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The untold Story of Ubaga HK >yahoo Yahoo, yahoo plus, mtcn, betrayal! / The Enemy Within - A Tale Of Love, Lust And Betrayal / PERFIDY- A STORY OF LOVE,BETRAYAL AND DECEIT (2) (3) (4)

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Whose Fault? (betrayal And Revenge) A Short Story by SamuelTurner(m): 6:49am On Feb 03, 2018
The love between Olatuji and Blessing was so much that it is a type of love that everybody wished for. But things started changing when an intruder came between them. Love turned to hatred and hatred turned to betrayal and betrayal turned to revenge. What fault?.
Sit back and enjoy.
Re: Whose Fault? (betrayal And Revenge) A Short Story by SamuelTurner(m): 3:23pm On Feb 04, 2018

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Re: Whose Fault? (betrayal And Revenge) A Short Story by SamuelTurner(m): 12:52pm On Feb 07, 2018
Bolade Maxwell is an hardworking man living in Osun with his wife Bimbo Maxwell. Bolade is the marketing manager of the company he works with. Bimbo is a very busy and strict woman who doesn't buy the idea of sitting at home so with this, she has her own store where she sells cloth. She travels to Onitsha and Abeokuta to buy goods.
Bolade is a workaholic man who doesn't even have time for the family. He usually spent most of his time at work and whenever he's at home, it is either sleeping or working on his files.
The Maxwell's are very discreet, they don't expose themselves to social outing just like most couples do nowadays. Bimbo is not an adulterous woman even though she receives little attention from the husband and also not a proud woman. That's more of the reason Bolade married her.
Bolade had even plan marry another woman but the thought of a divided home made him eliminated the plan.
The Maxwell's don't have any problem and even if they have, nobody knows. But still, they have their own problem which is very important and the problem is that after their first born Olatunji, they had not been able to have another child. They've done series of test both in Osun and outside Osun but all they tell them is ' you are okay, nothing is wrong with you'. Though he who have only one child has graduated from the class of the barren, but limited is the joy of people like that. Chief Albert the father of Bimbo tried everything he could but everything proved abortive. They leave everything for GOd when they realise that it is the work of destiny.
Olatunji is the only child that the parent looks upon day and night. He was over pampered. They always monitor his activities so as not to get hurt.
When it was time for him to start school, it nearly became a fight between Bolade and Bimbo because Adekunle the younger brother of Bolade living in Lagos wanted to take Tunji to Lagos. Bimbo refused bluntly and said " what am I still doing in your house if not for Tunji". It was wisdom that BOlade used to communicate with his brother before he agrees not to take him again.
Notwithstanding, Tunji started school and was admitted to Delight Kiddies College facing directly Bimbo's shop. It was Bolade's dad that gave them the land the school was bulit on so Bimbo always monitor the activities of the school and she's always at peace because she knows that nothing bad can happen to Tunji. "If Tunji offends anybody let me know, he is not a child you can beat anyhow" Bimbo aggressively told the headmaster of the school. Maxwell's name is very important in the school and no one dares to mess with it and especially when it is part of the name they always use for inter-house sport, so everybody gat to be careful when it comes to Tunji's matter. Even though Bolade was not pleased with teachers not beating Tunji. But most of the teachers nowadays can kill a child with beating, so he had to support Bimbo on that. With Tunji in the picture, the couples now spend most of their time at home in order to take care of their only child.
A friend in need they say is a friend indeed is the issue of Samuel and Bolade. Samuel is the best friend of Bolade, he is also a businessman just like Bolade. If Samuel is not at home or on business trip then he must definitely be at Bolade's office or house. Samuel all did everything he could do for the Maxwell to have another child but its also the same story. He even wanted to advise Bolade to try another but he's afraid no spoil their friendship because Bolade might tell Bimbo.
Samuel had three children, two boys and one girl. Blessing the only the daughter of Samuel also started school the same day Tunji started. She is younger than Tunji. Am very sure that Tunji was five years old before he started school and that's because of his mother. Blessing and Tunji loved each other very much because of the love that is between the two parents. Blessing is more brillant than Tunji but people can't know because Blessing is always ther to explain things to Tunji. The love between them is not lustful love, it is only a CHILD'S PLAY, even if you want to think to that extent their age will not give you the chance.
Blessing and Tunji finished their primary school and they did examination and passed. They both intended to go to Oxford Secondary in Abuja. Mr. Smith the headmaster of Delight Kiddies College tried all his possible best on the students to make sure that they must pass the common entrance examination and especially those that chose Oxford Secondary School.
The result after one month. Tunji, Blessing and five other students were chosen from Delight Kiddies College. Bimbo was happy when the result came and was also unhappy when she realised that Tunji will be leaving him, though she tried all her best to convince Tunji to school in Osun but the guy was adamant in going to Abuja. Bolad didn't think much about the fact that his son will be leaving him. He had already made the necessary preparation for the boy in Abuja.
This is how Tunji and Blessing left for Abuja to became a student of Oxford Secondary School as boarding students. That is, the parent must take permission before seeing a student or only if the student is on vacation before he\ she see's the parent. The students are called to eat with the sound of bell. They sleep and wake according to the giving time..........

