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If I Die Tomorrow (a Romantic Story Written By African Creator) by sachisco: 9:45am On Dec 01, 2017
If I Die Tomorrow


This Story is protected by copyright laws, please do not copy without the sole consent of the author to avoid legal issues.

If I Die Tomorrow - Episode 1

The morning was filled with so much hope of a brighter day, the sun shining so bright as the rays came through the window to distract Kenneth’s peaceful sleep. Kenneth an average height, handsome chocolate guy of late-twenties, slept so late the previous night sequel to his busy activities in school.

He was fortunate to be the president of student union government of Enugu state science and technology Enugu State, Nigeria, and that has always subjected him in having a very busy schedule in the school from Monday to Friday. Saturday morning has always been his free moment of having a solemn sleep but the sun brightness became a stumbling block to the peaceful morning he always had.

Kenneth was still so weak and reluctant from standing up to block the rays of light from the sun, anger written all over his face that he could beat up the sun if it were to be human. He is still on the bed a lot running on his mind when a knock came at the door.

“Who is there” he reluctantly replied after few minutes of his refusal to respond to the knock.

“Is me baby” Amanda replied from behind the door

He managed to stand up from the bed and covered the window with the curtain and straight to the door, on opening the door his mouth got consumed with millions of speechless words.

“Happy birthday my hero” Amanda wished him

Amanda a tall slim girl of her early twenties, whose beauty has become a topic on daily basis, kept every mini gathering of male students busy with gossip. Her charming smiles that always exposed her gap tooth which successfully turned the men into gossips and secret admirers on campus.

Kenneth has been in love with Amanda for two years and few months, their faithfulness on the campus has become a lesson to the duo friends and other students. So many students believed that Amanda’s love for Kenneth was based on his political status in the school, but days have progressively continued to grow old yet there have not been any form of unfaithfulness between the duos.

“I practically forgot that today is my birthday” Ken replied with a handsome smile taking the better part of his face“. Who in your shoes will remember such a day if not reminded by someone close to his heart, and do not forget that a woman role in a man’s life is to call his attention back when responsibilities and office schedule have succeeded in taking away his whole life” She replied and chuckled

Kenneth who has already been drowned by the ocean of emotions stood akimbo and looked directly into her eyes, smiled and whispered “You are the good luck of my life, thank you for loving the naughty me” tears of joy rained down from his eyes soaking the neck part of his pyjamas. She hugged him and passionately they kissed and entered the room.

Amanda has always been a very good cook that anytime she comes any close to Ken’s apartment he makes the kitchen her favourite place to be, she drives so much joy spending more of her time in the kitchen. Without been told it is her cooking ability that stole Kenneth’s heart not really her adorable beauty. He loves her to be around him every weekend because she makes sure that different type of soups and other food are well cooked and preserved in the fridge which on daily basis Kenneth warms whichever food he wants to eat. Amanda made life so easy for Kenneth that he would never think of losing her to anybody, so he tries his possible best not to make her sad and provides for her anything and everything she needs that money can buy.

Kenneth has always been an addict smoker but Amanda whom he fondly calls wife material stopped him from smoking and also from other irresponsible act that young boys exhibit on campus. If Amanda were to be a God Kenneth will not give a second thought the chance from worshiping her each day of his life, for a lot of things changed for good since Amanda came into his life. His denouncement from the red dragon confraternity almost took his life; he took the risk all for the sake of love. Kenneth and Amanda went into exile for months when his life became so close to the grave, his office became vacant as his political career went into jeopardy. All through his stay on exile the troubles of his thought became on how to retain his office as the SUG president. Two things are involved at that moment is either he returns back to school and remain his brother’s keeper or his office varnishes into the thin air…
Re: If I Die Tomorrow (a Romantic Story Written By African Creator) by sachisco: 9:48am On Dec 01, 2017
If I Die Tomorrow - Episode 2

Amanda actually planned a surprised party for her boyfriend a night before; she had already gone to the market to buy some food stuffs for the special day. Kenneth stood so amazed at the kitchen door looking at Amanda who is slicing the cabbages for fried rice, the frozen turkey and goat meats were already in the pot been tortured by the flames of the cooking gas cylinder.

