. I squinted from the sudden brightness using one of my hand as a shield from the light

“I'm sorry madam, I no know say na you” he lowered his torchlight.

“its fine, I replied putting my hand down, my sight no longer evaded by the light

“ I think say you no go come out today, since weather no good and place dey dark. He walked up to me

“ I'm sorry, did I scare you? I looked at him

Hahahaha, he laughed. No o, I no sure say I fit scare o, because things wey my eye don see no be here o. He laughed more

“ Is that so? I snickered

“ Yes o. I don carry my eye see plenty things for this my life because of this my job. Infact the things wey I don take eye see sef don dey make my fear say they fit vex one day

“Wow, I crossed my hands, intrigued by the discovery.

I don't really know for how long John had been our gate man for, cause when I got married in, he came with the house. He is this cheerful middle aged man, whose smile is contagious. I get to see him every morning and evening as those are the time I usually come out of the house. We don't get to talk much except for the occasional “hellos and how are yous”

“Yes o, he continued, na so one day this spirit just see me begin dey ask me whether I don see her apple for ground wey she keep. Come see fear wey hook me, I just ignore waka comot before she vex come touch me

This was hard to believe for me, my eyes widened not really a fan of ghost stories or the existence of spirits except for the existence of Gód and hell.

“So they don't try to harm you? I asked peering into his eyes

“No o. If you no get there time, them self no get your time, he nodded as if asserting is theory. Just then a chilly breeze blew and I shivered crossing both my hands for warmth

“Madam, cold dey catch you? He looked at my frame with concern and care in his eyes, something I haven't seen in a while. Why you no wear something wey thick na, weather cold. You want wrapper or something, he turned to go get it I assumed but I stopped him

“No,no, I'm fine now, I dropped my hands. I think it's refreshing now, I walked to the garden's pavement and sat and he came and sat close to me but making sure to give reasonable space between us while we sat in silence as I gazed upon the cloudy sky

“Do you have a family? I finally broke the silence and turned to him

He was a tad bit taken aback by my question as I have never tried to strike a conversation with him, and one as personal as that, but he quickly composed himself and cleared his throat. He smiled and turned back to stare at nothing in particular while I sat staring intently at him, wondering what was going on in his mind

“ I get one daughter, he finally spoke out and brought out a photo from his pocket and handed it over to me

“Do you always carry this around, I furrowed my brows but he smiled and nodded

“She be my motivation, na him make I dey always carry am around.

I took the photo from him and saw a beautiful young girl, who looked in her late teens

“Her name na Rachel, he said and I looked up to him and then to the photo. She had his eyes I thought

“She's beautiful, I whispered not sure if he heard or not

“ She be my pride as a man. He said and I smiled at him and looked back at the photo. Next month go make her twenty and she dey university

“How come I've never seen her around, I questioned looking up from the photo

“She dey stay with my mama, but now she dey school

“What about your wife, I pried, knowing fully well I'm crossing a boundary but was too curious to back out now

“She leave us when Rachel be one year old. She say she don tire, say she no fit dey suffer again with me since I no get better job, he spoke, sadness lacing his tone and a little bit of anger in between

“I'm so sorry, I handed him the photo, feeling sympathetic towards him and how he raised a child on his own

“Thank you, but I no too blame her, who go wan stay with poor, old and ugly man like me, his face contoured to one of pure sadness

“Are you kidding, you're daughter would be so proud of you, and I don't know about others but you're easy in the eyes and could easily pass for a 30 year old gentleman I nudged him. And I wasn't kidding, he looked young for his age. He smiled and I smiled right back, cause like I said he's smile is contagious but sooner than it came, my smile disappeared and I was now spotting a sad frown and we both went back to staring away in silence

“You must think I'm pathetic right? I didn't turn to look at him but felt his gaze boring into me

“I no think say you dey pathetic. If anything, I think say you dey strong and patient, and that na very nice quality he patted my back. I turned to look at him but tears clouded my view as they threatened to spill at the slightest blink. I just wish things go dey different he added and the tears rolled down my cheek dropping off my chin to my lap.

He raised his hand and wiped the tears with his thumb. “No cry, he said staring intently at me. I just wish say.... he trailed and looked away then back to me. He opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by the sound of my husband's car, honking.

