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Introducing The Sons Of Zik Romance Series by HotsButs(f): 9:24pm On Dec 27, 2017
The Sons of Zik Romance Series are four romantic suspense books featuring the four infamous sons of Zik

Introducing the Sons of Zik
Kurt Achike, the eldest of the Sons of Zik and owner of a nightclub, is part Nigerian and part German. Even though he really believes he wants to get married, he just can’t bring himself to take the final step to the altar. Kurt is featured in Book 1 of the Sons of Zik Romance Book Series.

Tall and dark Leke Achike takes everything seriously, including dating. For now, he’s focused on his bodyguard business and has no time for a wife. Leke also has a secret. One he doesn’t want his family to know about. Leke is featured in Book 2 of the Sons of Zik Romance Book Series.

American, grey-eyed single father Jon Achike-Scott is Zik’s adopted son. He’s a brilliant cardio-thoracic surgeon but when he’s not working, his motto is: too many women; too little time. Jon is featured in Book 3 of the Sons of Zik Romance Book Series.

Toke Achike is a father of four, a state commissioner and a happily married man… except for the moments of weakness when he indulges in extramarital affairs.

For your reading pleasure, here is the prequel to the Sons of Zik Romance Series, titled Pool Party

The four sons of Igwe Zik Achike are partying at the pool in the family estate.
Although Kurt Achike is engaged to Abomeli, he’s still not sure she’s the one
Leke Achike flew in from Kenya to attend the party and support Kurt but instead ends up mediating in some family drama and conducting a unique job interview.
Jon Achike-Scott is on vacation and wants to have fun but his ex-wife, Valentina aka Sister Do Good, keeps nagging him and he can’t stop thinking about an old flame.
Toke Achike believes he’s reformed, no more cheating on his wife for him… until he sets his eyes on delectable Towumi, Abomeli’s friend.
This party can’t be a simple, boring event. Not when Zik and his four sons are the hosts…

Kurt Achike lobbed a glance at his reflection in the mirrored wall on his right, taking in but not really registering his chocolate-brown Brioni suit, open-necked white shirt and tan shoes.
He yawned, for the third time since he’d come into this boutique with Abomeli. What was he doing here? Did they really need to be here, now? Did she really need more clothes? Mist! It was just a simple dinner party, tomorrow night at his parent’s estate. Nothing fancy. A simple dinner party to formally announce their engagement.
Kurt sighed. And Abomeli had chosen to buy a new gown and shoes for this simple party. A gown and shoes he was going to pay for. As usual…
Pulling his eyes from his reflection, Kurt stared down, at his hands linked on his laps. He’d made the right choice this time, hadn’t he? She was great, she really was. She was nothing like his last fiancée, Grace. For one, she didn’t bore him senseless. Though, now, sitting here in this half-empty shop, waiting for his fiancée who was trying on her eighth gown in the changing room, was driving him insane.
He had made his choice and he would have to stick with it. After ending six relationships and breaking off one engagement, he knew his mothers—both of them—were beginning to get worried.
Abomeli glided out of the changing room, in a sparkling olive-green silk dress with a v-neck top, a high waist and a knee-length a-line skirt. The green highlighted the fairness of her young unlined skin.
Kurt watched her walking toward him, a happy grin on those soft pink lips and his heart skipped. She was beautiful, with those big eyes, small mouth and slender body. That was one of the reasons he’d chosen her.
She whirled around, grinning. “Do you like this one?”
He smiled. Couldn’t help it. “Yes, I do, darling.”
“I like it too.” Abomeli said. “I think this could be the one.”
Kurt rolled his eyes, muttered, “Finally.”
“We’ve been here for hours.”
She wrinkled her nose at him. “Not hours. Maybe an hour.”
He shook his head. “Nein, it’s been hours. We need to get going. Mom and Dad are waiting. And we’re supposed to be the guests of honour at tonight’s pool party.”
“I know, I know, babes.”
“And we should be there earlier than my brothers.”
Abomeli scowled. “I know. We’ll leave soon.”
Kurt took in a deep breath and then murmured, “I don’t know why you need another dress. You have hundreds.”
She planted her hands on her silk-covered hips. “I need another gown. Tomorrow night is a special occasion. Tomorrow night we tell the world that we’re engaged. How can that not be worthy of a new outfit?”
One I have to pay for—again. He waved a hand at her. “Look, let’s not waste more time talking about this. Go in and change. We’ll get this. This is fine. This is perfect.”
“You’re sure, babes?”
He bobbed his head impatiently. “Yes, yes, I’m sure. Go!”
Abomeli scampered back into the changing room.
In the left pocket of his jacket, his phone trilled. Kurt drew it out and answered.
“Kurt…” the voice, a man’s Yoruba-accented voice, said.
Kurt sighed. “Sesan, what’s happening?”
“You ought to tell me, Kurt Achike.”
“And why is that?”
Sesan’s voice rose, just a tiny bit. “I thought we were friends—”
Kurt sank back into the plush leather armchair. “We’re not friends. You’re a blogger who writes stories about me and my family.”
“Correction: a blogger who writes favorable stories about your family unlike others who always have something nasty to report about the controversial Igwe Zik Achike and his four infamous sons.”
Kurt lifted one eyebrow. “Infamous?”
Sesan cleared his throat. “We’re getting off point here. The point is I’m on your side. I’ve always been and you know that. That’s why I’m the only reporter who has the mighty Kurt Achike’s personal phone number.”
Kurt rolled his eyes and then swung one leg over the other. His glance caught that of the youngish sales girl at the counter opposite. She quickly averted her gaze.
Another curious onlooker, curious about him and his family. Whatever.
“So what can I do for you this afternoon, Sesan?”
Sesan exploded. “You could tell me why I’ve been hearing gossip all around town that Kurt Achike is getting married to Abomeli Odum next month.”
“You said it yourself: gossip. The situation hasn’t changed since the last time I gave you an update. Abomeli and I have not set a date.”
“It’s not gossip, Kurt. It’s on the radio and other bloggers are running with it. They credit an anonymous source.”
Kurt bounded forward, scooting to the very edge of his seat. His voice was quiet and panicked at the same time. “What?”
Sesan continued, “That’s why I was angry. I thought I was your first call for news like this.”
“I didn’t—I haven’t set a date.”
“Well, everyone thinks you did.”
“Mist! Where did they get this bullshit story from?”
“An unnamed source.”
“An unnamed—mist! Who the hell is this source?”
Sesan lowered his voice. “I asked some questions. Heard something. If you truly haven’t set a date—”
“I haven’t.”
“That’s good then. The source is your fiancée, or so I heard.”
Kurt was up and striding toward the changing room, the phone glued to his ear. “Thanks Sesan.”
“No worries, Kurt. Later.”
Kurt’s head pounded. How could she? Battling to rein in his growing temper, he was in public after all; he called out, “Abomeli!”
“I need you here right now.”
“I’m coming.”
She stepped out; back in the clothing she’d worn to the shop and with the silk dress on her arm. “What is it, babes?”
He sucked in a deep breath. “Did you tell anyone that we’ve set a date for our wedding?”
Abomeli’s eyes jumped to his. He sighted something: anxiety mixed with panic.
She looked away, shrugging her shoulders. “Why are you asking me this?”
“Did you or did you not?”
“Kurt, why would you think—?”
“Just answer me!”
Abomeli frowned. “You don’t have to scream at me.”
“I don’t have to scream… are you okay?” Kurt aimed an index finger at his right temple. “Are you thinking right? You don’t think I should be annoyed?”
“Okay, fine.” She opened her arms, palms out. “I may have said something.”
“Abomeli! Why? Did I tell you to do that? Have we even set a date?”
“You told me you wanted to marry me as soon as possible.”
“How did that translate into next month?”
Abomeli extended a hand to him. He stepped away.
“Babes…” she dumped the dress on a nearby stool. “I love you. You love me. There’s no reason to wait.”
“It still does not give you any right to tell the world a lie.”
“But when are we getting married, babes?”
Kurt veered on her, hazel eyes shining. “You think this is a good time to ask me this? Ach nee?”
She puckered her lips at him. “I don’t like it when you start cursing at me in German.”
“It’s not a curse.” Kurt shook his head. She’d done it again. Pissed him off. And now he was back to wondering whether she was the one. Did she think that exposing a fabricated date would force his hand? It proved she didn’t know him well.
He pushed the words out through his stiff lips. “We’re leaving now.”
She glanced at the dress. “But what of the gown?”
He glowered at her. “What of it?”
“Won’t we buy it?”
“You mean me.”
“I would if I had the money.”
Kurt thinned his eyes at her and then stormed toward the door. “If you don’t leave now, I’ll go without you.”
She hesitated and then scurried after him.
“Excuse me sir… madam… you’re not taking the dress?”
He paused, his hand on the door handle. Then he sighed and swerved around to look at the sales girl.
“I’ll take it.”
“And the shoes she tried on earlier?”
Kurt pressed his lips together. Mist! “Yes, fine. Whatever. The shoes too.”
“Babes, thanks.” Abomeli whispered.
“Just go and wait for me by the car. We’re not finished discussing this.”

