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Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 6:40am On Nov 12, 2018
JAMAL STOOD across the street, watching the house. It was dark and quiet. He checked his wristwatch: 22:45. His uncle should be home. He crossed the road and went up to the main door. Locked. And dusty. Same for the windows and doormat. Jamal went round the building towards the backyard door. Also locked and covered in dust. A rotten smell came from a window nearby. Jamal forced the door open and entered the kitchen. It was a mess, with decomposed food left in the sink. A thick layer of dust covered everything. Jamal released a wave of electron charge into the air, scanning the whole house for any heat signals. None. He stepped back outside, into the backyard, and then jumped. Seconds later, travelling at 300 km/h, Jamal was flying towards C.T Securities.
A LIGHT knock came from the door. Chris stirred. He felt Katrina move, probably to put some clothes on. Her feet tapped the marble floor lightly. She opened the door by a crack, letting in a ray of light into the room. "Yes Tukur, what is it?"
Tukur spoke quickly in whispers. He seemed edgy about something. But jeez, the guy was always edgy.
Chris sat up, wore his trousers, and moved behind Katrina. "What's going on?"
A look of shock crossed Tukur's face for a moment before he quickly caught himself. "We were running surveillance around the city and we saw a fast moving object. It was heading towards the C.T building."
Chris grunted, "you don't know a plane or train when you see one?"
Tukur frowned. "No I don't, because it's a goddamned human being."
Chris felt Katrina's body stiffen. She whispered, "it's him."
Chris moved. He hurried past Tukur and turned right around the corridor, towards his room. He took two pistols, night vision googles, and a very small GPS device which he configured to be able to detect the signature coming from Katrina's staff.
"Take him alive," Katrina said, suddenly appearing in the room.
Chris nodded affirmatively. He wore a jacket to cover his weapons then his encrypted Bluetooth communications device. He spoke into it, "Tukur, can you hear me?"
"Loud and clear," a voice crackled in his ear.
"Keep me posted."
JAMAL ARRIVED at the building in no time. He walked towards the entrance where he entered without much fuss. He climbed up the stairs, ignoring the elevators. It was faster that way. He reached the fifth floor and searched for his uncle's office. He found it. Locked and a bit dusty. He hurried past the congregation of staff in the corridor and headed to the last door on the floor: David's. He knocked lightly.
"Come in," came David's growling voice. Jamal stepped in. The overpowering smoke of cigarette hit Jamal's nose. He noticed the dumbstruck look on David's face as he saw him.
"Jamal?" David said, almost unbelievably.
"Good evening sir," Jamal greeted, flashing a smile.
"We thought you were dead!" David exclaimed. "Searched for you everywhere we could. Your uncle would be happy to see you."
"Talking of my uncle," Jamal said calmly, "I can't find him."
David paused a moment. "Oh him? He was in the office earlier. Left early. You didn't check him at home?"
"No," Jamal shook his head, "I just came back."
"You want a drink, Jamal?" David said. Before Jamal could answer, "let me get one for you. Good to see you, son." He said cheerfully, picked his phone, and disappeared into an inner room.
Jamal heard the sound of coffee machine running. Also microwave beeping.
David's hands shook. He was sweating. The stupid boy was supposed to be dead! What if he calls the police to report his missing uncle? Sure, David could handle it but it'll take days to reach the appropriate channel. He quickly dialled Mamba's number. It rang once and was picked. "Is he there with you?" David whispered. "Give him the f*cking phone!" He waited for the exchange. "You forgot to tell me Jamal was alive, Faruk. Mamba would teach you to be cooperative." He hung up as he heard the coffee machine beep. He turned around to see Jamal's cold eyes staring a hole right through him.

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Re: The Torpedo by skubido(m): 9:26am On Nov 12, 2018
Nice wan.

OP tanks for the update

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Re: The Torpedo by Fazemood(m): 10:53am On Nov 12, 2018
Pour them in like rain brother. I am enjoying this piece of work. Nice work brother
Re: The Torpedo by judajix(m): 4:53pm On Nov 12, 2018
Next update angry
Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 8:39pm On Nov 12, 2018
Next update angry
Sorry, sir. Will update soon
Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 12:28pm On Nov 13, 2018
"DID ANYBODY enter here tonight?" Chris asked the two guards posted at the C.T building. They looked confusedly at each other then back at him.
"People go in and out of here constantly," one of them replied him with a shrug. "Who are you?"
Chris flashed an I.D card in their faces. "Sanka Police Department."
They gave way and opened the door for him. He quickly rushed to the nearest elevator and switched on the GPS device once in. The device showed his target was on the fifth floor but couldn't pinpoint where exactly. Cursing, he pressed the fifth floor button on the elevator.
"YOU AND I are going to walk out of this building like nothing happened," Jamal said to a stunned David.
"I'm going nowhere," David protested. "Nobody would believe your story."
