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I AND Marcel(gay Story , Written By Chidera Chokolate) by derachokolate(m): 12:49pm On Dec 01, 2017

On 18th September 2009 , not too long i after i graduated from primary school which was at HOLY FAMILY NURSERY AND PRIMARY SCHOOL NKPOR ONITSHA .

I took a step into the next level of my education, i was admitted to ST VINCENT DE PAUL SEMINARY AGBOGUGU ENUGU STATE after a successful entrance Examination and a three day hectic oral and written interview , I started school on this as a junior seminarian , cherished and respected by catholic members ..

I was excited , from then hence , i will be allowed to enter the sacristy , the sanctuary and other places of the church segregated from other members ..

That's a good thing i know

"chidera its 5am !"
that's the loud coax voice of my mum disturbing the peace of the night and indirectly pressing the halt button of my sub-conscious mind ..

" mummy am awake already, let me go and bath...goodmorning"

she lamented on how we are embarking on a long journey while i headed towards the north direction of the house .

A nervous and anxious secondary school newbie i was , just few minutes in the shower and am already out .

I dressed in my neatly ironed white and green striped check , and a navy blue trouser to make up the complete day wear of my new school , and up the counter in the room i brought down , my well polished sandal that was made for me by uncle Sam , as a congratulatory gift for my admission .

At 6:45am ,brother nnaji was yet to arrive with his car, brother nnaji is my late dad's secondary school classmate,he promised to be helping us on transportation anytime he is chanced , that's nice of him , "friends are brothers" I saw it in theirs .

I was supposed to take breakfast while waiting for brother nnaji but over anxiety stole the appetite away from me , my clothings has been neatly stacked inside different bags and my books and other belongings inside my neatly coloured cupboard. Chanting "good to go" .

At 7am and my siblings are off to school , bidding me farewell as they won't meet me when they come back , i hugged each of them with a peck on the cheek , telling them that parental slogan "read your books " before i let them go .

Me and my cousins who came around that morning to help me load my loads in the car shifted my loads to the road side as its easier to put it inside the car from there .

7:30 am was the arrival time of brother nnaji , before mummy could go take her bath .

" Good morning sir "

i greeted him

"good morning nnaa , you are ready right ?"

i nodded positively to the question , and adding that mummy is having her bath and will soon be done , we have to wait a little for her .

Every passer by dropped by to look at my school badge as the uniform is unique and strange to(in) the neighbourhood , as that increased my moral and pride.

Few minutes to 8am , mummy is done and fian! We left town .

It was a cross state journey , but we arrived the school premises at 11 am , did the normal registrations and hostel allocations , as i was allocated ST MICHAEL's hostel , i packed in.

As a newbie i was allocated a double bunk , and my corner was arranged by the help of momma .

When i understood what it means was when momma was about leaving , memories flashed and tears dropped , but she won't stay so i convinced my self that.

In the evening, after dinner , i went to my bed straight , i thought it was normal life outside , have your meal and go to sleep .

I slept off , when i woke everywhere was like a vacuum , being a product of Claustrophobia, i was scared .

where could the students be ?
I thought ,

wallowing in my thoughts ,unstable and having my mind in turmoil , a voice came from behind , calm and soft ..

Hey ?

From the worn-out look of his school uniform , i could detect that he was a senior student .

"Please where are the other students ?"

i asked , sounding paranoid .

He told me they went for night prayers, that the former prayers was the evening prayers, i was surprised because I thought that should be the night prayers .

I rushed and wore my uniform , when i was about to run out of the hostel , he called me back and asked .

Whats your name ?

I am chidera by name and you ?

I am marcel .

written by Chidera Chokolate
Re: I AND Marcel(gay Story , Written By Chidera Chokolate) by AkachukwuD(m): 2:05pm On Dec 01, 2017
Nice one bro.
More updates please
Re: I AND Marcel(gay Story , Written By Chidera Chokolate) by nuelzy: 4:43pm On Dec 01, 2017
Continue nah
Re: I AND Marcel(gay Story , Written By Chidera Chokolate) by derachokolate(m): 11:26am On Dec 05, 2017

I ran off to the chapel , for the supposed night prayers , on my way during the helter skelta run ,i was obstructed by a touchlight coming from the sycamore tree with a backup voice of order.

"stop there " goes the harsh voice of teacher Anthony

teacher Anthony was introduced to us as the teacher in charge of labour and games .

