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Novel: Life Of A Celebrity Written By Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 9:28am On Jul 14, 2017
Warning! no part of this Novel should be copied..published.. shared..pirated without solemn permission from the Author..
Facebook username: Onyeneke Abel
Email: Osadebamen222@gmail.com
Contact: 08160830305

LIFE Of A CELEBRITY (spotlight)

Episode 1

Eve hopes had dropped a little lesser than before, this was another audition she was trying out to at least get a role in any movie at all, her dreams was to be a lead actress but with the look of things she wouldn't mind if she just gets 'the amebo group' at least its something
She walked into the audition hall and waited in line just like the others, she was now praying for forgiveness of all the sins she had committed, maybe that was a stumbling block too..her eyes caught his poster, the man of her dreams, Simon.. He was beyond rich and was greatly influential, but her attraction to this guy was the way he acts, he had all the money but he still take time to act movies, and she was ready to buy every movie he is featured even with her tfare, she wouldn't mind trekking home.. All the movies he acted, he was this sweet loving, gentle lover..oh what a man, if she could just have a guy like that, all these small boys of our times don't even know how to love..But, am thinking there is a big difference between a movie and reality..
Simon, well a maid just cried out of his Duplex because she didnt kneel before she greeted him..A proud, heartless soul..he got any script he wanted, the directors had no choice, he was a good actor they just allow him..
"Get my car keys"
He ordered when he got out from his Duplex..Damn this guy was too slow, so when he got back
"You're fired"
Straight to the poor boys face..another one would come nah..Stephen would do that
"Stephen get me another smart one"
A body guard he couldnt shake off, that his fearsome grandfather made it so..
"And those girls in the guest room, give them each 200thousand, and please make sure they disappear before I come back"
oops! Another thing, he was a flirt..
But no one could deny the fact that he was extremely handsome, so at least two ladies for every night

"Evelyn onyiye"
She hurried up on stage to face them
"Compose yourself, you can do this"
Her mind warned her before she acted like they instructed her to
"We'll get back to you"
The disappointing word she always heard from all her auditions, well of course she knew they never get back to her, so let's say it's another jam rock
She didn't wait, she bowed her head and found her way thru the back door, only to bump into Simon, her mister perfect
"What the, Stephen get this piece of rag of my face"
What? Her initial Joy faded
And so, a long complicated story, starts today

*Life Of A Celebrity*

Episode 2

Life can really play tricks on you sometimes, just as it was for Eve..was this the man of her dreams or an imposter?
"Am am sorry, I didn't mean..

"Sorry?? Sorry?? You ruined my suit worth more than your life and you are sorry?..Stephen get this trash before i fire you!"
Okay she was sorry for bumping into him, but these insults was something she couldnt bare
"It's like you are mentally disordered"
Stephen steps froze as he approached her, it was like the moment froze..the shock was written on both Stephen's and Simon's..no one on the surface of the earth had dared to look at him eyeball to eyeball and this one did not just stand up to him but insulted him
Eve had to ask
"Are you both OK?..like for real check yourself Simon whatever..a psychiatric hospital is really affordable these days"
Jesus Christ! Simon burned in flames, he couldn't just let her go like that
"Stephen you are watching that slut go?"
Stephen hurried after her and held her by her shoulder..actually if only he knew she was the top in her judo class, plus she knows how to defend herself.. she flung him over her shoulder like a piece of rag, he landed hard on the floor
Oh my God! Simon couldn't believe he had trusted this incompetent body guard with his life
"You're fired!!!!!"

"Am sorry sir but only your grandfather can fire me"
Stephen replied when he had successfully recovered..Simon called his grandfather immediately..
"See..he says you're fired..leave my sight this instant!"
An hour later a new body guard arrived..
Simon entered the hall and called for the director
"Who is that girl?"
He had to describe for over 30minutes
"Oh, Evelyn emmm"

"Whatever her name is just call her up, she has been selected"
Ahn ahn, just like that?
"By who...sir"
He had to stress the sir part when Simon give him that look
"Ok sir"

Eve got home, she couldn't believe that guy, he was a total fraud..she deleted his picture she had downloaded on her phone, the posters she had kept..so all the movies he acted was what? He was just acting?
"Aunty the landlord came by today"
Her younger brother informed her..it was just 3 siblings and her mother, living in a single room, and come to think of it, she is a graduate..she needed money, urgently
Her phone rang just before she thought of anything to stall the landlord for at least a week..so she could rally round and see what she can get..
"Evelyn, you made it, you've been selected, please come around tomorrow"

