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A Short Story - The Wall Between- Haruna Shukurat / The Hole (sci-fi) mini -series / Hole In My Skin (2) (3) (4)

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by mitchelljnr(m): 5:45pm On Dec 07, 2018
souloho19 I beg of you, come give us an update or just say something let's know lack of update is due to busy schedule and not anything negative please. God bless.

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by souloho19(m): 10:14pm On Dec 09, 2018
souloho19 I beg of you, come give us an update or just say something let's know lack of update is due to busy schedule and not anything negative please. God bless.

God bless bro, I'd be updating really soon.
Re: The Hole In The Wall by souloho19(m): 10:14pm On Dec 09, 2018
That morning, Short Sam, aka S.s woke up as usual by 6:15am. He hit his alarm before it could ring the second time and disturb his wife. He was an expert at this; catching the alarm after the very first shrill beep.

Although to be fair, his wife was quite a deep sleeper. Not that it really mattered, because she was up as usual by 6:30 am -barely 15 minutes later. Then again maybe it did, considering she'd spend the next 30 minutes prepping their little son for school. His school bus came every morning at 7:10am.

Short Sam's routine was simple; get a cup of coffee, settle in his comfortable leather seat, behind the ancient oak desk, crack his neck and hands (resulting in a sharp 'craaaaaaack' sound,)- he did this every time, switch on the laptop and sip from his giant big brown mug which had the words; 'the adventures of huckleberry finn' sprawled round the sides in faded block letters. The mug and the desk were sacred items to him, from his days in school, when Obasi had been his roommate and the passion for hacking began to burn deep in him.

The moment the laptop loaded up, he was gone - to work, right there in his 'home office'
He saw the pop up mail immediately his laptop booted up. It was from Bami. He stiffled a yawn and clicked on the icon and the dialogue box popped up:

Hey, Sam, it's Bami. Rex says you should check out this name: Samson Igyevureh. It's very important. He says and I quote; 'it's red ant'

Of course Rex had said no such thing but Bami wasn't far from the truth. In fact, he may have as well said, "soldier ant," if only he had an inkling to what was really happening.
Rex had come up with the idea of taking the word 'ant' which they coined out of the word 'important' - a step further;
"red ant" - very important
"sugar ant" - not really important
"soldier ant" - very serious, it may involve some form of physical confrontation.

The code was quite silly and at the same time ingenius. They'd thrown the words and exchanged data round the ears of policemen, civilians and even a few politicians without them having the slightest clue, what it was all about. The closest sign of understanding being one or two apprehensive glances on the floor for any ants.

Seeing the two words on his laptop screen sprung Short Sam's fingers to action immediately.

"Junior tell daddy bye," his wife's voice came from the open door.

His son was dressed in his uniform; light blue shirt tucked into navy blue baggy shorts. The little boy would be five in a month's time.

"His bus has come?" S.s asked, sparing the slightest glance at his family, before his eyeballs fell back to the screen as if being magneted.

"yes, I'm going to work from there. Don't forget to take breaks, rest your eyes and stretch. Remember what the physio said about the CTS"

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, or in his case "the bear claw," happened when the numbness in his fingers became so severe that his wrist became stiff, from hitting the keyboard at almost a machine gun rate for hours straight.

"sure honey," another swift glance-and a smile at his little boy, "bye Junior"


S.s had half a dozen name and face app search softwares but the name alone was familiar to him. Although he wasn't one who was particularly interested in politics.
As a result he kept the database local, and surely got over a dozen hits. About three tabs opened automatically, each showing data, about his life from different angles and timeline.

It was like a blueprint to a mansion, studied and scrutinized to select the perfect spot to plant the single stick of dynamite that would bring it down. That to Sam was the perfect analogy of his job.

There were also a lot of walls; for instance, hidden call logs, with no recorded data concerning the caller or receiver, just the call duration and time of call was visible. There were a lot of calls, some 30 minutes, 10 minutes, and a lot followed the same pattern and fell within 2 minutes.

Then there were Proxy servers that may have been merged with the AI of a basketball's profile- considering the way it kept bouncing phony addresses.
(S.s loved basketball and had a weird sense of humour)

Short Sam took another sip and rubbed his hands in anticipation. He remained firm in his belief that there was no network setup that was unhackable. He was going to have fun, it was like a chess game to him and he had a lot of moves that'd result in a check mate. He muttered, "finally, a challenge."

A very low beep replied him and a low red blinking light began to flash on the bottom right corner of his screen.
If Short Sam wore glasses, he would have pushed it down his nose and peered at the screen in surprise and disbelief, but he just squinted instead as he went into hyperdrive, hitting buttons and sliding out of whatever database he had been tangling with.