"are you a new student?" he questioned , hitting his cane like a drum stick on the ground .

"yes teacher " my shaky voice went .

" run to the chapel " he commanded while i tried to reach my speed limit.

The next day was Saturday , the rising bell went by 6am , the seminary bell could wake every body in the community up .

I woke from my bed , made for my cupboard , brought out my toothbrush and my paste , i applied my paste on my toothbrush just as i was about to drop the paste .

"can i use your paste?"

and that's marcel .

"okay you can have it "

after the brush up , i prepared like others , and went for morning prayers .

The school programme ran from the morning prayers , the mass , then the labour .

We changed to our labour attire , and gathered at the sycamore , while teacher Anthony came to allocate working portions to classes , the class prefects were assigned to invigilate and Divide the portions among their classmates .

Then jss1 having no class prefect , the assistant labour prefect was assigned to take care of our class .

I had never weed before , i had never cut a grass before , but i found myself with a hoe and a machete .

Since we were newbies, we were assigned the central compound to take care of , weeding and clearing .

He assigned portions among everyone but me .

I thought i was left out until he called me .

" you, go and dispose all the wastebins infront of the hostels"

i was amazed, the happiness in me could show on my dial expression , how could he assign me such an easy task ,heaven on earth .

" senior please i don't know where the compost pit is " i retorted .

" come , follow me "

i followed him as he picked one of the wastebins and instructed me to do same .

I followed him to the back of st Thomas aquina's hostel , the compost pit was just before the toilet.

He threw the dirt he was carrying and told me to do the rest and left.

He never sounded authoritative, and that got me thinking .

Marcel is really a nice person .

I went on the task , and within few minutes i was done , i had enough time to take my bath and prepare myself for the afternoon prayers , thanks to marcel .

After the afternoon prayers was the lunch , we were served egusi soup with garri , a quarter pot of garri for 15 candidates .


I was a chronic foodie , the food was too small after being shared to each individual, boarding house here i come .

I was sober because the food wouldn't travel a mile , but still i had no option but to eat the little that have been placed before me.

Before they could say "hey" am already on the last ball of garri, i used my fork on my right hand as i so disliked the fork and knife thingy ,it looked stressful , what's the point of eating like a tortoise when I can use my right hand .

I was done with my food but my face could tell Oliver twist , i wanted some more but every chance of getting it seemed impossible .

Still in that peril caused by hunger , i got a tap from the back .

" are you still hungry ?"

i nodded positively to the wanted but not expected question .

While i was chopping down the tree , my subconscious was set ablaze ...

I ignored my mind and focused on my stomach , after the lunch was siesta, I couldn't sleep, my mind was in turmoil.

Why is marcel this kind ?

Re: I AND Marcel(gay Story , Written By Chidera Chokolate) by educonsultant: 12:51pm On Dec 05, 2017
waiting for more
interesting though
Re: I AND Marcel(gay Story , Written By Chidera Chokolate) by frankline461: 1:02pm On Dec 05, 2017
Nice one, ride on....
I've got your back!! grin grin grin
Re: I AND Marcel(gay Story , Written By Chidera Chokolate) by nuelzy: 8:13pm On Dec 05, 2017
Re: I AND Marcel(gay Story , Written By Chidera Chokolate) by derachokolate(m): 11:37am On Dec 08, 2017

That Saturday night was declared a free night , so that the students could take their books to their respective classes , and get prepared for Monday , which was the day that academic classes will officially kick off .

I took my books to the class , hurriedly so i could have a time with marcel . I have to know why he is being this kind to me , which can never be out of impulse . it took 45mins of my time and i was done , the next question was , how will i locate marcel , who was absent in the hostel at the moment .

"Where do i start looking for him ?"

i headed towards the senior block , i asked questions before i could locate the ss1 class room .

"Senior please am looking for senior marcel ".....

I humbly and calmly asked the senior who was standing at the corridor , just before the door of the classroom .

Let me call him for you ".... He replied entering the class.

It was not up to a minute then i saw marcel walking majestically towards the exit of the classroom , adjacent to me .

Senior marcel !

The anxiety in me could tell, he smiled and replied

"can you stop adding the suffix "senior" to my name ?
You can call me marcel "

he is not sounding authoritative and he has never sounded, he wants me to be his school son ,i guessed , when i was in primary school , my senior friends who were borders had always gisted me about school fathers so i thought i have gotten one .