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Life Of A Celebrity

Episode 3

She leaped for Joy that the whole compound had to gather around and see if something bad had happened. They would never understand..Her mom came back home and met her dancing.
"Eve, what's wrong with you?"
Well, parenting issue wasnt friendly to her, the woman she called her mother was not really her biological mother, and yet she stuck with her..however madalene her foster mother has never seized to make life miserable for her, her father was her initial saviour, but now he is gone beyond where humans can reach.
Though she passed thru hell, she struggled on her own to go thru school, even when she had opportunities to find her life somewhere else, she remained with the woman she called her mother
"The landlord came today so get money for the house rent"
Eve nodded, of course madalene never cares where she got the money from, it wasn't her business, just let the money come
"Cook something for me and the children, I am hungry"
Like she had dropped money for feeding, like she had ever cared how she made every meal.
Despite all these, she loved her mother still

The next day she put on the best cloth she could find..she stared at the mirror, she wasn't pleased with what she saw, its been months she plaited her hair, she looked shabby..anyway, who cares?
She braced herself and hurried to "spotlight film production limited" she didn't want to be late at all
"I've you heard?..Simon has bought this film house worth millions"
The Amebo group she passed whispered and she could hear them.
Why would Simon do that? Well he had the money so it had nothing to do with her
Wait, she stopped halfway, if Simon has bought the house, that means he is the boss now..and she answers to him..oh no
"Everyone gather around, we are shooting a film now..you all would try out this role and we would pick the best"
The director informed and instructed everyone to sit and start one after the other
Eve was first to step on stage, unfortunately her worst nightmare showed up..
"Do it again"
Simon instructed.. She sighed and acted again
"Bark like a dog"
He instructed again..what?..it took her a while but she did it anyway..others had to giggle at the scene
It went on till towards noon..no one could say a word
"What's this? Sir?..I am here to act"
She had to speak up..he laughed
"You don't get it do you?..you are here so I can make your life miserable..if you're tired, you go"
She smiled
"Well its game on sir"

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Re: Novel: Life Of A Celebrity Written By Onyeneke Abel by Divepen1(m): 9:56am On Jul 14, 2017
Re: Novel: Life Of A Celebrity Written By Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 7:51pm On Jul 16, 2017
Ab fiction stories/poems
Life Of Celebrity
Episode 4
"You all have to understand that as soon as you become a star, your private life becomes the hunt of everyone..then you live for the public..."
Simon came in again and interrupted the director..He was looking for Eve
Well for the past one week, after she had challenged him in present of everyone, he had never failed to make everything difficult for her..he had expected her to fall to her knees and beg for forgiveness, but she wouldn't, let's she how long she can hold on
She stood up so he could see her
"Get up and sit on the floor, your place is not among them"
Everyone was getting irritated with his actions now, but he didn't care..she did as he demanded, he wasn't satisfied, he could see no matter what he did, it didn't have any effect on her..he must break her somehow..
He came up with a plan..he made sure she practiced till late in the evening..she had the mind of sleeping over since it was dark already..there were plenty of rooms to sleep in anyway
"You are going home now..quickly out"
She was extremely scared..
"Please sir, just let me spend the night, this area is damn dangerous"
He laughed wickedly..that was the exact plan..
"Do I look like I care? or you can kneel in presence of everyone and beg for my..."
She didn't let him finish, she started towards the gate..
"She would come back" he thought, but she didn't
Just few metres away a group of hoodlums that had been hungrily looking for girls to rape for a week now set eyes on her
She ran but then they caught her, she struggled and brought down two of them but they were just too many for her to handle
A car headlight shone on them, they stopped and Simon came down..she couldn't believe her eyes..he paid them off..
"You see you are nothing.
" wait you paid them to rape me?"
Before he could breathe a word she slapped him..her temper had gotten to another level that he kept still
"I might take your rubbish, but how could you attempt to violate me?..you would go that far? What did I ever do to you?" She asked tearfully
"That's the thing little one, like I said, if you are tired..you go"
Okay she has had it this time..the next morning she packed her stuffs and headed out of the house
"Where do you think you are going?"
A young man whose handsome qualities she couldn't described called from behind her..she wiped a tear
"Home, where else would I go?"
She questioned back..he shook his head
"Not yet young lady, your job isn't done yet"

Life Of A Celebrity


Re: Novel: Life Of A Celebrity Written By Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 10:48pm On Jul 17, 2017
Abfiction stories/poems
Life Of A Celebrity
Episode 5
written by
onyeneke Abel