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Re: Whose Fault? (betrayal And Revenge) A Short Story by SamuelTurner(m): 4:14pm On Feb 07, 2018
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Re: Whose Fault? (betrayal And Revenge) A Short Story by SamuelTurner(m): 4:21pm On Feb 07, 2018
Chapter 2

Day by Day

Its difficult to knows where Bimbo lives, maybe Osun or Abuja. If she is not on a business trip or at the shop, then she must definitely be at Oxford Secondary School.

Whenever she travels to Abuja, she will first branch at Adekunle's house. Its not that she loves Adekunle dearly but because she knows that if any problems arises Adekunle will be the first to know.

Whenever she visits Tunji, she would hug him dearly checking him all over the body......Mother of one child. Bolade often visits him.

There is an important thing that Bolade and Bimbo always notice whenever they visits their son. Blessing is always with him, this signify that they never left each other and their behaviour is like that of if the snail moves then the shell will follow.
The friendship between the two parents have generated between Blessing and Tunji.

They finished grade 1 and graduated to grade 2. Tunji result was not too good to that of Blessing. "This is secondary school, this is not a place you can play. You need to study hard" this is what the teachers always says to them. All those who passed congratulated them selves. It was the closeness between Tunji and Blessing that made him passed the exam because Blessing is sitting in front of Tunji and this give him the chance to copy from Blessing. With this, they finished grade 1, 2 and graduated to 3.

Things began to change in the life of Tunji and Blessing. It seems like their ordinary friendship had elevate because people have began to think maybe they are dating. Tunji cannot eat if he didn't see Blessing. If Tunji is being punished for something, then Blessing must be there. If Blessing is asked to fetch water for those that are in the kitchen, it is her and Tunji. If you offend Tunji, you've automatically offends Blessing.

The students of Oxford have accepted thet fact that Tunji and Blessing are dating each other. Whenever they are on vacation, they don't leave themselves. If you see Blessing somewhere, check there very well because Tunji will be there.

They are matured but the dirty thought of dating in not on their mind. The dating became a rumour in the school that the school authority heard about it and their parents were invited.

Truly there was nothing between them until they got to Grade 5. One day the society they belonged to in school choose as representatives to go to Ibadan. Because the society noticed that they are the only one that can represent them without any problem.

They went for the program. Its a day program. After the program, Blessing told Tunji that they should go and sleep in her cousin's house and they will leave the following day. Tunji didn't disagree, they boarded a vechicle going to Molete.
Binta couldn't hide her excitement when she saw Blessing and Tunji. She already heard about the rumour the day she visited Blessing at school. She arranged a room for both of them.

After they finished eating, Tunji was surprised when Binta told them that she had arranged a room for them to sleep and there is only one bed there. He looked at Blessing, both of them didn't talk. They went inside the room when they were ready to sleep. Tunji was so tired because of the journey, he removed his trouser and jump on the bed and slept off instantly.

Blessing couldn't sleep because of what was on her mind. At exactly 2:00, Tunji felt a cold body touching his body. He woke up and saw that Blessing is naked and her boobs tightly pressed on his body. When Blessing saw that Tunji had woken up, she pressed her boobs tightly against Tunji. It seems like she intentionally removed her cloths. Tunji faced the wall, his mind was full of many thought. Should I tell Blessing that she should compose her self or should I give her what she wants. After many thoughts, 'a man only die but once' Tunji said and kissed Blessing. They did that thing that man and woman do together.....

