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A Short Story - The Wall Between- Haruna Shukurat / The Hole (sci-fi) mini -series / Hole In My Skin (2) (3) (4)

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by Silensa(m): 3:02pm On Jan 13
Present sir.
Thanks my main Oga.
Now it remains SS wife. Hope she is safe?

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by Doubleprof1(m): 3:03pm On Jan 13
Soul never disappoint

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by phoenixchap: 3:20pm On Jan 13
I have been on the page since morning and I missed the update, was wondering what and how it happened until now.. Thanks Souloho19 you are always amazing. I think that YEYE In-law of his should just die alrrady.

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by phoenixchap: 3:32pm On Jan 13
I think this first minister should die already...

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by Evold: 4:18pm On Jan 13
Hope short Sam's wife will also be picked successfully.

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by queenitee(f): 9:52pm On Jan 13
I hope Mrs Short is equally safe.
Our inlaw our inlaw, please don't let it turn out to be what we are thinking

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by EkopSparoAyara(m): 10:51pm On Jan 13
Handling the driver is not the same as handling the first minister, but half half bread is better than puff puff.
Please can someone refresh my memory, where is that betrayer staff of BROTA, the one Alli No Joy did facial surgery to and what later happened to him? Oga EkopSparoAyara, you are the class captain here. So help me out on this. (My hands are just too full with work to go back to re-read it and curiosity is making me want to know as fast as possible).
Oroolorun,Its been a while....

LOLS...Class Captain...Am flattered....

You're talking about Buzz...That guy had been locked up in a small cell at the BROTA office... Other BROTA agents are taking care of him..

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by Oroolorun(m): 11:45pm On Jan 13

You're talking about Buzz...That guy had been locked up in a small cell at the BROTA office... Other BROTA agents are taking care of him..

Thanks Oga EkopSparoAyara, that means I have not miss anything. I was troubling my mind trying to remember where he is.

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by EkopSparoAyara(m): 12:18am On Jan 14

Thanks Oga EkopSparoAyara, that means I have not miss anything. I was troubling my mind trying to remember where he is.

Alright man....You're welcome

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by donkelz(m): 12:25am On Jan 14
[quote author=souloho19 post=74712282]Arrestdarrester Shurley22 donkelz rattyo3 Ann2012 Evold Kaycee9242 Eberechi24 HisGrace0000001 EkopsparoAyara Cerowo phoenixchap Princevirus charminee rowdymind donteanz LightQueen Light4life mitchelljnr Chiprince007 chizzymaris EbonyQueen001 kimmiebabie honourable356 queenitee Tania Silvertrinity Melvin11 mimilight Silensa ADECULATE hfinest1 enigurl HelenBee criis RegArmani...


Baba Solo! Wehdone! Twale! Nice short update. Thanks for the mention...

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by do4luv14(m): 10:39am On Jan 14
Thanks for the update

you no gree sign of he divorce papers abi,

I come forgive,
upon say oga SOULOHO19, no mention me for dedication, you no fit protest

and today nah my BIRTHDAY ooooo

oya show me love

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by do4luv14(m): 10:41am On Jan 14
Hi guys today is my birthday...

since oga souloho19 don drop update

so SOULOHO19, how e go be nah??

shey make we expect another update to celebrate nah ehn


Re: The Hole In The Wall by Dnimaa(m): 11:32am On Jan 14
This story is superb! You make me cliff for update on daily basis. I do opine that there would be a strike out at the BROTA headquarters which may result to lost of lives for her members. This is real war booming!
Thanks for the update amiable writer

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by mitchelljnr(m): 11:41am On Jan 14
What's wrong with NL mention na, so if I did not come to check I would not know there's an update.... Thanks souloho19 for the mention and splendid update

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by Ann2012(f): 1:09pm On Jan 14

you no gree sign of he divorce papers abi,

I come forgive,
upon say oga SOULOHO19, no mention me for dedication, you no fit protest

and today nah my BIRTHDAY ooooo

oya show me love

Happy birthday Baby boo wink

Wishing you all the best

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by Oluwaseunliz(f): 2:21pm On Jan 14
Souloho19, why are they knocking Andy out nah?