“Thank you, I stood up and smiled and he did same. I better go inside now I pointed and he nodded as I went in and he ran towards the gate as my husband honked continuously lacking no patience at all. From inside I could hear John saying “Sorry sir” over and over while I shook my head and headed straight to the kitchen

“Food is ready, I called for him and he looked up from the sitting room where he was with his computer on his lap. He closed the computer, sighed and walked up to the dinning and sat while I sat opposite him. He took a morsel of semovita and dipped it in the egusi soup I served and into his mouth then swallowed. He looked up almost immediately spotting a scowl.

“Can't you do something right for once in your life woman! He yelled

Woman? I thought, whenever he calls me that, it's evident he's having a bad day and it probably won't end well if I so much as open my mouth to say a word

“Is it bland? I took a morsel, but it tasted okay. I looked up to him and saw the anger now visible in his eyes

“Is it bland? He repeated my question. Are you mad......


Re: CHOICES AND Chances(a Story) by comelyJummy(f): 4:26pm On Mar 25, 2017
Nice work. But don't forget the other thread. Thumbs up
Re: CHOICES AND Chances(a Story) by Lilyjoe567(f): 6:32pm On Mar 26, 2017
Nice work. But don't forget the other thread. Thumbs up

Thank you. I won't, I promise
Re: CHOICES AND Chances(a Story) by Lilyjoe567(f): 6:56pm On Mar 27, 2017
This one's dedicated to comelyjummy


If there's one thing I've grasped from my marriage is that my husband's anger is difficult to comprehend. I sat and watched his facials turn from anger to that of pure rage

“Is it bland? He repeated again but angrier. I married you into this and you do nothing all day but lazy around. I go out all day, working my áss off to provide for this household and your family and the least you could do is cook good food but even that you can't do? He pushed the pushed the meal away

I sat, filled with stifled anger but it dissolved to sadness by the time he finished. He has never dissed my cooking before. If anything, it was the only thing I was sure of in this house.

He continued yelling, but I blocked it all out, consumed with my own thoughts. The rumbling of thunder doing a fine job at blocking out his screams

“I'm sorry, I mumbled after he was done yelling. I'll go make another one. I got up to pack the meal but he beat me to it.

“Sorry for yourself, he dragged his chair causing it to make a screeching sound and he exited the living room. He came out seconds later with a change of clothes and car keys in his hand and he was headed towards the door.

“Where are you going? I chased after him holding his hand. A storm is brewing, you can't drive, it's dangerous I begged but he pushed me aside and I landed on my butt flinching in pain from the impact. He cursed under his breath, opened the door and went out. I heard him call for John to get the gate and I rushed out after him and it was now drizzling and the cold breeze hit me again as soon as I got out.

“Honey please, come on in, it's raining, I begged hitting on his windowpane but he revised and drove out as John opened the gate, ignoring my pleas.

Thunder rumbled and there was a downpour. I squatted crying silently,wondering where I went wrong. We were happy, we loved each other very much. We couldn't leave without each. Where did it all go wrong I cried the rain pouring down on me. He gets angry, but he has never left at night.

I stayed under the pouring rain crying my eyes out, not minding it. It actually was comforting cause the rain was melting my burning heart and it felt some what nice as I cried without comfort

I felt the rain no longer pouring on me and looked up, but John was looking away but beside me with an umbrella in his hands covering me. His concern didn't make me feel better but made me feel more ashamed, and I cried more. I was sad, angry, ashamed. Sad i can't make my husband happy, angry he drove off and ashamed John had to see me like this all the time and the fears kept on flowing

I got up and headed inside after a while, drenched and shivering and John followed after me. I had a change of clothes, came back to the living room and John was still

“Madam, you dey fine, John came up to me as soon as I stepped in. I nodded and we sat and we sat in silence, my heart a bit warmed from his concern

“Are you hungry? I turned to him, after we sat we for a while

“errrrrrr he trailed, I dey fine he was gonna say but I left his words hanging when I headed to the kitchen without listening for a reply.

I brought the dish and I guess he felt bad and didn't ask questions but ate it

“Is it good? I asked peering into his eyes and he smiled and nodded

“You're not just saying that are you? My brows furrowed

“No madam, e sweet well well. He got up to leave but I stopped him and ran to the kitchen and poured all of it in the bowl for him. I might as well give it out than waste it, I thought

“No....madam, I dey fine, thank you

“I insist, we're not gonna eat it anyway. He took it later after much persuasion on my side and left.

