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A Thriller Story That Will Blow Your Mind Away / "Seer" A Story By Stopthecycle / The 13 Best Horror Books To Relax Your Mind (2) (3) (4)

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The Seer...in Your Mind! by coolbreezy01: 5:45pm On Feb 04, 2017
Hi am not new to this section tho this my first work and I promise to finish it cause I hate when people don't complete their works.

This is my first story and I hope to receive comments and critics.

All rights reserved.
No plagiarism
No insult
No derail

Author - Olawale Ade



Tobilola Davies just came out of the Kuje prison gate looking like he just woken up from a nap. Being the guy he has always being he still couldn't believe the ill luck that landed him into here, besides he was just trying to help out but now he know better than making unnecessary use of his ability anyhow and for those who framed him and get him into this poo that he is, they will surely pay for his new logo is 'Forgiveness is a sin'.

Walking towards the road with his bag slump over his shoulders in a bid to hail a cab when a familiar toyota camry pulled over at his front and out came is mom who looking dashing as always. After a brief hug, with the bag being thrown towards the back seat he as he enters the passengers seat he could see her aura grow grey from the white he is and he knew she was having sympathy for him and that was the last thing he need having spent 4 years in prison he now had a heart of stone but still loved his mom beyond words and would do anything to protect her but for those who made his mom sad and pass true all this dilemma were surely going to pay.

Resting back as the car starts moving he slowly drifted into dreamland and all his past flooded his head as he reminisce through out all he has done to where he is now.

To be continued shortly

Comment please to make me a better writer and for your viewing pleasure. Thanks.


Re: The Seer...in Your Mind! by coolbreezy01: 5:46pm On Feb 04, 2017
Chapter one

The alarm clock buzzed so loudly that even the lazier of all ghost will stand up in a rush like a sleeping vigilante on duty but the sound did not even affect tobi a bit though it was his first day at SS3 and also his birthday but he was not bothered a bit knowing he had securely locked his room and she can enter the room even if she wished but he had a second thought as a loud bang from his door obviously from his mother strong enough to shake the foundation of the house and he knew not standing up might get him what he did not expect from his mom cause he always knew his mom as a slow person to act but when she acts...he can't say.

Lazily removing the bedsheets from his body, he drowsily answered;

Tobi: ma!!!

Mom; Are you not going to school today!

Yep he knew that was all it was about school! School!! School!!!,ever since his father left then at the age of five his mother stopped wondering about some stuffs and he was sure she did not even remember that, that day was his birthday but he never mind cause she stopped remembering ever since he was 10.

Opening the door was his mom standing with a scowl which he knew was fake and can't even change the countenance a tushed house rat let alone him but to let sleeping dogs lie he just had to answer to avert further talks like all yoruba women are known for!

Are you not going to school? She asked for the second time making him frown. And in audibly he said 'Mom today is my birthday o' and instantly the scowl on her face change to a smile that even the sun will be ashamed of and she looked sorry but what does he care, he's used to it already even as the only child.

Already ready for school he took a bike to his school at new karu from his house at an estate close by but from his mom brouhaha to being late he just did not want to trek the distance tho he knew being the first day and also the social prefect awarded to him in the last days of his SS2 he was punishment free.

He got to school on time to see his school Science secondary school quite full despite it being the first day and students were already at the assembly ground. Walking towards there he heard his name called by his best friend and the second in his league of 3 friends calling him, slowing down his friend olatunji caught up with him.

Ola: how far now, why you just dey cum school.

Tobi: oboy I for never dey school if not for malee wey just disturb my innocent sleep.

Ola; torr make we dey go assembly before momentum catch up.

'Momentum was the name of their physics who was already walking up to them and being a strict teacher though a corper he got his name cause 'momentum' was the first subject he thought in his class for two weeks instead of the one week one topic rule hence made student start calling him the topic 'momentum'.

After assembly and getting to his class Tobi felt sickly and dull instead of being jovial and gay as it was his birthday and suddenly he started seeing smoke everywhere with different colour and the sound was just too much a people mind automatically became a book which he can read and when his body could not take it anymore he collapsed.

And somewhere in heaven, hades turned to posiedon and said 'Our brother zeus has awoken, be prepared cause he won't go down this time without a war and achaia gasped.

