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Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 12:36pm On Aug 31, 2017
Car for sale in USA: What are the advantages of buying a car?

Having a car of your own is really very advantageous. Most people may think that it is just a kind of luxury which can be done away with. People may also harp about its maintenance cost which would eat a certain portion of your annual income. However, the merits are far more than the demerits. Here are some major advantages of buying a car:

Convenience: A personal car offers you an unmatched kind of convenience. So, you can now head to the office at your scheduled time without getting late or without having to wait for long hours at the bus-stop queues. You can drop & pick your kids from school. And you can always go for an outing, a long drive or just a casual drive even at nighttime. And from the financial point, you can always pick up a car for sale in USA.
Prestige value: Your social worth increases the moment the neighborhood sees a car standing outside your door. A car is definitely a matter of great joy for men of all ages. And thereӳ no better feeling when you know that the society is showing you the respect that you deserve.
Improved credibility: One very vital advantage but a less discussed one is that a personal car improves your credit score. A car owner gets a loan easily, and his credit score also rises for the better. Therefore, if you are a trader or a frequent loan-borrower, then this is another reason why you must look out for a car for sale in USA.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 2:33pm On Aug 31, 2017
Significant Points to Remember Before Buying Used Cars from Canada.

The sale of used cars is very much in vogue these days. Compared to the new ones, you can save a lot on the purchase of old cars because old cars are bought at a reduced price than the new makes whose prices are high. Used cars are sold by both car owners and dealers. The rules are different in the various provinces of Canada therefore it is important to know the tricks of buying a good car from Canada at a cheaper price.

Before you buy a car it is important that you select the car you wish to buy. Next visit the different Consumer Unions that will give you sound advice on the actual rates of cars and also other details. Usually old cars have a cheaper price but the maintenance cost of theses vehicles is higher. With this comparative study done you will not be duped into buying old cars at high prices.

The next step for you to take is to go through the government website where the federal government has laid down all the rules regarding the purchase and sale of vehicles in the different provinces.

Having gone through the rules and regulations you must proceed to collect the necessary documents in order to export cars that you have chosen. Here again the testimonials required for the sale of the car will differ between provinces. If you wish to buy a car in British Columbia, you will have to produce the appropriate driver’s license, while in other provinces the car insurance is of utmost importance.

Keep an eye on the daily newspaper advertisements for the sale of old cars. Often people stick posters for the advertisement of their car that they intend to sell. Once you decide to buy a car that has been advertised, contact the owner. Make an appointment with him so that you can see the car that you will buy. Before seeing the car, arm yourself with valid questions regarding the vehicle’s age, its registration, why the owner wishes to dispose it and other allied questions.

Once you select the car get the UVIP from the owner. This Used Vehicle Information Package will provide you with all the important details you need in order to buy the car. This information will give you a clear idea about the car. The UVIP contains details regarding the history of the vehicle’s registration, the value of the car at that time according to the market price. It also contains details of the loans taken, if any. Make a detailed study of the UVIP so that you are certain that the investment will be a good one for you. In Ontario it is mandatory that the potential buyer is provided with the UVIP.

The last step is to fill up the application form for the Transfer to a Driver if the car is an old one and deposit it with the Vehicle Issuing Office of the province. All the taxes and fees have to be paid too before you collect a certificate of safety Standards when you get the car registered in your name.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 4:24pm On Aug 31, 2017
Car sales: How to buy salvage cars very quickly?

When you wish to buy salvage cars, then there can be plenty of time which you will need to reserve for it. Since, such cars can be pretty unreliable if not selected properly, so one has to inspect it carefully before doling out the money. So, it is bound to be a time-consuming affair especially if you go about searching them on your own. Besides, in case you are planning to get them exported, then it will be quite a few weeks before you can get your car. The custom officials are hard men to please. They will not release your car until and unless they have verified and cross-checked all the papers and are fully contented that it is a genuine purchase.

So, the best way to avoid these hassles is to request car sales from a professional expert. The online world is a den of professional dealers and agents. They can really spoil you with the vast array of choices they have. You donӴ just get to select from a wide category of salvage cars, but you can seek their full assistance in getting it shipped. Since, they handle such affairs on a day-to-day basis, they know how to best tackle the situation and how to save time. They know exactly the kind of documents which are demanded by the custom officers.

They are also deft in finding you a car of your choice at the lowest price possible. Therefore, there is plenty of time-saving option for you. Since, these dealers affect car sales in huge numbers on a monthly basis, you can trust them with full confidence.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 8:35am On Sep 01, 2017
Car sales in Nigeria - all the information you need

If you are planning to buy a car, the simplest, easiest and most important thing to do is- research. Often we find that cars seem out of our budget when we visit showrooms. This is because car salesmen try to sell us the extra features that are actually of little use. The extra accessories add up to a lot and suddenly the car seems unattainable. This is why research is very important. It helps you know what is necessary and what is superficial.

The easiest way to do research is to search the internet. Many websites are devoted solely towards informing the customer about car rates, deals, car loans and insurance schemes. Take advantage of these websites and know everything there is to know about your dream vehicle before you step into a car showroom. This way, the salesman will not be able to take you for a ride. Another great and smart way to buy a car is off the internet. For example, car sales in Nigeria have risen because customers are able to buy cars online without having to take the trouble of actually visiting showrooms. You can see the features, the additional accessories available, the color, the price and all sorts of details online. You can even compare two separate cars side by side to truly figure out which car is the best for you.