Jamal grabbed David by the arm and released a very small charge. David shuddered. "They don't have to believe me. I might as well kill them all." His eyes emitted black rays.
"What the hell?" David gasped. "What has become of you, son?"
"Same thing that happened to you," Jamal growled. "Now move! And I'm not your son." He pushed David into the main office and soon enough they were on the corridor. "We use the elevator."
The elevator dinged and stopped at the fifth floor. As soon as the door opened, Chris saw two men heading towards him. One of them was a young man, dressed in a jacket and face cap. The other was a man in expensive suit. His eyes darted from left to right, nervously.
Chris checked the GPS device. The screen went dark; the battery had died. "Motherf…" he was about to say when the lights went out. Everything went dark except for the red emergency lights around the building, covering the corridor in dizzying blood-red colours. Alarms blared from the speakers.
As the lights suddenly went out, Jamal dragged David back towards his office. People scampered all over the place, in panic.
'Security breach, please exit the building.' A voice repeated over the speakers.
"Lead the way," Jamal told David. "We're going to the roof." He pushed David again down the corridor. They rounded a smaller corridor and up an emergency door. A flight of stairs led up. They climbed. "Move!" Jamal ordered.
"I'm doing my best, dammit!" David retorted. He was breathing hard from both fear and exhaustion.
"Then f*cking do better."
They finally reached a door which David struggled to open. "It's locked!" He yelled over the loud blaring noise.
Jamal pushed him aside and blasted the door.
"Freak," he heard David murmur but ignored him.
They proceeded to the roof. A figure was standing there, with his back to them. Dressed in all black. Plus a gas mask. The figure turned around slowly, wielding a silenced pistol.
"What now," David muttered. "One of yours?"
Jamal shook his head. "Show yourself."
A hand reached the mask and pulled it off. Kelvin.
Jamal heard David let out a grasp. "Kelvin? What in the world are you doing?"
"You're collateral damage," Kelvin said without hesitation. He raised his weapon and aimed.
"I'm your father," an enraged David said. "You b#stard!"
"It's business David," Kelvin shrugged. "Nothing to do with family. You understand."
Jamal watched Kelvin aim the weapon steadily. He looked hesitant, but still dangerous. Distance between them: 15 metres. Any wrong move and the gun might go off. Jamal prepared to take his chances. The door behind them burst open and someone yelled, "put your hands up, all of you!"
Jamal turned around and his eyes met that of Chris'.

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Re: The Torpedo by Fazemood(m): 2:32pm On Nov 13, 2018
Short updates brother. Why so? I think going on a long break on this thread then come back when the story is complete.
The updates are really short although very nice.
Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 3:10pm On Nov 13, 2018
Short updates brother. Why so? I think going on a long break on this thread then come back when the story is complete.
The updates are really short although very nice.
Sorry, sir. I'll improve on it.
Re: The Torpedo by skubido(m): 3:37pm On Nov 13, 2018
Tanks for the update
Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 5:22pm On Nov 13, 2018
I'm really sorry for the short updates. Sometimes I finish a chapter and I feel it's not good enough so I start over.

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Re: The Torpedo by devilmaycry1(m): 8:02pm On Nov 13, 2018
Hmmmm u really good
Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 6:47am On Nov 14, 2018
CHRIS MOVED his weapon from Jamal to the stranger ahead. "What are you doing here?" He directed the question at Jamal, who didn't reply. The guy in black also waved his weapon at Chris.
"Give David to me and we'll all be cool," the guy said calmly.
"Not a chance in hell," Jamal replied. "What are you doing here Chris?"
Chris also kept silent. Without the tracking device, he wouldn't be able to know who to shoot. If only he'd tinkered the tracker a bit.
Suddenly, gunshots rendered the air. The guy in black fired his gun directly at the three of them. Chris ducked just in time to dodge a bullet to the head. He rolled to the side and fired back a shot. The stranger ran back towards the edge of the building, zipping down a rope. Chris looked around, Jamal was nowhere to be found.
"Tukur," Chris spoke into the Bluetooth device. "What have you got?"
"Just a sec," Tukur's voice replied. "Sending you coordinates."
Jamal flew high in the sky, tagging David along by the collar of his shirt. He located the hideout in little time.
"Ben," Jamal called as he entered the house. "Were you able to get anything?"
Benjamin swirled around from his swivel chair in front of the monitor screen. "Definitely. A location just east of Lagos."
"That's good enough for now," Jamal said. "We have to leave. They'll soon locate us."
Aido appeared from the kitchen holding a bunch of keys. "Prepared as always."
Ten minutes later, the four of them were on the Abuja-Sanka express way, with Jamal expertly negotiating the Range Rover through the dense midnight traffic.
"I'll have you two dropped at a location," Jamal continued, "while he and I go ahead on to Lagos."
The two nodded wordlessly.
"Is the package ready?"
"Always prepared," Aido repeated with a wink.