Hours later, the rain subsided and my husband came home

“I went to welcome him but got hit by the smell of alcohol. It could have been worst right? I thought as he passed out in the living room drenched......


Re: CHOICES AND Chances(a Story) by Nobody: 9:59pm On Mar 27, 2017
Wow I Love These Pls Kwantinue.
Re: CHOICES AND Chances(a Story) by comelyJummy(f): 7:42am On Mar 28, 2017
Am dancing ooo. Thanks for the dedication. More mb to your phone.
Re: CHOICES AND Chances(a Story) by comelyJummy(f): 7:46am On Mar 28, 2017
Sis Rachealfst food is ready ooo
Re: CHOICES AND Chances(a Story) by xaviercasmir(m): 8:23am On Mar 28, 2017
COUNTINUE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Re: CHOICES AND Chances(a Story) by Lilyjoe567(f): 11:26am On Mar 29, 2017
This one's dedicated to holuwanoisy111 and xaviercasmir

And the lovely comelyjummy


Why is he wet? And did he drive home drunk?. I didn't wait for an answer from him because of his state, and I didn't think I'll get one even if he was sober. I dragged him up with his weight crushing me. I cleaned him up and set him to bed and left his room for mine

My husband and I have been sleeping in separate rooms for years now, though it hurt at first, I'm used to it now. Been alone at home all day helped

The next morning I got up and started breakfast as usual. Few minutes later, I was done and waited for him to come down but he was taking longer than usual. Is he okay? Maybe he needs help, I walked towards his room but stopped at the door. What if he gets angry at me I thought, stood there for a while then came back down to the sitting room and sat. Some minutes later, he came down freshened up

“Good morning,I greeted and went about setting the meal

“Yea, morning he replied pressing away in his phone

“I made breakfast, I looked up and saw hm holding a travelling box in his hand.“ Are you going somewhere? I turned to look at him fully

“Yes,I have a business trip I have to attend, he turned briefly to me and then back on his phone

“Why didn't you tell me you were going on a trip? I questioned

“Is there a problem? He pocketed his phone and turned to me

“Well, I'm you're wife, so I thought I should know where you're going. I whimpered

He started walking towards me and with instinct I began moving back slowly until my leg hit the table and I was trapped. He came to a stop when he was right in front of me

“Do I have to report where I'm going to you?he growled and I felt my breath caught in my throat. I shook my head in an attempt to disagree. He stared down at me for a while before backing away. My breath returned and I breathed out in relieved.

“You came home drenched last night, what happened?

“Nothing, he replied curtly

“You didn't drive back?

“No,he replied and started pulling his box away

“Aren't you gonna eat something before you go? I already made breakfast

“I'm not hungry, he replied without even turning to look at me, which hurt a lot

“Daniel, I called out and he stopped, turned and looked at me

“Where did it all go wrong? Fed up with everything I questioned. We were happy. But then you changed, you became this person, I gestured to him almost on the verge of tears. We told each other stuffs, I let out a sad chuckle. We do stuffs together. But now...I trailed. Now I don't even know you anymore

“I'm gonna be late for my flight, he turned and started walking away

“Please, I begged, please tell me where I went wrong. He turned to me abruptly

“You wanna know what happened? We drifted that's what happened. We were not that young couple we once were. He spoke and tears rolled down my cheek, but he went on

“You really wanna know what happened? You changed that's what happened. You stopped trying

“I....I...., I stuttered unable to form words

“You were this.....this beautiful girl I married he continued. But now, you don't even try anymore. You're always moping around, you don't do anything productive anymore, and you're always to yourself he yelled the last part

“You made me that way, I protested wiping the tears away. You started coming home late, you always had different perfume smells on your shirt and lip stick stains. You get angry all the time. You never even talk to me anymore. I was lonely for Góds sake, I yelled, breathing heavily staring intently at him

We stood there for a while, no one daring to speak. “I'm leaving now. He turned opened the door, dragged his box and banged the door angrily causing me to flinch. I threw myself to the ground fighting the tears threatening to spill. I haven't had a conversation with him in a while, and now that I have, we ended up fighting still and now he's going on a trip for Gód knows how long