Re: Introducing The Sons Of Zik Romance Series by HotsButs(f): 9:27pm On Dec 27, 2017
Chapter 2

Fishing for his phone in the pocket of his black jacket, Leke Achike dallied by the conveyor belt. The luggage was rolling in, slowly but surely. A few of his fellow passengers on the flight into Lagos loitered in front of the conveyor belt, also waiting for their luggage.
He extricated his phone and placed a call. “Bala?”
“Yes, sir.”
“Where are you?”
“I’m on airport road, about ten minutes away. Welcome, sir, your flight came in early.”
Leke nodded although his driver couldn’t see it. “Yes, we did. I’m collecting my bags. I’ll be out soon.”
“I’ll be there, sir.”
Leke ended the call and slipped the phone back into his jacket.
He stuffed his hands into the pockets of his trousers. It’d been a long flight and a hectic ten-hour every day, one-week job watching over a herd of fat-faced corporate executives cavorting in a game reserve in Kinshasa. But they paid well and on time. The money was already sitting in his bank account. Thank you. Nice doing business with you.
Leke smiled. His home and personal security business, Leo9, was doing very well. Very well, indeed. He was hiring again, beefing up his staff. He’d advertised the vacancy last week but no luck yet. It wasn’t easy, though. He understood that. He was seeking female security personnel to act as bodyguards. How many were there in the country?
But he would find the right person. As always. He’d handpicked his present team—all male—and they were good. One or two almost as good as him. He would find the right woman to add to the mix. It was only a matter of time.
The announcement boomed once more over the system. Announcing the arrival of the flight from Nairobi to Lagos…
Leke scanned the belt. His bags hadn’t arrived yet. Damn, did it always have to take forever to get your luggage?
His finger was up again, tracing the scar under his right eye. It’d become an automatic motion, touching the scar often, struggling not to remember how that scar had happened to his face. It had been a few years. The scar was fading now but still visible.
He didn’t mind that. He needed the reminder to not make the same mistake again.
Leke shook his head. Forget about what happened in Ghana.
He breathed in air. This female bodyguard business was hot right now. Some of his male clients had suggested it. Apparently they preferred another female watching over their precious wives. And then, in Kinshasa, one of the executives, a woman, had informed him that she knew a lot of her friends wanted women guarding their children. Preferably ones who do double duty as nannies and bodyguards.
It made sense, business-wise. Right after Kurt and Abomeli’s engagement party tomorrow night, he would call up his contacts, dig harder and intensify his search.
It’d been a few weeks since he’d set eyes on his brother—indeed, on any of his family. His job took him up and down, here and there. He’d barely returned from his sojourn to Ghana before jetting off to Nairobi and then Kinshasa.
Beautiful Abomeli. At twenty-nine, nine years younger than Kurt. She seemed to love his brother. But, still, there was just something about her he didn’t like. Not that he would ever, ever say anything to Kurt about her. She was Kurt’s choice and he would stand by his brother, no matter what.
Jon Achike-Scott dragged open his eyes. His gaze alighted on a cute face and then descended to her large Unclad breasts.
He shot out a hand to grab one of those bouncy breasts.
She shoved his hand away. “There’s someone at your door.”
“What?”Jon muttered, fighting to remember who she was, where he was. And what had happened last night. Oh yes. He’d gone to a nightclub with… um, ur… yes, Kemi… and they’d had a lot to drink and after the club, they had returned to his flat. Yeah, yeah, he was in his bed.
“Did you hear what I said?”
Her voice floated away. His eyes were closing. Somewhere someone was hammering on something…
“Fine. I’ll open it.”
Through half-shut eyes, Jon watched her—Kemi—spring out of the bed and pull on a t-shirt. Where was she going?
His eyelids drooped. Wow. The sex with Kemi had been great. She was limber, able to move in ways that still amazed him.
The yells jolted him from sleep and out of the bed.
Jon followed the sound, to his foyer. He halted and stared.
“—you must be smoking crack! Jon is not yours.”
“Who is smoking crack? I asked you: what are you doing with my boyfriend, you ugly bitch?”
Kemi had her hands on her waist; face up and close to the other woman’s face. The door stood ajar. The other woman was pretty and tall, taller than Kemi and she looked familiar. Yeah, yeah. Her name was… Amina. She was one of the women he screwed on and off.
Jon scratched his stubble. Should he do something about this? Uh, maybe not.
He took a step back but unfortunately his movement alerted the women.
They swung their faces in his direction. Amina’s eyes traveled over him.
And that was when he realized he was Unclad.
Amina shouted, “Jon, Jon… what happened? Baby, tell her you’re mine.”
Kemi batted her eyelashes at Jon. “Baby, tell her the truth, okay? She’s crazy.”
“Um…” Jon gave a wry smile. Were they both kidding? But what should he say? How could he handle this potentially volatile situation? Definitely not what was at the tip of his tongue: I’m not dating either of you.
Amina moved toward him but Kemi blocked her way.
“Where do you think you’re going? This is my man’s house!”
“Since when? He’s not yours, are you deaf?”
“Who is deaf? Me or you?”
Phew. They were back to concentrating on each other. This was his moment.
Jon backed away slowly, into the bedroom. He didn’t have time for this. The pool party was this evening and the Kurt and Abomeli’s engagement dinner was tomorrow. He had to leave now.
Jon glanced around. Where were his boxers? His glance spied them on the carpet, tangled together with Kemi’s underwear, dress and heels.
He climbed into his boxers and then snatched his phone off the dresser by his bed. Quickly now. They were still going at it. Screaming their heads off.
Jon rooted in his closet and went for the nearest shirt, jeans and sneakers. Clutching the shoes and phone in one hand and with the clothes over his other arm, he crept out of the bedroom, took a left turn past the bathroom to the backdoor.
Damn, his toothbrush. Jon sighed, slipped his phone into a pocket of his jeans and retraced his steps.
Good. They hadn’t noticed his absence yet. Great.
He retrieved his toothbrush, opened the backdoor—quietly, quietly—and slunk out, easing the door shut behind him.
Re: Introducing The Sons Of Zik Romance Series by HotsButs(f): 9:29pm On Dec 27, 2017
Chapter 3

“Tell me again why we’re here waiting to pick up my brother when he has, maybe, two or three drivers.”
Laide Balogun-Achike glanced up into her husband’s face and smiled. “Because, sweetie, he’s your brother and my brother-in-law and because we’ve both missed him. And because we were close by.”
Toke Achike’s head fell back and came back up again. “Okay, okay.” He stared at her, entranced again by her loveliness. What a lucky man he was. To sleep and wake up every day next to this vision…
“He’s always been your favorite, though.” Toke said, grinning at her.
“Yes. He’s the least—shall we say—troublesome of the four sons of Zik.”
Toke opened his eyes in a pretense of shock. “Four? Are you including me?”
She snuggled into his side, laughing. “Sweetie, you know I love you anyway.”
“Leke’s fooled you, like he’s done my parents and hundred others, into thinking he’s a good guy. Wait and see; he’ll show you.”
“Oh, please.”
“Okay-o. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Toke draped his left arm over her shoulders, tugging her closer. His stare wandered over her trim body in a pink t-shirt—she loved pink—over black Capris. Dressed for an evening partying at the Achike estate pool.
Was she referring to his fling with Theresa, the ex-human resources director of Zik’s Air? She’d forgiven him. It had happened over nine months ago and since that time; he’d been a good boy. Kept his hands to himself and only on his wife.
Theresa had been a mistake. He was the CEO and she had been his employee. She was a divorcee and he was married to Otunba Balogun’s first daughter. She claimed she loved him and begged him to leave his wife. As if.
How could he divorce Laide? She was the love of his life and the mother of his four children; the twins, his son and daughter. Also her father was a chieftain in his political party, one of his strongest supporters for his bid for Governor of Lagos State in the next elections.
No, he wasn’t stupid. He’d ended things with Theresa and then the next day she’d rushed into his office, screaming and crying and making a scene. Of course the news had reached Laide’s ears. Laide had immediately demanded he fire Theresa.
And eager to make amends, he’d done just that.
His adoring gaze logged her dark, finely-pored skin. He was blessed to have her, he really was. The first time he’d seen her, she was peering at him from the upstairs window of her bedroom. He had been nineteen years old and had gone with his father to visit Otunba Balogun. As the end of their visit and as they were heading to their car, he’d felt someone’s eyes on him. He’d looked up and there she was, staring at him.
She’d watched him for over seven months and then, one day she came down to talk to him. Maybe she’d meant it as a question but it came out as an order.
“You don’t have a girlfriend.”
Toke had ogled this good-looking young girl standing boldly in front of him and had immediately decided not to reveal the fact that he was seeing two other girls at the same time.
He’d done what any red-blooded, eager, young, almost twenty year old man would do. He’d asked her out and she’d said yes. It took him two years, and an engagement ring to pry open her thighs but the wait had been worth it.
He grinned.
A string of announcements echoed around the arrivals lounge of the Murtala Mohammed Airport. One of which was the arrival of Leke’s flight.
“He’ll be out soon.” Laide said, kneading her husband’s knee with one hand.
“Yes. It won’t be long.” Toke glanced around. At this hour, the hall was partly full. He noticed a lot of men and women in business suits milling about plus a couple of strong-faced army officers in their green uniforms.
He settled into his seat, stroking his wife’s upper arm. Laide was right. He’d missed his brother. Despite his quiet air, Leke always had fun stories to tell, maybe because of his job as a bodyguard. He couldn’t wait to see him.
Tonight was going to be wonderful. Everyone was going to be at the pool party and then, the next day at the dinner—Dad, Mom, Kurt, Leke and Jon. And then, hopefully soon after, Kurt would join him and become the second son of Zik to get married. Hopefully.
He was looking forward to that.
“What’s the matter, you two?” Diola moved out from behind the marble kitchen counter and walked up to her eldest son and his fiancée.
Kurt snarled, throwing a glare in Abomeli’s direction. “Ask her.”
“I’m asking you.” Diola scowled at him.
“She went gossiping to reporters and now everyone believes we’re getting married next month.”
Diola glanced at the girl, sighting red-rimmed eyes. “You shouldn’t have done that.”
“I know, mummy, I’m sorry. I’ve been apologizing to him and he’s still angry.”
“You know how careful he is about his privacy. Anyway, Kurt, you two need to talk it out. The others will be arriving soon.”
Kurt’s jaw tightened. Talk to her. Would she even listen?
“And…” Diola returned to the kitchen counter, to the raw chicken wings laid out on a tray. “What’s wrong with getting married next month?”
His eyes widened. “Mom, are you serious?”
She glanced up at him and tossed him a wide, innocent smile. “I am. What’s wrong with it?”
“Okay, okay. I see… well, for one thing, it’s too soon.”
“Too soon? Hmm…” her fingers with black-painted nails worked on the wings. “When do you think is the right time?”
Kurt shrugged. “I don’t know. Six months…”
Abomeli yelped. “Six months!”
“I don’t want to discuss this right now.” He muttered. His glance shifted to his mother in an off-shoulder loose top over baggy jeans shorts. Already in party mode. Her dense, graying hair had been cut into a sharp, neat bob that framed her roundish face. Each ear bore three gold plugs. His mom, well, actually his step-mom, was fifty-six but looked six years younger.
He came to her side. “Do you need my help with the chicken?”
She pushed him away with one heavy hip. “I can cope. I’m making spicy chicken wings for this night. I’ve booked a chef to cook tomorrow’s food.”
“I’ll prepare a cocktail.”Kurt strolled over to the massive stainless steel fridge. He opened it and pulled out a large glass bowl crammed with pieces of chocolate.
“Can I help, babes?”Abomeli was by his side, glancing into his face.
He sighed. His mom was right. They should talk about this and make sure they were on the same page about this engagement business. Six months was the shortest he could go.
“There should be a jug of cream in the fridge.” He said, settling the bowl on the counter.
She found the cream.
“Pour it in.”
Diola smiled at them. “Your father and Uncle Innocent are by the pool. They’re making substantial inroads into the grilled fish, chicken and lobsters I placed out there.”
Kurt nodded, stirring the mixture of chocolate and cream. He said, “They better leave enough for the rest of us. Leke’s flight would have touched down by now.”
“Umhmm. Unfortunately, your cousin, Osita won’t make it. Clara is pregnant with their fourth child and it’s been a difficult pregnancy.”
“I know. I get it.”
“Have you spoken to any of your brothers today?”
“No, I haven’t. Have you?”
“I heard from Toke a few hours ago.”
Kurt stopped and glanced at his mother. “They’re fine now, he and Laide, aren’t they?”
Diola didn’t look up. “They are. No thanks to your brother.”
He chuckled. “Toke’s still adjusting to married life.”
“Six years after?” She blew air out of her mouth and her eyes fell on Abomeli. “Anyway, we can discuss this later.”
Kurt covered the bowl with cling film and plunked it in the microwave. Setting the timer and turning it on, he said, “Mom, once it’s done, bring it out and let it cool. I’ll come back for this later.”
Diola bobbed her head. “Okay. Are you going up?”
“I want to change into something casual.” He flicked a glance at Abomeli. “You coming?”
She nodded, offering him a wobbly smile.
“Don’t spend all night there, you two.” Diola called out as Kurt and Abomeli left the kitchen.