Chris barged into the ops room, pissed off more at himself than anything. Nobody said a word as he headed towards the back of the room.
"We have managed to extract CCTV footage from the building," Tukur said, typing in commands on the keyboard. A huge window opened on the monitor screen ahead. The window was divided into many smaller ones, showing realtime footage of activities going on in C.T Securities.
"This is from an hour ago," Tukur said. He moved the mouse to the media controls and the videos were soon on rewind.
Chris watched the screen intently, paying attention to every detail. "Nothing."
"That's the problem," Tukur noted. "Whoever this guy is, he's not working alone. He probably got a crew with him."
"Any way we can retrieve the real footage?" Chris asked.
Tukur shook his head. "Theoretically, yes. But at the moment, no. The footage had been replaced by a loop, with the original taken and fed into another server. Unless I can locate the server, it's useless." He typed in a few more commands. "Found it. A house in the Den."
"Alright. So download it to our database," Chris was starting to feel relieved.
"Wait a sec," Tukur said. "Something doesn't feel right. C.T guards are on their way to that exact building. Why would the guy make his server so easy to locate? Unless---"
"It's a trap," Chris completed it for him.
Kelvin parked his car a few metres away from the C.T Rapid Response Team vehicle. A team of eight all dressed in black shuffled out of the van and proceeded to the building ahead.
"Don't forget," Kelvin said into his earpiece, "your boss' life is at stake here. So do it well."
"Roger that sir," the team leader replied.
"So I created a weak enough link for the C.T gizmos to take seriously right," Benjamin bragged. "Then we planted a C4 charge right inside the system unit. Any quick-handed b*tch that tries moving the unit will set it off."
"You forgot the motion sensor part," Aido muttered.
"Oh yeah," Benjamin continued. "The motion sensors around the room send data to the mines outside the building perimeter. When they tick, the whole place goes boom." He made the sound of an explosion.
"And you call me brutal," Jamal said.
"You're all sick, cutthroat b#stards," David spat from the front passenger seat. "Even you." He pointed at Jamal.
Aido's katana was immediately pressed against David's neck. "Then we flock together, being made of the same feather. Don't you agree, kidnapper?"
David fell silent.
"We're here," Jamal said. He parked near a motel building just off the expressway. "Set up temporary posts here. I'll be back in a few hours. Leaving the car for you guys."
They stepped out into the dead of the night. Everyone went around carrying out his duties in silence.
Jamal dragged David across the road and into an overgrowth. "Get ready. We're flying to Lagos."
Kelvin listened to the communication going on in the building ahead.
"Scrubbing in progress," the team leader reported. "Wait," he said suddenly. "There's a system unit in the wardrobe."
"That should be the server we came for," Kelvin replied. "Get a move on. Leave the scrubbing and let's go."
"I got something in here," another voice said. "The bomb sensor is picking up something from the system unit."
"What the hell," the team leader added.
"Report," Kelvin said, feeling anxious. But he needed not to hear it out. He heard it too: beeping noises. "Get the f*ck---"
An explosion lit up the inside of the building just for a second. Kelvin saw four silhouettes. Before the boom came, tearing the building apart and sending shockwaves around it's radius. The deafening noise disorienting all within earshot.
Kelvin was thrown against his car by the explosion. All he could see was fire all over the place. And human parts.
Re: The Torpedo by devilmaycry1(m): 7:03am On Nov 14, 2018
Wow nice wait is Jamal now a plane
Re: The Torpedo by Fazemood(m): 7:16am On Nov 14, 2018
Hahaha devilmaycry1 he is truly a plane, not just any but a jet.

This Zhayydo guy is good, really good. Wish he keeps it up with the actions. It just feels real. Well done brother
Re: The Torpedo by skubido(m): 10:13am On Nov 14, 2018
OP tanks for the update
Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 1:19pm On Nov 14, 2018
"FARUK?" MAMBA'S voice called through the small opening.
No answer.
"Are you asleep already?" Mamba asked in mock surprise. "This is just…past one."
Movement in the cell. Then a grunt.
Mamba chuckled. "Sleep tight. I starved the dogs long enough for them to want to rip you to shreds." He closed the opening and walked away, whistling.
Jamal and David walked in the knee high bush. The night air was filled with animal noises and David's heavy breathing.
"If your directions are correct," Jamal continued, "we should be near. So don't stop now."
"You're not the Jamal I used to know," David said. "Just a chunk of ice. Cold all over."
"Good to know you got the message," Jamal pushed David. "So it shouldn't come as a surprise if I start dismembering you if you try anything funny."
"It's just down the bushes there," David pointed at an abandoned building just some forty metres away. The lights were on from inside with the curtains drawn.
Jamal pulled David down to a crouching position. "Here's what we're going to do."
Mamba approached the girl quietly from behind. He rested both hands on her shoulders, feeling her shudder.
"Let's go to bed," he said.
She looked over her shoulder, her eyes glinted under the illumination.
