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The Adventures Of Czar by Baitullah: 9:56am On Jul 28, 2019
The Adventures of Czar, a tale of the ancient times.

In a time of tyranny, a time of clamour, a great liberator was born....

But was he just a liberator? Watch out!

Re: The Adventures Of Czar by Baitullah: 1:10pm On Jul 28, 2019
All rights reserved...



They all sat on their various seats according to ranking in the palace. They cheered among themselves as usual, whenever the generals return from their incursion. The castle is a sufficing example of glitter. The major object of ornaments were fine gold. The palace in specific was well built. Depiction of ancient kings was carved on the walls and some as a statue all with golden materials.

The king maintained his usual position on the throne with his wife Bethsha beside him.
‘Which is the next kingdom you want us to capture your majesty? Rakish, the adviser asked the king.

Well, I think we should lie low for a while and wait for other kingdom to come pay their respect, and then we know which one to strike next.

That’s my Lord! General Saja hailed. We will be here waiting.

And I want to inform you that my annual visit to the cave of Suka will be a day after tomorrow. I want you two to make the necessary preparation for the rites. 'the king announced.

Yes your majesty, Gen. Katali assured. We will make sure we get every requirement to mark this year as one of the best. Gjaku! He called. A hefty looking warrior oozed out from beside a mast and appeared before him. Yes Lord! He echoed with his thunderous voice. He only whispered to his ears for a split of seconds and the warrior left.

‘That’s why I like you. Always ready to put my orders into quick effect, the king addressed.
You can say that again my king. Katali said with a plastered smile on his face.

Which path should we follow this time? The king asked as sometimes he loves to hear their opinions. ‘Last winter, the kujama route was a bit stuffy because of the rocks that were assembled there during her highness festival and we had some difficulties crossing there. So where do you think we use?

The hantag; the place is clear’ Rakish suggested
Very well then. You all get everything ready.

(Same day at night)

The night was as dark as a charcoal. Nothing could be seen except with the use of lantern. The moon that could be regarded as better than brightness suddenly slipped into the dark cloud and vanished. The atmosphere suddenly becomes cozy cum cold. Crickets and roaches kept the vicinities busy with their entertaining noises. The villagers went to bed early after noticing the strange action of the night. It was king Zuljaka, they all boasted before leaving for their houses.

Thirty minutes later, the noises from the crickets stopped and instead, it became the uproar of people from one house to the other. Shaktan wondered what could be going on. He tiptoed outside to view but could not see anything aside the scream people he heard from their huts. He and his family lived in the middle of the kingdom so he ought to be aware of any ongoing development but this was rather an outbreak because no announcement was given to them.

Few minutes afterwards, the cacophonous echo of the people gradually drew close to his domain. They became panicked than ever. What could have gone wrong? He thought to himself. The guards were everywhere dragging people out from their huts like animals. ‘Please spare my wife; she is close to putting to bed soon! Shaktan and Asha could hear the plight of their neighbor. Wam!! His head was caught off. They took the woman and burnt down the house. Shaktan has had enough. Time for action; they must not harm his family especially his pregnant Asha. He went for his sword and shield. He quickly opened a square wood which covered a tunnel in the hut. Hurry up!! He whispered to Asha. She carefully went down the hole and immediately Ell their son followed. What about you? Don’t worry; go take the other route and let me buy us some time. If I am able to make it, I will meet you at the end of the tunnel. No! We are going together! Asha retorted. 'Father please let’s go together; Ell cried. 'Don’t you understand? if we all go, they will notice the tunnel and follow us down there. I have to buy you some time till I am sure you are safe. Quick there is no time. You know where to go when you reach the edge'. Promise me you will come back alive; Asha requested. Ok, I promise. He immediately closed the tunnel before he heard a voice saying ‘he has one’. In a jiffy, three guards barged into the hut and saw him sitting very calm with sword in his hand. Man, where is your wife?

Wife? Sorry you are mistaken; I don’t have one’. Shut up! A guard roared. 'Search the whole house' After a thorough search they came back to report. 'There’s no one in the house'.

‘Haaaa! Well played. You think you can fool us right. Stand up from where you are sitting’ the leader commanded. ‘Haaa, am afraid I cannot do as you say’; Shaktan retorted. You leave me no choice. Guards, kill this man! He ordered and they rushed at him. They fought like beasts. Shaktan was good in martial art. He fought with them mightily and was able to take the two down. Now left with the leader, Shaktan attacked him first which brought them outside the house before they were seen by other knights. The other warriors were astonished to witness a man still having the guts to challenge the order of the god (the king). Wam! Shaktan struck the knight and he died. He made to run but remembered there was no way out of town. ‘I have to face the challenge, it’s what I have started’ he quickly thought. Other knights ascended towards him angrily. He fought and killed several but they were too many of them. A knight from behind him raised his sword to smash him, but being an expert, he revised his right hand bringing out a sabre from his waist and blocks it, then he buried the sabre in the his stomach which rendered him dead at the instance. He notices another two coming from the front, he equally ascended towards them blocking their strike and smashing them simultaneously. The enemies did not relent; they trooped in from every corner to attack. Noticing this, Shaktan ran to a nearby shade which was secreted with sand-filled bags. After taking a heavy sigh, he notices the footsteps of the knights drawing closer, but one thing is certain from his observation, they did not come with arrows. He pushed out of where he was hiding and charged at them sliding sharp tiny-like objects towards them which sent some of them down instantaneously. He was getting tired and exhausted of weapons. He knew he could not make it out from there ‘but they must feel his wrath before he dies’ he quickly thought as he continued blocking swords and attacking. As he was busy dodging and striking them, an enemy took advantage of that and drew back then aimed at him properly. Not long enough, as Shaktan raised his sword to hit an enemy, the knight that was targeting him hit him on the leg and then his chest. He groaned at the strike on his shoulder. Putting himself together, He turned and smashed the knight responsible which laid him flat on the ground. Now he was tired, he did not know when another sword landed on his back and left a deep cut. He grimaced in pain as he gradually fell down looking helplessly. The knights that were close to him noticed his weakness. One of them raised his sword to end everything. The sword was about to reach home when they heard a voice. Stop! Commander Gjaku ordered. ‘Bring him here. 'So you have the bravery to fight back at the king’s knights? That was daring of you’. Where were you while I was selecting my warriors? I must admit that your skills are highly recommended. (He grins scornfully). But Not in a time like this. Let’s see how brave you are when facing the king. He will love to hear of someone like you. Put him in a separate cage. As for the women, make sure they get to the dungeon safely’ he commanded.

Yes sir! the knights chorused.

'‘My Name is Shaktan and this is my Kingdom, Kashiba; a Kingdom where the mobs are in power. The King, Zuljaka Fagbat and his wife Bethsha rules the land. My people doubted the king’s claim of being the son of their late sire because of his inhuman treatment. Some say they are the devil’s agents who came to torment the kingdom after the demise of the late king. They ruled my people with disdain and cruelty. None could stand a chance of challenge with him. Aside his special skills in martial art, he possessed dark powers. He could dictate rainy or sunny weather for the land. He is able to transform into anything he wishes. That is why he is rarely discussed amongst the people; hence, they call him an immortal king.

Living in Kashiba is like living in sub-hell. The borders are fully secured by the merciless soldiers appointed. Anyone caught trying to escape the kingdom is arrested and taken as a prisoner. Most of them preferred staying there because regardless of how far you go, the soldiers frequently raid other kingdom that refuse to oblige to their soveignty to raid them. But they allowed transacting business outside the kingdom. My people are forced to pay taxes from their hard earned daily money to the royal treasury account. Kashiba citizens accepted their fate and prayed for a time of liberation.

King Zuljaka never had a son with his wife. That didn’t bother him because he was immortal and had no anticipation of death. He barely comes out during the day. All he does is give orders from the palace. The people equally enjoyed not seeing him because some become goats or other animal when they have an eye contact with him.

As for the queen, she enjoys showing off her beauty to the less privileged. That was part of her fun part in rulership.’

(Back to present time)

(In The Palace)
King Zuljaka sat comfortably, gazing at gods knows what from his finger. In a while, he will lit-ooze fire from his hands, then wares it off with draft which auto-transforms the fire into a frozen magma. After some split of minutes, realizing he was tired of that, he turned to another form of magic keeping himself busy.

His Generals and other palace members watched his usual drama with shivery feelings. They too wonder what sort of spirit being he is. But they had to play along with him in order not to end up like the rest.

Shhp! The fire goes off from the king’s hand. He was happy with the expression his council members wore at the sudden sound. It means they still fear him.

'So how far have you gone with the preparations? He asked scrolling his eyes on the members.

Hmmm! (gen Katali clears his throat and ready to answer) yes sire. Everything is going as planned. But we await the………. He was interrupted by footsteps of someone.

A man was dragged inside and knelt before them. This interrupted the king an annoyed him a bit. He controlled his anger when he noticed it was one of his favourites.

What has this one committed? Gen Saja asked after noticing the king feeling infuriated.
'Sire, this man challenged us as we were searching for the pregnant women in town. I heard he has a pregnant wife but he is claiming not to' Gjaku reported.