It was a rumour before and now the rumour is confirmed. It was difficult for both of them to look at each others face when they woke up. They dressed without talking to each other, they bid Binta bye and left for the park.
Re: Whose Fault? (betrayal And Revenge) A Short Story by SamuelTurner(m): 3:07pm On Feb 09, 2018
They tried to let bygone be bygone on what they did or else it may affect their final examination and they also want people to know about it. Blessing is very confident of herself when it comes to examination but for Tunji, he must be prepared so as not to fail. They concluded inside the vechile that they must talk about what transpired between them and they should also continue as friends like they were before. Tunji really loves Blessing that's why he will do almost everything to make sure that he never loses Blessing because in class, most of the boys are striving for Blessing including some teachers.

The time for the examination came and the student that registered sat for the examination.

After the examination, they came back to Osun. We don't need to be saying the quantity of Bimbo's happiness. That was the time Tunji confessed to his mother that he is dating Blessing and he wished to marry her. Bimbo was happy that Tunji had already found his future wife, but was discouraged when she thought that Bolade might not buy the idea. 'Anyway, I will first tell my friend about it' she concluded in her mind.

Bimbo told Susan and she didn't oppose the idea. It seems like Blessing had also informed her mother beforehand. Women don't hide things from themselves......this world have spoil finish! Olden days, the wife will be kept away from the husband. Blessing can enter Tunji's room anytime and Tunji can sleep in Blessing's house.
The world is going DAY BY DAY!

The result of their final exam came. Blessing passed all the subject while Tunji's result was not too good, he passed in only 4 subjects. That means Blessing is qualified to continue in Oxford University while Tunji will find a job to do.
'This will not stop our love, even if you stop your education here' Blessing told Tunji assuringly

Blessing was called the second week for admission at the school university in Lagos.
Adekunle called and told Tunji that he had secured a job for him in Lagos.
Since Blessing is moving to Lagos, Tunji also told his parent that he's also moving to Lagos to start the work Adekunle secured for him. The parent attested to it.
Tunji and Blessing travelled to Lagos the same day. Tunji went to his uncle's house and Blessing went to the university.
If Tunji wants to see Blessingn all he needs to do is to go to Ikorodu and if Blessing wishes to see Tunji, all she needs to do is to board a vechicle going to Agege.

..........Love Nwantintin...........I hope their love last forever...............
Re: Whose Fault? (betrayal And Revenge) A Short Story by davibid: 6:47am On Feb 10, 2018

And I am still wondering whether to read it or not


Re: Whose Fault? (betrayal And Revenge) A Short Story by Flexherbal(m): 6:48am On Feb 10, 2018
Interesting piece !

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Re: Whose Fault? (betrayal And Revenge) A Short Story by KOKOHANDS: 7:03am On Feb 10, 2018
Quite an interesting story!!
Re: Whose Fault? (betrayal And Revenge) A Short Story by Benyork4(m): 7:13am On Feb 10, 2018
.. Wow. very interesting.. Can it continue?


Re: Whose Fault? (betrayal And Revenge) A Short Story by arabaribiti(m): 7:16am On Feb 10, 2018

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Re: Whose Fault? (betrayal And Revenge) A Short Story by MicroBox: 7:36am On Feb 10, 2018
Continue na

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Re: Whose Fault? (betrayal And Revenge) A Short Story by samwise180(m): 8:00am On Feb 10, 2018
Getting interesting, Op pls come and finish what you started.

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Re: Whose Fault? (betrayal And Revenge) A Short Story by prince4me: 8:01am On Feb 10, 2018
And then 8 shocked shocked

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Re: Whose Fault? (betrayal And Revenge) A Short Story by MummyIMadeIt: 8:59am On Feb 10, 2018
Quite intriguing...... Hope to see a twist oo

Don't like a predictable tale..