I heard him giving directions to John and then he drove out speedily causing a screeching sound and the tears came pouring


Re: CHOICES AND Chances(a Story) by xaviercasmir(m): 11:59am On Mar 29, 2017
Ride on sis

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Re: CHOICES AND Chances(a Story) by comelyJummy(f): 2:31pm On Mar 29, 2017
Motherfucking cheat. Bae dress up we going clubbing no nipping around. Nice work. Thumbs up
Re: CHOICES AND Chances(a Story) by Lilyjoe567(f): 9:22pm On Mar 31, 2017
I didn't know how long I've been sitting on the couch for. Many thoughts have been running through my head, one of which was how I met Daniel......

Her flashback

Look Mr man, I don't care who you are but you have to pay for this. She pointed to the ground. cause you poured it

“It was an accident, the young man defended. I didn't mean to I swear

“you think I'm joking abi? The bread seller held him in his pants and he shook vigorously to free himself from her grip but judging from his failed attempts, the lady is way stronger than her thin frame made her seem. I swear, you're not going anywhere until you pay for these. She gestured to the breads now scattered to the ground

“Please madam, I swear i'll pay you, just let me go

Having seen enough of the drama, I decided to jump in

“Hi, I approached them and they both turned to me. His face lit up in relieve. Judging from his expression now, I'm guessing he thinks I'll help talk to her, when in truth, I'm just tired of the whole scene and just want them to move along as they're in the way of my business.

“Hi, he spoke out, clearly tired of trying to pry the lady's hands from his pant as it is clearly not working. Can you please explain to her to leave my pants and that i'll pay her, he pleaded with me

“Madam, I turned to her, he said he'll pay you nau, just let him go so he can settle you, plus it was an accident, it wasn't like he did it on purpose

She turned to look at me with venom laced in her eyes. “Fine, she let go of his pants and he used his hands to try to straighten the wrinkles her grip caused. “Now gimme my money” she spat

He looked up to us and I breathed out, glad that at least she let go. But he was fidgeting with his hands in his pants not coming out. While she looked away, I walked inconspicuously to his side without her noticing or paying much attention even. “What are you waiting for? Give her the money already, I whispered

“The thing is, he cleared his throat lightly, I don't have any money here with me. I left my wallet, he whispered back

“What? I half yelled, getting her attention back to us. She looked from me to him, her eyes widening to the fact that I'm close to him now

“Where's my money, she opened her palm to both of us now.

Oh God, why didn't I just mind my business,I'm an idiot, I mentally cursed. Now how I'm I gonna get of this mess with this lady now thinking I'm with him. I threw a nervous smile. How much is the money? I started going through my bag in hopes of finding some spare changes

“Two thousand naira, she deadpanned. My eyes widened and fell to the ground almost immediately. Two thousand for four,five,six loaves of bread? I counted and looked up to her in a questioning manner

“Yes, she answered, her hands still stretched out to us. I turned to him and back to my bag for a miracle money to magically pop out

“okay, here's the thing, I whispered nudging him, while his eyes were still fixed on the lady

Hmmmm? He answered still looking at the her. I'll give her some money, and when I say “Now, you run really fast. Understand? I murmurmed for only him to hear but didn't wait for his reply as I brought out some cash and handed it to her and yelled Now!

Grabbing my hands, he bolted without even sparing the lady a second glance, pulling me along. We ran till we get to a quiet neighbourhood

“Stop,stop, I pulled my hand away from his and rested both hands on my laps, bending trying to ease my now racing heart. I think we lost her already I frowned up to him

“I'm sorry, he turned to me catching his breath too. Thanks by the way. I nodded and turned to find my way back home but he stopped me

I'm Daniel, he extended his hands and I shook it.

I'm Regina.....


End of flashback

A ghost of a smile appeared on my face but it soon disappeared when my phone rang

“Hello, I spoke in and my bestfriend remained silent on the other end

“Aren't you gonna say anything? I sniffled

“I'm coming over, she hung up. Soon later the door bell rang.....