He was lost in an imagination as his phone rings on the bed, Amanda tapped him on the hand, he returned back from an unexpected emotional journey and that was when he realized his phone was ringing. He left for the bed, collected his phone and slides to the green partition of the phone

“Hello Mirian how are you?” he answered to the caller “Am in Enugu now” Mirian replied

“I don’t understand how would you be coming to Enugu all the way from Lagos without even giving me a call until you came into town” He frowned

Amanda heard his harsh voice to the caller came out from the kitchen and stood confused waiting for the end of the call to know the reason for his harsh words on the phone.

“Am at white cross hotel, please don’t keep me waiting is very urgent” she replied and ended the call

“Honey what is it? Who was that?” Amanda questioned

“All these my cousins they can be so annoying, is it not Mirian left Lagos for Enugu without letting me know till she arrive here saying that she wants to see me” He replied

“Have suddenly forgotten what today is? Or do you hate surprise? For crying out loud your cousin sister wants to give you a surprise birthday package.

Amanda’s speculation on the reason for her cousin not informing him before travelling down to the east brought back the lost smiles on his face. He immediately dressed up and left for the hotel as Amanda returned to the kitchen.

Mirian a tall chubby beautiful girl endowed with a charming shape that can make the man in man stand firm not minding the arena of where she is been sighted, she is at her early twenties with an amazing maturity.

She walks up and down the hotel room looking so unhappy and frustrated, few minutes later a knock came at the door, gently she walked up to the door opened it and went to the bed and embraced one of the pillows. Kenneth walked into the room observed the whole nooks and cranny of the room just in few seconds on his face was mixed feelings all over.

“What could have made you leave your school in Lagos down to this Enugu just to see me?” Ken impatiently queried

Mirian with heavy dark cloud on her face, hands him over a note on the bed, he collected it from him, after few observation.

“I don’t understand” He said

“Kenneth what is it that you don’t understand, I am pregnant” She replied

“for who?” He queried

“I have known no other man ever in my life Kenneth and you know that”

Kenneth was so confused with life that he couldn’t know where and how to place his thoughts, he wished the past never came knocking…what past is in Kenneth’s present to hunt his future?
Re: If I Die Tomorrow (a Romantic Story Written By African Creator) by sachisco: 9:53am On Dec 01, 2017
If I Die Tomorrow - Episode 3

The Christmas season in Nsukka Enugu State, Nigeria has obviously become a very memorable one for Kenneth and his entire family members because everyone came home for the celebration. Is been like ages that the family made such home coming for the feast of Christmas. Mirian the second child of Kenneth’s uncle Mr. Williams who is a successful business man the only younger brother to Kenneth’s dad based in Lagos has really grown into a big girl.

Kenneth and Mirian have always been the best of friends among other of their cousins and this Christmas season the whole family came down to the village rekindled the childhood relationship which the both of them have always appreciated.

The both are always fund of themselves that the other cannot leave for any place without the other, their parents right from childhood have always called them twins due to their closeness.

The duo has grown into adults having the knowledge of good and evil. On the Eve of the new year the both slept together in one room, at the peak of their sleep, they both unknowingly curdled each other, after a while Kenneth woke up to see themselves in such position, the lantern at the center of the room became the source of light for him seeing Amanda who is apparently naked on her night gown, he remained still for a while before he kicked off with smooching her, Mirian who is still deep in sleep responded to the romantic touch of her cousin brother Kenneth. The little play graduated into a serious business when Mirian woke up and held him so close to her worm body, they kissed passionately and eventually made out.

Mirian who has never had such feelings screamed so loud at some point when Ken had his way into her; he briskly covered her mouth with the pillow.

“The pain is much” she screamed but the pillow seized the voice

Kenneth continued his bad boy regular act in school, and that was how cousins turned out be lovers. Their remaining stay in the village was filled with lots of fun; they had their ways in every beautiful nature’s nooks and cranny of the village. Mirian who has never been in love due to the strict nature of his dad who doesn’t allow them hang out with friends not until she got admission into Lagos state university to study Biochemistry few months before the Christmas season.

So Kenneth within the short period of time they spent together made her love love in every bit, Mirian wished they were never cousins so they could spend the rest of their lives together. For the little time they spent in the village during the Christmas season have really counted in her life, now she has become Oliver twist.