"ermm are you done? , i would love to have a discussion with you "........ My tiny shaky voice rang

"okay no problem " he would always sound positive

we strolled down to a cool hidden corner of the school , making proper introductions and learning about each other , he has a cool profile , his father was a wealthy man , known and recognised in agbudu community in Awgu local government Enugu state , a neighbouring village to mine , unlike me , son of a widow , who is managing and struggling to send me to school .

We talked about our social life , he told me about his relationship life ,and how he had gotten hurt by different girls which made him become pessimistic about love .

I felt for him when he told me about joy eke

how he loved her , cared for her , gave her the attention she needed, the unexpected gifts and lastly how the ungrateful bitch ended with his junior brother on his bed .

What about lillian that broke up after he got her a phone ?

That was how my hatred for girls started .

"Are you still a virgin ?"
i asked this question fearfully, in other to dilute the fire i added
"i have crossed my wall i know "

nope you are free to ask anything" he said

then continued
"well i am not a virgin , i gave joy my virginity , but she paid me back badly , since then i hated girls . "

how do you cope with the pregnancy stuff " ..as innocent as i am , i asked

he laughed before he told me about condom , a word that was new to me , a material i have never seen in my whole life , he thought me its use and how its being used .

What if the condom Breaks ?" i asked curiously .

"you see that's onething about sex , everything is risk , you can contact sexual transmitted diseases like hiv,aids and others , and there is a possibility that the girl will get pregnant too "

wow , i got interested , my ears widened , i wished for more , but the warning bell for the lights out went and its time to get back to the hostel .

I have known marcel much , i started seeing him more like a friend , than a senior .

We strolled together down to the hostel , before i whispered a silent goodnight and retired to my bed .

The next day was Sunday , my first Sunday in school , after the Sunday mass and the breakfast was the spiritual organization, i chose to be a member of st Anthony's because i have heard a lot about their bread on their feast days , later in the day i belonged to the scout because i could attend trainings during social organizations with my games wear and rush to my games arena from there instead of going back to the hostel to change up .
Days passed , i got on with marcel , we were cool to the extent that people called me marcel junior , that was how close we got , he helped me on my assignments , helped me financially and other aspects .

Till the day of difficult choice


written by chidera chokolate

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Re: I AND Marcel(gay Story , Written By Chidera Chokolate) by derachokolate(m): 10:15am On Dec 13, 2017

That day was the first Sunday of the month , the month , the third and the final term of my jss1, the Sunday just before the Monday that results will be shared to students and we all would vacate for the long term break .

The Sunday was declared free night so the students could park their belongings for the supposed vacation.

"Today is is free night , make sure you park your bags , keep your corners clean , and don't forget to lock your cupboards before leaving tomorrow" ..... The first auxiliary spoke shortly after the night prayers .

I was excited , everybody was , at last i could go and stay a meaningful number of days
at home .

I was strolling down from the chapel to the hostel when he touched shirt .

"Dera follow me "

i followed sheepishly to the back of the students bathroom .

"what could be the reason he brought me here ?" ..... My mind was not calm .

"i can't hide this again"........he exclaimed .
"hide what?" .... I asked with so much curiosity like a cat .

" from the first day you stepped into this school , i have not been myself , i have had you in my dreams , i have fantasized about
you , i have gotten addicted to you , the love i have for you grows daily, i have not been
myself , i have been trying to hide this feelings but i can't again, i need you in my life , i want you to be my baby ....."

i cut in sharply

"wait! Are you trying to recite the love letter you wrote for your new crush ?"

i asked looking shocked , i was never expecting such thing from a boy to a boy , i thought our love should remain under the "bro" zone.

"am serious !" ....... He cuts in
"serious about!?"..... I added trying to be sure of what he actually meant .

"chidera can't you understand that i love you !?"

i was not getting it , i could just manage to ask ..

" what about the school rules , this is tantamount to expulsion you remember ?"

"yes i know but "
"but what?" .... I asked

"nobody will know about us , they know we are close friends already and the won't suspect , please just be my baby boy , i promise ,i will do double of what am doing for you already , please i can't let you go, i will be sick , i might even quit school if you don't accept me."

i was clearly homophobic , but marcel from the first day we spoke at length gave me
reasons to hate girls, his story made me dissociate my self from girls , but being gay was never in the picture .

