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Prostate Enlargement; What To Know And How It Can Be Reversed Naturally by kingchris30(m): 12:52pm On Apr 08, 2018
Is Prostate strictly for Men?
Yes, ONLY men have prostate and ONLY men over 40years but the healthcare enlightenment is for everyone. There is no woman who does not know a man 40 years and above – Husband, Father, Uncle, Brother, Son, Friend, Neighbor, Colleague. This will be a long write up but I will advise you to read till the end because this might be the miracle you or someone close to you has been waiting for.
Everyone has a pair of kidneys. The job of the kidney is to remove waste. It is the LAWMA (waste management company) of your body. Everyday your blood passes through the kidney several times to be filtered. As the blood is filtered, urine is formed and stored in a temporary storage tank called the urinary bladder.
If there were to be no urinary bladder, as a man walks on the road, urine will be dropping. Now think of the plumbing work in your house. Think of the urinary bladder as the overhead storage tank. From the storage tank, a good plumber will run pipes to other parts of the house, including the kitchen. God in His wisdom ran pipes from our urinary bladder to the tip of the penis. The pipe is called the urethra. Just below the bladder and surrounding the urethra is a little organ called the prostate gland.
The prostate gland is the size of a walnut and weighs about 20grams. Its job is to make the seminal fluid which is stored in the seminal vesicle. During sexual intercourse, seminal fluid comes down the urethra and mixes with the sperms produced in the testicles to form the semen. So semen technically is not sperm. It is sperm + seminal fluid. The seminal fluid lubricates the sperm.
After age 40, for reasons that may be hormonal, the prostate gland begins to enlarge. From 20 grams it may grow to almost 100 grams. As it enlarges, it squeezes the urethra and the man begins to notice changes in the way he urinate.
If you have a son under 10, if he has a little mischief like we all did at that age, when he comes out to urinate, he can target the ceiling and the jet will hit target. Call his father to do same, wahala dey. His urine stream is weak, cannot travel a long distance and sometimes may come straight down on his legs. So he may need to stand in awkward position to urinate.
Not many men will be worried their urine stream cannot hit the ceiling. Toilets are on the floor and not on the ceiling. But other symptoms begin to show.
Terminal Dripping:
The man begins to notice that after urinating and repacking, urine still drops on his pants. This is the reason why after an older man urinates, he has to ring bell. A younger man simply delivers to the last drop and walks away. Just see an older man coming from the bathroom. Sometimes he may clutch the newspaper closely to hide the urine stains, particularly on plain colored trousers.
At this point you wait longer for the urine flow to start. There are 2 valves that must open for you to urinate – the internal and external sphincters. Both open but because of obstructions in the urethra, you wait long for the flow to start.
Incomplete Emptying
You have this feeling immediately after urinating that there is still something left.
As all these things happen, the bladder begins to work harder to compensate for the obstruction in the urethra. The frequency of urination goes up. Urgency sets in. sometimes you have to practically run into the toilet. Nocturia also becomes common. You wake up more than 2 times at night to urinate. Your wife begins to complain. Men being men may not talk to anyone even at this point. Then the more serious complications start. Stored urine gets infected and there may be burning sensation when urinating.
Stored urine forms crystals. Crystals come together to form stone either in the bladder or in the kidney. Stones may block the urethra.
Chronic urinary retention sets in. The bladder stores more and more urine. The size of the bladder is 40 - 60 cl. A bottle of coke is 50cl. As the bladder stores more urine it can enlarge up to 300cl. An overfilled bladder may leak and this leads to wetting / urinary incontinence. Also the volume may put pressure on the kidney and may lead to kidney damage. What may likely bring the man to hospital is acute urinary retention. He wakes up one day and he is not able to pass urine.