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Re: CHOICES AND Chances(a Story) by Abbydammy1(f): 11:16am On Apr 01, 2017
Nice story dear... More strength and wisdom

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Re: CHOICES AND Chances(a Story) by Missmossy(f): 8:15pm On Apr 01, 2017
Keep it coming, interesting piece cheesy

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Re: CHOICES AND Chances(a Story) by Lilyjoe567(f): 12:19pm On Apr 03, 2017
“Do you think he's cheating on me? I questioned, my head still in a bent position as it was when she got in

We have this thing, when she senses I need comfort, she comes over and try to make me feel better. We've been friends for 10 years and she practically knows me inside and out. Sometimes I even wonder how she puts up with me because, I am what is known as a human buzz kill. She's all about living life to the fullest, and I on the other hand just want to stay indoors at all times. She's fun, spontaneous and easy to talk with, while I'm the opposite of all of that and it sometimes even makes me wonder how I got married to Daniel

“Regina? She called trying to make me look up

“Tell me I'm not thinking straight and it is a lie, I pleaded, a drop of tears trailed down my chin and I wiped it off forcefully. Tell me my assumptions are crazy and it's not true I spoke out trying to convince myself rather than telling her

“Regina? She got up from her seat and came to sit beside me. You know he loves you and wouldn't do that to you

“Lately, I'm not sure about that, I scoffed, going back to all the things been happening lately, I highly doubt it

“its just a phase Regina, he'll come around, you know it, he always does, she smiled trying ease me, but it wasn't working this time

“You know, sometimes I just wish he'd hit me instead and get it over it. I looked up, the tears welling up in my eyes. I just wish he would just yell and hit me, so he would talk to me and we could go back to our lives. I tried so hard fighting the tears but the more I spoke, the more it threatened to spill

“Hey, ever wondered why he can't hit you? Cause he loves you too much. What you guys have is what many people dream of she nudged

“I think they should come in, the dream would turn a nightmare, I chuckled wiping the tears away. But she had a point. To an outsider, we are this perfect couple, perfect life. If only they knew better. But then again, there's no such thing as perfect

“I think I need to win him back,I spoke out after we've been sitting a while in silence. She whipped her head away from her phone and turned to me

“What? She frowned

“I need to win him back, I repeated calmly. I love him Janey, I don't think I can live without him. He means the world to me. So I'm gonna make him see me as his wife again

“Okay? She sounded unsure. How are you going to do that? She finally dropped her phone which she seem to have been busy with since she got here

“I'm not sure yet. But for starters, I think I need a job, and get out of the house more. Then everything will fall into place eventually

“Regina....she trailed. I'm not sure about this, she frowned

“Why not? I looked up confused failing to see the concern in her eyes

“Well, I'm worried about you, how are you even gonna get a job? It'll be hard and....

“I know, I cut her off, that's why I'm gonna try. You don't have to worry

“Are you really sure about this? She pressed on

“Of course, I'll have to try,I nodded trying to seem sure of my plan. I gave her a smile and she pulled me close and hugged me.

“You know I'm just trying to protect you right? She said over my shoulders

“I know,and I'm glad I have you, I smiled and she pulled away

“Okay, if there's any way I can help just tell me okay? I nodded. I have to leave now, someone's waiting for me she tried explaining but was already arranging her handbag

“You're boyfriend? I smirked crossing my hands while she got up and headed for the door when she was done.

“You're crazy, she called out, almost out but turned around to look at me once more. Be careful okay?

“I will, now go before you're boyfriend gets angry, I laughed and she shook her head, smiled and left

“I got up after she left, no longer feeling like wallowing in self pity. I think I should start now, I thought and headed in for a change of clothes already feeling giddy from my plan. How hard can it be right?


Re: CHOICES AND Chances(a Story) by Alennsar(f): 8:29pm On Apr 03, 2017
Emotional trauma is not good at all.
Re: CHOICES AND Chances(a Story) by Lilyjoe567(f): 10:22pm On Apr 03, 2017
Emotional trauma is not good at all.