* * * * * * *

Kenneth’s life has become as ruined as he is caught in-between, his thoughts have refused to flow smooth as rain of sweat got his clothes soaked. What will the world say when this good news gets to them he fights with his thoughts. Yes is a good news but came through the abominable way, how can I sore my hands with the blood of an innocent child. He can’t reason out any reasonable thing, all he could imagine is how disappointed his family will be on them both. The question remains, what would they do as they both have got stocked with life in the hotel room.

Kenneth dropped his phone on the bed slumping in the bed, just immediately his phone rings checking the phone, the caller identity was Amanda, he reluctantly picked the call after some missed calls.

“Hello baby am at the hotel reception which side are you both?” she asked?

Kenneth jerked up from the bed his eyes bulging out in shock and confusion as he remained speechless mopping at Mirian who is sited at the edge of the bed looked so frustrated with life…

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Re: If I Die Tomorrow (a Romantic Story Written By African Creator) by sachisco: 11:54am On Dec 02, 2017
If I Die Tomorrow - Episode 4

Amanda who has waited at the reception impatiently for long continued calling Kenneth on phone, but he kept ignoring the calls it was then that it started getting clear to be that the caller identity he came to see at the hotel was not actually his cousin sister as he claimed.

Inside the room Kenneth is been faced with the greatest challenges on how to make Mirian succumb to accepting the only condition they have to make their act a dead secret, but obviously Mirian was not in any way helping matters. With tear streaming down from her eyes she reminded Kenneth the promises they made to each other during those beautiful moments they shared together in the village just one month back.

“Have you suddenly forgotten the promises we made to each as the birds of the quiet village bush sing a melodious song that forced us into taking an unplanned siesta?

“What about the love we shared in that beautiful stream of the village, those moments we fall into the glittering beautiful flowing water? So you want them all gone, the memories doesn’t ring a bell on your mind? If does nothing to you it does to me” She stood up and held him so tight

“Kenneth all through my life I have always loved you” She said sobbing

He held her on the hand as he uncontrollably broke into heavy downfall of tears “Mirian in as much as you love me I love you too, but we are bloods, we are cousins, your dad is my father’s younger brother and the only sibling, how will the world filter this news when it gets to their ears, where are we going to run to?”

“Please my dear sister all we need to do is to abort the baby, we are African and we need to think like Africans” He concluded and sits on the bed looking so deady.

“Yes we grew up to know that we are cousins, if brothers and sisters were not meant to love each other, then why did nature allow us develop those emotions, Kenneth even if it won’t work out I sincerely will keep this baby, for am not ready to murder an innocent child, yes it may come this way but don’t forget that God gives children” She truthfully spoke to Kenneth’s mindset

Kenneth was mad hearing such words from her, reminding her implications of keeping the baby. Letting her know that no matter how long they try to bury the secret that their baby will eventually in future demand to know his or her father, “how strong will you be then to forgive yourself for lying to your first child”

The both of them remained speechless sobbing; Ken’s phone never stopped ringing

“Go and answer your girlfriend” Mirian told him

Kenneth looked as guilty as he picked up the phone, with his handkerchief he cleaned his tears and lest the room. Mirian wished for death to come but the death seemed to be so far away that it can hear the cry of a life in need of it to consume. A lot of things kept swimming in her ocean of thought, but nothing reasonable could be captured on a way forward.

Kenneth remained at the staircase and wished he could wake up from the terrible dream; he is still standing fighting so hard to see some reasons he could give to Amanda for spending more time after telling her she was coming down to meet her at the reception.

“I wished that Christmas never came, Oh God I wished I never woke up on that New Year eve”

His phone rang again that he almost lost his step on the staircase, at once he made up his mind to face any cruel thing that will come out of the whole thing and still wished for the rays of the sun to wake him up as it did in that morning.