A knock on the door.
Mamba pulled away from her, grabbing his pistol. He approached the door slowly, making sure not to stand directly behind the door. He checked the peephole, pressing the muzzle of the gun against the door; ready to shoot. It was David. Mamba holstered his gun and opened the door.
"I didn't know you were coming," he said.
David shook his head.
"He didn't have a choice," a voice said from behind Mamba.
Mamba quickly pulled out his gun and turned around.
"I wouldn't," the man said. Dressed in a hooded black cloak. He was holding the girl as a human shield. "I have an idea you're a good killer. But even the best…" he moved a strand of hair from her face, "…even the best, have trouble when it comes down to love."
"Whatever you want is between the two of us," Mamba said, trying to keep his voice calm. "Let her go."
"Give me Faruk," the man said, "and I'll consider your offer. Or else, I'll raze this whole place and all life within it."
"You would kill a lady?" Mamba said.
"I'm sure you are not new to such," the man's voice was ice cold. "Like you, I am not the good guy."
"Shoot him," David seethed. "What's some girl worth to you anyway?"
Mamba lowered his gun and looked at his boss. "She's worth it," he said, "to me." He looked at the stranger. " Follow me."
They went outside and round the building to a small door which led downstairs. On either side of the underground building, there were metal doors.
"He's there," Mamba gestured at the last door.
Jamal went up the door, his eyes scanning the floor for any sort of foul play. There was none. Most people were softened by the prospect of loved ones getting hurt. He never intended to harm the girl. But that didn't make the guy any less dangerous. It was a gamble that paid off.
Movement behind him. Jamal looked over his shoulder to see the man running back up the stairs. He heard the door being slammed and locked.
He ignored that and opened the door in front of him. The smell of stale, damp air hit his nose. A man laid on the floor clad in ragged clothing. He was shaking, probably from the cold floor. Jamal walked up to him and tapped him on the shoulder. The man started. He gasped.
"Don't hurt me," the man begged weakly. "I told you everything I know."
Jamal could see the bruises and swellings on his uncle's face. The front part of his shirt was stained in dried blood.
"It's me uncle," Jamal said softly.
"Jamal?" His uncle said, his voice a surprise. "You have to get out of here. Quick!"
Jamal laughed coldly.
"Where's he?" David asked Mamba, who was entering the house.
"He's taking a break from being action man," Mamba replied nonchalantly.
"Give me your phone," David extended a hand at Mamba. He quickly collected it and dialled the only number he could think of at that time: Kelvin.
It rang twice and was answered. "Yeah?"
"Kelvin," David whispered. "It's me, David."
"What David?"
"Your dad."
"What, dad? Want to have me arrested for what happened earlier?"
"No, I'm in--"
"Or you want to tell me -once again- how much of a disappointment I am?" It didn't seem as if Kelvin was listening at all.
"Kelvin," David was getting agitated. "Listen to me, dammit! I'm in Lagos…" then static and the line cut. "Hello? Hello?"
"Reception is bad in areas like this," Mamba said somewhere nearby. "Isn't that why you preferred using this place as a hideout?"
David ignored that. "What did you say you did with him?"
Mamba shrugged, "locked him on the cell with his uncle."
David looked flabbergasted. His eyes bulged. "You stupid, stupid!" He paced around the room. "It can't…it can't…" he stopped in his tracks. "You shouldn't have done that."
Mamba was about to ask what the hell his boss was freaking out about when a blast came from behind the building. David looked like he'd seen a ghost.
"He'll kill us all," David said, his voice low and full of dread. He was shaking badly.
"Keep calm, boss," Mamba said. "I got it covered." He cocked his pistol.
But David wasn't listening. He looked panicked. After looking around wildly, he bolted for the door.
"F*ck!" Mamba cursed. "David!" But he had disappeared into the night.

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Re: The Torpedo by skubido(m): 4:13pm On Nov 14, 2018
Tanks for the update
Re: The Torpedo by devilmaycry1(m): 8:22pm On Nov 14, 2018
Ur update is short thank
Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 7:38am On Nov 15, 2018
"What was that you pulled off back there?" Faruk asked Jamal as they walked through the bush.
"A few tricks I learnt," Jamal replied. "You should get some rest. Dawn is fast approaching."
Just then, they heard a twig snap nearby. Jamal could easily see the outline of a human being hiding behind the trees. David.
David made a run for it but was too slow. Jamal appeared in front of him and raised him off his feet by the neck. A crunching punch sent David falling in front of Faruk, who was standing four metres away.
David scrambled to his feet, trying to run again but Jamal stopped him in his tracks again. He was about to dish out more punishment on David when a gunshot cracked in the air. Jamal dodged the shot.
He grabbed Faruk and disappeared into the thicker parts of the bush.
"Stay out of sight."