Was he a kind of Angel or what?
"What job? So I would lose my dignity in the process..who are you self?"
She had to ask as she dropped her bags, it was becoming heavy for her
"I am Bruno..Simon's childhood friend, we grew up together"
She nodded like she was really getting him, until she burst his bubble by asking
"So what has that got to do with me..Bruno?"
He smiled at her question..
"Everything my dear..I'll fill you in over a cup of coffee"
After much persuasion she followed him to a coffee stand..
"Simon is a broken man..right from his childhood..he found out at the age of six that he was an adopted child..his foster father had never seized to make life miserable for him, at times he locked him up inside his cupboard for days..he was bullied in school, the only friend he had was me..although i wasn't there for him all the time..he grew up knowing nothing but hate..so it explains his actions.."
She cleared her throat to interrupt him..and then, she burst his bubble again
"Your story is really nice, but it still has nothing to do with me, so I think I would be on my way now, thanks for the coffee"
She stood up but he held her back..
"Please hear me out"
She reluctantly sat back and tapped her right foot impatiently
"You are the only one who has stood up to him..i saw it all and told grandfather about it, he has a job for you"
"Which is?"
She was interested now
"Fix Simon, but do not fall for him"
She laughed, what this one saying? So she is now a fixer
"You would be paid 50milllion a month, it will be doubled to 100million if there are results"
Her laughter seized..the sound of the money gained weight in her ears..was he joking?
"You are joking right?"
Oh my God, he wasn't joking..
"Am in"
She needed money of course
"Please remember you can't fall for him, the family has a wife for him already"
She scoffed, Fall for who? That heartless cold bastard.. She is in for the money..
"But he wants me out of the house"
"Grandfather would take care of that, for now, we need to change your appearance..follow me"
She entered the most expensive saloon in the area..
"You are beautiful"
Bruno commented when they were thru, her eyes shone, her v-faced shaped broadened out, her plumpy cheek and her red lips was now visible
"What are you doing here?..get out!"
Simon shouted the minute he saw her,
"She is going no where son"
Oh my God, his worst nightmare..it was Mr Nkoli, his grandfather

Life Of A Celebrity


Re: Novel: Life Of A Celebrity Written By Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 8:39pm On Jul 18, 2017
Ab fiction stories/poems
life Of A celebrity
episode 6
written by
onyeneke Abel

Eve life changed for the better, with just a little task to do..or so she thought before she jumped into the task trusting herself never to fail.."Sir, why do you really want him to change?"She asked Mr Nkoli when he took her for a cup of tea.."He has to get married within three months to my business partner's daughter..to strengthen our business line, and you know he can't be a good husband in this state"She almost asked why the said wife can't do the job herself..she was a little disappointed, she really thought he wanted a son back..he just wanted a tool for business..well its none of her business anyway..she is just gonna try her best"If I fail, would I refund?"He laughed and shook his head..oh thank God"But if you succeed, spotlight film production company becomes yours"Hmm, very very enticing.."For a start this is a cheque of a million naira"Wait was all these a joke? Was he really ready to give that much? Was there another motive as to why he wants Simon to change? Well she got a cheque that would move her family out of a one room apartment, so who cares anyway.."Think of it all, what you stand to gain, you would be a star, you would March in a red carpet event"Her head was swelling.."Ok OK sir, where and when do I start""Bruno would fill you in"A week later she had gotten a well furnished flat for her family, she had a fashion designer now, who designed all her outfits, if she is to entice Simon, she would have to look presentable.. She had not set eyes on him ever since, it was like she was undergoing training.. On the day she wore a native attire, a blue blouse on a multi red and gray skirt with a yellow head tire..Bruno led her into the house.. She met the director addressing the house concerning the new movie they were about to start, of which they were expecting a movie award..so it takes a really talented artist to take the lead role."She would do it" Bruno said all eyes turned to Eve, she was becoming a little shy now.."Wait, is that Evenly?"Charles, the director asked, he removed his glasses to really confirm"My God! done..!she is really the lead actress we need"Tears flowed from Benita eyes, she had practiced day and night for that role,"Welcome to spotlight, the movie is actually titled SPOTLIGHT, its a romantic and ambitious movie..you would be taking this Romantic movie with Simon" The director announced.. Her eyes widened really? Oh you must be kidding..

life of A Celebrity
written by
Onyeneke Abel


Re: Novel: Life Of A Celebrity Written By Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 8:04am On Jul 19, 2017
Ab fiction stories/poemsLife Of Celebrity
Episode 7
Written by
Onyeneke Abel