Everything I have described above is associated with prostate enlargement, technically called benign prostate hyperplasia.
There are other diseases of the prostate like: Prostatitis – inflammation of the prostate and Prostate cancer – cancer of the prostate.
I have bad news and good news.
The bad news is that almost every man will have prostate enlargement if he lives long enough.
The good news is that there are life style changes and also that can help the man after 40 to maintain optimum prostate health and there is natural solution for it.
Look at what you eat. 33% of all cancers, according to the US National Cancer Institute is related to what we eat.
Red meat everyday triples your chances of prostate disease. Milk everyday doubles your risk. Not taking fruits / vegetables daily quadruples your risk.
Tomatoes are very good for men. If that is the only thing your wife can present in the evening, eat it with joy. It has loads of lycopene. Lycopene is the most potent natural antioxidant.
Foods that are rich in zinc are also good for men. We recommend pumpkin seeds
Zinc is about the most essential element for male sexuality and fertility.
Men need more zinc than women. Every time a man ejaculates he loses 15mg of zinc. Zinc is also important for alcohol metabolism. Your liver needs zinc to metabolize alcohol.
Alcohol Consumption
As men begin to have urinary symptoms associated with prostate enlargement, it is important they look at alcohol consumption. More fluid in means more fluid out.
Drink less. Drink slowly.
Exercise helps build the muscle tone. Every man should exercise. Men over 40 should avoid high impact exercise like jogging. It puts pressure on the knees. Cycling is bad news for the prostate. We recommend brisk walking.
When we sit, two-third of our weight rests on the pelvic bones. Men who sit longer are more prone to prostate symptoms. Do not sit for long hours. Walk around as often as you can. Sit on comfortable chairs. We recommend a divided saddle chair if you must sit long hours.
Men should avoid tight underwear. It impacts circulation around the groin and heats it up a bit. While the physiological temperature is 37 degrees, the groin has an optimal temperature of about 33 degrees. Pant is a no - no for men. Wear boxers. Wear breathable clothing.
Avoid smoking. It affects blood vessels and impact circulation around the groin.
Regular sex is good for the prostate.
Celibates are more prone to prostate illness. While celibacy is a moral decision, it is not a biological adaptation. Your prostate gland is designed to empty its contents regularly.
Finally I will like to introduce our natural product combination for reversing prostate enlargement and other urinary tract disease. clich here
Re: Prostate Enlargement; What To Know And How It Can Be Reversed Naturally by geroland(m): 8:18am On Apr 11, 2018
Wow!!!! Very!! Very!!! Informative took my time to read them over and over. Thank you very much. Am a lover of eaten fresh tomatoes.. Always.

