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A Short Story - The Wall Between- Haruna Shukurat / The Hole (sci-fi) mini -series / Hole In My Skin (2) (3) (4)

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by queenitee(f): 7:42pm On Mar 30, 2018
Hun hun, see twist
Re: The Hole In The Wall by iamloyalty(f): 7:56pm On Mar 30, 2018
Ur twist is superb.
Re: The Hole In The Wall by EkopSparoAyara(m): 9:18pm On Mar 30, 2018
This is impossicant.. Fome alive?? Well with Souloho as the driver of this great vehicle,anything can happen... Bravo Souloho..
Re: The Hole In The Wall by labelle123(f): 10:05pm On Mar 30, 2018
Please go and die in your house oh! LWKMD
lol na so only him waka come

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by rayvelez(m): 12:24pm On Mar 31, 2018
its getting more and more serious.

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by souloho19(m): 12:26pm On Mar 31, 2018
Gracias for your comments FAM, in fact lemme drop one small weekend treat wink
Re: The Hole In The Wall by souloho19(m): 12:49pm On Mar 31, 2018

It was almost an hour before Tonye and Bami arrived.
They arrived in a hilux truck with a fake construction logo on the side. The vehicle belonged to the agency and the disguise had been used in a previous case and had worked so effectively that we left the disguise naturally.

Bami jumped down from the passenger's side. He had on a shirt with the cheeky inscription: im your BROTA with the tail tucked into jeans and the jean itself tucked into ankle high boots.

The latter observation had me raising my eyebrows at Bami.
"You plan to dig?"
"Yea" he joined me to open the gate, holding the second part wide so Tonye could drive in. "Digging three graves is a lot of work believe me..we're not even enough as it is"
"Woa...we're only digging up Fomés grave.. We have no business disturbing Mona and Mr X"
"Are you sure that is wise?" Bami asked with a frown. "I can swear Mona is dead but 24 hours ago I could also do the same for Fomé, yet here we are....not to mention we have only the words of Betran and the doctor"

He had a point of course. I didn't believe Dr Rasheed had tricked me but I couldn't deny he and Betran were loyal and faithful dogs when it came to Mr X and Mr X was a complex, pained and cunning mind.

"Let's just start with Fomé first" I said and we closed the gates.

Each of the grave had been tiled with trimmed flowers surrounding it, at the center gravels and beautiful stones had been spread no doubt over the soil.

"Just look at....even if someone has unfinished business when he reaches here, his ghost would decide to rest" Bami said as he took in every inch of the place with his eyes roaming all over. I remembered he hadn't been here before.

Tonye had parked the hilux and she and Andy were arranging the gear they had brought.
I put on the gloves, the face mask and the plastic boot. Andy and Bami were already kitted up and were studying the grave and discussing strategy.
Tonye was opening the cooler which I noticed was filled with ice and a dozen transparent ziplock bags. Seeing them sent a cold thrill down my spine but you know what they say, what must be must be.

"Look at those two, planning as if there's anything apart from digging to be done" I said nodding at Andy and Bami.
Tonye laughed "I think they're trying to decide if they should break off the tiles too"
I gasped in exaggerated terror as I headed for the grave, fat shovel in hand. "There's no need..we should be able to dig in without disturbing the tiles"



When her father in law wanted something, he was very charming and quite charismatic and could even recite poetry to make sure he got it.

He assured her he had spoken with Rex the night before and he wanted her and Emma to stay for at least one week.

"Pa...you know I only prepared for the weekend...I don't know..." She trailed off deep in thought, why did Rex still want her far from Lagos? After all the shadow was dead or was he..?

Her father in law was still speaking...."at least stay for some days, there's no need to rush back"
She smiled, he was right and Emma would no doubt be very happy. "Okay papa.we can stay till Wednesday"

"Eeya...I'm also leaving on Wednesday... I can imagine how silent this house would be then" Utebo said from the parlour where she was plaiting her daughter's hair.

Her mother (Martha) laughed heartily "which is why we have to make all the noise now"
As if on cue, the twins jumped down from their seat, mumbled their thanks to the grown ups and began running immediately "police and thief...let's play police and thief"
"No! Let's play catcher!"

"Don't play anything yet...let your food digest o!" Utebo shouted at the retreating backs of her boys as they wizzed past her heading outside. Olivia smiled as she observed their plates, their tea was still full to the brim, the chunk of bread mostly untouched but they had cleaned out the fried eggs.