Marcel has been good to me , he has supported me both financially and otherwise , what about the day he slapped his classmate for slapping me , in the seminary classmates are brothers , so
logically he went against the bro code just because of me . Because of the incidence the whole class isolated him , i was the only class mate he had .

Marcel made me get used to him.

"i seriously don't know what to say " .... I broke the graveyard silence .

"i have never done this before , it disgusts me , i have never seen my self in this picture , how do i cope with It !"... I asked

" don't worry i will lead you along , just accept and leave the rest for me " he said

"or when you reach the house , browse redwapdotcom , search on gays and you will get educated about it ." He added

in other not to look cheap, because i was told that when a girl accepts a guy the first day of the request that she is cheap , now being the girl here , i postponed it to the next term , so i would maintain the hard-to-
get tag .

This is really difficult choice but i was convinced by his behaviours that's the best for me , since getting a girlfriend will leave me at emotional trauma,and there is a possibility of getting the girl pregnant too , so i have to play safe .

The next day was Monday , i couldnt sleep the last night since the thoughts of what marcel told me couldnt slip of my mind . Before i vacated the school premises ,i looked for marcel and told him am leaving .

" i will miss you " he said
" i will miss you too " i replied .

He advised me to be a good boy and not to forget about his request .

I nodded my head and took my bag off the school compound to the road where i boarded a taxi that took me home .


written by chidera chokolate
Re: I AND Marcel(gay Story , Written By Chidera Chokolate) by derachokolate(m): 1:01pm On Dec 15, 2017

While on holidays , i didnt have a phone , but i would steal my mother's phone to log on the site that marcel told me about .

I started channeling myself and learning what i am going to become , i learnt about anal , even though i saw it disgusting .

What about kissing a boy , that's the dumbest thing i could ever think of , but i was up to it against all odds .

I couldnt stay a day without fantasizing about my boyfriend to be , hallucinations on daily basis .

i started missing him .

I wasn't enjoying home again as all i think of was going back to school , accepting marcel , and living my supposed love life , exploiting the dirty plays i learnt from the site , which i thought would be more fun than staying at home .

Weeks passed , then came months and then it was a week to the resumption day , i was glad that finally , the days of anticipating is
gradually reaching its fullstop.

Within the blinking of an eye , its Friday already, i woke earlier than usual , i was eager to go back to school, the zeal looked different and suspicious .

I have missed marcel.

I had told my mum sometime before then about marcel , how kind he was and all the good deeds towards me , i never told my mum about our new plan and i promised my self never to tell her .

That was actually the first thing i kept from my mum since i was born .

Before 6:30 am

"mummy i should be on my way " .......i disturbed her peace

"chidera are you sure you are going back to school , unlike you , what are you running to catch ?" ........ she asked suspecting my moves

"hehehehe ahn ahn mummy is it bad to go back to school early ?, i have missed school ".... I replied defending my ever tickling self

"hmmmmmm okay nah , but wait till 7am so we could see a bike that will take us to the park . " :...she said

brother nnaji couldnt come that day since he travelled , i had to carry ,my luggages at 7am to the road where I and mum took a bike to the park .

"Be a good son , don't follow bad friends iyeah "..... She said as she handed me ten thousand naira pocket money , just before our car took off .

When i reached gariki park enugu, where i should take another bus to agbogugu , i took two thousand naira from my pocket money to get a gift for marcel , after much considerations i ended up getting two pairs of blue boxers , blue is my favourite colour .

I hurriedly entered the bus that finally got me before the school compound , i happily hopped in , bouncing like someone that just received a check of one million naira , the smiles on my face was contagious , anybody that came around got infected , and smiled for no reason .

I reached the hostel , and marcel was not yet back .

Bad but nice , i dropped the gift under his pillow , i disguised the cover of the gift.

Not up to an hour , i heard his voice , i rushed to the hostel door .

Marcel !!! ....i jumped on him , he nearly fell , the pitch my voice reached was surprising to people nearby , i could hear them murmur , but whose ox is gored , we never cared . I took one his bags as i whispered to him .

"I missed you though"
"i missed you too "....he replied

when we reached his corner , i dropped the bag and left the hostel , so i won't be around when he sees he gift .

I was peeping from the window next to him as he was trying to Arrange his bed , on turning his pillow , he saw my gift , the reaction on his face was the exact reaction i wanted to see , he looked at my corner , smiled and kept the gift aside .