At all
Re: CHOICES AND Chances(a Story) by Lilyjoe567(f): 8:24pm On Apr 06, 2017
“So you're name is Regina Walter? He looked at me from his peripheral vision while still glancing at my résumé

“Yes Sir, I bobbed my head up and down feeling nervous sweats trickling down my temple

I submitted so many application letters and CV's that I lost count how many to be exact in this few days whilst my husband was still away. He called just once since his travel just to say he'll be a while. It did make me feel sad a little but I decided on focusing on getting a job instead and so far it has gone from bad to worse this been the fifth interview

“You're twenty five years old and married? He questioned

“Yes sir, I nodded, wiping the nervous sweat from my palms on my knee length penciled skirt

“No kids? He looked up from my résumé, his eyes boring into mine

“None Sir, I shook my head vigorously

“Why? You don't plan on having kids he dropped my file and frowned a bit

“No, I mean yes I want kids, it's just I haven't had one yet. I do love kids, but I'm still yet to have mine

He nodded and turned his face away from mine glancing back at my profile while I sighed mentally releasing the breath I never knew I was holding

“It says here you have no work experience”, he looked up once again as I took in the fierceness of his gaze as if saying to prove his words otherwise. I squirmed a little in my seat due to his gaze boring on mine, failing miserably at keeping calm as I had been mentally chanting in my head

“Erm, the thing is, I....I got married really early and when I finished schooling I have been a house wife since then and hadn't worked anywhere really. I breathed out, hot sweat still trickling down my temple as I wiped it away with the back of my palm

“So, why do you want to work now he crossed his hands relaxing on his chair

I swallowed playing with the my nails nervously under the desk. “ I feel like I should help out my husband since he is the bread winner of the family and he does it all the work on his own to make sure to put food on the table. I want to show him that I can help out and be someone he can be proud of, and also be someone useful also to myself. I nodded finishing my answer mentally highfiving myself for that brilliant answer I gave, but he sat still and we shared gazes both not looking away

He turned away to his telephone and punched in some numbers and talked to someone I assumed is his secretary while my heart was beating erratically in my chest. I turned away also to glance around the office, not too big but just right enough to be called a office for someone like him. It was really a beautiful with frames of different arts and I admired his taste for the art. There are other seats apart from the one I'm sitting on but they were situated by the side of the office unlike the one I'm sitting which is directly opposite his desk. It was a mahogany desk with a plain plaque with the inscription “Director” on it which quite constrated with the cream colour paint job on the walls, but it did give it a unique blend due to the potted flowers and paintings

The door opening startled me off my thoughts and I jerked a little turning to stare at the lady that just walked in. She walked up to me and gestured from me to stand which I did and she guided me to the door and I followed. I turned to look back at him while he was busy talking away on the telephone and I stopped making the lady stop abruptly too wondering why I did such. I might as well ask anyway, I mentally sighed

“I'm not getting the job, am I? He dropped his call after saying a quick “I'll call you back” and turned to me not saying anything, his face unreadable and I guess I got my answer

I nodded and turned back to the door to go but turned to face him again. “ Look, I may not be the best candidate for this job, heck, I'm pretty sure i'll encounter complications, but then again, so will every other person in my shoes. You called me back for an interview cause you obviously saw something in me and I assure you, I'm a hard worker. All I need is a chance to prove myself I pleaded but he still remained calm

“Thank you for your time, I nodded and left the office cursing my luck. This was the fifth and still no luck. I walked out the building holding my bag in one hand already tired from walking around in my stiletto heels. I looked around and saw a bench and sat lazily on it

“Arrrrrrrrgh, I screamed breathing heavily before turning around to see a gaze on me. I thought I was alone. Embarrased, I composed myself and cleared my throat

“I'm not crazy, I turned to him, but he raised his brow in a questioning manner. “I said I'm not crazy, I repeated while he made an “o” with his mouth and nodded. “I'm just having a rough day/week I sighed and he smiled curtly and turned away.

“Are you here for a job? He turned to me and I pointed to his envelope and he nodded. “Well good luck, cause they're going to shatter your dreams and hand you the remains while you go home and wallow in self pity wondering why you went in the first place I sobbed and felt the tears rolling down my cheek. “I'm so Sorry, I turned to my bag and started searching for a handkerchief but not seeing it and mentally cursing myself for forgetting one

I looked up and saw a handkerchief thrusted towards me and I was taken aback. “Thank you, I took it and saw the wedding band in his left hand. “Are you married? I asked wiping the tears off my now smeared mascara face. He nodded and I handed him his hankerchief but he smiled and pushed my hand back lightly. “Thanks, I smiled. “I'm married too, I showed him my own wedding band with my diamond engagement ring sitting on top of it. “Well, I'm not sure lately, it's why I need the job, I sniffled but I don't think I'll be getting any anytime soon I turned away from him feeling another tears welling up. I just....just I trailed staring at passersby going about their various activities.