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by ADECULATE(f): 5:10pm On Jan 14
I pray s.s wife is safe ooo

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by EkopSparoAyara(m): 9:57pm On Jan 16
S.s Junior is in the hands of BROTA AGENTS now...I hope S.s wife will be safe too...

Andy...Be strong man..Be a survivor...


Secretly anticipating “THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA”

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by Silensa(m): 6:53am On Jan 17
S.s Junior is in the hands of BROTA AGENTS now...I hope S.s wife will be safe too...

Andy...Be strong man..Be a survivor...


Secretly anticipating “THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA”

Don't go there oo. The devil was worse when he wore ordinary okirika just imagine what will happen when he upgrades.

I think SS wife won't be as lucky as the boy cos BRoTA won't get to her on time.
Andy will survive if not for a anything "love"

Plz Souloho I want more update on my crush Olivia.


Re: The Hole In The Wall by souloho19(m): 9:04am On Jan 17
Hi guys today is my birthday...

since oga souloho19 don drop update

so SOULOHO19, how e go be nah??

shey make we expect another update to celebrate nah ehn

Happy birthday in arrears bro. I'd drop an update later today, make you use am relax. More blessings man!
Re: The Hole In The Wall by do4luv14(m): 9:08am On Jan 17

Happy birthday in arrears bro. I'd drop an update later today, make you use am relax. More blessings man!


I really appreciate bros

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by mimilight: 9:31am On Jan 17
Thanks Souloho19. BTW please keep SS family safe o. why is the security agency not investigating Helen's dead?

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by souloho19(m): 12:36pm On Jan 17
IAmkingoludav Chiprince007 Jenkvnq LightQueen Eberechi24 Doubleprof1 phoenixchap Evold queenitee Oroolorun donkelz Dnimaa mitchelljnr Ann2012 Oluwaseunliz ADECULATE kaycee9242 helenbee charming Silvertrinity rowdymind honourable356 pweetygiftofGod EkopSparoAyara Silensa do4luv14 (happy bday bro) mimilight


The slim woman came back to the room 20 minutes later and by then Ada had done a full survey of the room. The room was basically empty, just the water dispenser in the corner, the empty cupboard and the bare table.
Even the cup the woman had made her drink from was gone.

Her head was still pounding and for a second she considered if the pills were actual pain killers. But there was a survival instinct in her- which surprised her and refrained her from taking the pills. Instead she knelt down and drank from the dispenser direct, then used the cold water to wash her face. It left quite a mess on the floor but she didn't care. She found the pills and at first wanted to hide them under the bed. She observed the huge oval pills, she had never seen any drug like this before, it would definitely require a lot of water to swallow these. It made her queasy just looking at it and she bent down to throw it under the bed but she stopped and stood up. She studied the pills. By this time they were rock hard and dried up.

Strangely she wiped it on her dress and tucked it in her bra, safely nestled between her bosom. Then she heard a noise from outside and hurried back to the bed, holding her head.

The woman was back. Ada held her breath and stayed still. She could feel the woman's gaze on her. Then she heard the dispenser switch on and off and the sound of water splash to the little puddle on the floor.

The woman continued watching her and Ada tried her best not to move. Being an avid swimmer, she had decent breath holding capacity.

"how are you feeling now?" The woman asked, the silence was deafening.

Ada relaxed her eyes and her features as the woman came closer to the bed. No eye or nose twitching, or any movement at all. Playing dead had been a frequent occurrence during her childhood. Having two elder brothers 5 and 3 years older than her meant she played their shooting 'police and thief' game with them frequently. It was always she and her immediate elder brother Noah, playing the part of the police and trying to catch Emenike. Emenike was always the criminal. And more often than not, he got Ada in his range of water bullets and she had to go down and play dead, till Noah found her and gave her a tap. And if Emenike's next water projectile got Noah too (which was mostly the case) then he won the round.

Strange that this is what she'd be thinking of now. The woman touched her leg and it was so sudden that Ada almost jerked away. She tried her very best to deaden her right leg which the slim viper ugly woman had wrapped her hands around...her ankle to be precise. She could feel her press her finger to the back of her ankle.

"How are you feeling?" Madam 3F asked again.