Through the night vision and heat sensor scope of his sniper rifle, Mamba could conveniently see his targets. When they disappeared into the bushes, he simply switched on the heat sensor and thermal imaging of two people ducking in the bushes appeared. He adjusted his rifle and fired again. The one in front fell on the ground. The one at the back looked around then looked directly at Mamba's position. For a moment, he seemed to have disappeared, but the heat sensor picked up his heat signature skirting around the trees at speeds faster than an average human. Mamba aimed in front of the target and fired.
Jamal caught the next shot and turned right, cutting across the dense trees.
The shooter was ten metres ahead.
Mamba cocked his rifle and fired at the fast approaching target. He was given a reason to regret when a piston-like punch landed on his chest. He stumbled backwards but controlled his footing and spun around, swinging his rifle like a club. He hit the hooded guy right on the temple. This gave Mamba enough time to set his rifle and fire a shot at pointblank range. It hit the target directly in the chest.
Jamal fell on his knees. The bullet had penetrated the cloak's armour. He could feel it wedged somewhere in his chest. When he tried to move, the pain was blinding. Then he fell on his face, the whole world seemed to turn upsidedown. He was breathing hard, trying to accelerate his healing.
But a wound like this would take days to heal, maybe even weeks. Plus he had to remove the bullet.
Mamba pulled out his pistol, getting ready to finish off the hooded guy, but stopped when he heard footsteps approaching. David was dragging Faruk towards them. To Mamba's surprise, there were no gunshot wounds on Faruk.
"You faked the shot, eh?" Mamba said.
"Kill him first," David ordered, pointing at Faruk. He pushed him to the ground. "F*cking traitor."
"Kill him first," Jamal heard David say. His eyes fluttered open. He saw Faruk lying on his face a few paces away.
Jamal tried to move but his body was paralyzed. He saw Mamba move. Faruk raised his head and looked Jamal in the eye.
"Stay strong," Faruk whispered.
Two gunshots were fired.
Faruk's body shuddered twice and his head fell back on the ground.
Jamal felt his heart break to pieces. He tried again to pull himself off the ground but couldn't. A flash of pain radiated through his chest and he coughed.
"Him too," David shouted.
Jamal closed his eyes.
"What is this, Jamal?" A voice said. Jamal opened his eyes. He was sitting in front of a camp fire. Two people sat opposite him. One wore hooded cloak with hollow eyes. The other was just some handsome guy.
"What are you doing?" Shin asked.
"I'm dying," Jamal said. "I've let you all down. I thought I was strong, but I wasn't."
The handsome guy, Samad, chuckled. "You hear that, Shin?" He pointed at Jamal. "He said he's weak."
"I can't say I'm not disappointed," Shin nodded slowly. "Why are you dying?"
"I was trying to rescue my uncle and got shot," Jamal said. "He also died."
Shin scoffed. "You killed him."
"No!" Jamal argued. "Are you listening to me?"
"I gave you an advanced technology," Shin raised a finger. "I gave you something strong enough to stop a bullet." He raised a second finger.
"If I had any of those," Samad continued, "I wouldn't have died protecting you that night."
"You promised to protect my daughter," Shin said.
"I'm sorry," Jamal hung his head. "But it's too late for that, isn't it?"
Shin touched Samad. "Let's go." He turned to Jamal, "it's a horribly cold night. The fire should keep you warm until your body bleeds to death."
"Guys?" Jamal called, but they stood up, turned their backs on him and disappeared into the darkness.
Jamal sat there for what felt like days. The fire was still burning, but was dying out.
What am I doing here? He asked himself over and over. What is my purpose in life?
Then he saw a child running towards him. He stopped at arm's length.
"You were supposed to be there for us," the child said. Blood started flowing from his head. "You let mum down. And now, I have suffered for it."
Another figure appeared beside the boy: Princess Tula. She was crying, blood gushing from a hole in her stomach. Her white gown drenched in blood. "You promised to come back," she said, "you didn't. The Monarchs raided our homes, killed everyone."
"Before he died," a voice said behind Jamal. He turned around and saw Faruk. Half of his face was shattered. "Your father told me he'll be proud of you. He died a hero protecting people. You died a coward, letting us die for you!" He grabbed Jamal by the collar, "look me in the eye for the last time, coward!"
Jamal opened his eyes again. Mamba was standing near him, weapon pointed.
"Look me in the eye for the last time," Mamba said. "Coward."
Black violent bubbles rose in the air. Above Jamal's body. He felt his wound closing up as he rose to his knees. He saw Mamba stepping back, shooting. But the bullets simply melted as they made contact with the heat coming from Jamal.
David turned on his heels and made to run. Jamal cut him off his tracks and punched him twice. His neck almost snapped.
Mamba was in the process of reloading his weapon when Jamal grabbed him by the neck.
David watched in fear. Mamba's body burnt slowly. The smell of flesh roasting filled his nose while Mamba let out a soul-wrecking scream. Then he started gurgling and went numb. Jamal turned to David. He approached slowly.