News spread like wildfire, Eve even had to dodge the media at times, she couldn't believe what was happening"How do you feel doing a romantic movie with the great Simon..the lover boy"A reporter asked when he and his team had successfully cornered her..Lover boy ke? If only they knew the so called lover boy.."Emmm, I feel great"Ok she wasn't feeling great at all, a romantic movie means they would and must share thousands of kisses, hugs and all the smooching needed..and yet she is not allowed the fall for him, now she understood the gravity of the task..she was having second thoughts now"You know its surprising how you popped out of nowhere to become a star..where are you from?"A question she didn't really want to answer, thank God Bruno came to her rescue..but later that day, she could read all her life history on the internet, with the school she attended..everything!She gasped"Bruno? Are you seeing this??"Bruno laughed"It's just a start my dear, you are star now, be expecting lots of these"You know for a week no one has really tutored her on how to really get close to Simon.. And Simon, well she had not even seen him for weeks..was she supposed to change him thru their movie together..OK maybe that's it, if she fails the money is not refundable anyway..until Bruno burst her bubbles"You would be moving into the mansion with Simon?"Her heart stopped for a while, and picked up its beat uncontrollably.."What?"Her eyes widened, she was now thinking of the million possible ways Simon might oppress her"Don't worry, he can't oppress you"Bruno reassured her when he could sense what she was thinkingBut then another thought came up, what if he tries to seduce her, she waved it off, she doesn't attract him so that won't be possible..Bruno sat with her and soothed her hair..awwnn feels so good"Don't you worry pretty, I'll be here when you need me..here ismy number, call me anytime"Wow this guy is really Romantic, her kind of guy.."Th..thanks alot"She offered a smile..Bruno is not that bad anyway, he is gentle, mild, oh very handsome, the typical opposite of that Simon.. He was just real..why must it be Simon she had to stay with self..The next day she packed and stuffs as Bruno drove her to Simon's mansion.. As soon as she alighted from the car and approached the duplex..she could hear Simon thunderous voice"You are fired!!!"Her heart missed, she swallowed hard
"God help me"

Life Of A Celebrity
Written by
Onyeneke Abel

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Re: Novel: Life Of A Celebrity Written By Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 5:16pm On Jul 20, 2017
Life Of A Celebrity
Episode 8
Simon couldn't believe his eyes when he saw Eve with her bags inside his mansion
"Grandfather's order"
Bruno spoke out before he uttered a word..he stood up and walked up to Eve, his steps sounded like loud drums in her ears till he got to her
"So you are supposed to change me? Another failure"
He laughed..
"Well I satisfy them all, so no loss"
Wait what does he mean? She turned to Bruno with a questionably face..so alot has tried and failed? She wasn't the first? And what does he mean by he satisfy them all?
She picked her bags and headed for the door immediately
"Oh another failure!"
She stopped and looked back at him..she suddenly remembered all the hurt he caused her since the very first day she met him..hmm, she had a second thought, let's make this a pay back, shall we?..since Mr Nkoli is behind her, oh my God! She would show this Simon pepper..
So yeah!..it's pay back time
"Bruno, I'll take it from here"
Bruno nodded and pecked her before he left..awwnn, this Bruno is just too sweet..she smiled at him as he made the signal
"Call me" in a whisper..
Now the battle begins..she called a maid to help her with her bags..mistakenly the maid fell, she could understand it was the sight of Simon that threatened the poor girl
"What incompetence! You are fired!"
The maid was about to go down on her knees and begged when Eve butt in
"She is not fired"
Simon's world collapsed at her statement..in his own house?
She ignored him and turned to the maid
"What's your name dear"
Eve smiled at her
"Diana, get up and help me okay?"
Diana wasn't sure if she should move a muscle when she noticed Simon's red eyes..
"I am his wife..so let's go"
Eve knew that was the only word that would boost Diana confidence
She hushed him, she has not even started and he his like this..
The next day she sat on a well designed couch, all the maids tried to signal her that it's Simon's favourite, who cares?
"What are you doing?..get out"
She didn't move..he went mad and attempted to forcefully make her get up
"Don't you dare Simon"
He stopped, where did his grandfather get this demon from..
"Breakfast is served, let's eat"
He hissed and attempted to walk out
"Maybe I should call Grand.."
She didn't drop the statement he turned and headed to the dinning table..
"Listen young man, I am in charge of this house, so it means everything goes my way"
Like she had said, its pay back time!