She almost, almost replied but the instinct kicked in again. This woman had just felt for her pulse right now..was still feeling, fingers pressing gently and staying still. She was checking if she was alive.

Ada's lungs were beginning to get hot.

Then something happened, one of the men knocked on the partially open door.

"what is it?" 3F turned, thankfully removing her hand.

The man lowered his voice but Ada could still make out most of the words.
"There was a hit at the mansion...two policemen. And..." He lowered his voice more and Ada's ears almost expanded like satellite dishes. "Cedric hasn't buzzed in from the hackers place. He took a quad"

There was silence for a long time and it almost seemed like 3f hadn't heard him then she said, "I have to make calls...watch her."

"isn't she..."

"watch her and shut the hell up!"

Her footsteps faded away and during the exchange, Ada had managed to refuel her oxygen tank.
Now the man's footsteps grew closer and when he spoke, his voice was closer still.
"And you were a fine girl...what a waste.."

Then she felt cold, clammy and reptilian - like hands on her legs, sliding up slowly.

"Let's have some fun shall we? You can't talk after all."


You know what? Maybe her family was cursed with terminal illness. First losing her mum to cancer when she was 10, before falling terminally ill herself, 3 years later. The collapse had come from nowhere, on the sea-saw in the school playground and the organ failure had followed minutes later, it had been a grave emergency. The Apapa general hospital had been the closest to the school and the school bus had rushed the dying student there, and she was miraculously stabilized.

Then the diagnostician had brought the inconclusive result, claiming delayed diagnosis which at the time led her father to snapping point and the famous punch he threw at the then Dr Rasheed which was like a Deontay knockout.

Then steps in a mysterious figure, Mr X, who sponsors her treatment and sends her to India where she recuperates and remains to complete her studies and then her father informs her the kind stranger was willing to cover her university expenses so she could school there also.

By this time her father was now working with the Mr X, eternally grateful and indebted to him and so was she. But school wasn't her thing. Two years later she flunked out of school and enrolled in acting classes but after having a couple of brushes with the law, her father sent for her immediately. A Nigerian in India clashing with the law was definitely on borrowed time. Not to talk of a female although she didn't always behave like one.

She was just shy of her 20th birthday when she returned to Nigeria. Gradually she began to find out about the animosity between Mr X and Chief Amunike mostly from her dad. Then almost a full year later, Mr X himself sent for her. It was during the day and his scars were horrible but his soul wasn't as rotten as it would later become.

He wanted vendetta but he wasn't consumed by it. His daughters were alive and well, completely monitored by him and totally oblivious to it. And indeed they were the reason he had sent for her. He wanted her to make contact with his second daughter. She was doing her IT (300L Industrial Training) in an insurance firm and a similar spot had been arranged for her there, she was to make contact and become friends with his daughter-Fome. Gain her confidence and try to get any knowledge at all about the Chief who was Fome and Moana's godfather and basically just keep tabs on her life, report any changes and give feedback about her relationship status, i.e; the then 3 year old relationship with the nerdy kid who just graduated from her school.

But instead they had fallen in love. Yes, she liked to believe Fome loved her just as she loved her. And with their new intimacy she was able to tell Fome about the history which she didn't know, only this time she thought her father had died in the fire, set up by his best friend, Chief Amunike.

With time Moana had become privy to the details and the sisters hatred for Amunike began to grow. Betran told them about the secret powerful group behind the Chief which was in turn the reason he could kill their father and take over his business and get away with it, and that wasn't all, this secret group was the reason he could run his women trafficking ring successfully under the guise of a NGO.

There was a correspondence of members of this group and her father had hammered on this fact that those names were needed urgently. Of course she knew the reason, if not the details, which the girls didn't know. Their father (Mr X) needed the names and knew for a fact the chief was in possession of the red letters and he wanted it.

On the side she had been pestering Fome to leave the boring boyfriend. The guy was so dumb he didn't even have a clue what was brewing, but Fome loved him. She loved them both.

The realization that they may never be together was the frequent sprinkler on the seeds of resentment against the boyfriend-Rex, which had been planted the very first day she met his girlfriend-Fome.
Then the idiot went and popped the question and Fome became engaged. But things went downhill from there. The bastard (she really hated him, really) went and snooped around the very first chance he got with the chief and then got Fome killed not only Fome but her sister too.