The blinking light could only mean one thing; someone had attempted to access his laptop remotely. But in Sam's world...the hacker's world, 'attempted' was very dangerous.

You were only safe from attack when there was no attempted attack. 90% of every cyber attack was always successful, so long the person on the other end knew what he was doing. Sam knew this fact first hand and he powered down his laptop quickly, chewing his lower lip in contemplation. This was the first time something like this was happening. Did it mean someone was on his trail?''

I don't know if it's just me, but you know one funny thing I've noticed? Why is it at the crack of dawn, when the first rooster crows that the sleep suddenly becomes sweet? Plus I may have outgrown the couch but sleeping on it brought back a nostalgic dejavu, a warm familiar feeling and with my eyes closed and my mind in the conscious state of sleep, it almost felt like I time traveled for a second back to my preteen years.
Except, the damn rooster never used to crow on and on and on.....

"Rex, hey son, wake up, that's your phone."

My eyes fluttered open at the sound of my dad's voice.

That was not a Cockrell but my ringing tone.
My dad sounded like he badly wanted to sleep and I hurriedly traced the ringing to the floor, under the chair. It must have fallen there sometime during the night.
I managed to pick the call before it could go off.


"hello, Rex! Boy...They've taken her! Adaobi! They've taken my daughter you need to get her back."

The words blasted into my ear, frantic and dripping with fear. My eyes grew wide suddenly as the traces of sleep began to disappear.

"Who is this?"

"it's chief Amunike! I need your help, they have my daughter."

I had never seen the chief act like that, I mean the trepidation in his voice alone painted a clearer picture and I could see him in my mind, pacing round his little villa of a prison cell, a huge green vein popping in his forehead and threatening to burst. While he barked into the phone. "They are asking for a trade, Emenike for her but I know it's a lie, they're going to kill her..."

I swung my feet to the floor and pressed my eyes tiredly, "Chief calm down, where are they holding her?"

my father was also awake now, he was still stretched on his back but watching me with interest.

"I don't know exactly, there are a million and one places but one thing.."

"wait Chief hold on first, I'd call you right back. I have another call and it looks like it's also really important."

"My boy, put our differences aside, you owe it to-"

I switched the call, with the intent of calling the Chief back immediately I rushed through this call, that is if he didn't remain on hold. I had a feeling he wouldn't. I checked the name and wondered why my assistant was calling me so early in the morning. I decided he wanted to congratulate me on Emma's safe discovery and also find out when he would be booking our flights back to Lagos.

"hello Jumbo, what is it?"

"good morning sir."


"sir it's Andy, there was a bomb explosion early this morning. He was affected."

"Jesus!" I got to my feet immediately, "where, when, how...? Where is he? Oh my God...."

"sir, he's in the hospital, he's condition is still very critical right now, the second person died on impact."

"Helen" I whispered breathlessly, it had to be her. What had I done?

Jumbo was saying; "well sir, there's no identification as at now..."

But I wasn't listening. Just like Andy had said earlier, I just chose her like I had the right to disturb her life and throw her into the very middle of the fight with the hole.
It was all my fault, and now Andy...

"sir, sir, sir.....are you there?" Jumbo's voice floated to the surface again.

"book me the nearest flight to Lagos, quickly J"

"yes sir"

I looked round the parlour, as my eyes cleared to see my father watching me closely, standing at the other end were my two brothers in law and Tonye. My voice must have woken them.

"what happened son, who was that?" my father asked.
I didn't know what to say, the words were still ringing in my head. Andy...

The news of the bomb blast traveled round the city like wild fire-fast. It was on the news, on the radio, even the newspapers had already been printed, waiting for the next day's release.

At first, the victims were unknown, then few minutes later, fresh information reached the news anchors on live TV, interrupting a rather boring soccer analysis of the premier league. One of the victims had been identified; Ms. H. Koker. A journalist with a very popular newspaper (name of which was withheld for professional reasons) The second victim was still unidentified but she was apparently in critical condition.

Bami gritted his teeth, loosing interest in the TV in the corner. it wasn't a she, it was Andy, his brother. While he'd been sleeping, trying to extinguish the fatigue at a go, Andy had...

He leaned his head back on the wall and sighed. He had driven down immediately he received the call and over the radio he had listened to each updated version of the incident as he sped towards the hospital.

Rex had been calling every two minutes, even now his phone rang again.

"Bami, any news? Have you seen the doctor? Can you see Andy?-"

"no, I'm standing outside, they've been in there for over an hour.....wait I see one of the doctor, hold on."