"Jamal? Jamal?" David called, fumbling backwards.
Jamal wrapped a hand around David's neck and lifted him off the ground.
David felt a cold electric buzz down his spine then his insides slowly started heating up. He kicked and flapped. But the slow heating continued. His eyes rolled behind his head.

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Re: The Torpedo by skubido(m): 8:58am On Nov 15, 2018
Nice wan

OP tanks for the update
Re: The Torpedo by devilmaycry1(m): 9:02am On Nov 15, 2018
Thank for the update
Re: The Torpedo by Fazemood(m): 10:33am On Nov 15, 2018
Good. He deserved it. Next will be Kelvin
Re: The Torpedo by Evold: 6:01pm On Nov 15, 2018
Great story but the way you are killing the characters is alarming. We shall charge you with murder as soon as you finish the story. From Sankara police
Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 8:41pm On Nov 15, 2018
Great story but the way you are killing the characters is alarming. We shall charge you with murder as soon as you finish the story. From Sankara police
Lol. The story has just started, sir. All that has happened so far is just to display the capabilities of the main characters. The main threat is about to come.
Re: The Torpedo by devilmaycry1(m): 7:03am On Nov 18, 2018
Next please what happened on the way
Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 10:17am On Nov 18, 2018
Kelvin swerved the dirt bike through the traitorous forest. The tracker on his phone showed that he was 150 metres away from David's position. He increased his speed.
Ten minutes later, he arrived at the scene. He saw two bodies on the ground with a third person standing between them. He immediately identified David on the left. Kelvin whipped out his pistol and fired. A black shadow covered the strange figure and then dissipated after he stopped shooting.
He heard movement behind him but wasn't fast enough to intercept the punch that crashed on his face. He tumbled a good five metres backwards then rose to his feet again but the figure had disappeared.
"What are you doing?" Katrina's voice said.
Chris looked up from the laptop on his desk. Water dripped down her n@ked body on to the rug. She seductively walked towards him. Chris swallowed.
"I'm calibrating the sensors to pick up the frequency of the Torpedo at higher distances." He went back to the calibration software he was working on. Her soft hands relaxed on his shoulder as she stood behind him. The flowery scent of her soap filled his nose. She moved her lips a few inches away from his ears and whispered, "come to bed."
"I'd love to," he said, "but it's necessary I finish this task before he appears again."
He heard her chuckle. "Don't get obsessed." Then she walked away, towards the wardrobe. "Let's focus on establishing our power in this city. With that we'll be able to control the population and make him enemy number one."
Chris agreed with her proposal, but it just seemed too straightforward. Plus he had to confirm what happened on the rooftop the previous night. Who was the enemy exactly? It definitely wasn't the shooter. Was it the robust guy? He felt his gut wrench. Or was it Jamal?
The computer beeped. An error had occurred in the programming.
Chris cursed. He had lost his concentration for the third time in twenty-four hours. Katrina was right: he was losing his head. From the reflection on the screen, he could see her dressing up.
"Have you ever seen his face?" He asked.
"Whose face?"
"The hooded guy."
A brief silence as she thought it through.
"Yeah," she said finally. "He had olive skin. Hard looks."
Jamal had olive skin, Chris thought. Dammit! It could be anybody. He was about to ask another question when his phone vibrated. Without checking the caller, he swiped the screen.
"Check the news," Tukur's voice scrambled over the speaker. His voice shook a little.
Without removing the phone from his ear, Chris tuned the TV to a news channel. He was greeted with a picture of two corpses. Their skins were gruesomely burnt but their clothes remained intact. The headlines read: C.T Securities Chairman and Stranger Found Dead along Lagos Road.
"That's definitely his doing," Katrina said.
"Yeah," Chris replied. But his brain was working fast, linking up clues. The suit was the same as the one the fat man wore before they disappeared. "Any survivors? Witnesses?"
"Yes," Tukur sighed. "A teenage girl who claimed to be passing by when she heard gunshots and shouts coming from the bushes roadside. She is in police custody."
"Did she say she saw anybody leaving the scene?"
Chris hung up. There was no doubt in his mind that Jamal was connected to all this somehow. But he needed proof.
Siren noises and conversations filled the morning air in the small clearing roadside. Reporters did their thing and the police tried blocking off the area.
Kelvin observed the scene in silence. His mind reeled to numerous possibilities. Where was Faruk? Could he have done this? And that teenage girl, she looked like she knew more than she was letting up. She utters the wrong words and the whole of C.T would be caught in the middle of a conspiracy: what was David doing in a place like this? Near a torture chamber?
"No traces found," a man in full C.T uniform said, approaching him. "We searched the perimeter."
"Gather a small team," Kelvin said without looking at the guard. "Secure the chamber ahead and make sure you burn it to ashes before the authorities get a sniff of it."
The guard hesitated for a second then nodded curtly and left. Kelvin climbed the dirt bike and navigated his way out and on to the road. He dialled a number. The line clicked.