Car sales in Nigeria have also increased because of the ease with which cars can be transported thanks to the many options of delivery via port and road. So in order to get the best deal, do your research and then buy your car.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 10:01am On Sep 01, 2017
Car Shipping From USA Is Safe, Easy And Affordable

Transporting an automobile from one of the coasts to the other safely, ensuring its arrival in nearly the same condition as it was shipped, and all these on time, is all about car shipping. When the concerned aspect is car shipping from USA, all you need to do is to obtain the best shipping quote, and to opt for the best of the innumerable options for shipping.

As per your requirements, and your preference you can easily opt from the three modes of car shipping, which are via your own container, in a shared container or through the simple way of roll-off-roll-on, which is inside the vessel.

Unfortunate scraps or bumps, or even a total loss of the vehicle, can be one of the aspects when it comes to car shipping. In such case an insurance policy amount comes very handy. Many of the portals that render the car shipping services, ensures that every car is pre insured before the actual commencement of shipping. They let you a helping hand, in case of unfortunate damages.

Like other countries, USA too poses legal formalities of passport, vehicle title check, or in many of the cases special export authority form issued by the government officials, for car shipping. So you must ensure to have these for a safe transportation.

Car shipping from USA doesn’t merely imply putting an automobile inside a box, but it’s not even a job too hectic or unsafe, keeping in consideration your shipping requirements, you can make your final move with the preeminent portal that offers you the best quote and safety while shipping.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 12:38pm On Sep 01, 2017
Car Shipping From USA To Nigeria For Car Lovers

Nothing compares to the thrill of owning a brand new Porsche and taking it out for a test drive to gain the respect and admiration of people everywhere. If you are a car lover, your dream might remain unfulfilled because local dealers in Nigeria are unlikely to stock such expensive models in the showrooms. An easier way to purchase is through sites like www.auctionexport.com that offer car shipping from usa to countries all over the world at extremely cheap prices. You can pick up premium models of any car like Honda online without having to move a muscle from the comfort of your home.

The reduced price is not the only attraction for such sites that export cars all over the world. Your choice is expanded to lots of customized models for the Porsche as compared to a limited few choices that may be present with dealers in Nigeria. You can also look through the various auctions and lower your bid even further, still managing to walk away with the final purchase. People on a budget can also look at salvage car auction to get a steal of a deal on damaged vehicles.

After the purchase is completed, you can easily take possession of your brand new car without the hassles of a huge amount of paperwork or the burden of additional taxes. A common fear among customers in Nigeria could be the huge distance between you and the physical location of the car. The international shipping feature can allow you to transfer the car to your country in the shortest amount of time possible. The option of car shipping from USA to Nigeria can help you fulfill the dreams of owning a Porsche without hampering the prospects of your savings.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 2:30pm On Sep 01, 2017
International Shipping Of Car Made Easy

If you are planning to ship your car into a foreign country, you need to make several preparations and consider several things. You have to choose from various options of shipping your car, one of which is Roll on and Roll of (RORO), or by consolidating it into a 40 feet high container tube or by an exclusive container.

Different countries have different rules for vehicle imports, registration and vehicle taxes- you need to check for them in advance. An imperative research about the area you want to transport your vehicle is necessary. Since all this procedure may take several weeks and few weeks will also be needed for transit of your vehicle, it is advisable that you make advance planning for shipping your car.

After getting the necessary paperwork related to the car ready and drawing out budget and other details you need to take following steps for car shipping from the USA:

First of all it is necessary to decide upon a moving company that will move your car. As the moving companies deal in every aspect of transportation starting from the paperwork and getting the car from your home, they are comparatively more expensive. Freight Forwarders on the other hand can be economical for you as they avoid using middlemen. Nevertheless they have all relative knowledge of the paperwork, importing rules and regulations of foreign countries and the methods of shipping.

If you decide to transport your car physically by RORO, it will be rolled directly to the ship but in case you choose to transport via containers which are for single cars the services of car loaders are required.

You have to deliver a complete set of documents to the shifting company including your registration and title deed for the vehicle that will help them to move the car from port to port. If the car is financed or leased, a notarized acknowledgment from the creditor for export is necessary. It is better to check with the local agencies and customs for getting all the details of what is required.

A Marine shipping insurance or extra insurance from the importing country needs to be taken as it is generally not provided by the shipping companies.

It is necessary that you do not forget to protect your car from extreme temperatures and bad weather before sending it to the ship. It is important to make sure that the fluids and oils do not freeze. The vehicle alarm should be shut off and the gas tank should not be more than half full. The tires and brakes should be in good working condition and please do not forget to take out all the valuables from your car which are not affixed to it.

Driving the car personally into the ship can save you money or you may opt for sending it by moving company or a freight forwarder. Also arrange for timely picking up of your car at the destination and make sure that the person going to pick up the vehicle has a valid Identity card.

Things to keep in mind for car shipping from USA:

A low rider vehicle may not be allowed to be transported through normal channels.
An exclusive container option is more expensive than using a RORO or opting for a cube container.

Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 4:31pm On Sep 01, 2017
Buy Infiniti Car Online At Affordable Prices

All those tired of regular showroom visits to purchase a car can export infiniti car from usa and get dirt cheap prices on expensive premium models. Wherever you are, you don’t need to wait for your local dealer to stock up on an infiniti. You can log on to dedicated sites like Auction Export.com and pick up your dream car with a few simple clicks. Buying a used infiniti car or a new one can be done by anyone with access to a computer, from the comfort of their home.

Find Infiniti Cars for sale HERE

Online Infiniti Car Auction includes Infiniti Models such as EX 35, FX 35, FX 45, G 20, G 35, G 37, I 30, I 35, M 30, M 35, M 45, Q 45, QX 4, QX 56

Most showrooms have lots of verifications, complex paperwork and limited stock. Thanks to the new procedure of online infiniti car auction, you just need to register yourself at a site and submit a bid. After the bid is approved and payment made, you can become the owner of an infiniti without post purchase hassles. The large stock and inventory having infiniti cars for sale means you can pick out your perfect model suited to your tastes.

The innovative search feature is not the only attraction of such sites. The biggest benefit lies in the easy and timely delivery of your car. When you buy infiniti car online, the purchased car is shipped directly from the auction location to your doorstep. International customers can have their cars shipped to anywhere in the world without worrying about the distance. You can get great discounts and limited offers on all cars. If you want to buckle up for a smooth trip, export infiniti car from usa and enjoy the ride.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 11:28am On Sep 05, 2017
Export Lexus Car From USA At Cheap Prices

When you come across sites like AuctionExport.com, you see tempting offers like export Lexus car from usa which can be a great deal. Your local showroom might not stock up on the latest premium model because of lack of sales, making you miss out on opportunities. However, such sites can end up being the dream solution of every car lover who wants a used Lexus car on a budget or a swanky new model. You can get a single platform to make a variety of choices without worrying about prices, paperwork and other hassles that take place with a conventional car dealer.

The best way to make a purchase is to participate in the online Lexus car auction at such sites. They happen on a regular basis and can help you find your preferred car all around the year. A big advantage of public auto auctions is that they do not run out of stock and the latest models are always available. Sites that offer the auction also have an improved search engine where you can select the model of your choice and even customize the colors and interiors to your liking. Such deals are great value for money and help you buy Lexus car online instead of looking at limited options.

After you auction any of Lexus cars for sale and purchase it, you can take the advantage of international shipping to have it transferred to your doorstep. Customers all over the world can avail of these auctions and get their cars delivered on time. When you export Lexus car from usa, you are making the right choice.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 12:34pm On Sep 05, 2017
Buy Nissan Car Online through Export Websites

A good purchase decision is to buy Nissan car online through some leading export site like AuctionExport.com that offers you a huge range of choices at an affordable price range. When you purchase from a local car dealer, you have to deal with extra paperwork, additional taxes and a lot of processing time. In case of an online auction, you export Nissan car from usa through a money saving deal. The entire procedure is fast and easy and you don’t have to wait to see if your car is available or not. It is a great option for car lovers who want premium models at reasonable prices.

Whether you want a used Nissan car or a factory model, the well stocked inventory of such sites have everything tailored to your choice. There is even the option of salvage auto auction for people who want it for specific purposes. You can choose from different varieties and use the search feature to filter the choices down to what you are looking for. Among the Nissan cars for sale, most are available throughout the year so you do not miss out on an auction or a favorite model because of time.

The prices are extremely flexible and the quality is top of the line. After online Nissan car auction, it can be shipped from the auction site directly to your home. Its biggest advantage is the provision for online shipping that allows you to make a purchase from anywhere in the world. Great cars, fast delivery and flawless quality make the option to buy Nissan car online a great choice.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 2:14pm On Sep 05, 2017
Buy Oldsmobile Car Online Through Auction Portals

Buying a new car can be a difficult decision for many people but if you buy Oldsmobile car online, you can make the smart choice. Any local purchase will involve a considerable time delay in placing and processing the order. However, if you export Oldsmobile car from usa at a cheaper price, you could end up with a real value for money deal. Sites like AuctionExport.com have become a name known to car lovers through quality service and years of experience. From salvage auto auction to brand new factory models, everything is available in their well stocked inventory for your choosing.

Once you register yourself with the site, you can look at the online Oldsmobile car auction to select the vehicle of your choice. The innovative search feature allows you to filter and narrow down your search results based on your preferences. There are lots of Oldsmobile cars for sale on the site and the auctions happen on a regular basis so you don’t miss out on opportunities. You can avoid the time of processing and additional taxes that might be levied by your local car dealer. The paperwork is also considerably less putting your main focus on the car to be purchased.

You can even get great deals on used Oldsmobile car that allows you to plan your finances and still pick up a great car on a budget. Once the purchase is finished, the car is shipped to your preferred location all over the world. When you buy Oldsmobile car online, you can be assured of the highest quality and timely date of delivery.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 4:17pm On Sep 05, 2017
Buy Plymouth Car Online To Get Value For Money Purchases

There are lots of advantages if you buy Plymouth car online instead of going to your local car dealer to look at models. Most car showrooms won’t stock a large collection because of security concerns and a catalogue is not of much help. Pioneering car exporter sites like AuctionExport.com take the innovative route of export Plymouth car from usa in order to give you the best budget deals. The inventory is always well stocked and such sites have years of experience in creating satisfied customers so they know how to handle all your queries and provide a good option for purchase.