To be continued.

What do you think so far about the story?


Re: The Seer...in Your Mind! by coolbreezy01: 5:55pm On Feb 04, 2017
Twaci Swann Jaggugu88li Dominique Mhisbliss

Yormhienerd Ps2 Oyay Laveda Lliegh Creeza Bibijay123

Lumzybo shilox ritababe khutie mhiz neenie johnwizey

frankcris rosalieene amenya96 suzan404

phunmmielurlar lexzytee phieccayurmie janway Ozila

mackbrooklyn floxyluv blizzydodo jay542 ROYH

lovelyudy lawlahdey mimiuwa Missmossy Mzlarem ritababe

skarlett Twaci

Please oga and madams come and epp a new writer get better.

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Re: The Seer...in Your Mind! by coolbreezy01: 5:57pm On Feb 04, 2017

Tobi woke up to see everywhere blurry and tha nurse grinning from ear to ear like a he-goat but what does he care after all he minds say she is just after the money. And at the instant he paused, did he just thought he read her mind, thinking it made him smile and he could see the confusion on the nurse heavily make-up applied face though he knew no matter the make-up, even it be from the seventh heaven she will still be uglier than an orangutan when he realised he is in the school sick bay and feeking strong enough he move to stand up but immediately the nurse held him down and said please stay still and the smell alone from her mouth was enough to make a normal human stay still forever but he had to go but she still insisted saying 'Please wait I will be back' she said and went out.

Opening the door was when he saw that everywhere was getting dark and he need to be home before mom gets back from work cause meeting his absence at home will surely make her fret. So with that he stood up and went outside to meet an empty school compound devoid of humans. Taking his school bag and not knowing where the nurse was, he started sprinting home at the same time checking if the money in his pocket was intact.

Confirming it was intact he hailed a bike and climbed telling the bike rider to hurry to the destination he told him. The bike was almost moving when he saw something like trance as he saw the man being ran over by a car with him on top and they both did not survive it. After seeing that he changed his mind telling the bike to go and decided to trek thinking about what he saw.

He was still thinking about it when he got to a the bend to enter his street when he saw a large crowd staring at something. He never like gathering or crowds but curiosity got better of him so he strolled there but on getting there he froze at what he saw there !!!

Will be continued

What did you think he saw


Re: The Seer...in Your Mind! by coolbreezy01: 6:45pm On Feb 04, 2017


He saw the bike man he called earlier on the floor probably dead and a dark smoke with a face was on him coming out gently and his eyes saw the car that hit the man. Behold it was the same car the was on his short vision that which he saw that hit the man. On seeing all this he ran to his house and straight to his room, locked himself up and started crying, blaming himself for what happened.

Had he known it would have happened he would have prevented the man from going to that side or would have gone to another destination. He felt selfish and swore under his breath that as long as he kept seeing all this visions he would prevent all the negative ones from happening to people around him not minding the consequence not knowing that as the beginning of his doom.

Waking up the next morning made him realise he did not had breakfast last night so on getting to the kitchen he saw a plate of fried rice and chicken with a note obviously from mom telling him she came home late last night and had to go to a meeting urgently. Not minding he was about to pick the food to the dining when a saw a light white smoke hovering over the food but not minding he rushed the food with reckless abandon.

Tobi got to school early the next day cause he couldn't sleep when the thoughts kept creeping back into his mind made him remember his sunday school teacher who said Jesus will come in the night and his lips curved into a smile. On entering the school main compound cause the school had a large land with the main classrooms in the middle and trees surrounding it like it was a cast and bind section.

Walking past a mango tree when he saw rita. Rita who he nicknamed ritababe was tobi long time crush but being the shy boy he was he never had the guts to go talk to her despite being forced by ola and emma(The last of the 3 men gang). Minding his business like he has always done when he heard his name called. He turned round and saw ritababe waving at him and instantly he saw himself in the cloud with bright rainbows all around and he saw ritababe running to him slowly on one of the rainbows and he was also slowly spreading his hands to receive the hug when a thunderbolt slap landed on his face. He suddenly opened his eyes to see himself standing in front of the mango tree with ritababe standing under it and saw ola and emma behind him smiling sheepishly, it dawned on him that he was slowly opening his hands like someone waiting to receive a hug and with the queer smile on ritababe's face, he knew he had bleeped up big time but to correct what he had done he decided to drop all odds and speak to he (For the first time).

