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Re: My Bodyguard by skubido(m): 12:06pm On Feb 16
Tanks for the update

Plz comma continue
Re: My Bodyguard by CaptnSelfless(m): 12:42pm On Feb 16
Keep up the good word ....
Re: My Bodyguard by Ann2012(f): 1:27pm On Feb 16
Thanks for the update
Re: My Bodyguard by kingokoh(m): 1:40pm On Feb 16
My Bodyguard
Am done with the final paper, student are now celebrating with water and wine, thank God for my guards that guarded me to the car, now am grateful I have guards, am still worried about Henry threat. I picked out my phone to call Leo, but its off, I keep neglecting to charge my phone. Am scared, with beads of sweat on my forehead, no car charger to power the fone. I dig inside my bag and saw my phone charger.
"Thnak God" I muttered to myself, I don't want to go home and face my parents so I decided we drive to an eatry so I plead a worker there to help me charge the phone, I also bought a food for me and the guards.
After an hour, I requested the phone back, and I switched it on, immediately Leo's call entered, I smiled then my heart got warm and Henry's threat seems useless.
"Hello" I said as I picked
"thank God, Jenifer you alright" Chidimma said through the phone, wht is it chidimma
"Yea am fine, where is Leo" I asked and she gasp
"Is he not with you?" she asked, now am getting scared
"No, I haven't seen him today" I confirmed
"He received a call, that you are at the technical school, and you are hurt pretty badly" she said and I can sense her fear, am fine who can play such game "so he rushed out, about 30 mins ago, he left his phone so I have been trying to reach you but its been off" she said, now I can hear her sob
"Am fine, I will go get him" I said calmly but am now a wreck, now Henry's threat make sense, judging from how dirty he play I know this is his doing. I hung up after I assure her that nothing is wrong.
I need to go there, "Miss, your father asked us to bring you home" one of the guard said, I think his name is Mark, I don't bother with their names, I never do.
"why?" I asked
"we don't know" he said. So they won't listen if I asked them to drive me to technical school road, I have to figure something out. Leo might be in danger.