After you register with the site, you can look at different varieties of models in the inventory. You can use the search function to filter your results or go into the online Plymouth car auction to make your bid on a model. You can even customize the color and accessories so you get a car that is personal to your tastes. There are lots of new factory models, salvaged cars and used Plymouth car so you can choose one depending upon your requirement and budget. The models are always in stock and there is no processing time so your order can be completed with ease.

When you see the Plymouth cars for sale on the site, you will find that there is minimal paperwork required for the purchase and all it takes is a few clicks. Lots of additional charges are also deducted so you can get the best at an affordable rate. After you buy Plymouth car online, quality shipping all over the world ensures that you get the best quality delivered at your doorstep.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 6:30pm On Sep 05, 2017
Buy the SATURN of your choice!!!

Established as a subsidiary of General Motors, Saturn is a brand of automobiles that proudly boasts of manufacturing “different kinds of cars”. There has been many popular models of Saturn like Saturn Relay, Saturn S-Series, Saturn Outlook, Saturn Vue and so on. Since the production of Saturn was discontinued since 2009, people are flocking to export Saturn car from USA. The brand has been so popular with a particular section of people that customers are even willing to buy used Saturn car.

Interested buyers have left no stone unturned in finding their dream car. Since the Saturn cars for sale has been very rare, the buyers are willing to buy Saturn car online. The online Saturn car auction has been very successful with huge customers from across the world. Websites such as auctionexport.com has made the entire process hassle free. This website provides comprehensive database of all Saturn cars from across the US. This makes it easy for the customers to compare the prices and models of the car.

The entire online process saves a lot of time and money and also gives customers a relief from visiting the public auto auctions and salvage auto auction. The availability of a car exporter and auto shipping facilities make the online auctions even better.

With a huge number of models to select from, the customers find the online process vary satisfactory. From Saturn Astra to Saturn Aura and Saturn Hybrid to Saturn Sky, all the models with their details and reviews are available to the customers for their assistance.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 8:20am On Sep 06, 2017
Enter the world of the Y Generation with SCION!!

The automobiles under the brand Scion came from the Toyota Motor Corporation in the year 2002 and were meant to please the consumers who belonged to the Y generation. The speciality of these cars is their viral marketing strategies and the brand that was initially just a part of North America is now across the globe including US and Canada. People who do not find these cars in their country are keen to export Scion car from USA. People generally hire a car exporter to help them get their dream vehicle.

From the very first xA hatchback and xB wagon model – these were the Scion cars for sale in California in the year 2003 - to the latest xD and sports coupe, the Scion has always been a grosser in the market. People who cannot afford to buy the new models are content to buy a used Scion car. As such the salvage auto auction and public auto auctions are much in demand.

However, with the increasing number of models with added features each day, the best way to buy a car is through an online process. The online Scion car auction is available at auctionexport.com that can help you buy Scion car online. These websites offer free registration and they even assist you in auto shipping of the car. Moreover, you can do the entire research on the car, select the one of your choice and finally purchase it with a simple click of a mouse sitting in the cool environment of your home.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 11:06am On Sep 06, 2017
Get a SMART car, get smarter!!!

As the brand is marketed – “Smart – open your mind” – the Smart cars are really for those who want to fly high. The car that has been created keeping the comfort of its passenger in mind is a treat for one and all. There is a huge client list that wants to export Smart car from USA. These cars are just meant for your daily life and are fit for all situations – the smooth highway or the curvy lanes. Even a used Smart car is as good as a new one when it comes to agility, comfort, ecology, safety and the fun of driving.

The Smart cars for sale are so rare that people keep searching for them in public auto auctions and salvage auto auction. With a very low carbon dioxide emission, the Smart cars are environment friendly and thus a perfect companion for you at the onset of your day. Those who are interested in buying Smart cars should definitely visit auctionexport.com and check out for online Smart car auction. It is a very good idea to buy Smart car online as online purchase can show you all the latest models of the brand in the shortest span of time. The model that is creating ripples in the market is the smart fortwo that is being described as the best combination of pulse and passion.

With a simple free registration to this website, you can get all information on the Smart cars ranging from a car exporter to auto shipping details. Hence, the wait is over and its time to bring a Smart car home!


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 12:05pm On Sep 06, 2017
Buy the perfect car in a car auction

Car auction can be one of the places to get a good deal in second hand or salvaged cars. Though more popular in domestic sales, the idea of car auction has started to leave a mark in the dictionary of international sales too. With websites like auctionexport.com, it has become easier to participate in car auction from other countries too.

Suppose, you are a citizen of Nigeria. But for your business purpose, you need a US used car. Physically it is almost next to impossible to get hold of a good one. So you have to depend on car auction. There are auctions for individual buyers. Auctions for dealers are there too.

Yet, for off-shore individual buyers, car auction is not advised to be the deal space to get a car. Used cars and salvaged cars always have a history of accident. Online transaction never allows you to see the car. Even if you have seen the car, you my not come to know the actual detail of the accident and the actual impact of that. So, you can never expect great performance from these cars. But dealers do rely on these auctions. Their transaction is bulk in quantity. Often through these car auctions they can grab a good car with minimum damage in a good price.