Shaktan was severely beaten. His eye lids could barely separate due to the hit from the lashes he received during the torture coupled with his previous injuries from the knights. He was knelt before Zuljaka. His temperature began to grow hot as he has never wished to meet the king in person. Now he is done for, he thought. Sweats where already all over his face as he preferred the continuous lashes than being in front of a beast. Again, his thought drew back to his wife and son. How are they coping on the way? Hope nothing has impeded their way? Our ancestors please save my family and take me instead’. His mind again, switched to another dimension of thought. ‘But if I am going to die, will it being in the hands of this monster. Death from him is worse than being in the hell of the underworld. All this thoughts flashed through his mind until he was interrupted)
Haaaaaaa! Everyone in the palace was taken aback by the sudden mirth from the king. Even the so called Generals couldn’t help but give in to reflex phobia that arose after the laughter. 'Very clever of you! He continues. You hid your wife from me. I like your bravery. Lock him up in the cells and ensure that he set eyes on the sun no more. I want to see how that love from your wife reciprocate if she does not find you. As we were saying, I believe everything is in order. (The king continued his discussion as Shaktan was been carried away)
Yes sire! General Saja answered. All the carriages and what we will need have been prepared; we only await the day. Since it will be just a day and a night, we don’t need much food stuffs.

“This was a sacred place far forgotten by the kings that ruled the land. King Zuljaka lost his way there during his teenage when he was been pursued by some of the villagers who tried to kill him. That was the only place he could hid for safety. He was the bastard son of his father. He was cruel to people when he was a prince. The people stood up against him when they realized he was not a legitimate son of the king as opposed by the kingdom’s formality. They mocked him whenever he tries to exercise power as a prince. It got to an extent where they plotted to kill him. There he ran into this cave of Suka and met with the spirits of the underworld and made covenant with them. Returning after seven days from the cave, he became immortal. He murdered his old poor father who was already awaiting his demise. His siblings were not spared; he killed them too and became the king. All his kinsmen are currently in his dungeon because they tried to stop him. Some had died while some were still awaiting their death in the dungeon. The people he could remember their faces who plotted against him are now his hunting dogs. He ruled with tyranny as a pay back to the kingdom for differentiating him amongst his father’s son. His mother was exiled by the king after conceiving him. This was because she wanted to claim leadership alongside with the king because she has borne a child for him. Nothing was hea
rd of her since then. This contributed to his hatred over the kingdom”.

To be continued...


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Please continue
Re: The Adventures Of Czar by Baitullah: 6:28am On Jul 29, 2019
(The visiting day. Early in the morning)

They travelled through the hantag path as suggested by the chief adviser. The people watched their pregnant women been carried along. Those who saw their wives weep bitterly because there was nothing they could do. They were going to be sacrificed to only what the king and his wife has knowledge of. It was almost noon before they alighted the cave. The king ordered they construct their tents outside the cave with the fabric materials they brought along while his wife will be in charge till he comes back. Good luck my life, she stared at him seductively and looked away. He nodded and turned to face entrance of the cave.

He alone went inside. He smiled as something flashed through him. If it were another being, it would have being dead, but he alone was always welcomed to the cave. He walked a few pace and came in front of a bathtub filled with water with smoke emanating from it. It was neither hot nor cold. It was steam-like with no fire underneath. He put off his dress and went unclad then recited some ancient words before stepping foot into it gradually soaking his was whole body. After what could be measured as an hour, he came out and walked towards a huge rock situated few meters from the bathtub. Adjacent to the rock was another path that leads to a sacred hall. He moved on still reciting ancient words till he got to the hall. Still naked, he sat down like a monk and crossed his legs placing his elbows on each. Then he started his accolodes;

“My mentor, I have come to pay my annual tribute for your magnificent gift you bestowed on me. Indeed, I am the greatest among my kind. You made me immortal; you gave me boundless powers through which my enemies have bowed before me. Thank you. I shall wait till night encloses the day before offering my gifts to you. Last time you promised to increase my powers, here I am very ready to receive from thee”

He talked to the mirror like object placed on the wall of the hall. Soon, he starts meditation. Not quite long, a blue ray from the mirror radiated into his body. He saw himself in another different world where he met a smoke like being in human form. He welcomed him like a child placing hands on his head. He felt something deep inside him. Yes, he was receiving the power. He felt transformed. It went on like that until it came to an end and he heard a name which suddenly cut the connection with him and the spirit world. A bit strange, he thought as he tries to remember the name but failed.

He came out of the cave fulfilled with his dresses on.
Haaaaiiiiaa!! His hundreds of guards hailed him.
You are welcome my king. His wife saluted.
Thank you (lifting his hands up to show a sign of halt to the people). Its night already; General Katali, take the women for presentation as usual. They obeyed and left for the cages where the women were kept. They women were sacrificed at the side of the cave. Screams could be heard loudly from the zone of the sacrificial ground. They split their blood on every of its part. They buried the bodies same place then left the cave at down rise.

(Shaktan’s ordeal)

I was locked up in the cells forever. A cell where I call house underneath hell. Why didn’t the king kill me instead of putting me here? I always thought. I met others like myself each in diverse cells. But my case was different. I was so troubled about my family’s welfare. Is Asha going to come for me as anticipated by the king? No she wouldn’t dare disobey me. It’s better that way. Each hour that comes to past gives me regret of not trying to escape that night. But truth be told, it was not my fault. The knights were everywhere. I would definitely be caught by the knights stationed in parts of the forest, talk more of reaching the border where there are thousands. My heart couldn’t nurture this mixed feelings any longer. One night I tried to escape. I managed to lure the knight guarding my ward close to the heavily built cell gate. I killed him with the chains on my hands through the openings in the gate. Not letting him fall from my hands, I searched him and saw the keys. Without wasting time, I tiptoed carefully till I was out of the prison ward of the palace. The palace was hell too big. I have never been there before. The blunder left with me is the way out without been seen. Notwithstanding, I tried to follow a route taking down each knight that would blow the whistle. It was actually working for me, but how long will I have to walk like this? I have been moving around the palace for the past three hours without a trace of sunlight.

You come here! A knight ordered. I was quickly engulfed in fright. Was he talking to me? I hid behind a wall. I peeped and could only see his lips moving followed with some body movement. Time is running out. The knights I killed could be seen any moment from now and that could call for alarm. I had to keep going till I find a light out of the tunnel.

Wam! Wam!
Haaaaa!! I screamed in pains.
That was the only thing I could hear from myself. I didn’t know what it was but I could remember been lifted and hitting the wall opposite to the one I was leaning on before losing a bit of consciousness.
So you think you could escape the prison? I cleared my eyes only to see the king’s pretty looking wife. She must truly be powerful if only she could notice my absence.

Damn! How stupid I was to even think of escaping from immortal beings.
'I think I have heard enough of your stubbornness (She said staring at me exitedly). I see you care for your so called family. But I think they have dumped you'.
She breathed in and out within a jiffy. She pointed at me with her right hand, waving it upside down, there I began to lose connections with the veins in my legs. It was like my leg was separating from my body. Within a jiffy, I couldn’t move it any longer. There was one thing on my mind, I have been paralyzed.

Guards. Take him to the cell of warlocks. She ordered.
I was dragged and dumped in the cell where spell was casted on the gates. The king also had sorcerers as prisoners. There I considered myself as a dead man and I marked it as my end.

(Attelope kingdom)

What will you name him!
Asha looked at her bouncing baby boy with tears rolling down her chicks. 'Yourfather was a great man. Anywhere he is right now, he did it to save you. She talked to the baby as if it could comprehend what she was saying. Your name will be called “Czar”.

What kind of name is that? Her mother-in Law asked as she was also sobered by the warm praises her son received. It means a great Man. I hope one day he will be a source of our liberation just like his father tried.

Mum are we still going back? Asked Ell.
No. we shall remain here till your father comes.
Ell Excited! Is he coming back?

She looked up to ceiling of the room and sighed, I hope so.
Don’t worry; I believe that one day, we shall see him again.

(month ago)
Asha suffered on her way to her mother in law in the neighboring kingdom though a subdivision of Kashiba. Her pregnant state made things worse for her. She was very lucky that her mother in law caught up with her in the forest. She was an herbalist that goes around collecting herbs in forests and riverine areas. She was known by the knights at the borders though not friendly with them. They gave her way to accomplish her duties in the profession. It was in the act she saw Asha and her son and was narrated all what happened. Although she was not too pleased with the absence of his son but this was his family. He took them in and there Asha labored till she gave birth.

(Twenty Years Later…….)

Hey brother, think you could catch me? Ell said.
Ok. Let’s give a try one more time. Czar replied about reaching for his brother.

'You both stop it! She yelled. Why do you play like children?

Granny, you’re welcome. They chorused.
Come take this inside Ell. And you Czar; hope you have prepared for where I said we will go?

Yes granny.
And what are you two up? Ell interrupted helping his grandmother to her sit. He complained of some nightmare recently, so I want to get rid of it (pointing at the basket of mango among the stuffs ell took inside) bring that here. I bought them for you two.
Wow! So my little brother is having issues already, (he dips his hand into the basket and removed two mangoes sliding one to Czar which he caught immediately). He continues, Nightmares are just pranks from the underworld. They don’t mean anything at all.
Whether it means or not, you two are my world. I must be sure of your safety.

They both laughed at their granny’s affection. An old woman making sure of their safety, it was funny. Czar knew the old woman was telling lies to his brother. He had not complained of any nightmare to her. But he protected her unknown intentions.
You two go. I will go train with Saja and Samir. Ell said and left the room.

Czar frowned at the mention of those names, they are annoying you know. Especially Saja; always messing up things for him whenever he was catching fun with the girls from the neighboring houses.