Olivia had her mind spinning scenarios and engaging her thoughts and she herself hadn't done justice to her breakfast...too many thoughts came rushing through her mind and she didn't have much appetite.

Later, when she was alone in the room she sat on the bed looking into space and imagining the shadow was still out there waiting for the slightest vulnerability on their part to strike a lethal blow. What if he wasn't really dead, what if it was all a trick? The message which Tonye had secretly forwarded to her had been read and reread so many times that it was printed in her memory and now the words came back with a vengeance.... Your sun has been overhead for so long...but now its time for the sun to set...

Finally she couldn't take it anymore, she shook her head and dialled Rex's number.
It rang and rang but there was no reply. She placed the phone in her lap as she stared ahead not really seeing anything. The feeling of dread that came over her was intense and she was suddenly scared for her family and friends.



My phone rang when I was knee deep in soil, sweating profusely and digging with a vengeance. I ignored it and it rang twice
Bami was beside me, shovel in hand and glistened sweat on his brow although he had recently just taken over from Andy.
"Aren't you gonna answer that?"
"Nah...not now..I couldn't even if I wanted to...not with this gloves"
But the truth was nothing else was important to me at that moment...I was digging with a fury and my energy was hardly depleted. I kept my emotions reigned in knowing the only way to enlightenment was now at least three more feet below.

Finally the blade stuck something solid...we had gotten to the casket.
I dropped to my knees and furiously scraped the soil away from the casket.
"Its enough Rex....let's climb out...There's a Chain pulley in the truck...once we hook it we can pull the coffin out easily.
I looked at him and my eyes must have been an open window to the emotions waging war in my soul because he said " oh Rex...." He knelt down beside me so we were level and placed his hand on my shoulder. "Whatever happens...you're not alone, we would solve this together just like before.."

I looked at his sincere eyes which were no longer strange to me "Bami..so many things I kept buried because I didn't want to remember the unpleasant past.."I looked down at the cream coloured gleaming casket. It had to be very expensive.
I looked at Bami and continued, by his expression I knew he understood me and in fact knew where I was going. "now I realize that was stupid procrastination on my path..Bami..." His hand had dropped from my shoulder as I spoke and now I placed mine on his shoulder. "Bami...there was a time you were badly obsessed with catching Fomé...even she herself once told me she was of great interest to the government..why? What gives?"

Bami took a deep breath and I waited patiently ,suddenly I wasn't so eager to dig up the body again.

Before Bami could speak, we were interrupted by a voice from above. Tonye was standing at the edge of the hole we had dug, her hands resting on her hips and one leg on the heap of soil, stones and gravel we had dug out.

"Are you people having picnic down there...remember that Andy and I haven't had breakfast"

Andy appeared beside her and peered down at us. He said with disgust "for God's sake this isn't the time or place for any heart to heart convo...Bami we need to bring the hilux as close to the grave as possible...that pulley is something else even the four of us wouldn't be able to carry it...Rex we need to find out if indeed.." He paused, not knowing how to phrase it finally he said "if indeed its true only then would we know what course to take and plan adequately"

He made a lot of sense and jerked me back to reign my emotions in. I followed Bami who was climbing up the wicker ladder.
When my feet were finally and firmly 6 feet above, I watched Bami as he started the truck.

"How will the vehicle get here? " I asked Tonye looking round the plot of land. For one thing, there was a round-about in the center with azaleas blooming beautifully in the middle and only a narrow graded pavement on each side leading to the direction of Fomé and Mona's graves. Mr X lay in the middle also with a narrow interlocked pavement. In between these pavements were flowers (some almost waist high) and carpet grass.

Tonye observed everything for the first time then shrugged "we brought the hilux...v8 engine and auxiliary... Besides the pavements are not high enough...the only thing is the flower beds which would no doubt get destroyed" She said the last sentence regretfully and I agreed with her. The flowers were indeed beautiful and a lot of time and money must have been spent to accomplish the outlook, not to talk of maintenance.

I watched as the hilux backed up into the compound. Bami was behind the wheel and Andy was standing in the pick up space in the back rolling a pedal shaped handle resulting in the huge chain rolling up and round the pulley. It reminded me of a bicycle turned upside down for repairs.

"We need to at least make sure the damage is not extensive let's try and direct Bami... At least one tire can be on the carpet grass.." I said thinking of the beautiful flowers again.

"But its too close to the wall.it can scratch that side of the car"

I shook my head confidently "Bami is a good driver...he'd maintain the right balance"

With that I stepped forward with my arms raised turning my left hand anticlockwise to mimick a steering. "Turn your hand..not fully yet..slowly...oya come...small small....turn it more..wait!"