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Re: My Bodyguard by skubido(m): 2:12pm On Feb 16
Tanks for the update
Re: My Bodyguard by Slimynonny: 8:28pm On Feb 16
Getting more and more interesting every now and then...keep up the gud work
Re: My Bodyguard by kingokoh(m): 9:33pm On Feb 16
My Bodyguard
Part 57
"I forgot my charger" I said as we are about to enter the car, I purposely forgot it, so one of them went to retrieve it.
"Am sorry mark" I said to the one standing next to me, I hope I got his name right, he narrowed his eyes at me, I know he is confuse why am apologizing, I faced him and knee him where the sun doesn't shine, he bend down in pain and I gave him a punch, Just like that I kitty took down a man that weighs three times my weight Leo you are such a good teacher. I tried to take the car but I notice the key is with the one inside, so I ran, its not far it will take me like 20 minutes but I plan to make it sooner so I picked up the pace.
Am not good at running, my heart is about to explode, but I kept going, I type a text to dad, telling him I might be in danger, at technical school, I should've said am in danger not might, but am also not sure if there is any danger.
On getting to the school, I notice its quiet, its 4 pm so students are home, and the school is a bit distance from where people live, so if anything should happen people won't know, a perfect place to do something bad.
I entered inside, the gate wasn't lock, I searched the front compound but didn't see anybody, maybe he gone back, and this was just a prank. But I still decided to search the back, thats when I saw 4 figures , 3 standing together and 1 alone, I came closer, why is this school so big, my legs is now tired
I got closer and saw Leo was the one alone, Henry was with 2 other guys, am guess they are his friends, I gasped as I saw Leo bloody knuckles and the other guys bloody face, they had a brawls 3 against 1 thats cheating, but I smiled cause looking at them its easy to know who won, my Lion
"What are you doing here" Leo asked with fear and concerned
"I got a call from Chidimma" I said as I got closer
"You should go kitty, its dangerous" He said, and he is really scared, what can make Leo scared, thats when Henry points the gun at me
"Make one more step and it will be your last" henry said.
Part 58
Henry brought out the gun, and I nearly pissed myself, now I know why Leo is scared, he ball his hand into a fist
"Come on Henry, let her go" Leo pleaded, I looked at him and saw he is now more scared with me around, am clearly his weakness, so I decided to give him strength by showing am not that scared
"Why stoop so low" I asked henry, he smirked
"you caused it" he said, so he is that type that blames the world for his misfortune
"come on man lets go" one of his friends said, he ignored him, I guess they only came to fight not kill.
"I told you kitty if I can't have you no one will" he said and pointed the gun at Leo with a murderous look
"please don't" I pleaded with tears, I hope my dad believes me and send the police
"Why kill Leo, when you can still choose another guy" he said then changed the gun at me and I hiccupped "I will kill you, frame Leo, your parents will believe, so he will be forever be in prison, I can marry any girl later" he said with a sly smile
"Please, don't, kill me instead, its better, Kitty have a bright future" he pleaded, how did things get to this. Henry I regret knowing you. Leo, my love, am sorry your life turned out like this cause I came into your life, I love you, always and forever. Leo continue pleading, I have lost the will to plead since the idiot won't change his mind, hope spark from me as I heard the sirens, seems my dad don't joke with me
"You think you are safe, I will still kill you if thats the last thing I do" Henry said, he really have his mind set
"we are out from here man" one of the guys said and sprinted out
"coward!" Henry shouted at them, Leo came a bit closer to me before Henry stopped him, I look and saw the police approaching, good he won't be able to frame Leo
"goodbye jen" Henry said, I looked at Leo, I love you Leo, I said to myself and closed my eyes to welcome death
"Kitty" I heard Leo screamed my name, then I heard the Gunshot.
Re: My Bodyguard by CaptnSelfless(m): 11:28pm On Feb 16
Re: My Bodyguard by kingokoh(m): 10:50am On Feb 17
My Bodyguard
part 59
I heard another gunshot, and I heard Henry screamed in pain, my eyes are still closed, so am about leaving this world. But am feeling no pain, maybe cause my soul have left my body, I feel a warm shadow over me, wasn't I suppose to feel cold. I opened my eyes and saw Leo in front of me, I smiled, from my peripheral vision I can see the police handling Henry and his hand is bleeding, that serves him right. Am alright, no bullet wound, I exhaled, miracle happens after all.
Something is not right, Leo is trembling, as am about to ask, he coughed out blood
"What" I screamed and he fell, thats when I noticed the blood on the ground, he took the bullet for me, no no
"call an ambulance" I screamed and crushed down at side "why, why, why" I asked as tears ran down my cheek
"My life for yours kitty" Leo said in a shaky voice,
"This is not right" I kept crying, I saw my parents with the police with a shock expression
"Kitty, you brought peace to me, gave me hope when I was hopeless" he coughed "I love you kitty" he said, where is the ambulance
"I love you Leo" I said and he gave me a weak smile, please God save him, Leo, am nothing without you, what will Chidimma do without you, you are her heaven, what will I do,
"My always and forever" I said giving him a weak smile and eyes full of tears
"I told you before Kitty, tears don't suit you" he said as he raise his hands and wipe the tears, I raised my hand to hold him, but I was too late cause his hands fell, and he stopped breathing.
My world went dark as I stare at Leo lifeless body, "He's dead" I said slowly with wide eyes
Part 60
Leo have stopped breathing, I screamed, that was when I heard the ambulance, good they are here, I felt someone pulled me away, it was dad, the medic started attending to Leo, they wore him the oxygen mask and pulled him inside their car. Please God let him be fine, I entered my dad car and we followed the ambulance.
The doctors are now in the emergency room with Leo, nurses are all busy, non of them want to say something, the police are in the hospital, Henry is also here, he was shot in the arm after he shot Leo
"Let me in" I heard Chidimma, she was crying shoving the police around, I called her here
"Let her in" I said and they let her pass
"Where is my brother" she asked with tears, I feel so guilty for this
"He is in the surgery" I said weakly, she slumpped down and cried in agony after I told her everything, I tried to embrace her and console her but she didn't let me
"You cause it, we were fine until you came, you brought him nothing but pain and agony" she barked at me and ran, I called her but she didn't listen, I saw a boy ran after her, she came with the boy, I tried to follow but my mom stopped me, I hugged her and kept crying.
Its been hours and the doctor is not yet out, am dying, I refused to take anything, my parents are with me consoling me its night already, I kept thinking about what Chidimma said. Its true, Leo would have been better without me, he would've sponsor Chidimma through school, though he is not that ambition, he said so, but he still would've married a good girl and make a family, he can easily take care of them because he is hardworking, all this won't happen now cause I came into his life.
I was still deep in my thought when the doctor came out, I stood up and readied myself for the most important news in my life, please God let it be good.