At noon, they both set out for the walk. Czar noticed the continuous look from his granny. Granny, could you please tell me where we are going to? You know very well that I never complained of anything. She halts suddenly beside a big tree. Let’s take a rest here. She commanded. They sat down for a while before she broke the silence. My son, I have noticed some strange things about you as you were growing up. Today you and Ell are now great fighters with the help of my nephew, Siza. But there is more to yours. I have devoted my time as an elderly woman and tactician to study your behaviors as a man. (She looks at him keenly)My son, you see that rock over there, I want you to bring it right here.

He laughs at his granny’s stories. This was funnier than he thought. Grand ma, of course you know that I cannot shake that earthy material talk more of bringing it this far. And believe me, nothing is absolutely wrong with me. He got confused with his granny’s behaviors. Grand ma, please if you brought me here to play pranks, we should start going back because it’s too lonely here. Besides, ell and the girls are waiting for me.

You must be a fool to mention that in my presence. She hurled. Czar smiled disappointingly at his granny’s attitude. I said go and bring that rock right here! She ordered bluntly this time. He couldn’t help but oblige even as he knows he was not equal to the task, he had to try to please his grandmother. He moved to the position of the rock, smiled and placed his hands on it. He again looked at his granny and wondered why she was imposing such thing on him. He added force to his hands to push the rock but nothing happened. He held tightly again and pushed just to impress her. After series of trials, he finally gave up. 'See I told you I could not move this thing'. He said.

I still insist you bring it here for me, she ordered.
He didn’t like the look she was giving him. He had to put more efforts and let her notice it he has actually given it a big shot. He stepped back a bit and held the rock more tightly, then forced and forced, as he was applying all his energy, he began to feel it grow gradually. First, the rock moved. He stopped and thought perhaps he was hallucinating. He did the same thing, this time shifting the rock from its instilled position. He was amused and continued until he raised the whole rock and moved step by step till he got to where his granny was and dropped it before her. She had earlier stood up in astonishment when he raised the rock.

Did you see that? How did it happen! What’s going on? He asked in amusement.

Finally, he has come! A voice echoed from behind the tree.
An old looking man appeared before them. Follow me; he ordered.
They followed him into a small hut behind the tree.
Granny what’s going on? Czar asked; still wondering of his ability to carry that rock.
Don’t worry all is well.
Sit down; the old man offered them a stool in his small hut which portrays more of a sacred shrine.
The old man cleared his throat preparing to say something. After some seconds he began. In the year of waters, a man……….. (flash back)

To be continued….

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Please continue

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Re: The Adventures Of Czar by Baitullah: 9:10pm On Jul 29, 2019

The old man cleared his throat preparing to say something. After some seconds he began. In the year of waters, a man……….. (flash back)

from far beyond the horizon came to settle in a land called Shiba. He looked barren. Like nothing could be achieved from him. He never talked to anyone except animals. He was treated with disdain amongst the dwellers of same land. Suka became fed up with the treatment but kept mute.

Things were like that until he met a maiden called Bilwana. She was the daughter of the great Shiba. The both came in contact when she went for a walk in the nearby forests with her maids.

Don’t come close he stopped her as she proceeds to his direction.

Who are you? She asked.

The man kept mute and ignored her question.
She ordered for an answer from the man but same silence persisted. She ordered that the man be brought to her but the guards refused and warned her he was a stranger in town who doesn’t relate with anybody. She ignored them and went closer to him.

Please could you open your hood so I can see you better, trust me I don’t mean any harm.

He became heartfelt with her approach and decided to do as she said.

Who are you? She asked as she wondered how a human could look so unkempt.

Who I am does not matter; I am here to seek salvage. My home town was torn apart and I am the only survival. I must say that your people are hostile. Bilwana after listening ordered that he was taken along to the palace.

Where did you get this thing from? Her angry mother yelled at her.

Mother, he only asked to be taken care of and that’s all. I will look for a place for him to live and not the palace. I only brought him here to clean him up. she explained.

You better act fast before your father finds out. You know he doesn’t entertain strangers in his community. she warned.

Ok mother. Thank you.

Bilwana got Suka a safe place in the land where he lived on. She visited him frequently and made sure he never lacked anything. Their relationship was now gaining strength from mare help to emotional. They developed likeness for one another. Suka was no longer the hungry beggar. He too visited the palace to see her. Her father asked her but she told him he was a friend from the kingdom. That white lie didn’t last for long before the king found out.

(one night)
You must leave (she said nervously). My father will be coming after you any moment from now. Bilwana said, panting.

(Shocked, Suka asks) why?

Because he knows that we are not just friends. He knows there is something special between us.

(He smiles as she used the word ‘special’ he was so much in love with her). Right, for your sake I shall leave but promise me our love shall continue.

(Still worried) I promise. she said. I shall send you our meeting spot with kanju (the messenger bird). She was now relieved as he agreed to leave. I have arranged some asups for you in case you get thirsty of its taste. (she smiles and he returned the smile also).

You have really spoilt me with your best meals. he said and they both hugged and kissed each other warmly before she left.

Suka escaped the Kingdom when he found out from his love that the king will be coming after him. He wanted her to get married to another king of which they have started negotiating on her marriage rites.
Although he fled, their love never did. They met time to time in a cave where they would stay till they had their feel. One day the king sent his guards after the princess and they brought the news to him that she was seeing the same person. He grew more annoyed and visited them in person.

How dare you come into my land? King Shiba asked with rage in his eyes.

She is not interested in the man you wanted her to marry; I just offered her a helping hand to make her feel comfortable. Suka explained.

You fool! He said and fired a ball of thick ice to Suka which he dodged. King shiba sent more rays of snows mysteriously which Suka dodged simultaneously. Unknown to them that the rays of snow hit walls and reflected to Bilwana’s position which caught and froze her. ‘No!!!! Shiba cried out as he saw his daughter frozenly still. What have you done! Suka also cried. There was nothing he could do to save her. He knew the kind of effects contained in the snows. Now very infuriated, he turned to Suka and the battle became more serious. Suka became infuriated and fought back. They both exchanged powers physically and in dark magic. There, Shiba found out that his opponent was not just any man.

Suka was able to escape the king again. He is lucky am not able to use my godly powers, Suka thought. King Shiba out of annoyance went to discover Suka’s kingdom and raided it. His clan was wiped out by king Shiba’s warriors. Children and women were spared but the warriors that attacked were slain to nothing. But one thing is certain; something went wrong in his kingdom. Wasex was almost the greatest kingdom in the region, how come they were taken so easily? Now he has more work to do.

After much thought and guilt, Suka became annoyed and visited Shiba kingdom. In the same cave, they met and fought really hard each applying various sorcery. Suka was about to be defeated; he regret not having his godly powers with him. He had to take revenge for his people. He recited some words and transformed into a mirror like matter on one of the walls of the cave. Suka knew what he did. It was a spell unbreakable. He too had to do something to save his people. He recited some ancient words and something came out of his mouth and flew away to be buried on a land. There, he was consumed by the lightening that emanated from the mirror.

Suka was so very much annoyed. Each generation he tries to possess a leader to punish the people of Shiba but to no avail. Despite that, he has not forgot his main mission. All he needs is to get out of these place he cursed himself to be. He never gave up until it was time for the rulership of King Fabgat where he was able to gain power over Prince Zuljaka. That was what happened.

This is the story of the spirits of this land. the man concluded.

Wow. End of story. Czar applauded.

I believe you are aware of what is happening in your kingdom? The old man asked

Yes. I know that the king rules the people with hatred. So Zuljaka was possessed; he said to himself. But what has that got to do with what I experienced back there? He asked looking curious.

Yes. he continued. That lightening that fled from the mouth of King Shiba landed on a farmland. It was to claim a body that would rise against the atrocities that would be caused by Suka. A man was urinating on that spot when it came out and fused with his semen. Perhaps he cohabited with his wife that night before she conceived. (He keeps quiet)

How is that still connected to me? Czar asked curiously with a clue of what the man might say next.

(The man continues) that man was suspected to be your father. We did several consultations which points to your family. That was why we secretly advised your grandmother to study you as you grow up.

strange, Czar muttered.

So you mean now that I am immortal?

Yes, my son. His granny answered. Wise one, where does he start this assignment?

First of all, he must master his immortal side. Learn how to control the both sides. Secondly, he must find his sword?

But he doesn’t have one, she retorted.

Yes he has. The sword of Shiba. It is located at the border of kazanta tribe. And thirdly, he alone must think of his own way of confronting Suka and Zuljaka, his pet. This is all I have to tell you. You might also continue your investigations to know more about your pasts. That might also aid you along the line.

‘But you say Suka is in the spirit world. Czar said.

‘Yes I did say so. The man replied. But he will be coming back. I don’t know how or why, but the spirits confirmed it. There is no time; you must make a hay before the sun shines.

Thank you wise one. She thanked him.
Don’t worry. This is why I have lived all this years; to pass the information to the right ears.

(Same day at night)
Czar was very much exhausted by the day’s adventure. He meditated in his small room and thought of how to go about everything. Soon he heard his brother’s footsteps. He narrated everything to him leaving no part unsaid. Ell reminded him of the promise he made to their mother before she died. That he will always look after his younger brother no matter the cost.

Do not worry. This might truly be your calling. Whether you are what they take you as or not, we are in this together; and I advise we make a move.

What! (Surprised). Czar exclaimed. How do you want to a plan against immortals?

But you are immortal too remember? Ell said.
But I just told you I was not sure to believe that. (Now fed up raising his hands to signal his mood) fine, I was able to raise that rock but I think granny might be behind tha……

you should start to think like a man now! A female voice interrupted him. She continues, my sons, you two are the most precious in my life. Ever since I lost your father, you two are the light that filled that vacuum in my heart. But this is worth sacrificing for. I believe you can go a long way.