“I really do seem crazy now, don't I? I chuckled not turning to look at him

I raised my head and saw a folded paper being handed to me while he turned and started walking away. I opened it and saw the words

“Hang in there

P.S I don't think you're crazy”

Scribbled on the paper. A small smile formed on my lips and I looked up and yelled a thank you to his retreating figure but he didn't turn back to acknowledge me

I heaved up letting out a low breath and dusted my self up, hung my bag and started for home. I pulled out my phone to call my friend Mary, to update her on my day but it wasn't going through. I sighed and boarded a taxi which took me home. John opened up and I saw Daniel's car as soon as I got in. A smile graced my lips and I practically ran in to greet him

“Welcome honey, I chirped happily when I saw him but he was spotting a scowl and the smile I was wearing faltered

“Where the héll have you been? He growled angrily......

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Re: CHOICES AND Chances(a Story) by Jsaviour(f): 10:20pm On Apr 15, 2017
Nice story, please continue. We are following.

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Re: CHOICES AND Chances(a Story) by Lilyjoe567(f): 7:50am On Apr 16, 2017
Wow.... I've thought to drop this story, but not anymore I guess

I'm sorry I haven't been updating. I'll try to
Re: CHOICES AND Chances(a Story) by Mobecs(f): 9:59am On Apr 30, 2017
Lilyjoe567 you really need to update as quick as possible! This story got me hooked, it shouldn't die off at the middle.
Pleaseeeeeeee cry
Re: CHOICES AND Chances(a Story) by MhizDherbee(f): 10:48am On Apr 30, 2017
please dnt drop it.... Update it plsssssss!!!
Re: CHOICES AND Chances(a Story) by Lilyjoe567(f): 4:43pm On Apr 30, 2017
Lilyjoe567 you really need to update as quick as possible! This story got me hooked, it shouldn't die off at the middle.
Pleaseeeeeeee cry

Thanks.... imma update soon
Re: CHOICES AND Chances(a Story) by Lilyjoe567(f): 4:44pm On Apr 30, 2017
please dnt drop it.... Update it plsssssss!!!

Will update soon
Re: CHOICES AND Chances(a Story) by mickybeejay(m): 9:47pm On Apr 30, 2017
Don't think because u are not getting the attention needed, so u will now drop the story........ we will support you to the end...... more Mb to ur phone
Re: CHOICES AND Chances(a Story) by Lilyjoe567(f): 7:58am On May 01, 2017
Don't think because u are not getting the attention needed, so u will now drop the story........ we will support you to the end...... more Mb to ur phone

Thank you so much. I definitely will continue
Re: CHOICES AND Chances(a Story) by crislyn(f): 8:28am On May 01, 2017
Nice story Lily. Plz finish the other one o, it can't be easy writing two stories at the same time.
Re: CHOICES AND Chances(a Story) by Lilyjoe567(f): 10:12am On May 01, 2017
I knew too well in my heart that, what I'm expecting to happen was far-fetched, like drawing smile out from my husband as he just got home, but I had only hoped

“Welcome honey, how was your journey?

“Don't dare me Regina, where are you coming from? Is this how you pretend to be home all day when I leave the house, but end up going out to do all sorts of rubbish?

A bit pained, I bit back the tears building up in her eyes, as I stared at the man standing before me. Its like I don't even know him anymore

“I didn't go out to do anything, I just went out to meet a friend, she lied, knowing well not to tell him she went job hunting

“A friend? He barked, “what friend? I'm married to you and know you enough for a fact that you have no friends except for one. So, which friend are you talking about? Or is there something you're not telling me?” his eyes filled with rage

“That, well is true, but I knew not to play into his trap. He just needed an excuse to rebuke me more than he's already doing

“Honey, you just got home, please you need to rest. I'll go make you something to eat. I walked away from his burning stare. I was halfway through the living room when his words made me halt with shaky legs. Those words I've been avoiding, which gave me nightmares every night and kept me thinking all day. I stood still, unable to move a muscle, then his words bellowed again

“I want a divorce”. Hot tears trailed down, burning my cheek. “I want a divorce” his voice rang out again through the room

I dried my tears, with my palm, and with a forced smile turned to face him. “Honey, you're just tired, you've been gone a while. I'm sure when you're fully rested, we can talk it out

“There's nothing to talk about” he barked, walking closer to me. “I'm tired of this marriage, tired of you, tired of coming home and getting mad all the time”. The tears burned in my eyes, threatening to spill, but I blinked it away with a smile.