Bami's eyes had narrowed on the lab coat of one of the doctors as he breezed through the door and headed down the hall.

"Doctor...please...." his voice suddenly trailed off and the doctor stopped and placed a comforting hand on his shoulder, "the bomb case?"

"yes please"

"well...who is he to you?"

"he's... My brother." Bami replied without missing a beat"

"well...your brother was severely hurt. Blast lung, there's a rupture in his middle ear, as well as abdominal hemorrhage.."

Bami was hearing and at the same time not hearing the doctor. He kept staring at the man and blinking "doctor, what are you saying?"

The doctor sighed, "I'm saying you should pray, his injuries are extensive, both as a result of the initial explosion burst and a second wave assault of shrapnel and impact...but we're doing our best.."

As if on cue, a lady stuck her head out the hallway, "doctor we need you, chest x-ray is out"

"Good, prepare the thoracostomy" (-chest tube for air transport, anesthesia)

With that, he turned on his heels and hurried after the lady doctor.

Bami had forgotten the call was still connected. He could hear Rex's voice over the line.

His voice was inaudible. He wasn't really saying anything tangible, just short shrieks of despair.
Bami looked at his screen as it vibrated freshly "Rex....let me put you on hold. Short Sam is on my other line now, he may have something"

My parents house was abuzz with a different kind of energy that morning. My parents sat on the couch, heartbroken. They had gone through this before.
Not Andy, not Andy....

"what did he say?" My father asked as I dropped the phone from my ear slowly

"he says...." my voice trailed as I looked round the parlour, and the dining at the numerous pair of eyes fixed on me.

"he says....he has a fighting chance"

"Any word on the investigation yet?" Sam, my oh so gracious in-law asked worriedly.

The investigation was calling and I was expecting a call back from Bami any minute to tell me what S.s had found about him and God help me, I was going to beat my in-law to a pulp right in front of my elder sister.

But instead I just shook my head, "nothing yet, the police is still around the scene"

As I spoke my phone vibrated but it was a message not a call.

Rex, S.s fears he's network was traced, he may be in danger. They're on to us. This is war. What do we do?

I looked at my in-law, the supposed first minister and our eyes clicked. There was a kind of deep subconscious awareness and understanding. We knew. He knew and I knew.

He knew I knew.

And I knew he knew I knew.

My God, I must be running mad..

I shook my head and re-read the text again as Tonye came to stand over me to read what was no doubt the cause for heaven knows what expression was on my face.

Without saying anything, I typed in my reply to Bami:

Alert everyone.

To be continued...

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by souloho19(m): 10:15pm On Dec 09, 2018
My in-law, Sam, was already late for the airport, but I he didn't feel too pleased that my sister was staying behind for an extra day, and that was worrying to me.

I needed to confront this man. I looked at him from my chair as he buttoned his suit jacket and shook his head sadly as Paul recounted some explosions he had experienced during his stint at the war front in Liberia.

There was no time to massage anybody's ego, my best friend, scratch that, my brother was in ICU fighting for his dear life again. And I'm not a kind of self-righteous prick who enjoys taking the blame but if we really look at it, both times were my fault. The first, I had made a moment's decision and contacted the crazy Tosin shadow at the wharf that night, which had ended in a bullet through Andy's spleen and now I had gotten the reporter killed and maybe Andy too. Knowing the full power of the hole or at least an extent of their power, surely I could have understood it was too great a risk for one reporter to shoulder alone?

"Ma, please stay strong, these are just trying times, they will pass, that's why once I'm successful next year, the first thing I'll do is to lobby for harder rules and even the death penalty against crimes like this" He hugged my mother, who was sobbing into her face towel, shook hands with my dad and Paul, hugged Cynthia and told her his assistant had booked her the next morning flight.

He waved at Tonye and looked at me, "Rex, come on my man, lighten up....things will surely get better. I'd call you,"

"don't worry I'd walk you out"

"okay, I'd like to see Olivia first and tell her goodbye"

I smiled thinly, (it was very difficult) "oh, sure"

The mood in Olivia's room was upbeat and lively, or meant to be. Cause the children were 100% worry free and happily rolling round the room and roaring, probably acting out their own documentary of the wild cats of the serengeti.

However to me the mood was filled with fear, or should I say every reason to fear. The defenseless and happy children, no inkling about the current events and even Olivia....who was still relishing the reunion between mother and daughter.

Of course Utebo had not told her anything and she did a great job trying to relax her expression and smile at Olivia and maintain the casual, happy voice while feeling like screaming and ripping something to shreds...just like I was feeling right now. But then again here I was, standing beside the man who was probably responsible for it all and smiling as he joked with my wife about her recovering so fast she'd go jogging by weekend.