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Re: Whose Fault? (betrayal And Revenge) A Short Story by SamuelTurner(m): 1:44pm On Feb 10, 2018
Chapter 3
Things Fall Apart

Blessing got an accommodation in the girls hostel and the law of the school does not allow male visitors inside a freshers hostel. So whenever Tunji visits Blessing, they always meet in secret, and each time they meet, they display every tactics of love. What a love! Tunji loves Blessing and Blessing loves Tunji.

If a bush boy determined to be civilised then he will be over civilised.
Blessing didn't exhaust six month befors she began to imitate her friends. She wants to be like her friends, she has forgotten that she came from the village of Osun, she has forgotten that Samuel had to borrow me for her to pay her tuition fees, she had forgotten her parents name.

Blessing started rolling with the governors daughter, if she ask for 50 naira today, she must ask for 60 naira tomorrow. Tunji on the other had resumed work, all the money in his account had be exhausted on Blessing.
When Tunji noticed that Adekunle had began to suspect him due to his lateness, he told his uncle that he want to get an accommodation outside near his working place, so that he will be punctual at work. With this, Adekunle accepted to Tunji's proposal.
Tunji got an accommodation near Oxford University And its only a few mins walk to Blessingks hostel. If Tunji is not in the office, then definitely he must be with Blessing under the mango tree.
Whenever they are together, Tunji usually sings this particular song:

'Money is not love

If you love me

Don't because of money

Love of God is the only true love'

This types of song usually irritates Blessing but she always keep quiet because she already know where she's going. If Tunji is no more capable of her finances then all she have to do is to find another person.

'What are you thinking' Tunji asked when he notices Blessing mood.

'Nothing much, am only thinking about the lectures we are having this days and they even told use to buy another book again' Blessing answered Tunji

'How many books'

'Nine textbooks, and the problem is that they asked use to buy it before 1st of next month' Blessing answered.

'That is much ooo, but you can buy it one by one. If I collect salary, I will give you money to buy the one that are important' Tunji said to his girlfriend.

'Thanks darling' Blessing said and kissed Tunji.

They talked for a while and Blessing escort Tunji secretly like they always do. Tunji returned home with thousand of thought on his mind. Blessing returned to the hostel with excitement. The ant of Tunji has carried what is far bigger than him. It remained how he is going to split his salary into two.

Blessing couldn't hide her excitement as she entered her room. Tosin her roomate asked her why she excited and Blessing replied her that she was happy because of one and her only Tunji. Tosin smiled and said 'I go love ooo'. They didn't talk so long before both of them faced their books.

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Re: Whose Fault? (betrayal And Revenge) A Short Story by SamuelTurner(m): 2:07pm On Feb 10, 2018
Quite intriguing...... Hope to see a twist oo

Don't like a predictable tale..
Ok.....just dey watch like buhari
Re: Whose Fault? (betrayal And Revenge) A Short Story by SamuelTurner(m): 2:12pm On Feb 10, 2018
Re: Whose Fault? (betrayal And Revenge) A Short Story by SamuelTurner(m): 2:17pm On Feb 10, 2018
And then 8 shocked shocked
Re: Whose Fault? (betrayal And Revenge) A Short Story by mrmadu099: 2:38pm On Feb 10, 2018
the best way to manage your account

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Re: Whose Fault? (betrayal And Revenge) A Short Story by SamuelTurner(m): 8:57pm On Feb 10, 2018
Tunji could not sleep when he got home, he was rolling to and fro on the bed. What Blessing said got into his head. 'Where is this relationship going now' Tunji didn't know when he spoke aloud, Thankfully, he is the only one in the room. He didn't sleep very well before daybreak. It was hunger that woke him up. Life of a bachelor! No soup, no foodstuffs. He is not going to work because it was saturday and they were suppose to receive salary on Sunday but they will have to wait till Monday which is on the 1st. How am I going to do it, and Blessing said that she needed the money before Monday. He prayed silently that he should not be disgrace in the presence of those that love him.

Daniel his friend that came to visit him did not enjoy his company at all because of the issue of money. If Daniel should talk about how Chelsea was beaten 4 - 1, Tunji will change the topic to how buhari caused recession.
Daniel gingered Tunji and they played ludo together. Tunji defeated Daniel just like how Nigeria was defeated.