Just few minutes i entered the hostel again , he looked at me and smiled , i smiled back because i knew what was going on , he could manage to stress his calm sweet voice
"thankyou "

"you're welcome ".... I Replied

then i left again so i could get the water we will use and bath that evening .

I came back , dropped one of the buckets under his bed , then changed to mofty and took mine to the bathroom .

When i was done with my bath , as i was strolling down to the hostel i met marcel heading to the bathroom , we waved at each other and went towards our directions .

When i reached the hostel , i opened my echolac to bring out my daywear , i saw a wrapped gift , which outer part was sticked with a white paper written "from marcel " on it .

What could be inside i thought .


written by chidera chokolate

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Re: I AND Marcel(gay Story , Written By Chidera Chokolate) by melodydennis(f): 1:38pm On Dec 15, 2017
Dera so na u wan rise my bp with suspense abi? Nice update u have here
Re: I AND Marcel(gay Story , Written By Chidera Chokolate) by empress101(f): 11:22pm On Dec 15, 2017
Hmmmm following
Re: I AND Marcel(gay Story , Written By Chidera Chokolate) by derachokolate(m): 4:06pm On Dec 16, 2017

It was not too long after i got prepared came the six o'clock angelus bell , which in otherwise signified the end of the day .

Before the warning bell , i was already heading to the chapel , for the evening prayers , and then followed the other activities of the day .

That night was free night so that the students could return their books to their respective classes, since that was a new academic section and change of classes occurred inbetween promoted students .

Ohhhh! I forgot to mention that we were retained in the same hostel , what a nice coincidence!.

I hurriedly dropped my books off my new classroom, by and by am gradually getting to the trouser level (senior student).

When i was done , i looked out for marcel , we went to our favourite corner to gist about the just concluded holidays .

He narrated everything sequentially , but in each scene he never failed to admit that i am the character missing , the end point of his story was that his holidays was boring without me .

I felt fly
i felt important
my self esteem boosted

he will actually make a perfect boyfriend .

When he was done , he gave me the chance to say how much i missed him .

After much gists, he cuts in with the magical question .

"havent you thought about my request ? What are you saying about it ? "

"yes i will be your baby boy " i dashed the words out without hesitation .

After i agreed , he stood up and gave me a long lasting warm hug , he wanted to give me a kiss but i dodged claiming not in the mood , not because am not in the mood , but because i knew i was bad at it , i have never done that before .

He didnt struggle , or try to steal the kiss from me , he acted the gentle man , and sat as he laid the promises .

"I promise not to cheat on you , and from now hence you are priority in this school now , i will make sure i give you the needed attention, i promise to be a good boyfriend " .... He said

those lines developed trust , i promised same , and coincidentally came the warning bell for lights out .

We held hands ,like newly wedded couple down to the hostel , what i saw absurd and as an abomination , i started getting used to it .

A day passed and its Monday , the first academic day of the academic session.

I wore my white and navy blue short, wore the blue wrist watch marcel got as gift for me , and up! , good to go .

Days passed , i got on with marcel , but we were on low key , since our typa relationship is against the school rules and regulations.

Lovebirds we were , sending love letters across , he would make sure i eat till bellefull each meal , he sneaks in provisions just to make me happy , he gave me the attention i needed and made sure i was always exempted from labour .

I was enjoying marcel and our relationship, but in the other hand i had phobias .

Marcel was in ss2 then and soon he will leave school , how do i cope after he has left .

Secondly it won't be long and the new function list would be Out and marcel's function will be altered , how then do i cope with labour .

This two things bothered me alot but i kept it to myself and lived on to enjoy him while it lasts .

People envied us , some threatened to report us , but we denied every accusation of us being gay .

We played the hide and seek very well till Clifford reported us .

Clifford was marcel's classmate , he always monitored us , the day he started monitoring us was after he begged marcel for food , and marcel told him the food was for me , i was looking at them from somewhere and i saw how his face changed , his facial expression was not encouraging , he just managed to say .

"i will know whats actually going on between you and this chidera of a boy "

since that day , I and Clifford turned enemies , he would punish me each time he sees me , and that has always brought problem between him and marcel , till the day they nearly fought .

That Tuesday morning , the intro-tech teacher was in the class teaching when the first auxiliary obstructed him .

"good morning sir " ...

I began to fear when i saw him with marcel , what could be the problem ?

I was still in thoughts when i heard .