A long way; then we will eventually fail; isn’t that what you mean? Czar asked feeling disappointed in his granny’s statement.

No little bro; Ell retorted. Don’t get her wrong. Our mother would have said the same if she were alive. She always wanted the best from us.
(He sighs as the thought of his mother flashed through his mind) his brother was right. Their mother always wanted them to be of good impact amongst people; but this task is hell too big. He thought.

Ok then let’s give it a try. Czar approved. ‘Grandma, sorry for misunderstanding you’. He apologized.

It’s okay. I should not have used such words for you.
So, I will start preparations then, czar concluded standing up from his stool. And I will help you get through it. Ell added.

Their grandma looked at them and tears rolled down from her eyes. She held and pulled them very close to herself and hugged them tightly. Even as she was old, Czar and Ell could notice her strength still fresh.
Thank you, they said smoothly.


Zuljaka continued to rule the people with unworthy management. The people never experienced rather unfaithful treatment. Zuljaka enjoyed his rule as a god. Almost all the kingdoms from the northern and southern part of the world have been conquered by him. They pay annual tribute to him and any king who fails is automatically impeached and replaced. Living In hell was now better off for the people. Some who couldn’t continue committed suicide. Those who tried to rebel against him became his hunting wolfs. His wife was not exempted. She had many women as slaves. ”But she was once a villager like them. Why do she treat her fellow women with disdain?” The women would wonder whenever she starts her usual oppressing.

General Katali and Saja only managed to win the afavour of the king when he began his quest. They were next in command to the overall general of the former king. They connived and killed him to win the heart of the demon that emerged the kingdom’s throne. These were once loyal servants to the kingdom. But out of fear of Zuljaka, they switched loyalty to save their dear heads. Since then, they followed him blindly and enjoyed luxury from him. Now they are devils themselves with no pity for their people. There was a time when some vibrant youth of the kingdom tried to raid the houses of these generals. All the guards on duty were slain. They were just left slaying the household before they were caught with blaze that burnt them to ashes. Most kingdoms in that region are now his except for one.

(In The Palace)

What nonsense! Zuljaka blurted. How can you tell me that they are giving you such head ache after hundreds of soldiers have been sent there? What do they call the kingdom? He asked feeling disappointed at his generals, perhaps they were getting older and need replacement.

The land is called Glutoka, sire; Gen Katali answered with mouth shaking.

What tactic are they actually using against you? Zuljaka questioned.

The people there are wild. They warned us never to step into the land again. We were just lucky that you were able to answer our call at the due time, else only a messenger among us would have come back. They are equally using sorcery against the warriors. I don’t think it was ordinary. Heads rolled down from the neck without being touched. The situation was very critical.

And the king, did you confirm who he is?

No sire, they don’t have a king but a queen. According what we heard from the villagers.

He smiles precariously with rage filling his eyes. It’s been a while I have been in a fight, perhaps some animals want to fill my ire. Prepare, we set out tomorrow for Glutoka kingdom.

what happens next?

to be continued...

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Story Continues



''Now you have perfected your training. What do you plan next? Ell asked as they sat under a tree receiving fresh air after their training.

''I will go in search of the sword. I heard that the kingdom have also been raided by Kashiba".

After few minutes of chatting, they heard foots steps from the narrow aisle. It was their cousin’s sons, Samir and Saja. They too were trained together with Ell and Czar in martial arts.

"And where do you two think you are going without informing your pillars? Saja questioned with smile all over his face.

"What’s with this two annoying lads? Czar blurted. Who told you we were going somewhere?

"Wow!! Samir chipped in. look at the young lad still trying to cover up his ass. Well, we actually don’t know where you are going to, but grandma asked us to watch your ass on the way, he added. We shall go with you to liberate our people from these endless sufferings".

(not comfortable) "but why didn’t she tell us earlier? You two are out and that’s final". Czar concluded.

"But I want to go with you two, home may be boring you kno….. Haha (he was interrupted),

"What’s wrong with this fool? Saja hurled back as he always does. We are trying to offer a helping hand and you bluntly rejected. Thanks to you I will be staying back".

"Wow! Czar replied smiling scornfully, that was a test which you have just failed. I wanted to know if actually you were interested or forced to join the crew. You are out, Samir you are in. (Samir smiling).

Saja realizing he has been outsmarted quickly cocks up another plan. "Well, still I will not change my decision, I will go play with the girls an…..d(looking at Czar to notice his expression) feed ginhi and jinhi…..

what! Czar blurted. "I will kill you if you touch my pets.

(Now happy he has gotten him) he replied, that’s if you are going to come back. Remember it’s a deadly mission.

He looks up and talks into the air… "imagine the balls of rupis I will fry and shove into their mouth, then I will watch them run helter skater with troubling stomachs. haa especially ginhi, I don’t even like its look, I will make sure it sleep on the floor, so he could learn to respect me….

"Hey, czar cuts in, you are just wasting your siliva, I already handed them over to granny"

"Yes you have" saja replied. "But do you think she will have that pretty time to waste on pets. She will have no choice but to appoint me to look after them"

He was right, czar thought. Those were his pets and precious more precise. His mother bought anghi, the mother of the pets which gave birth to the two but died after delivery. This collided with his own life history and that was why he cherished them. Fried rupis was allergic to their body organs. He could remember when his granny mistakenly gave one to ginhi and it got it upset. What happened that day was something he really don’t want to talk about.

Czar looked at Samir and ell that were actually watching and enjoying the drama from the two.

"Fine, you will come but you will have to carry our weapons; that’s your duty"

"Now you are talking". He held Czar and hugged him lightly, czar angrily looked at him and wondered why he used his pets to win the threat game.

Thanks guys. So when do we live? Ell asked?
By sunset.

Why that time?

"That’s what my spirit tells me"

"Very well then. Sunset it is" Samir added

It was time. They all went to see their parents before leaving. Each received cautions and prayers for their sons.

‘My sons, you know this is a dangerous quest. Releasing you like this is like presenting you to the spirit of the underworld. That means we might not live to see one another again. But it’s for the liberation of the entire world. If we sit back, brutal death will surely visit us. Know that the destiny of the world rest on your shoulders’ Siza advised his sons.

‘Don’t worry father, with Czar around us, be sure that we will return someday and promise that you and granny will be alive to welcome us’ Saja said.

(He smiles). Quickly the sun is setting. You must keep to the agreed time. They left and carried along the things they will need on the way.

Czar and Ell where already waiting at their agreed place after a lengthy discussion and admonition from the grandmother.

"Hurry up guys let’s go!! Czar echoed as he sighted them coming. Are we ready?

Yes! They answered.

This is the map. The land is very far from here. The road, according to this map might be a rough one so we have to be ready for challenges.

Yeah! They chorused.


Smokes emanated from woods lying circularly on the ground. The smoke from other angles simultaneously poured out zig-zag-like. It gradually rented the atmosphere, continuously ascending the sky. Two guys were seen offloading what seems to be bricks being remnants of its broken whole. It was a collapsed building. They must finish dismantling them before night falls so they could get paid.

Genza! Abram called few paces from him.
Yeah! How’s work going over there? Genza asked.

Almost done with one third, Abram replied. And you?

Me too. Almost done with this side. I will join you soon.

(after some moment)

They finished filling the pit with all the broken bricks except for smaller particles everywhere on the ground.
Hmmm, Genza takes a deep breath as he lay on a mat under a nearby tree. He was huge and maintained a moderate height with six packs. His loins fitted an angled shape to his waist. He looked stunning with eyes impulsive. He was almost accurately created. His twin brother too has a close resemblance of him. They could barely be discovered as jobmen because of their princely manifestation.

"We have worked really hard today, genza said feeling off to sleep.

‘Yeah brother’ Abram answered. Let that good for nothing man come and settle us. I am beginning to feel effect of this burning smoke in my lungs. Why did they even collapse this beautiful bungalow?

"You call your contractor good for nothing (Genza replies smiling) I don’t really know, but maybe they want to erect something more meaningful there.

Abram sighs a bit and nodded his head in disagreement. "As if our lives was not a meaningful one once"

Genza noticed his mood and tapped him on the shoulder. "It’s okay bro, let’s not discuss that now. We shall come up with something someday"

(A bit annoyed, Abram blurted) "you always say that, when is that day going to come, we have lost everything. Please spare me the crap".

"Well enough for me, you can go get rid of them yourself, but count me out for now. (Genza said as he knew his brother would calm down).

Hmmm! Abram sighs giving up. "I pray that day really come and meet us alive"

As they were busy chatting about other things, they heard a yell from the front.

"This demon as appeared" Genza said helping Abram up with their hands fused together.

"Why didn’t you gather the small particles? (Kuvu asked pointing to different directions with his finger).

"But those are less important to us sir; the main work have been done; Genza replied.

"Less important? (kuvu still on his voice) then consider part of your wages less important too. You better finish it up quickly if you want to get paid, I don’t know why I hired you instead, just too lazy.

Genza and Abram became furious but controlled it. "Give us the worth of the part" Genza said being embarrassed by the words of this old stinky buffalo.

"Okay, it seems you are no longer interested, (dips his hand into his chest and brings out small bag containing coins and threw it to Genza who opens it to confirm)

" but here is just twenty dulipens, you are supposed to make it twenty five"

What! Eyes red, how dare you? Abram wanting to near him but was held back by his brother. "Let’s go, Genza muttered and he reluctantly obeyed.