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Re: My Bodyguard by Sammysavvy(m): 3:10pm On Feb 17

Weedite. I cite you

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Re: My Bodyguard by Ann2012(f): 5:06pm On Feb 17
Oh no.....
Thanks for the update
Re: My Bodyguard by kingokoh(m): 6:53pm On Feb 17
My Bodyguard
Part 61
"How is it doctor" My dad asked, the doctor shook his head, that can't be a good sign, am dying of anxiety
"We did out best, we removed the bullet, it pierced his lungs, and he lost a lot of blood" He said, am glad they remove the bullet, but is he alive.
"He is now in coma" He said. Coma is no good, most people die from there
"When will he wake up" I asked, am already trembling,
"I can't say, it all depends on God and him, if he have the will to live" he said, if thats the case then he will live, cause I know God won't allow it
"Can I see him now" I asked and he nodded.
"But you know his condition, he wont notice you" He said, yes I know but I don't care, I rushed to the room he is, he have the oxygen mask with a drip and a tube that connects him to the monitor, which keep making beep sound, like in the movies
"My Leo, am sorry, come back I wont be a bad kitty again" I said with a eyes full of tears.
"You love eachother that much" I heard my dad voice, I just nodded, and he came closer to Leo's bed "we are sorry princess" He apologized, I just nodded, he pat my shoulder before leaving
"You see that Leo, they have acknowledged us, so please wake up" I said
Part 62
Its been 3 days and Leo is not yet awake, I begged forgiveness from Chidimma, for Leo's condition and she also pleaded for her sudden outburst, she never need to apologize though
"Leo, don't you miss me wearing your shirt while I cook" I said, am still at the hospital, only left 3 times to go freshen up and come back, Chidimma would also be doing it but she is taking her waec
"I know you miss it" I said, I know am sounding cheesy but, I hope it will bring him back
"I love the dimples you have when you smile, I love I can still smell your perfume, after spending time with you, you are my always and forever. So I can't just let you go like this" I said as I bend down crying.
The memories of Leo and I fills my mind, I love the sound when He calls me kitty, I will still love you, even if its my doom, from the very first day I saw him, everything changed, the air I breath, the food I eat, the water I drink, the atmosphere. He is my magic.
"Please Leo, Chidimma needs you, I need you, for me there will never be anyone else, you spoilt me with much affection, so no one can give me that, so wake up and take care of your kitty" I kept pleading, "I found out that am in love with you the day at my school, I was afraid you won't feel the same, but you came that night and confessed your love, thats the most romantic thing I have seen, so which guy on earth can compete with that Leo, am now your kitty" I cried since I have nothing more to say.
"I have told kitty, tears doesn't suit you"
Re: My Bodyguard by skubido(m): 8:15pm On Feb 17