He hugged my sister Utebo, whispered some encouraging words in her ear and high fived the kids.
Olivia didn't want me to go, but I assured her I'd be back in a second. Kissed her cheek and rushed after my in-law.

"I guess your driver would come pick you?" I asked as he walked briskly to the main gate.

"he's already waiting outside, for the past fifteen minutes"

"he can wait some more, hold on," I held his shoulder and he half turned but didn't miss a bit. "I have to be in the airport in less than 40 minutes, I'd call you once I land"

He opened the gate and I shut it, causing a loud clanging noise. I saw the blinds open to one of the windows in the house.

I quickly opened the gate and gestured to Sam to step out, like he was having trouble opening the gate and I had to assist him.

The moment we were outside he sighed, "Rex, I don't know what that was all about, but I'd let it slide.. I know you're tired-"

"you're the first minister aren't you?" I watched him closely and I could literally see and hear his heart skip a couple of beats. The question was unexpected and knocked the wind out of him. However in a few seconds he had recovered, "first minister of what? I wouldn't mind petroleum," he winked and laughed.

His driver was a little ahead and he started the stretch(still unsure if it's a jeep or a limo, calling it a limo seems like a stretch, so we'll just call it stretch)

He reversed the stretch expertly to the curb and my in-law filled me with humorous eyes.

"I know about the hole, I know about the red letters, I know you're the first minister, I have manual correspondence of all your sinister activities as far back as '83. I want you to corporate with me, we're family, so talk to me, let me know all there is to know and when we bring the hole down...cause we would, but when we bring it down, you can save yourself and not jeopardize your political career"

(Of course, I don't need to tell you I didn't give a rat's ass about this man or his so-called career, you should know me by now)

After the initial shock and seconds of Unclad emotions clouding his eyes, now he seemed to have put on a cloak of indifference.
"Rex, I don't even know what you're talking about...but you sound like you believe it, believe me, channel the energy to something else or maybe use it to investigate the case from another angle, you may come up with a more favorable option or conclusion."

He turned to leave but I gripped his shirt. "whatever you're up to, leave my family out of it, don't hurt one hair on any of them...not one! They don't know anything about the hole."

"sounds like you're bargaining with lives. I heard that about you, valuing lives over others, I never believed. I must say I'm disappointed," he seemed to have let go for a minute then he shook his head and the cloak was back. "Anyway, what's the point to all these?"

"Stay away from, BROTA, stay away from my family. I understand all orders are filtered through you. Don't give it," I didn't even know if I should threaten or beg, I knew I sounded eager and pathetic.

He jerked his arm free from my grip, he opened the door and got into the stretch. I saw my reflection in the gleaming body and the tinted glass. I looked like the image you can find under the word, 'apprehensive' in a picture dictionary.

The glass, came down a little, just affording me a view of his forehead and his eyebrows. "when the car comes, tell them to take it"

With that the glass went up and the car sped off.
My phone was still ringing, the Chief had been bombarding my phone with calls and my phone had been vibrating since forever.

Ada was missing, he was offering to give us intimate data that would enable us get the hole. But he wanted me to find his daughter first.

I let the call run out then scrolled through my contacts, thinking of dialing S.s to get him to fish out the local news and police reports plus the investigation status concerning the abduction last night. Everyone was talking about the bomb blast.
But then I remembered Bami's message; S.s had been tracked, he was also probably in danger.

I watched the dust settle as the stretch became a dot in the distance. BROTA had bitten off more than they could chew this time around, that was even being generous, we had bitten off what could hardly even enter our mouth.

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by souloho19(m): 10:15pm On Dec 09, 2018
* could only edit this one halfway...pardon the grammar errors*

Dagnet lived in a 8 bedroom bungalow which had been halved into two; 4 bedroom flats. The landlord definitely had a keen eye for profit.

Her home was sparsely furnished, the general shade set the tone as devoid of emotions; grey curtains, black leather seats, a grey center rug, ash ashtrays (it was a habit she was determined to stop, she now smoked just two cigarettes a day, sometimes three)

She woke up that morning, feeling as sour as she had gone to bed the night before. For a brief moment she had thought of her dull home and repainted it in her mind, something bright and full of life, imagining a couple of paintings, but then Sparrow had dropped the bomb, in a cold voice which may as well be a computer recording had informed her "he was traveling"
Just like that.

She brushed her teeth-the first thing she did every morning and washed her face then she walked to her parlour, drying her hands on the small towel. She used the remote to switch on the air conditioner. Dagnet was cold blooded, literally. Her house was always almost at freezing level all the time.