"francis chidera! Follow me "

written by chidera chokolate
Re: I AND Marcel(gay Story , Written By Chidera Chokolate) by derachokolate(m): 10:53am On Dec 22, 2017

"You people should sit down here "

the auxiliary instructed pointing towards the bench infront of the sycamore as he sits opposite us .

"Do you know the consequence of
homosexuality in the seminary ?" ...he asked .

I turned and looked at marcel , the fear in me could show on my face , i was tempted to ask him how the auxiliary found out , but i kept quite so the auxiliary won't suspect a thing .

"Clifford brought a report to me that you guys behave like gays , which means you guys are suspects , and from now hence , i
don't want to see you guys closer than 5meters to each other , and i will change you guys too , i can't allow you people being in the same hostel .

I am not concluding that you guys are gays but, i have told Clifford to be monitoring you guys , and once he brings another report , i will table you guy's file to the rector and that is straight expulsion ! .....

Have i made my self clear! "

"yes auxi! " .... We shouted

he instructed me to run to my class while he told marcel to follow him , as i was running
to the class , i saw senior Clifford. the look i gave him could tell that the green snake is in the green grass ....

I wanted to tell him " you have drawn the battle line " .....its but i had to calm my nerves .

when classes dismissed , just immediately after lunch , i went down to the hostel, just to notice that marcel have been transferred
to another hostel.

I was pained , i wanted to cry but i wouldnt allow people notice , as i lay on the bed , so tired and down that i couldnt even remove my daywear. i saw a white piece of paper under my echolac .

I brought the white paper, opened it , and marcel wrote thus .

"meet me at the back of the chapel at exactly 2:30 , carry your hoe and machete so that it will look as if you were given manual labour , we have to plan on how to deal with is bastard son of a barrier .

I love you bby "

my heart was gladened as i set my alarm , undressed my bed and laid Down .

Not too long
"tin tin " the alarm went as i stood up , carried my hoe and machete , and tip toed towards The hostel door .

"Who is going out this siesta? " ... That's the coerce voice of teacher Emmanuel .

Teacher Emmanuel is the house teacher of st Michael's hostel (my hostel).

"Teacher Francis chidera"... i replied

he asked where i was going to , and i told him i was among the day's noise makers and i was given labour behind the chapel .

Before he could say the o in the okay , i was gone .

When i reached the chapel , i didnt see marcel , i thought of where he could be , as i walked straight through the back of the
chapel i heard a name that only he called me .

" chokolate "

i turned , and saw him sitting under the bamboo trees , in the farm behind the chapel .

"baby " .... I replied as i approached him ....

He stood , hugged me and gave me a peck on the cheek .

Since i started dating him , we have not kissed , i have always been the problem , i was just afraid of being labelled a bad kisser , first impression matters.

We talked about the issue at hand and how to get rid of it .

The only way to get rid of Clifford was setting him up for expulsion .
But the problem then became ,
"how do we do it?"

We started thinking on what to do, the fifteen minutes silence broke with marcel's

"yes i have a plan"

i turned, looking at him with my ears wide and eager to hear what he came up with .

He continued

" you know how much the father rector hates stealing and doesn't compromise it at all , be you his cousin, remember he expelled Jude , his junior cousin because he stole common pen . And remember that Clifford has one
suspension record tagged to his name ."

ehen..... So ? ........ I couldnt hold the curiosity in me.

He continued .

"Shey you are serving at mass tomorrow ? , i saw your name at the notice board .

And he is the sacristian , you will try and take father rectors rechargeable lantern , pass it to me through the window ,i will be waiting there , then i
will go and put it in his echolac .

Then after mass , they will surely search for the touch , and then , he's gone " ........ He
smiled after saying out the plan .

That's a nice and matured plan , but it was a very hard and risky task for me , but since that's the
only way to get rid of Clifford .

"I was determined to do it "

written by chiderachokolate
Re: I AND Marcel(gay Story , Written By Chidera Chokolate) by AkachukwuD(m): 7:25pm On Dec 22, 2017
Nice story bro. keep it up
Re: I AND Marcel(gay Story , Written By Chidera Chokolate) by derachokolate(m): 12:41pm On Dec 23, 2017

The day to execute the plan has arrived , when the rising bell went , i rushed to the bathroom , had my bath and prepared for morning prayers and mass .
My heart was beating faster than it should , what if i get caught in the process of setting him up .

But we must get rid of the sand that's threatening to enter into our garri..... I Thought too
but it worth the risk .

