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Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 11:12am On Aug 15, 2017
If you want to buy car online and want the custom clearance of USA to be done by the company themselves, then auctionexport.com is the company which will allow you to buy car online from auto auction as well as it is performing all the task regarding the USA custom clearance. All the procedure for the custom clearance is done by this company when the car is in USA and until it is reaching to the destination port. Therefore you can also now get the car from auto auction and for that you need to register online.

As soon as this procedure is completed, you can then participate in the live auction as well. Therefore you can bid for buying the cars that you are choosing and then you can bid as per your convenience. If you wish you can bid by making use of the phone bidding option. Also you can directly take part in the bidding for buying car from auto auction, and also get the car by winning the bid. In order to know about the bidding process or to get the guidance of the proper bidding you can either take the help of phone bidding or else you can also take the help of the customer support.

The expert help is available for your convenience. As soon as you are done with bidding and paid in full for a car, the documents of the cars are shifted to the sales department and then the custom clearance is been done. The documents are also transferred to your name and then after the custom clearance the car is further shifted to the ware house for shipment. The time when car is reaching to the destination port, you have to do all the procedure for custom clearance of the destination country and then you can claim your car.

Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 12:18pm On Aug 15, 2017
A few tips on auto salvage auction

Auto salvage auctions are quite popular among common car enthusiasts. It is one place where you get to buy cars as flashy as brand new at incredibly low prices. As the name indicates these auctions are held for salvaged autos or vehicles that have undergone restoration and refurbishment works.

Salvaged autos may not exhibit high performance and they also pose a high risk of breakdowns. For the same reason, the buyer has to be selective about his choice while buying from any auto salvage auction. Attending auto auctions held by state authorities or police is one sure way to secure reasonably performing vehicles at subsidized rates. At such auctions you would get to buy luxury vehicles at low prices because such vehicles are usually seized and salvaged by the authorities from criminals and culprits.

Before buying research about suitable auto salvage auction in your town. You will get information on such auctions from newspapers and internet. Most of the auction dealers offer their vehicles for a preview so that interested buyers can examine the vehicle well in advance. Make sure that you attend such previews. At such previews you would get to know whether a particular vehicle was subject to thorough inspection following quality restoration services. You can check with the dealers for appropriate certifications and insurance papers.

It would be useful if you plan your budget and payment method before placing the bids blindly. Also remember to try and arrive in time for any auto salvage auction.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 3:25pm On Aug 15, 2017
An industrial review on auto import export

Auto import export is an ever-growing industry which has branched into multiple facets during the past few decades. Imported automobiles and parts have a huge market in several developed nations.

Countries like China and Japan lead the exporting front with over hundreds of dealers involved in trade to Europe, Asia, US and other western countries. These manufacturers are known for their flawless precession and cutting edge techniques.

The two main factors that drive auto import export industry are economy and quality. In developed nations imported goods are sold at a much economical rate. This increases the demand and competition year after year leading to better quality vehicles. The main reason for the economic advantage is the low labor charges in these exporting countries. For all reputed automobile manufacturers, it may not be economical to set up manufacturing units in other countries. In other words, developing export connections is the only way to expand their sales into international target markets.

Auto import export involves a host of activities. Bulk of the trade involves fully manufactured automobiles. Nowadays, cars and motorbikes are the most traded vehicles all over the world. Every year leading car manufacturing companies of China and Japan sell over 2 million cars to countries world over.

Quality and brand name creates demand for import of automobiles and auto parts. Brands like Toyota, Mercedes Benz and BMW are forever in demand by all rich and developing countries. Despite the price they experience a year long demand for their fine craftsmanship and rare and exclusive technology.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 3:43pm On Aug 15, 2017
Auto auction-great for snapping up a good deal

Global boundaries have blurred due to the massive usage of the internet as a shopping tool. Things like cars which earlier would have been deemed impossible to buy from anywhere else other than the traditional auto showrooms can easily be bought on the net. So, even if you are sitting in one corner of the world and wish to purchase a car from the other corner it is no longer an impossible job; all you have to do is log onto the net and browse through various auto sites to purchase a car. Better still, browse through auto auction because it will give you a more choice in terms of variety as well as prices.

You can buy a new car or a used car as the inventory of online auto auction sites is huge enough to meet the demands of the fussiest customer. Online auto auction sites also lets you customize the purchased car as you like; whether it is as simple as changing the color or slightly more complicated like changing the seating arrangements or adding gadgets and accessories. Reputed auto auction sites ensure their customers’ privacy and their financial transactions are strictly private and secure. So, the fear of financial details being misused is put to rest.