So, it has both the advantages and the disadvantages. But, it has undoubtedly multiplied both the buying and selling options. Getting international customers for your second hand car is now easier than you have imagined. Similarly, taking part in USA used cars auction from Nigeria has become a reality.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 2:21pm On Sep 06, 2017
Buy used cars in USA from trusted car dealers

Buying used cars is a great idea if you are looking for a cheap buy. If you buy used cars from a trusted and reputed car dealer, you have nothing to worry about. Make sure that you procure all the necessary paper work so that there is no confusion later on. There is a huge market for used cars and you can take your pick from a wide range of cars. The best way to buy used cars in USA is by doing extensive research online.

If you have a small budget that has no room for compromise, then it is better that you go for a car that will give you maximum value for money. The car should be reliable, easy to run and should not use up too much gas. The age of the car also matters a lot. The ideal age of a used car would be within one and five years and anything beyond that is slightly risky. The cost of the car will be more if it is newer and less if it is older.

Also keep in mind the resale value and insurance details while purchasing the car. Lots of people buy used cars in USA and the most important thing to watch out for is the reputation of the car dealer you are going to buy your car from. Make sure that he is trustworthy and ask around to make sure that he has no history of tampering with cars and the like.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 4:00pm On Sep 06, 2017
Buying a car in used car auction

Used cars are mainly sold through auctions. For off-shore clients the only one way is online auction. Primarily there are two types of auctions. Dealers’ auction and public auctions. In the first type, only car dealers are allowed to take part and bid for. In the public auctions anyone can take part and bid a price. Showroom cars have fixed price but used cars do not. For your reference you can always consult the true market price of the car.

US used car auctions are very famous as first hand us cars are too expensive. Car lovers eye at these auctions as they can at least bid for a car as the prices for the used cars are comparatively lower that the new ones. Auctionexport.com facilitates the car enthusiasts and the dealers of distant parts of the country to take part in these used car auctions.

Used cars are not salvaged cars. Yet they too can have some damages. So the risk is here also. Exerts advice that before bidding a price for a used car in an auction, try to get the vehicles identification number and check from auto check vehicles history. You can also buy a used car extended warranty.

Dealers mainly deal with used cars. More often they do participate in the auctions and customers buy from these dealers. In that case, check the credibility of the dealers. Talk to a number of persons online to check their experience of buying a used car from an online used car auction.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 8:07am On Sep 07, 2017
Buying cars in auto salvage auctions

Accident cars, stolen cars form the box of auto salvage. Cars which are not in their showroom glamour, rather much distorted and damage are also high in demand. Especially for the car dealers, manufacturers and offshore buyers. It is for these people that insurance companies salvage damaged cars. There are online and offline auctions held regularly in all countries to sell out these cars.

Auto salvage is a profitable business proposition as a number of companies and dealers are engaged in it. There are classifications of cars like, auto salvage beyond repair and repairable salvage. Though all cars have insurance, often it is found that restoring a car would cost much more than the insurance value. It is then that these cars are sent to salvage yard or junk yard from where bidders can bid the prices and get away with these cars.

Not all cars are beyond repair. Though the possibility can not be ruled out that, cars which claim to have minimum damage may actually bear a real drawback. Yet there are possibilities to get some good cars in affordable prices. If the car is beyond repair, then also the parts can be recycled and reused to make another car. Thus foreign parts can be incorporated in cars manufactured in ones own country. This is why manufacturers of Nigeria look for USA salvaged cars.

Yet there is another thorn in the rose. These cars are unclaimed but the legal documents are with the original owner. So even after buying you have to strive to get the legal ownership of the car.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 10:04am On Sep 07, 2017
Things to look out for while buying a new car

When buying a car the most cost-effective thing that a car buyer can do is keep the car with him forever. In terms of investment buying a car is not a good idea as the money spent cannot be regained nor does it remains in good desirable condition.

In accordance with the Automotive Lease Guide, when a car that is five years old is resold, only 28.5 percent of its value can be realized.

Cruise Control: People who buy old cars always prefer to go for one which has cruise control, as any car that does not have it is considered to be out of date. These days due to the latest technology cruise control works life long.

Power Window: is one of the norms of a standard car.

Power locks: Every new model of cars these days has power locks and cars that do not have such features cannot stand to compete with other new model cars that come each year.

Air conditioning: Any feature that is added by the owner depends upon his need, but air-conditioning is something which cannot be substituted and the better the air conditioner is, the better its appreciation value becomes.

Power seats: Due to this feature memory settings can be done which allow your partner to change it according to his / her preference through touch buttons.

CD changer: A normal audio system does not have much value but a multiple-CD changer as well as MP3 is great in terms of value.

Automatic transmission and tilt steering along with alloy wheels makes the car look very decorative when compared with normal tyres and wheel covers.

Features that may depreciate fast or slow are:

Antilock brakes: will be a necessity for all cars of 2012.

Engine upgrade: In cars that have cylinder upgradation facility, the depreciation value is less

Moonroof: A car that has moon roof has much better value than an ordinary car.

Leather seats: Though nothing can be guaranteed about leather upholstery, if the seats are in good condition than it is an asset.

Third- row seat: If a car has third row seats than its value is more

Premium stereo: A multi CD changer has much more value than an average car audio.

Features in a car that have very little value are:

Rear entertainment system: is a modern feature present in cars due to the change in technology; everyday the things that are new today get old the very next day.

Navigation systems: if not upgraded with the current, it gets outdated. Nowadays portable navigators are available which can be transferred from one car to the other and are also not highly priced.