(Same day at sunset)

"You should have let me teach that idiot a lesson" Abram said dropping his bag on the ground. Though feeling exhausted, he was still driven with the urge of pouncing on the idiot who took advantage of them.

(Smiling, Genza replies) "you are too temperamental. Did you not notice his thugs were around the corners? Should you have touched him, we will not only loose the token he gave us, but shall be dealt with by his thug; he has them so many.

"You are right" Abram added. ‘Hoooo’ (yawning as he felt his intestines itching and stumbling on one another) the stress from that bastard made me forget I was hungry earlier, please lets go get something to eat"

Yeah; But we should wash first. Genza added.

(Now preparing to go to the stream) They made to come out when suddenly blown back by a strong wind hitting them to different walls of the room. Now regaining consciousness, Genza stood up gradually and shook his head to clear the pains off. He lifted his head to see where that came from but was caught with bolt from the blue. ‘Eddilof’ he muttered standing up to his feet.

Abram was still struggling from the attack. He slightly hit his head on the wall which gave him fast running head ache.
Dragging his head up, he saw the figure standing at the door entrance and was shocked.
"Long time no see" the voice said moving inside to be seen wholly.

"What do you want this time? Abram asked shifting side ways to avoid him come close. Genza also does the same.

" And is that a way of knocking on people’s door? Genza asked a bit frightened.

(Eddilof grinning keenly ignoring the question) "I see you too are having a great time here" he said sitting down on a stool.

"That does not answer my question; what the hell are you doing here? Abram asked furiously gaining courage.

I see you are still angry, Eddilof said smiling to the ceiling. But it was not my fault. I kept to my words as promised; you two decided to flee from me so I could not guarantee your father’s safety anymore. You were the bond between me and your kingdom.

Liar! You killed our father for no course (Genza blurted with tears rolling down his eyes. He furiously fastened movement towards Eddilof with a fist-set-blow) Eddilof noticed and disappeared before he reaches his place. Abram followed suite with another strike to where Eddilof appeared, again he did the same trick but was hit by Genza who tracked him closely. This got him annoyed. He was done with playing as he didn’t come here for that; he quickly sent a bellow to the two but this time were able to dodge. He was very quick to send them another without giving them breathing space. It flung and hit them on the wall badly. They were in much pain now. They groaned hardly catching their breath. They stood up and sat on the floor grimacing in pain. Eddilof looked at them with much pity as though they couldn’t realize who they actually are. He has defeated them; of course they were no match for him.

"Let’s get to real business" (Eddilof said standing up the stool to sit on it)

"we have a very important assignment to carry out. Meet me at the gwox in the next full moon" he said and vanished into thin air.

With so much pain, they stood up and collapsed on the bed.

To be continued…

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They walked tirelessly through mountains and hills. This was supposed to be a journey with horse but they had none so they had to improvise. They moved on until they alight Kazuya Kingdom. The place could be described as a wreck. The people that passed by had no smile on their faces. Everybody minding their business as they walked from one place to another. Some could be seen been punished by some groups of knights. King Zuljaka had delegated a commander to rule the land after seizing it. His guards tormented the citizens like hell. The king and soldiers of the kingdom were imprisoned after the raid.

Czar and his team walked pass the numbers of people in the market area. He had been fighting that zeal of interference since he saw the people been flogged by the knights.

“What can I do now? He thought as he took the lead.

(Turns to his team) guys, we can’t watch this knight treat this people like this, we have to do something. He suggested.

What! Saja interjected feeling exhausted from the bag of load he carried. “Can’t you see that there are too many of them? Attacking these knights is like committing suicide”

“you must be out of your mind to think of picking a fight here” Ell added. Common, let’s check in somewhere else.

Czar couldn’t resist the feeling of saving the people. He trained his eyes on his cup of ale. The urge kept him perturbed; the urge to rescue the people from the misery; yes; it kept burning inside him. He could feel the agony of the people in the surrounding. In a while, he peeped through the window to see those been penalized. They were weak. Yet, forced to carry logs of wood and stones to Thor knows where.

‘What can I do? he thought as he sipped is ale in the alehouse they settled for a rest. “But why are there so many knights? He thought. This made him bore a vexed countenance; shaking his cup of ale to mix the content well just to keep him handy.

The customers in the alehouse drank with heavy throat; everyone minding his tongue and speech. They could barely drink to their satisfaction. They continually scrolled their eyes around the building to grasp anything unusual. They were filled with utmost anxiety.

The presence of some high rank knights in the alehouse added salt to the injuries. They alone kept the place noisy; cheering with girls that hesitantly and forcefully gave in.

an alehouse was supposed to be a place of many gossips and entertainment. But hell no; they all were gripped in fright; in fright of the inhuman knights. Their toxic chastisement on the innocent people.

Czar continued to wallow in his thought. The presence of the knights in the building irritated most. “how can they conquer this outsized army of knights? His team was right. They were too many of them. The chance of winning is very narrow. But still something has to be done” he thought.

Hmmm! Saja cleared his throat in a bid to steal the attention of Czar. “Seems like you are drawing our death schedule on your mind” he said.

“and what do you mean? Czar asked maintaining a shabby expression as he sipped his ale.

“common little brother, we’ve watched you for a long time being silent; hope you are not planning to get into a fight? Ell asked.

You should not even think about it else, we end up like them” samir added. Remember we are just getting started”

“and they are well armed to the tooth” Ell added gulping his ale.

Yes! Saja hopped in. we have to tread carefully lest we endanger this quest the more. Look Czar, patience is a good treasure we must value. Seeing the situation right now, it will be difficult mapping out strategies at this short frame of time. Let’s just behave like the strangers we are. Even if you had super powers, for how long have you mastered it” Saja explained scrolling his eyes on the knights to confirm they were not listening.

“you can't play dumb all day, say something” Ell ordered.

Czar lifted his face and scanned through every corner of the alehouse to remind himself his previous thoughts. He again looked at his guys, training on where to start his talk.

“You guys are all right. We are greatly outnumbered”

“ooh! Thank thor he understands” Saja muttered.

Czar continued “But ….. “why the but? Saja questioned disappointingly…

“Just let him talk you fool” Samir ordered.

“but talking about danger, I want us to know that the danger started since the day we took the first step; the day we left Attelope for this deadly conquest. He fixed gaze on them to grasp their impression, then continues. ‘I have come to understand that this fight is not ours alone. The people we are actually out for have role to play. But before then, we must build hope in them; hope of survival. Things will continue to go wrong if we hide like this in the shadows. That is our aim to have come this far.

What say you brother? He asked fixating gaze on Ell.

Ell scrolled his eyes on the trio training on his next words….finally he let it out.

“well, don’t want to be insane like; but what can I say? Am your elder brother, and I’ve made you a promise.

What about you Samir? He asked.
“well, I think you have a point bu…t I will deal with you when we get to the underworld, stubborn ass, samir replied, not knowing th right answer.

Saja, please don’t let me down” Czar pleaded gazing at the idiot who was seductively beholding the sight of some girls. As if he didn’t hear the question, he turned to Czar. Nothing he could do. His defensive words have been exhausted. He smiled at the rest and replied.

“well, we are all in this together, so lets push it to our grave then; let the madness begin” he said lifting his cup of ale for a toast. They followed suit and united their cups like ones hapily preparing to die.

The two knights that were enjoying themselves noticed this and slowly lifted the girls from the thighs, signaling to them to leave. Hastily, the girls ran out.

Well! Well! Well! Enjoying yourselves right? The first night mocked as he matched forward to the table of four figures.

Hey, Jhan, some naughties are catching fun here; why don’t we join them?

Jhan also dragged himself to his colleages place with a jug of ale. He had drank to stupor.
The other people in the building sensed trouble and began leaving one after the other. These bloody knights have caught another fry” they thought.

The four also smiled back as they drank they ale to finish the toast.

“we would love to but unfortunately there are only four seats” Ell replied plastering a hot smile. As he turned to face them.

Yes you are absolutely right” the knight said caressing the handle of his sword.

Yes! Jhan echoed as he staggered backwards. “which means you all should sit on the floor while we….. haaa! he yelled as he felt something sharp pierced through his chest. He gradualy fell to the ground grimacing in pain till he finally gave up the ghost.

What! You bastards! The other knight hurled trying to unsheath his sword when another dagger ran through his forehead. He fell on his colleague and died.

Wow! That was awesome. Samir applauded. I never new you were good at throwing daggers.

That’s because you never cared to watch my training” Saja said preparing to leave.
“common guys, whats next” he asked.

Do you have a plan? Ell asked.

Come with me” Czar ordered.

Hey! Czar echoed to the knights who were entertaining themselves with the agony of the offenders.

Don’t you think you have gone too far with punishment? They are dying already”

And who is asking? The leader asked.

Just a passer-by. Please I beg you.

Nobody from the village looked at confident Czar. They all continued what they were doing with feeling that the knights have gotten an additional object of entertainment. They wouldn’t dare because they will have to face same penalty if it goes wrong.

Now listen to me; I will assume I never heard you say anything. Now get out of here and proceed with your journey; He ordered.

I don’t think I can continue the journey without setting-lose those people. Czar said caressing the sheath of his sword.

What! How dare you? Guards go and drag him right here, the commander ordered.

Guys prepare. The dialog part is not working.

What! Thought you said you had a plan” Samir blurted.

I never said so! Czar replied.

“Oh yeah, you cursed it, Saja muttered nervously. Your words were a bit harsh; Now you leave us with no choice but kissing our sorry butts goodbye”

Czar looked at him but ignored him. Perhaps he should have provided them with jugs of ale before expressing his plight, Dick head, he thought.