The discerning customer can pick up a vintage car or budget-constrained buyer can finally buy a car at reasonable prices. Auto auction online sites are very useful in bagging a good deal or snapping up a good bargain in cars.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 6:04pm On Aug 15, 2017
Auto export: Few things to consider about car shipping & export

Auto export of a car comes with a great deal of legal compliances and shipping procedures. On one hand, you must abide by all the custom formalities and on the other hand, you must do your bid to curtail your shipping expenses. After you buy a car (whether a salvage car or a used car) you will have to produce all the relevant documents during the exporting.

Export of cars from USA is done through shipment on ocean vessels or carriers. Irrespective of the country, climate or size of the vehicle, you can avail the facilities of auto export. However, the cost of shipping will differ depending on a host of factors like the car’s size, value, weather conditions, the distance between the two destinations and the mode of protection you desire. During the export, you must make sure that your car has been insured in adequate amounts since the hazards of the sea can be intensely unpredictable.

While the auto transporter shall compute the exact cost of shipment, you can make an estimate beforehand by browsing on the internet and looking at the general rates. While the car’s safety and security can be entrusted to the reliable care of the transporter, you must, on your part, ensure that you have complied with all the legalities as per the American Customs department. You shall also be required to shell out custom duties for clearing the car and some states will also levy tax on the value of the car.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 7:57am On Aug 16, 2017
Auto import export: How to avoid legal & custom-related hurdles

The custom laws of USA are pretty stringent and a number of regulations & formalities have to be followed during the auto import export of cars. Firstly, you must ensure that you have abided by all the legalities and are ready to furnish any relevant document (such as the dealer’s license) that may be required. You can go through the list of mandatory regulations as published by the American Customs department. Failure to abide by all the guidelines will cause delay and undesirable inconvenience.

The Customs officers will go through all the papers in a meticulous fashion and it’s best to co-operate with them by presenting, without fail, important documents like the purchase invoice, license, other relevant bills, papers of registration certificate, etc.

Other Do’s and Don’ts: The US government is pretty wary of infections, dirt and germs that come with auto import export of cars. Quite often, people forget to clean the vehicle’s undercarriage which can cause delays in transport since the security officers can be pretty demanding about things like hygiene.

If you are not familiar with the intricate laws of the country, then it will be prudent to hire the services of an agent or broker who can advice you during the entire procedure. There are also issues relating to the duties & taxes which always arise whenever a purchase/sale or export/import of an expensive vehicle takes place.

Critic’s tip: Take the consultation of transport experts from the approved, licensed and recognized Auction Export.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 8:53am On Aug 16, 2017
Auto restoration and salvaged autos for sale

People in general think that a salvaged automobile is only fit for junk yards. But the reality is something different. A car is sent to junk yard only if it is totally banged up and there is no chance of getting it back on the road. To be specific, we can say that if a vehicle is 80 percent or less damaged then it can be restored and put up under the label of salvaged autos for sale.

There are automobile restoration companies that buy wrecked vehicles from different parties at very cheap rates. They have their own team of restoration and auto repair workers who are experts in their field. They know how to restore a vehicle from its very scratch and make it seem like something brand new. These vehicles are then supplied for auto dealers at higher prices compared to the amount spent on them while they were bought from their real owners. These dealers in turn sell them under the title of salvaged autos for sale or used autos for sale.

The value of salvaged autos are added at each stage of their restoration but still when they reach the final customers, their value would be far low compared to new car prices.

Salvaged autos for sale should not be confused with used autos for sale. Salvaged autos are vehicles that are restored after a serious damage caused due to road accidents or fire. Prices of salvaged autos are generally lower than used autos.


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Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 10:18am On Aug 16, 2017
Auto salvage- booming market!

In an age of instant change and gratification, is it any wonder that the market for auto salvage is booming? All the talk of the economy being in peril notwithstanding, people are still replacing their old cars with new ones almost at the drop of a hat. Call it avarice or sheer necessity but newer models of cars continually replacing the old ones are a regular feature in the average household and the auto salvage market is only too happy to cash onto it. For, one man’s discard is another one’s dream and if he can get it at a price which he can afford, why should he look a gift horse in the mouth?