On getting to her, he realised he can read her mind so he got to it and decided to use it to his own advantage and the following ensured;

Ritababe: *Thinking* Are you okay

Tobi: Yes am okay an you

And he can see surprise in her face and laughed silently in my mind.

Are you surprised? He asked; How did you know what I want to say, She stuttered. I don't know, He said. I just know that's what you might want to say he said with a smile to try and avert her fears an keep his powers secret.

Entering the class, he shouted out loud ; everybody mr abu(the english teacher), is giving us test today. And immediately mike the class monitor who liked his job more than how someone can love chicken shouted : Its a lie ooo and he then asked tobi how did you know. Tobi just smiled knowing he read the man's mind just now and told him to wait and see.

The class was divided cause some believed and some did not but the serious one's carried their book and started reading tho and everybody was back to what they where doing and then a junior student ran into the class and shouted that the english teacher said he won't be having them again that mirning tho it was his period and that cleared every atom of doubt towards their class monitor. Some hissed at tobi while some even insulted him that he was high that morning on some cheap weed and only a few kept reading and the class went back to its noisy self again despite cries from the class monitor that they should calm down. And suddenly Mr abu the english teacher walked into the class and wrote on the board ;TEST : 50 marks, and all along tobi just smiled sheepishly and the un serious student knew they were in some deep poo!.

To be continued.

Comments, preview and critics please!!!

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Re: The Seer...in Your Mind! by ritababe(f): 7:41pm On Feb 04, 2017
Re: The Seer...in Your Mind! by coolbreezy01: 10:10pm On Feb 04, 2017

Immediately after the exams, everyone crowded round tobi's table asking him questions ranging from how he knew to if he was Mr abu's favourite but seeing a thick black smoke all around them made him want to choke so he left their midst in a hurry. Just as he was about living the class, It came again, the vision but this time stronger than before that he almost fell showing a class mate of his drowning silently in a river close to the school. He immediately went in search of luke(The classmates name) and was told he and four boys went to the river.

He immediately felt a cold breeze wash over him which made him shiver and in an instant he was on his heels towards the river followed closely by emma and ola. On getting to a farm close to the river he saw the four boys who supposedly went with luke to the river and when ha asked about luke, he was told by the boys the luke went back to the river to get his id card he stupidly left at the bank of the river which made tobi immediately shouted at the boys to go get help that luke is in trouble. But the boys just laughed it off as prank and continued their journey.

He felt the breeze swish past his ear as he ran with all his might with his boys behind him running after him. He got to the river bank to meet luke staring at the river with his id card on the floor. He was already feelig relief and stupid and was about to take a step towards luke when his eyes saw something.

To be continued

What did you think he saw?!

Comments and critics please!


Re: The Seer...in Your Mind! by ashatoda: 1:37pm On Feb 05, 2017
guy wetin be dis suspense now. na mami water I'm see?
Re: The Seer...in Your Mind! by coolbreezy01: 4:27pm On Feb 06, 2017
Thanks ahsatoda. How did you see the story?!
Re: The Seer...in Your Mind! by coolbreezy01: 4:29pm On Feb 06, 2017
Dedicated to ashatoda and ritababe as the first commentaries on my thread thanks.


Tobi almost realised that the figure standing before him has no shadow and was an inch above the floor when it dawned on him. A ghost!!!. Just then his brain clicked and he knew that surely luke was around but was almost giving up cause this ghost was surely looking like he was not going to stay long cause it was gradually floating away. Shouting ; find luke he's dying but his friend's were all looking at him like he was some how mad, then he realised the situation at hand, Ola and emma could not see the apparition hence the somewhat scared and confused look on their faces but not relenting, he immediately ran to the river bank just in time to the small air balloon rising over to the top of the water.

By this time the river bank was already getting full cause one of luke supposed friends who he went with to the river had already started spreading rumour that tobi was running to the river saying that luke had drowned so this set of student here were 'ever want to know' what happened and were eagerly watching to see what will happen and by the look on their faces and their ears standing like the twin tower ever ready to hear the gist first-hand.