“Honey, I moved to touch him, but he dodged my hands, walking backwards, his features hardening causing my smile to falter. “Is there something you'd like for me to change, is there something I did wrong? I questioned and our gazes connected

“Everything and nothing” he barked “You've done everything wrong by doing nothing. We might have had it easy when we got married, but not anymore. You're not a kid, so why do you act like I need to spell everything out for you? You think you're just going to sit home all day and become this lazy housewife, while I work my bútt of all day?

It's like everything within me went into overdrive when he was done. The anger was coursing through my veins like liquid larva, my entire being shaking with fury

“I was 18, when you married Me, I snapped. You took me away from my parents. I had no friends and we stood in the alter, when you promised me for better and for worse, till death do us part. But now what? A divorce? Is that what you want, I yelled, the tears trailing down my cheek, but he stood still. “Yea my parents didn't have much but we went by. Till you came and told me I don't have to worry about anything, that you'll care for me, for them. I've been sleeping and waking up each day, everyday of the week, doing absolutely nothing, but you didn't care, even when I complained to do something, you brushed it aside. I love and respect you, but all you do is throw it back at my face. I put on a smile everyday for you even when you're having a rough day, but all you do is take it out on me, but I never complain cause I love you, and you're my husband. But what do I get in return? A divorce?. Fine you want a divorce, you've got it. Let's have a divorce. I barked, swiping the tears away with the back of my palm. I marched out on him, ignoring his dumbfound stare and headed straight to my room, banging the door a little harder, as it echoed through the big empty house

I sucked in a deep breath, as I rested my back at the door, as all that had happened few minutes ago came rushing back. “Deep breaths” I chanted in my head but it didn't seem to be working as my mind trailed back to the second time I saw him.

He came back to search for me, and when he saw me, he had a smile playing on his lips as he said the two magically words that made my insides flutter. “Hey beautiful” he had said. No one had ever called me beautiful, and that got my attention and decided to talk to him, unlike my earlier thoughts of ignoring him as soon as I saw him

“Well aren't you Cheesy. I saved your life, from a very angry lady by the way, and suddenly I'm beautiful? I frowned, whilst he still had his smile on

“I've always thought you're beautiful, he beamed

“You've met me just once” I countered and crossed my hands on my chest

“Exactly”, he winked, causing her insides to churn, but I'm not about to be exposed I rolled my eyes. He is such. Player, I had thought, but little did I know I was going to end up getting married to him

My body jerked with the tears building up inside of me and I let it flow freely down my cheek, sobbing silently. I placed my head on my palm, sliding downwards and unto the ground. Letting it all go, I screamed out in despair, not minding that my soon to be ex-husband is in the house.


The next morning, I woke up to a throbbing head and my eyes felt sore from all the crying I did. I dragged my tired self to the bathroom and winched when I saw my reflection in the mirror. I shook my head and splashed water on my face. After taking care of my business, I walked to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for him but stopped short when I heard the front door bang shut announcing his departure....

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Re: CHOICES AND Chances(a Story) by Lilyjoe567(f): 10:13am On May 01, 2017
Nice story Lily. Plz finish the other one o, it can't be easy writing two stories at the same time.

Thank you, it really is hard, but I'll try
Re: CHOICES AND Chances(a Story) by crislyn(f): 3:30pm On May 01, 2017
I think Regina should just move out of the house...maybe he will miss her and come around.
Re: CHOICES AND Chances(a Story) by Mobecs(f): 7:45am On May 07, 2017
Sad.....Is giving up her marriage really the only solution?
Re: CHOICES AND Chances(a Story) by MhizDherbee(f): 2:29am On May 08, 2017
Regina darling, jez hang in there ok He'll come around. Just focus on been YOU!

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