He can now purchase a car which may have been hardly used from an auto salvage auction/site at the fraction of the original factory rate. This spells good news for those who have been hitherto unable to purchase a car due to financial limitations. The other main reason for the booming auto salvage market is that used cars are now offered in much better conditions as the manufacturing it has improved and cars now give more service and last longer.

The downside of the fluctuating economy has been that some people are being forced to tighten their belts and are opting for used cars from auto salvage sites rather than going in for outright new purchases. For the auto salvage market it is boom-time as people make a beeline for it to bag cars at amazing rates.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 12:25pm On Aug 16, 2017
Auto shipping- select the right agency

Auto shipping means getting your vehicle shipped from one place to the other and in most cases auto shipping would imply international transportation. An auto shipping agency helps in the shipping of all types of vehicles across almost all countries. This type of agency is of tremendous help for people who are constantly on the move and are having to shift bases on a regular basis.

A vehicle is a necessary and expensive component of your belongings as cars do not come cheap and you would want to ensure that it reaches in one piece in the new destination. Your old car also takes out the hassles of commuting and traveling, at least initially when you are just settling down in a new place. It is also a comfort to have the familiarity of your old car in such a place as every trick and mood of the vehicle is familiar to you and if anything goes wrong with it you can easily put your finger on it. This is of considerable importance in new places where you are not very familiar with the ways of working of the auto mechanics and you can at least nudge them in the right direction if required.

Choose an auto shipping agency after doing thorough research or better still, rely on word-of-mouth referrals. An established auto shipping company is always the preferred choice compared to new ones since you can be rest assured that your car will reach you safely and intact.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 1:29pm On Aug 16, 2017
Benefits of online auto auction

There are several online auto auction websites popular among the internet marketing circles. EBay motors is one such popular platform where thousands of buyers and sellers exchange used autos like cars, motorcycles, trucks, vans, boats etc.

These online auto auction platforms were developed to bring people located at different corners of the earth together at one place for selling their products at fair prices.

Online auto auction has its own list of pros and cons. Such auctions facilitate easy bidding. You can offer your bid at the click of your mouse button and wait for the results. Online auctions are usually open for weeks or even months. The time gap allows more people to enter the auction and offer their bids. In most of the cases, the duration of the auction is decided by the seller as per his needs. If the seller wants to sell off his vehicle at the earliest then he can end the auction within a day itself.

Not all are equally accustomed to online buying. Only those who are interested in online shopping activities would enter an online auto auction. In case of online auctions there is less competition compared to real auctions which are more popular and are attended by extravagant buyers. In other words, you have a good chance of buying autos at low prices because the bids wouldn’t be much high.

Although, online auto auction is simple and convenient, there is no guarantee about the vehicles sold therein. Through internet it is hard to ensure the credibility of the seller. This can cause unexpected troubles so one has to be careful while dealing online.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 9:04am On Aug 17, 2017
Brief review on used auto auction dealers

Auto auctions are held by various auto dealers in order to find suitable buyers for their used, repossessed and sometimes salvaged vehicles. Auto auctions are held for different types of automobiles. Among all, car auctions are most popular and every year thousands of cars are sold at such auctions world over.

Lot of money is involved in this business of used auto sales. It is a big industry that contains several chains of auto dealers and auto services like auto restoration companies, auto dismantlers, salvage dealers, so on and so forth. At every stage, automobiles or auto parts are offered for auction so as to fetch best possible prices from groups of best competitive buyers.

Auto auction dealers advertise about an upcoming auction through newspapers, automobile magazines and online news services. Interested buyers should either enroll for the auction or directly appear at the auction venue. Different auction dealers follow different protocol and accordingly the buyers should make necessary arrangements. Vehicles are sold to the bidders who offer the highest bid prices. In most cases, the payment should be made on the spots; however, there are also dealers who take only down payment at the time of the sale and the rest of the price amount is divided into suitable monthly installments.

Auto auction are also conducted by financial institutions, banks and government authorities to sell off vehicles detained by them while dealing with various parties. These vehicles are sold to public at very good rates at public auctions.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 10:10am On Aug 17, 2017
Buy a car- the online way!

If you want to buy a car and are thinking of going about it in the conservative way, that is, by visiting a auto showroom, think again; selecting( amongst a limited selicetion, going through tedious paperwork and then finally waiting for the car to be delivered (which may take its own sweet time) can turn the pleasurable purchase into a harrowing experience. On the other hand, the age of the internet has ensured that you can buy anything online ranging from the simplest groceries to the highest priced car without the ensuing hassles normally associated with conservatives processess.