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Re: If I Die Tomorrow (a Romantic Story Written By African Creator) by Omoalhaja77: 3:38pm On Dec 03, 2017
sachisco...thump up!!! 9c story line u v gat.
Re: If I Die Tomorrow (a Romantic Story Written By African Creator) by Omoalhaja77: 3:38pm On Dec 03, 2017
@sachisco,am following u....wen r u droppin d nxt episode?
Re: If I Die Tomorrow (a Romantic Story Written By African Creator) by sachisco: 7:09pm On Dec 03, 2017
Update will be Tomorrow 7am. Thanks
Re: If I Die Tomorrow (a Romantic Story Written By African Creator) by sachisco: 7:10pm On Dec 03, 2017
Update will be Tomorrow 7am. Thanks
Re: If I Die Tomorrow (a Romantic Story Written By African Creator) by Adekay94(m): 7:16pm On Dec 03, 2017


Relationships can be complicated with people you love for numerous reasons.

From not being sure about their feelings for you to them loving and wanting you for financial and pleasure purposes only, one can never be too sure of why the person you love is in a relationship with you.
A lot of people date strictly for what they can obtain from their partners of which sex and money ranks on top of the list.

Some people date for the social favours they can obtain from their partners while others do it strictly for their egos.

However the most common reasons why people who go into relationships for the purpose of using their partners do so are for sex and money.
Here are Eight ways you can know if partner is there to drill a hole in your pocket andalso for the pleasure.

They Always Have A Pity Story Money Can Solve
They will always bring up stories about how they are short on cash because they had to borrow their cousin money for school fees.

They will then tell you that they need money from you for sundry expenses such as light bills, replacement of a faulty appliance and other expenditures they can wrap their heads around.

They could turn this into a pattern where they will bring up serious and heartbreaking stories that will give you no option than to give in to their demands.

Read full article here https://africanentertainment.info/8-signs-your-lover-is-with-you-only-because-of-sex-and-money/
Re: If I Die Tomorrow (a Romantic Story Written By African Creator) by sachisco: 7:39am On Dec 04, 2017
If I Die Tommorow - Episode 5

Amanda who was already very furious boiling in anger stood watching the haggard Kenneth as he stands before her.

   “Are you done with the cooking” He faked up a smile

  “On day like today, you chose to make me feel worthless Ken” She said and left for the door

Kenneth stood still and watched her leave the hotel reception, truly her leaving is obviously an answered prayer. He can now think straight on how to get himself out of the mess, he reluctantly sits on the reception seat close to the standing air conditioner. The receptionist whom his attitude has left thinking approached her and asked him if the AC was not functioning well, considering the rate at which he was sweating. Kenneth didn’t even act like someone who was asked a question, for he was lost in thought. The little girl tapped him and asked

   “Sir I hope all is well”

Kenneth regained consciousness and quietly left the girl for the room. The poor girl looked so confused and cautioned herself to always mind her business before her caring acts lands her into an unavoidable trouble that may involve losing her job.

It was an august visit for Kenneth’s  parents on the 14th of February which is the day of love celebration as Kenneth brought home Amanda to meet with his parents telling them of his interest of spending the rest of his life with Amanda. Amanda cannot be to any environment without people loving her and wanting to be with her. Her outrageous qualities of a good woman have continued to make her have her way in any place she see herself in life.

Kenneth’s parents and siblings can’t stop been fund of her these few days she spent with them, they all cannot wait for Ken’s graduation so that they can go and do the traditional rites on her head, for them to  legally marry and be called husband and wife.

Her creative styles in the kitchen and her love in doing house chores stole away Kenneth’s mum heart away. She can’t obviously wait for the legal things to be done as she already calls Amanda “my wife”. Amanda has finally seen a new home, a home that he has for long prayed for, for she has always believed that a woman success is complete when she is been loved by the husband’s family and more especially the mother in-law. Right now Amanda sees herself as one of the most successful women in the world, she can’t really wait for the day Kenneth will come pay her bride price for she is really feeling like a married woman.

That faithful night Kenneth’s mum walked into Kenneth room and woke Amanda up, asked her to follow her to the parlour which she did without any questions for she sees her as her own mother. They entered the parlour and they both sat down Amanda fighting with her thoughts imagining what the old woman will have in stock for her.

Kenneth’s mum continued with telling her of her son’s weakest point, telling her how she needs to be patient like her for Kenneth is just a replica of the father both in character and looks.

  “You know my husband is so handsome, so also my son” She said smiling

Amanda put up her beautiful smile, Ken’s mum reminded her of the importance of smiles and how smiles heal a broken heart. She reminded her never to exchange words with Kenneth for doing so can make him act up strangely that will ruin a beautifully built relationship and later he will regret it. She also made her to understand that a woman is the care taker of her husband.

