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Re: The Tutorial by toboski1(m): 10:02am On Jan 06, 2018
Nice piece of writing. But always make sure you proofread it before uploading. I'm enjoying it sha cool
Re: The Tutorial by genius43(m): 12:00pm On Jan 06, 2018
UltimateDayG well done and keep up the good work, just try to proof read and mind your tenses.

As for your real name my guess is Deji
Re: The Tutorial by UltimateDayg: 9:09pm On Jan 07, 2018

Gramophone squeak-speak, I don't know if that is in the dictionary but that's the best way I could describe him. Not only that he do squeak-speak but he also gossip a lot. Gramophone to reduce his ordeal from hakeem would update hakeem about the latest thing that is going on and would also fabricate some tales just to gain his favour. Hakeem do order gramophone around and control him like a puppet.

Gramophone on his usuall rendezvous being privy into others matter. He sat beside sharon who was beside peter, interrupting their discussion.
"erhm did you lost something Mr. Man or your boss sent you" peter asked him not looking at him.

"what's your problem? I was just trying to be friendly" gram replied.

"friend indeed, so that gave you the audacity not to respect other people's privacy.

"you are too arrogant" gram said and stood up. He has already got what he needed and all what he need is to fabricate the story to make the more interesting for his boss.


"go and get me snacks" hakeem ordered
"erhm please open the window boy" peter replied him ignoring his question

"they've said it that you this rat is rude and I'll show the stuff am made of" hakeem said gnashing his teeth and hitting his knuckles against his palms. He flexed his big muscles and grins to himself. All the students were actually thinking of how peter would be dealt with by this monster. I have also decided to help him out if things go wrong but to my sunrise peter didn't look worried at all.

Hakeem rushed towards him but peter dropped to mat, peter lied on his stomach and hakeem tripped. What I could use to describe what he did was that he made himself to be like a log of wood that makes people to trip and fall if they are running or not careful with their movement. Although he raised his body a bit that a log so hakeem won't step on him but trip and fall. Peters plan worked and hakeem trip and fell and land his head on a desk. He was badly hurt and with this opportunity peter beat him hard by landing heavy punches on him, peter made a sign to Sharon and Sharon went to called Mr adewale.
Peter used a razor blade to cut bit of his head around the ear and blood ooze out, then as Mr. Adewale was about coming peter quickly grab the weak hakeem and made him to be on him and he start to shout
"leave me alone you bully" peter said as Mr. Adewale was about entering the class.
"you this big bull, you dare beat the poor boy" Mr. Adewale said as hakeem was about to stand up from peters grip but he knows he can't explain anything because of the blood in peters face and he was on top of peter and peter is also people's favourite so the student won't support him.

"sir i can explain" he said

"shut up you bull" Mr. Adewale thundered

"you have nothing to explain and you have got suspended for a two weeks!" Mr. Adewale added.
The suspension should have been a week but because Mr. Adewale like other people at the tutorial likes peter

Re: The Tutorial by AryEmber(f): 10:01pm On Jan 07, 2018
No celebrations? Congrats jare! You are doing great!
Re: The Tutorial by UltimateDayg: 10:21pm On Jan 07, 2018
No celebrations? Congrats jare! You are doing great!
UltimateDayG well done and keep up the good work, just try to proof read and mind your tenses.

As for your real name my guess is Deji

thanks bro. I will improve and I do modify the post...... My phone has been the reason for the late update
I'm with u bro,more Data to ur Sim.....greet my madrid friend Farid jare
lolz.......he'll hear

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Re: The Tutorial by UltimateDayg: 10:30pm On Jan 07, 2018
"sir it is a prank, peter tore his head with a blade" gramophone squeaked from corner.

"then show me your proof" Mr. Adewale said with an expressionless face
"and explain how he was on top of peter beating him mercilessly.

"the blade is in his pocket" gramophone said

peter raised his hands and Mr. Adewale checked his pocket but found no blade there. How peter hide the blade no one knows.

"and now you too have worked 3 days suspension for yourself"
" and Mr. Bully, he is even wearing bull's cloth sef, you should bully the boy or anybody again or else you'll find the result not so pleasing". Mr. Adewale added.
Hakeem coincidentally is wearing the bulls basket ball jersey and a black trousers.

One thing I've learned from this is that you should'nt under estimate people and you should always apply wisdom to everything.

That was the end to hakeem's tyranny
Re: The Tutorial by UltimateDayg: 10:35pm On Jan 07, 2018
Episode 4

after the incident of hakeem, the tutorial seems to be back to normal. Its kinda back to normal for everyone but not for me.
Maryam is a trouble and also rihanaht they are my two trouble. Maryam just as Joseph had said was behaving kinda nice to me and I played along. I have been unsettled ever since that incident that took place between rihanaht and I and thanks to maryam.
I was walking to the cafeteria at the tutorial when I suddenly bump into someone, I didn't focus on where I am going so I was the cause for the accident and not that alone, I bumped into rihanaht and this sends the plate of food in her hands down.
"not you again" she yelled

"am sorry it was an accident, I'll get you another one" I pleaded.