Daniel used the avenue to insert some words into Tunji's memory.

'see my brother, if you have only one shirt, don't let it get dirt, wash and starch it and you will see that the girls will be running after you. All the girls want is money, but if your mouth is sugar coated then that is enough for them. Tell them so many lies then they will respect you. But if you form omo butter, this girls will send you back to your village. 'Play for me'

'What type of life are we now living' Tunji exclaimed.

'Abeg play for me jare' Daniel retorted
' In this world, there is no truthful person, if you are not wise people will ruin you. It is not only woman they call barren. if a man is stupid and foolish, Lagos people are ready to ruin him'. It was Daniel who said this to Tunji.

Daniel was born and raised in the street of Lagos and he had experienced so many things, so he knows everything about Lagos.

When they finished the game, they brought beans and killed it with garri. After eating, the friends gisted for a while and Daniel left for his house.
Tunji escorted Daniel and came back home to sleep. He woke up the following day feeling a bit better due to the advise Daniel gave him. He wanted to go to Oxford to meet Blessing but the agreement they made is to come with the money. He didn't go anywhere until night came. I don't want anything that will separate me from Blessing, how much is my salary? 400 naira. All I have to do is to split my salary into two, I will give Blessing half and I will buy foodstuffs and pay the house rent with the other half.
Tunji later slept with numerous thoughts on his mind.

The two days that Tunji didn't visits blessing. Tosin the room mate of Blessing was busy preaching to her.

'If you are still thinking that God will do it ehen, you will suffer ooo. Look at my radio, somebody brought it for me, look at my wristwatch, somebody brought it for me. I change my wardrobe every month. You are now sticking with one stupid guy. You better move away from Surulere and come to Olorunsogo'

'What if am exposed, what will I do' Blessing said with a soft tone. It seems like she's interested.

'Exposed as how? Shut up jare, if one of the lecturer woo you, you will turn them down? Then you are finished. Use your brain, don't you see my boyfriend Segun that always comes here. He is the one teaching us politics, can he now open his eyes and allow me to fail bah? Impossible.'

Blessing could not utter a statement, she was thinking about the agreement between her and Tunji. Their love didn't start from Lagos and it will be a shame if she breaks the agreement between them. She was lost in her thought when Tosin played one of the track of Chief E. Obey which he titled 'Olowo L'aye Mo'. It was the song that changed Blessing's mind. When Tosin noticed this, she used the avenue ti install more words in Blessing's brain. She said: 'Segun will be here any moment. Today is saturday and he promised to take me to the beach and that is where life is. If you are there, you will no that Jesus is Lord'

'Beach! No problem. I'll be glad if you take me along because my mouth also love good things' Blessing who have never been to the beach replied anxiously.

'he is coming with his friend Kunle, he is also a lecturer in our university. He is teaching in your dept' Tosin stated

'Kunle, Kunle what?'

'Prof Olakunle Adedokun is his name but we call him Kunle'
As they were discussing, Segun came in with Kunle. Tosin introduced Blessing to Kunle. It seems like Blessing remembered that Kunle used to be the toughest lecturer in the campus. 'No problem, you have to make hay while the sun shines' she thought with her self.

Kunle sat down spying on Blessing. Blessing is very pretty with a moderate height, dark skin, white teeth...everything about her is awesome. 'If I should handle this girl, I'll be glad' he thought within himself.
Re: Whose Fault? (betrayal And Revenge) A Short Story by aprilwise(m): 9:15pm On Feb 10, 2018
Good girl turn bad. ride on

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Re: Whose Fault? (betrayal And Revenge) A Short Story by SamuelTurner(m): 7:49am On Feb 11, 2018
Good girl turn bad. ride on
na so
Re: Whose Fault? (betrayal And Revenge) A Short Story by JustOzito(f): 9:59pm On Feb 11, 2018
following. nice story more mb to your sim

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Re: Whose Fault? (betrayal And Revenge) A Short Story by SamuelTurner(m): 7:13pm On Feb 12, 2018
following. nice story more mb to your sim
thanks ma'am
Re: Whose Fault? (betrayal And Revenge) A Short Story by SamuelTurner(m): 8:57pm On Feb 12, 2018
Tosin hurriedly told Segun that Blessing have accepted to follow them to the beach. Kunle was excited when he heard this, Segun also was excited because nothing would disturbing him from exploring Tosin's body. The guys excused the ladies to do their thing.

