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Adventures Of Mikumbi - Mami Is Angry by BlackKenichi(m): 8:30am On Nov 21, 2017
Hello everybody,

I've finished my first draft of my second short story. Mikumbi, the lovable half Mbuti pygmy half Nilotic wizard warrior travels the continent of Ikwubara (an alternative version of Africa) dealing with supernatural threats like demons, demigods, mythical creatures based on African cultures.
Here's a snippet of my short story. I hope you guys enjoy it:

He decided to take a detour through an alleyway that would lead him to the red light district of town. As you would expect, the area was lined with brothels and crawling with street walking akwụna/aṣẹwó/karuwa. Chukwuemeka had little time to be bothered by the akwụna/aṣẹwó/karuwa, who made passes at him as he walked on, trying to entice the young man to part with his coins.
“Not tonight,” he first thought. That was until he saw 'her'.
The man caught her gaze from several yards away despite other men leering at her, she seemed to only have eyes for him. Everything about her physical presence seemed exaggerated. From her large ripe breasts, to her tiny waif like waist, her butternut squash sized hips, an arse so big and juicy that it would leave an imprint on whatever had the pleasure that she touched with it, long legs that seemed to be sculpted, thick thighs and toned calfs. An hourglass would kill to have this woman's shape. Her attire was very simple. Just a turquoise coloured cloth wrap around her breasts and back and the same again acting as a long flowing skirt with a pair of high heeled sandals.
Her beauty matched her otherworldly body. Long flowing dreadlocked hair that reached down to the middle of her back, dark brown skin with an even tone and not a single blemish on from head to toe, a heart shaped face, large amber/hazel eyes, a small wide nose, full lips, slightly projecting cheekbones.
A woman like that should be a wife to powerful men or a monarch's most prized concubine, being waited on hand and foot, so she can lie on her back either getting bleeped or giving birth to some type of male heirs, never to be seen by the common man. Yet there she was in a seedy part of town, working as an akwụna/aṣẹwó/karuwa, being gawked at by men.
The beautiful akwụna/aṣẹwó/karuwa made her way to the light skinned man with an unnatural ease and grace, swaying her large hips and booty as she walked, giving the other tricks a wonderful eyeful. Not once did she take her eyes off Chukwuemeka.
“Hello handsome,” said the akwụna/aṣẹwó/karuwa in a seductive tone as she came face to face with the young man. “Fancy a good time?”
“What makes you think that I'm interested?”
“Because you can't take your eyes of me.”
She pressed her breasts upon his chest with clear intentions. Impure thoughts rushed through Chukwuemeka's head. He couldn't help but look down at them.
“I take it that you like what you see,” she said jokingly, knowing full well that he was completely hooked on her. She grabbed his 'never regions' with her hand and started to feel and caress the area. Chukwuemeka was caught off guard by how strong her grip was around his genitals. He didn't seem to mind at all as he 'fully stood to attention'.
“What a large sack...................Of coins you have,” she giggled.
“How much?”
“One silver manilla”
“Fine,” he rummaged through his sack and handed over a silver manilla to the akwụna/aṣẹwó/karuwa. “Let's go, I can't wait till we are somewhere private.”
The akwụna/aṣẹwó/karuwa leaned into her client's face and locked lips with his. For that brief moment they kissed Chukwuemeka felt like he was by the sea with the sand beneath his feet with a gentle breeze blowing as the waves crashed into the rocky cliffs. Yet with all that she had a slight salty taste to her mouth.
“The transaction sealed with a kiss,” she smiled.
“What's your name?” he asked.
“That's a pretty name, so I take it that you're from the southwest?”
“Uhh, sure,” she said hesitantly, “Enough talking, I've got other clients to see to.”
Wunmi once again grabbed his 'trouser snake' and then began to walk and lead her excited client with her hand on his shaft. Moments later they both arrived at small mud building that had a less than sturdy wooden door. The door creaked loudly as it opened. They both went inside. Time for the young man to explore