Sport packages: The BMW is a sports car with every facility. The value of the car is in the hands of the handler. If the driver handles it roughly its value goes down.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 11:15am On Sep 07, 2017
Buying salvage cars in usa does not require a huge outlay of capital

Hundreds of cars are found abandoned, damaged or wrecked and amongst them there are quite a few which can be salvaged. These salvage cars in usa can be bought very cheaply by a smart buyer and with a little expense on repairs he can be in possession of a fully functional car. Even taking into account the repair expenses, the buyer would still have paid much less than what he would have had to shell out even for used cars usa.

To buy damaged cars in usa, you have to scout around the salvage yards specifically for vehicles. Damaged, wrecked or salvage cars in usa all find their way to such yards and savvy buyers with a good eye can pick up even premium cars for a song.

Many salvage cars in usa are sold privately by owners and apart from word-of-mouth, the internet is your best option to find out about these sales. Sites like eBay are very popular for privately sold items which include vehicles. There are many other portals also and most of them allow visitors to narrow down their search by type, condition and location. Some also have interactive forums where you can communicate directly with the seller.

Before making the purchase get the vehicle checked thoroughly and enquire whether the car carries a salvage title deed or not. Buying salvage cars in usa can turn out to be a fun project without much outlay of capital only if you are sure of what you are getting into.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 1:18pm On Sep 07, 2017
Buying Used Cars USA

If the demand for salvage cars is on rise, the demand for used cars is not far behind. Auto experts say, when it comes to a car manufactured in USA with all US made parts, the demand is always on high. Every year there is a large number of used cars' transaction in USA internationally. Taking part in this transaction, you may find yourself at a loss. But auctionexport.com is there to guide you.

Here you will find the list of used cars, USA, the name of the dealers, their credibility and their prices. The price of course will depend on the condition and the age of the car.

People often find getting used car from off-shore difficult. But, believe it or not, there is no difference at all when you have auctionexport with you. Here, the buyers and the sellers are brought to the same place. So, there should not be any room for after repentance.

Before checking out for used cars, USA you should determine what kind of cars you will need and what is the purpose. As you are taking recourse to the option of used cars, the process should not be expensive. Still, consider your budget and shortlist the cars that you can easily afford. Calculate the shipping charge. In auctionexport your options are never limited. So, you are advised to do your online research thoroughly. Buyers are asked to know the whereabouts of the dealers. But if you are with auctionexport, rest assured about all these things.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 3:02pm On Sep 07, 2017
Benefits of buying a Used Vehicle

When it comes to purchasing something important, most buyers wonder how they can get most out of the money invested. This can be seen mainly in the case of buying used vehicles as price is not fixed.

It is seen that when the price, depreciation and insurance are all added up, it is beneficial to buy a used vehicle. In a used vehicle, expensive add ons that you wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise can be had.

But buying a used vehicle can also be risky. There are many people who have unknowingly bought vehicles that turned out to be lemons and could do nothing about it. So how do we know what is right for us?

You can search in the net the type of car you want. start your search with the desired vehicle body style. Then come to safety features, towing capacity, gas mileage etc. After choosing one or two models, setting a budget as well as checking on the mileage of the vehicle is done. The mileage of the vehicle tells the condition of the vehicle and if maintenance was done regularly. Finding about VIN is essential, The VIN can be got from the seller or online services.

When you go for inspecting the vehicle for the first time its important to see it thoroughly internally as well as externally. Taking along a friend or someone who has mechanical knowledge is a good idea, as they can point out things which we may have missed. The parking area also gives lot of information about the vehicle and its problems.

While on a test drive having knowledge about these things are important. :

Does the vehicle have enough leg and head space for people who would use it regularly?
Is the acceleration what you wanted?
When brakes are pulled does the vehicle slow down slowly?
How does the vehicle feel when roads are bumpy?
Can the controls and displays inside the vehicle be read and easily accessed ?

Listening to any type of sound is important, but to be sure get it checked by a trained mechanic.

After deciding on the vehicle it is important to negotiate a price which would be based on the research and information about the vehicle. Before closing the deal it is important to check and get in writing everything that we has been agreed upon, particularly any sort of warranty or money back guarantee.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 8:57am On Sep 08, 2017
Buying your dream salvaged cars

It is not extra ordinary for cars to get into accidents. Often after accidents, some cars are beyond repair. Every car has insurance with it. But if the extent of the damage is beyond the worth of the insurance, the insurance companies declare those cars as salvaged cars. They are auctioned after little or no repair at all. People bid prices to get those cars only because of the body-parts that certain USA made cars can flaunt of.

The places where one can come across such cars are junkyard, salvage yards and public salvage auctions conducted by insurance companies. Now-a-days you can even auction for salvaged cars of other states. The salvaged cars of USA enjoy high demand because of the value of the parts.

Dealers often consider salvaged cars as a piece of luck as a good quality car may come to you by sheer luck. With little touch of repair, it can be a great car which you can not think of getting in a low price. Just because it is damaged, the price is lowered.