   “Learn today on how to build your home with your husband”

 “And don’t expect a man to remain faithful to the marriage, the faithfulness is on you to determine, my daughter men are polygamous in nature learn to live with it” she added. Obviously that part of the motherly advice was not accepted by her, her facial reaction sent the message to Ken’s mum. She adjusts herself and called on Amanda’s attention..

Read More here - https://www.ebonystory.com/story/if-i-die-tomorrow/episode-6
Re: If I Die Tomorrow (a Romantic Story Written By African Creator) by OlufemiWhit(m): 7:08am On Dec 05, 2017
This is really good......keep posting it on here
Re: If I Die Tomorrow (a Romantic Story Written By African Creator) by sachisco: 6:42pm On Dec 08, 2017
If I Die Tomorrow - Episode 6

Those words of Ken’s mum kept running through Amanda’s mind all through the night, she kept wondering why a woman she barely know could be able to talk to her on marriage matters like she carried her in her womb for nine months. All that whispers to her mind is that she has gotten to the right place; the right man has finally come into her life. Her responsibilities as a woman has triggered to the level of understanding and endurance. No wonder they say that every level has a different demon she murmured. Kenneth who has been sited behind her touched her on the shoulder

   “Obi mu what did my mum tell you and what has been running through your mind” she asked

Amanda who didn’t know that he was already awake remained shocked and refused to talk, Ken moved closer to her and held her so close to himself persuading her to let out  what his mum to her, but she slammed the door of the topic by making him to know that the discussion was meant for only women. Kenneth chuckled “so she has poisoned you on keeping secrets, sorry I forgot it was my mum that discussed with you” he replied and went back to sleep.

Amanda returned home to meet the beautifully decorated arena for Ken’s birthday mini party; she made Ken’s apartment a colourful place for a memorable birthday. She putted it to herself that the birthday party was going to be mark in Kenneth’s life and that was why she took her time to satisfy her dreams. Tear rained down her eyes uncontrollably as she scattered the whole place, looking so played on, all through the years of their relationship she has never seen such guilt and lies consumed Kenneth’s face like she did at the hotel reception. Easily she could forgive so easily the reason behind the guilt and lies for no man is perfect, but what hurts her most was how long he kept her waiting at the reception. She felt like the world has finally come to an end, she at every interval cursed nature and life for bringing them together. She cursed the very first day she developed any feelings for Kenneth, She stood up after lots of lamentation wiped her tears, stood up and left the house looking so scattered with the cake scattered on the floor.

Amanda found her way into a drinking spot believing that the only means of erasing Kenneth’s memory from her life was drinking herself to stupor. She consistently drank in the bar that made some customers notice her presence for she could not be able to stop the tears from raining. Amanda who is ignorant of the fact that of any good relationship stands an impatient one waiting for the death of the relationship. Spunky one of the men waiting to hear the breakup of Kenneth and Amanda became so fortunate to be present in the bar. A woman’s heart can be swigged emotionally whenever she is traumatized, at this moment all Amanda wanted was someone that can console her and say some good things to her ear. To Spunky is a prayer answered, becoming Amanda’s boyfriend has always been his dreams and truly is about becoming dreams come true. He approached her stopped her from drinking more, cleaned her up, paid for the drinks and took her out of the bar. The both of them invariably turned out to be a cinema at that moment in the bar not until they both disappeared into thin air.

Kenneth’s return to the hotel room wasn’t funny at all because the both of them have refused to understand each other. Mirian wants them both to run out of the country and get married while Kenneth wants the baby to be aborted. The high tone of their voices got the hotel staffs attention that they came to the door of their room reminding them of other guests in the hotel that needs some rest. Ken who is looking so furious looked at Mirian which sends the message of him wanting to end her life if she ever refuses doing as he instructed.

   “Those eyes cannot frighten me to abort this baby” She reminded him

Kenneth ignored her picked up his phone and left the room, Mirian stood confused for she cannot say for sure what he is up to, and she sat down on the bed, picked up her phone and replayed all their discussions which she recorded, opened the message box of her phone, she types… “Should in case…”

Read more here - https://www.ebonystory.com/story/if-i-die-tomorrow/episode-7

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