"Get Freddy ready," he said. "It's time."
##I apologize. This is far shorter than what I wanted but my battery had been low since yesterday. More when I can charge. Thank you. ##

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nice one bro
Re: The Torpedo by Fazemood(m): 11:30am On Nov 18, 2018
Freddy, a biologically enhanced soldier, I see a near capable opponent for Jamal. grin

This is going to be good cool
Thanks brother
Re: The Torpedo by GeeJohnzin(m): 7:17pm On Nov 19, 2018
D story don dey tire person...no more updates.abeg make dis story interesting
Re: The Torpedo by zhayyd039(m): 7:16am On Nov 20, 2018
Jamal landed at the entrance of the hotel he dropped Aido and Benjamin. As daybreak approached, he made sure to replace the cloak with casual wears. A t-shirt, jeans and trainers.
He stepped into the 3-star hotel which had a bland look to it: cheaply furnished, small reception, and secondhand rugs. The doors made noises when they were used. He approached a lady dressed in a grey skirt and red blouse. She looked rather young for her job.
"I'm downstairs," he whispered into his comms.
While he waited in the reception room, Jamal felt the girl's gaze settle on him. She grunted, then moved round the desk and disappeared down the corridor. Maybe to the bathroom.
Ten seconds later Benjamin appeared from the same corridor. He was dressed in a jacket and cotton shorts. He strode over to Jamal and both of them went back down the way he came. The girl was nowhere to be found.
"What is the situation?" Jamal asked as soon as he entered their room.
"Police have been unable to find solid evidence from the scene," Aido replied. He was still typing things on the computer which Jamal couldn't see. "But interestingly enough, they found the holding cells -located a shy two hundred metres away- burning by the time they traced the sources."
"What about the Monarchs?" Jamal asked, he sat on a sofa overlooking Aido, who was on the bed.
"They've been moving discretely," Aido raised his head from the monitor. "They seemed to mobilize immediately after David was found."
"Any other threats we need to take note of?"
"Yes," Benjamin said. He raised the iPad he had been busy on, "that Kelvin guy. The night you met him on the roof, he escaped after stealing the C.T Securities backup hard drive. We don't know what it might contain, but if he could risk it, it definitely would be worth the risk."
Jamal agreed. He was trying to create a mental profile of the possible enemies they could come across. Not only to avoid surprises, but to minimize casualties. The assassin would've killed him in that fight.
"Pull up all you have on Kelvin so far."
The room was momentarily filled with keyboard clicking and the occasional beeping of the computer.
"Nothing of note," Aido said. "Been seen moving around with one Laura. Just a sec." He typed again. "She's the daughter of one of the scientists that researched a certain specimen of a proton virus -whatever that is."
Jamal's head shot up. "Proton virus? What else?"
"Her location is currently unknown, but I'll keep trying."
"But I heard something about an illegal one coming in from a warehouse somewhere I can't remember," Benjamin said.
Aido felt a burst of air.
Jamal wasn't in the room anymore.
The Den looked darker than usual even as the morning sun rose on the left. The air felt humid and carried a putrid smell of garbages. Jamal's stomach retched in protest.
He walked past the dilapidated buildings heading north. His eyes swept the road ahead: Fifteen metres to his one o'clock, children played tag in an unfenced compound. They paused for a second as they saw him approach and then continued playing. To his eleven o'clock, several teenagers stood across the road, smoking and arguing about celebrities.
Jamal knew the Den enough to know that all it ever took was a suspicion or the wrong word uttered and things would go south easily. It was like a whole new area of it's own compared to neighbouring places.
He turned right, facing a restaurant of sorts ten metres ahead. The letterings were as faded as the walls, the front of the building was covered in dust. A woman trotted to the back of the building.
As Jamal entered the restaurant, the aroma of cheap cooking hit his nose. Plastic chairs and tables were randomly arranged around the tight space.
"What do you want to eat?" A dark skinned girl asked in broken English. Her dressing was ragged enough to put off potential appetites.
"I'll have rice," Jamal said. His eyes swept the fridge behind the counter, "and bottled water."
Just as the girl disappeared around the back, the front door opened again. Jamal recognized the five boys arguing across the road. They all had a swagger about them as they sat at the far end of the restaurant, eyes on him.
"Where's the b*tch in charge?" One of the boys, not more than seventeen, yelled.
Another pulled out a pack of cigarette and shared it among his mates before taking one himself and lit it. Suddenly the air smelled of weed. The girl appeared with Jamal's order and dropped it on the table then went over to the boys to take orders.
"We're not here for your dirty food," one of them sneered. "Give us the f#cking money you owed."
"We haven't made much sales over the week," the girl explained. Her voice shook with fear. "And my mother has been sick."
"Dragon wouldn't be happy," said the one that shared the cigarette earlier.