Tobi instanly dived into the water with the energy of a thief running from the police and in no time had already swim to the location of where he last saw the air balloon which he obviously had no doubt was from luke, so he immediately held his breath and was soon under water with his hands streched out looking for the slightest inkling to grab anything or anyone in particular. Going deeper he noticed he was already running out of breath and going any deeper than how he was can also spell doom for him because he would not have enough energy and breath to come out. Just when he was about giving up on luke and was about going up to the surface of the water to catch his breath with the determination to swim back here and fast. His hands caught something

To be continued....

What did you think he caught?!

Reviews, comments and critics please!

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Re: The Seer...in Your Mind! by ritababe(f): 6:16pm On Feb 06, 2017
tell us na
Re: The Seer...in Your Mind! by coolbreezy01: 10:44pm On Feb 06, 2017
Ritababe for you again!!!


Turning lightly on the bed and opening his eyes was when tobi discovered that he was on his bed inside of his room. Then the memories of the river flooded his head like an open damn and he jumped up wide-eyed then he realise he was not alone in his room but its like the figure does not want to show it self.

Who is there; he asked, no reply. Who is there he asked again and was about standing up when he heard the voice, it was masculine but had this lovely sing song voice that sent chills and tingling down his spine then a hooded figure ran out and bowed at his front saying Master!. Master' tobi thought thinking the guy was drunk or something but the was he was dressed like some out of the movie vikings and his confidence spoke foe him making tobi have a rethink but he just could not think why he was calling him master. Then he asked who are you?! When he saw the calm moving white smoke around the figure then the figure still spoke again, I'm nithale your super minion but sadly the last of them.

Confused, tobi asked ; what happened but nithale said it not for you to know now cause you won't concentrate. Confused again tobi asked ; confused about what but this time nithale did not answer but his head still bowed down and tobi could hear foot step surely coming to the room, and the door flung open and in came his mom, a woman(he later found out to be luke's mom), ola and emma.

Spinning his head to where nithale was, he discovered he had gone and where to, he did not know. How are you his mom asked ; am fine :he said when the woman said, thank you for saving luke my son, am so grateful then he registered on him that, that was luke's mom feeling tired said, I want to sleep and his mom said 'ok' and they al filed out of his room closing the door behind them. He then lay down expecting nithale to come but instead sleep came and stole him into a bountiful rest.

Getting to school the next day, his name was on everybody's lips as a hero and who saved luke's life and it was even announced on the assembly by the principal also deterring them from swimming in the river henceforth and who ever was caught is to be punished. It was in class that ola then gist him everything when he then remembered like he was at the ending of an exam after forget what he wrote from the beginning.

*flash back*
His hands caught something when he saw that it was luke he held then he was trying to drag him up but it was like something was holding him down. Getting down to check as when he realized thay it was a sea weed holding his legs, after removing still wondering how a sea weed from the sea could be found in a river he dragged luke as he swam to the surface and then to the river bank when he realised luke looked so white and an eerie feeling came over him and he was suddenly afraid but despite all odds he still kept on dragging luke to the river banks where people were waiting to receive them like it was some competition when he himself started slowly down due to fatigue from the running down there to the swimming. Immediately he got to the banks and some one got hold of them, despite all the cheering and hails from the charming increased crowd, he saw his eyes slowly closing and he slipped into oblivion when ola who was still chattering as ever not minding if tobi was listening then completed his thoughts for him how he was taken to the school clinic and when his invited mother came he was taken home admist as hero number 1. After hearing all these, tobi just smiled and this and vowed silently again with more determination in his mind not minding the saying 'what is good for the geese can't be good for duck'.

To be continued.

What do you think about the story so far?!

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Re: The Seer...in Your Mind! by johnwizey: 1:31am On Feb 07, 2017
Going by this, I think you have a potential great storyline. But try to make the updates much longer and update as much as you can cos I think this is your first story (I stand to be corrected though). And worry less about the commenters, they will eventually come around when they see a great story.
Re: The Seer...in Your Mind! by billynoni(m): 2:29am On Feb 07, 2017
nice story.......following
Re: The Seer...in Your Mind! by ritababe(f): 8:35am On Feb 07, 2017
Johnsown1 Cherrybrown evakinqz olojuede01
Re: The Seer...in Your Mind! by Johnsown1(m): 8:36am On Feb 07, 2017
Johnsown1 Cherrybrown evakinqz embarassed olojuede01
On ma way dear
Re: The Seer...in Your Mind! by coolbreezy01: 11:33am On Feb 07, 2017
Going by this, I think you have a potential great storyline. But try to make the updates much longer and update as much as you can cos I think this is your first story (I stand to be corrected though). And worry less about the commenters, they will eventually come around when they see a great story.