If you buy a car online, you do not have to go hopping from one dealer to the other in the hope of striking a great bargain. This is because, online purchases not only offer a wider variety of choices but they also come up with incredibly good deals which can save you tons of money. You also save yourself the tedium of reams of paperwork and not to say, your energy! You can buy a car, whether it is used or new, much more easily on the online portals than in proper showrooms.

Financial privacy and secuirty is guranteed by the reputed sites and one must always make the purchase only through registered andd known sites. Even if you are sitting in one corner of the world and want to buy a car form the other corner, online shopping makes it happen without you having to move anything other than the mouse.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 11:16am On Aug 17, 2017
Buy car online- no hassles and no physical exertion

The internet has revolutionized the way people shop; it has evolved even from those days when only the basics (like groceries, clothes, accessories etc) were ordered online and has come to a point where nothing is too big or small to be bought online and this includes cars. It stands to reason then that the number of people wanting to buy car online is increasing day by day. To buy car online is easier than in a regular establishment not only because the paper work is cut down but also because the prices are better. Online portals have negligible or much lower overheads which enable them to keep the prices competitive. Physical establishments on the other hand have to contend with very high overheads like the space, inventory, staff etc and hence are not able to offer as competitive prices as online portals. To buy car online also gives you a wider variety to choose from as the inventory of online sites is much higher and you can select from an exhaustive range of models. Also, the physical exertion of hopping from one dealer to the other, maybe at the other end of the town, can get downright tiring and not to say, tiresome! To buy car online, all you have to do is click the mouse, fill in the details, make the online payments and the transaction is complete. No tiring excursions, no tedious paperwork and if you buy car online, it also comes at a lesser price- what more can you want?!


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 12:42pm On Aug 17, 2017
Buying and exporting a USA car sans any inconvenience

Looking to buy a car from USA? Are you prepared to tackle the challenges that you face during exporting it to your country? Yes, buying a USA car may not be a big feat but carrying it back to your nation can really test your patience. This is because the intricate formalities that one has to indispensably observe can be detrimental to your peace of mind. The officers at the custom shall make every effort to check & cross-check that there’s no error on your part during the entire procedure right from purchase to the end-stage shipment. Too much paperwork is not only going to slow down things (that’s a real hindrance to speedy purchase & export) but slight err on your part will also add to the expenditure.

If you fail to produce the right documents on time or if a doubt lingers on the official’s mind as to your honest representation then he won’t give a nod to the custom clearance. Thus, people who have a tight schedule are often left in a soup at the last moment. Loss of time coupled with increase in expenditure hurts more than it annoys.

Hence, it is recommended that you use online sites such as auctionexport.com to buy or export a USA car sans any hassles or inconvenience. You can choose from a wide range of cars stacked in the inventory including the salvage cars, used cars or auction cars. Thus, you can save a lot of money, time & energy and get the vehicle delivered right outside your doorstep.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 3:19pm On Aug 17, 2017
Buying and exporting USA cars for sale: Problems and solution

USA’s car market is really big and if you are looking for some good USA cars for sale, then you can peep into some of the auctions that are held from time to time. Old cars can be purchased directly from an auction or from a car dealer. The former mode is preferable to some though it requires you to get a license. Generally, to bid in such auctions you will be required to get a dealer’s license. If time & energy are vital to you, then you can buy an old car from a dealer or through an agent. For salvage cars, you can look for insurance companies which often conduct an auction from time to time. But there is too much paperwork involved in it.

To get the car cheaply and without getting into the legal embroilment, you can order it online. Auction export sites allow you to examine the several features of available cars (and they have plenty in their inventory) and then order them. To get the ownership title, your payment shall need approval and after that the car will be exported from USA to your nation and right up to your doors.

This is a big relief for those who fear the rigors that come with exporting a car. USA, being a country with strict legal norms, employees officials who scrutinize the documents thoroughly before allowing the vehicle to be shipped outside the country! These precautionary measures take a lot of time and therefore, the popularity of auctionexport.com has been spiraling in recent times.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 10:14am On Aug 18, 2017
Buying and exporting used cars USA

Buying and exporting used cars USA requires complying with some mandatory formalities and stringent legislations. As a buyer, you can either buy from a dealer or you can take part in an auction and directly purchase from the auctioneer. But to partake in the auction you will be required to get the dealer’s license which will warrant compliance with a few other formalities. Apart from procuring the dealer’s license, you may also be required to produce your organization’s name.