Now came the part I dreaded..the body. The coffin had been pulled out of the earth fully and while it dangled in the air, Bami accelerated forward until the casket could be lowered to the ground.
Tonye was the only one fully kitted for the next step. She had on a protective leather gown, thick leather gloves plus her face was enclosed in a glass mask i thought resembled a power bike helmet.

"Why don't we carry the coffin straight to the lab so the doctor can do whatever he wants.." Andy said, his voice was filled with apprehension although we were hanging around the hood of the hilux and so a respectable distance from the coffin.

"We just need a little piece of...." Bami's voice trailed off but the unspoken word still hung in the air 'piece of flesh' he had meant. Finally he continued.. "just for DNA confirmation then we would even bury the body back immediately....no use disturbing the dead"

I nodded "I agree..." I was watching Tonye and as I saw her pop the casket open, I found my legs moving in her direction.

"Heey...were you going?" Bami called out...or maybe it was Andy, the voice was a unrecognizable vibration in the background.

My nose mask was on my neck and I wore it properly covering my nose. Tonye glanced at me as I approached but she didn't say anything, she seemed to understand my need to face my past and face it literally.

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by HORLADSTAR(m): 1:29pm On Mar 31, 2018
Re: The Hole In The Wall by HORLADSTAR(m): 1:29pm On Mar 31, 2018
I love that line mehn,Kudos bro


Re: The Hole In The Wall by yhungbrowhne(m): 4:27pm On Mar 31, 2018
hello ma this your, torry they sweet ne here, and i will love to share it on my blog. my email aayanpoju@gmail.com
Re: The Hole In The Wall by phoenixchap: 4:43pm On Mar 31, 2018
Move on bro

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by queenitee(f): 4:45pm On Mar 31, 2018
We all need to face our past

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by Ayoshewa12(f): 9:24pm On Mar 31, 2018
cool cool cool cool shocked shocked cool let see how this would be.

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by dimssy(m): 7:25am On Apr 01, 2018
You will just be putting sombori in so much suspense....

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by princessadeola(f): 6:36pm On Apr 01, 2018
Nice work

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by WHOcarex: 10:04pm On Apr 01, 2018

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by EkopSparoAyara(m): 11:27pm On Apr 01, 2018
....and the past came hunting...
This is so disturbing for Rex... I feel sorry for him.. Happy Easter/New Month to Souloho19 and everyone on this thread..

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by switkera(f): 5:37am On Apr 02, 2018
Just like I always say, souloho19 you are the best. I have always followed your stories with keen interest. The devil wears okirika, delayed diagnosis and this. And I repeat, you are the best!

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by MarianIsy(f): 9:53am On Apr 02, 2018
Read delayed diagnosis..... best story ever...although I was in ghost mode throughout sorry 4 that...
Found this piece right now..... nd whoa same person who wrote delayed diagnosis
not missing it...

Ghost mode deactivated

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by meneski(m): 11:13am On Apr 02, 2018
following bro...ride on.

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by souloho19(m): 12:31pm On Apr 02, 2018
following bro...ride on.
Thanks my man, I trust you

Read delayed diagnosis..... best story ever...although I was in ghost mode throughout sorry 4 that...
Found this piece right now..... nd whoa same person who wrote delayed diagnosis
not missing it...

Ghost mode deactivated

You're very much forgiven for the ghosting and your comment/ future comments are very very welcome and appreciate. Gracias and Jah bless

Just like I always say, souloho19 you are the best. I have always followed your stories with keen interest. The devil wears okirika, delayed diagnosis and this. And I repeat, you are the best!

Wow..you're just wonderful! Thanks a bunch

....and the past came hunting...
This is so disturbing for Rex... I feel sorry for him.. Happy Easter/New Month to Souloho19 and everyone on this thread..

Thanks bruv, I wish you the very best.

Nice work

Gracias ma'am

You will just be putting sombori in so much suspense....

Lol, that's the idea na it's not my fault it's part of my dna grin

cool cool cool cool shocked shocked cool let see how this would be.

Lol let us be looking

We all need to face our past


hello ma this your, torry they sweet ne here, and i will love to share it on my blog. my email aayanpoju@gmail.com

I've sent you a mail bro

I love that line mehn,Kudos bro
Tnx bro

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Re: The Hole In The Wall by souloho19(m): 1:14pm On Apr 02, 2018

I stared into the casket...my heart pounding and my breath caught up in my throat. Flashes from the past hanging around my memory in a cloud that hovered just on the brink of my consciousness. Images...from different places and time. Fomé...in school, on her graduation....the day we quarrelled..her face when she smiled....

