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A Valentine's Day Party (Short Story By Kayode Odusanya) / Valentine's Day At The Zoo (A Short Story By Kayode Odusanya) / A Valentine Love Letter For You From Diet234 (2) (3) (4)

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A Valentine's Day Fiasco by MissMichelleA(f): 6:57pm On Sep 29, 2017
A Valentine Day Fiasco Chapter 1 – "Arrgh! Stupid Valentine’s Day"

"GRRRR!" "Grrrr!" "Grrrr!!" The alarm rang. It was nine in the morning on Saturday. Cynthia had heard it ring and she wished she didn't; she just wanted to cover her ears with the pillow to block to the constant ringing. The alarm ringing reminded her of what today was and she didn't want to remember. If it was a regular alarm clock she would have flung it across the room but it was her mobile phone so she couldn't dare. She couldn't stay in bed either, she was already awake and there was no point tossing and turning on the bed. So she grudgingly got up, stopped the alarm and went to wash up.
On her way to the bathroom a bright red heart drawn on the calendar in the veranda attracted her attention so she went to see what it was. When she finally realized it was a reminder on her calendar that today was the fourteenth, she hissed. Everything in her damned house had to remind her it was Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day was highly overrated in her opinion. In fact, love was a hoax to her. If she had a choice, she wouldn't leave the confines of her home today to go anywhere. The thought of seeing all those love birds on the street with in their red heart outfits being all cute and lovey-dovey annoyed her. Valentine's Day in a way just reminded her of her painful break-up a few months back but she didn't want to remember. She snapped out of her thoughts and continued heading towards the bathroom. She had to get ready in order for her to be able to buy her groceries today or she was going to be eating out till the next time she could shop...
Re: A Valentine's Day Fiasco by MissMichelleA(f): 6:59pm On Sep 29, 2017
A Valentine Day Fiasco Chapter 2 – The Kidnapping.

Cynthia kept screaming and screaming. “I don’t wanna die.” She kept shouting. On the other side of the car, John was totally confused and very quiet. Then he noticed Cynthia's purse. It had a detachable leather strap so he just took the purse from her and detached it. At that moment, she quieted down. John didn’t want to give the taxi driver a reason to suspect that they were up to anything. He signaled to her to keep screaming so as to keep the driver distracted which somehow she agreed to despite the fact that they were at loggerheads just a few minutes ago. She continued screaming, “I can’t afford to die. Stop this madness now you this man.”
“Shut up you this loud bitch!” The driver yelled back at her, he paying no attention to John at all. Then John quickly swung the strap over his neck and held it so tight while tugging at it hard till the driver started struggling for breath and became weak...
Re: A Valentine's Day Fiasco by MissMichelleA(f): 7:01pm On Sep 29, 2017
A Valentine Day Fiasco Chapter 3 – Reconnecting over dinner.

The house was a beautiful looking story building and his flat was the one in front on the first and only floor. He excitedly climbed the staring case skipping as many as 2 steps at a time. He had never been this excited in a long while. Was it because he was seeing Cynthia again? Probably. It was going to give him an opportunity to patch things up with her fully and move on. As soon as he got in he started composing a message to Cynthia. He had no idea where she lived so choosing a place for dinner was a bit confusing. He thought it over and decided to call her instead. At the second ring she picked up the call.
“Hello”, she said
“Hi, it’s John”
“Yeah, I know that” she replied with a giggle.
“I just realized I don’t know where you stay so picking out a meeting point was quite confusing for me. So could you help me out? I stay close to 1004 in Victoria Island. What about you?”
Re: A Valentine's Day Fiasco by MissMichelleA(f): 7:06pm On Sep 29, 2017
A Valentine Day Fiasco Chapter 4 – A New Friend? Maybe?