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Re: Introducing The Sons Of Zik Romance Series by HotsButs(f): 9:31pm On Dec 27, 2017
Chapter 4

Toke strode straight into his brother’s path. Leke froze and then a grin split his face.
“What are you doing here?” Leke asked. His glance brushed past Toke to a smiling Laide. “What are you two doing here?”
“We came to pick you, lion.” Toke said, raising his eyebrows. His gaze took in his elder brother, his black suit and shirt drawing attention to his dark, striking face and to the tiny scar. His voice, as ever, had a deep, gravelly timbre.
“You still call me that.” Leke said and laughed.
“Once in a while.”
The two men hugged, slapping each other on the back.
Leke pulled away and put his arms around Laide. He kissed a cheek.
“You look beautiful, as always.”
She beamed at him, eyes bright. “Thank you, Leke the lion.”
Leke’s laughter rumbled. He glanced at his younger brother. Toke looked fit and well-turned out in a white soft linen top and trousers, sewn native-style. He smacked his brother’s flat belly. “Is there some flabbiness here? What are you feeding him, Laide?”
“Excuse me…” Toke said in mock-outrage. “I do a hundred sit-ups a day.”
“A hundred?”
Laide whispered, “About eighty.”
Toke stared at her. “Et tu?”
“People, you didn’t need to go out of your way. My driver’s here.”
Toke flashed a glance at his wife. “Told you.”
Laide ignored him. She said to Leke, “We wanted to and we were in the neighbourhood. We’ve missed you.”
Leke smiled. “And I’ve missed you both. How are the little ones?”
“They’re fine. They’re spending the two nights with my parents.” She responded.
“Good, good.”
Laide said, “Why don’t you tell your driver to go on to the estate? He can meet you there.”
“But I need to stop by my office for a bit.”
“For how long, specifically?” Toke asked.
“Thirty minutes, at the most.”
“We can do thirty minutes, right?” Toke glanced at his wife.
She nodded. “Yes, of course.”
“Fine.” Leke’s eyes slanted toward the trolley beside him bearing his two small-sized cases and a knapsack. “I’ll have to call Bala and tell him to leave without me.”
“And I’ll call our driver and tell him to bring our car to the front.” Toke said, pulling out his phone.
Leke placed his call and Toke made his.
Depositing his phone in his jacket pocket, Leke glanced at Toke and Laide. They both looked great, happy. Thank God. It appeared that, so far, his brother had refrained from any more hanky-panky.
“You two are glowing. How’s everything?”
“It’s all good.” Laide responded. Her eyes gleamed. “We’re going on a second honeymoon. To Aruba.”
“Aruba, lucky you.”
“We’ve bought the tickets and booked the rooms. After Kurt’s engagement party, we’ll leave.” Toke said.
“Did you meet any nice women in Kenya?” Laide asked, grinning up at Leke.
Toke hissed. “You’re wasting your time. When it comes to women, the lion keeps his cards close to his vest.”
“Shut up.” Leke said, a smile erupting.
“How was Kenya?” Laide persisted.
“You know I went to watch over some senior executives on their team-building excursion to Nairobi and Kinshasa.”
“And that’s all I did. Watching over them.”
Laide looked unconvinced.
Toke muttered, “Told you.”
Leke eyed his brother. He said to Laide, “I can tell you about a client of mine. He bought home security systems for three homes.”
“So?” Toke asked.
“Well, for his three families in these three homes. Three wives, three sets of children, three dogs.”
Laide sighed and shook her head. “Men.”
“Hey, hey.” Her husband murmured.
“What?” She glowered at him.
Uh-oh. Toke decided it was time to change the subject. “Where are you on the bet? Will he or will he not?”
Leke said, “twenty thousand naira for the second option.”
“Am I the only one who believes this will work?” Toke said, with a groan.
“Yes, I think so.”
Laide frowned at them. “What are you guys talking about?”
“We have a bet on whether Kurt will break this engagement or not.”
“You guys are horrible.”
“Don’t include me.” Toke exclaimed, “I actually think he’ll go through with it.”
“And goats will fly.” Leke muttered.
“You guys are something else.” Laide said, shaking her head.


With his free hand, Jon pounded on his neighbour’s back door.
He guessed she was home. It was early evening Friday. On Fridays, Sheila returned home from her job as training supervisor in a consulting firm usually by four-thirty. She was single, though she had a boyfriend who came visiting only on Sundays. He was probably married and was probably paying her rent. She was very friendly, a little too friendly, and her eyes had always held an interested, I’m-available glow.
She yanked it open and then her eyes went round.
Jon shot her a grin and threw her one of his calculated and well-practiced smoldering glances.
“Why are you here in your boxers?” Her eyes fastened on his broad chest and then traveled down.
He smiled wider. “I need your help, Sheila.”
“Why? What’s wrong?”
“I have to be at a family event this evening and I need to shower and change.”
“You just woke up?”
He shrugged. “I had a late night. May I use your bathroom?”
“What’s wrong with yours?”
Jon blew his side-fringe of golden-brown hair off his face. He smiled again. “I have a home situation.”
“A home situation?”
“Yeah. A miscalculation.”
Sheila giggled. “I’m sure it has something to do with a woman.”
“Women, actually.”
“Jon!” She giggled again. “You’re such a bad boy.”
“But you like me anyway, right?”
She fluttered her eyelashes. “You never stop.”
“So can I use your bathroom?”
“Only if you agree to stop by after your family event.”
Jon stepped forward, grinning. “It’s a date.”