I reigned in the black cloud and peered into the casket, I blinked and blinked but still couldn't recognize the corpse I was I was looking at. I could see the form, at least make out the torso and the legs although it was still unrecognizable...just extremely black patches that was once smooth skin over bones.

But then I bent my head and caught the faint whiff the rot couldn't cover....this body had been burnt...I remember the fire that had 'killed' Fome but yet, the force of the explosion should have done more damage to the body in my mind at least, I had expected to see the body in a worse state...I mean the blast of heat that had enveloped the compound alone....

Tonye glanced at me and her expression stopped my thought process. She had definitely seen something I hadn't

"What...what is it?" I asked her
But she shook her head and continued observing the body.
My eyes followed hers reluctantly and I began to see it too....

The strands of hair..standing separately and erect on the black sooth- caked shape that had to be the skull.

Pieces in the mouth that seemed to reflect the morning light which I knew had to be indentation at once...and the general state of the body (which to me now looked like it had been rubbed thoroughly with charcoal)

I looked at Tonye again and she was looking at me too. But this time my expression must have mirrored hers because she was the one who spoke.

"This body....this body hasn't been in the ground for up to two years" she said in the kind of tone doctors used to tell families that they had lost a loved one.

You know human nature is so strange. There's something that scares us when the truth is out in the open, the very truth we have acknowledged in our deepest hearts but still when it's time to face this truth, it's easier to fall back to denial.

And so I found myself saying "no its not up to two years na....maybe 19 months or so"

She shook her head sadly "Rex...this body hasn't been in the ground up to a year...a couple of months maybe"

I knew she was right. There wasn't really supposed to be a body...remains maybe but not a body as complete as this. But I wasn't accepting the voice of reason.

"Heey...you know Mr X...he probably had a good undertaker get the body in good condition so the body could withstand the test of time as long as possible."

"Heeeey what on earth can you two be talking about at a time like this!" Bami called out from the hilux and Andy made a sound in agreement.

"They're right....let's get the DNA to the doctor..I'm glad I won't have to sever any major flesh the dental records would be the surest way or the hair...or maybe..."

I stopped hearing her words as I tried to grasp something suddenly...back at the hospital doctor Rasheed had said he couldn't come with us because he had a lot of work to do. According to him the 'backlog kept accumulating and he had to take care of it today....
If he had said that two years ago, I would have understood perfectly and wouldn't have noticed anything irregular then...but it was all over and the doctor had only his practice to run now, there was no jumping from hospitals to dark night clubs for secret meetings anymore for him... So why would he have so much backlog that he couldn't even take few hours off... ? His young intern looked competent enough, not like she was going to burn the whole lab if unsupervised for a while.

He can't take some time off because he as taken to much already...

The answer came from deep within and I suddenly remembered a famous advert from a soap opera during my younger days.
In the flick, a boy can be seen on a roof and a much elder man on the floor urging him to jump. Their exchange goes something like this;

Father: My son jump...jump I'd catch you
Son: (whimpers) I'm scared papa
Father: My son jump I will catch you
Son: Oh papa...(approaches the edge of the roof cautiously and filled with terror)
Father: remember I'm your father...I will catch you, now jump!

The boy jumps and lands on the floor as the man steps back.

Son: (holds his leg in agony) why didn't you catch me papa..why did you let me fall?
Father: (stares down with his face contorted in anger) Let this be a lesson to you in life, never trust anyone...not even me your father!

Now after so many years the clip replayed in my mind and I knew I must be smart. I couldn't trust anybody blindly.

"Tonye....get another part whatever it is...teeth or flesh or bone...I want a second opinion" I said

She looked at me and I could see she understood me perfectly.

"Terry?" She asked

I nodded. The young man was very efficient.
I let her do her work and stepped back.

"is it her? How's the body?" Bami asked me as I got into the hilux
I wanted to tell him to go have a look himself but instead I said "its unrecognizable...black and blunt but I believe there's ample DNA to run the tests"

He nodded and Andy added "if it comes out she's not the one here I'd have to dig up Mona too...you know I never saw her body"

"You can start by seeing this one now" I pointed to the open casket where Tonye was transferring the ziplog bag filled with body parts into the coolar of ice.