Tanks for the update
Re: My Bodyguard by LightQueen(f): 8:58pm On Feb 17
Well done Op
Abi Leo don wake up?
Re: My Bodyguard by kingokoh(m): 9:59pm On Feb 17
My Bodyguard
Part 63
"I have told you kitty, tears doesn't suit you" I heard Leo's weak voice, I looked at him with wide eyes, am I dreaming? or is my Leo back, he gave me a weak smile "Its me Kitty, not a ghost".
I hugged as I emptied my tears on his hospital cloth, "Don't ever scare me like that again" I said, I stopped hugging him, as he might still be in pain.
"Kitty, I think its best if you now call the doctor" He said, I face palm myself, am such a klutz
"Yes" I said, as I head out to call the doctor, they followed me back
"How are you Leo" the doctor asked, after checking him
"great, just a slight pain, and headache" He answered weakily, the doctor nods
"Thats normal, the nurse will come with your prescriptions, all is good, and if you hungry you can take something" the doctor said, and left
"He is awake" I heard my dad voice, I turned towards him
"Yes dad"
"good, can you give us a moment" He requested of me, no I won't, I tried to decline but I felt Leo hands on me
"Kitty, am hungry, can you go get me something to eat" Leo said, I think this is him telling me to make me give them a moment, I guess since he requested I will accept.
"Alright" I left but not before giving my dad a warning eye. I quickily went home, I don't know the food, to give someone after surgery, I should've asked the nurses, well since we have something like google I quickily took out my phone and browse, I kept seeing things, like fibre, protein, fruits and vegetables, so I just decided to take the beverages and fruit back to hospital.
When I got back my father is now leaving, so he bade his goodbye and said my mom will come by later, I just nodded
"Here" I said as I gave him a warm tea, he took a sip
"How is Chidimma" He asked, how cute he loves his sister
"She is fine" I assured him, I know, she will soon come, she will be thrilled when she sees Leo, I want to ask him what he discussed with dad, but am nervous.
"So you travelling?" He asked with a frown.
Part 64
"So you travelling" He said with a frown, I gasped so my dad have already told him that.
"Am not going anywhere" I said truthfully, since am against leaving Leo
"But your parents..."
"I know, but I won't, I want to stand by your side" I said, am not going anywhere, he smiled
"Kitty, its for your future, so I think you need it" He said cooly, I nearly lost him, am not loosing him again
"all I need is you" I said am now crying, can't they all see how much I need Leo
"Don't cry kitty, we all want whats best" He reasons, when did he join hands with my parents
"You are whats best for me, and if I must travel, then I must travel with you" I said as I got up to go tell my parents that
"Actually kitty, they have requested that from me" He said, I turned at him
"What do you mean?" I asked
"They asked me to come with you" he said, hope bubble within me, thats a goodnews but why doesn't he look happy
"Isn't that a goodnews?" I asked with a little bit frown
"It is, cause it shows they accept me, wow it takes a bullet for them to" he said with a weak smile
"Then why are you not happy" I asked am getting uneasy
"I declined the offer" He said, my jaw dropped, the little bit off hope that was bubbling inside me disappeared. Of course he will reject it, cause of his pride, but does pride matter right now?, we are just a step away from getting what will want why would pride hinder us
"You rejected?" I asked and he nodded "can you just keep you pride aside for a moment" I barked with tears, all this while I respect him for having his pride, even when I tempt him, but now I don't want that pride on the way of me and him.
Re: My Bodyguard by Ann2012(f): 9:59pm On Feb 17
Leo yaff wake oooo
Re: My Bodyguard by kingokoh(m): 10:01pm On Feb 17
My Bodyguard
Part 65
He let me cry, sitting of his bed he consoled me, this is heart wrecking, now that my parents acknowledge us, what more will I do
"Kitty, if I follow you to the states, you will be studying, what do you think I will be doing?" He asked, I didn't think that far, but my dad can always make him work in one of his hotels there.
"My dad can easily make you work for him" I said, still sobbing
"Yea thats what he said, but that will make me a mooch, and with no experience I might ruin what your dad labours so much" he said, he really think far, for a guy that stops his education at senior secondary he is really brillant
"So what do you intend to do" I asked, I guess its wise to listen to his plan, but if it doesn't involve me being with him, I won't go with the plan
"I actually made a bet with your dad" he said with a smile
"bet?" I asked
"yeah, I asked to lend me 10 million, and I will pay back with interest, with in a year" he said, and I tried to whistle but failed at it "Kitty, you are terrible at whistling" he teased and I gave him a stink eye
"thats a whole lot of zeros, what do you plan to do with it" I asked
"I will start up something with it" he said,
"that's a huge responsibility, and I know how much you hate responsibility" I said, he smiled and cupped my cheeks
"Kitty, for you? I will shoulder the responsibility of this world" he said, smiling flashing me those dimples amd I blushed "Kitty's blush is the most beautiful" he smiled
"I can also help you with that" I said, since I have some business, knowledge myself
"About that, you will still be travelling" he said and I gasped "I know you are angry, and distance distroys relationship, but we can't destroy our future cause we are in love, its just a year, you will be back, and that year I will be able to stand before you as your man" he said