You can browse over the internet and look for some of the ongoing auctions taking place. Since you are concerned with used cars, it will be wise to make a thorough enquiry about the auctioneer or the seller, as the case may be. Used cars are likely to suffer from minor damages (external or internal) or wear & tear. Therefore, it is recommended that you figure out the true worth of the vehicle before going for the purchase.

The reputation of the seller can be verified by consulting the Better Business Bureau and also by making enquiry with the locals. Though, you may find it convenient to buy the vehicle from an outside dealer instead of picking it up from an auction, the latter has certain advantages like offering of warranty.

During export of the vehicle, you will need to furnish all the documents to the officials and abide by all the regulations laid down by American Customs department. For further consultancy and hiring expert service, you may seek assistance from Auction Export.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 11:35am On Aug 18, 2017
Car auction- especially good for used cars

Online used car auction has really caught the fancy of people as it has proved to be the means to get a good, almost-as-good-as-new car at very reasonable rates and in a matter of minutes. The rates of local dealers cannot withstand the challenge of online prices because overheads for online portals are low or almost non-existent.

Online sites are also able to offer a larger and better variety of cars when compared to local dealers who cannot or are not able to display such a huge variety due to space/financial compulsions. Used car auction has really taken off because it is no longer perceived to be something where any old jalopy is dumped just to earn a measly amount of money. Earlier, people used to be wary of buying used cars because more often than not, they would end up paying more for repairs than what they had paid for the actual purchase. The maintenance of used cars was also a big issue as it would eat up into the finances considerably because of the continuous repairs.

Used car auction was therefore looked upon with suspicion and people would steer away from it unless really desperate to pick up any old car at very low prices. But, with advancing technology, the manufacturing of cars has improved dramatically and used cars are able to withstand much wear and tear without any major damages. Used car auction is therefore gaining in popularity to buy cars in fairly good conditions at reasonable prices.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 12:42pm On Aug 18, 2017
Car exporter: Easiest way to export car from USA to your native country

Are you looking to buy a car at an affordable price or a posh car at a decent price? Then it may be highly prudent to get the car exported from USA to your native country. You may be residing in countries like Nigeria, Jordan, etc where you may find it difficult to buy regal cars at low prices owing to the additional tax burden. You may also find it hard to get a wide range of cars to choose from. Hence, now-a-days, a number of people hire the services of a professional car exporter who ships the car from USA to the client’s doorsteps in his country.

You may also, on your trip to US, take part in an auction (as a registered dealer) and pick up a car on your own but the various legal complexities & custom regulations will eat away a lot of your time, energy & money. Getting a vehicle exported out of USA is no mean feat and the hassles can be incalculably high. That’s precisely why it’s better to sit back at home and order the car online. Online sites like Auction Export.com give you an opportunity to go through a wide range of cars (exotic, regal, vintage, used or salvage). You can select the one you desire and request the car exporter to deliver it to your place.

By making online payment, you immediately get the ownership rights and thus escape all the hassles of time lag & paper work.

Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 1:46pm On Aug 18, 2017
Car from Canada- tips for exporting

If you wish to export car from Canada, there are certain rules which you must follow. Firstly, as the saying goes, ‘look before you leap’- market research is essential for the business to be successful; potential markets have to be researched thoroughly as to the spending power of the people over there and the type of cars which would sell there. Secondly, it is important to build up a network in the targeting country if you wish to export car from Canada.

The right connections and local contacts can pave the way for smoother transactions and better sales. Getting hold of the right auto dealers and agents in destination countries is imperative as these local contacts can make or mar your business. The internet is a valuable tool as it can give you access to listed directories or you can even become a member of an auto association and get all the relevant information from there along with recommended referrals.

Thirdly, arranging finances is vital as a lot of money goes into acquiring the requisite licenses and in paying the transportation charges. Fourthly, knowledge of foreign trade terminologies is absolutely necessary to venture into this business. Fifthly, if you wish to export car from Canada, find out whether any particular legal certificate or document is required from the destination country. The foreign consulate or the foreign government licensing agency can help in such matters. Exporting cars is lucrative business but these steps need to be followed for the business to pay off.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 2:46pm On Aug 18, 2017
Car shipping- book through the internet

The internet has made even previously cumbersome things like car shipping easy. All it needs is a click of the mouse and any online site for cars worth their money will offer car shipping to the chosen destination.