After the morning prayers was the mass , when i was leaving the chapel to the sacristy , i signaled marcel , he only nodded his head .

No too long after we the mass servers have prepared , came the father rector .

He dropped his touch on the table inside the sacristy , before dressing for the mass .

When the mass had started , and the sacristy being left empty , i saw marcel walk across the window opposite me , then i knew its time to carry out our evil plan .

I went inside the sacristy , from the alter , earlier before i purposely left the washing hand basin , so i would have a reason , entering the sacristy while the mass is going on .

When i entered the sacristy , i picked the touch and passed to marcel through the window , then carried the basin back to the alter to keep on the credence table .

When the mass was dismissed , we the mass servers undressed and went back to the chapel .

"You can go for your track " teacher Anthony instructed , we do run a small distance track every morning to keep fit .

Wait wait !

The first auxiliary altered the instruction.

"Who took the father rectors lantern ? "

every where was quite , nobody talked , the auxiliary tried his possible best to make the students talk , but nobody shifted his legs .

After much talks and plead , the auxiliary got angry and decided a search to be the alternative , promising the supposed thief an immediate expulsion .

" Gbam ! Nice plan " i smiled inside me .

Every student was matched to the front of their respective hostels , and each house masters conducted a strict search .

At about 30 mins later , news fled that the sacristian , Clifford , was the one in possession of the lantern .
Clifford denied taking the lantern , but the already tensed dissapointed auxiliary , didnt give him a chance to explain .

He took Clifford to the father rector straight away , and before i could spell my name the expulsion was a done deal .

"ooooppppss finally "

during the breakfast , Clifford was brought to the refectory and his expulsion was officially announced , i looked at marcel , and he showed me a thumb up .

Never underestimate the power of real lovers , they can do and undo when it comes to any barrierlike in their relationship .

When Clifford was gone , i and marcel , became free again .

We got along, everything working out well and perfectly Okay , we spent time with each other , looked out for each other , exchanged gifts at one particular time or the other .

People were jealous of us , i got so used to him that i got addicted , no too long the academic session was getting to its end .

Marcel will enter ss3 , while i enter js3 , and soon he will leave school , how then do i cope , that was what was bothering me .

By and by , we got to the end of the academic session , on the day of the long vacation , i was with marcel from the morning till when i left school .

I couldnt let him off my sight since , i was gonna see him in the next blue moon , 3 months looked like 3 years .

I have started missing him already .
When the results was shared and vacation was officially announced .

I excused myself from marcel so i could go and arrange my luggages , then take my bath , since i have a long journey to make .

I went to the hostel , i parked my belongings , arranged my corner , and them went to take my bath .

Not up to an hour , i was done , i went to marcel's hostel and called him , he helped carry one of my bags , but he was infront so that the auxiliary won't see us .

When we reached at the school gate , i couldnt go as he whispered "i will miss you "

before i could reply , tears dropped .

"Take this 7 thousand naira , when you reach enugu , get a phone , here is my number , call me on phone when you are at home. "....

written by Chidera Chokolate
Re: I AND Marcel(gay Story , Written By Chidera Chokolate) by derachokolate(m): 2:14pm On Dec 26, 2017

When I got to Enugu , railway in , I branched to get myself a phone , after hoping from one shop to the other , I finally succeeded in getting a Nokia 3110ç ,I just needed a phone that runs the 2go qpp , and I finally got one .

When I reached Onitsha, I showed my mum the phone marcel gave me money to buy , and I lied to her that he bought it for me and I couldn't reject the gift , that I had no other choice than to take it .

That's the second time I was lying to my mum .

I was expecting her to shout on me because she has said that none of her child is using a mobile phone till when when they are done with high school .

And I broke the rule .

But she surprised me with her replies ,

"Okay.. Since its from Marcel , there is no problem.
In as much as you don't get distracted ."

Those were her words .

I smiled foolishly till "thank you mom" came out .

The money I saved in school then , I used it to buy simcard , then buy airtime that I used in purchasing data .

I was an mtn subscriber, because of its tariff and 2go subscription benefit .

When I was settled , I called Marcel on phone , we spoke at length , and I spoke with all his family members , as well he spoke to mine .

Next , I downloaded the 2go app , and childishly I had only him on my account , we would chat morning ,afternoon and night , we never got tired of each other , we speak on phone everyday , the money for airtime was not the problem , I saved my life put so I'll get the money I'll use and buy airtime.