She switched on the television then proceeded to mount the treadmill. Her target was 3 miles.

The TV was muted naturally and she swiped her phone which was connected to the speaker via Bluetooth and began blasting out some old school R. Kelly jams. She realized, listening to slow music made her have more control over her pulse and keep it steady-or close to steady.

She blocked every thought of Sparrow Ayara, the most interesting man she had ever met in her lifetime. She focused instead on regulating her breathing, and taking each step just as Robert Kelly sang about stepping in the name of love.

She glanced at the TV and her steps lost rhythm. She grabbed the remote and unmuted the TV, at the same time pausing the music on her phone and disconnecting the bluetooth, freeing the speakers for auxiliary.

".......always gave her best to her career in investigative journalism. She is survived by..."

The photograph that had caught Dagnet's attention covered the screen again. She was sure of it, this was the same woman they had met with the day before, the woman Andy handed the data on the hole to.

She hopped down from the treadmill, (after it almost tripped her) and went to stand before the TV, her mouth wide open in shock.

The journalist was dead, there was some kind of bomb blast that early morning. The explosion had been controlled and thought to be a car bomb. The police was very much on the case and going over every iota of clue with a magnifying glass.

They would not rest on their laurels until the perpetrator(s) were brought to justice.

Dagnet scoffed. Even the director himself, the pig who had fired her because she refused to perform a sex act on him to save her job. She had seen his name in the red letters, he was a member of the hole. The MPD would only fight what they want to find and release what the director deemed fit.

Still she had one or two friends in the station, who could share some insights about the investigation's status.

She had spent just about ten minutes in the presence of the journalist but she had liked her, the warmth and pure energy emanating from her eyes alone(she was beginning to sound like Sparrow *face-palm*)

Then they mentioned the second person who was yet to be identified and fighting for his/her life in ICU and her blood ran cold.

When her phone rang, It took her a second to realise the ringing wasn't from the mobile in her hand but the landline at the other end of the parlour. She walked briskly and snatched the receiver "hello"

There was no reply, yet she was almost certain she could hear the controlled breathing coming from the other end.


Then the dial tone.

She replaced the receiver, frowning and thinking what the call was about, probably a prank call, but when last did she even receive a prank call? Where people still doing that?

It rang again and not until she had snatched the receiver to her ear that she realized it was her mobile phone ringing this time around.

The number was a strange one.


"Dagnet? This is Bami..This is a warming call, the H is on to us, they've struck us this morning already, I'm sure you've seen the news. You have to be extra careful until we can regroup and strategize, as at now, this is war"

A knock sounded on her door.

"who was that? Where are you?" Bami asked over the line, he sounded worried.

She was also getting worried. The day she had been fired or to be precise, had walked out on the job, her badge and service revolver had been turned in at the items desk but she had two pistols in her home, plus extra cartridge boxes. The P.89 was in her suitcase under the bed in her room. But her glock9 was closer, it was taped behind the plate rack in the kitchen.

The knock sounded again and she moved slowly and as noiseless as possible. To the kitchen, on the third shelf, the plate rack....she stretched her hand and her fingers brushed the gun.

She flipped off the safety, she was locked and loaded.

Bami was still hollering in the phone, "just stay calm, I'd try and reach out to any agent we have in Lagos, Rex's assistant is around" he said reassuringly but Jumbo wasn't an agent, he was more a file carrier than a gun carrier.

"Bigelow! I'd get in touch with him right now, you just..." she ended the call and dropped the phone on the counter. The knock sounded again, softly, almost like whoever was there believed no one was in and just wanted to confirm it.

"who is there?" she asked, moving close to the door. She parted the curtain on the side mirror, just a little bit but she didn't see anyone. Whoever was there was deliberately standing to the side, to avoid being seen.
She wished the damn door had a peephole.

"who is there?" she asked again.

"good morning ma, please I'm from the waste management organization and we're having our first quarterly splash..called the purge, we have a questionnaire for you to fill on ways to improve our service then there are lovely gifts we're sharing as part of the purge theme"

Subconsciously, she lowered the gun a little. "The purge...what does that mean?"

"it's just something our p.r.o thought about to give the exercise more meaning. Basically we're purging ourselves off dirt, we have suggestions on how to dispose food waste as compost and enrichen your soil, if you have a garden and also the different and cleanest methods to bag the waste, how to separate the ones getting recycled from the incinerator bound, the new colour codes for waste bags we're sharing and introducing new."

That was a lot of explanation for one simple question. The voice sounded spry and light, she could imagine him on the other side of the door, holding different folders and questionnaires, wearing the committee's polo shirt or whatever he called his organization.