Andy shivered "No thanks...I'm not that curious yet"



Olivia and Utebo had planned to take the children out so many times in the past but somehow they never had the time. Especially since Utebo's husband Paul had been promoted and transferred to the rank of lieutenant colonel and Abuja respectively. But when the twin boys began to tug on her dress saying they wanted to go out and even Emma and Somma added their agreement in their high pitched voice as usual.

Olivia and Utebo conferred briefly and decided to take the children for a treat by noon. There was an amusement park which had just been commissioned barely 6 months ago which simply meant it was still in good shape, Her mother in law added with a sad smile.

"Okay..then after we can take them somewhere for snacks and ice cream" Olivia said. It sounded good and she honestly needed a breath of fresh air..having been mostly indoors the past weekend.

"Why don't we make some sandwiches and take some chilled drinks and maybe fruits so we can have a picnic instead.. The park is nice and peaceful" her mother in law suggested.

The use of 'we' did not go unnoticed and Utebo laughed "mama you want to come along too?"
"Ah ah...yes now I need to stretch my bones" she replied with a twinkle in her eyes.
"What of the shop" Utebo asked
"Is it not just for a few hours?" Her mother replied with a question of her own.

Utebo looked at Olivia "what do you think about the picnic? Should we pack a basket?"

Olivia nodded "it sounds good..and maybe if we're still hungry we can get something on the way home."

They all seemed to agree on this.

Utebo then looked at her father who was still in his chair, his nose buried into the newspaper he got delivered every morning.

"Dad how about you...would you care to accompany us" she asked

He didn't look up from the paper "I have so many places to go today...there wouldn't be time" he was currently stuck on the crime section reading about the death of a man who was believed to have been wanted as a top priority by the law agencies of the country. Attached was the picture of Mr Kehinde which had been circulated in every nook anf cranny and every median outlet in the past two years. The only reference to his killer was that he had been shot in the head. It was obvious society wasn't going to shed a tear for this one..in fact there was a general sigh of relief from the tone of the article alone.

The newspaper for one barely touched his murder but then went on to list the dead man's crimes among which was genocide, kidnapping, drug/child/arms trafficking..

Alli no joy narrowed his eyes in thought, he guessed correctly that his son was on the thick of the latest developments or at least was connected in some way. Probably why he had forgotten to call the day before.

If the shadow was dead then it was indeed good news. He had always worried for his son and as long as the shadow had been alive he hadn't been at rest, filled with apprehension and fear for his son and his family. Which was why it was strange that after learning of the Shadow's death, instead of relief a feeling of dread came over him.


Reversing the truck was not as smooth as the drive in had been and I saw so many flower beds had been ruined and trampled by the strong tires of the truck.

I couldn't care less right now...I waited at the gate, holding it ajar with Andy at the other end as we watched the hilux back out very slowly leaving destruction in its wake.

We had buried the coffin back, down to the gravel stones that covered it but it didn't look as it had before, one wouldn't need to inspect it closely to see that the grave had been tampered with.

I was counting on the police and their belief in their abilities to keep them from exhuming the grave. To them the ID from the prints would be enough...it could never be a mistake.

"How do we get across to that Terry guy?" I asked Andy. I had told them the plan to give the 'specimen' to both the doctor and the young man in order to be sure and they all agreed.

"That's what I've been thinking of since you told us...I'm kicking myself mentally for not collecting his number yesterday" Andy replied my question.

We locked the gate after battling with the stiff padlock for a few minutes. "We'd find a way...worst case scenario we'd go to the station ourselves." I said

We entered the truck sliding into the back seat gratefully. Tonye was in front and Bami was behind the wheel. He watched me through the rearview then said "I just received a call from one detective Dagnet or whatever...she said the coroner discovered a very large amount of sedatives in the victims bowels during the autopsy. So he was already drugged senseless before he was killed"

I stared out the window, watching the trees fly past (the plot of land containing the graves was indeed in the middle of nowhere) "at least that answers the question of why he would sleep through the noise of a wall drill just above his head"

"Did the coroner tell you what the drug was? Or maybe he was drunk" Andy said.

"No...no..." Bami switched his steering hand, handling the car with his right while his left hand dug into his breast pocket.
He glanced at the paper and obviously had problem pronouncing what was written on it. He focused on the road and gave the paper to Tonye.

"Al...-Al-pra-sa....Alprazolam then in bracket (xanax)" Tonye said squinting and I realized Bami's writing was just so bad..the coroner must have just spelt the word for him to write down and he hadn't caught the pronunciation, plus his own writing was so bad he had trouble recognizing it.