You just made my day and yep its my first story and as for the updates. I promise to come longer and ritababe thanks for the mentions.

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Re: The Seer...in Your Mind! by olojuede01: 12:58pm On Feb 07, 2017

On ma way dear
I don show
Re: The Seer...in Your Mind! by coolbreezy01: 1:22pm On Feb 07, 2017
Dedicated to double john(johnwizey and johnsown1) Enjoy

Chapter 2

The next being saturday had tobi doing nothing, because a maid next door had being hired by his mom to do all his house chores, so he just had the house to himself not even knowing where his mom went though he did not bother. Leaving the room and getting to the parlour he switch on the T.V set and the dvd player and slot in a film he borrowed from emma. 'Deadpool' the name of the film had always being a film he long to watch, and he definitely would not want disturbance of any kind. Just as he was about to press 'play' on the remote control when the maid announced he leave after probably completing her chores, but answering her absent-minded his eyes where gazed on the tv to see the long awaited blockbuster when he heard a loud bang from the kitchen like lots of pots fell down, and not minding thinking it was the maid when his head suddenly he remembered that the maid just left and in a haste he ran into the kitchen and met no one. Confused he went in to his room ignoring the tv, took his soccer kits, went back into the parlour, off the appliances and headed to the field.

Getting to the field he realised he was just on time though it had been long he last came her but to get his mind off what had been happening lately when he suddenly realised that it all started on his 16 birthday but his thinking was caught short but a chubby boy asking him if was going to play, he answered yes and was chosen as they were playing a Nigerian street way of soccer popularly known as monkey post. He was still thinking when he discovered the one set of the three set form have being removed by their opponents and it was his teams turn to play. Getting into the field it was a tough time for them cause of his opponent's keeper popularly know as 'catcher'. Catcher as the keeper was fondly called got his name from his peer because of how good he was when it comes to mounting the goal post. It was rumour that since when catcher came to that area since about 3 years now, he had been scored only 3 times and had been known to deflect or catch any ball no matter the force of the ball or the player playing it with his magnetic hands and that was just exactly who every one expected Toni to score. Apparently the ball was passed on to Toni who was on the attack position by the chubby boy turn out to be relatively good despite his size and structure. Trapping the ball around his legs Toni ran towards the goal post knowing it was almost impossible but with the intention to try his best. Dribbling the last defender was relatively easy like he was just there to complete their number than what Toni had expected leaving him with just him and catcher, as he was about to play the ball to the extreme right, it came, like a trance which clouded his vision and he saw himself like he currently was just that what he was watching was just a seconds future of him, he saw himself shooting the ball to the far right like he had intended and he saw it going straight right into the hands of 'catcher' and it left almost immediately as it had come. With a last minute change of mind, his leg struck the ball just enough for it to roll hard to the extreme left and Toni close his eyes in anticipation not wanting to see the outcome but his ears caught shouts of goal!!! renting the air as he was swept of his feet by the strong hands of the co players not for scoring but for scoring a post mounted by the great 'catcher' himself and in the air a small smile reshaped his face and inaudibly he said 'this is fun'!.

The next day being sunday after the previous which made him score a ground breaking goal and the rest of the previous day went uneventful. Quickly dressing up cause he was late for church though he was following him mom to one of those new pentecostal church springing up like mushrooms everywhere. He hated changing church but his mom had insisted he followed he because she was invited by he very close friend and he does not what to annoy her on a Sunday morning. Entering the church he felt like throwing-up, he saw a thick black smoke every where and he was very uncomfortable and only few people had grey smoke and his mom previous white smoke had turned grey which he suspected to be because of the back smoke every where though he was sure that he was the only one seen it when his mom friend come out to meet his mom and he observed she did not have smoke and little horns numbering up to ten were growing on her head and he immediately disliked he though his mom told him she was a powerful deacon and he was surprised to see her like that.