"no, you are giving this particular food back" she said.
How absurd, shey i go the pick the jolly rice ni or what, I thought to myself.

"you know that's not possible, am sorry and I can also use this opportunity to explain what happened the other day and thanks for not letting me to be suspended" I said with a smile

she rolled her eyes and she looks so beautiful. Although its only her face I could see since she always use long hijabs.
"I have reasons for sparing you and that doesn't mean I have forgiven you and explain what happened, I am sure it won't be different from what other guys like you would say" she said rudely with her arms akimbo.

"let me just say It was a prank, I was pranked that day and I felt so foolish not to have realize earlier, Its not my fault and I would like you to believe me" I stated

"uhmn...... I love your prose" she said.

"I just want me and you to clear the air between us and be friends" I said to her

"I know that's where yo are driving at, I can't befriend a philanderer like you and a digit like you, I have plans for my life and even if you tongue is sugar coated you can't deceive me and thanks for spoiling my meal" she said.

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Re: The Tutorial by isahkadir1(m): 6:05am On Jan 08, 2018
I love this
Re: The Tutorial by insp: 2:24pm On Jan 08, 2018
Re: The Tutorial by nerd51(f): 5:33pm On Jan 08, 2018
Ahn, I so love this story.
Re: The Tutorial by UltimateDayg: 10:49pm On Jan 08, 2018
"am sorry, i meant no harm, but I can buy you another meal if you like" I said to her.

"oh ooh you'll buy a meal for me and then order me to sit beside you then you'll go and boast to your friends that you are dating me" she said.

I am already getting frustrated at her behaviour.

"okay, fine, insult me, abuse me and call me names but since its only me myself that can read my own mind, you can say whatever you like for all I care" I replied her and turn to go.

"okay, order for the food and lets eat" she said. Her word surprises me.
Re: The Tutorial by damon147(m): 11:07am On Jan 09, 2018
This rehinat sef
Re: The Tutorial by UltimateDayg: 12:32pm On Jan 09, 2018
"okay, order for the food and lets eat" she said. Her word surprises me.

"or should I order for the food" she asked. This girl is one kind of weird.

"I'll order for it I said" as we clear the mess on the floor and leave the rest for the cleaner to do.

"its not that I am mean but seriously what you did that day was one kind annoying and I what you to explain into details of what happened" she said
"my name is rihanaht and you?" she asked. I told her my name, I brought out my phone and check the notifications and slid it back into my pocket. I was about to start a conversation when a girl approaches us

she gave me a tight hug before I can even protest. And she cut me off as I was about to talk.

"w..h...o" I tried to say

"hello miss, I really don't know what you this love peddler is doing here" she said to rihanaht. Her words struck me and I know it would have the same effect on rihanaht.

"did you skip your drugs or you miss your way, I can't even befriend a creature like you talkless of dating you" I said to her rudely thinking that should shut her up.

"you denied me because of this girl, this slut!, she disgraced you the other day but yet you won't desist from her, what did you want from her that I didn't offer to you" she lamented almost crying.
"I am not that surprised because your friend already told me you are a organizer and a flirt" she added and with this rihanaht stood up and said

"am sorry miss, we are just having a discussion and I'll take my leave right now" she said and leave immediately.
Her words surprised me because I thought she will go ballistic on that devil or just leave angrily, she must be a kind of humble girl.

I turned to the "devil" and was about to say something when she said.

"oooooh my gosh!!!! Please uncle am highly sorry!! You resemble my boyfriend, his name is Eric, he has the same type of cloth you are wearing, am sorry if I have spoiled your day" she said with an innocent look.

"please forgive me" she added

I smiled to her, even the guy that won the gold medal for world most foolish will know what she is up to.
I was about solving one of my problems when this devil clothed in the skin of a girl compounded it and add her own to the issue making my bi-problem become tri-problem.

"okay you are forgiven mistakes do happen" I said as brushed I pass her

"and be careful another time" I added.

I knew that my attitude will surprise her because that's the least of what she has expected but I am confident and happy because I have something will trash her plan and also prove that I am saying the truth to rihanaht. I brought out my phone and save the audio recording

Did you guys remember Joseph? Joseph adviced me to always record anything when talking to girls or some boys if there is need to Although it is not everytime I have to do that but whenever the conversation is an essential or important one. The guy plan actually worked because I have recorded everything that the girl has said. I start to record it when I brought my phone to check notifications, I actually brought it out so as to record my conversation with rihanaht but seems it worked for another purpose. I silently prayed for God to bless Joseph. Now my plan is to deal with this new devil, maryam and show my prove to rihanaht.

Double trouble trippled!!!!


guys pls comment!! How is the story? Hope it is good? What are the areas that I need to develop? Is the story bad?