She got home at 9 o’clock tired but a good kind of tired. Valentine’s Day this year wasn’t bad at all, she thought to herself. It wasn’t what she had thought it would be. She picked her phone from her bag as soon as she got in and checked for new messages. There were messages as usual but she saw a call from Rachel her best friend. Rachel and Cynthia went to the same university, UNN and since then they have kept in touch. Like Cynthia, Rachel just schooled in the east. Her whole family stayed in Lagos. So after her education at UNN she moved back to Lagos and their friendship was given more room to blossom.
Cynthia’s time out with John had been so interesting that she never had the urge to look at her phone for any reason. It must be the reason why she missed the calls from Rachel. Rachel being Rachel was likely calling her to give her details about how her valentine’s day went. She wasn’t looking forward to that conversation but she was going to hear it anyway. There was no point postponing it. So she called back. At the second ring, Rachel picked the call.
“Ahn Ahn you didn’t even allow the phone to ring before you picked it. Were you missing me that much?
“Which kind missing be that? Abeg no vex me o. Why you no come pick my call since na? I bin don dey fear”, Rachel replied.
“Aww, you so you did miss me. Anyways you won’t believe what happened to me today.”
“Oh really? Try me”, Rachel responded.
“I met someone.”
Re: A Valentine's Day Fiasco by MissMichelleA(f): 7:08pm On Sep 29, 2017
A Valentine Day Fiasco Chapter 5 – Sunday Services.

Sunday was a usually slow day for Cynthia. Normally she woke up and did her personal care routine. Today was no different, at first. She woke up at 7:00am and said her morning prayers. After that, she stood up and went to her bathroom. From the wooden shelf hanging in a corner of the bathroom, she took her face scrub and applied it in her face. Sunday was the only day she had to take care of her skin and pamper it she did. She waited for the facial scrub to do its job and while she was waiting she took a look at her legs. “Yikes. The hairs are already out again. Why did I inherit this hairy trait from dad?” She muttered to herself. She made her way to the bathroom opened the cupboard and brought out her shaving cream. She took her time to apply the white substance on her legs taking note of areas she had taken notice of that had stubborn hairs. While she was doing that, she heard her phone ring. She took a look at the clock on the wall; it was just 7:30 in the morning. Who could possibly be calling her now? She rushed into the room from the bathroom to pick up the phone call. It was her mum. She groaned and answered the call.
“Hello mum. Good morning”, she said as sweetly as she could.
“Good morning Cynthia. I hope you are getting ready for church today. Remember today is the day we are doing your cousin’s freedom service at church”, her mother replied
She swore silently...
Re: A Valentine's Day Fiasco by MissMichelleA(f): 7:17pm On Sep 29, 2017
A Valentine Day Fiasco Chapter 6 – The Overzealous Usher.

Fortunately for her, she got there when they had just started the praise and worship session so she wasn’t really late. She walked into the church beginning to head towards the front so as to locate her family members where they were seated only for her to feel a hand holding her back. She had just seen a well-dressed, wealthy-looking woman whom she nodded to in a greeting while talking to her mum on phone walk straight to the front so she didn’t see why any reason why she could not do likewise. This overzealous or rather hypocritical usher in her opinion was trying to force her to sit where she didn’t want to. She was trying to tell the usher that her family had saved a seat for her in front gesturing towards them but the usher was playing deaf. She had respect for God and his house and this usher although hypocritical was working in that house, else she’d have given that usher a shove that would cause him to fall down and knocked some good sense into him.
They had caused quite a scene because everyone seated behind, close to the entrance of the church was watching them.
Re: A Valentine's Day Fiasco by MissMichelleA(f): 7:21pm On Sep 29, 2017
A Valentine Day Fiasco Chapter 7 – Mummy Dele of Life.