After they had explained pleasantries, the service started and the invited speaker had a grey smoke an when he spoke about forgiveness from God his smoke was gradually turning white and other people asking for forgiveness smokes also were gradually changing to a lighter colour. The guest speaker was immediately ushered down from the pulpit after that and the head pastor mounted the pulpit and Tobi could here rumbling though no one showed sign of anything. The pastor's head was full of long horns and he had a long ear and the other one normal, he had a vulture on his head, a snake in his hand which people saw as handkerchief a has a kite and a hawk on his right and left shoulder respectively. And his voice made the walls shake and the ground rumble but looking around every one seemed calm and looking at him like and angel when he heard, ' the lord said I should touch everyone forehead with my anointed handkerchief' from the supposed pastor and people started filing out slowly to the front and he could see saliva dropping from the snake the man was holding and the snake grinning from ear to ear with all the ministers sitting beside the pulpit grinning from ear to ear also with smoke oozing our of all the opening on their face and he froze on his seat with fear for once in the past few days unable to stand up.

To be continued.

If it were you what will you do?!

More coming up


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Re: The Seer...in Your Mind! by Nobody: 4:58pm On Feb 07, 2017
Nyc piece here,m stickin lyk glue cheesy saw some typos in d last update,me tinks u'l av 2 edit,pls mention me in d nxt update...
Re: The Seer...in Your Mind! by Blokifen(f): 6:30pm On Feb 07, 2017
You must be very creative to have thought of this fablous piece,Wowww!!!!4
Re: The Seer...in Your Mind! by Blokifen(f): 6:30pm On Feb 07, 2017
You must be very creative to have thought of this fabulous piece,Wowww!!!!4
Re: The Seer...in Your Mind! by johnwizey: 7:26pm On Feb 07, 2017
Thanks for the dedication bro
Re: The Seer...in Your Mind! by coolbreezy01: 9:28pm On Feb 07, 2017
Thanks for the dedication bro
You welcome. You comment really boosted my confidence!
Re: The Seer...in Your Mind! by coolbreezy01: 9:30pm On Feb 07, 2017
You must be very creative to have thought of this fabulous piece,Wowww!!!!4
Thanks will mention you in my next update! . More coming up soon!!!
Re: The Seer...in Your Mind! by coolbreezy01: 10:46pm On Feb 07, 2017
Nyc piece here,m stickin lyk glue cheesy saw some typos in d last update,me tinks u'l av 2 edit,pls mention me in d nxt update...
I sure will. Was about to post but I just lost more than half of what I typed this nite as I wanted to save on my notepad. So down cause it was long update but I will surely drop breakfast update tomorrow. Thanks.
Re: The Seer...in Your Mind! by Nobody: 11:23pm On Feb 07, 2017
I sure will. Was about to post but I just lost more than half of what I typed this nite as I wanted to save on my notepad. So down cause it was long update but I will surely drop breakfast update tomorrow. Thanks.
No p mhen,sorry 4 ur loss,m expectant 4 2moro's update...more ororo 2 ur elbows,tanx in advance...
Re: The Seer...in Your Mind! by Khutie: 11:17am On Feb 08, 2017
kiss coolbreezy01 brotherly am here for yhu, and don't hang this wonderful piece in the air widowt completing it. More grease to ya pen bruh!... wink

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Re: The Seer...in Your Mind! by Nobody: 1:59pm On Feb 09, 2017
Oga mi 'cool',hw way na?ur last update got me there,abeg update inugo?
Re: The Seer...in Your Mind! by coolbreezy01: 11:58pm On Feb 09, 2017
Dedicated to blokifen, spiritman99 and khutie. Sorry for the late update!



The next day being monday was the first school day of the week dreaded by school children but not tobi cause he even finds it as a place of solace where he could stop thinking and at least have something doing non-stop in a day for at least 8 hours 30 minutes and he was glad it was monday.

After doing the normal morning rituals, he set off to school. On getting to school everyone was just talking about the miracles that happened in "Devil-out revival ministries" and that coincidentally that was where his mother took him to worship and on hearing people testifying about their healing online, at the church and every where what happened the previous day set in.