‘There are just four of us. Remember how to save your ass when it goes wrong’ Czar whispered to them.

‘Muddy the watersand, flee the scenario! They responded in low tune. This was their slogan as a team.

As the knights approached them, they unsheathed their swords and planted their foot to the ground ready to engage the rivals. Unlike the rest, Czar maintained his position until two knights made to touch him and he held them both and swung them back to their commander. He was taken aback to have seen a man swinging his fellow man like a ball. This was only practiced by their king. The other knights attacked them.

His brother Ell, fought like a legend in martial art. Every single strike resulted to a kill.

Czar unsheathed and brandished his double-edged sword and began to slay the enemies from both sides. The training they received made it very easy for them to take out the knights at a strike. He notices the knights swarming in numbers at a corner. Just then, he galloped to a position to draw them to him which they did. They began swinging swords at him. He dodged a strike from two knights and tore them in the stomach. They groaned to the ground lying flat dead. Instantly noticing another attacks from the rest, he blocked them with his sword, each sword simultaneously, stiffly colliding on one edge of his sword. Others came and struck their sword on the competing ones to weaken his strength, as they were struggling to surpass the chap with their unanimously joint force, two enemies attacked from behind wanting to end the fight by tearing him. Being clever and strong, he notices their plan and forcefully pushed back all the enemies contesting with him mysteriously which flung them far away, uniting them with sharp objects. Some dropped dead at the instance while others struggled up to continue the quest. Dodging the already swung sword and hatchet from the behind enemies, he slides towards them with his knees freely conveying him on the greenly soil to them. As he was approaching them, he picked up a spear from his left and pierces it through the confused enemy still cutting the one on his right side with his sword. He stole deep gasp from the atmosphere and stands up only to see more tens of knights racing towards him. He mercilessly removed the heads and hands of those that came near him with his sword.

Saja and Samir could be seen battling with some knights. They both took cover for each other and this gave them ace over the enemies attacking them. Saja and Samir blocked swords, spears and hatchets simultaneously and retuned back the strikes which may tear two or more enemies same time. They groaned heavily at each slam of sword that cut their adversaries. It was like the knights were been offered as sacrifice.

The commander did not relent. He sent many more knights to attack. Now they are increasing in numbers. They continued the fight until Czar’s team was gradually losing ground. He quickly called his men to take cover for one another as it was working for Saja and Samir.

At a corner, ell furiously removes their heads and parts of their body that unites with his blade. huaa! Ell grimaced in pain from the cut of a knight. But he still continued as he unhappily plunged sword into the mouth of the knight and finishes him off with an upper cut blow.‘That’s the prize for spilling my blood’ he echoed to the already dead knight which got the rest scared; moving back a bit, moreover they still gathered courage and ascended towards him.

Czar was busy swinging knights in twos and threes hitting them on walls and hard objects. This was his immortal strength at work. He sighted more men coming from the entrance of the palace. This was not getting funny, but rather ascetic. Yes an idea called to his mind. He paced widely towards them and roared like a lion. The gust that emanated from his bellow flung back most of them. He ascended towards them again. He didn’t know exactly, but something within him just ordered him to do so.

They too didn’t learn any lessen. They kept on forthcoming. What happened next from the second bellow was fire pouring upwards from the gust. The fire caught up with all the knights and burnt them to ashes instantly which evaporated into the air.

What happened? Czar questioned himself as he noticed the fire that flooded the knights.

Ell was equally lost at the instant. The battle suddenly came to a halt at the sight of what just occurred.

What are you! The commander asked rhetorically and scared. The sight of the occurrence sent a shivery mood down to his spine with the effect already portraying on his face.

The villagers too were not exempted. They were first surprised to see them fight with the knights. But this one was extraordinary.

The field was becoming filled with dead bodies. Czar turned and looked at the commander; he gazed at him with berserk and gestured to his team to continue.

This time, the knights fled in an act to save their ass. Some groups of villagers were seen engaging the fleeing knights that were on their heels. They carried shovels, rakes and other kitchen utensils. They sliced down each knights their speed could catch. Soon, the escapees were all down.

Saja held a bow firmly retreating its string to his cheek with the divided flat-end of a narrow which sat comfortably on it. He aimed at the direction of the fleeing adversaries gluing his foot on the earth firmly. In a split of second, he let loose the arrow which was guided by the force of the string to the proposed direction. In a jiffy, the arrow fastened its way through the crowd of villagers and united with the spine of the commander who was almost escaping. The arrow plunged into his spine so hard that it shaped a hole out from his chest. He fell down and dropped dead on the ground.

‘still the best archer’ Samir addressed him painting his face with grin.

Czar and Ell also nodded in affirmation to the skills of Saja. He has indeed saved the day. What might happen if the message gets to the king? This was the question they were not sure of.

“But we are not sure whether we got them all. Saja said.

“Who are you young man? A villager asked as the rest gathered behind him. ‘You and your men have just done what no man has ever dared. This is something we have never dreamt of for years. But we hope it will last’

Czar and the rest were now surrounded by the villagers who starred at them in amusement. Those at the back stood on stools or anything that may gain them more height aloft those in front so they could see clearly.

‘My name is Czar and this are my brothers. We came all the way from Attelope in search of something very important’ stops, trying to secret the rest.

The people murmured among themselves after the very brief intro.

“Attention! Saja called them together.

He continued
“The king of Kashiba has throbbed us to the least of our lives; living us with little or no freedom to enjoy. But we believe that one day, we will surely rise up against the foe.

(The people looked at him as he demonstrated with his hands punching the air. What was he saying by rising up against the foe. He might even be rejected from stepping into Valhalla if his death was caused by the monster. Some of them thought. Though he saved them, but could he possibly outsmart the king).

“You must learn to keep shut from today in order not to dispose the news out to the air………. He continues for some minutes before his eardrum arrested a sound.

‘Young man’ the voice echoed from the palace entrance a man dressed in royal robe stepped down the stairs folding his arms to his back spines. You have shown us that we can retrieve back our lost hope. I am forever indebted to you. The king said as he walks down from the stairs.

“You may be right my king, but there might be future consequences; czar replies

“There is sense in what you said, the king said. But how do you plan on achieving this mission? Attempting this is like having your eyes on where the buttocks should be, almost impossible you know?

“You are right, Ell chipped in. but we have to give it a try (turning to Saja and Samir who nodded in agreement)nothing isn’t what trying. Samir conceded.

“Yeah, Czar added. We must show them what we are capable of doing.

In that case, I wish you the best. The king said. But wont you need more men. To the looks of things, there are just four of you (now realizing their number)

Oh! Your majesty, we are not just; Saja replied. we are gifte… he was interrupted with a nudge on his shoulder by czar. He looked at him with the wish of severing that hand. Why Czar does interrupts him when he tries to be serious on some issues. Well maybe he didn’t want them to be acknowledged fully.

(hmmm, Czar cleared his throat) ‘your majesty, we have greater things to do to accomplish this mission and there is no time. The help we shall need from you is to stay strong and make sure this town is not discovered to have cleared out this outsized army of knights. We shall be on our way’ whispering to his companions to follow.

The people cheered them as they walk past their midst all hailing their might.

So where do we head to from here? Czar asked Samir who held the map with him.

I hate to say it, but we are heading to Seawell Kingdom. I heard that Kashiba also has an embassy there.

Yeh; Ell agreed. But there should be another way.

I don’t think there is a trek-able route unless we are trying to go round the world. Saja suggested.

Then we have to do it that way. Ell ordered.

Alright. But if you say there is a force there, it means the people are equally facing an equivalent of Kazuya Kingdom.

Exactly what I meant! We have to go through them just the same way again. Samir jumped in.
We have to do it regardless of the enemies’ size.

Excellentee! Saja flattered. But the problem is that we are hundred times outnumbered. And you know what? It won’t be a matter of time before our heads will be set rolling on the ground.

Very well then. We head that way. Samir concluded.

They moved on.


Hundreds of armies could be seen matching forward on a path. They were almost there. Zuljaka could be seen at the front line. He rode on a camel rather. He wore an armored coat which pluses to his initial human manifestation. The guise in his eyes tells that an angry lion was about to devour its prey. The Generals equally took horses.They rode beside him gently as they gallantly plastered their faces with fury. Some hundreds of men inclusively participated in the cavalry. Dust rented everywhere resulting from the warriors matching strides. The soldiers of Glutoka were readily positioned on the borders. They counted each steps their rivals took and pondered on their victory or defeat. Zuljaka ordered for a halt as he noticed the numbers of soldiers waiting for them.

“They are already expecting us; he muttered to himself. Katali, Saja! He called.

Yes sire! they chorused. (Starring at the enemies) engage! He echoed.

Katali turned to Gjaku nodding his head in agreement.

Archers! .....

To be conitued….
Re: The Adventures Of Czar by Ayemileto(m): 3:35pm On Aug 01, 2019
Wow, nice story.
Good work OP.
Re: The Adventures Of Czar by saintdas1(m): 6:35pm On Aug 01, 2019
nice story, but update are too slow, improve on d update
Re: The Adventures Of Czar by Nuelt(m): 8:19pm On Aug 01, 2019
This is super doper.. Plsss we need more update...
Yes this is my first comment ever in nairaland
Re: The Adventures Of Czar by gbenga4sure(m): 9:16pm On Aug 01, 2019
I was close to not reading this but am glad I did
Re: The Adventures Of Czar by Baitullah: 5:19am On Aug 02, 2019
Thanks guys.
next update would be today
Re: The Adventures Of Czar by saintdas1(m): 8:57am On Aug 02, 2019
OK, I will be waiting
Re: The Adventures Of Czar by Baitullah: 6:03pm On Aug 02, 2019

Katali turned to Gjaku nodding his head in agreement.