Life Of A Celebrity

©Onyeneke Abel .July 2017 all right reserved


Re: Novel: Life Of A Celebrity Written By Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 8:17pm On Jul 20, 2017
Life Of A Celebrity
Episode 9
"You know I wonder why people see we celebrities as gods.. We are humans, we bleed, we cry..we have made mistakes, we hurt too..I just wish we could see beyond the screen and actually see us as humans with feelings"
Eve couldn't believe Simon just made such speech..he was responding to the rumour spreading all over the media that Eve lives in his mansion, and judging from the fact that they were about to start a romantic movie..someone would say they have something fishy.. Simon had it to his neck now..Eve had made live miserable for him for the past two weeks..Eve herself couldn't believe he could be this calm afterall..she made sure no one gets fired, she always shunned him when he tried to shout at anyone..She made him do house chores, cook even wash dishes..she wants to reduce his so called pride to the minimum..She disturbed him so much that she was actually having fun with it
"Oh God what is it again?"
He said when she pushed him into the pool..he wasn't laughing but she found so intriguing..
"Come on have some fun..you are too serious man"
She hit him and discovered he was so muscular..
"Stop it"
She didn't listen, she pushed him back into the pool, but this time he was smart enough to pull her with him
"You want fun? You have it"
He splashed water on her..she retaliated of course..oh my God, he laughed! And this wasn't the ones he feigned in his movies, he actually laughed for real
"Wow you are more handsome when you laugh"
The word had escaped from her mouth before she understood what she just said..his smile disappeared and he returned back to his normal state, like he had lost control minutes back
"Emm, I have to go"
"Sure sure.."
Oh my God, so awkward.. Her phone rang..jeez it was Bruno, her crush..she hurried and put on her best to meet him up..they had so much fun together, she was actually liking this Bruno.. She got home late and met the maids whispering
"One aunty came o..and said she is oga's wife, me I don't know how many wives oga has"
Diana explained to her when she asked..she gently walked into the sitting room and met both of them, Simon and the so called wife, they were at the bar, and Simon had backed her, so she couldn't see his face..the lady was sitting on his thigh..she could see the lady was having so much fun..who cares?..but then a sudden rush of jealousy filled her..she realized and cautioned herself..
"What's wrong with you Eve?"
She questioned herself

Life of a Celebrity

©Onyeneke Abel .July 2017 all right reserved


Re: Novel: Life Of A Celebrity Written By Onyeneke Abel by Ehi07(f): 12:58pm On Jul 25, 2017
Please update sad
Re: Novel: Life Of A Celebrity Written By Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 5:07pm On Jul 25, 2017
Ab fiction stories/poems
Life Of A Celebrity
Episode 10

She tiptoed so they wouldn't notice till she was safely inside her room..she could hear the lady's laughter reverberating..so she wouldn't get distracted she called Bruno.."I'm bored"He laughed.."Girls are always bored why?"Slowly her mind drifted off Simon and got engulfed with Bruno's voice.. The next morning she met him in the kitchen cooking..he could actually cook.."so this one is not a spoilt brat" she thought"So why won't your wife cook for you?"She asked and averted his eyes as she opened the refrigerator to get water..not that she was actually thirsty"Which wife?"She barely smiled, was he trying to deny it? Maybe because he didn't know she saw them"It's OK you can tell me about her, I won't bite"He made a face and still couldn't figure what she was referring too"The lady sitting on your thigh yesterday"She didn't want to be precise but it seems he wants to make her look like she didn't understand what she saw..He laughedwhen she finally hit the nail..was this girl falling for him already? Wait..he asked"So you are falling for me already? Wow that's quick"She felt embarrassed and quickly thought of something to cover up her lapses"Falling for who, you? You are just too cold..Bruno is preferable"His smile vanished, what was he thinking..So that's how she sees him? Cold and heartless? Well not that he cared anyway.."Excuse me"He left her in the kitchen..he left the food he was cooking..she didn't call him back because she knew she had said a little too much.."It's his sister oh"Diana later explained..What? She felt like slapping a tooth out Diana's mouth.."But you said.."Diana laughed"That's what he calls her, that's what we all call her"She held her head, she couldn't believe she had said that to him..how embarrassing..The next morning she dodge out of the house to collect her script for the movie..she was told to get her bags ready for a trip to Abuja, where they would start the movie..She came back and noticed the house was cold"Oga's father came around"Was that supposed to mean anything? Until she rememberedBruno had earlier explained how his father locked him up in a cupboard for days years back..She dropped her bag and hurried to his room, it was dark already and as she approached the room she could hear him screaming.."Let me out!"It was a nightmare, she hurried and held him..he jumped up infear"It's OK, its me..am here..I won't leave you"