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Re: Prostate Enlargement; What To Know And How It Can Be Reversed Naturally by kingchris30(m): 1:35am On Apr 13, 2018
Causes of Night Frequent Urination you should Know and how they can be Avoided.
There are many causes of night frequent urination, some need Medical Treatment while others can be managed on your own. This is where enlightenment set-in and this email series will do justice to this. Now, lets look into them in details.
1) It Could Be What You Drink: If you drink too much very close to bedtime, there is probability that this may lead to frequent urination at night. Therefore, drink less several hours before you go to sleep. Don`t drink alcohol very late in the day and also be sure to use bathroom before you go to bed.
2) It Could Be An Infection: An infection like UTI (Urinary Tract Infections) can make you pee frequently at night and failure to take fast action to combat it may lead to serious health challenges down the road, like discomfort and pains during urination and reduced sex capabilities, strong and frequent urge to urinate, cloudy or bloody or strong smelling urine, pain or burning sensation when urinating, abdominal pains and you might even have a fever.
3) It Could Be A Sleep Disorder: Sometime, it is not the urge to pee that wakes you up but once you are up, you need to go. Sleep disorder can happen if you have Restless Leg Syndrome, Hot Flashes, Ongoing Chronic Pain and also Depression. Treating all these remote causes of Sleep Disorder if you have one, usually solves the night time peeing.
4) It Could Be Diabetes: If you are Diabetic, then you cannot do without night frequent urination. Diabetes is a serious health condition. It is a disease in which body ability to produce or response to hormone called insulin is impaired, which results in abnormal metabolism of carbohydrate and elevated levels of glucose(sugar) in the blood.
When you have diabetes, excess sugar(glucose) builds up in your blood stream and your kidneys are forced to work overtime to filter and absorbed the excess sugar and eject it out through urine. This always causes frequent urination especially at night. Good News Again! For our Natural Products For Diabetes, click here http://www.livinghealthytips.com.ng/diab/diabetes.htm them out!
This is where I will stop for today. I will continue this series in my next email. Just stay tune! Still, our Products Combination for Prostate Enlargement is still selling fast. You can still get yours here [url]http://www.livinghealthytips.com.ng/prostate [/url]
Re: Prostate Enlargement; What To Know And How It Can Be Reversed Naturally by kingchris30(m): 11:58am On Apr 22, 2018
[center][/center]Benefits of Natural Supplements
Our body needs a lot of minerals to stay healthy, these minerals are called essential minerals, essential minerals can either be Macro or Micro and these two minerals are equally important in our body.
Really, the millions of tiny cells in our body need mineral them to grow, develop and work together in perfect harmony.
The availability of these essential minerals in their right proportion in our body give us a healthy living, and because our body cannot produce them therefore, their major source is from a well-balanced diets and natural supplement.
There are substantial benefits of taking natural supplements, and the vast majority of people definitely need to take them. Therefore, today`s email is all about "the health benefits of taking Natural Supplements and how taking them can help improve our overall body health". Without wasting time, let`s look at these benefits one after the other.

1) Natural Supplements help safeguard our body against nutritional deficiencies. Even the very best diets can have nutritional deficiencies. We may be eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, the fact is that issues like transportation, storage and food preservation can impact them in a negative way. Also today we grow foods differently to increase output. As a result, our foods may not have the same level of nutrients in them like those eaten by our ancestors.

2) Supplements also help protect our body from the effects of stress. Stress is a normal part of life but when become distress can lead to health challenges such as headache, depression, body pains, high blood pressure etc but good diets combined with high quality natural supplements can give us relieve from stress and maintain our body health both now and in the future.

When taking natural supplement we are preventing our body against nutritional deficiencies. Therefore, natural supplements give our body the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants it needs to stay healthy.
Re: Prostate Enlargement; What To Know And How It Can Be Reversed Naturally by kingchris30(m): 12:41pm On May 14, 2018
As we age, we often complaining about Backache, Dodgy Knees, Achy Legs etc. Really, these are just the Natural Process of Getting Old.

But What About A Bad Bladder?

Because the urethra is being tighten by Enlarged Prostate Gland, bladder needs to apply higher pressure to get urine out.
This leads to a thickening of the bladder walls, which makes it less flexible and less elastic. This in turn means that the bladder cannot pull itself together as well as it used to, so all the urine inside can`t go out.

Residual urine can be the breeding ground for bacteria which can lead to Urinary Tract Infections.

Really, all these make bladder to Go Bad and cause Bladder Irritation. And when this occur, it might not be vocalized as much as the rest of our Painful Ailments...

Bladder Irritation affects a large number of men and this can lead to Painful Consequences.

The inability of bladder to fully empty causes inflammation and make it difficult for it to fully expand.

This painful inflammation can wreck havoc on MEN day to day living and make going to the toilet a Torture Experience.

However, if you are battling with Prostate Health Challenges and its Symptoms, don`t lose hope, you can be fine again!
Eat Healthy; Stay health

Re: Prostate Enlargement; What To Know And How It Can Be Reversed Naturally by kingchris30(m): 1:43am On May 25, 2018
Re: Prostate Enlargement; What To Know And How It Can Be Reversed Naturally by kingchris30(m): 7:16pm On Jun 24, 2018
if you have any question concerning Diabetes and prostate health issues, feel free to call or whatsapp 08029570166
Re: Prostate Enlargement; What To Know And How It Can Be Reversed Naturally by kingchris30(m): 6:36pm On Jun 25, 2018
Happy new week, enjoy a great week of opportunity, thank you for bring out time to read my mails, I will like to share to you some health benefits of weight loss