Online portals have not only expanded our horizon but have also contributed significantly in the way we shop whether it is for mundane stuff or luxury items. The comfort offered by online shopping is unparalleled as can be seen in the instance of car shipping which is done with such great ease by various online auto portals. As the online shopping has increased, so have the safety procedures for financial transactions on the net. This means that consumers can now, most of the time buy, order things on the net and pay for them online without having to worry about their financial accounts being compromised.

All reputed online auto sites will have their transportation infrastructure in place which includes car shipping. Both inline and oceanic transport facilities are offered by major online auto players which ensures that no matter wherever in the world you are your car will be delivered to you at your doorstep. The established sites also rarely fail to deliver on their promise of fast and safe delivery which means that your car arrives fully safe and intact. Legal formalities for car shipping are all taken care of by the site so the client is saved the hassle of running to and fro trying to organize the paperwork

Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by gboyegz(m): 4:21pm On Aug 18, 2017
Bro...what if I need like a 2004 rav 4....can you give me the price breakdown?
Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 11:49am On Aug 21, 2017
Car shipping from USA: How to reduce cost and avoid anxiety

After you have bought a car (whether new or old) from USA (whether from a showroom or from an auction), you will face the real challenge. Exporting a car out of USA is not an easy task since there are various hassling paper-works involved including clearance of custom duties. Car shipping from USA, too, requires your full concentration as you may end up paying more than what is necessary. For instance, there are several ways by which you can save your financial expenditure on car shipping from USA.

Car shipping rates vary depending on the climatic conditions, the existing weather, the distance between the two countries, the accessibility of the destination country, etc. These are factors which are beyond your control. But there are some factors like weight of the car that you can minimize. Make sure to empty your car off all personal items, add-ons and even seats, if possible. Alternatively, if you wish to export private belongings along with your car, you must notify the shipper about the same so as to safeguard them from possible loss, damage or theft. A professional car transporter shall take personal care to ensure that your car is shipped safely to your homeland. But, just as a precaution, you must take the contact numbers of the chief employees so as to enquire in case of any delay.

With several online sites proffering discounts & added benefits, the general recommendation is to export or ship cars with their assistance.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 11:51am On Aug 21, 2017
Bro...what if I need like a 2004 rav 4....can you give me the price breakdown?

thank you for getting in touch,

We have a big variety of Toyota Rav4 on our web site.

Kindly use our option Search https://www.auctionexport.com/en/Inventory where you can specify make and model of the car you are looking for.

Note that you will be able to see the prices only if you are logged in to your Profile.
Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 1:13pm On Aug 21, 2017
Cars shipping- relevant pointers to be considered

Cars shipping companies are a dime a dozen because of the boom in the car market and also because the number of people on the move has increased significantly. But, before you sign on the dotted line it is advisable to keep a few pointers in mind.

Firstly, do not give into the temptation of signing up with the first cars shipping company you come across unless it is a thoroughly established and reputed company .Online cars shipping companies are numerous and you must study them carefully to get a clear idea about their rates and proposals. While at it, you can also check out any referrals or testimonials from their customers.

Many agencies offer special rates for vehicles like army cars, student cars or multi-cars etc and you can save a lot of money if you fall in that category and are aware of the rates.

Secondly, read the terms and conditions of the cars shipping agency thoroughly before signing up. Make sure that cargo insurance is included and also check whether the agency covers public liabilities or property damage etc.

Thirdly, find out about the efficiency and speed of their service and whether they track the passage of the vehicles properly or not. Fourthly, check out their system of transportation; if you are planning to ship an expensive vintage car and the agency only has exposed carriers it is better not to opt for such a company. Ideally, the cars shipping agencies must offer both exposed and enclosed carriers.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 2:35pm On Aug 21, 2017
Buying from car auction and used car dealers

If you wish to buy a high performing car at affordable rates, then buying form a quality used car dealership is the only way out. There are different types of used car dealers in this industry. Car auction is one of the most popular forms of used car selling technique. You would find exclusive car auctions sponsored by branded car manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes, Ford, and Toyota etc. At such auctions used cars are sold at great discounted prices. These auctions are held only for a limited duration and mostly they are conducted on an annual basis.