Yet there is the other side of the coin too. The salvaged car may appear too good. But the real condition of the car can never be thoroughly examined in an auction. One has to take the word of the dealer for true. Moreover, one cannot get the rightful ownership of the car at the very moment of buying as these cars are unclaimed cars but not actually orphan cars. So the ownership has to be procured separately.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 10:39am On Sep 08, 2017
Export Car From USA To Nigeria At Cheap Prices

If you are a car lover in Nigeria, you can just export car from USA to Nigeria to fulfill all your road dreams. It is often difficult to get models of premium cars in the limited number of local showrooms. You might find that you have to pay additional taxes for your country making the car grossly overpriced. Now, you can take full advantage of online sites that offer car shipping Nigeria at affordable rates and through prompt deliveries.

Sites like Auction Export.com have a streamlined auction procedure that allows you to import car to Nigeria without the hassle of complex paperwork and long deliveries. You can look at the search feature to select the car and model of your choice from a well stocked inventory. Once you have chosen your car, you need to register yourself at the site and make an auction bid. You can bid for used cars Nigeria or new models. If your purchase and payment is approved, your ownership of the car is guaranteed.

You might have come across Nigeria accident cars that are low on safety and quality. Such sites offer premium quality and flawless design at your dream price. After the payment is approved, your car is delivered directly from the location of the auction to your doorstep in Nigeria. The shipping is done through a combination of inland and oceanic transport to maintain reliability and be on schedule. The best option is to export car from USA to Nigeria so you get the best deals right from your home.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 11:37am On Sep 08, 2017
Car Auction In USA: A Lucrative Place For African Customers To Buy Cars

The concept of car auction in USA has come up a long way compared to what it was a decade ago. As the cars displayed in these auctions are becoming more reliable with affordable rating, more and more people have started showing interest in buying cars from these places.

These days’ car auctions take place in many countries. However, if we consider U.S.A we can see that almost each state possess at least one such auction facility. The constant customers for these cars are not only from United States but from African countries as well, since there is a great demand for U.S manufactured cars is these nations.

Nowadays, car auctions are also held online to attract maximum buyers from these countries. You can save both time and money by purchasing your dream car from these online websites.

There are many categories of car displayed in these auctions such as salvaged cars, repairable cars and pre- owned cars to choose from. Here, vehicles are presented according to their year of manufacturing, make and model for the convenience of the buyers.

Customers from Nigeria and other African countries prefer to buy cars from these auctions because they get good bargains here. They can avail the service of shipping companies to transport these vehicles after online purchasing.

Whoever is interested in saving hard earned bucks while buying cars, must visit any of these auctions, since car auction in USA is a lucrative place to buy cars at a cheap price.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 12:58pm On Sep 08, 2017
Car Auction in USA is a Great Way for Getting the Dream Car

The car auctions are the affordable alternative to purchase a car of your requirement. Car Auction in USA has different stages. The first one is to bid for the car in an auction. After winning, the second stage is transporting it to the warehouse where it is stored and protected from damages. The third stage is shipping it to the buyer’s place with insurance coverage. All these seems easy but the auctioning part is little complicated.

To find your dream car, you have to make sure to win the bid. In these auctions there is a pre bid process that lasts for 5-7 days and most of it is done through the internet. On the day of the auction a live bid takes place. If you have the maximal bid then you will win the auction.

You can make your best offer in the pre auction bid or wait and watch to make it during the live bid. Dealers and buyers from outside USA also attend these auctions to earn a good car. So the first step has to be right to get you your dream car.

There are innumerable car auction in USA where you find a variety of cars. There are US Marshal auctions and other government based auctions. There are also private and auctions made by certain car companies to clear out old stock. You can attend any of these and find the car you looking for. Your search for a reasonably priced car may end at the car auctions that offer a luxury car at the lowest price.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 1:58pm On Sep 08, 2017
Deal with Reputed Exporters for Auto Export to Nigeria

There is a special advantage of living in the age of internet. It is possible to get the information about various sales and purchases of cars, which can certainly save plenty of your cost on enquiry. However, you have to ensure that at the end of the day, you are not duped or cheated.

On few occasions, people either are unsuccessful in getting their dream car and in many of the cases they end up in getting some other model which was never intended to be bought by them. Sometimes the terms and conditions of the sale/purchase are so ambiguous, that you may have to pay lots of extra money.

In order to escape from such kinds of issues while dealing with any company, you must look for some reputable one having a good track record in auto export to Nigeria. It is not difficult to find the information on the same over the internet.

You must look for those websites that offer you an auction for insurance, so that your money is in safe hands. If you want your dream car to be exported to Nigeria from USA, then you can find a number of reputed auto exporters who handle the deal very professionally and also have a very well organized network in Nigeria.

While making a deal regarding auto export to Nigeria, you must gather all the details about making monetary transactions. This must also include various handling charges, which are often hidden. You must also ensure that whether the make and model of the car that you have opted for is fully guaranteed.

It will be much safer to deal with the reputed company, even if they are slightly on the expensive side, as compared to any unknown name in this business offering attractive prices.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 11:12am On Sep 11, 2017
Be your own car's dealer and earn 20% more

If you have decided to sell your car, pitching it yourself can earn you extra money upto 20% than trading your car to a dealer. According to used car valuation from Kelley Blue Book, a good-condition 2007 Honda Accord LX is worth $10,925 as a trade-in, but could fetch $12,870 in a direct sale.

It is the right time to sell the car, when the supply is lower than the demand of used cars according to Mark Scott of Auto Trader, the largest online cars advertising site. With very few people to sell or trade their old cars, last year and early this year, number of used cars in the market is less. Low sale of new car last year also affected the used car market.