*flash back*

"The lord said I should anoint everybody with this anointed handkerchief so that you blessing will be full, stand up and come out" the preacher said again and this time with a warning and also a command and tobi could feel a shiver run down his spine and he felt time was running out and the he thought " what can I even do in the first place". And he felt someone tapping him and frightened he turn in shock to see his mother standing up and gesturing with her hands for him to stand up and go forward to join the queue and without him even replying she immediately turned and went to join the queue silently and everywhere was now quiet except for the occasional sound caused by the shaking of chairs by members when moving to front to join the queue.

Looking up to the "pastor" came with another shock seeing what the "suppposed" handkerchief does. Anytime the snake(handkerchief) touches anyone's forehead, the snake gives a small quick bite on the forehead thereby creating a jet black star shape on the forehead like a deep hole and the smoke around the person instantaneously changing to black regardless of the colour of the smoke before. He also saw the birds on the body of the "pastor" spitting on on the head of the person to be "blessed" and anywhere the saliva of the birds touch, horn immediately start springing out from their at a surprisingly fast rate, with all the animals, from the snake to the birds growing bigger at a visible rate and this alone made tobi fret.

Already giving up to faith, he was about to stand up and join the crew when he felt a strong hand hold him on his shoulder and pull him back into his seat. Frightened he immediately sprung around only for him to grin in delight, "Nithale! He said a louder than necessary probably out of excitement but was not noticed cause every one was in a sober mood not to ruin the supposed "anointing" being dished out by the pastor. But nithale immediately put his index finger horizontally on his lips as a sign in a bid telling tobi to shut up and shut up tobi did. Nithale brought out a sparkling white handkerchief from his jacket inner pocket and gave it to tobi saying ' use it to touch everyone of them and all will be well' almost inaudibly like a whisper and tobi nodded but instantly remembering himself asked in a like-wise whisper " what of my self, what will happen to me? And nithale gave a soft chuckle saying " even if hades from the pit of hell is to stab you or cerberus is to bite you with all his head, nothing will happen to you" and with a mild grin he stood up and started touching every one returning back to their seats with the church ushers making it more easier for him cause the people were directed in one file back to he Congregation seats. Doing so he could see their smoke change colour and change to pure crystal white with the horns on their head vanished in a blink and he could see the snake and the birds reducing as fast as they were increasing. Being the last person remaining after everyone had being "anointed" and he had reversed it he majestically walked to the preacher and being just ten foot away the birds on him flew away and the once robust snake was so thin and was looking like he had seen a ghost and as the pastor just want to touch him, the snake changed to the handkerchief it was but he could see the pastor eyes blazing with fire but he cared less.

Turning and walking back to his seat, his eyes was wandering about looking for nithale to mouth an inaudible thank you to him but nithale had just suddenly vanished and where he once sat down had a very robust lady he knew living across the street he stays sitting down there and he smiled knowing nithale specifically came for him and he felt this happiness inside of him and with the general white smoke which all the congregation he had touch had, he though " white his beautiful" though he felt the gazing eyes of the pastor and the ministers seating beside the pulpit on his back as he walked to his seat and he un mistakenly heard a hoarse voice in his head saying " It's not over" and looking back he could see the pastor with a wicked grin on his face like wise his ministers.

*present time*

Tobi didn't know that he did not just remove what the pastor removed from them, he also removed anything impurity they had before that time hence their supposed miracle and he smiled knowing what he had done cause immediately after the "anointing", his mom friend came to whisper something into her ear and his mom instantly told them to be going and why he never asked not that he even cared about it. But is currently bothering him were two things. First, was the voice he heard when he was going back to his seat and though he was not scared for himself, he was scared for his loved once and secondly was the fact that as long as people keep hearing of the testimonies roaming around everyone's ear they will all pack their selves to the ministry to get their own miracles. Then what he feared happened, a girl just walked into the class and a flier dropped from he book without her noticing and as he was about to tell her it, his eyes caught a name and he read it aloud. Devil-out revival ministry' Theme;come and get a touch of the anointing" and the date was slated for that friday and a wave of fear swept through his body. Looking up he saw the girl from which the flier fell and smiling she said; oh am inviting you to the crusade and he nodded signalling her as yes but his mind was far away, thinking how to prevent it.

To be continued.

Sorry for just updating.
Lost two write up on my note pad so instead I wrote this on my memo pad. Thanks.

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