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Nice story. But the names are so confusing.
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Nice one. More update
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Chapter 5

“I’m sorry, babes. How many times do I have to say it?”
Perched on the bed in his bedroom, Kurt glanced up at Abomeli standing in front of him, looking both remorseful and radiant at the same time.
“Why did you do it?” he asked, linking his eyes with hers.
She pouted. “You know why. When you asked me to marry you, you said as soon as possible but ever since then, I feel like you’re pulling back… like you’ve changed your mind or something.”
He raked the fingers of one hand through his curls. “I don’t know why you think I’m pulling back. I told you then that I wanted to get married before I turned forty and that’s only two years away. I do want to get married, darling, I do.”
“You proposed on February fourteen and that was…” she counted the months on the fingers of her left hand. “February, March, April, May and June… five months ago. We haven’t set a date yet.”
Why was she pushing this? What else did she want from him, for goodness sake? Kurt spoke slowly and as mildly as he could manage, “I’ve been busy, you know this, with things at my nightclub, Fever Pitch and…um…” he couldn’t think of anything else to say.
“But that doesn’t stop us from setting a date.”
She was right. He didn’t want to think about why he was dragging his feet. Not right now, at least. “We will but first I have to contact my guy, Sesan, and ask him to help retract the story. Darling, we’re not getting married next month.”
Abomeli approached him, bent over and placed her hands on his laps. Her long-lashed eyes bored into his. “When are we getting married?”
Kurt looked away. “Soon, darling, very soon. Let’s get through tomorrow’s engagement dinner party first.”
“Okay, babes.” She straightened and then glanced over at a large paper bag resting beside him on the bed. “Do you want me to try on the dress again, just for you?”
He smiled. “Yes, I’d like that.”
Abomeli’s hands darted behind and zipped down her sundress. Then her hands rose to the straps and tugged it down, exposing smooth skin and her black lace bra.
Kurt’s pupils dilated. His voice roughened. “Take it all off.”
She obeyed.


Toke’s gaze swept the scene. They were standing outside, savoring the cool evening air. Laide lingered by his side. Leke was propped up on the barbed-wire-laced wall that protected his office compound. Samuel and Priye, two of his brother’s trusted employees, stood to Leke’s left.
Samuel had wide, wide shoulders and a hefty chest which suggested a lot of hours spent lifting weights. His arms were crossed over his chest and the wedding ring appeared tiny on the huge finger of his left hand.
Priye was smaller, athletic. Like his boss, he wore a black jacket and black shirt but instead of matching trousers, he wore blue jeans.
“So there’s nothing pressing?” Leke asked once again.
Samuel laughed and then replied, “No, boss. Everything’s cool. Go and enjoy your party.”
“Okay, okay, if you’re sure…” Leke pitched a grin. Among his staff, Priye and Samuel were closest to him. Especially Priye. Priye had been with him almost from the beginning of the establishment of Leo9 Services. From Ghana.
“Lion, let’s go.” Toke said, rolling his eyes.
Leke nodded. “Yes, fine. We can leave.”
“At last.” Toke muttered and then he stopped. Leke’s eyes had narrowed and they were staring at something over Toke’s shoulder.
Toke pivoted around. A woman with short, blonde-dyed hair in a trouser suit marched toward them, a determined fix to her face.
In seconds, she was past him and had reached Samuel. Samuel extended an arm to halt her progress.
It was like a scene from an action movie.
Toke blinked and gaped some more. She grabbed his arm and lightning-quick, Samuel was on the ground.
Laide scampered behind her husband’s back.
What the hell? Toke could do nothing but watch.
Priye pounced. They grappled together as Samuel got to his feet.
What the hell? Toke thought again. His glance left the combatants and flew to his elder brother. Leke seemed as calm as a mountain.
Priye pinned her arms behind her back. The woman kicked once and then she stared at Leke. “Mr. Achike! Mr. Leke Achike! I only want to talk.”
Priye arched one eyebrow at his boss.
Leke gave an imperceptible tip of his head.
Priye released her.
Leke surveyed this woman. Youngish, mid-thirties, average height. She had some skills. Impressive.
“What do you want?” he asked her.
She was breathing hard but her eyes were steady and resolute. “A job, sir.”
Leke’s eyebrows climbed. “A job?”
“Yes, sir. With your company. I heard you’re hiring female bodyguards. I have a black belt in Jujitsu and—”
He cut her off with a wave of his hand. Behind her, Samuel was dusting his trousers and scowling. Priye’s gaze was fixated on her.
“How did you know I was here, at this time?”
She answered, “I’ve been watching the building for days ever since the advert came out.”
“Have you? What’s your name?”
“Etoro Macauley.”
“Hmm. So you want to work for me?”
“Yes, sir. I have my CV in my jacket pocket, if you—”
“You took down Samuel. That’s a hell of a job interview, in my opinion.”
“Thank you, sir.”
“Single or married?” Priye interjected.
She tossed him a sharp stare and then muttered, “Single.”
Leke made a snap decision. “I intended to invite you two, Samuel and Priye; to the pool party at my parents’ but I’ve changed my mind. Are you doing anything this evening, Etoro Macauley?”
“No, sir.”
“You’re invited. You and Priye. Samuel, stay back and brush up on your fighting skills.”
Samuel groaned.
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Chapter 6

“I’m happy you got time off from work.” Diola Achike said, glancing at her third son lounging beside her on the L-shaped couch in the downstairs sitting room. “You work too hard.”
“Well, for one month, I get to play hard. No surgeries. No patients. No calls.” Jon said with a smile. He stretched out his legs and crossed them over at his ankles.
“Isabella has been singing to me about her daddy’s return home next week.”
“She’s the only reason I’m making the trip to New York.”
Diola sighed and then asked, “How are things with your ex-wife?”
“Sister Do Good is as self-righteous as ever.”
Diola fought to prevent the laugh from bursting out of her mouth. “Why do you keep calling her that?”
“Because that’s who she is.”
“Her name is Valentina.”
“Valentina aka Sister Do Good.”
“I can’t believe Isabella is turning six next week. She’s growing fast.”
“I know, I know.” Jon pushed the fringe of hair off his face. “I almost can’t believe I’m thirty-one and I have a six year old daughter. Wow.”
He’d been in love with Valentina once—or at least, he’d thought he’d been. She sold him coffees and donuts every month at the coffee shop close to the hospital where he worked. She knew his order by heart—one pump black coffee, two pumps vanilla—and always added an extra, free donut. Even then, she had been an overachiever, studying law in Columbia and working two jobs. In the shop and as an intern in a mid-sized law firm. They got married and had Isabella and then everything fell apart. He got busier and then started to travel more frequently between the US and Nigeria. She graduated summa cum laude—of course—and got a job almost immediately.
Suddenly, they grew apart. The divorce was mutual, though the fact that she’d walked in on him schtupping their next door neighbour in their living room, was the primary catalyst.
His phone in his left jeans pocket vibrated against his thigh. He yanked it out and stared at the screen. Sister Do Good.
“Speak of the devil,” he said and winked at his mother.
Diola shook a warning finger at him.
Jon put the phone to his ear.
“Jon, how do you expect me to do all this by myself? You know I’m busy with work and you’re there in Nigeria, having the time of your life.”
“Hello to you too. What have I done wrong this time?”
“Your daughter’s birthday!” Valentina yelled.
Jon frowned. “I sent you money last week to pay for the party. I’m traveling next week so that I can be there. What more do I need to do?”
“I’m doing everything! I’m getting the bouncing castle, the balloons, the cake, the magician, the live band and I’m also packaging the gifts.”
“That’s why you’re her mother.”
“And you’re her father. You should be more hands-on.”
Jon clenched his teeth, willing his temper to stay even. “I’m here, working to make money for the two of you, remember?”
“If that’s all you’re doing…”
Jon had had enough. He cut the connection.
“What’s the problem?” Diola asked.
He swung his head from one side to the other. “She’s the most… annoying creature on the planet. What does she want me to do? She’s complaining about handling the preparations for her daughter’s birthday.”
“Well, you’ve told me she’s very busy. What do you think about bringing Isabella for an extended stay in Nigeria? I’ll be glad to watch her and I know Zik will be too.”
Jon glanced into her face. She was the only mother he knew. With the death of his father, Gabe Scott, Zik and Diola Achike had become his legal parents. They adored him and the feeling was mutual.
He nodded. Hmm. Taking his daughter off Sister Do Good’s hands. That could work.
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Please keep updating. I am enjoying this story
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Nice work here, the story is interesting.
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Chapter 7