You don't have to slim down to your high school size to get real health benefits. Losing just a few pounds makes a big difference. Five percent of your body weight -- 10 pounds for a 200-pound person -- can improve all kinds of health problems, and make you feel better, too. Talk to your doctor about whether it might help you

Ease Up on Joints

Just 10 extra pounds add 40 pounds of pressure on your knees and other lower body joints. That can wear them out quicker. Extra fat can also cause inflammation -- when chemicals in your body damage your own tissues over time, including your joints. Losing even a little weight can ease these effects. If you keep it off, you're much less likely to get arthritis later in life

Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

If you're more likely to get the condition, weight loss is one of two ways to prevent or delay it. The other is moderate exercise -- 30 minutes on 5 days a week. If you weigh 160 pounds, you could lose just 8-12 of them to get the benefit. If you already have diabetes, losing that weight can help you take less medication, keep control of your blood sugar, and lower the odds that the condition will cause other health problems.

A "Good" Cholesterol Bump

You can lower your LDL or "bad" cholesterol with healthier food and medications. But it's harder to raise levels of the "good" kind of cholesterol, HDL. That's the type that clears bad LDL from your blood, so the more you have, the better. Exercise and losing body fat can get you into the ideal HDL range: above 60 mg/dl, which lowers your odds of having heart disease.

Ease High Blood Pressure

Extra body weight makes your blood push harder against your artery walls. That makes your heart work harder, too. You can lower the pressure by about 5 points if you trim 5% from that number on the scale. Cut your salt and eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, and low-fat dairy, and you may lower it even more.

Reverse Insulin Resistance

Fat, especially in your belly area, gives off chemicals that make your body stop reacting to the effects of insulin, a hormone that keeps the level of sugar in your blood normal. Even though your pancreas works harder to make more insulin, your blood sugar can get too high. A little bit of weight loss can help reverse this effect.

Cut Your Cancer Risk

Extra body weight seems to raise your odds of having cancer, including in the breast, colon, liver, kidneys, ovaries, cervix, and prostate. There's no clear proof that losing weight protects you from the disease, but some of the body changes that happen when people shed pounds hint that it might. For example, overweight people who slim down end up with lower levels of hormones linked to cancer, like estrogens, insulin, and androgens.

Enjoy a better sex life

When you're overweight, you typically have less sex. It might be because you just don't feel good about your body. But it also may be that you have less desire and that even when you're in the mood, your body doesn't respond as well. Shed a few pounds and you'll not only feel better about yourself, you may be in the mood more often, too. Sex is a good exercise; regular sex is good for your prostrate health.

I will also recommend our weight loss supplement to you.

Thank you for time.

Live healthy and stay healthy
Re: Prostate Enlargement; What To Know And How It Can Be Reversed Naturally by kingchris30(m): 1:18am On Jun 30, 2018
Almost Everyman will suffer Prostrate Enlargement, how you start taking care of your prostate matter. One of the things we should avoid is electromagnetic radiation from phones.
since invention of hand set, infertility in men has increased and so it prostate issues. Time will not permit me to write how dangerous these radiations are. please don't pocket your phone , hold it in your hand that is why it is called Hand set or get s Bag. Thanks Check my signature if you need Prostate Health Natural Pack
Re: Prostate Enlargement; What To Know And How It Can Be Reversed Naturally by kingchris30(m): 9:55am On Jul 22, 2018
lets see some of the health benefit of this wonderful fruit and why every man and woman need it. Avocados have been called "America`s new favorite fruit." Turns out, avocados are popular for good reason. Not only are they delicious, they`re packed with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that can help keep you healthy.

Better Than a Banana

Your body needs potassium to work normally. For example, the mineral helps keep your heartbeat steady. Most people think of bananas when they think of this nutrient. But ounce for ounce, avocados have more.