Life of a Celebrity

©Onyeneke Abel .July 2017 all right reserved


Re: Novel: Life Of A Celebrity Written By Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 5:15pm On Jul 25, 2017
Ab fiction stories/poems
Life Of A Celebrity
Episode 11
©Onyeneke Abel
He initially felt embarrassed, this was a secret even Bruno doesn't know..he always had that particular nightmare of his father right from tender age, how his father had tried to strangled him to death at age 9, how he tried to drown him atage 12..how he always locked him inside his cupboard for days..it plays repeatedly, in his subconscious mind..all the hurt, all the pain..an emotional trauma..he was truly damaged.."It's OK, its OK..you can trust me..please"She beckoned and extended her hands..he hesitated with his head bowed..since he wasn't coming she climbed the bed..he tried to move but she held his arm.."Come here"She brought him to lie on her chest..he could feel her heart beat so fast, for a moment there it was really awkward as shesoothed his hair.."Eve.."He attempted to say something but she hushed him.."Sshhh, tell me about it tomorrow"It was becoming comfortable for both of them, then relaxing.. He fell asleep..he was becoming too heavy for her to carry, she gently tried her best to remove his head and placed it on his pillow, he noticed and drew her back onto thebed when she tried to go out..he cuddled her"Stay with me"She didn't know if what she was doing was actually right, wasshe going too far with this? He wouldn't let her go..although she wouldn't deny she loved his muscular arms around her..she thought wide, what could happen if she eventually falls for him..?how he would react if he finds out she was paid to prepare him as a business tool..?he fell asleep, she did too..He woke up the next morning and found out she had left early..he didnt know if he could face her after what she had seen..he remained in his room..Eve got a call from her biological mother again..she ignored it..she considered the woman a curse..yes she knows her biological mother, who was simply the richest in the whole city, a woman of power and substance..she was the sole owner of "Sara corps Ltd" both mother and daughter and found themselves two years back..but then, Eve never considered Yvonne as her mother..she was ruthless, cruel and ambitious, Yvonne abandoned her as a baby to seek wealth and came back to seek for her when God had sealed her womb..she had chose to live in poverty than to live with her biological mother..Well as said from the Beginning, this isa long complicated story, because out of the blue, she saw her mother March into Simon's mansion and requested"Where is my son?"

Life Of A Celebrity

©Onyeneke Abel .July 2017 all right reserved


Re: Novel: Life Of A Celebrity Written By Onyeneke Abel by Precious111(f): 5:43pm On Jul 28, 2017
Another intriguing story..

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Re: Novel: Life Of A Celebrity Written By Onyeneke Abel by Precious111(f): 9:15pm On Jul 30, 2017
No update yet!!!
Now I'm crying

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Re: Novel: Life Of A Celebrity Written By Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 5:44am On Jul 31, 2017
I will soon update dear
Re: Novel: Life Of A Celebrity Written By Onyeneke Abel by Precious111(f): 9:31am On Aug 01, 2017
Thanks in advance
Re: Novel: Life Of A Celebrity Written By Onyeneke Abel by Healer007: 8:30am On Aug 02, 2017
Intriguing story but I'm confused.... I read a similar story but later I stopped reading it and I couldn't find it again sad
Was this story rewritten/reposted?
I'm sure that the episodes were ahead of these ones even the time posted didn't tally. When I saW that the last update was posted July 25 I was even more confused (or IS IT JUST ME)
Re: Novel: Life Of A Celebrity Written By Onyeneke Abel by Healer007: 8:36am On Aug 02, 2017
Ok I'm no longer confused
Just did a Nairaland search
Great story cool
Re: Novel: Life Of A Celebrity Written By Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 8:54am On Aug 02, 2017
it was posted by someone bfr..but I didn't kw abt it..cos I was not informed as the author of the story..and so when I started posting here..it was locked by Divepen1 bcs a similar topic was ongoing..but after my compliant and verification that the story originally belongs to me..my was unlocked and the other blocked and removed..hope u all understand now

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Re: Novel: Life Of A Celebrity Written By Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 9:08am On Aug 02, 2017
Onyeneke AbelParticipant"Total posts= 23
Ab fiction stories/poems
life Of A celebrity
episode 12
she attempted to hide but she had been spotted already
”Eve?..what are you doing here?”her mother asked as she approached Eve with a questionable face..”I emm..”Yvonne approached with that stern face
”mum Simon is your son?”
Eve changed the topic to a more pending issue
”yes..don’t worry he is adopted”
she was relieved but she couldn’t help but think how heartless her mother can be..she classified the Simon like something she just bought from the market”.mum he is your son for God sake, not a prized commodity
”she scoffed it off..
”oh come on Eve, in this world its all business, love is for the weak..feelings is for the ignorant..all you need is be of substance..be ambitious, trample anyone who stands on your way..get what you want no matter the cost”
Eve took two steps backwards.
.”stay away from me”
she requested, the woman was a devil, she couldn’t believe she had this kind of woman as her mother
”whatever you say sweetie..whenever you are ready, you would come to me..for now I have to see that boy”

”you wouldn’t go near him "
Eve stopped her, there is no way she would let her get to him at that state..”move " Eve knew her mother well, Yvonne was ruthless but when it comes to Eve, it was just her weakness” you’ve not told me what you are doing here Eve” Yvonne had long divorced her husband, she loved her independent live, though she abandoned Simon with his father who made life miserable for him..she had her own money, she had her substance..but she still had a bond with Simon, so she visited..she cared but she wouldn’t show it to him” I came to visit ”Eve lied, although she knew her mother wasn’t a fool ”Tell Simon I came around,I have a meeting to attend” what a relief, she couldn’t still believe her mother was Simon’s foster mother.. and Simon, he had not come out of his room since morning, maybe he had forgotten they were supposed to leave for Abuja that very day..Bruno came around..her crush.. the guy was just too sweet..he bought her flowers and pecked her before he listened to all the gists she had to say..she had made him watch over her family while she was in the mansion” any progress with Simon?”Bruno asked..”yeah, he is not that bad tho..he has changed a lot” she was proud saying it..she had done a good job..if that's the case, it means you can now leave the mansion ”her brain replayed the words..she stammered and added some sweet lies, there is no way she would leave Simon
life of a Celebrity
©Onyeneke Abel .July 2017 all right reserved