These were the moments he enjoyed the most. Hanging with his father and brothers, making jokes, telling stories. Kurt hadn’t come down yet, though.
Leke glanced to his right. His father relaxed on a lounge chair, puffing on a cigar. Beside him was Uncle Innocent, his father’s cousin. Following him was Jon and then, Toke and Laide. Beyond sat Priye and Etoro.
Zik Achike, in a safari shirt over cream-coloured shorts, his full beard touched with grey, was a force of nature. He was sixty-two and yet had the energy and verve of someone twenty years younger. He was fiercely in love with his wife of almost forty years.
Lanky Uncle Innocent was the closest person to his father among the members of the Achike extended family.
Jon’s long side-fringe of golden-brown hair obscured one eye. The other grey eye sparkled with wit. Thirty-one, fun-loving and vain, he had perfected the art of hiding his considerable intelligence from strangers. But not from his family.
Twenty-nine year old Toke was the politician of the family, in more ways than one. Personable and charming, he always knew what to say in any situation. Women adored him. Men listened to him.
White light rained down on the pool area from floodlights installed at various points on the high wall surrounding the ten-acre estate and also from wrought-iron lamps mounted on poles around the pool. The light-blue water, lit from the pool bed, shimmered.
To the east, poolside, a well-stocked bar in a booth and a trestle table loaded with barbecued meats, plates, cutlery, cups and napkins waited.
“She took Samuel down?” Zik asked, chuckling.
Leke took off his jacket and tossed it on the back of his chair. “Yes.”
Zik’s head swiveled toward Etoro. “She’s such a skinny thing.”
“Size has nothing to do with skill.”
“True, true. I like her. I like strong women.”
Leke nodded. “Yes, we know. Mom is strong. Kurt’s mom, Amelie, is strong.”
Toke squeezed his wife’s knee. “So is my one and only.”
“Is Abomeli?” Jon asked, a mischievous glint in his eye.
There was a moment of silence. Then, Zik cleared his throat and muttered, “She’s his choice.”
“For the moment.” Leke murmured.
“I put twenty thousand naira on Kurt breaking up with her.” Jon said.
“Me too.” Leke said.
Zik dragged the tip of the cigar from his mouth and said, “Don’t tell Diola but twenty thousand, from me, for the breakup.”
“Am I the only one who thinks he’ll go through with it?” Toke whined.
“Yes!” Jon shouted.
Toke shook his head. “You people should have more faith in him.”
Jon snorted. “After six heart-broken girlfriends and one bitter ex-fiancée, I tend to believe the facts. And anyway, Abomeli is great and all but she’s…”
Zik sighed. “…not the one. Anyway…” he turned to face Leke, “I want to know about Kenya. How was it?”
“Tell us a sexy story.” Jon yelled.
“Umm…” Leke cocked his head, thinking. “Let’s see… one of the female VPs at the teambuilding event begged me to impregnate her so she could have children who looked like me. Is that sexy enough for you?”
“Very.” Jon said. “Did you say yes to the VP?”
Leke grinned and shook his head. “No.”
Jon groaned and then added, “What will I do with you? Anyway, I have a sexy story of my own. I left two women fighting over me in my apartment.”
“You left them there?” Zik gaped at his son.
“Not to worry. They both love me. They wouldn’t do any harm to my place. And my door is a spring lock. They only have to bang it to lock it. I have the keys to my backdoor.”
“You have to be careful, Jon. Some women are dangerous.”
“Not these ones, dad.”
Toke murmured, “I almost envy you.”
Laide lifted one eyebrow.
“I said almost…” Toke clarified.
Jon grinned and then to Zik, “Dad, pass me a cigar.”
Zik complied. Toke dug in one pocket of his trousers and produced a cigarette pack and lighter.
“Hey, hey…” Laide snapped, “Go and smoke somewhere else.”
“Yes mam.” Toke leaped to his feet. “Jon, are you joining me?”
Jon got up and the two men moved away from the chairs.
Leke left his father and his uncle and made his way to the end where Etoro sat, two chairs separating her from Priye. On the table by her side were a plate of chicken and a box of orange juice. She perched on the edge of her seat, her arms wound around her chest.
He threw her a gentle smile. “Are you having fun? You need to relax a little.”
She inhaled and then smiled back. “Yes, sir.”
He plunked on the empty chair by her side. “What are your thoughts so far? About the crazy Achike family?”
“You guys are not that crazy.”
“Not that crazy, wow. That means we’re…” He pressed the thumb and forefinger of his right hand together, “…a little crazy.”
Etoro laughed. “No comment, sir.”
“Good idea.”
“May I ask you a question, sir?”
Leke bobbed his head.
“You have three brothers: Kurt, Jon and Toke. But Kurt is mixed-race and Jon is white…”
Leke grinned. “Yes, Kurt’s mother is German and she lives there. She and my dad were never married. Jon was adopted. His father was my father’s best friend.”
“Ah, I see.”
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Chapter 8

Jon exhaled a cloud of smoke. He eyed Toke. “Toks, ask Uncle Innocent about Maka.”
Toke groaned. “Not again. Last year at mom’s birthday, you made me ask him. I thought you’ve gotten over his daughter, your second cousin, by the way.”
Jon waved that away with a flick of his hand. “Not by blood.”
“So because you had sex with her when you were nineteen and because she was your first, you can’t forget her.”
“What?” Jon glowered at his brother. “Who says she was my first?”
“Like I don’t know…”
“I had other women before her.”
Toke rolled his eyes. “Name one.”
Jon shrugged. “Whatever. I only want to know what she’s doing now.”
“You mean, if she’s dating—or God forbid—married.”
Jon glared. “Are you going to ask him or not?”
“Okay. Fine. Yes.”

There was no worry that Priye wasn’t enjoying himself. Jacket off, sleeves gathered to his elbows, he was devouring a whole catfish.
“Take it easy.” Leke said, coming to sit by him.
Priye glanced up, shamefaced and then smiled. Wiping his hands on a napkin, he said, “Boss… what do you think of Etoro?”
Leke shrugged. “I like her.”
“Me too. Boss, she’s single.”
“I’m divorced.”
“And?” Leke asked, maintaining a blank face.
“What do you think of the two of us together?”
“You know you’ll be colleagues, right?”
“Boss, we don’t have a human resources policy that says one colleague cannot date another.”
“We don’t?” Leke laughed and then added, “I don’t think she wants you. From what I can see about her, she’s all about the job.”
“But boss, I need to try, right?”
“Okay, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

“She should be… I think, twenty-eight now, correct?”
Toke finished his cigarette and stubbed the end on a nearby ashtray. “Are we still talking about Maka Achike?”
Jon lobbed a glare at Toke. “So?”
But Toke didn’t answer. He stared ahead, mouth sagging.
Jon glanced at him and then tracked his brother’s gaze. A fair petite beauty wearing a leopard-print bodycon over wide Beyonce hips sashayed toward them. Her generous breasts were almost popping out through the deep v-neckline of the dress that clung to her curvy body and came to an end midway between her thighs.
Jon’s eyes stayed on her bosom until she reached them.
She smiled at Toke. “Commissioner…”
Toke forced his mouth to respond. “You know me?”
“I’ve seen you on TV.”
“Hi.” Jon said.
She gave him a half-second glance and then was back to beaming at Toke. “I’m Towumi, Abomeli’s best friend. She invited me to the party and to the dinner tomorrow.”
She was staying overnight. God help him. Toke inhaled air in through his nostrils.
Towumi continued, aware of the effect she was having on him, “the security men at the gate directed me here but I want to stop by my room for a bit. Where will I be staying for the night, Commissioner? Where is Abomeli?”
Jon answered. “She’s screwing Kurt in his room.”
Laide appeared at Toke’s side. Forehead wrinkled in a frown, she said to Towumi, “what do you want? I’m his wife.”
“Oh, madam, sorry-o…” Towumi giggled. “I was wondering whether he could show me where my room is.”
Laide blinked once, twice. “Excuse me?”
Priye joined them. “What’s going on?”
Laide looked like she was on the verge of exploding. “She… wants… my husband… to show her to her room.”
“I’ll take her to Mrs. Achike, Mummy Diola.” Priye said, quickly. To Towumi, “madam, follow me, please.”
“See you later, Commissioner,” she said, throwing him a wink and then trotting after Priye.

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You are doing a good job here. Please continue
Re: Introducing The Sons Of Zik Romance Series by HotsButs(f): 4:01pm On Jan 06, 2018
Chapter 9

Laide sat, fuming, a quiet Toke on the seat next to her.
Leke chewed on a chip, a plate of chicken and chips balanced on his thighs.
“Was that a dress?” Innocent Achike murmured.
“I don’t understand what girls wear these days.” Zik said, grimacing.
“Commissioner…” Jon cooed in a bad imitation of Towumi’s voice.
Laide scowled at him. “She’s a LovePeddler.”
“Darling,” Toke began, “don’t you think that’s a little…”
Laide faced him, eyebrows up.
“…too harsh?” he mumbled.
Laide repeated, “She’s a LovePeddler. Didn’t you see the way she targeted you?”
Toke coughed and glanced over at Innocent. “Uncle Innocent, how’s Maka?”
Jon’s head shot up.
Innocent smiled. “She’s very well, thanks. She’s training to be a helicopter pilot.”
“That’s Maka.” Toke said. “A daredevil and tomboy. She’s going to be flying one of your helicopters, I bet?”
“That’s the plan.”
Jon focused his gaze on the screen of his iPhone.
“Good, good.”
Laide hissed, still angry. “I think I need to go and see if Mummy Diola needs my help.”
She rose and stalked off.
Toke breathed out a sigh of relief.
“People, people!” Kurt advanced, carrying a jug containing a milky-white liquid in his right hand. Abomeli strolled by his side, smiling. “Laide, where are you off to?”
“Somewhere else.” She muttered, over her back as she walked.
“Okay, then.”
“At last!” Zik said, “He’s here.”
“How many hours does it take to have sex?” Toke yelled at his elder brother.
“I’m no one-minute man.” Kurt joked.
Jon grinned. Kurt Achike. First born. Perfectionist. Even dressed down—for him—in a short sleeved blue shirt over pale blue jeans, he looked great. His light skin meshed well with the brown curls on his head and the hairs encircling his mouth. Add his hazel eyes and dimples to the whole mixture and it was clear as day why there were always women desperate to be Mrs. Kurt Achike.
“What’s in the jug? Semen?” Jon asked.
Kurt laughed. “Funny. No, genius. It’s chocolate mixed with cream. I’m making chocolate orange liqueur.”
“The mixologist is in the house!” Leke said.
“You’d better believe it.”
Abomeli settled into a seat. Kurt headed toward the bar.
“Abomeli, your friend was here.” Jon said.
“Towumi? She’s arrived? Where is she?”
“She went to find her room for the night.”
A glass in each hand, Kurt dropped into the chair beside Leke. He handed his brother one.
“Thanks.” Leke said, accepting the drink.
His smile was wide. “Sure, sure.” He grabbed a piece of chicken off his brother’s plate. “What was all that about with Laide?”
“Abomeli’s friend, Towumi, was all over Toke. Needless to say, Laide did not find it funny.”
“You look happy.” Leke said. “How are things with Abomeli?”
Kurt took some time to chew. Then, “Wonderful. Super. I’m thinking I should set a date for our wedding.”
“Good to hear.”
“Yes.” Abomeli was good for him. Maybe he should get over his fear and just bite the bullet. Make it three months. “Yes, in three months.”
“You’re sure?”
Kurt glanced at Leke from the corner of one eye. “Yes, I’m sure. We had a little hiccup earlier. She told the press that I had set a date for next month. I only found out when Sesan called me some time ago.”
“We’ve talked. I understand why she did that. I’ve been pulling back a bit.”
“Hmm. And you think it’s best to marry this woman in three months?”
“This woman? She’s my fiancée, Leke.”
“Okay, okay. I’ll shut up.” He sipped at the liqueur. “This is cool.”
Kurt nodded and glanced away. Leke didn’t completely believe he would end up marrying Abomeli. Well, he was going to have to prove it to him and to the other doubting Thomases in his family.