In case of an authorized car auction the dealer exhibits only good quality cars. Cars that have endured any serious accidents or undergone major restoration works in the past are not taken for such an auction. There are also many reputed general car dealers who conduct car auctions on a regular basis. They trade in all sorts of cars including sports cars and SUVs. Over 90% of the car auctions are conducted for used car sales. But few automobile auctions are conducted by branded manufacturers to exhibit their rare and highly priced car models that are brand new. Such models may not be in production anymore or they might be a vintage collection.

While buying a used car from a car auction, always make sure that dealers have proper licenses and are well known in the market for selling quality vehicles. Checking the insurance and past records of the car is also recommended.


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Export car from USA: 3 important suggestions

Every country has its own laws & regulations and USA is no different. If you are planning to export car from USA, you must take into consideration some of the suggestions provided below:

Be prepared to get scrutinized by the custom officials. Getting something out of that country is like getting a piece of morsel out of a tiger’s jaw. The officers are pretty fierce as far as security, safety and rules are concerned. All the states boast of a strongly disciplined administrative system which implies that you can neither avoid nor evade complying with legalities. You must unfailingly furnish all the documents as and when demanded by the officials. They will want to make sure that the purchase of the vehicle has been made within all permissible regulations and the ownership has, indeed, changed hands. Hence, you will have to support your case with evidential papers of sale receipt, dealer’s license (in case you bought the vehicle directly from an auction) and a few details about the car like its VIN number.
During the purchase (before exporting), make sure that the car’s value is worth what you are paying. This is more applicable for cars that are salvage cars or used cars. Such cars often have inner glitches (major or minor) that are often ignored by the seller. You must thoroughly examine the vehicle before throwing out the cash.
Thirdly, clean the car from the underside before shipment as the officials of USA are pretty firm on the essence of hygiene & security.


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3 Advantages of buying second hand vehicles

People from various countries with modest income may not be quite able to invest in a readymade designer car, but they can definitely fulfill their wish of possessing a car by buying a used one. It has become a general norm for the masses to invest in second hand vehicles. Amongst the many benefits, they come with, the three chief ones are summed as follows:

Easily affordable: Keeping the talk of recession and price-cutting aside, it is undeniable that new cars are still pretty costly. Some experts may go gaga about the fact that the manufacturers have reduced their base prices and made the vehicles more affordable. But the fact remains that it is not possible for a normal middle-class man to make an outright purchase of a new car, unless he has been saving bit by bit for the last 20 years. Second hand vehicles, on the other hand, are affordable simply because they have already been used by someone else. This doesn’t imply that they are not good enough or that they have suffered any major wear & tear. Apart from the time-related depreciation, a 2nd hand car is usually quite fit to be driven on the roads for the next many years.
Low fringe costs: These cars being old do not burden you with high fringe costs, since their toll duty, tax and registration fee, if any, are very low.
iii. As good as new: If you are ready to spare a small amount of money on them just to apply a fresh coat of paint and, may be, change some parts (if required), then the second hand vehicles can look and feel as good as a new car.


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4 things to remember while shipping automobile to Nigeria

The automobile industry in America is a well-developed one. All the top car manufacturers are based in this country and they design different types of vehicles to cater to the taste & need of different age-groups. Therefore, exporting of cars from USA to other countries is very common.

When you are exporting vehicles from USA to Nigeria, then you will have to take care of quite a few things. Here are a few things you must remember:

USA is very strict with its legal regulations and export-import rules. You must remember to be ready with all the major documents which you may be asked for. Apart from all the papers of the car, you should also be ready with your personal details.
You must remember to read through all the rules & regulations which you are required to comply with while exporting your car from USA to Nigeria. You will have to familiarize yourself with the port duties & rules of both the countries. This will help to expedite the process and you can avoid certain untoward hassle.
While shipping the automobile, you will have to remember to enlist the items or accessories which are being shipped alongside the car. For instance, if the vehicle contains anything in its backseat, they are likely to come under checking or scrutiny. So, ensure that they do not include any restricted item like explosives.
Remember to hire a professional dealer for safe shipping and lawful compliance of all rules. He will also take care of your belongings and your vehicle until it gets transported to your native country of Nigeria.


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Advantages of buying used cars from GoLive Realtime Bidding

American automobile industry depends a lot on the Nigerians for its bread & butter. The dealers of used cars especially enjoy a great market in Nigeria where the demand for such vehicles is spiraling day by day. Internet has also propelled such deals since now it becomes easy for any common Nigerian to check out the most enticing offers. One such offer comes from ‘GoLive Realtime Bidding’ whose popularity is scaling new heights with every passing week. This is an auction platform where you can bid for a used car in USA and get them at the price you desire.