Andy whistled "That's a powerful drug"
I looked at him "you know it?"
"Nope...but the name alone is powerful" he said with a reassuring smile, trying to calm my nerves as much as his also.

Funny enough I agreed with him, I could tell it would take a very heavy sedative to knock out the elusive leader of the sunset shadows himself.
"How was it ingested? In a drink or what?" I asked
Bami frowned "damn! He didn't say" he slapped the steering and we knew he was mad at himself for not remembering to ask. Although the call had been short, he had been reversing out of the yard and with his phone on his shoulder, his head bent to hold it in place. A Biro and piece of paper from the pigeon hole in his right hand and his left hand serving as the base for writing as well as controlling the steering which no doubt contributed to the merciless massacre of the flowers.

Finally we were on the express and Bami said "where to?" As we approached a roundabout that split the road into different directions.
Well...let's go to the doctor first.. on to LUTH!" Andy and I said simultaneously. I flicked my wrist and checked the time it was 11:45 am.


?? ?? ??

Even during the day the room was dark. There was no window, no space for light and ventilation and even the thick door that served as entrance/exit was only opened when she slid in and out of the room. Just like now the door opened and was shut immediately as she entered the room with a laptop in her hands. The soft glow from the laptop screen showed the way for her but as if on second thought she backtracked and felt the wall for a switch.

But when the light came on it wasn't the same dull yellow light of before which the fan shaded each time it circumvented round it.

Instead the light was a fluorescent and it transformed the room immediately with the white light. She sat down on the chair and looked at the wall thoughtfully but this time there were no pictures. As a matter of fact, a close scrutiny would reveal the room had gotten bigger than before and this time on the table were some archaic recording equipment which hadn't been there before but she handled it perfectly and pluged in a wire from a big metal box that had just few buttons on it. Then she tapped some keys expertly on her laptop and the second device that resembled a wind mill began rolling then she pushed a button on the box. The voices were surprisingly clear and distinct.

Man's voice: oya are you people ready... I have somewhere I need to be once I drop you off at the park"
Woman's voice: we're ready oo

Elder woman's voice: Al don't worry before you bring the car out we would be outside..Utebo is coming..probably packing extra clothes for the children.
Man: okay let me go and be reversing

(After about ten seconds of nothing but background noise and shuffling of feet)

Young boy's voice: Aunty Olivia.. Is there swimming pool there

The woman laughs heartily, the sound is beautiful.

Woman's voice: don't worry Paul, you'd find out everything when you-

She pushed or rather hit the red button stopping the recorded audio immediately. She slammed the laptop with enough furious force that it would be a miracle if the screen didn't crack.
She left the room with quick, derrmined, aggressive steps but she hit the switch as she passed it plunging the room into darkness then she slammed the door with so much force that the silence that followed seemed just as loud.


Re: The Hole In The Wall by absoul: 1:19pm On Apr 02, 2018

Cc: Obinnau

Please unhide the last update by souloho19 and unban also. Gracias
Re: The Hole In The Wall by labelle123(f): 3:08pm On Apr 02, 2018
This tory just dey sweet me see suspense @ op well done more ink to your pen
Re: The Hole In The Wall by Ayoshewa12(f): 4:48pm On Apr 02, 2018
Thanks for the update [color=][/color] grin
Re: The Hole In The Wall by EkopSparoAyara(m): 9:11pm On Apr 02, 2018
Mehhn... This is crazy!... Where could the red button be is what is on my mind now...
I believe she(The unnamed female character) won't be able to catch up with them as she doesn't have a good lead..
Bravo Souloho..
Re: The Hole In The Wall by EkopSparoAyara(m): 9:13pm On Apr 02, 2018
I am very sure I saw an update...What happened to it??
Re: The Hole In The Wall by EkopSparoAyara(m): 9:21pm On Apr 02, 2018
Cc: Obinnau
Please unhide the last update by souloho19 and unban also. Gracias
Why? What for??
Re: The Hole In The Wall by phoenixchap: 8:30am On Apr 04, 2018
I am concerned for Olivia and Rex, this evil seem to call for them the most.....
Souloho19 let nothing happen to his family oo


Re: The Hole In The Wall by IRALIFE(f): 4:41pm On Apr 04, 2018
Has Souloho19 been restored? We can't view the last update. Mods please, your attention is needed here. cc Obinnau Another great story here Bro
Re: The Hole In The Wall by ILLICITblood: 1:08am On Apr 05, 2018
souloho.. your sabiness overchoke
You are the Messi of Literature section
More ink to your pen sir

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