And I want you too know that I do modiify the post regularly, so just wait for some minute after I have updated a story before rerading it. I cant update it at once because of my phone, so I really need to be modifying it! Thanks for your understanding

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Re: The Tutorial by YINKS89(m): 2:00pm On Jan 09, 2018
Ur story is cool but short.
Re: The Tutorial by sampz(m): 2:59am On Jan 10, 2018
making sense bro...I da follow lik mad
Re: The Tutorial by isahkadir1(m): 4:00pm On Jan 10, 2018
Continue bro
Re: The Tutorial by Damibiz(m): 7:52pm On Jan 10, 2018
Recording conversions is actually my hobby...nice update man,keep it coming nd greet Farid for me
Re: The Tutorial by Nobody: 9:15pm On Jan 10, 2018
Recording conversions is actually my hobby...nice update man,keep it coming nd greet Farid for me
Re: The Tutorial by Nobody: 9:17pm On Jan 10, 2018
Pls continue

I love the story

Re: The Tutorial by Damibiz(m): 9:17pm On Jan 10, 2018
Good evening Queen
Re: The Tutorial by Nobody: 9:19pm On Jan 10, 2018
Good evening Queen
Evening my dear. How are you doing?
Re: The Tutorial by Damibiz(m): 9:21pm On Jan 10, 2018
Great.....tell this guy to gv us something light for the night na
Evening my dear.
How are you doing?
Re: The Tutorial by Nobody: 9:28pm On Jan 10, 2018
Great.....tell this guy to gv us something light for the night na
grin ultimateDayg pls give us something light for the night.. *Says Damibiz* cheesy
Re: The Tutorial by UltimateDayg: 8:09pm On Jan 13, 2018
Episode 5

maryam's melancholy

Maryam has always been trying to get my attention but I always ignore her. I was on my way to get myself some snacks when I came into her. She was cladded in a blue tank top and a blue jean, she fixed attachment to her hair, maryam seems to be a non-devoted Muslim.

"how are you" she said

"I am fine" i replied her bluntly

"seems you are still angry with me" she said blinking her eyes

"no now" I said. I am becoming uncomfortable standing near her.

"its not like you are thinking but I am sorry for what I did, its a misconception" she said

"no problem" I replied her

"okay, so my birthday is coming up next week Saturday and I would like you to come" she said with a smile.
"any day but not Saturday, my sister wedding is on that day" I lied to her.

"wow, I can come now" she said and I shot her the 'you've forgotten something' look.

"my birthday is from 9 in the morning to 12 and weddings won't be fixed at that time so I can come immediately after my birthday" she said as she throws her hand in the air.
Another trick!! Who celebrates birthday in the morning. Well as the saying 'once bitten, twice shy' I am not falling for this one. This girl is a devil pha! The thunder we go strike her dey gather electric currents from kanji dam.

"what did you say" she queried. Her question brought me out of my thoughts
Re: The Tutorial by YINKS89(m): 8:15am On Jan 14, 2018
Nice piece Bt d update is small... Try to make I longer.
Re: The Tutorial by Nobody: 8:18am On Jan 14, 2018
Nice one.. More please
Re: The Tutorial by Eddyella(f): 11:47pm On Jan 14, 2018
You re doing gud.More pls...
Re: The Tutorial by Hephzibah9: 1:42pm On Jan 15, 2018
nice write up defina tely on this one
Re: The Tutorial by UltimateDayg: 4:05am On Jan 16, 2018
"don't bother yourself, you should enjoy your birthday to the fullest, please enjoy it and don't disturb yourself" I said to her.

"okay, If you say so" she said with a look of disappointment on her face as she leave.

"lil bitch, you cant Bleep with me, if you wanted to" I hummed the cardi b song to myself as I hurried to get myself some snacks because the worms are protesting already.


"that guy is forming hard to get" I heard a female voice said.the voice sounds familiar. There is this place at the back of the classes which student who are less busy do stay, there are few benches there, most girls and even guys has turned the place to a place for gossip, gisting and all other things that are irrelevant to their studies. I was just trying to take some fresh air when I heard the gossip.
Immediately I brought out my phone and start to record the conversation.

"I even tried to make him come over to my house but he is proving kinda stubborn" a voice said and I don't need any oracle to tell me the owner of that voice, its Maryam!

"I spoiled the relationship between her and that girl, am very sure the girl would think of him as Irritating, I have nipped any kind of relationship they are trying to form at the bud"
the voice replied maryam. And now one things seems clear to me, maryam has definitely set up the girl to spoil the friendship between maryam and I, but did she planned it before or how did she know that I will meet rihanaht that day because meeting rihanaht that day was just a mere coincidence.

"I trust you friend, that's why I asked you to be monitoring his movement" maryam replied her.
Re: The Tutorial by Damibiz(m): 7:26am On Jan 16, 2018
Ultimate,dis updatez wa short like........cigar so i no de undastand again oh..nt withstanding,nice work
Re: The Tutorial by Nobody: 8:56am On Jan 16, 2018
Come and update oo.... More please
Nice one

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Re: The Tutorial by YINKS89(m): 3:25pm On Jan 16, 2018
Dis update is small now after a Long tym of nt updating.

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