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Re: Novel: Life Of A Celebrity Written By Onyeneke Abel by Nmaglit: 8:39am On Aug 03, 2017
this story is superb following all ur stories

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Re: Novel: Life Of A Celebrity Written By Onyeneke Abel by Mollue(m): 7:40am On Aug 04, 2017
Pl notify me when you post the next episode oh, more ink to your pen.

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Re: Novel: Life Of A Celebrity Written By Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 6:49am On Aug 05, 2017
Ab fiction stories/poems
Life Of A Celebrity
Episode 13

Eve should have left when life in the mansion was still simple.. But she didn't, trusting herself to be in control"Emm, I think I still need to watch him for a week or two"She persisted against Bruno's idea..Bruno was quiet for a while..was Eve getting attracted to Simon already? She averted his eyes and kept her head down.. There was only one way to find out"Eve I am interested in you, I just can't explain my attraction to you"His words sent her off balance, this was her crush..the man of her dreams, actually pouring out his feelings to her when she least expected..she stuttered and answered quickly"Same here"Bruno smiled, it was confirmed then, she wasn't attracted to Simon..unfortunately Simon heard her..he had decided to take a stroll out when he overheard their conversation..so she likes Bruno, hmm..what is that to him anyway, he started back upstairs.. But as he moved her words began to reverberate in his ears.."same here"He was jealous..how can Bruno just come Into his house and take his property.."So I am guessing we should go out on an official date then"Bruno suggested and extended his hands to help her up..she couldn't believe she just agreed to Bruno's offer just like that..what was she thinking..she knew he must be thinking she was cheap now.."Emm.."She didn't drop the word Simon charged in and interrupted her"Ok Bruno you have overstayed your welcome, please use the door""What?"Both Bruno and Eve questioned in unison..Bruno couldn't believe Simon. He made an attempt to say something"I said leave"Simon repeated himself just for him to know he was damn serious.."Then I am going with him"Eve said and attempted to go after Bruno but Simon was quick to draw her back.."Don't move an inch.. You are mine"Bruno gasped in shock..oh no..he hurried to Mr Nkoli immediately.. This was getting out of hands already"Grandfather we have a situation"He met Mr Nkoli sipping his green tea as usual"Lemme guess, Eve has fallen for Simon as expected" he said and sipped from his tea"No grandfather, its the other way round..I couldn't believe it myself, Simon has fallen for her"His cup of tea fell from his hands.."Simon? Unbelievable that bastard is not capable of love""What am saying is the truth sir, he even asked me out of his house because of Eve"Mr Nkoli stood up.."Then its time she leaves that house..else she would ruin our plans..call her to meet me up"

life of a Celebrity

©Onyeneke Abel .July 2017 all right reserved

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Re: Novel: Life Of A Celebrity Written By Onyeneke Abel by Nmaglit: 10:27am On Aug 05, 2017
nawa for bruno but i think bruno should not be trusted. anyway nice work dear

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Re: Novel: Life Of A Celebrity Written By Onyeneke Abel by Healer007: 8:19pm On Aug 15, 2017
Re: Novel: Life Of A Celebrity Written By Onyeneke Abel by nanadeeva01(f): 6:32pm On Aug 17, 2017
Pls cum nd continue
Re: Novel: Life Of A Celebrity Written By Onyeneke Abel by Nmaglit: 1:48am On Aug 25, 2017
Abel were are thou?
Re: Novel: Life Of A Celebrity Written By Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 7:49am On Aug 30, 2017
Ab fiction stories/poems
Life Of A Celebrity