His mother was getting closer by each step he took. He could already see the grin on her face fading going out when she realized the lady beside him she was hurrying to meet had been sneakily dismissed because of her. He looked back to see if Cynthia was still there. To his relief she wasn’t. His mum couldn’t ambush her to start asking questions. It was easier that way. Soon he caught up with his mum. He was already having an idea of how the conversation would go. He was already dreading. He decided to take control of it by starting the conversation first.
“Hey mum. Where’s dad and Ronke?”
“Hello to you too. Why did you suddenly dismiss the fine lady when you saw I was coming?” His mother asked without delay.
He sighed. Could she not have let it slide? What kind of woman was this?
“Mum you know how you are around any lady I am with. You make the most embarrassing of statements and I wanted to save her that embarrassment. You know I love you mum and I am proud of you but sometimes you take things to the extreme”
“John, so me wanting to know who the lady you were making to laugh so hard is embarrassing? Is it a bad thing to want you to get married? Iru omo wo le leyi o? You never cease to amaze me...
Re: A Valentine's Day Fiasco by MissMichelleA(f): 7:23pm On Sep 29, 2017
A Valentine Day Fiasco Chapter 8– Poor Cynthia.

Amanda’s thanksgiving service ended and Cynthia couldn’t wait to get home. Immediately after the pastor’s prayer’s she hurried to Amanda’s side to congratulate her, made arrangements for them to meet up and talk better later and she snuck out before her mother would make her stay behind for the family dinner. She didn’t want to stay one more minute with those obnoxious people. All through the service they had been looking at her with pity. Most of them knew about her broken engagement to Phil all thanks to her mother’s big mouth. She just wanted to get away from the stares. She got into her car and zoomed off. She didn’t want to go home. The house was empty and she wasn’t in a good mood to be at home alone. Then she remembered Rachel. She parked her car by the road and brought out her phone to call her. At the third ring Rachel picked up.
“Hey Cynthia. What’s up?”
“I am just okay. What about you?” Cynthia replied
“I am good too. Are you sure you are okay? You sound a little sad.”
“Did anything happen?” Rachel continued
“No. nothing really. I went for Amanda’s thanksgiving service”
“Did her annoying siblings do anything?” Rachel asked
Re: A Valentine's Day Fiasco by Rhayne(f): 8:50pm On Sep 29, 2017
Following. Nice story, nice writing style, but i think that inasmuch as you want readers to visit your blog, you should also try to post so,e complete episodes here, makes it more inviting.
Re: A Valentine's Day Fiasco by MissMichelleA(f): 8:52am On Oct 03, 2017
Alright I will..
Following. Nice story, nice writing style, but i think that inasmuch as you want readers to visit your blog, you should also try to post so,e complete episodes here, makes it more inviting.

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Re: A Valentine's Day Fiasco by MissMichelleA(f): 8:55am On Oct 03, 2017
A Valentine Day Fiasco Chapter 9 – Compulsory Family Lunch.

John didn’t really want to go to this family dinner/lunch. He could just turn back and nothing spectacular would happen. It’s not as if his father was watching him through some lens and then would swiftly run the car like in the cartoons to chase after him. However, he would have to face his mother at some time and that was one thing he didn’t want to come face to face with. So he kept moving behind them some distance behind them and soon they got to his parents’ house. They all drove in with him making sure to park his car where he could easily make an escape should things go wrong.

As he walked into the house, he could smell all kinds of wonderful things. He sighed. He had missed good home cooked food like this. At least that was one good thing about this forced family meal. He couldn’t wait to see what his mum had prepared for them. The steward started bringing in various dishes into the dining area. John was already salivating. He composed himself and went to the sitting room to wait for the family to gather. Ronke came inside along with Lanre and her husband walked in some seconds after they did. Since everyone was around, their mum urged them on to the dining room. They took their seats at the table. His dad at the head of the table while his mum took a chair on the right hand side of his dad. Ronke and her husband took the seats on the left hand side of his dad with Lanre’s high chair stationed between the two of them. He decided to take a seat beside his mum. His dad said a brief prayer and his mum took on the task of dishing out the food. He could see several wraps of Iyan with Efo Riro and spiced pepper snails. There was also a small dish containing rice, most likely for Lanre.