Priye walked by and then stopped. His head swiveled toward Etoro, strolling from the bar toward the pool, a glass in her hand.
He curved to intercept her.
Leke watched.
One minute he was stepping close to her, taking her arm. The next, he was in the pool, floundering and blowing water from his mouth.
Leke guffawed, slapping one hand on his thigh. He’d warned Priye, hadn’t he? Damn, but this was funny.
Kurt joined in the laughter, his gaze on a wet Priye crawling out of the pool.
“He came on too strong.” Leke commented to Kurt.
“Mist, who’s that woman?”
“My new employee, Etoro. She’s going to be my first female bodyguard.”
“She’s scary, bro.”
Leke chuckled.

Toke rested his head against the back of his chair. At last, some peace. He was getting just a little bit tired of Laide’s heavy sighs and angry glares. This was a party, not a funeral.
He looked up and his gaze alighted on Towumi. She was walking toward him. This girl was bold; he had to give it to her.
Toke jumped up.
“Commissioner, can you show me where I can get a swimsuit?”
His eyes latched on her glossy lips. How would they taste? He blinked. “Um, swimsuits… I can take you there.”
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Chapter 10

Laide paced the black-and-white checkered marble floor of the downstairs sitting room.
Diola’s eyes trailed her. “You okay?”
“I’m fine. I just needed a break from the boys talk.”
“I know how they can get. I’ll be there soon to make sure everyone’s behaving themselves.” She stood up, walked over to her daughter-in-law and grabbed one arm. “Are you sure you’re okay?”
Laide shrugged and then exhaled air. “I’m okay. Nothing to worry about.”
“Are you missing the little ones already?”
“No…” finally, a smile. “I’m enjoying this break away from the little terrors.”
Diola put her arm around the younger woman’s shoulders. “Your four are saints compared to Jon’s Isabella.”
Laide laughed out loud. “True.” She smiled at Diola. “I came to see if you needed any help.”
“I’m done with the spicy chicken wings. I’ll bring them out soon.”
“Yours are extra spicy.”
“That’s the best way to make them.” She hesitated. “And how are things with Toke? He told me about Aruba.”
Laide’s eyes soared to the ceiling and then lowered to meet Diola’s gaze. “We’re good. We’re happy.”
“Thank God.”
“Umhmm.” Laide nodded, compressing her lips.


Hands buried in the pockets of his trousers, Toke tipped his head at the shelves built into the wall of the pool house. “We have plenty swimsuits, male and female. Take your pick.”
Under his arms, the sweat was pooling. His heart raced. He shouldn’t be here alone with her. He shouldn’t.
Towumi sifted through and selected a two-piece.
Toke stared at her choice. She’d picked the tiniest, flimsiest ones. He swallowed.
Towumi smiled up into his face. “Where can I change, sir?”
He shoved open a door to the right. It swung open, revealing four doors ranged off a short corridor. “You can use any of these rooms.”
She slipped past him and for a brief moment, her body pressed against the inside of his arm.
Toke felt the touch, down between his legs.
Towumi opened the first door and entered.
“You can shut it after—oh my goodness!” His mouth slumped in shock. She was pulling her dress over her head, showing him… everything.
He tore his eyes away, heart thumping like that of an Olympic athlete. Leave, Toke. You promised your wife, no more funny business. His voice was a croak. “Towumi, you… you shouldn’t be… you shouldn’t be…”
“Help me…” she was out, holding the cups of the bra to her full breasts as the straps dangled by her sides.
“Tie me up.” She said, with a giggle.
His hands edged forward and rested gently on her yellow-skinned back. His thumbs moved, stroking. Her skin felt like silk…
Toke, careful. He tied the straps together. His mouth was dry. She was offering him her body. This lovely, tempting body… Laide was nowhere near… should he? Dare he?
Re: Introducing The Sons Of Zik Romance Series by MZmitchelle: 10:13pm On Jan 06, 2018
Hmmmmm. Towumi hmmmmm. Toke, Toke.....
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Chapter 11

“Toke!” A voice made him jump.
His hands left Towumi’s back and he pivoted around.
Kurt was glowering at him. “Laide’s back and she’s looking for you!”
“poo!” Without a backward glance, Toke fled out through the door and out the pool house.
She was waiting for him. Standing right at the entrance to the pool house.
Toke said a quiet, “poo.”
Laide demanded, “What were you doing in there?”
Kurt stepped out, followed by Towumi.
Laide’s eyes expanded. “Nothing? Nothing? She was in there with you!”
“No, darling.”
Laide shook her head and then fixed her hands on her hips. “Kurt just went in. I saw him. That means you were alone with this LovePeddler.”
“Excuse me, madam—” Towumi started to express her outrage.
Laide lunged at the girl, sharp fingernails aiming for the face.
Towumi screamed and threw up her hands to protect her face. Laide pressed forward, determined to do harm.
Fortunately for Towumi, Kurt was swifter. He grasped her by the waist and hauled her out of harm’s way.
“Laide… baby… stop…” Toke shouted. “Nothing happened.”
Denied her victim, Laide concentrated on her husband. She slapped his face once, hard. “You stupid man!”
“You promised me… no more…” And then, the second time, harder.
Toke blinked, stunned by the pain of her blows.
“How can you do this to me again?” Her hand flew up.
Before it could connect once more with Toke’s face, Leke seized her hand.
She twisted around, eyes wet with tears, to see who was holding her back.
“Leke… do you see what’s he’s done to me? Do you see?”
“Laide, please. Take it easy, please…”
She screeched at her husband, both of her hands at present gripped in Leke’s strong ones. “I won’t let you drive me crazy!”
Clutching his throbbing face, Toke muttered, “I didn’t do anything.”
“You were in there alone with her!”
“So? I was helping her. You didn’t have to dislocate my jaw!”
“Please…” she scoffed.
“I did nothing wrong.”
“I don’t believe you. First time you saw her, you were moping like a big mumu and now you expect me to believe you didn’t try anything with her.”
“Toke Achike, you won’t drive me crazy!”
Leke sighed. He released her hands and put one arm around her shoulders. “Laide, he said nothing happened. Take it easy. Cool down.”
Toke bit down on his bottom lip and wished with all his might that he’d never set eyes on Towumi.
Re: Introducing The Sons Of Zik Romance Series by HotsButs(f): 5:23pm On Jan 08, 2018
Chapter 12

They were huddled together in a circle: Zik, Diola, Jon, Kurt and Toke.
Toke gusted smoke out of his mouth, a lit cigarette in his right hand. He said to his mother, “I didn’t do anything. I simply showed her where she could change into her swimsuit.”
Elbows on her knees, her eyes trained on her son, Diola snapped, “a recovering crack addict doesn’t go to a party where he knows drugs are sold and used, believing he won’t relapse.”
“For goodness sake!” Toke muttered and took a hard puff of his cigarette.
“She’s right, though.” Kurt said.
“You have to be careful with these gold-digging girls who go after you because you’re a CEO and a commissioner…” Zik said, with a shake of his head.
“And because they all know about your past history with Theresa.” Jon added.
Toke nodded. “I know, I know.” He slanted a bitter glance at Towumi, wearing her scanty swimwear, giggling and laughing with Abomeli.
He couldn’t believe he had almost lost it. Not again. He’d thought he’d become stronger. He’d thought Theresa would be the last. But no. He was as weak as ever.
“You have to apologize to Laide.” Diola said.
“But I didn’t do anything.”
His mother snapped, “You still have to apologize for going in there alone with her in the first place!”
Toke raised both hands. “Yes, okay, if that will help.”
“It will.” Diola sat up and wrapped her arms around her bosom.
“I love Laide. She’s my life.” Toke said, tapping his forehead with his left hand. “I shouldn’t have hurt her.”
“I’m sure she knows nothing happened. You were in there for maybe three minutes…” Jon stated. “Plus anyone of us could come in at any time.”
Diola flung furious eyes at Towumi. “Kurt, you say that girl is your fiancée’s best friend? Na wa. You’ve heard the saying: birds of the same feather flock together…”
Kurt sighed. They do, don’t they? What did that say about Abomeli?
Jon’s phone buzzed. He stared at the screen and groaned.
“Sister Do Good?” Kurt asked, smiling.
“Yep.” He drew in a breath and answered. “What is it this time, Valentina?”
“I was speaking to you and you cut the line!” she screamed.
“And it took you all this time to call me back.”
“That’s the problem with you. You never listen—”
Jon raised his voice a few decibels higher. Damn, he was tired of her whines. “What did you call me about?”
“I was telling you about how difficult it’s been for me to handle Isabella’s party singlehandedly.”
“And I asked you what else you wanted me to do.”
“You have to try harder, Jon. You have to—”
“poo! Will you stop?”
“You know what? I’m thinking I’ll take Isabella off your hands. She’ll live with me in Nigeria and I’ll take care of the major parenting.”
“Are you accusing me of not wanting to care for my daughter?” Valentina shrieked.
“I’m coming next week. We’ll talk.”
“Let’s talk now.”
“Goodbye, Valentina.” Jon ended the call.
“Wow…” Diola said, eyes wide. “That sounded heated. You’re actually thinking of bringing Isabella to Nigeria? Wow… will Valentina go for it?”
“We’ll see, mom.”
Re: Introducing The Sons Of Zik Romance Series by HotsButs(f): 3:39pm On Jan 10, 2018
Chapter 13