Archers! He commanded.

A row of knights matched from the medieval group to the frontline holding bows and arrows strongly firmed to the string of the bow. They knelt down and aimed squarely at the opponents.

Loose! Gjaku commanded again.

Arrows poured out from their various bows flooding the air, in no time, it contacted the warriors of Glutoka sending the victims to split seconds of groan before laying flat dead. This threw them into pandemonium.

“Shields! Shields! A man in front was yelling to the other soldiers. He seemed to be their leader. They promptly obeyed and raised their shields above their heads. More arrows stormed the place and swiftly find their way into the flesh of the soldiers.

Most shields prevented the fastening arrows from dismantling the beholders.

Minutes later, there was silent. The arrows stopped attacking. Many soldiers were badly injured. But it didn’t look as if their number reduced.

Heinus the commander barged forward with rage stock in his eyes. He punched the air aloft his head with his fist and

screamed, ‘catapults!

Some soldiers dragged forth machines filled with heavy burning stones. He winked his hand on the air directing it to their enemies.

Those in charge pulled back the handles which effected in swinging the stones into the air. As the fire-stones were approaching Kashiba warriors who were already terrified,

Zuljaka saw this and wiped his hand in the air. To the surprise of all, the raging stones that was about disrupting the peace of its preys united, transforming to a human-shaped-like form. It roared thunderously in the air and cocked to the direction of the Glutokans inching towards them.

It will be beyond series of affirmed doubts that the warriors would survive any attack from this newly borne creature.

‘Thunder of Thor’ Heinus muttered as he planted is gaze on the stony beast regretting why he had to send them at first. ‘This man is really evil’ he added.

But no time for child’s thought. He summoned courage and matched forward again. ‘Do not be dismayed by the look, launch another attack to dismantle this thing’ he hurled wielding his sword to its direction.

They nervously obeyed and fired another round to the creature already drawing close.

It was rather a thing that grew worse than an anticipated fatal blow. It had poised no effect on it but united with the creature rewarding it with more height and width. The soldiers stood their ground awaiting the deadly fiend.

To their bewilderment, the beast halfway close to them fell down gradually and sank deep into the deserted soil living no part of its components revealed. The soldiers hailed in happiness as they saw this happening.

Zuljaka who was enjoying the ongoing show with smile written all over his face dropped his jaw in surprise. He immediately turned to his generals.

‘I have something to play with, be right back’ he said and vanished from his horse. It neigh at the instance of feeling offloaded.

‘I think he has gone for the queen; this is enough to be her handiwork’ Gen. Katali said scanning through to see the spot where the beast had sank.

‘You are right’ Saja said. But in the meantime, let’s engage this rapscallion that humiliated us last time. I will feed his dirty balls to my vultures in Kashiba’ he said and winked hands followed by a word of ‘atta.....ack! He commanded.

In few minutes, they were on the battle field tearing one another without stop. General Heinus hurled to his men, different war formation to apply which favoured them one side but could not compensate for their outnumbered soldiers. The result of the bloody battle could only be recorded as a tie at the instance.

After hours of bloodshed from various plunging, slamming, and slicing, the Kashibians gained a refreshed strength on the army of Glutoka.

Gradually on the battle field, the Glutokans began to lose their ground. They were getting weak; something had gone wrong; something that made it easy for kashibian soldiers to massacre each man.

Noticing the gross downfall of his men, he admitted in mind a sure fact ‘the queen has been gotten hold of’.

Heinus never admitted defeat. ‘Its better dying than being enslaved’ he thought. In blood tainted uniform, he picked a suitable trident and fast-paced amidst some dead warriors to where Saja was slaying some knights.

Only two things rang on his mind, ‘its either his luck shines in this battle or his wrath shines on this stupid fellow before his demise’.

With a speedy motion, he wielded the trident to Saja. As a pro, Saja dropped down as way of buying time to settle his shield with the deadly trident. The weapons clashed very hard stealing the attention of some nearby warriors that were engaging each other. Saja forced up himself with the two weapons still uniting, stiffly protruding his opponent aback. He suddenly revealed himself as he disengaged the weapons and in a fast move, struck his sword towards Heinus who did not relent in preventing the strike from reaching home.

In a split of second, Heinus made other attempts, striking the shield of Saja has a means of unleashing his wrath.

There was no doubt that he was winning the duo. Suddenly, In a pace of his attacks, he felt a deep cut followed with a sharp pain on his shoulder.

Haa...aaa! He groaned audibly as he dropped his sword holding the spot. Saja put away his shield revealing his death-expecting eyes that cocked from one side to the other.

‘Thank you my friend, he almost got me’ he said barely swallowing a saliva as he gasped for breath.

‘You seem to be relenting in your balance sometimes’Katali said training whether to smile or not. ‘Take him away’ he ordered some men pointing at Heinus who was still boiling in grimace from the deep cut.

To him, death is better than being alive to sustain such injury. ‘No! Kill me instead, I will not be enslaved by you ungodly creatures’ Heinus yelled as he was been dragged away.

‘Tell that to your co-prisoners when you are in the cell’ Saja muttered as he watched him been locked in a carriage.

In a jiffy, Zuljaka appeared before them holding a hands-chained figure who bore most female characteristics.

‘The queen’ they muttered.

‘I can see you have turned the whole arena to a bloody ground’ Zuljaka said pushing the queen to the ground. For a fair description, she is manageably beautiful, but her shiny blonde hair compensated for the rest of her missing gorgeous look.

The king was far too pretty for her to handle. He oozed out of the shadows as she was strengthening her warriors not after she had sank the beast. She attempted series of attacks but none effected in positivity.

She boiled in anger. The man is really evil. She thought, revealing her tooth as she pants.

"Just wait and see; your doom is by the corner" she said realizing nothing could be done.

Haaaa! he laughs. "You make me sick" Zuljaka said.

He just cast some spell and off-to-ground she goes.

‘Bring her with you for I shall be leaving for Kashiba right away’ he said and vanished into thin air after a gesturing bow from his generals.

Finally, you are in our stronghold’ saja said and his colleague joined him in an audible laughter.


Cagula, the king, sat on his throne comfortably. He was dressed in complete gold bits and pieces. His hair was rather blonde matching his lovely dress. A lass should be jealous as to why he possessed such. He leaned his back on the throne scanning his eyes on all that were sitted.

“The Onyish thunder will summon me in less time’ Cagula announced. My time of reign is over. I must pass it to one of them before I leave or my clan will be off the royal kinship. This is a great position that must be given vigilant consideration. What do you suggest I do my elders?

He asked turning to a man beside him.

Itchpin smiled and cleared his throat. ‘Lord Cagula, the god of Peace, we must protect Gwanave. It’s like the peace of this domain is at stake. The two princes are cruel but still, one of them must emerge else, danger will be lhrking’ . He said.

The king wondered whether that answered his question; ‘you may all leave, I will call a meeting when I figure out what to do’ Cagula said reclining his back on the throne.

As they stood up leaving one after the other,

‘Itchpin’ he called. Itchpin went back to meet him after the rest were gone.

‘I know you very well, there is something you are keeping a secret. I command you to open up.

’ Itchpin, moving closer to the steps which led to the throne fell on his knees bowing his head. My king, sorry to have kept this away from you, please punish me after telling you. He waited a moment and continues; ‘two full moon back…….

(Flash back)

“Who is there? He said noticing a figure. You should know that I am bad enough for you to evade, he said still pacing around to find out.

Soon, fire poured out from an angle which he blocked by the fire he sent forth.

“Itchpin, he blurted. How strong are you to think you could defeat me, Czarkafa said with deep echo.

“You have been a threat to the throne of Gwanave; despite you have no legal right as confirmed by Onyish. That will seize to continue, Itchpin said and sent lightening to him in folds.

As an experienced god, he is able to retract the lightening and sent back the counterattack to Itchpin in folds but he dodged.

‘My father was robbed of his right and you know that; neither did I complain. Why are you trying to kill me? He asked.

“you will find out when you join your father’ Itchpin replied giving a dreadful smile.

Czarkafa grew annoyed and began to attack in double folds not relenting to let Itchpin gasp for breath.

Itchpin dodged, disappeared and appeared at different spots to avoid the lightening and conflagration from the furious god. He knows what to do. As Czarkafa concentrated on his attacks, Itchpin quickly took advantage of some paces of the attack and sprinkled a powder on him.

“Haaaa! Czarkafa groaned in pain as the powder got in touch with his body. How dare you! He blurted covering his face which the substance affected most. ‘How did you come to know’

(Itchpin grinning ardently) ‘you mean how I came to know that you gods of lightening are allergic to heden flowers? It comes with great sacrifice’

“Ariline, Czarkafa muttered still in much pains. She was the only person he told this secret, nothing but for the fact that he wanted to win her heart. He has been betrayed. The effect of the powder was pretty bad on his body. Now he is weakened.

“Itchpin had no time to waste before Czarkafa’s guard noticed he was here. He quickly assembled a ball of intense fire, looked at Czarkafa keenly and fastened it towards him.

It consumed him leaving no leftover of his pieces. Realizing he has completed his mission, itchpin vanished into thin air.

“You killed Czarkafa! Cagula muttered shocked to the spines. (How was he able to know his weakness? He asked in thought). He was a great god. A god who mastered many elements.(fire, water, lightening, wind and more) Only he possessed such gifts.