There are quite a few advantages of getting a car through this platform. Firstly, ‘GoLive Realtime bidding’ is the cheapest source for purchasing used cars. You are the master of your budget here and can make biddings in accordance with your financial capacity. Thus, you never make the mistake of over-spending, but always end up saving money.

Secondly, the stock of old cars is very eclectic and wide. Thus potential buyers can bid for different categories of vehicles having varying values.

Another massive advantage is that you only need to make a small deposit of $1000 or 10% of your bidding amount. This is a huge plus for someone who is not sure about the investment he would like to make, or for someone who doesn’t want to bear any expensive risk. Even with a small budget, you can start bidding. This is one big reason why Nigerians looking for export used cars from USA get themselves registered on this site and take part in the biddings.


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American used cars: 3 brands that you can rely on while buying old cars

USA revels in and relishes the fact that it is one of the most dominant markets in the automobile industry. Chevy is a car manufacturer that has spread its wings far & wide and has established a special niche for itself in both the local and international markets. The brand makes vehicles which enjoy a higher life span. Hence, there are a number of American used cars coming out under the Chevy tag. The cars from this brand come with a lot of reliability, longevity and safety. A potential investor can easily invest in one of the old cars from this company and feel secured that his fortune has been well spent.

Another famous brand is the Ford Focus. It can sell itself purely on its high reputation and its goodwill. That doesn’t take anything away from the fact that this manufacturer too, much like Chevy, can give you your money’s worth. The cars churned out from its factory have longer shelf lives and hence, they often hit the roads as 2nd hand assets as well, being passed from the original owner to the new one. The company also enjoys a great international following. People from different countries including those from eastern hemispheres or from Asia & Africa put their faith and money on this brand.

If you are looking for American used cars, then another manufacturer which has managed to impress everyone is the Dodge Neon. Its finesse and mastery in making city cars have earned it plaudits from people of various countries.


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American used cars for export: Why is the time perfect to buy a car?

If you are looking to buy a car, the time is just perfect to buy one from a country like America. USA has always attracted a number of potential buyers from all over the world. There is no doubt about the superiority of USA when it comes to the automobile industry. However, this is a very good time to pick up a car since the country is still recovering from recession. Owing to the economic depression that hit the country in the second half of the decade, manufacturers had to slash the prices of the vehicles. Even now, though the country is making quick recovery, the prices are relatively low and a foreigner will do himself good by importing cars to his country.

This is also a good time to go for American used cars for export. Even if a brand new car is beyond your financial reach, you can think of purchasing an old car, which will come at the fraction of the original price and serve you without any major glitch. Experts suggest that the mid-range cars will help you save the most. Their prices have been slashed enough, and their transporting & shipping charges are affordable.

In fact, the dealers (who have been having a harrowing time in the past few years) are ready to give you higher discounts in order to lure you. Therefore, the foreign market is growing and demand is escalating for the American used cars for export. The choice is yours! You may get yourself a satisfying car now, or you may have to rue your chances forever.


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American websites are offering Nigerians cheap car for sale: A discussion

Some people living in Nigeria are very obsessed with branded cars. Unfortunately, even if they have the money, the local market doesn’t offer them the variety and the exoticness which their eyes deserve to feast on. On the other hand, some people may be tight-fisted, frugal or have medium salaries. It is vital for them to look for a source that offers cheap car for sale. Luckily for them, in today’s age of internet, everything is possible. There are a number of modern day websites which sell cheaply priced cars and even the economic used cars. Most of these websites are owned by American dealers.

USA is one of the giants of the automobile industry. And it comes as no surprise that a large number of people are engaged in car dealing in this country. The reputed ones do have their official websites and most of the business is conducted through online trading. They can help you bag the right deals and save your money. They can also help you save additional taxes which foreigners often need to shell out to the tax officers. Besides, a person from Nigeria cannot be expected to be familiar with the custom rules prevailing in America. So, it becomes crucial to take their professional assistance in getting your car cleared and shipped without any wastage of time or money.

Some websites (or auction sites) run this excellent service wherein you just have to select a car for sale. You can search from a gamut of models and choose one, which will be readily shipped to your home with full papers and ownership rights. You are thus saved the hassle of doing any paper work by yourself.


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