And the bastard became a National hero. Oblivious to the fact that he had become a chess move by the hole, to disable the Chief whom, higher forces decided had become careless with his operation and money laundering.

While the fool had smiled for cameras and granted interviews, been branded the golden detective, with a golden agency that set the standard for police work. Just imagine the phony. And to add insult to injury, he had moved on, found love and married. Her lover's flesh in the ground hadn't even decayed yet- she had been the one to exhume the body and switch it later so she knew.
The bastard should never have that happiness, not after all he had done, he was the reason Fome and she were never really together (To be honest this was the very root of her hatred)

And he had caused her death, it irked her that no one else blamed him.

Her father on the other hand adored him; "nothing else any man could have done! The boy has character, let your grudge go."

Her father had held her at bay while Mr X snapped finally and threw his plan in the open, targeting the event for the personality of the year award.
That would have been a little closure for her, seeing all the good for nothing, self pompous, so called dignitaries and the chief and his entire privileged family choke to death on the deadly nerve gas but no, she was denied that by who else but this same Rex Obasi..

Then the family curse had reared its ugly head once more and her father was knocked down with kidney failure, totally reliant on dialisis. This was literally, the final straw. With the information she had, she started her own personal vendetta against the hole but first against Rex, her personal enemy who never knew of her existence before but was going to receive a reality check.

The machine beeped and brought her out of her long state of melancholy. Her father Betran was still sleeping and unaware of her presence in the room. She had to consciously relax her face muscles, she had twisted her mouth into a frown as she thought about Rex Obasi. God she was one bitter woman.
She had really wanted him to suffer and feel pain like she had and that's why she had attacked his family but maybe the only solution to release the knot in her chest was if he was dead.

Her phone rang and she checked the true caller window that popped up, thinking it would be her baby cousin Christie.

The screen read - Prince. She didn't know any Prince.

"Hello, who is this?"

"it's Sparrow, I need your help."

She was stunned. "Ayara, you took the baby..." She accused.

His voice was soft and firm, "Listen to me, I need you to head to BROTA we now have the letters let's end this once and for all."

"BROTA? Never! I'll never work with that..."

He interrupted her, "you can finally make it right, set it right, the RIGHT way. If the man who saved your life and his daughters are not important to you...." he trailed off and ended the call.

Sparrow was really a sly bastard. Bleep him!

She stood up and began to pace round the hospital, but she knew it was fruitless. She would go.
The bastard just knew the right words to say.


The video clip finally loaded up and Bami peered at his screen intently. He hit the fast forward button, the attack had happened late at night.

He didn't know how late or early, which is why he had asked for the young forensic expert TERRY. But of course the phony cops hadn't wanted any crime scene investigator.

He forwarded the playback from 03:41:22pm till 09:05pm when A van drove up to the gate and remained there, the engine was still running because the brake light was showing, but the van wasn't driving off, it remained in the spot for close to 15 minutes then a man came down, he held what resembled a box or bulky suitcase in his hand then he moved out of the camera's range. About ten minutes later, the compound was thrown into darkness and only the outline of the van was vaguely visible. The engine was off now.

Bami strained his eyes and caught glimpses of movement. There was a solar street light a couple of houses away and the little dim reflection was the only source of light in the video and it wasn't enough. He brought out his pen and opened his first drawer for a notepad. He noted down the time the van had pulled up, the time the man had come down with the toolbox and the time the lights had gone out. There was a little passing reflection and it took him some minutes to realize it was the gate being opened, he noted the time also, figuring the gate man was getting murdered right then. Then he watched for any other movement, fast forwarding and squinting.It took a whooping 35 minutes before headlights approached and he slowed the video and sat up in his chair and used the chance to scrutinize the van which was lit up by the car's headlights.

He could make out the last 3 digits on the plate and he wrote it down. - 0ta. That was a start. Somewhere to focus on, very good.

He resumed the video and he could just make out a tall form get down from the car. That had to be the boyfriend, he was wearing a bright coloured shirt, maybe white or yellow but it was a bit more visible and bright in the otherwise macabre video.Then it was out of view.