Protect Your Eyes

Avocados have lutein and zeaxanthin, which absorb light waves that can harm your vision. People who eat lots of foods rich in these antioxidants are less likely to have age-related macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness in older adults. Most of an avocado`s antioxidants are found in the darker green flesh that`s closest to the peel.

Help You Lose Weight

A half-cup of guacamole has about 6 grams, almost 1/4, of your daily fiber needs. Fiber helps you feel full, so you`re less likely to overeat. And although avocados are high in fat, it`s mainly healthy monounsaturated fat. Research has found that this type of fat in your diet can help trim your waistline. Instead of chicken salad with mayo, try chickpeas with mashed avocado.

Boost Your Mood

In a cup of avocado slices, you`ll get about 118 micrograms of folate, which is almost a third of what most adults need daily. People who don`t get enough of this B vitamin could be more prone to depression -- and less likely to respond well to antidepressants. Folate also plays a role in preventing birth defects, so expectant and new mothers are encouraged to get more.

Power You Up

These green gems are packed with a variety of other B vitamins, too, including thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), and niacin (B3). These help your body convert the food you eat into energy. Avocados are especially rich in niacin, which can fight inflammation in the body and protect your arteries by improving cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Good for Your Heart

Speaking of your blood vessels, the American Heart Association recommends that the majority of the fat you eat be unsaturated, like you`ll find in avocados, rather than the saturated fats in foods like red meats and whole-milk dairy foods. Early research now shows that avocados in particular can also help lower "bad" cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure.

Save Your Brain

Avocados give you a good dose of vitamin E, which may help protect against Alzheimer`s disease and slow decline in your memory and thinking skills. This may have to do with vitamin E`s antioxidant properties -- it can help fight cell damage caused over time by things like pollution and radiation from the sun.

Strengthen Bones

On average, people eat half an avocado at a time. That gives an adult 15% of their daily vitamin K needs. This nutrient may help improve bone density and prevent fractures. Toss avocado pieces into a spinach salad with salmon, tuna, or egg for even more vitamin K along with vitamin D, another nutrient that`s essential for bone health.

Healthy Blood Sugar

Because they`re low in carbs and sugar and high in healthy fat and fiber, avocados check all the boxes as far as being friendly for someone with diabetes. If you don`t have it now but are worried about the future, here`s some good news: Eating a plant-based diet (that includes avocados) could drop your chance of developing type 2 diabetes by about 20%, according to a Harvard study that tracked 200,000 people for 20 years.

Skin Care

Whether you eat it or make it into a mask, avocado is great for your skin. Its antioxidants, like vitamin C, can help keep your skin looking youthful by smoothing out wrinkles. And the same nutrients that protect your eyes also protect your skin from UV damage. Avocado paste may help wound healing, so you could slather it on a sunburn.

Fight Cancer

Avocados have oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid (also found in olive oil and nuts) that can slash the odds of breast cancer, according to a study of more than 4,000 women. And a compound in avocados called avocatin B can kill leukemia cells, according to a lab study. Scientists are even looking into whether the papery husks that surround avocado pits have anything helpful.

Improves Prostate

Beta-sitosterol, a kind of plant sterol, may help relieve symptoms of an enlarged prostate. (It`s part of the family of phytonutrients that help block your body from absorbing "bad" LDL cholesterol.) Avocados have more than four times as much beta-sitosterol as oranges, the next richest fruit source.

Team Player

Certain nutrients -- like vitamins A, D, E, and K, and the antioxidant lycopene -- are fat-soluble, which means your body will absorb more of them when you eat them along with some fat. Enter the avocado, which just so happens to taste delicious with tomatoes. Try it with pink grapefruit, watermelon, or cantaloupe, too.