Part 66
Now I understands him, he also don't want to feel inferior when standing next to me, If am a princess that will be a Queen, he don't want to be just Lancelot, he want to transform to Arthur
"I get you" I said sadly, and he hugged me closely, I understands him but its hard to accept, now that I think of it, this will strengthen us individually and also our relationship, lets see if we can survive the distance.
"Can we survive it" I asked and he giggle
"sure we can kitty, and besides, we have skype, and things like that, so we can talk to each other and stuffs like that" he said,
"what other stuffs" I asked with a blush, as my mind is thinking not so innocent stuff
"Naughty kitty" he said as he came close to my face and kissed me, how I missed this, though his mouth taste of drug but I still enjoyed it.
Its now, nearly 5 months since the incident, I have been spending much time with Leo, and the Guy that ran after Chidimma that day at the hospital is her boyfriend, Leo is not taking it easy on him, overprotective brother, if only I had one. Henry was giving 10 years in prisonment, should've been worse if Leo didn't forgive him and dropped the case, but the Idiot had other crime, like rape, drug and so on, I hope he realise his mistakes.
"Come on kitty you will be late" I heard Leo from downstairs
"Am almost done" I shouted, yes today am going to the airport, Leo refuse to take the money, till I travel, cunning guy, he suspect I will not travel once he takes the money, so he decides to take it only when I travel.
My parents too, now sees the great guy he is, in this five months, he helped my dad restore one of his hotel, that is not doing very well, my dad thought it was a waste and wanted to sell it, so Leo wanting to know his skill, decide to manage the hotel, and he managed it well.
"Am done" I said as I came downstairs, Leo have been busy with the preparation, he is hiding the fact that he will miss me.
Re: My Bodyguard by aprilwise(m): 11:19pm On Feb 17
Such a lovely story. Nice work
Re: My Bodyguard by Twenty47(m): 5:43am On Feb 18
Wow... Am loving this Leo of a person fa.The guy is daem smart..
Thanks for the update OP
Re: My Bodyguard by kingokoh(m): 8:12am On Feb 18
My Bodyguard
Part 67
"Am done" I said as I came downstairs, Leo have been busy with the preparation, he is hiding the fact that he will miss me
"Then lets go" my dad said, we all went outside, we as in me, Leo, my parents and Chidmma, they all want to say their goodbyes.
After like 30 minutes we are now at the airport, my parents have said their goodbyes, and chidimma too, am now with Leo
"Kitty, I love you, and am not saying goodbye, since they say it the saddest word" he said, Leo why are you so good with words
"so what will you say" I asked, if we are not in public, I would've kiss the hell out of him, I blush as I remembered what we did last night.
"Hello, till another time" He said with a smiled, he hugged me tight "next time, I won't only be Lancelot, I will be Arthur" he said and I hugged him back
"You will forever be my Leo, and I your kitty" I said as we heard flight attendant from the speaker, asking all the travellers to board the flight so we break the hug
"Hello, till another time" I said to him as I walked towards my flight, I will be coming back in less than two years, wait for me Leo.
Two years have passed, I have completed my masters, it was the most difficult years of my life, it was Leo's phone call and video chat that kept me going, you might think my love for him will be lesser since the distance and time will make sure of it, well it didn't, it made it stronger. Now am currently at the airport, looking at the man, that made my world beautiful, my Lion, he is standing with a cardboard sheet that have KITTY written on it
"Kitty?" I asked after we broke our hug, he smiled
"why not" he said, he is wearing a suit, though no tie, he look blazing hot, he matured and look more handsome, I interwined our arms as I see the girls looking at him like he is the last ice cream
"Kitty, I can't carry your bag if you hold me like this" He teased, I frowned and let him go "How cute, its good I made you blush just few minutes of meeting you" he said smiling
Part 68
When we got home, their is small party for me, with friends and relations. I don't need much catching up with Leo since we always speak on phone and we tell each other our daily activity.
He have paid my dad the money in full, he opened a resturant with the money, he named it Kitty's food and resturant. I felt so special when he told me, and luckily business have been good, he have been expanding. Though still not as rich as my dad, but with this rate and the connection he is making he will achieve more than dad, and am happy.
As for me, I want to open up a school once I settle down, my life is really moving in place. Chidimma is now in year 2 she is still with the guy, his name is Peter, Leo is no longer hostile towards him. I felt happy as I saw my family all together, I looked around but didn't see Leo so I moved to the balcony and he is there alone
"Leo, why are you here alone" I asked and he smiled
"I have been thinking kitty" He said
"thinking about what" I asked
"How to ask you, something" He said coolly
"Just ask me" what is it he want to ask, that he have to think so much about it
"Am afraid of the reaction, I will get, if it will be a slap, or something worse" he said and chuckle
"I promise, I won't do such" I caresses his cheek, and he leaned to it
"The question, is even making me have a sweaty palm" he said as he moved away, am now scared, is he trying to ask me for a break up, please Leo I can't handle it.