She opened the curtain wider and craned her neck, and indeed she could see parts of a dustbin, a bucket, a dustpan and a broom. Apparently all new and brought for her.

"she's behind the door," the voice was low but she heard it and realized it was different from the one that had spoked earlier.

It happened like a dream, or better yet magic. Sparrow Ayara, emerged from behind her, she heard the sound and turned at the last minute, her gun raised and ready to shoot, not that Sparrow gave her a chance, he flung his body on her, tackling her like a rugby player. Midway to the ground, in the air- in a state of shock, alarm and fear, Dagnet heard the gunshot and knew why.

They had seen the curtain move and concluded correctly she was behind the door. A pump action had been used to blast a big hole in the door and no doubt get her down too. The shot was deafening.
She was still confused, where the hell did Sparrow appear from, could he actually disappear and appear at will...it was crazy....maybe it was the slight bump she'd gotten when they landed on the floor.
Another shot blasted into the door, eating the catch and blasting a hole where the key lock was supposed to be.

Sparrow was up like a fog, he pointed for her to get low behind her Grey 3 seater. Dagnet almost snapped she was not going to leave him to fight alone, she was not a coward.
Two kicks from well worn timberland boots smashed in what remained of the door. A man burst into the room armed with a short gun. He chambered the round in as he stormed in, the two syllabled sound that followed was very deadly, Dagnet had always felt it was just like waiting to die when you heard it, because the few seconds after the reloading sound is full of the apprehensive expectation of the much louder sound of the bullet discharge.

Now as the man's hand moved beneath the barrel, loading the shot gun shells for fire, there was no time to feel trepid about the incoming bullet, Sparrow was over the man, she only saw him lean into the man and perform some kind of upper body twist, she couldn't see it clearly from this angle (she was still in the process of scrambling up)

But suddenly Sparrow had disarmed the guy off his gun, he fired the shot, straight to the midriff of the assailant. Then he threw the gun on another person, (she heard the crunching sound) and rolled to the side just as a bullet burst through the open door. By this time, Dagnet was on her feet, or precisely on her knee, in a shooter stance, she had the 3 seater in front of her, as some kind of cover/base for target.