Thank you for time
Re: Prostate Enlargement; What To Know And How It Can Be Reversed Naturally by kingchris30(m): 3:58pm On Aug 28, 2018
I have asked myself this question time without number; WHY DID OUR FOREFATHER LIVE HEALTHIER THAN US?
Although they had no access to clean water and medical care yet they lived healthier and longer than us. They stress themselves trekking for mile and farming for hours and do other tedious work without taking any drug, yet they lived healthy. The only health issues they suffered from were ones that result from infections due to inadequate hygiene and other health issues born from ignorance and prevention such as Sickle cell anemia and Polio. The bottom line is that they were strong and their immune system was hyperactive. The only reason is because of what they ate.
Our Generation Need Good Food.
What people refer to good and delicious food nowadays are actually junks. We go to expensive restaurant and spend money on food filled with Chemicals and preservatives. The Question you should ask yourself is when was the last time I go a whole day and all I ate was natural food without any additives. This also include what we drink, i guess that is the most dangerous one. Am not trying to scare anyone but as a chemist I have seen the chemical they use for some of our daily drinks and seasonings, they are not too good for our health. Some of them cannot be dissociated by the body enzymes and they end up bioaccumulating in the body tissues.
This issue is not only in Nigeria, it is affecting all develop countries because natural food are going into extinction and we are left with junk. This is my advice
is this; whenever you want to eat, ask yourself this question:
How natural is this food? Does it contain preservatives? How much of natural fruits have i taken today?
So instead of taking fruit juice why not take natural fruit
Instead of tomato paste why not use fresh tomatoes
Instead of using seasoning, why not use natural local scent leaves, locust beans, ogiri and the rest.
Instead of buying food at restaurant, why not cook it yourself; it is healthier, without preservative and atimes cost effective.
When You Eat Healthy; You Will Live Healthy.
Visit www.bestliving.com.ng for more Health tips, Natural Beauty and Health Products.
Re: Prostate Enlargement; What To Know And How It Can Be Reversed Naturally by kingchris30(m): 8:56pm On Sep 16, 2018

THESE ARE MOST ASKED QUESTIONS I RECEIVED AND I HAVE WRITTEN ABOUT IT. VISIT www.bestliving.com.ng to learn about health tips
Re: Prostate Enlargement; What To Know And How It Can Be Reversed Naturally by kingchris30(m): 6:48am On Nov 03, 2018
What is pancreatitis?
Pancreatitis is a condition characterized by inflammation of the pancreas.
The pancreas is an abdominal gland situated behind the stomach in the upper abdomen.
The main function of the pancreas is to secrete hormones and enzymes that help with digestion and regulate blood sugar (glucose) metabolism.
The digestive enzymes are released via the pancreatic duct into the small intestine where they are activated to help break down fats and proteins.
The digestive hormones (insulin and glucagon) produced by the pancreas are released into the blood stream where they help regulate blood sugar levels.
Pancreatitis is categorized as being either acute or chronic.
Acute pancreatitis generally develops suddenly, and it is usually a short-term (a few days to weeks) illness that typically resolves with appropriate medical management.
Chronic pancreatitis, which typically develops after multiple episodes of acute pancreatitis, is a long-term condition that can last for months or even several years.
Pancreatitis is a condition that may be mild and self-limiting, though it can also lead to severe complications that can be life-threatening. The acute form of pancreatitis, in its most severe form, can have deleterious effects on many other body organs, including the lungs and kidneys.
What are the signs and symptoms of pancreatitis?
Pancreatitis causes upper abdominal pain which can range from mild to severe.
The pain may come on suddenly or it may develop gradually. Often, the pain will start or worsen after eating, which can also occur with gallbladder or ulcer pain. Abdominal pain tends to be the hallmark of acute pancreatitis. People with acute pancreatitis usually feel very ill.
Signs and symptoms of acute pancreatitis may include:
Abdominal pain that may radiate to the back
Nausea and vomiting
Worsening pain after eating
Tenderness to touch of the abdomen
Fever and chills
Weakness and lethargy
In chronic pancreatitis, abdominal pain also can be present, but it is often not as severe, and some people may not have any pain at all.
Signs and symptoms of chronic pancreatitis may include:
Abdominal pain
Unintentional weight loss
Foul smelling, oily stool
What are causes of pancreatitis?
Normally, digestive enzymes released by the pancreas are not activated to break down fats and proteins until they reach the small intestine. However, when these digestive enzymes are activated while still in the pancreas, inflammation and local damage to the pancreas occurs leading to pancreatitis.
The causes of pancreatitis include:
Alcohol consumption
High triglyceride levels
Abdominal injury or surgery
Certain medications
Exposure to certain chemicals
Family history of pancreatitis
Cystic fibrosis
Pancreatic cancer
Alcohol consumption and gallstones account for over 80% of all cases of pancreatitis
How is pancreatitis diagnosed?
There are a number of tests that alone, or in combination, will help establish the diagnosis of pancreatitis.
Blood tests
Amylase and/or lipase levels are typically elevated in cases of acute pancreatitis. These blood tests may not be elevated in cases of chronic pancreatitis. These are usually the first tests performed to establish the diagnosis of pancreatitis, as these results are generally readily and quickly available. Other blood tests may be ordered, for example:
Liver and kidney function tests
Tests for infection, and
Tests for Anemia.
Re: Prostate Enlargement; What To Know And How It Can Be Reversed Naturally by kingchris30(m): 2:14am On Nov 13, 2018