After some minutes it was back again, Ada was in a short black dress so she wasn't really visible but then the car's inner light came on and her pretty face was visible as she settled in. Then there was a blue low flashing light, he paused and analyzed it too, it was a tazer, had to be. Someone had sneaked up on the bright shirt and tazed him. The tazing horror continued every few seconds and even lasting for 5 seconds once. Then almost immediately, the flash of a gunshot followed, twice. It was unmistakable and you just knew it was a head shot. This was a gruesome murder caught on tape, it was just very unfortunate it wasn't any good.

At this point his desk phone buzzed and he grabbed it immediately.

"Sir two cars are.."

His mobile phone also began to vibrate on the table. It was Bigelow. They were here.

"Just hold on I'm coming."

He grabbed his gun and phone off his desk and rushed out.

"Hey Bigelow..."

"We're outside.."

"I know.."

"what's up with the security not buzzing us in..."

"I'm coming right now.." He was already outside and rushed to the gatehouse where the automatic control for the gate was.

"Buzz them in when I go out and give the signal.." he said to the security sitting in front of the computer. He entered the code to the door and went outside as it opened and shut immediately. There was another keypad on the outside to reenter.

The second security was here, Looking sharp in his dark blue BROTA polo shirt tucked into black combat trousers, tucked into brown jungle boots, His rifle was cocked but pointing to the floor.

"Stand at ease soldier," Bami muttered as he passed him. He looked past the cars, there was no other vehicle or suspicious presence behind. He turned and raised his hand to the camera and the gate slid open noiselessly.

Dagnet's car was a Toyota camry and he waved at the bewildered faces in it. The pretty woman and the little boy in the backseat and the tired looking short man in the front. They didn't wave back.

Then his pal Bigelow drove in. He waited for some minutes, gun still in hand watching for any movement. But no vehicle branched off the highway to the street that led to BROTA.

Satisfied he turned and punched the code on the door. He signaled the armed guard to follow him in. There was no use standing out when he could stay inside and watch through the camera, plus the steel door was bulletproof and only the 5 digit code could open it.

Short Sam's wife was a pretty woman in her late 20's or last 20's since she was 29.

As Dagnet drove into the BROTA premises she marveled. "This place is big."

That was the first thing she was saying after a barrage of; "what have you done?" she had fired at her husband earlier.

She had been shocked to see her husband in the bank, the shock had increased when she saw he held little Junior, in his uniform. Her husband had a fearful look in his eye and she glanced around, looking for a quiet spot they could talk.

"Mummy!" Her little boy shouted happily when he saw her. And she smiled, looking round the banking hall. Her desk corner wasn't really private, the second customer care staff was in the next desk few feet away. She was conscious of the stares from both customers and her colleagues and she took his hand and followed him outside.

"honey, what's going...." Her voice trailed off when she saw the woman standing near the bank security guard, asking him questions. She looked at her fidgeting husband. "what's going on?"

"Moyo we need to leave and go somewhere safe, something happened today, I'll explain in the car." He leaned into her and lowered his voice, so their son wouldn't hear him. The boy wasn't even interested in what they were saying. He was looking at everyone and everywhere at once, taking in the dozens of cars and the people coming in and going out. It was big fun.

His mother nodded mechanically, "let me get my bag." She hurried into the bank again. Dagnet would have followed her but her gun would no doubt trip off the door alarm.

She was back in less than a minute, bag in her hand which Dagnet helped her stow in the booth as Bigelow materialized from the atm queue and headed for his car.

Short Sam's wife, Moyo, could really do with the speech Dagnet had given Ss earlier. She was entering panic mode and Dagnet had to continuously caution her; "mind the child ."

"Sam not again....what have you done?" had finally become her preferred phrase throughout the ride. Until she fell silent and began stroking her son's cheeks which had the trails of dried tears.

Now, arriving at BROTA, seeing the severely armed guard and the fancy and sturdy gate. The depth of events seemed to really dawn on her and she called out to Sam. "dear, what have you done?"

This time the question was honest and direct, not condescending.

Dagnet replied. "Your husband's work for the agency in service to our Nation brought him across the radar of....enemies of the state. So until the situation is resolved and the threat nullified, it's safer this way."