She had a clear view, with Sparrow out of the way, and the other man with a nasty hole in his stomach on the floor. She saw the target. One was on his knee, holding his forehead which looked like it was bleeding. On the floor beside him was the gun Sparrow had thrown earlier.
The second guy standing in front of the buckets and dustbis had a gun, it looked like a semiautomatic, but she saw him first, she aimed first, she shot first and she killed first. He collapsed to the ground noiselessly, the bullet buried deep in his skull, entry point; between the eyes.
Dagnet noticed the men were all dressed in orange shirts with the logo on the arm 'Waste Management Organization' W.M.O
They wore these under jeans jumpsuits. To be honest, they looked exactly like what they portrayed.
Sparrow grabbed the third guy roughly and pulled him in. He was bleeding profusely, the gun had done a lot of damage when it had struck his face, his eyes were almost swollen shut, he had a cut over his eyebrow and blood was trickling down, dripping off his chin and blinding his half blinded eye in the process.
Dagnet wondered the sheer force Sparrow had used in throwing the gun, she had heard the sound, and the yelp of pain, Sparrow never just did anything. Everything he ever did was to a thought out and intended purpose, if he threw a gun, he wasn't just throwing a gun, he knew what he was throwing the gun for and he got it. She looked down at the attacker. He was incapacitated, just like that.
"I think you better shut the door," Sparrow said.
That jolted her to life "where did you come out from? You've been in my house? How there you?" she was furious.
His voice was calm, different lilts not from emotions but more like a seductive caress. It was hypnotic.
"At first Dagnet, I missed you. I remained in the airport after our call but I didn't get up when they announced boarding, I sat there and missed my flight. I tried to meditate and I began to sense this foreboding...I began to shadow you.. I followed you through out yesterday, to the eatery you and your colleagues met with a young woman then I followed you back, but I was watching, watching anyone watching you. But then these men arrived in a truck just before dawn, they parked a little distance away but I watched them while they changed and talked. I waited for a while then decided to come warn you, I used the last few minutes of darkness before the complete crack of dawn and I slipped in, at first I wanted to wake you, but you looked so tired...its been a crazy couple of days."
Dagnet looked at the man on the floor. He had unhooked the jumpsuit and untucked his shirt tails which he used to dab at his eyes. "so you've been in my place since when?"
"a little after six"
"where were you?"
"In the last room you use for a store. It had the best positioned window with the best frontage view"
Dagnet rubbed her arms.
"look I'm sorry, I know it's all shades of creepy and I should have woken you up, but it's just how I am, it's how I'm programmed to work, to think...then again there was the possibility of a listening device and waking you up to talk would have spoilt whatever surprise we had"
"no sparrow, it's okay...I'm glad...I owe you my life." she looked down at the man. Now his nose was running.
"do you know who sent them?" she asked him
"no...they keep going on about the purge. I'd check their van, I'm sure it would hold some clues"
"it has to be a hole. Bami called me that they were on to us.."
"Darn it! We have to leave here, this was what I tried to warn Rex about"
"why did you come here....who sent you?" Dagnet asked
"Bleep you bitch...I'd die before I talk" the man hissed and spat a bloody mouthful. He was a bit off on her direction thankfully and the bloody arc fell well away from her.
"we need to move, no time...call Rex, I need to speak to him"
With two powerful strides he was before the attacker who had just indicated his willingness to die.
Sparrow made a fist but allowed the sharp knuckle of his third finger to jut out slightly, like a spear head on both fists.
Like lightening he delivered two rapid fire punches right in the center of his chest. The attacker began to vibrate and have a seizure suddenly like he was going into cardiac arrest.
Few seconds later, he was still...dead.
Dagnet looked at Sparrow in shock.
"ever heard of Mas Oyama? The sensei famous for killing bulls with one punch and breaking off their horns with a karate chop? I spent my eleventh and twelfth year in his Oyama dojo, mastering the kyojushinaki" he smiled at her, "let's just say a punch is like a fan switch, you just have to learn the controls and you'd be surprised."
He spoke calmly but his eyes were roaming everywhere, the window, the bodies, the blood, her face, the door behind her...everywhere! "now where is your car...we need to leave" he said finally
She nodded, speechless. She was still in her workout joggers and tank top. Sparrow spotted the jacket where she had left it on the chair earlier and handed it to her.
She grabbed the car keys key and tried not to look at the dead bodies.
In the car she finally picked the call. Bami had given her up to 30 missed calls since they spoke last and she had cut the call, while the knocking had been going on.
"I'm going to patch you through with agent Bigelow for the main time, we'd have a recon back in BROTA once we've run extensive checkups on security...(a pause) are you sure you're okay?"
"yes, Sparrow is here too"
"which sparrow? Agent Ayara?" the voice was loud and energetic all of a sudden
Dagnet stretched and gave the phone to Sparrow. "Hello, agent"
"agent Sparrow" Bami almost cried out in relief "men it's so good to hear your voice."
"yes, yes, look the hole has turned on us, they won't relent, it's just like when a dam breaks." he unfolded the printed note he had kept aside, "they call it the purge"
"the purge?"
"yes, there's only one way..you need to get me through to Rex, the only way is to get through this one clean offensive, you don't run away from the hole, they cut you deep, there's a plan that has been laid down for almost a decade by Mr X, only frustrated cause we never knew who the members were, we never saw the red letters. Get Rex then get the doctor, Carmichael " he looked at Dagnet, her eyes were glued to the road.
It was easy to sense Bami was nodding as he spoke, "Okay, I'd patch you with Rex, in the mean time, Bigelow would call so you guys can team up. Ermm....Sensei, thanks for coming through for -"
"I do this for Marcus Ayara" Sparrow said easily.
Marcus Ayara's name had been among the names in the red letters. Right before the word in the bracket 'deceased' Sparrow knew the story, had made it his business to know; his father had been in charge of the hole's drug trade, making trips to Asia. On one such trip he met a young Chinese lady and fell in love, not long after she gave birth to a son. His father had wanted out of the hole but as expected there was only one way out, Plus Ayara Snr. had been a vital part of the early influx of cash. Taking advantage of the early increasing demands, making the hole mad money and never getting caught.
The very first episode of the widow's initiative was sponsored out of the proceeds of a major profit boost.
But if you were not for the hole then you were dispensable to them. And so M. Ayara had been eliminated, leaving an unknown child with the young mother in China. The mother, after waiting for her lover, panicked and left the child in front of the shaolin temple. The rest was history.

Bigelow finally came on the line, he spoke with Dagnet for some seconds and they agreed to meet up at a major roundabout in 15 minutes.

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by okeyben10: 12:26am On Dec 10, 2018
1, 2, 3
wow now ain't ds generous?! thanks boss
lemme goan read

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by honourable356(m): 12:33am On Dec 10, 2018
One word...


Re: The Hole In The Wall by mimilight: 5:24am On Dec 10, 2018
At last. Thanks soul. interesting. but why did you kill the reporter naw? It is that you hate seeing Andy happy?