The young man layed on the bed, exhausted, sweating and breathing heavily from his canoodling with probably the most beautiful woman he will ever encounter. Usually after the passionate event, he would fall asleep but he couldn't. It wasn't because he was a trick and the akwụna/aṣẹwó/karuwa had other clients to see. While a factor, something else in this small hut made the man very uneasy. Inside the building apart from a basic bed was a small chest of drawers, a few lamps to keep the place lit was something very much alive. A snake. A large snake. A python to be exact. It obviously belonged to Wunmi as after the act of coitus she started to pet it and give it affection and attention. Normally pythons didn't bother the john as they were very common across the Nok province but this one was different. It was 2 to 3 times longer than the average man and had yellow and black semi rings for it's skin colour with a completely yellow underbelly. It clearly was not your typical species of python. It was the python's eyes that unnerved Chukwuemeka, it constantly stared at him. Ever since Wunmi and the trick first entered the building, the snake constantly stared at him, never taking it's eyes of him. Even during sex, Chukwuemeka could feel the intense stare of the snake with Wunmi having to constantly reassure him that the python was no threat to him between her orgasms.
Wunmi let her snake sliver on her body, coiling around her arms and neck, sliding on her beautiful unblemished skin like a hot knife skimming and shaping chocolate. Chukwuemeka started to put on his clothes.
“What do you think?” Wunmi asked the trick. She stood with her python wrapped around her, exuding grace and elegance like an Ikwubaran queen. She should be a queen, not slumming it in seedy places for money.
Chukwuemeka got one last eyeful, admiring her sculpted face and body. Both snakes in the hut seem very happy at her prescence.
“Well, I better get going,” said Chukwuemeka.
“You can't leave just yet,”
“So you wanna go another round huh? I'm sorry as much as I would love to 'explore' your body again I have to get going. I've got a busy day ahead of me.”
“Just sit,” Wunmi said with a slightly commanding tone, “I just want to ask you a couple of questions. If you answer them to my satisfaction, you'll get a reward.”
“What's that?” He asked with a puzzled look on his face, “Another night with you, on the house?”
“Even better,” she started to laugh then stopped abruptly, her eyes narrowed, “your worthless life.”
Her voice changed drastically. It was still feminine but it no longer sounded human.
“You dare threaten me you akwụna bitch?” He snarled.
“Tell me where she is?”
“What the Bleep are you talking about, woman? Now step aside.”
Chukwuemeka attempted to brush the aṣẹwó as he headed out the door. Before the man could even blink, Wunmi had one of her delicate looking hands wrapped around the man's throat and effortlessly lifted him up from the ground. The trick was gasping for air and trying to pry himself away from her vice like grip. No way was this woman human.
“Why do you humans insist on making life more difficult for yourselves?” she asked rhetorically in that inhuman tone. The akwụna tossed him into the wall with little effort. He hit the wall with a loud crunch. The impact broke a few ribs. The room started to go blurry as he felt dizzy. Getting back up to his feet would be a painful endeavor but through a lot of grit and screaming, Chukwuemeka managed to do it. It did him little good, as she sweep kicked his legs from under him. He howled in pain once again as landed on his back, his broken ribs the source of the pain.
Wunmi now stood over him with a with one of her feet caressing his seed bag area and the other foot placed in his neck. No emotion was shown on her beautifully sculpted face.
“Wunmi, I will answer any question you ask of me just let me li-.”
“Did I give you permission speak, worm/alajerun,” she snapped. “Now that I have your attention, I will proceed to ask you again. You and some other thugs raided my lair and took something precious from me, and don't bother lying about it, my pet, Majele (means poison in Yoruba) is psychic, he can read people's minds and auras. Now answer my questions truthfully. Any hint of deception will result in losing your ability to multiply, understand?” She place her high heel gently on one of his balls. He gulped hard and weakly nodded in agreement.
“First question, how did you find my lair?” she asked.
“Personally I don't know. I just simply followed the captain who had some strange fish scale that he wore around his neck.” Her eyes widened, “We found your place, searched through it, then took what we came for.”
Wunmi and Majele looked at each other with an intense stare. Silently communicating with their thoughts. After sharing their thoughts, they both turned their attention to their captive.
“Where is she?” she demanded.
“No idea,” he grimaced in pain from his busted ribs.
The scream that came from Chukwuemeka's mouth after that reply was bloodcurdling. Like a drowning cat singing. Wunmi crushed and popped one of his testicles underneath her high heels. This new sense of pain completely overrode his previous pain in his ribs, so intense that he was beginning to pass out. Her face remained blank and unreadable like she was crushing an annoying bug.
“Wrong answer, alajerun,” she spat, “Don't pass out on me just yet, I'm still owed a right answer, now tell me where are you hiding her?”
No answer. She repeated the question, pressing harder on his never regions. Still no answer. She went to pop his remaining testicle but stopped midway. Through the pain from his damaged testicle and busted ribs, he started to laugh. Was the pain and the ordeal turning him mad?
“Do whatever you want to me, beat me, cut me, pop my last ball. I'll never tell you where we've taken 'her'. My family are taken care of and spending a night fucking you silly has made me content. I can die a happy man, do your worst!”
“Then you are of no further use to me,” retorted the karuwa
With a quick stomping thrust with her pointed heel she pierced his throat and severed his vein and artery. A sly smile creeped on her beautiful face as blood spurted out of the wound and began to fill her victim's throat. Majele just stared. Chukwuemeka gurgled on his blood, writhed, spasmed, then he stopped. Still. He was with his ancestors.
Wunmi walked out of the house with Majele wrapped around with not even a back glance at her victim's corpse. She meandered along the road then turned off to walk along the beach. She payed no attention to the lonely drunken old man that stared at her. She stood by the shore looking at the of the sea tide rythmically flowing in and out on the beach and took in a deep breath of the salty air. The ocean called out to Wunmi. She longed for the sea's embrace..
“I will find her, even if I have to slaughter every land breathing piece of shit that gets in my way. Are you ready, Majele?” she asked her pet telepathically.
The python acknowledged her.
She walked towards the sea, breathing a sigh of pleasure that bordered orgasmic as the water touched her feet. She kept walking, the water kept rising till she was fully submerged. Wunmi felt alive in this environment. Her long, toned legs started to fuse together and the skin on her legs gradually became scaly and changed colour. Her feet became the end part of the tail. Her upper body and face stayed the same except she seemed to gain little bit of visible muscle mass. She started to cut loose, swimming with unnatural power, speed and grace. She twisted, looped, darted with nothing more than her tail to guide and control. Majele matched her pace and grace, copying the movements and orbiting Wunmi.
The lonely drunk had followed the woman and saw her disappear into the ocean. One thing puzzled him. It wasn't that a beautiful young woman decided to for a swim late at night. Nor that she had a strange looking python wrapped around her. What bothered him was had she drowned. She hasn't come up for air. Maybe she wanted to commit suicide he thought. Such a shame. A woman that young and beautiful could've done many things with her life. What a waste. He took another swig of palm wine from his small calabash. Wunmi launched herself from sea into the air. She must have been about ten feet above the surface of the ocean. While in the air, she somersaulted multiple times then dived back in to the sea with a splash.
The man spat out his palm wine in shock. It was the woman that he followed.
“Mami Wata,” said the drunk.

If you want to read the whole of my first draft, email me:
Re: Adventures Of Mikumbi - Mami Is Angry by BlackKenichi(m): 4:37pm On Nov 29, 2017

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