Episode 15

Alot ran thru her mind..what would he possibly want to talk about?
Her director called her up
"Eve hurry up, you have been selected to grace an invitation to a red carpet event..your Fashion designer has a special pink gown for you"
Thoughts of Simon and Mr Nkoli disappeared immediately.. She couldn't believe it, a red carpet event!
But Mr Nkoli had called for her..Abeg he had to wait..
Simon was out already, the director had called him for the same event..this was a very important day in her life, she was determined that no one would ruin it..
Late in the evening the event kicked off, she marched beautifully in her pink trench gown, meeting the shutters and cameras..she sighted Simon, she knew he could see her, but then he ignored her..signing autographs for his fans, meeting and sharing pecks with other female actresses.. Especially one actress that had struggled for the lead role in the movie "spotlight" who unfortunately lost it to Eve, she followed him around like a starved pest..God, Eve jealousy grew to the brim till she felt like she would explode..Simon knew exactly what he was doing, he would make sure he pushes her to the edge till she finally admit her feelings for him..
Fortunately Bruno came around..excellent!
"Eve, grandfather has been waiting..."
She hushed him, it was time to take the stage and dance, a soft caressing music meant for couples..
"Dance with me"
She took him to the dance stage and held him so well that Simon coughed..
Of course he retaliated..And took a beautiful actress with him, straight to the dance floor..she was too close to him, Eve could see that, she drew Bruno even closer..
Bruno couldn't help but notice them as they tried to push themselves over the edge..and Simon moved swiftly, just as Eve turned to make a spin, he caught her hand and drew her to spin to his chest..
She met his chest, her breathe went unstable..Bruno quietly excused himself, straight to Mr Nkoli
"Can you deny it now? Can you? You are attracted to me too..I know it..I can feel it"
Simon muttered to her ears when he could feel her heart race against his chest.. No this was too much to bear, she hurried out, into her car..
Simon was quick to get in
"Simon don't.."
She couldnt drop the word, he kissed her..so magnificently that her hands began to shiver, she wanted to stop him, she couldn't..until when Mr Nkoli interrupted and knocked on the car's windscreen..her whole system burned in shock

life of a Celebrity
©Onyeneke Abel .July 2017 all right reserved

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Re: Novel: Life Of A Celebrity Written By Onyeneke Abel by Nmaglit: 10:07am On Aug 30, 2017
Finally there's an update thanks Abelosas

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Re: Novel: Life Of A Celebrity Written By Onyeneke Abel by Damibiz(m): 12:01pm On Aug 30, 2017
Water don pass garri Eve wan run away ooh..chaii...itis indeed life of a Celeb

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Re: Novel: Life Of A Celebrity Written By Onyeneke Abel by Abelosas222(m): 8:15pm On Aug 30, 2017
Ab fiction stories/poems
Life Of A Celebrity
Episode 16

Eve was shaking seriously
"Let me go"
She whispered to Simon, Simon couldn't understand why she felt uneasy with his Grandfather's presence..what was going on?
"Eve come with me"
Mr Nkoli instructed.. She immediately came down from the car, her heart was beating so loud that she could hear it
"Where is she going with you?"
Oh God, Simon wouldn't just listen, he had put her in enough trouble already
"Go home Simon, its none of your business"
That infuriated him, he had never stood up to his grandfather for anything, well there is a start for everything
"She is going nowhere with you"
He moved and took her hands straight to the car, despite her plea..
Oh my God, he doesn't understand
"Simon you shouldn't have done that"
She cried out
"Why? Is it a crime I kissed you? I am a man and I can choose who I want?"
She shook her head
"It's not that?"
He was getting impatient
"Then what? You kissed me back..you are attracted to me ain't you?"
He asked as he used his hand to touch her cheek
There was no point denying it
God knows she wanted to tell him, but her words got stuck..where does she start from? If she tells him she was simply paid to prepare him for marriage to another woman, how would he feel? He would surely think her feelings are fake..he wouldn't believe anything she says.. He would hate her..he would be broken, hurt all over again..
"But what Eve? If you have anything to tell me, now is the time..you can tell me"
She swallowed hard..tears she couldn't control dripped from her eyes
"Just that..that am scared"
He was touched, he brought her to his chest and hugged her so tight
"Don't worry, am here for you..I won't let any harm come to you"
She bit her lips so hard..she knew she just made the biggest mistake of her life..she should have just told him everything, but she couldn't help it, she was indeed scared
He brought her home, he watched her closely till she had to pretend she had slept off..so she can sneak out to see Mr Nkoli..
And with the slightest chance she got she stole out..straight to meet her fate.
Simon noticed and ran out looking for her, only to see a classic car in his compound, a young classic lady came down to meet him
"And you are?"
He questioned in disgust, who is she to have the guts to drive into house like it was her personal playground..
She smiled with a gesture when she was face to face with him, she removed her dark shade
"Your wife dumbass"

life of a Celebrity
©onyeneke Abel .August 2017 all rights reserved
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Re: Novel: Life Of A Celebrity Written By Onyeneke Abel by Damibiz(m): 9:49pm On Aug 30, 2017
Indeed he is a dumbass...nice work,i'm with u ride on
Re: Novel: Life Of A Celebrity Written By Onyeneke Abel by omonifamily(f): 4:33pm On Sep 04, 2017
this piece is great

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