“You have to stop working yourself up over nothing.” Leke said, gazing down into his sister-in-law’s strained face. They stood facing the wall of the pool house, out of sight of the pool.
Laide rubbed her eyes with a fist. “He just can’t stop.”
“Come on, you know he didn’t have sex with her. Not with you likely to come in at any moment and catch him. He’s many things but Toke’s not stupid.”
“No, he’s not.” she raked a hand through her hair. “Leke, I know he loves me, I do.”
Leke smiled. “And you love him.”
She laughed softly, blinking back tears. “Yes…”
“And come on, look at you…” he aimed a hand at her, fingers together, “you’re gorgeous. Much better looking than that girl.”
“You think so?”
His heart melted at the uncertainty in her eyes. She was usually self-assured, even a little stuck-up. Aside from Toke, he was the only other person in their family to whom she displayed her vulnerability.
“She’s a short haul girl… you’re a long haul woman.”
Laide laughed. “Leke… this is a new one. Short and long haul. I like it.”
“You see… you’re looking better already.”
She lifted her eyes to his. “You always know how to calm me down.” Her arms ascended and wound around his neck. Her face jumped upward. Her lips touched his.
Leke froze. She’d done this once before, after the Theresa debacle, and he’d refused her then. She had to stop throwing herself at him. Toke was his brother and he definitely didn’t want to ruin the relationship they had. Plus, she was like a sister to him.
He unwound her arms from his neck and moved his lips out of reach. “Laide, don’t.”
“It should have been you. I wish I had met you first.”
“Don’t say that. You’re my sister. And I understand… how you’re feeling… but please don’t do this again.”
Her shoulder slumped and her voice lowered. “You’re such a gentleman.”
“I’m not, believe me. It’s just that I love my brother and I love you… as a sister. And like the last time, I won’t tell Toke about this.”
She glanced down at her feet.
“Go and talk to him. Please.”


Laide was back. The circle had broken. She and Toke were on their own, talking in low tones. Abomeli was back by Kurt’s side.
Abomeli stroked Kurt’s arm. “Babes, you remember that some weeks ago you promised to buy the photography equipment for my brother’s business. He needs the money in a few days.”
Kurt pulled his arm away and glared at her. “Ach nee? Is that all you think about? Money?”
“Babes!” she protested. “But you promised.”
“Why I do have to take care of everything? I paid for your makeup course. I buy you anything you want. You went shopping in Dubai with your friends… guess who took care of that? And let’s not forget your mother’s breast cancer operation some months ago…”
She scowled at him. “I didn’t force you to do all those things. You don’t have to make a big deal about it.”
“Nein, I’m trying to say that this isn’t the right time and place to ask me for money! Don’t you get it?”
Abomeli hissed and glanced away, mouth puckered.
He stared at her. “And let’s talk about your gold-digging friend, Towumi. She targeted my brother and caused a lot of trouble between him and his wife—”
“Hey, hey...” She raised one hand to his face. “Don’t blame her. It’s not her fault that your brother can’t keep his hands off pretty girls. Everyone knows he’s weak.”
Kurt’s head reared back in shock. Voice tinged with rage, he retorted, “Are you serious?”
“Yes-o, I said it.”
“I can’t believe that you actually said that.” He shook his head, wondering why he’d chosen a serially penniless makeup artist instead of someone like his mom, Amelie, and his stepmom, Diola. Diola made money of her own, selling her paintings. She also farmed and sold catfish. Amelie was the director of a non-profit conservationist organization. And to think he had been planning to tell Abomeli that they could get married in three months, even though she’d tried to force his hand by going to the press.
Re: Introducing The Sons Of Zik Romance Series by AryEmber(f): 6:19pm On Jan 10, 2018
See this girl oh! Someone wants to set you on fire and all you do is pour petrol on yourself, I don't pity you at all Abomeli. Thanks for the update.
Re: Introducing The Sons Of Zik Romance Series by MZmitchelle: 7:39pm On Jan 10, 2018
Abomeli, you caused your downfall
Re: Introducing The Sons Of Zik Romance Series by tijehi(f): 8:49pm On Jan 10, 2018
Na wa oo, some girls stupid die. Abomeli just broke her engagement with her big and lousy mouth....choiii
Re: Introducing The Sons Of Zik Romance Series by HotsButs(f): 8:22pm On Jan 15, 2018
Chapter 14

Toke gripped his wife’s hands. His voice was low and urgent. “I didn’t touch her.”
Laide stared at him, silent.
“Darling, I’m sorry. You know I love you.”
She sniffed. Then, muttered, “You shouldn’t have gone in there with her in the first place.”
“You’re right, darling. And I apologize for that.”
“What happened in there?”
Toke thought fast. Give her a portion of the truth. “I showed her where she could pick something to wear and then where she could change. She… um… went in to change into her swimwear… I started to leave and then Kurt came in.”
“I asked him where you were and he went looking for you.”
“That’s all that happened, darling, I promise.” He eyeballed her, noticing how she looked at him. Penitent. Regretful. Laide, he knew, hated to lose control. He added, “You have to learn to forget about Theresa.”
“I’ve forgiven you, sweetie…”
Ah, at last. He was back to being her sweetie. “Yes, but you need to forget about it.”
She heaved a sigh. “You’re right.”
Toke clutched one hand, turned it over and kissed the inside of her wrist. In the spot guaranteed to make her melt. His lips moved to her soft palm.
Laide gave a soft sigh.
He kissed her again, inside her wrist, and felt her pulse jump. Toke tilted forward, pushing his face into her lap.
He whispered, “I love you, darling.”
A pause and then her hand landed on his head. She said, “I love you too.”


“I’m happy they’ve resolved their quarrel,” Innocent said, a big smile on his face. He inclined his head toward Laide and Toke. His head was on her chest and her arms were around him. “All’s well that ends well.”
“Inno! Inno! Let’s go home now!”
Innocent shot up from his seat, the drink in the glass in his hand spilling out onto the ground.
He twisted around and then gave a loud groan.
The woman halted in front of him, her face furious. She was heavy-set but light on her feet. Her hair was buried under a green scarf.
Innocent murmured, “Olachi, please. Not again…”
She narrowed her eyes at her husband. “What?”
“Why won’t you allow me stay with my family and have fun for once?”
Olachi’s laugh was more of a sneer. “Your family? I don’t understand why you think Zik and his brood are your family.”
“Because they are. He’s my cousin.”
She hissed. “You like to forget that his father killed yours for the Igwe title.”
Zik got up, followed by Diola, Kurt, Jon and Leke.
Innocent hung his head. “Olachi, that’s ancient history.”
Zik frowned at her. He said, “Olachi, let him be. He’s welcome here anytime… and you are too.”
She eyeballed Zik from his grey bushy hair to the leather slippers on his feet and hissed. Back to Innocent. “Inno, let’s go home.”
“But I don’t want to. I’m enjoying the party and there’s the engagement dinner tomorrow—”
“As if that’ll ever happen… Kurt will never marry.”
“Hey! Aunt Olachi!” Kurt protested.
Olachi ignored him. Toke and Laide walked over to join the rest. Priye and Etoro stood apart, pretending like nothing was happening. Towumi and Abomeli, on the other hand, were focused on the action.
Innocent muttered, “I don’t know why you like dredging up old family history… Zik is my cousin.”
“And I don’t know why you like licking his ass like an obedient little puppy!”
He put up one cautionary hand. “That’s enough, Olachi.”
“What? Is it not true?” She tugged at her right ear with one hand. “I have warned you about him and his boys. Like father, like son.”
Diola’s eyes flashed. “What does that mean?”
“It means that we all know he and your boys murdered the men who kidnapped and killed his best friend, this one’s father…” she aimed her head at Jon.
“You’re talking rubbish, aunt Olachi,” Leke stated, eyebrows merging.
“This one?” Jon queried, his grey eyes cold.
Olachi turned on Jon. “Yes, you. You’re a sex offender and rapist!”
Jon’s head shifted from side to side, slowly. He pointed a finger at his chest. “I’m a rapist?”
“Yes! She was sixteen—”
“Olachi, that was a long time ago…” Innocent intervened.
Jon’s voice was quiet steel. “It was consensual.”
Olachi shrugged that off. “You’re lying.”
“I’m lying… okay then… here’s another tidbit for you that I’ve never mentioned before…”
Toke clutched Jon’s hand. “Don’t.”
Jon ignored him. “Maka put her hands in my pants because she wanted to see—”
“Okay, okay…” Diola interrupted. “No more of that Jon.”
Olachi advanced toward Jon. “You are a liar! A liar and a rapist!”
“I will not allow you to continue insulting my son, Olachi.”Diola shouted. “Now, get out of my house.”
Innocent tossed an apologetic smile at Diola and Zik. “I’m so sorry.”
“Why are you apologizing?” Olachi muttered.
“Because you’re being rude.”
“Leave now, aunt Olachi.” Kurt snapped.
She hissed once more and gripped her husband’s arm. The glass fell from his hand onto the ground and broke into countless pieces.
“Now look what you’ve done.” Innocent said.
Olachi lifted her nose. “What? It’s no big deal. One of their numerous servants can clean it up.”
Innocent shook his head and said to Zik, “I’m sorry, Zik. We’ll talk later.”
Zik nodded. “Later. But Inno, she has to stop doing this.”
“I know, I know…” Innocent said, sighing. He turned to his wife. “Oya, let’s go.”
She stalked away from the pool side, Innocent tagging behind.
Re: Introducing The Sons Of Zik Romance Series by HotsButs(f): 8:24pm On Jan 15, 2018
Chapter 15