“We know how and why his father, your Elder brother was killed. And he seems to know the truth. He might become a thorn that will prevent your family’s claim to the throne” Itchpin explained trying to defend himself. I felt I did the right thing to save Gwanave planet. The kinship must remain here in your family” he concluded.

“But my sons are unworthy! Cagula fired back. Because they came as twins does not mean one can’t step down for another! And I still don’t know the right test to give them yet; and Time is running out. Now you went ahead to eliminate the one that might be better off’

“Yes, Itchpin added. He might want come back to avenge his father. (he sighs) My king, I believe you will be called in the next shining stars?

Yes, Cagula answered.

(Itchpin continues) what I am about to suggest might be very hard on you but it’s the only way at this critical time.

Looking at him suspiciously, Cagula asked ‘what idea is that?’

he looked at the king with eyes fixed on the crown;

disperse the great crown to planet earth.

What! Cagula exclaimed.

To be continued....

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Re: The Adventures Of Czar by Baitullah: 5:46am On Aug 04, 2019
ma guys, how far
Re: The Adventures Of Czar by muhammed50(m): 5:49am On Aug 04, 2019
ma guys, how far
We dey bro
Update na
Re: The Adventures Of Czar by Baitullah: 5:20pm On Aug 04, 2019
Story continues...


What! Who is he that challenges the orders of the King again? Gen. Saja exclaimed.

The commander looked so much in terror after his experience. “Sire, this man I am telling you of is no human. He flung my men like balls. He never missed his target and above that, He breaths out fire.

What? Zuljaka interjected; Getting irritated. And what is the name of the man.

“I am not too sure;but as the battle was on, I heard one of his men calling out to him as Czar” he replied.

Czar? What kind of name is that? Gen. Katali asked.
“Where does he come from? Katali asked.

“I really don’t know. He only introduced himself as a passer-by”

(King Zuljaka was lost in a moment of thought. That name sounds familiar. Who was he? He thought. Why did his heart beat fastened at the mention of the name? No answer could occur to him).

”Alright my Generals. You can take your live. I will summon you back in the meantime. I want to be left alone for now”
“Are you the commander? Zuljaka asked.

No Sire! Deputy commander. He answered.

“How many of you escaped the place?

Just me alone sire! He echoed.

“Good” He tight-fist his hand stretching it to the knight as he recited some things with his lips.

the pitiable knight struggled with his throat holding it tightly and growling in pains. It was like he was committing suicide. His spirit has been bent. Within no time, he laid dead and evaporated into dust.


Yes sire!

“You must keep this a secret or face the same fate” he warned.

The both of them answered and took their leave.


King Zuljaka pressed on in bringing out the secret of this name. The name sounds very familiar to him. But whoever he is, he has the guts to bring down a whole army.

The description from his commander was very funny to him. Perhaps he exaggerated the scene out of phobia. He is the greatest among all and that was it.

But wait,(something occurred to him) It seems he could remember.

Yes! This was the name the spirits revealed to him. How important is this person to have been known to the spirits? He must find out. But he could not locate him internally. He is no ordinary being then. He must capture him before he becomes an hindrance to his reign.

Yes! That’s what I must do” he said to himself.

He closed his eyes and opened it. They became all white. In no time it came back to normal. This was a way he used to invite his generals.

They got the signal from the mirror in their chamber and quickly rushed to the palace immediately.

Saja! Katali! He called.
Yes Sire!

“You must find that man called Czar and bring him to me. I don’t care what it will cost you. Bring him alive or dead. Tear down any kingdom that impedes you way. He commanded with no usual manner.

He ordered and vanished into thin air.

Their heart beats fastened at the sadden mood of the king. They have never seen him that way. They couldn’t raise their heads to look at the king. Thank the gods that they were not wiped out like the others.

What do you think? Saja asked.

“I don’t know; this is strange.

“You are right; and it’s very unusual of him. But the earlier we start to act the better for us. You know we are worthless to the king and he is just using us. Let’s act fast. I will call Gjaku immediately to organize a search party.

Very well then. Be fast please. Saja said as they walked and murmuered amidst some villagers


Battalion commander Gjaku!

Yes General! He answered.

“I have a very crucial task for you. And please, do not fail me. Katali said.

And what might that be my superior” Gjaku asked in his thundrous voice.

“There is a man called Czar. You must find him. We do not know where he lives; but the last kingdom he visited was Kazuya. Take the best of your men with you. Behead any fly that disturbs you on your way and bring me a very good result. I shall reward you handsomely If you bring him dead or alive. Gen. Katali commanded.

Yes my lord. But who is this person?

Be quiet and do as I say. Come back with him and I shall tell you everything.

“Yes my lord. I have never failed you and this won’t be an exemption.


“wow! Am already feeling excited about this quest” Saja said as they walk past bushes that brushed their bodies. Czar was like “uhooooo! He echoed gesturing to Czar.

Common man, I never expected that too, Czar said. Wondering why the idiot brought the topic earlier on.

They’ve been discussing about the fire he breathed out in the battle for hours now. And Saja seem not to be tired. A warrior who has such comic behaviour.

“but it did happen. He replied. Whatever; just be ready to use that again.

Why not now? Samir asked.

Because there aren’t enemies here” he replied. Oh, I cant believe I am fighting alongside a spirit.

Common, he is no spirit, Ell retorted.

Then how the hell was he able to do that.

It’s a gift, well, according to prophecy. Ell replied.

Whether gift or not, I want to see him do it again sometime. Saja said.

fixating on Saja as they suddenly halt, Czar asked’ Have I ever told you that you had a bad mouth?

Of course, a million times” Saja replied

Then consider this and make it one million and one. Czar said grinning.

Whatever, Saja muttered after training keen eyes on Czar. The dude just insulted him.

Lets rest here a bit; my legs are getting heavy, Ell said as he sat on a rock.

Yah; me too, Samir added.


The night was very calm like a river in its reserved mood. The kingdom looked very clean. Crickets could be said to have gone to sleep because of the noise-free atmosphere. Perhaps the people were living fine there.

“I think we are almost there; Saja whispered as they tiptoed through the forest leading to the city.

Czar sighted a man urinating from far. He halted his men so they could not be noticed.

Why didn’t we notice them? Samir asked panting as he hid in a place.

Please drop that for now. What matters is that there is someone there. Immediately they sighted three men coming from a close by hut.

“How was your day? The first knight asked as he laughs audible.

It was fun. The people were like ‘please I have not eaten. Let me go home’. He said and they laughed.
“Mine was different. The second man said; the ones in my custody are stubborn. Two of them died from my lashes when they refused to sweep their portion. Tomorrow, I will see whether the rest will disobey again. He explained as they drank their cups of wine.

“It is the Kashiba knights. Saja whispered.

What to do now (expecting some rash answer from Czar, Samir asked).

Let’s cause commotion and draw the knights’ attention. Since its night, it’s going to be a bit easy for us. Czar suggested.

“I knew you would come up with that! Saja interjected. Oh! Why did I come with you to this suicidal mission? Now I am going to be presented like a sacrificial lamb. (Turns to Samir who puts his nose away);

why is your mouth smelling? Samir asked.

Surprised, “and what do you expect from a man who hasn’t washed for days? Saja who wore a face of naive complained.

Wooooo! Samir turned from facing Saja; covering his nose. Seems like you ate animal poo.

“You both must stop this childish behavior. Czar ordered, observing the knights actions.

Ell turned his face sideways to steal some laughter.
“But I didn’t eat any! He retorted ignoring Czar’s order.

“I said keep quiet! Czar echoed.

This caught the attention of the knights approaching the nearby bush. They dived to different corners of the bush and hid there after noticing the knights.

Czar was fed up with the men’s behavior. They could have been caught by now. Well, thats if they will get rid of the ones approaching. He managed to draw the attention of the knights to his position with the fire he lit on a dry leaf. They kept moving to the spot when he suddenly grabbed them both by the neck and forced them on their knees without a sound. They died instantly. His men watched the marvelous act. Perhaps he killed their spirits first.

“Come on! He gestured to them.

They came together and made a plan which was suggested by Saja.

After some moment of few walk, they halted at the sight of the armies that were guarding the armory.

“Ok. You will go first; Saja ordered.

“Why me? Samir asked.

Because I came up with the plan”

But since you came up with it, you must know it better, Ell chipped in.

You should keep it down or I will nominate you either. Czar; say something please” Saja said turning to Czar.

Czar smiled and starred at Saja for a while. In a moment, he pushed him out of their hideout and was seen by the guards.

To be continued…


Re: The Adventures Of Czar by Baitullah: 9:09am On Aug 07, 2019
hey guys!
Re: The Adventures Of Czar by drewsman(m): 1:55pm On Aug 07, 2019
Wow, I wonder why I haven't stumbled on this great story until now.
Great story bro. Enjoying it to the fullest
Re: The Adventures Of Czar by skyblueking(m): 1:57pm On Aug 07, 2019
Seat booked!

Watch errors!
Complicated names and location.
Stinginess in mention.
Slow update..
Re: The Adventures Of Czar by Philipssg: 3:13pm On Aug 07, 2019
Well done bro.
Re: The Adventures Of Czar by Philipssg: 3:13pm On Aug 07, 2019
You have a nice story up there.
Re: The Adventures Of Czar by Baitullah: 10:31am On Aug 08, 2019
Nice, Seat booked!
Watch errors! Complicated names and location. Stinginess in mention. Slow update.. Note!!
thanks for the observation.
but the story is completely fiction. please bear with some errors.
I will work on the update and other notes.

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