When the girls finished, they went outside to meet the guys. They hopped inside Segun's Peugeot 504. Tosin sat in the front and Blessing sat at the back with Kunle. Segun ignite the engine and drove towards the beach.

Seeing is Believing!! The beach was full with lovers all over the town. Segun parked the car and they find a good place they can sit. Tosin beside Segun and Blessing with Kunle.

Segun, Tosin and Kunle requested for beer while Blessing requested for fanta. After 3 bottles of beer for each of them, they compulsory it for Blessing to also have a taste of beer, she refused at first but after much pressure she accepted and asked for a bottle. After she finished the bottle, miracles began to happen in the life of Blessing. When Kunle noticed Blessing's mood, he started sweet talking her, telling her that if she agrees in dating him, everything will be easy for her in the campus.

Blessing in no time accepted Kunle's proposal, but she gave him a condition that they will be dating secretly because she already had a fiance. Kunle who knew that he had already hit the jackpot accepted the condition of dating secretly. They enjoyed until after 10 in the night before they drove back home.

Blessing was the only one that returned to the hostel. Tosin slept at Segun's house. Blessing could not sleep because of Kunle, she regretted following them to the beach and she blamed the alcoholic she took because she had accepted to date Kunle. 'I know what to do' she concluded in her mind and slept off.

It was the issue of yesterday outing that Blessing and Tosin discussed all day. Blessing went to church but she used all the time for service to sleep. Tosin was making jest of Blessing when she told her that she slept throughout the service. The ladies gisted till night and they slept off.

Bro Tunji was at home thinking about the money he will give Blessing. He didn't even wait for 6.00am in the morning before he bath and headed for work. His eyes was on the salary. He got to work and greeted all the staff, he greeted Daniel and thanked him for the advice he gave him on saturday. He got to the manager's office and collected his salary.

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Re: Whose Fault? (betrayal And Revenge) A Short Story by itsandi(m): 6:42pm On Feb 13, 2018
Interesting story...Enjoy interesting stories, poetry, follow series on Tushstories via



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Re: Whose Fault? (betrayal And Revenge) A Short Story by SamuelTurner(m): 9:09pm On Mar 10, 2018
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Re: Whose Fault? (betrayal And Revenge) A Short Story by sheikshegetto(m): 9:35pm On Mar 10, 2018
After God... Fear women lol.... Thanks for the mention bruh, following the plot as it unravels, like the way the story is set in the early 80's

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Re: Whose Fault? (betrayal And Revenge) A Short Story by SamuelTurner(m): 11:31am On Mar 11, 2018
The continues by 1.pm today
Stay tuned
Re: Whose Fault? (betrayal And Revenge) A Short Story by SamuelTurner(m): 2:27am On Mar 13, 2018
He opened the envelop when he got back to his seat. He met N350 inside, he thought he had been tricked because they promised to pay him N400 when he wanted to start the job.

He explained his mystery to Daniel and he (Daniel) told him that the 50 that was deducted was for tax. Tunji accepted and calculated how he’s gonna spend the remaining money, He separated 200 for house rent and foodstuffs because he’s is afraid of those landlords in Lagos, and he separated 80 out of the balance remaining for Blessing leaving him with only 70naira.

It was nearly 15mins after 7pm when Tunji left the office, he got home and hurriedly rushed down to oxford to meet Blessing.
“What have you come here to do?” Blessing shot at Tunji
“Am so sorry, it was late before I left the office and the traffic also was not friendly” Tunji replied pleadingly
“Ok, anything good” Blessing asked nonchalantly
Tunji gave her the money though Blessing was not moved but she thanked him sha. Tunji wanted to hug her but she hesitated and said “I had a stressful day and I don’t wanna be stressed up again” Tunji had to accept to her excuse. They talked for a while and Tunji left for his house

The first lecture they had on Monday was social science by Prof Kunle Adedokun. Blessing always dodge whenever her eyes met with that of Kunle.