To get a better deal in direct sale of the car, take care of the following points:

Estimate your car's value. Free online valuation tools in Kelley Blue Book, Edmunds.com, and Auto Trader help you in estimating your car's value by noting the equipment, condition, and mileage of your car. Also, look for sale prices in classified ads for similar cars.

Create a win-win situation for the buyer: quote your sale price 5% to 10% above the amount you have actually estimated. Allow the buyer to negotiate in small steps and create a win-win situation for him by dropping your prices.

Price the car on how soon you want to sell. If you can wait to get a good deal, keep the price similar to the local advertised rates. However, if you want sell it instantly then keep your price a little less than market quote. Price $9500 for a car whose market price is $10000.

Revamp your car. Get your car cleaned up by a professional or at a service station, if you do not have the time to clean it yourself.

Get the minor repair done. Get any minor defect fixed before putting it on sale. It may help you bargain better.

Write an attractive ad. The ad should include facts like make, model, mileage, condition- without over-hyping. State its real condition and specify any special features, like a premium sound system or sunroof. Specify if you are the first owner. It can be an added advantage.

Advertise online and in supermarket pennysavers.
An online ad at AutoTrader can help you fetch buyer. Also, put an ad in your local shopper and get the car listed free on Craig's List.

Convince your prospective buyers. Keep the records of oil changes and maintenance handy to show them for assurance. Show the receipts to the buyer if you recently upgraded the car. Prove you have fixed the problem if you are selling a recent recall notices like the Toyota Corolla. For any used car, get a vehicle history report from a service such as Carfax, listing all previous owners (if any) and guaranteeing that the vehicle has not been damaged in an accident or flooded.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 12:13pm On Sep 11, 2017
All About Buying Cars At The Dealer Auto Auction

The market for automobile sales is always coming up with newer buying facilities for the satisfaction of the customers. While some dealer used cars agent like to stick to the conventional methods of selling through their trained salesmen, others like to target shoppers looking for a more enriching buying experience with auctions. The target customers in such cases happen to be the ones who tend to take interest in their vast range of vehicles.

Typically the dealers end up purchasing inventories for departments of used cars at these kinds of auctions. The sellers on the other hand comprise of those interested in selling extra inventories off, trade-ins, as well as the end models of the previous years at such places.

The first step to follow is locating the site of the dealer auto auction, via the internet or phone books.
Get your dealer’s license, since this is the permit required for participating in these auctions. Check out your state guidelines and find out if your business name is needed too. They may demand you to get bonded at the bond amount applicable to your state. Enquire about this with the motor vehicle department of the state.

Some extra advice

It is a good idea to look up the net auctions as well as sources like Kelly Blue Book to know the worth of a vehicle.
It is always better to deal with somebody who is an auctioneer, instead of dealing with an outside dealer used cars agent. This helps ensure better that you get covered by warranties.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 1:12pm On Sep 11, 2017
Dealer used cars

If you have recently met a car exporter and for your dealer used cars are the best possible option to buy a car and save money, the most feasible decision for you will be to keep your eyes open and your brains working. Suppose you want to export car from USA to Nigeria, the first thing you need to find out is whether your dealer is a registered member of the UCDA (Used Car Dealer Association of Ontario).

At auctionexport.com you will get all the information you require about the UCDA and its working. The UCDA works in alliance with the Government Departments and hence it has all the required information of the used vehicle dealers of North America. You can gather all the necessary facts about the vehicle you intend to buy and can even get to know if your vehicle has any outstanding loans against it.

Whether it is a motorcycle export or a car export, it is always safe to do legal business and auctionexport.com takes full responsibility to take you to the global market of export cars through the safest and the most lawful route. The legal credentials of the site are well acknowledged by the media and it has the best reputation of delivering what it promises. Not only this, the vehicles are presented in an honest illumination and all kinds of complaints are registered and taken care of at the earliest. Auctionexport.com is also a proud owner of the Master Business license that confirms its legitimacy.


Re: Buy Car From USA, Clean And Salvage Auction Cars, Shipping To Nigeria by Export1: 2:29pm On Sep 11, 2017
Different Ways of Transporting Export Cars from the USA

The demand for used American cars is growing more than ever in some of the African countries like Nigeria. If you are interested in shipping or export cars from the USA to Nigeria, you will need to first consult reliable used car export companies, and check for the best solutions that are being offered by them.

Normally international shipping of used cars is handled in three ways:

RORO or open transport on special carriers to the dockyard
Shipping with enclosed containers
Air transportation facilities

RORO stands for Role-On Role-Off vehicle transportation facilities meant for international shipping. In this type, the cars are transported to the dockyards through special carriers and then they are transferred to the ships. However, this type of transportation is not the most preferred one for vehicles, especially if they are expensive.

Shipping in closed containers is more popular due to the security features that it provides. The chances of damages are very minimal in this type of transportation. Additionally, no one will be able to gain unauthorized access to your vehicles while they are being shipped. Therefore, this method is ideal for shipping luxury cars overseas. You will not have to worry about the safety of your precious cars until the ships reach your destination country.

Although being on the expensive side, the fastest means of transporting vehicles across the countries would be through air. This type of international vehicle shipping is usually preferred for transporting high-end vehicles or vintage cars.

Depending upon the type of cargo that you wish to ship, you will need to consult with used car export companies and understand the best options for shipping export cars from the USA.


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