"For how long?"

"As long as your safety is important," came the reply.

His wife nodded and Dagnet killed the engine.

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by souloho19(m): 12:55pm On Jan 17

The huge glass doors were sealed and Short Sam took his wife and little boy, showing them round. He was well familiar with the building since he had actually turned down one of the offices, preferring to work from home.

Dagnet and Bigelow hung back in the reception with Bami.
"Where's Sparrow?" Bami asked

"He went to dispose the bodies." Bigelow said

"where? How will he do that?"

"he mentioned something about incinerating.." Dagnet said with a shrug.

"what have you been up to?" Bigelow asked him.

"oh it's the kidnapping case of the chief's daughter. Let me show you what I got in my office." Bigelow followed him but Dagnet remained in the reception.

After the downstairs tour, Ss returned to the reception with his family.

"where are they?" he asked Dagnet

"They're upstairs, Bami says you should come check out something."

He looked hesitantly at his wife and she nodded vigorously, "it's okay...I'm sorry for my earlier reaction..i was just really stressed." She said hurriedly, stretching each syllable for the sake of the little boy in their middle.

"Did your dad show you the kitchen?" Dagnet asked the little boy with inquisitive eyes.

He nodded.

"And you didn't take any snack, oya come. With me. Mummy you too, let's go for some cake and tea."

S.s watched them go before he hurried up the stairs, laptop bag in his hand.
He found Bami's office immediately. Two pairs of eyes were peering into the monitor, squinting intently at the low quality video.

Short Sam took the empty seat immediately and powered up his laptop.

"Sammy can you do anything about a poorly lit video?" Bami asked

He scratched his head. "I have some programs, why?"

"there's a very important video here but it's too dark, come and see.."

"hey man calm down, first things first if you're going to keep my family here, how secure is this place?"

"very, the gate is bullet proof with high voltage wires running across the fence, then the alarm system is..."

"hold up..I saw the key pad on the outside of the gate, I'm disabling it."

"Woa, can you do that?" Bigelow asked surprised

S.s looked at him with dry eyes as if to say really?

"oh...oh...well, good idea" Bami said.

"Then you can show me the video you're talking about..but in the mean time, what's the plan, how do we nullify this threat?"
short Sam was definitely in hyper mode. He rubbed his hands impatiently looking at them.

Bami looked at him, about to say something but he could see it clearly;

Bami: calm down man...
Ss: (barks) don't tell me to calm down my family is in danger!

With this dejavu-like foresight playing in Bami's head, he kept quiet and the question hung in the air till Bigelow spoke up.
"we have one of them in custody."

Sparrow had knocked out the driver and stuffed him into his booth.

"okay...." S.s was satisfied with the reply. He hit buttons rapidly with familiarity and a window popped up, divided with different camera views of downstairs, the compound and the camera at the main gate, showing the reassuringly empty driveway. "Good...I'm in....the keypad outside the gate is now deactivated."

"So no one from outside can open it even if they know the code?"


Ss really wasn't taking any chances.

Benue- Safe house

The addres turned out to be around the downtown location, which was quite a swampy area. But it was in a very secluded neighbourhood. I saw the key in the flower pot and messaged my dad. When I got his reply, I opened the door and the driver stumbled in, courtesy of a push from Tonye.

I stopped and turned to Clyde and Kirsten.

"Please my dad and Paul can use back-up, anything can happen, and it'd be best if you go there."

Kirsten looked relieved and turned immediately but Clyde had really been looking forward to the interrogation and maybe giving a few knocks of his own.

I shook his hand and gave him a reassuring shoulder pat and they were off.

I watched them leave and studied the neighborhood.
It was really secluded, we could act a horror movie and no one would hear the fearful screams of the victim. I wondered what my dad had used the place for before. He said he had 'a few locations scattered about..'

I shook my head and returned to the small house. My father was a dangerous man no doubt but I had someone to torture for information right now.

In 1979, one hot August afternoon, there had been a knock on a young man's room door. The young man had been hiding out. Waiting out the two day duration before his flight to China. He was going to be a father very soon. He planned to marry his lover and start a family. He was done with the hole. During his numerous narcotic trips to Asia and back, his travel agent and he had become quite close and he was indeed now hiding out in his agent's house. His flight to Beijing was the next morning and he could hardly wait.