The other members of the family were trying to make an attempt at small talk but he really wasn’t interested. He smiled when they expected him to but his mind was really on Cynthia. He still couldn’t get the image of her off his head. She was really beautiful. While they had been talking in front of the church, all he could do was admire her beautiful features. His mind went back to his high school days. He tried to remember why he had taken so much delight in playing pranks on her and for some reason he couldn’t get the reason. He probably played pranks a lot on her because she didn’t fall at his feet like the other girls did. She barely even noticed him at first. In fact, it seemed like she didn’t even care about any boy. The only one that had caught her eye and caught her eye for long was Tito and it kind of annoyed him then. Maybe it was because he was jealous that was why he started pranking her. He wondered where Tito was now. At least he wasn’t around anymore and Cynthia was not likely to still have a crush on him. He was going to get a chance to let her notice him. Maybe he would get a new “shaking partner” as his mum put it but somehow he doesn’t want to see Cynthia in that light.

He had been so lost in is thoughts that he didn’t hear his mum ask him a question. Ronke tapped him on the shoulder and that brought him back. “A penny for your thoughts big bro?” She asked.
“What did I miss?” He replied.
“Mum was just telling us about the lady she had seen you in church with. She was asking for her name and where you guys knew each other”.
He sighed. His mother would not just let it slide. “She was in my secondary school mum. Her name is Cynthia.”
“Mum, dad, I have to go now.” He said gulping down his glass of wine and checking his wrist watch. It was just some minutes after four pm and it was a Sunday evening. He was going to call Cynthia to find out if she was free this evening. He couldn’t stay here all day putting up the happy family appearance when his mind was on her. He needed this. Probably it would get her out of his system. He stood up from his table, gave his sister a side hug, kissed his mum on the cheek, shook his dad’s hands and gave Lanre a kiss on his forehead.

On his way out he heard someone say “Do what you have to do but do it carefully and don’t ruin it this time, else….” It came from the passage leading to the stairs and when he walked through the door, he saw Terry speaking to someone on the phone.
“Make sure the goods are going to be ready by 10 am tomorrow. Alright bye” Terry said as soon as he saw John coming,
John kept a poker face pretending not to have noticed anything. “Hey man. I have got to go now. Take care of my sister and my nephew.” He said.

“I will. Take care man.” Terry replied.

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Re: A Valentine's Day Fiasco by MissMichelleA(f): 8:58am On Oct 03, 2017
A Valentine Day Fiasco Chapter 10 – Friends? Definitely.
While John waited for the gate-man to push the heavy wheeled gate open, he made a mental note to run a check on the business Terry said he was into. He had always had double mind about this guy but now it seemed like his worse fears were going to be confirmed. Before he finally drove out, he called Cynthia to find out if she had plans for the evening. As it turned out, she was free. They then made arrangements to check out the new gaming store in town, see a movie and probably have dinner. He could already feel himself getting excited as the call ended. He drove his car out of his parent’s compound and turned into the street. He couldn’t wait to get home and freshen up for the evening ahead.

When Cynthia got a call from him inviting her to hang out with him she wasn’t sure what to say to him. She didn’t want to hang out with a guy when she was not in a good state of mind but she didn’t want to be disturbing Rachel either. Rachel had plans for the night with Bobo and she didn’t want her to cancel because of her. Eventually she agreed to go out with him. “But what does one wear to check out a new ‘game’ store, see a movie and have dinner all at the same time?” Well she was going to have to ask Rachel especially now that Rachel was here. So she walked to the kitchen where she and Rachel had been preparing spaghetti for them to eat just before she had left to answer the phone call.