After couple of months, the agreement between Blessing and Kunle began to appreciate while Tunji keeps on dividing his salaries into two to cater for his already astrayed girlfriend.

Though he suspected a foul play in Blessing’s attitude, but he is afraid to raise the point whenever they were together because he was only predicting due to her attitudes and he might be wrong and that means he automatically sends Blessing away, so he killed all the thought and predictions. He continued with his job and seldom visit Blessing because she had complained of been disturbed. Still he gives her money anytime she needed it.

The ant of Olatunii macauly is now playing with the daughter of an elephant.
Re: Whose Fault? (betrayal And Revenge) A Short Story by SamuelTurner(m): 3:50am On Mar 13, 2018
[size=8pt][/s[b]Chapter 4[/b]
Be vigilant!
Tunji saw that something is going on behind his back. He concluded that he will investigate what is going on. He called and explained everything to Daniel, Daniel listened attentively just to know what he’s gonna say to his friend.
“Let us watch her movement for few days so as to know maybe you are wasting your money since all this years” Daniel replied Tunji when he finished listening to his statement
“I have a plan”
“What type of plan” Tunji asked
“I have 3 friends at the university and my sister is also a student and am sure they will be of good help to us” Daniel said

This is how Daniel gave the job to Ademola, Olusesan and Fela that works in the university and her sister that studies there. Oladebo supposed to be in the same hostel hall with Blessing but she was moved to another hall last year.
Fela and Ademola are very tough, they are part of the securities in the school and they also belong to a group called the Buccaneers, which is one of the most dangerous group in the university. It is only a toddler that will claim not to know the 101’s. Even the blind flees if he hears the name. Segun doesn’t belong to any cult group but he is as dangerous as the buccaneers. He will be needed for the plan. Oladebo have spent 3years in the university and also in the same department with Blessing but just that they are in different class.

Daniel called all of them to Tunji’s house, he explained what Tunji had been passing to them and they all had sympathy on Tunji because it seems like Tunji had been there for Blessing since their primary school days. Four of them agreed to the job, they separated the job. Ademola and Fela are to find out the new guy Blessing is rolling with while Sesan is to be monitoring every single step of Blessing both in campus and off campus. Though Oladebo is in different hall, but she have two friends in Lady Tremor hall which is Blessing’s hall, so they will be monitoring Blessing and her roommate activities.

As everything goes on, Tunji usually visits Blessing unannounced, and Blessing is not always around, and whenever Tunji asked of her whereabouts, she always find an excuse like they were busy with studies or they were with the lecturers. And whenever Tunji tells Blessing to come and visit him at home, she always says she’s busy with studies.

All this while, Prof Kunle had already win the heart of Blessing and they have become the talk of the town. Every evening, if they are not in “Blue Bird” to enjoy themselves or they are not in “Olympus Bar” to relax, then they must definitely be at “Club royal”. Both of them have been to almost every hotel in Lagos. Blessing that cannot finish 2 bottles of Fanta before have now upgraded to drinking 4-5 bottles of Goldberg and she have also graduated to the class of smokers. “Good Girl Gone Wild”.
Tunji now visits whenever Blessing ordered, if Blessing wishes not to see Tunji in three weeks then Tunji won’t see her. And whenever she told Tunji to come, that means she’s in need of money. To worst it all, Tosin and Blessing are very fluent in French and whenever Tunji’s around, the girls always make jest of him in French. Blessing always laugh at Tunji’s mockery and if Tunji ask the reason for their laughter, she will say that she’s mimicking one of their lecturers and brother Tunji will concur because he know nothing about French.

The spies continued with their job. It is difficult for Oladebo to know everything that is happening in Blessing’s hall, but her friend always keeps her updated and she was told that something is going on between Prof Kunle and Blessing.
Ademola and Fela are also doing a good job but it seems like they are always late whenever they got information about Kunle and Blessing having fun somewhere. They (Kunle and Blessing) would have gone before they got there.
If you see Olatunji, you will know that something is seriously wrong with him. It have started affecting him at work, if the guy add 7 and 5 together, the answer he’s gonna get is 75. He’s about to go crazy as if Blessing is the only woman in the world. Blessing is enjoying her with Prof Kunle and Tunji is enjoying his life with poverty and hunger.

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