Gastritis is the swelling and irritation of the stomach membranes and colitis is the swelling of the colon membranes. An ulcer is the irritation of the stomach wall. A gastric ulcer is a wound in the stomach walls or in the small intestine.
– Excess alcohol and coffee
– Fried and spicy foods
– Excessive stress
– When gastritis persists, it causes gastric ulcers
– Dyspepsia (bad digestion)
– Vomiting
– Headaches
– Burning sensation and discomfort
– Severe ulcers may result in acidic vomiting or bleeding can occur. The excrement may be black in colour from blood in it.
If you had recently been diagnosed with one, or have been living with ulcers for many years, this information brings good news.
Recently, scientists have found that most ulcers are caused by an infection. With appropriate antibiotic treatment, your ulcer – and the pain it causes can be gone forever.
With the help of Forever Living Products, you can now live a life free from ulcer.

Forever Field of Greens

With today’s busy lifestyles and the convenience of fast food, we all too often neglect eating fresh, green foods. Forever Living Products provides a simple solution to “convenience eating” in Fields of Greens®. One glance at its ingredient list reveals a cornucopia of green foods for your body.
Get the antioxidants you may be lacking. Fields of Greens combines young barley grass, wheat grass, alfalfa and added cayenne pepper (to help maintain healthy circulation and digestion). We have also added honey to promote energy.
Supplement Facts
Serving Size 1 Tablet
Amount Per Serving
Barley Grass, powdered (leaves) 120 mg*
Wheat Grass (Triticum aestivum),
powdered (leaves) 120 mg*
Alfalfa, powdered (leaves) 120 mg*
Cayenne, powdered (fruit) 1.7 mg*
* Daily Value not established.
Other Ingredients: Honey, sorbitol, magnesium stearate, stearic acid and silica.
Contains Wheat.
• Excellent “green food” source
• Antioxidant
• Contains beneficial phytonutrients

Aloe Vera Gel

A natural health drink which help cleanse the digestive system; improve circulation; metabolic disorders, and energy levels; reduce the effects of allergies and promote internal balance. Contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids, enzymes. It helps people with skin disorders, arthritis, asthma, bowel dysfunction, cramps, colon cleansing, candida, diabetes, digestive disorder, herpes, headaches, heartburn, hypertension, hemorrhoids, insomnia, indigestion, overweight, rashes, shingles, stomach disorders, tiredness, tension, throat infection, ulcers and viruses.