“What did he say?” Rachel asked immediately she walked to the kitchen.
“Well, I have just been invited to check out a new gaming store, see a movie and have dinner and I have no idea what to wear. Can you epp a sister out?” Cynthia said.
“How do I look casual yet not shabby at a restaurant for dinner? I am not in the mood to dress up. Any ideas?” She continued.
“Well look for a good jeans trouser, I know you have quite a number then pair it with a feminine corp-casual blouse and a wedge. Don’t forget to add a clutch to it.”
Cynthia was relieved. “Thanks B. Thanks for everything.” She said. She knew she could count on Rachel in circumstances like this. “I have to go now.” She continued heading towards the sitting room to pick her bag.
“So you are leaving me to finish this food alone ba?” Rachel shouted from the kitchen.
“No oo. I will come and finish it for you after work tomorrow. No finish am o! I don commot o. Come and lock your door. I’ll call you when I get back.”
“Alright sis. Drive safely.”
“I will. See ya!”
Cynthia drove off and went to get ready for her outing with John. She didn’t know why but he was already warming up to the idea and she was going to make sure she had fun.

The evening ended on a light note. They had had dinner at a family restaurant and for some reason she didn’t seem as uncomfortable as she used to be sitting with so many happy looking couples and families with kids. In fact when she left she felt lighter and freer. John was the perfect companion and she enjoyed their conversations. He had dropped her off at her place and when she went to bed, she slept like a baby with no cares in the world.

It was a little bit after nine pm when he got home. It was a bit late for a work night but it had been worth it John thought to himself. He was glad he had made the decision to see her when he did and was quite pleased when she had said she had enjoyed herself. As he went to sleep, he did so with a smile on his face.

That was how the texting and long calls began. Sometimes they would both talk so late into the middle of the night that they often needed to remind themselves that they had work the next day. Weekends spent at celebrity industry nights, amusement parks and having dinner together became more often. These they both did as friends. Each party comfortable with the way this were between them.

Then one day, something happened. Something that would change everything. Cynthia was on leave.

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Re: A Valentine's Day Fiasco by MissMichelleA(f): 9:07am On Oct 03, 2017
A Valentine Day Fiasco Chapter 11 – Kidnapped! Again!

It was during the December period about two weeks before Christmas. She had gone out to see a new movie she had been wanting to watch with Rachel one Friday evening. She was supposed to have gone with John but he had work related stuff to tidy up before he finally went on his well-deserved paid leave. He had called her to apologize and asked if she could go with Rachel instead with all expenses on him.
Fortunately, Rachel had no plans that Friday evening. So they went. They had gone to the cinemas using a taxi because Cynthia didn’t want to go through the stress of driving and Rachel didn’t want to do that either. After the movie, they had had dinner and finally decided to go home as it was getting a bit late. They had flagged down a taxi and got in so as to go back home. By some stroke of fate they had both fallen asleep and didn’t notice when the driver started driving them through a bushy path. It was when the car ran into a deep porthole that they were jolted awake and they noticed they were in an unfamiliar area even with the darkness around them.
“Ahn Ahn driver where are you driving us to? This is not a familiar road na.” Rachel said.
The driver ignored her and kept moving increasing the speed at which he was driving.
“Oga didn’t you hear her? This road you are passing doesn’t seem to lead anywhere known. Turn back now and find the way to the main road.” Cynthia commanded.
However the man continued to ignore them. Instead of obeying their instructions, he locked the car doors and increased his speed even further. Cynthia then knew that they were in trouble. She sized the man up to see if they would be able to manhandle him. Rachel on the other hand, was already beginning to panic...

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Re: A Valentine's Day Fiasco by Rhayne(f): 7:46am On Oct 11, 2017
Please update
Re: A Valentine's Day Fiasco by tomic1(m): 9:24am On Oct 14, 2017
Enjoyin every bit. Update pls
Re: A Valentine's Day Fiasco by Michelle55(f): 11:49am On Oct 14, 2017
namesake.. you are doing a nice job, please don't keep us waiting

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