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Re: My Bodyguard by LightQueen(f): 9:36am On Feb 18
"Will you marry me"??
Well done Op
Re: My Bodyguard by skubido(m): 10:59am On Feb 18
Tanks for the update
Re: My Bodyguard by Vicnice(f): 12:51pm On Feb 18
Nice write up.
Re: My Bodyguard by kingokoh(m): 1:44pm On Feb 18
My Bodyguard
part 69
Did he find another woman, many scenario are running through my mind, am just trying to keep calm, before I could tell him, I love him no matter what he knelt down with one knee and brought out a small box from his pocket
"Will you marry me kitty" He asked as he opened the box revealing a silver ring with diamond, tears rolled down my cheeks, My Lion
"Were you afraid I will say no" I asked and he nodded, "even if you asked me the first day I met you, I will say yes, or a month after or 2 years after, or even 100 years from now, my answer will always be yes, cause you had me at first sight" I said with eyes full of tears
"So that's a yes" He asked
"YES, yes yes yes" I said, in case if one yes wasn't enough, he then wore me the ring, and I heard clapping, I turn and saw everybody watching us,
"Kitty, you are beautiful when you blush" He said as he stood up and hugged me. I hugged him back.
My love life its the type you can only imagine of, it have all the sparks and electricity, we had obstacle but we overcome, we two together we are conquerors, so no matter what the future brings, together we will face it, cause he is my King Leo and am his Queen Kitty.