Nature Min

An advanced multi-mineral formula sourced from the sea bed. Contains nutrients such as chromium and selenium for maximum absorption in the body. Provides mineral and trace mineral supplements to prevent mineral deficiencies; the minerals contained within nature-min work with many enzymes and other proteins which are necessary for the release and utilization of energy; helps to strengthen bones and teeth; excellent source of trace minerals needed by the body, antidote for myalgic encephalomyelitis (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). osteoporosis, Candida Muscle Cramps.


The dietary uses of garlic and thyme have been traced back thousands of years. An Egyptian papyrus dating from 1,500BC listed 22 healthy uses for garlic. Today, we are starting to understand how they work.
Garlic and thyme, the two powerful antioxidants found in Forever Garlic-Thyme®, combine to create a great tool in maintaining good health. When garlic is cut or crushed, enzymes react to produce a powerful immune-enhancing agent. Studies have shown that garlic’s other ingredients help the metabolism convert fats to energy and protect the body against free radicals.
Other healthy substances in this odorless softgel include ajoene and lecithin, which can help emulsify fats. Garlic’s sulfur compounds have also been shown to have beneficial properties. Garlic also contains germanium, a mineral trace element believed to help boost the body’s immune system and selenium, a trace mineral antioxidant.
Thyme contains Tannin, Phenol and Thymol (saponins) and other beneficial antioxidant substances.
Powerful antioxidant
Odorless, softgel capsule
Helps protect the body against free radicals
Helps support the conversion of fats to energy

Bee Propolis

Forever Bee Propolis® supports the body’s natural defenses. When we think of bees, honey and pollen are usually the first things that come to mind. However, there’s another powerful substance that bees play an integral role in propolis.
Re: Prostate Enlargement; What To Know And How It Can Be Reversed Naturally by kingchris30(m): 12:49am On Dec 14, 2018
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Re: Prostate Enlargement; What To Know And How It Can Be Reversed Naturally by kingchris30(m): 12:19am On Jan 12, 2019
2019 health tips, remember Health is Wealth
Re: Prostate Enlargement; What To Know And How It Can Be Reversed Naturally by kingchris30(m): 1:09pm On Jan 13, 2019
Re: Prostate Enlargement; What To Know And How It Can Be Reversed Naturally by kingchris30(m): 12:43pm On Jan 19, 2019
Health is wealth, don't die in silence. Handle your health like egg this year and enjoy the remaining part of the year.
Re: Prostate Enlargement; What To Know And How It Can Be Reversed Naturally by kingchris30(m): 12:45pm On Jan 19, 2019
Health is Wealth. This year eat healthy and talk to your doctor; live healthy
Re: Prostate Enlargement; What To Know And How It Can Be Reversed Naturally by kingchris30(m): 11:46pm On Jan 21, 2019
If you are interested in this car, pm me. volkswagen jetta 2008 model. newly arrived Clean and cleared. 1.75M
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Re: Prostate Enlargement; What To Know And How It Can Be Reversed Naturally by kingchris30(m): 2:12pm On Jan 24, 2019
good morning, if your are a man and above 50 years, please make sure you do test to check PSA level this year.
Re: Prostate Enlargement; What To Know And How It Can Be Reversed Naturally by kingchris30(m): 9:03am On Jan 25, 2019
Good morning to you all
Re: Prostate Enlargement; What To Know And How It Can Be Reversed Naturally by tabithababy(f): 9:59am On Jan 25, 2019
Good of you kiss
Re: Prostate Enlargement; What To Know And How It Can Be Reversed Naturally by kingchris30(m): 5:52pm On Jan 26, 2019
Good of you kiss
thank you maam
Re: Prostate Enlargement; What To Know And How It Can Be Reversed Naturally by kingchris30(m): 11:50am On Jan 27, 2019
Happy Sunday everyone, this week eat healthy and live healthy.
if you have any health challenge on prostrate enlargement, diabetes, high blood pressure, fiboid, infertility, weight loss, etc. you can always contact us for natural health remedies and health advice.
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