Zik stroked his beard, watching them go. He muttered, “That woman is poison.”
“Uncle Innocent is too gentle, that’s the problem.” Kurt said. “He needs to put his foot down. If she doesn’t like us, that’s fine. It doesn’t mean her husband is not allowed to hang with us.”
Toke nodded. “She’s a basket case.”
Abomeli skipped over to Kurt. Eyes round with curiosity, she asked, “Is it true?”
He eyed her. “Is what true?”
“All she said. That you guys killed Gabe Scott’s murderers and that your grandfather killed his brother.”
Kurt seized her by an arm and took her out of earshot. He glared down at her. “Why would you ask me that?”
“Because I’m going to be a member of this family and I need to know the truth.”
Kurt stared at her and suddenly, the light came on in his head. He now knew, indeed had always known, the real reason why he hadn’t set a date for their wedding.
He scratched his beard. “About that…”
“I think we should postpone the dinner. I need some more time.”
Abomeli’s eyelashes fluttered crazily. “What are you saying?”
Kurt shrugged. “What I just said.”
She stared up into his face, eyes angry. “You’re trying to break up with me. I know it. Admit it, Kurt.”
“Did I say that?”
“Admit it. Tell the truth. You don’t want to marry me.”
Kurt rolled his eyes. “Fine. If you want the truth… yes, I don’t want to marry you.”
“You wanted the truth.”
“Babes, what have I done? I love you… I love you, babes…”
He bit his lip. “I’m sorry.”
“Babes!” she gaped at him, stunned by the look in his eyes. “A few hours ago you told me you loved me. You held me in your arms and told me—”
“I’m sorry, Abomeli.”
Abomeli threw her body at him. Her arms encircled his waist. “Babes, please, don’t do this. I’m sorry for whatever I did.”
“It’s not you, it’s me. I don’t want to… get married to you…”
The tears filled her eyes and spilled out onto her cheeks. “No, Kurt, I won’t accept that.”
He sighed and glanced up into the dark, black midnight sky. The feeling of relief was washing over him, lightening his shoulders. He should have done this weeks ago.
His gaze descended to her face. She really was pretty but he couldn’t marry her and there was no point in just dating her.
“Abomeli, you have to stop. I’ve made up my mind.”
“Is it because I asked if you and your family are murderers? Is it because I leaked the fake story to the media?”
“It’s not you…”
“Stop saying that!” She screamed. “That doesn’t mean anything.”
Gently he unclasped her hands from his waist. “Abomeli, it’s over.”
“Babes! I love you!”
He walked away, to rejoin his family.

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Re: Introducing The Sons Of Zik Romance Series by veave(f): 8:12am On Jan 16, 2018
Hi HotsButs.

Good morning. I know it might not look like anyone is following your story. But trust me, we are.

I can't wait for the next update. You're doing a very good job.

That being said, guys show some love. Drop your comments.

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Re: Introducing The Sons Of Zik Romance Series by Chommieblaq(f): 9:41am On Jan 16, 2018

Abomeli is a gold digger
Great story you have here, please come and update and mention me when you do.

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Re: Introducing The Sons Of Zik Romance Series by HotsButs(f): 6:50pm On Jan 17, 2018
I appreciate your comments, Veave, Chommieblag, MZmichelle, tijehi.... everyone

Thanks, Thanks for the love

Next update coming up
Re: Introducing The Sons Of Zik Romance Series by HotsButs(f): 6:52pm On Jan 17, 2018
Chapter 16

Diola angled her head toward Abomeli, weeping in Towumi’s arms. “What’s that about?”
Kurt groaned and started to reply. But then, he heard the two girls shouting his name. He stared in their direction.
Towumi and Abomeli were coming forward, yelling angry words.
Abomeli was the first to start. She aimed a finger at Kurt, tears streaming from her eyes. “You’re a cold-hearted bastard!”
Kurt flinched. She had deliberately chosen the word ‘bastard’.
“You think you can treat me like this, after all this time?”
Jon mumbled, “I guess the engagement is off.”
“You are wicked!” Abomeli shrieked. “You are a heartless bastard!”
“I’m heartless…” Kurt said, battling to control his fury. “After all I’ve done for you and your family.”
“You’re rich. You have the money.”
“I didn’t have to do all that I did for you. I loved you.”
“I should have known you were going to do this! You’ve been holding back, dragging your feet.”
“And so you thought that if you lied to the press it would force me to set a date. You don’t know me, Abomeli, you never have.”
“At least I know you and your family are crazy… the mighty Achikes… you’re all crazy! Killers, murderers…”
Diola clapped her hands together in surprise. “Is that so?”
“And yet… moments ago, you were desperate to become one of us… to become the first Mrs. Kurt Achike.” Laide joined in.
Towumi spoke up, glowering at Laide. “You people think you’re so special. And as for you, madam, you’re a fool. Your husband wanted me. I could see the evidence in his trousers. If we hadn’t been interrupted—”
Laide smiled coldly. “You are a silly tramp. Who do you think you are? You think you could come in here and take my husband from me? After six years of marriage and four children? Go, crawl back into the dung heap from where you came.”
“Wow.” Leke whispered.
Towumi dissolved into tears.
Enraged, Abomeli’s voice rose. “I’ll tell everyone! I’ll tell the world that Kurt Achike is a heartbreaker! You’re a heartless bastard and the public must know who you are! You should be called Kurt Achike, the Breaker of Hearts.”
He switched his gaze from her to his Richard Mille watch. “Abomeli, I think you’ve overstayed your welcome. Your time is up.”
Jon laughed.
Etoro and Priye materialized beside the two weeping women. Etoro said, “Ladies, it’s time to go.”
“Who are you? You have no right to speak to me like that.” Abomeli glared at Etoro.
“Please leave quietly. Don’t make me move you.”
“You?” Abomeli’s scornful gaze brushed over Etoro.
Leke cut in. “Yes, her. She works for me. And you know what I do. Unless you want to find yourselves on the cold, wet floor, hands behind your back, I suggest you walk out now.”
“Fine. Good riddance to bad rubbish.” She spun around and then paused. “I’ll come and pick our things later.”
Kurt said, “You don’t have to. I’ll send them to you.”
Abomeli tossed him a look full of spite and then stamped away, Towumi at her heels.
For a long, pregnant moment there was silence.
Then Jon winked at Toke and said, “That’s sixty thousand naira. Pay up.”
Toke grunted and then muttered, “I’ll transfer twenty thousand each to your accounts.”
Zik put a finger to his lips, glowering at his two sons.
Diola’s eyes thinned. She addressed her husband. “What’s the money for?”
Kurt said, “My guess is… for a bet. Whether I would go through with this engagement or not.”
Diola gasped. “How could you? Zik, you too? I’m disappointed.”
Zik frowned at Jon. “Thanks son.”
Kurt shrugged. “Don’t get angry with them, mom. I would have done the same thing in their shoes.”
“That’s horrible, though.” Diola said.
“I said the same thing to Leke and Toke earlier.” Laide stated.
“It’s no big deal. Just some harmless fun.” Jon said.
Kurt put his hands on his hips. “The engagement dinner is canceled and I’ve wasted everybody’s time. I’ve broken off my second engagement and apparently, according to Abomeli, I should be called the Breaker of Hearts. Oh—plus, my father and brothers placed a bet on the outcome that I would end my relationship with Abomeli—”
“Not me. For the record, I was the only one who believed you would go through with it.” Toke said.
“And that’s why you’re paying us sixty thousand naira.” Leke said, chuckling.
Kurt said, “I should be devastated. I should be heartbroken… I was with her for over a year….”
His family stared at him.
“But…” his shoulders began to shake. With laughter. “It’s funny… the bet, Abomeli’s anger, Aunt Olachi and Uncle Inno… I shouldn’t be laughing…”
Toke’s laughter burst from his mouth. Followed immediately after by Zik’s loud roar, Diola’s reluctant chuckle and Laide’s soft giggle.
Jon guffawed, slapping Kurt on the back.
Leke said with a grin, “It was a great party.”
And Kurt doubled up, laughing.

The End

Stay tuned for an excerpt from An Unexpected Match, the next book in the Sons of Zik Romance Series.
Re: Introducing The Sons Of Zik Romance Series by HotsButs(f): 6:53pm On Jan 17, 2018
First, before the juicy excerpt from the upcoming book in the Sons of Zik Romance Series,

A question for you:

Among Kurt, Leke, Jon and Toke, which is your favorite son of Zik?

Let me know. I'll love to hear from you..... kiss
Re: Introducing The Sons Of Zik Romance Series by Chommieblaq(f): 7:09pm On Jan 17, 2018
Aww it was short was expecting a long read and Kurt finally meeting the real one.
Re: Introducing The Sons Of Zik Romance Series by tijehi(f): 8:28pm On Jan 17, 2018
First, before the juicy excerpt from the upcoming book in the Sons of Zik Romance Series,

A question for you:

Among Kurt, Leke, Jon and Toke, which is your favorite son of Zik?

Let me know. I'll love to hear from you..... kiss

Kurt. I think he's cool and collected.
Re: Introducing The Sons Of Zik Romance Series by Adikij(f): 7:08am On Jan 18, 2018
Nice story i would choose kurt

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