Written by Okoh Udoka

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Re: My Bodyguard by EmperorTayo1864(m): 1:52pm On Feb 18
You are too good for this you made me logged in... notify me on your next update
Re: My Bodyguard by chisiudeh: 5:19pm On Feb 18
Very nice work OP. Short but sweet . Keep it up.
Re: My Bodyguard by kingokoh(m): 6:19pm On Feb 18
Accidental Brother.
Chapter 1
Here is my question. Do you believe in soulmate?, you know, someone you are created for, someone that gives you both the butterfly and electricity, that one person you can proudly call your other half. Yea, I so believe in soulmate, I mean its the best kind of love. You can see how beautiful it is from Romeo and juliet, forget the fact they died young, but come on its because they know they can't go on without ea other, that's the power of soulmate. So imagine how bad it is for me to have all this soulmate vibe from my brother, my step brother actually, looking at it I think its better to fall for the enemy than family. At first it wasn't like this, at first I hate him to the bone, he is a bad bully, he should've been born a bull, but with recent event things change and I find myself irresistibly attracted to him, I just can't shake away the fact that I see him as my soulmate. Well before you call me incest, sit back and let me tell you the story, I will start from beginning, I mean before the beginning, not before I was born but before I started falling for him. So Am going to start from 3 years ago when I first encountered him, I have known him longer than that, but it was four years ago he came into my life.
"Come on honey, we are already late" my mom called,
"Am done" I said popping out of the one room we live in, wearing the blue gown he bought me, it fit like a glove, she is also wearing a blue gown but different design
"Aww, you look good honey" she said, I smiled
"Thanks mom, but my name is Esther" I demanded, she just smiled and wave it off
"Come let's go" she said leaving and I followed her. We are going to meet her date, she separated from my dad three years ago, and its good, my dad is an alcoholic so the court gave me to mom, so she is now dating, so am going to meet the man today, I know he makes my mom happy, I maybe 13 years old but am matured enough to know love.

Visit my site to read the updated chapter
Re: My Bodyguard by Teamsworld07(m): 10:30pm On Feb 18
My Bodyguard
part 69
Did he find another woman, many scenario are running through my mind, am just tryihng to keep calm, before I could tell him, I love him no matter what he knelt down with one knee and brought out a small box from his pocket
"Will you marry me kitty" He asked as he opened the box revealing a silver ring with diamond, tears rolled down my cheeks, My Lion
"Were you afraid I will say no" I asked and he nodded, "even if you asked me the first day I met you, I will say yes, or a month after or 2 years after, or even 100 years from now, my answer will always be yes, cause you had me at first sight" I said with eyes full of tears
"So that's a yes" He asked
"YES, yes yes yes" I said, in case if one yes wasn't enough, he then wore me the ring, and I heard clapping, I turn and saw everybody watching us,
"Kitty, you are beautiful when you blush" He said as he stood up and hugged me. I hugged him back.
My love life its the type you can only imagine of, it have all the sparks and electricity, we had obstacle but we overcome, we two together we are conquerors, so no matter what the future brings, together we will face it, cause he is my King Leo and am his Queen Kitty.


Written by Okoh Udoka

Wel done bro, thanks for the update and more muscle � � � to your shoulder
Re: My Bodyguard by Ann2012(f): 11:44pm On Feb 18
Thanks for the update OP

All your stories are superb wink
Re: My Bodyguard by favch(f): 12:01am On Feb 19
gosh, wondering y am just seeing this thread now OP am wowed,you are indeed gifted

kimberlywest queenite u guys need to see this
Re: My Bodyguard by Lifeixgoodd: 6:16am On Feb 19
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Re: My Bodyguard by KimberlyWest(f): 6:42am On Feb 19
gosh, wondering y am just seeing this thread now
OP am wowed,you are indeed gifted

u guys need to see this

grin Thanks for the invite dear.

I've been a silent follower for a while now.

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