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by Silensa(m): 6:59am On Dec 10, 2018
Thanks Oga Souloho. the wait was actually getting on my nerves.
i think that Rex's family and Borata are in a tight corner. It will be a miracle if they all survive unhurt. Why will I be saying unhurt when they have gotten two persons.

The hole: 1 goal, 1 penalty, 2 direct shots on target, 100% possession
Rex and co: 0 goal, 0 attempt, 0% possession, 0 everything.

Even the ref is having a chitchat with the goalie of the hole. The match looks more like a training session.

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by genius43(m): 7:26am On Dec 10, 2018
"I knew he knew I knew"

Mr souloho19, just wonderful

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by do4luv14(m): 9:17am On Dec 10, 2018
SOULOHO19, you nah d best walai...

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by phoenixchap: 10:17am On Dec 10, 2018
Souloho19 you did the do again. I know you will always make it happen so pleased to know we're still on your mind.. First minister deserve a brutal end..

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by Ann2012(f): 11:22am On Dec 10, 2018
Thanks Souloho19 winkyou're the boss cool

This hole is dangerous, so happy Sparrow came back for Dagnet

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by Oroolorun(m): 11:30am On Dec 10, 2018
Why the poor reporter? just when I started liking her...
Here come the war we are all been waiting for!
the Minister is luck that Rex is not a hot-headed person. Na me and him go die together o.
I'm lost somewhere, what car is the minister talking about, is it a code?
Oga Souloho19, if possible no work no eat today o, JUST UPDATE! Please we want more, more, please more!

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by Oroolorun(m): 11:39am On Dec 10, 2018
At last. Thanks soul. interesting. but why did you kill the reporter naw?
It is that you hate seeing Andy happy?
My thought exactly.
His Surname is not Iscariot otherwise one would have wonder if he was suffering of his forefather sin.


Re: The Hole In The Wall by donkelz(m): 12:44pm On Dec 10, 2018
Solo clap for yourself!��. Thanks bro! You still dey Owerri?

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by Kaycee9242(m): 12:53pm On Dec 10, 2018
Souloho well done

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by Charminee(f): 5:08pm On Dec 10, 2018
This is wow. Weldone souloho

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by iamloyalty(f): 5:29pm On Dec 10, 2018
[quote author=genius43 post=73707597]"I knew he knew I knew"

How i loved it.

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by iamloyalty(f): 5:31pm On Dec 10, 2018
My thought exactly.
His Surname is not Iscariot otherwise one would have wonder if he was suffering of his forefather sin.

I go konck ur head for making me laugh anyhow, but is obvious soul just wanted Andy to suffer.

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by iamloyalty(f): 5:36pm On Dec 10, 2018
The tension is getting high it is a purge indeed. Why Andy na? maka why.

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by genius43(m): 6:15pm On Dec 10, 2018
[quote author=iamloyalty post=73724841][/quote]

I know right
Re: The Hole In The Wall by do4luv14(m): 6:54pm On Dec 10, 2018
The tension is getting high it is a purge indeed. Why Andy na? maka why.

ya and the purgees, are about to get purged

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by Eberechi24(f): 10:26pm On Dec 10, 2018
Soul, you didn't give us mention. e no good o

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by EkopSparoAyara(m): 11:02pm On Dec 10, 2018
It is worth the wait...3 in a roll....

And of course, I am back,I mean Sensei Sparrow Ayara.....Interesting...
The purge is on,who has the Tetracycline(s) and the flagyl(s) to stop it's aggressive effect...
Really mind-blowing..


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Re: The Hole In The Wall by Doubleprof1(m): 8:59am On Dec 11, 2018
We knew. He knew and I knew.
He knew I knew.
And I knew he knew I knew.
This is deep. Bravo Souloho 19. Such an impeccable write up.

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by Evold: 9:43am On Dec 11, 2018
If only Rex had taken after his father's courage, the first minister would be having a broken face right now.

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by LightQueen(f): 10:08am On Dec 11, 2018
I am here now. Well done Souloho

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by nkemdave(m): 10:30am On Dec 11, 2018
Agent Sparrow's return would be a very great advantage for the BROTA family.
Nice work Souloho19

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by EbonyQueen001(f): 11:45am On Dec 11, 2018
Wow! The wait was worth it.

Expecting more.

Kudos to you bro

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by stevodot22(m): 11:47am On Dec 11, 2018
Welcome back bro, and thanks for the update.

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by paqman(m): 11:58am On Dec 11, 2018
after a long holiday genius souloho19 showed up you are welcome

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