What about the day I blacked the pot.

That Tuesday , I was told to boil rice , just as I kept the pot on fire Marcel called , I went to the parlour to pick up the phone , I spoke with him , we would laugh ,gist and brought new topics for discussion , the discussion was going well till I started perceiving this awful smell of burnt something.

My mummy will kill me " ..I thought

I rushed to the kitchen to see the pot of rice black , I went back to the parlour , picked Up my phone to check the call duration.

2hrs! ...I shouted , my face showing this unbelievable look .

Mummy will kill me today ....my heart was beating fast .

Bad timing , as I brought down the pot, my mum came back , from the door i could hear her scream .

"I just hope thats not my pot of rice that's smelling " ....

My heart sinked inside my stomach , I couldn't say a thing till she walked in to the kitchen, I was still holding the phone , my mouth ajar , as she opened the pot .

"Give me that phone "

That sentence sounded more like a death statement.

I couldn't say or do anything ,I just handed her the Phone with wet eyes,

Weeks passed, I approached my mum after each fourth night to beg for the phone but every plead fell on deaf ears .

I had to borrow one of big friends his phone , I called Marcel and explained everything to him , I gave him my mother's number ,so he could help me pleas for the phone .

Later in the day he called my mum ,and after the call , momma called Me .

"Chidera come and take this phone "

I went and silently collected the phone , even though I couldn't hide my facial expression.

The chats and calls continued , I didn't miss him much that holidays .

By and by we approached the end of the holidays , and I got back to school .

When I reached school that resumption day , I waited for Marcel at the school gate , when he came back he handed me a black water proof , and that was the very first day I tasted shawarma.

"This is not really sweet " I gave out the compliment as he was waiting for a compliment.

He was shocked , he never believed someone would actually say he/she doesn't like shawarma .

He later got on with the fact that I dislike what almost every body liked .

That was his last year in school, and new set of students was admitted ,I was more concerned about the fact that he is leaving school that year , which really disturbed my peace .

But still we got along till i soaked my hands with blood .

Franklin was an unlucky person , he shouldn't have crossed my path .


written by chiderachokolate
Re: I AND Marcel(gay Story , Written By Chidera Chokolate) by derachokolate(m): 11:21am On Jan 03, 2018

franklin was one of the new admitted students .

within the second term of the acdamic session Marcel started paying less attention, he started caring less , always busy ,claiming its because of his exams .

I would accept his excuses to avoid unnecessary altercations .

one day , during siesta ,I thought I could look out for Marcel since its being a while we saw each other or spoke at length with each other .

he wasn't in the hostel when I reached his hostel , I thought if where he could be , I decided to check him out in his(our) favourite spot .

when I was approaching the back of the chapel ,I looked at the bambo sticks cover ,where we do sit to talk love .

I noticed that more than one person was sitting there ,I peeped and saw Marcel with Franklin ,I got mad .

"so this is the exams ahbi
so this same boy he told me was his cousin is the same boy he is sitting with at our favourite spot."

before I could finish asking myself this questions, they were kissing .

I couldn't hold it again ,the tears where gushing out ,I got very angry , just at the back of the sacristy laid a 12apostles red wine bottle .

I rushed for it ,I picked up and approached them .

when Marcel saw me ,he was shocked , I didn't say a word to him ,I dragged franklin up broke the bottle on his head and stabbed him till I was sure he ain't breathing again .

before Marcel could say "stop"

franklin was already dead .

that was when I realised myself , Marcel had once told me that franklin's father is the state I.g of police .

we were still there looking confused ,no knowing what to do when teacher Anthony saw us .

jesus what happened ?

two of you should follow me .

we followed him the the father's house , the father rector called Franklin's father and reported the case ,the father requested to speak with me .


don't hello me ” he shouted on me.

just pick a phone and call your parents because this will be the last time you might hear from them , I will make sure you die, same way he did, that's my only child , so just call them and bid them fare well , I will be there with my police men in 30minutes time...heediot !!


this is three minutes before the time I will embrace my faith , I have sent a text across to my mum as I lost the boldness to speak to her on phone .

this is what love had made me do .


what becomes of Marcel ?

written by Chidera chokolate

the end
happy new year


Re: I AND Marcel(gay Story , Written By Chidera Chokolate) by Hollysaint: 1:42am On Jun 03, 2020

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