"Hey!" Another, with his back to Jamal, warned. "You can't say the boss' name out loud!"
The one that cursed looked towards Jamal. "We can say whatever we like, Mike. Not like that @sshole over there can do anything about it." He nodded his head in Jamal's direction before facing the girl. "Go tell your sick mother that we waiting for our money or else," he raised his stained t-shirt to show her something, "things are gonna go loud."
Jamal gestured at the girl to come. "How much is my money?"
She told him the amount and he dropped a few banknotes on the table, ready to leave. But one of the boys was there. He was the one called Mike. Huge and imposing. "You know it's a crime not to respect us in the Den right?" He addressed the girl. "You left us waiting just to attend to this one?" He grabbed the girl by the hand and made to slap her but Jamal was there to hold his arm. The guy looked surprised at Jamal's hand.
"I wouldn't do that," Jamal threatened.
The others, four of them, had already left their seats.
"Look who's trying to be Superman," Mike mocked. He let the girl go. "I'll come back to you later."
Jamal twisted Mike's hand and with a sudden movement, broke the arm. He clasped a hand over the guy's mouth to stop the inhuman scream that followed. The others reached for something -possibly guns- but they were fractions too slow. Jamal was there again, landing superhuman punches at all of them. They were knocked a good three metres backwards. He grabbed Mike and pressed the broken arm. His eyes bulged in agony.
"Where can I find this Dragon?" He whispered.
Mike shook his head. "The warehouse."
Jamal nodded at him.
The girl was back by now, looking at the mess that transpired since she left. Jamal handed a few more money to her and left, banging the door behind him.
The warehouse was buzzing with activities. Jamal stopped some thirty-five metres away, out of sight. Men, all dressed in jeans and vests, unloaded three trucks filled with wooden boxes and deposited them in the warehouse. There were a few armed men dotted around the area. Patrols.
It looked like Dragon had continued where Lopo left off. But that wasn't why Jamal was interested in them. If the proton virus was being traded in the city, it could only be traced back to one source: the illegal one. And who's more illegal than Dragon and his crew?
Jamal wore the cap -he 'borrowed from a boutique- and crossed the road towards the warehouse. Surely enough, a guard blocked his path.
"The f#ck do you think you're doing?" The man said roughly, pointing his Uzi at Jamal.
"I have a business proposal for your boss," Jamal said.
The guard frisked Jamal before turning on his heels, "follow me. Try anything of sorts and you'll have reason to regret."
They went inside the warehouse which measured sixty metres by forty. Half of the space was filled with wooden boxes, labelled with the letter D and a poor artwork of a dragon spitting fire. They reached a door west of the building and walked down the hallway. The last door had the words CEO inscribed on it using a sharp object. The guard knocked.
Shaking sounds behind the door.
Moaning. Grasping.
The guard knocked again, harder.
The sexu@l sounds stopped. Then someone approached the door and unlocked it.
The 'office' was no bigger than a standard room: four by four metres. It was empty save for a rickety armchair in one corner on the right, an old office chair behind a faded desk. Paperwork written in bad handwriting were piled on one side of the table. The sun rays easily streamed through the torn curtain, giving the place an abandoned look.
Jamal clocked a Unclad girl on the armchair. She made no attempt to hide her n#dity as she rolled a cigarette between her fingers and lit it. A thin-looking, light skinned guy -with his whole right side covered in ink- buckled his belt. He took a drag from the girl's cigarette before settling in the chair behind the desk.
"What is so important, Haruna," Dragon implored, eyeing Jamal curiously, "that couldn't wait until Debby is gone?"
"This dude says he got business with you," Haruna explained.
Jamal glanced at the girl again. He recognized her to be Chris' girlfriend -ex- during their days together. What was she doing here?
"What business?" Dragon's words were directed at Jamal.
Jamal looked at Haruna. "Give us the room."
Haruna reluctantly scurried away.
"Don't mind the woman," Dragon waved.
"I need some proton virus," Jamal said tensely.
Dragon paused, his eyes narrowed. Debby giggled from around the corner.
"Are you an inspection official?" Dragon spat.
"The police?"
"You f#cking with me?"
"F#cking no."
Silence as Dragon sized Jamal up. "If I find out you're lying to me, man…" he let the word hang in the air.
"I know how you deal with traitors," Jamal said calmly. "Where's the virus."
Dragon raised his hand in the air. "I don't have it. Some shifty guy came to me weeks ago saying he can deliver but at a high price and an even higher interest rate." He shook his head comically, "I'm no money machine."
"Link me up with the guy," Jamal said quickly. "This is my contact. I'll tell you where we'll meet." He dropped a piece of paper on the table then made for the door.


Re: The Torpedo by skubido(m): 7:52am On Nov 20, 2018
Tanks for the update..

Good morning to you all
Re: The Torpedo by Fazemood(m): 11:56am On Nov 20, 2018
Nice lenghty update. Thanks man

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