He walked to the room door, expecting to see his host or the wife bring his lunch like they always did. He opened the door and exclaimed in shock.

The man pointing the gun at him. Wasn't his travel agent, he was a stranger...a familiar stranger.
The hole had finally gotten him.

He thought about his unborn baby and his girl, he would never see them again.

The hole had killed Marcus Ayara because he wanted out of the organization and there was only one way out. Two bullets in his face and it was all over for him. The case would never be solved.
The only evidence was the extracted slugs which had the inscription: 11.

This was the only clue. It wasn't until a decade later when another Bullet would turn out with the same branding that the police would link the bullets as the signature of the killer.
But that was the closest they would ever come.

So in the intelligence and tactical world, the unknown killer would come to be known as eleven. No other inscribed bullet would turn out and so he was quickly forgotten, the case frozen.

20,000 feet in the air, the first minister typed a message.

The Purge
Target: Obasi residence,House 33b, Buhari Avenue, Benue.
Time : Tomorrow.....(he took a long pause before adding) 4 (he backspaced this and entered) 6pm. (His wife should have left by then)
Method: signature.
Find attached morning ticket to Benue. 8am flight.

In a car wash bar and grill in a chilling spot in Wuse Abuja, a phone vibrated.

Young Boys were busy hosing down an SUV, washing out the engine while another boy of about 15 was waxing another Mercedes at the other end. The name of the place was 'Mynet's car wash'

There was a dumbell in the corner and the owner of the car wash was lifting weights, he was in his mid 50s but still in amazing shape. His skin alone looked as tough as leather.

He had the tattoo '11' on his chest and a jagged scar across his stomach. He put down the dumbell and checked his phone.

He smiled as he read the message. Well well, looks like Mynet11 would be traveling tomorrow...

To be continued...

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by queenitee(f): 1:08pm On Jan 17
Thank God she's safe.

So Betran, are we going to blame Rex?

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by do4luv14(m): 2:16pm On Jan 17
thanks Souloho19

more graceful ink to ya mighty pen

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by Joislim(f): 3:08pm On Jan 17
wow.. each update makes you want more

first minister wants to eliminate the whole obasi family..... I pray they vacate the house before 11 comes.

To think 11 might not be a member of the hole just a hitman

thanks for the update.... expecting more

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by Oluwaseunliz(f): 3:19pm On Jan 17
Souloho19 thanks for the update boss. Please spare Rex family

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by KpagoGIN(m): 3:20pm On Jan 17
@Souloho19 am loving this, great piece back to back just don't know what to say anyways Rex suppose die.

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by EkopSparoAyara(m): 3:22pm On Jan 17

Don't go there oo. The devil was worse when he wore ordinary okirika just imagine what will happen when he upgrades.

I think SS wife won't be as lucky as the boy cos BRoTA won't get to her on time.
Andy will survive if not for a anything "love"

Plz Souloho I want more update on my crush Olivia.

Silensa....I sight you....

Souloho19 on his own told us that the Devil Could Wear Prada,well,let's see how it goes but am very certain that the devil this time would be extraordinary...

You and this your crush eh...Make Rex catch you... Don't say I didn't warn you...Lol...

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by EkopSparoAyara(m): 4:30pm On Jan 17
Jezzz...This new update eh...Souloho19 was on fire...
The choice of words, its combinations, the connecting of dots is marvelling...

So Betran was/is Beatrice father... It was right under my nose but strangely I didn't perceive it..No one did...

Am glad Moyo,S.s wife is safe....At least for now...

The First Minister's driver must talk...He should know a thing or two..Rex your foresight is good...Old boy needs back up..

Oh,Ada,smart you, I just hope you can just allow that idiot suck those bossoms to sleep...

The Purge on Rex Obasi's family has been engaged..Who dies first??
Its going to be a fierce battle..




Re: The Hole In The Wall by Princevirus(m): 5:18pm On Jan 17
Weldone man! It's getting more interesting. Ali must not die o and Paul should actively participate in the fight.

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